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Why is Task Manager Disabled?

Some time ago I received an email from a reader curious why their Task Manager option was grayed out on the taskbar right-click menu. After a bit of research his problem was solved, and now I’m sharing the solution with everybody.

There is a registry key that will disable Task Manager, although it’s not always clear how or why it was set to disable. In many cases the problem is related to spyware, so you should also scan your computer.

Why is task manager grayed out?


Manual Registry Hack

Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search or run box, and then navigate down to the following key:



On the right-hand side is a 32-bit REG_DWORD value named DisableTaskMgr with one of two values:

  • 1 – Disable task manager
  • 0 – Enable task manager

Just double-click and change the value, or even delete the key. The change should take place immediately.

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  • Published 10/9/07

Comments (148)

  1. Stephen Bird


    The Task Manager Registry Edit is different on my Vista system — there is no folder under Policies while you have a System folder. I don’t suppose that folder is somehow hidden.

    Cheers, Stephen

  2. Rebecca

    It works!! Thanks so much! I’ve needed this information for a long time.

  3. Dan Geiser

    You can also go to Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc and then in the Group Policy editor navigate to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Ctrl+Alt+Del Options and change the Remove Task Manager policy to Not Configured or Disabled.

  4. Stephen Bird

    Great suggestion, Dan. Thank you!

  5. GTD Wannabe

    Thanks for this timely post. I read it a week or so ago, and then today, my task manager was greyed out, for some reason. I shall be scanning for spyware, but I appreciate this post for letting me turn it back on right now!

  6. Fred PUga

    Thank you for sharing your time and experience.

  7. Eddie U'Good

    Oh, man thank you so much, i know i have spyware though, so i will need to remove it somehow because i dont have any money. I’m still a teen.

  8. Jochem

    hmm I’ve tried all this.
    I have run the latest AVG (Free Edition) software and the latest Ad-Aware (2007) and all infections are removed. I still can’t run regedit.exe (automatic system reboot) nor can I run task manager (automatic system reboot). I have checked the gpedit.msc and Ctr-Alt-Del options were not configured and even after setting these options to “disabled” it would not fix the problem.
    I have downloaded and run a program called “Remover Restrictions Tool” (RRT.exe v1.0.4 by iSergiwa which said would fix the problem, but to no avail.

    After having booted in “Safe Mode” and having tried all the above it still will not work.

    Please help me!

  9. iSergiwa


    Please download the latest version of RRT

    RRT – v3.0 Beta

    If the problem presists even after using RRT, then it MUST be an active malware lurking in your PC.

    Use a good & updated AV to get rid of it first, then use RRT to fix the malware leftovers


  10. Jochem

    I got rid of the bugger a few days ago. With the last updates of AVG it detected a Worm/Autoit.GH in the path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msmgs.exe
    after healing it, everything worked as it supposed to! But nevertheless, that RRT-program is awesome. It let me into regedit (in safe mode) even though the virus had shut it down.

    Thanks for the help!

    Kind regards,

  11. Tony

    I used vista home basic, so in the registry I did not found the System folder as your mention.
    How can I do now, Geek?

  12. george

    i could not run regedit.exe on the run command. i did a scan for viruses. it found nothing on the system. i need alternatives.

  13. Inam

    Hey man thats so cool…It worked….its actually because of the spyware….thanks a lot….

  14. prasanth

    hey this resolved my probs …. i need to get rid of the spyware …

  15. Premasagar

    Thanks! Spot on…

  16. raan

    It works for me, thanks a lot

  17. Gaurav


    Last night, I navigated to a website which tried to install some spyware. I have AVG and Windows Defender installed on Home Premium. First, AVG warning came up, and I clicked on “Deny access”. After 3-4 AVG warnings, Defender warning came up, and I clicked on “Remove” to remove offending program.

    Then, the task manager was disabled. Thanks, by following your post, I restored it. But, I am still searching for reason, why and who disabled tm and is their any normal way to restore it!

  18. George

    looking into this for ages
    thanks mate!

  19. James

    Worked for me glad to have the task manager back- cheers!

  20. Andrew

    Works a treat. Thanks for this quality advice. For SpyWare removal I recommend using HiJackThis. The name may sound a little dodgy, but the software gets rid of all the nasty’s very well, restoring the corrupt entries to a pristine condition, and thats the main game.

  21. stuart surr

    Thank you very much for the info because i’v been trying to do that for ages. lol

  22. Timothy Blackwell

    thank u sooooooo much iv been surfing the web for hours now and ur the first person that knows what there doing thanks alot

  23. fschrooge

    Registry Editor has been diabled by your administrator

    What do do now!!!!

  24. Matthew

    Thank you! I thought I would never be able to close pesky programs again. Thank God you’re here to mae things right again!

    P.S. I had to delete the value permanentely. Changing the value didn’t work. It was almost like the computer knew what I was doing…

  25. jarred

    iver im just whacked or my computer has shot it self in da head my regedit dnt work proplerly i get as far as windows and theres nofing ellse to link to

  26. freeload101

    I don’t mean to be rude but just type ‘taskmgr’ … you also need to learn the cpl etc commands don’t be so dependent on GUI ( ohh wait you have vista its hopeless for you never mind … )

    runas /user:Administrator “cmd.exe”

    rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL odbccp32.cpl
    rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl
    rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL appwiz.cpl


    Panel access.cpl Accessibility
    appwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs
    desk.cpl Display Settings
    firewall.cpl Firewall
    hdwwiz.cpl Add Hardware Wizard
    inetcpl.cpl Internet Settings
    intl.cpl International/Language
    irprops.cpl Infrared/Wireless
    joy.cpl Joysticks
    main.cpl Mouse
    mmsys.cpl Sound and Audio Devices
    ncpa.cpl Network Connections
    netsetup.cpl Network Setup Wizard
    nusrmgr.cpl Users
    odbccp32.cpl ODBC Settings
    powercfg.cpl Power Management
    sysdm.cpl System Properties
    telephon.cpl Phone & Modem
    timedate.cpl Clock/Calendar
    wscui.cpl Security Center
    wuaucpl.cpl Auto Update Settings
    Microsoft Service certmgr.msc Certificates
    ciadv.msc Indexing Service
    compmgmt.msc Computer Management
    devmgmt.msc Device Manager
    dfrg.msc Disk Defrag
    diskmgmt.msc Disk Manager
    eventvwr.msc Event Viewer
    fsmgmt.msc Shared Folders
    gpedit.msc Group Policy Editor
    lusrmgr.msc Local Users & Groups
    ntmsmgr.msc Removable Storage
    ntmsoprq.msc Removable Storage Operator
    perfmon.msc Reliability & Performance Monitor
    rsop.msc Resultant Set of Policy
    secpol.msc Local Security Settings
    services.msc Services
    wmimgmt.msc Windows Management Infrastructure
    Program calc Calculator
    cdplayer CD Player
    charmap Character Map
    cleanmgr Disk Cleanup
    clipbrd Clipboard
    command Command Prompt
    cmd Command Prompt
    control Control Panel
    control printers Printers
    defrag Disk Defrag Utility
    drvspace Drive Space Utility for Drive Compression
    dxdiag DirectX Diagnostic Utility
    excel Microsoft Excel
    freecell Freecell Game
    inetwiz DUN Connection Wizard
    iexplore Internet Explorer
    msmsgs Windows Messenger
    msnmsgr MSN Messenger
    msimn Outlook Express
    mplayer2 Windows Media Player v6.4
    msconfig System Configuration Utility
    mshearts Hearts Game
    msinfo32 Accesses System Resource Information
    msn MSN
    msn6 MSN v7.0, v8.0, v8.5
    notepad Notepad
    outlook Microsoft Outlook
    rasphone Dialup Networks
    regedit Registry Editor
    rstrui System Restore
    rsrcmtr Loads Resource Meter Utility
    scandskw Scandisk
    scanregw Scan Registry
    sndrec32 Sound Recorder
    sndvol32 Sould Volume Utility
    shrpubw Create A Shared Folder Wizard
    sol Solitaire Game
    sndvol32 Volume Control/Mixer
    sysedit System Configuration Editor
    sysmon System Monitor Utility
    taskmgr Task Manager
    telnet Telnet Client
    tourstart Windows XP Tour Wizard
    winipcfg Displays Internet Connection/Adapter Information
    winver Displays Windows Version
    wmplayer Windows Media Player
    wordpad Wordpad
    wupdmgr Connects to Windows Update
    Command control userpasswords2 Change Account Passwords
    rundll32 devmgr.dll DeviceManager_Execute Device Manager
    rundll32 diskcopy,DiskCopyRunDll
    Show Copy Disk Window
    rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL Control Panel
    rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL X Start applet X of Control Panel (“X” = any CPL filename)
    rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL appwiz.cpl
    Add/remove programs
    rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL timedate.cpl,,0 Date/time settings
    rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL odbccp32.cpl
    ODBC settings
    rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL DESK.CPL,@0,1
    Screensaver Tab
    rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL NCPA.CPL,@0,2
    Network Protocols
    rundll32 shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL DESK.CPL,@0,3 Screen Size Tab
    rundll32 shell32,OpenAs_RunDLL
    Open The ‘Open With…’ Window
    rundll32 shell32,ShellAboutA Info-Box
    Open ‘About Window Window’
    rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl Open Display Properties
    rundll32 user,cascadechildwindows
    Cascade All Windows
    rundll32 user,tilechildwindows Minimize All Child-Windows
    rundll32 user,repaintscreen Refresh Desktop
    rundll32 keyboard,disable Lock The Keyboard
    rundll32 mouse,disable
    Disable Mouse
    rundll32 user,swapmousebutton Swap Mouse Buttons
    rundll32 user,setcursorpos
    Set Cursor Position To (0,0)
    rundll32 user,wnetconnectdialog Show ‘Map Network Drive’ Window
    rundll32 user,wnetdisconnectdialog Show ‘Disconnect Network Disk’ Window
    rundll32 user,disableoemlayer Display The BSOD (blue screen of death) Window
    rundll32 user,setcaretblinktime Set New Cursor Rate Speed
    rundll32 user,setdoubleclicktime Set New DblClick Speed (Rate)
    rundll32 rnaui.dll,RnaWizard Run ‘Internet Connection Wizard’
    rundll32 shell32,SHFormatDrive Run ‘Format Disk (A)’ Window
    rundll32 shell32,SHExitWindowsEx -1 Cold Restart Of Windows Explorer
    rundll32 shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 1 Shut Down Computer
    rundll32 shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 0 Logoff Current User
    rundll32 shell32,SHExitWindowsEx 2 Windows9x Quick Reboot
    rundll32 krnl386.exe,exitkernel
    Force Windows 9x To Exit (no confirmation)
    rundll32 rnaui.dll,RnaDial “MyConnect” Run ‘Net Connection’ Dialog
    rundll32 msprint2.dll,RUNDLL_PrintTestPage Choose & Print Test Page Of Current Printer
    rundll32 sysdm.cpl,InstallDevice_Rundll Hardware installation wizard
    rundll32 user,MessageBeep Default beep sound
    win.ini Access a Windows Initialization Component

  27. Chris Taylor

    Thanks very much, it’s much appreciated :)

  28. Jon

    thanks but do you have any clue why my comp keeps disabling task manager?

  29. Genevieve

    Thank you for posting this, it worked and I have my task manager back! Thank you again! :)

  30. David

    Thank you so much. You Rock!

  31. varun

    my regedit.exe is not opening in the run command prompy…i tried ur solution ..but no hopee..i thier any alternative pls help me

  32. Issam Sergiwa
  33. shane

    I use RegAlyzer by the people who make spybot search & destory. So i could edit the registry and then enable the task manager aswell as a few other things.
    Get RegAlyzer at

  34. Robert Johnson

    Thanks a Million. That worked perfectly. Glad I looked it up before i repaired my system with Vista disc. Saved a great deal of time. Thanks again!

  35. Yuki

    This is one of the easiest, fatest, and EFFECTIVE way ever. I’ve been reading on every forum and “how to” but all they wrote was giving me a headache not to mention waste of HD space by downloading like 3-5 programs to run. Thank you again. Really this just rocks !!!!

  36. David

    thank you so much

  37. frenzy

    HI all,
    Thank you soooo much. I d not know what to do anymore. Taskmanager was disabled. Fake warnings of spyware. nothing worked. In regedit when I tried to enable is (value 0) I could not change it. It was automatically reset to disabled. Even tried spybot, spysweeper, Spyware doctor and adware. tons of spyware were detected but once removed it was restored again witin 1 minute. It almost made me crazy. finalle tried. tried a program called a-squared malware and that was the only program that detected some executable file that was the cause of all this. removed and it seems to be gone for good now.

  38. Karthik

    Fantastic … Thanks for the explanation. It worked :)

    But any idea how come suddenly Task Manager can get disabled??


  39. Mohan.R

    Hi all……

    I tried to change the value of disableTaskmanager option But it was changing to 1 automatically when i press the F5 i.e Refresh button in the meanwhile. Is it the virus which it was affecting that option to enable.

    I was tried to scan with antivirus which i was having. but it scanned with full updated to till date it was resulted in No virus found on drive.

    So please tried to understand situation and i hope to come with remedy……… Even i was working on this.

    Actually what happens……
    I was using pen drive which it was having one exe file called “Shahrokh.exe” It was not able delete the file from pen drive also. I inserted this pen drive then till time i am not able to optain back my TASKMANAGER & FOLDER OPTION in Tools Menu……

  40. Anu

    Thank u, for this valuable information. All my college systems are affected by ” shahrokh.exe “, which disables task manager and removed folder option from control panel. This .exe file makes annoying window popup of c drive very frequently. If there is any advice on how to remove it and make system back to normal working mode, please send me a mail.

  41. Andrew G D

    thanks so much for this, kind of odd why taskmgr is disabled on a brand new laptop though.

  42. Ken

    Thanxs so much it worked

  43. Hey

    Hey man thanks so much. It worked perfectly.

  44. Derrick

    i had forgotten about this and was getting pretty frustrated, thank you for taking the time to post so i didnt have to throw my laptop against the wall.

  45. inferano

    Hi All,
    I can see the following files even after I format my thumb drive…
    1. autorun.exe
    2. autorun.inf
    3. shahrokh.exe

    Even if I force delete the files, they are replicated again soon after the delete is completed.

    The 3rd file is not hidden where as the other 2 files are hidden and cannot b viewed in the Window.

    How can this infection be cleaned?

    Thanks in advance

  46. shihui

    wow it really worked. you are a genius =D next time i’ll check here for anything i don’t know =D

  47. Pritam

    Many Thanks ….It works for me…I have Vista home premium

  48. Chris

    Remover Restrictions Tool” (RRT.exe v1.0.4 by iSergiwa

    This is something I wish I had never downloaded,it contains no use unless you pay,it has no way to remove it.heck I cannot even find it in my programs.They have on their website contact us disabled…
    I wqould stay away from this site and its software

  49. SAM


    i am not able to view task manager in some user login. If i login from administrator i can see that task manage

    kindly help me to solve this issue

  50. Captain Awesome

    Worked perfectly and was easy to do for a novice.


  51. rick


    Here is a section of the read me file for the program i use to delete or stop process of most everything that i cant traditionaly takecare of. its a free full version program.

    Unlocker for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003
    Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Cedrick Collomb

    Using Unlocker

    How often have you tried to delete or rename a file or folder and got
    “Cannot delete xxx: It is being used by another person or program.” ?

    Unlocker is a tool which will help you removing this scandaleous Windows

    Simply right click the file or folder and select Unlocker. If the file
    or folder is locked then a window will appear with a list of processes
    locking the file or folder. Select the locks and click Unlock and you
    are done.

    It is recommended to Unlock wisely and to close open processes locking
    files or folder if any, but if only Explorer.exe is the culprit, do not
    hesitate ! :D
    ———————- Above was copied and pasted from the *read me section of the Unlocker Assistant program.——————

    I know that was off the subject, but im here cause i am having he same prob with taskmgr, WinDVD automatically installing as fast as i can stop it about 5-7 times. (i tried to let it finish installing to see if thats all it wanted to accomplish but due to it not having the ability to locate all of its instalation system files it gives an error and stops untill i close it out, start menue out of wack and missing important tabs: programs, controll pannel, task manager, and a few other sub folders, three of my users are having program problems with findng and utilizing the certain msvcr80.dll systems file and anything on what i used to call the C:\ drive which is now called “Local Hard Drives ()” which is still acess denied and is not even visable in the *My Computer start up menu. the only iems that are visable are all the individual *user documents and settings folders. Acess Denied when i try to open those. *Switch users option is not avail, only *Turn off computer tab. *Windows Automatic update remains off, internet explorer sees it as on and its off according to the botom right. Acessing *Windows Automatic Updates through *Services from *Run typing “services.msc”, Automatically disables after clicking atomatic then apply. There are speculations as to what variation of the vundo trojan i have. Im here now, I will do my best to make it easier on those who thought they were going to see a lindsey lohan sex tape. I will follow the Word doc I created containing all the different programs and their spacific installing instructions and anti scanners and their email addresses and the reccomended step by steps and running them in the sugested order utilizing the alternate methods.

    Im currently on a system administrators account i created and disabled as a precaution when i bought this sony vaio vgnfe770g laptop. now its time for me to signoff so i can ge my java goin. Rick

  52. ben

    thank you so much it wasnt a massive problem just really annoying i will reccomend this site

  53. Chris

    sounds more like you have spymaxx not vundo

  54. rick

    Thanks Chris, Ill look into that spymaxx thing and see what others have said and done. im just now back online.

    i was able to fix the task manager by deleting an entry in the registry that to me looked original but is said otherwise.

    I downloaded the java 66 update and disabled all of my antivirus but one cause i learned that you should only have one antivirus program running Multiple antispyware programs running is ok.
    I disabled one antivirus program and enabled another and scanned my whole computer going through five fully updated antivirus programs. During this time, I was spending alot of time getting my settings back in order one by one and deleting everything that was being quarantiened by the scans and uninstalling progams that i dont need or use anymore.

    My computer started having alot of interuptions like freezing, errors, programs poping up that are designed to download stuff. My protected norton recyclebin set its own properties to never be able to empty then locked me out from having the ability to be able to clik to change it. I had to start switching users to beable to keep doing this and everytime i made a good killing with a scan, it wouldnt take long before i got to scrambling to regain controll. all the scans stopped producing errors or spyware or viruses. Some of my cool tools were getting disabled like my unlocker and some of the letters i typed i had to goback and re hit the keys cause they werent showing up on the screen as if i never hit that letter or number. It was getting way out of controll and it somehow was able to restart the computer without me asking or approving. After a restart it gave me a logon screen for my main user and at the top of it it read “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

    finaly i decided that it was time to go into my now heavily infected main user account and backup my documents to an external. I proceeded by entering my password then enter. It took about 9 hours to get 30gig worth of pics and various other docs leaving my music collection and rentable movies. I reset the hardrive and did the updates and new spy and vir protection both my users now have passwords and the one thats set for admin priv is only for downloading programs and creating documents and performing all my other offline tasks. the other is set to limited and is completely expendable and only used for surfing the net and multimedia. I have a 2gig sd card that i save all my pics on that i get from emails or research and its scanned when i use the administrator prior to sync them to an encrypted hidden briefcase buried 12 files deep that also sync to my 80gig passport external that backsup
    all my docs.

    If you are reading this and you are infected with a virus, the first thing you should do is backup your docs on cd or on external before they get affected because everything else is repairable, retrievable, redownloadable, ect…Hope this helps yall.

  55. Chris

    yes but beware spymaxx can “hide” .
    I would scan anything that I am saving to be reused.

    I had pics and vids that I could not lose,so I spent apx 2 weeks finding how to remove spymaxx. I now am virus free and have some kick butt software that keeps me that way.
    Gaining back admin rights was the most difficult part.

  56. Dan

    I have been looking for a way to fix that for AGES!!!

  57. Pam

    Thankyou for this information, this was driving me insane!!!

  58. Gary G

    Thanks for the answer to my “grayed out” task manager. It works great now.

  59. Elias

    Great solution! Thanks

  60. Laura A

    Thanks so much for this information. I had the problem of not seeing task manager when pressing ctrl+alt+del and it was disabled when I right-clicked on the task bar. This solution fixed my issue! :)

  61. varun

    thanks buddy…
    it works..

  62. pear

    (sends u a hug)
    thnx man, now im on my way to kill this virus that has been such a pain 4 so long!
    (a manly hug btw)

  63. jacob

    i recently experienced a failure of task manager and i received the same alert notice. my computer was infected by several viruses that also (1) prevented avg and adaware from operating (2) created a bubble announcing that my computer was infected with spyware and that I needed to go to a specific site to “clean my drives” (3) my wallpaper became a large anouncement that my computer was infected with spyware.

    i attempted all four methods of reinstating task manager, and each time i changed the registry reading from (1) to (0) the (1) immediately returned — even when i did this on safe mode.

    i isolated potential .exe files and discovered several files and folders in systems32

    i also found a registry key “WR” in HKEY Local Machine/software/classes
    between “WPL File” and “wrifile”

    i attempted to delete the system32 files but they just returned.

    i used dos commands to try and discover autorun files but none were listed

    i finally was able to delete several .exe files using dos commands, although i need to use all attrib commands including -e

    at this point the screen became clear (there is a windows file called “default” that causes the wallpaper) and task manager returned to full use.

    the red circle with an x still remained on the task bar and about every 60 seconds the alert balloon about spyware showed up. but i then used task manager to isolate two processes



    when i disable these using task manager the red circle with an x disappears and no more balloons appear.

    there is no information i could find about lidsnolm.exe but if you have it on your computer you probably also have a file faceback and a file uesiuqcr

    my computer is working fine now. once i got task manager back (probably by deleting the WR registry) i was able to edit the registry keys for task manager.

    once task manager was back up avg and adaware worked and deleted about 10 “major threat” files.

    i had to run avg three times to finally get a totally clean reading.

    hope this helps.

  64. fox

    Thanks man this solved the problem.

  65. Joni

    You are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much I spent all day looking in every area of my PC and it all looked worse than greek to me. Thank you so much.

  66. Jimmy

    great fix for a problem i had a couple of weeks ago. came here to give you props!

  67. Adam

    Hey it Worked IMMEDIATELY on my comp. Thanks.

  68. Renier

    Thanks a lot dude, you really help us normal people!!

  69. Bob

    This worked great. Thank you!

  70. Chris

    Worked like a charm! Thanks!!

  71. rye

    i’ve tried DAN GEISER’s advice, but unfortunately my Task Manager is still disabled… :(

  72. Martin

    Wow, what a relief. Now I could sleep well. It was a nightmare. I had the same problem when unplugging the Ethernet I get pop-ups and internet connection was popping up every 2 minutes. Ever since I installed the Antivirus Pro 2009 some how this program has a command that will locks your Task Manager!
    So, if you have this program installed! Uninstalled!!!! That’s when my problems began.
    Again, thanks a bunch A +

  73. John Joseph

    This was a great relief, Thanks for the advice.

  74. Vivian

    It really works. The instruction is clear and simple. Thanks a million.

  75. leonard

    why my taskmanager disabled and my regedit.exe disabled?

  76. terra

    omg i love you right now!!! thank you soo much! it worked perfectly!

  77. leonard

    Dan Geiser
    thanks a lot…….
    my task manager worked again……….
    It really works. The instruction is very clear and simple. Thanks a billions….

  78. leonard

    why my regedit.exe disabled by administrator?

  79. Rajib

    Hey, my task manager is disabled, can’t open regedit from run or from command prompt, gpedit is disable by administrator.In MMC local policy and groups are disabled. Means in one word I am helpless now. I have tried so many options but nothing worked. Please help…………………..!!!

  80. Archie

    Thank you for the suggestion, that did not work.
    I know that I have the hacktool.rootkit virus. I have installed Malwarebytes, PC tools spyware DR., and I run Norton, They all tell me that I am infected but can not remove. Norton tells me to get help.



  81. chris

    It workeeeeed! Thank you very much! God bless!

  82. TheRedQueen

    This is very useful and helpful, Thank you.

  83. bad at pc

    regedit isnt working now what?

  84. karthi

    my taskmanager disabled some days now it’s work thank u

  85. Fayaz

    thanku very much… after i got information from this blog… my task manager is workin successfully… thank u so much…. this site is very help ful….
    And it’s workin through this following activity
    You go to Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc and then in the Group Policy editor navigate to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Ctrl+Alt+Del Options and change the Remove Task Manager policy to Not Configured or Disabled….

  86. Brian Mead

    You may need to delete both keys
    32-bit REG_DWORD value named DisableTaskMgr
    32-bit REG_DWORD value named DisableResgistry .. sorry don’t recall the value name off the top of my head .. It will be obvious, and DisableTaskMgr doesn’t do it if this both keys are true (ie value =1 (true) and 0 = false)

  87. Joseph

    I can’t run my task manager and regedit…i downloaded avg but still dint work.

  88. DrBMead

    Joseph –
    Can you run regedt32? Check your local policy if not domain wkstn, if domain workstation check GP with GPMC

  89. arsh

    my task manager is corrupted
    when i press the key CTRL-ALT-DEL
    a small box comes on the desktop screen and
    have only the red close sign and a ok link
    thats can i repair my task manager
    i have tried every thing
    avg internet security,ess 4.0.437.0,RRT but nothing works

  90. ravi

    hi all i tried everything what ever u asked or advised to do for get back taskmgr or regedit .bt nthing worked for me…..i dont know what to do …….i know tr is any solution …….just waiting for this if any of u can help me thn plzzzzzzzzzz HELP………..i knw the last option FORMAT ……..but never trust it.coz dats nt a solution …….i can get infect again…….

    hr what i did…
    1 You may need to delete both keys
    32-bit REG_DWORD value named DisableTaskMgr
    32-bit REG_DWORD value named DisableResgistry .. sorry don’t recall the value name off the top of my head .. It will be obvious, and DisableTaskMgr doesn’t do it if this both keys are true (ie value =1 (true) and 0 = false)


    2 i used TASK MANGER FIX but it enabld it just for SEC….
    3 i used RRT didnt ven WORKED
    4 scan my system …with almost every ANTIVIRUS
    5 i used PROCESS EXPLORER thn RRT thn HIJACK THIS ….didnt work
    6 there is also REGEDIT KEY which used thru RUN u just type it into run command and it will enable both taskmgr or regedit FORCFULLY.but didnt work i just missed thm so not able to paste thm hr……..


  91. Jimmy

    Thanks a lot!!!
    Taskmgr now working fine, you are a saver!

  92. Melanie

    I can get into everything except when I come down to policies there is nothing to open. I followed the instructions one of the other people posted but that doesn’t work either. Computer says it can’t find gpedit.msc.

    My task manager shows in the thumbnail on my bar but the manager itself is waaay off the screen to the left where I can’t access it??? Please help



  93. Tim Bromige

    I’ve been having the same problems. I used a fix I found elsewhere which worked just fine, but every time I load up IE8, back it comes! I’m running a full system scan as I write and have also had Ad-Aware have a look, but no joy. Any idea what is causing this?

  94. Shazaad

    i enabled the task manager in gpedit.msc but when i try to access it, it still does not pop up.

    Can you help me


  95. Adele

    Thank you! This worked for me on my Vista system, however, the “0” value didn’t work. It was only when I cleared out (deleted) the “1” value and hit “ok” did it work.

  96. kuldeep


  97. Josh

    THANKS ALOT!! The gpedit.msg one didnt have “system” in it when I tried it so this helped!!

  98. Vidya

    hi please help me with the task manager. i cant open my registry editor and it gives me the error registry editing has been disable by your administator and yet i am the administrator

    please help


  99. Ferdd

    I haven’t tried to duplicate the loss of task mgr, but i am pretty sure it got disabled after i downloaded and installed TWEAKVI for vista pc. It was there and working until i opened TWEAKVI and worked my way thru all the various option windows just to see what options were there for future use. Note that i did NOT intentionally change anything while in there, but i think just opting out of a window may change your current settings to whatever was defaulted on it’s window when you exit. Haven’t had time to try to duplicate the anomoly, but i’m guessing it had something to do with it. I had this problem when i first bought the pc in feb 2007 but didn’t associate it with TWEAKVI at the time. I recently lost my system hard drive and had to rebuild everything little by little. It was shortly after installing and opening TWEAKVI that i noticed i again lost Task MGR. I still had my notes on how to get it back thru regedit so wasn’t a big deal. Hope this helps.

  100. Melissa Goodlett

    Thank you sooo much!!! Restoring my task manager worked instantly when I tried your suggestion up above! And to think I talked to several “IT” people that told me a variety of ways that DID NOT work!

    -Thanks Geek!

  101. Elad Nava

    For some reason my task manager was disabled all of a sudden,
    Maybe it was after removing ESET Smart Security from my system, and it said to restart computer but I didn’t yet,

    So I followed this and got my task manager back! Thanks! :)

  102. Sharon


  103. Faisal

    Thanks Dan Geiser..Great Help…\

  104. tutu

    thanks a lot !

  105. zack

    DUDE! thanks a mill!

  106. Kathy

    I just downloaded Super AntiSpyware and ran a scan and it picked it up instantly and got rid of it. All good, taskbar back in working order. Too easy!

  107. Kathy

    Sorry, meant the task manager, not bar.

  108. Arun


  109. Tony


    it worked perfectly as my task manager is running a-ok.

  110. Rakesh

    I do the work in a company, In my absence some use my computer and delete the important file. So I want that, I can hide my desktop and task bar sothat noone can use my computer in my absence. but right click option should work sothat noone can understand, what going on & the next day when will I go to office I can unhide desktop or taskbar please Help me

  111. RJ

    Thank you soooooo much!!

  112. SRM

    thanks that helped and yes it was because of spyware thanks again.

  113. SRM

    well you can go into task manager and go to processes then look for explore.exe wright click and end process that should keep every one away from your work computer but it may come back if you turn the computer of put it into stand by or something

  114. Monu

    Thank you very much for your valuable advise.
    I tried my level best to restore it.
    But i never taught that it is so complicated.
    Thank you for solving it so easily.
    Thank you very much.

  115. Matt

    when i open regedit.exe, it says disabled by your Administerator, plz help!!!! it annoys me!

  116. Kostantinos

    I did everything correct, but my task manager still wont start up.

  117. Lynn

    I followed these steps and get to the final step, but where the ‘disabletaskmgr’ is supposed to be, there are only:


    Anyone have ideas?

  118. sid

    regedit.exe is disabled can u help e please thanks

  119. Jordan

    Thank G-d finally…

  120. Audihere

    THANK YOU! It’s a great thing when you can type in a question and within seconds get the answer you need so quickly and efficiently without having to sign up for something or pay, etc. This was quick and easy and painless and it WORKED!! THANKS AGAIN!

    PS – I just switched from Norton Antivirus to Eset… Eset rocks and cleaned my pc. ESET ranks #1 in virus protection and anti-spyware.

  121. *girl

    Thank you, thank you thank you!!! i deleted all the virus files and my computer was up and running except for the task manager, i guess it was disabled and hasn’t been re-enabled after i deleted the virus. but i followed all the instructions here (deleted the key) and it worked perfectly fine.

  122. Prucilla

    I tried your instructions above, and mine is already set to 0. However, task manager still doesn’t work. When I do a control, alt, delete, nothing happens – no message – no error – nothing. I used to have task manager, but it disappeared one day and never came back.

  123. Ezio

    Thanx Man It worked on Win 7 Pro Editon ……thanx A lot

  124. bhadz

    thank you so much! am not very techi, but ur instructions are easy to follow.. ur a genius!

  125. sam

    you are awesome dude…………

  126. Windsor Argote

    I used Reg Organizer that came very useful to me to be able to fix registery errors top niche program. It also gave me the option to edit the registry and have deleted DisableTaskMgr and then rebooted it and opened Reg Organizer again and saw DisableRegEditTool so I deleted that too because it did not want to enable Task Bar but when I did that, I pressed control ALT & Delete and saw Task Bar. Now, I would like to learn is how to enable the other options that has been disabled by this virus like I want to be able to go into control panel. I am running Windows 7 home, 64 bit version.

    Thank You Geek Expert!

  127. Ali

    thanks a lot

  128. Unknown Dude

    It did’nt worked for me, I think I have a virus or malware in my Vista system. I will try Dr.Web, maybe it could fix my problem, but better install XP, I dont like Vista anyway.
    Thanks anyway.

  129. Pawan

    Thnk buddy now my problem related to taskmgr solved & its working.

  130. kevin w

    it didn’t work for me, when i am trying to run regedit.exe it won’t open. it says “regedit editing has been disable by your administrator”. please help asap thank you

  131. Ted

    Nice work

  132. Mark

    This has just saved me hours of trawling through my computer, thankyou so much

    Pick up a nasty little bugger that made all my files hidden and took up all my cpu and memory power.
    I was lucky becouse i have 2 admin accounts on my computer and it only hit mine,so i used the second to get rid of it.

    Again thankyou very much, brilliant advise.

  133. kush

    when i open regedit.exe it says ”Registry editing has been disabled by your administrative” what should i do? :(

  134. ttarangg

    thanks a lot dude….u’re a lifesaver

  135. Monique

    Those instructions were so simple and so awesome. Thanks so very much!

  136. jaspreet

    Thanks for sharing..

  137. milad

    tanks a lot man i really needed it

  138. Phoenix

    Thanks dude, My task manager has been disabled for the longest while and i was trying to find someone to enable it D: . I’ll recommend people to your site. It helped alot

  139. Gopinath

    That was cool.. And, my regedit was also disabled, so I had to use gpedit.msc to overcome that! thanks

  140. Jon Leite

    Thank you so much :D worked perfectly. 10/10

  141. Ulta

    no task manager, no start menu or no task bar what should be the problem?

  142. sai

    Thanks a lot its rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  143. lisa

    Yay!!!! it worked! thanks!

  144. lakshay

    in may pc it says registry editing is disabled by ur administrator

  145. Kerry Gordon

    Thanks – Your solution worked for me. Strangely enough, the task manager seemed to have been disabled when I installed Virus protection supplied with my Bell internet service.

  146. Andrew

    I love you. Thank you so much. Task Manager is my best friend, and it’s back!!! Thank you.

  147. Alok Kumar Sharma

    Hi ,
    I have used windows sever 2003.The task manage has been disable .

    How to remove this .

    Please help to me .

    Alok kumar sharma

  148. joe

    it work!

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