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The "Up" Keyboard Shortcut for Windows 7 or Vista Explorer

The new Explorer window in Windows 7 and Vista doesn’t have an Up button, which drives me completely batty. Thankfully I found a keyboard shortcut replacement.

Note: These screenshots are from Vista, but it works the same in Windows 7.

Let’s say I’m in my x:\wpmu\wp-content directory. Sure, I can usually click the “wpmu” part of the path and simulate the Up button, but it doesn’t always work, especially if I’ve lowered the size of the window or tiled two windows beside each other.


This window is 600px wide, shouldn’t I have an easier way to go Up? Turns out I do… if I just hit the following key combination:


Ahhh, so much better… now I’m in the parent directory!


Note that this is also the quickest way to get to the Desktop folder… just keep hitting Alt+Up until you get to the right folder.

Other interesting keyboard shortcuts for Explorer:

  • Alt+Right – Go forward
  • Alt+Left– Go back
  • Alt+D – Focus the address bar and select the current path.
  • F4 – Pop up the dropdown in the address bar, actually somewhat useful.
  • Alt+Enter – Properties of the selected file
  • Ctrl+Mousewheel – change the size of the icons
  • F11 – Put explorer into Fullscreen mode. Actually kinda weird, and I have no idea why this function is even there.


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  • Published 06/27/07

Comments (83)

  1. Itanium

    … or just click the double less than sign on the left of folder name and from the menu go where ever you want. I know its one click more (and I personally prefer keyboard shortcuts anytime over the mouse clicks) but there is still a way to do this with mouse.

  2. Eric D. Burdo

    ALT+F11 triggers full-screen because Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer share the same core engine.

    And full-screen is useful (sometimes) when browsing.

  3. AL

    Wow nice ones. Explorer is a key component and having those under my belt would definitely boost my productivity.

  4. SuAlfons

    So pressing “Backspace” as a shortcut for “up” will not work in Vista? Sad, that’s one of the few shortcuts I really often use…

  5. The Geek

    Actually the Backspace key is a shortcut for Back, which does not necessarily mean Up.

    In most cases you can probably use the backspace key, but if you are expecting to always go Up, you’ll be disappointed. Isn’t that the same way it worked on XP ?

  6. binaryspiral

    F11 puts Internet Explorer into kiosk mode… since windows explorer shares the same code, I’m sure this is just a carry over.

    Handy when you’re working with deep directories and lots of files… but otherwise useless for most mortals.

  7. Arthur

    Damn… aren’t those keyboard shortcuts since…. forever? :D
    Anyway… anyone here seen Total Commander? :D

  8. borkbork

    Why the hell is there still no keyboard shortcut to create new folders? I’ve wanted this forever. There is a flashy “New Folder” command under the Organize menu, but you can’t get there without using a mouse.

    And another one that drives me crazy is the new file replace dialog that pops up when you copy files that already exist. You used to be able to hit ‘y’ or ‘a’ (for ‘Yes’ or ‘All’) and have it overwrite files without using the mouse. The new dialog makes you click the “Do this for the next [n] conflicts” checkbox and then the Replace button. Argh!

  9. Bassem B.

    Erm.. most of these have been around for a while, at least in XP if not long before.

    Alt-Right, Alt-Left, Alt-D, F4, F11 and Alt-Enter.

    You could also use Backspc to go Up.. try it. If it doesn’t work in Vista, and only Alt-Up works, then that’s pretty dumb of Microsoft.. why replace a one key shortcut with a two-key combo?

    Also, in XP you can use F6 as well as Alt-D. Give it a try.

    Ctrl-mousewheel, on the other hand, sounds like a nifty new Vista feature!

  10. matias

    hah! just like in mac osx! (cmd + up) equals (alt+ up) in my pc keyboard.

    by the way, it’s horrible to find out that the default key for going up in windows explorer (backspace) behaves erratically, sometimes it works ok, and others it just works as a “back” key

  11. The Geek

    The backspace key has never been the “Up” key, even in XP. It was always “Back”, which may mean up sometimes, but only because you went down a folder right before, so back would logically mean back…

  12. SuAlfons

    I just double checked the Backspace-Key behaviour on my German WinXP SP2 machine. When I jump to a completely different dir (via Link) and press the backspace key, my explorer always shows the new dir’s parent dir and never the dir it showed before. Therefore I dare to say, the backspace key acts as an UP-Key.


  13. Kenny

    The Geek – that is not quite accurate. In IE Backspace is back. in Explorer, Backspace is indeed the shortcut for go to parent.

    From My Computer, open the folder list, expand c:\, c:\windows, c:\windows\temp, then click directly on c:\windows\temp, then focus on the panel with all the files, and hit backspace.

    You will end up at c:\windows and not My Computer.

  14. The Geek

    I just tested, and you guys are definitely correct about XP… I guess I haven’t used it in a while. =)

    In Vista, the backspace button is definitely tied to Back.

  15. John L

    What about the sequence of holding down the Ctrl-key and then clicking the Up button in XP which would open a new file explorer window so you could move files around and do other stuff conveniently?

    Or better yet holding down the Ctrl-key and double-clicking a folder which would open a new file explorer window with that folder’s content?

    I loved that feature. Now i can’t seem to figure out a way to mimic it in Vista. Instead I have to go open a new explorer window from scratch, cut & paste the file path out of the toolbar of the original window and into the new window, then navigate to the parent folder or whatever folder i’m trying to view side-by-side. It’s a big step backwards. Any ideas?

  16. Flashcucumber

    I have had Vista for two weeks. Every day I have tried to find a way to go up or back or new folder easily and quickly or add buttons to the toolbar – why is that ability to add buttons removed – idiots involved somewhere. This ALT thing helps relieve my stress though…

  17. Azad

    Although It sound really better: “Alt + Back” to go Back and “Alt + Up” to go up, but I really preferred to use the old style; Backspace as UP. I really liked it, simply one key, and I can’t understand, why they’ve changed Backspace’s behavior.

    Maybe to make it like IE, as Kenny said. Actually I can’t remember if this combination worked on XP (Alt + Up = UP).

    Anyway I’m so happy founding something for UP at last.
    Thanks All.

  18. Ernie

    Actually Alt-UP does not always change to the parent directory in Vista.

    When you have a shortcut to a directory (e.g. c:\Data\pics) on your Desktop and then open this directory and then use Alt-UP, where do you end up?

    Not in c:\Data but in …\Desktop !

    Rather annoying. No way to go to the real parent dir when opened from a shortcut.

  19. Azad

    Ernie, are you sure?
    I just tried it, it is not like this !!

    When you create a shortcut for a folder (like “c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office” on your desktop) and open it, then the ALT+UP ends in “c:\Program Files\”, where it should.

  20. matguy

    I used to have backspace mapped to my left thumb button on my intellimouse, and shift on the right button. I shift click a lot of stuff, which in IE opened in a new window (now ctrl for new tab) and such, then backspace was good for folder browsing. Backspace, of course, worked as back in IE, and shift+backspace worked as forward, so I ended up with all the original functionality plus shift on my mouse, bonus. In one of the Intelimouse software versions they removed shift and backspace from the menus, so I always stuck with 4.0. Now, in Vista, you can map the shift key to the mouse fine, but not backspace, but as we’ve seen it still wouldn’t solve my issue. They did add a key sequence option, which you can put alt + up in, and it seems like it would work, but it doesn’t, it still does “back” functionality such as backspace.

  21. Ernie

    @Azad : Thanks for your comment, that made me check once more.

    Now I can reproduce 2 different behaviors!

    Behavior 1: If I create the shortcut by dragging the folder icon to the desktop while pressing Ctrl-Shift, then it behaves like I explained above, Alt-UP goes to the Desktop folder.

    Behavior 2: If I create the shortcut by right-click folder/create shortcut, then Alt-UP works as expected, goes to parent folder.

    Weird, there seem to be 2 different types of shortcuts in Vista! (Also right-click shortcut/Properties looks totally different)

  22. Azad

    Wooow, very strange!!
    You are absolutely right, and look at this:

    C:\Users\Azad\Desktop>dir cc*
    Volume in drive C has no label.
    Volume Serial Number is 6C83-F3A9

    Directory of C:\Users\Azad\Desktop

    07/19/2007 08:25 PM ccna – Shortcut
    07/19/2007 08:26 PM 354 ccna – Shortcut.lnk

    The one which is created by dragging while Ctrl+Shift is pressed is a DIRECTORY!!!! not a link!!
    I can’t remembe if it was like this on XP or not, any idea?

  23. Azad

    Ernie, another point:

    Look at the address bar when you open a shortcut which is created with Ctrl+Shift,

    It is like this: C:\Users\Azad\Desktop\ccna – Shortcut,

    It seems that this is really a simulated directory, not a shortcut.

    Also the label of action (the hint) when trying to drag while Ctrl+Shitf is pressed, is “Create a LINK” where as the menu says: “create a shortcut”

    I think these have two different meanings, but again I can’t remember if we had such different concepts on XP too.

  24. Ernie

    Azad wrote:
    > I can’t remembe if it was like this on XP or not, any idea?

    I remember exactly as I am still using XP on my other machine:

    On XP the behavior was different, there was only one type of shortcut, no matter how it was created. It always behaved like the type 2 I mentioned above.

  25. Carrie

    A lot of these funtions are not just in Vista, they are in XP, the only one that is Vista only Ctrl+Mousewheel – change the size of the icons

  26. Azad

    I agree with Ernie, at last Alt+UP doesn’t work in XP. I tried.

  27. MixMax

    Alt+D actually doesen’t work on German Windowsvista because Alt+D opens the German “File” Menu (German: “&Datei”).

    Doublepress F4 to open and close the Adressbardropdownmenu instead

  28. Cody

    Heh, I haven’t used the up function in a long time because the way I browse through Explorer folders means the back button goes to the parent folder. I rarely, if ever, follow shortcuts or anything else that would result in the back button not going to the parent folder. Anyways, keyboard shortcuts are always nice to know.

    The Ctrl+Mousewheel trick also works on the Vista desktop to resize icons, which can be really handy when you first install Vista and have the HUGE icons that take up the entire desktop.

  29. Jeff Handley


  30. StevenX

    Well… Up button was return

  31. PizzaMan

    How incredibly stupid is it that one needs to install a $5 program to get functionality that was standard since windows 1.0 (..) and has been a standard part of every filemanagaer for PalmOs, Windows Mobile, Apple, every Linux and basically any other gui around?

    My theory:
    Since the “genuine user validation tool” microsoft just makes too much money, so they hire to many people who think they can make things even better. In an open source community Vista would just be called Xp 1.1… Or even “alternate shell version for the beginning user”. I just hope Linux catches up with the drivers for my hardware really fast…

  32. Higham

    ALT+UP is not available on XP or is it… any ideas?

  33. Mark

    I’ve only been using Vista for two days now, but the lack of an up button really, really bugs me. I didn’t know how much I used it.

    But thank you for finding the keyboard shortcut.

    Another really-bugs-me issue:
    a – Lack of the “file size” column when using search. I know I can add it on a per search basis, but I cannot figure out how to make this column show up every time I do a search.
    b – Having the “Authors” and “Tags” columns in the search. I never need those and I would love to get rid of them.

  34. Nikooo

    For keyboard shortcut to create a new folder in XP, there’s a small app call mdaxel:

  35. Cassie

    @ John L.
    there is a shortcut to open a new window of the same folder you’re in – ctrl+N
    it used to be for a new folder, but now they don’t have one… :(

  36. Johnson

    Thanz a lot for the “up” keyboard shortcut…..Vista was driving me nuts without the up button in explorer ……

  37. Alan
  38. kal

    in ie, backspace is back, but in xp, backspace was up one folder, which tended to be where you came from, so many people didnt notice the distinction. however, if you have a shortcut to a folder somewhere down the tree, you have no history, so back has nowhere to go, and it therefor goes up when you press backspace, but press it again, and you go back, then have no history and go up, etc.. you end up going between where you started and one folder up.
    i already knew this shortcut, i was hoping there would be a way to get back the old backspace behaviour, or maybe the buttons, but thanks anyway.

  39. John

    Great keyboard shortcuts…. I wish I knew these a long time ago!!



  40. Sheeloo

    1. Dear borkbork,

    You can use ALT-F followed by W then F to create a new Folder…

    2. Dear Mark,

    I do NOT have to add size column every time. I did that just once. I am using Vista Business…

  41. Mike

    Yes, I understand how breadcrumbs “works,” and yes I realize that the interface sometimes changes. However, not including an “up” button in Windows Vista is a travesty. I use this hundreds of times a day in XP, and alt+backspace and other keyboard shortcuts are not a replacement for me. Breadcrumbs is not a replacement, as each click is not in a consistent place and requires too much thinking when I just wish to go up a level.

    Also, having the toolbar of Windows Explorer locked down is just asinine. Please change this back to something sensible.

    Lack of an Up button and the inflexibility of Vista is what is keeping my company from upgrading to Vista, btw. I am sure this is true for many companies.

  42. Andi

    I just noticed something, if I double-click in empty white space in a folder, it goes up to the parent folder.

    This is pretty handy, but I don’t know if Vista does it out the box or if I’m getting this behaviour because I’ve already installed things like Mavis Up Button and QT TabBar to try fix the lack of an up button?

  43. jd2066

    @Andi: I just tested it and found out that comes from QTTabbar. Also you can control it with the option ‘QTTabBar Options->Window->”Up one level when dbl clicked on folder margin” checkbox’.

  44. Blackie

    Nice one, should have retained the ‘back button’ icon, which explains a lot, now to scan you tips to find out how to search for a string of text in a file :)

  45. balmydrizzle

    I knew this, too. However, I wanna the physical parent directory, rather than a shortcut entity, e.g. I create a shortcut to driver d, and then I click it, go down severla sub-directory, now if I press alt+up or just click back upper directory, eventually it goes back to shortcut of driver d, instead of the actual driver d icon!

    This is sometimes annoying to me since I got the habit to go back to My Computer or Desktop using this way before.

    Anyway, something old or tradition needs not to be change, in my own opinion!

  46. adele

    i just got Vista and cannot figure out how to open a folder below a level in a separate folder (so you have the current folder and the level below folder ope too). You used to be able to just Ctrl and click the Up Folder icon with your mouse….now i cant do it.

  47. Spacegold

    The first comment answered the question. The up button is still there in Vista, in the form of a double less-than symbol in the address space. Keyboard control is another issue entirely.

  48. andi

    “The up button is still there in Vista, in the form of a double less-than symbol in the address space”


  49. balmydrizzle

    I save a shortcut for some directory, say c:\father\son to put it into quick launch bar

    then I click the shortcut to open this subdirectory cotents in Windows Explorer

    Now if I press Alt+Up or back tool button, it doesn’t go to c:\father. Instead, it goes back to the ‘quick launch’ directory.

    This is different from previous Windows version and it’s very annoying since I always go to other brother subdirectories of c:\father\son. Now I have to start from drive root and down to the intended subdirectory each time.


  50. Kal

    @balmydrizzle: i had this same problem. theres something funky about quick launch that makes shortcuts created in quicklaunch different from every other shortcut.

    its something to do with the inline browsing in quicklaunch – if you collapse quicklaunch up so it wont fit the icon you want, then in the little expander arrows is the fancy shortcut you made, and as subitems of the fancy shortcut are the subfolders of c:\father\son\grandson\etc.
    if you just want a plain old shortcut like it used to be, instead of making the shortcut directly into quicklaunch, make the shortcut in another folder then copy that shortcut into quicklaunch

  51. murray

    At least give me the option to go back to the old config…

    Apple also has the at+up key combo. I don’t like using two buttons when I need to use my mouse and other hand on the keyboard simultaneously. It becomes awkward moving my left hand to the right hand side of the keyboard in order to press the alt key with my pinky finger and up key with my index finger. It’s the most commonly used file browsing keyboard shortcut. It was one of the reasons I preferred Windows to OSX. Combined with the Office counter-intuitive UI, MS has too much time on its hands and too many committees trying to improve things that work just fine.

    If it’s not broken… why reinvent the UI?

  52. Chrid

    I agree – for MS to go and change what backspace does for no reason MADNESS!

    But – there is a way… I found this very powerful hotkeys scripting system called AutoHotkey ( With this system you can assign hotkeys such as windows key + g to open google etc. It also has powerful routines to catch keypresses and to send different keypresses.

    I wrote a scrip that catches the backspace key if an explorer window is focused. If one of the textboxes is not focused (eg the address bar, search box, or renaming a file…), then the script sends the alt+Up key combo instead of the backspace key, thus emulating the way backspace worked in XP (except for ‘links’ as opposed to shortcuts as someone mentioned earlier :/)

    enough chitchat, the script:

    #IfWinActive ahk_class CabinetWClass
    ControlGetFocus, controlWithFocus, ahk_class CabinetWClass
    ;MsgBox, %controlWithFocus%
    if (controlWithFocus == “Edit1” || controlWithFocus == “Edit2” || controlWithFocus == “Edit3” || controlWithFocus == “Edit4”)
    send {BS}
    send !{UP}

    If you have a look at AutoHotkey help it should all be pretty clear, it cery straight forward.
    seems to work well in vista home premium. if anyone uses this and finds problems I’d be interested to know what you found

  53. Daniel

    THe File Replace is drivingme batty as well. Guess what? I often copy files. And they are often replacements. I would like to hit “A” and copy them all over, not select the darned checkbox as well.

  54. Daniel

    When copying files, and that annoying prompt comes up. You cannot just hit “A” as before, but without leaving the keyboardd, you can:

    Alt + C to choose “Do this for the next n files”
    Up Arrow 3 times to get to the “Copy and replace” option
    Space to execute the command

    It’s more keystrokes, you you won’t have to reach for the damned mouse.

  55. joept

    I made a simple AutoHotKey script to go up a folder in Windows Vista Explorer with middle mouse click. It also creates a new folder with shift-middle click (works most of the time).

    I compiled the script into an exe that you can find here:

    Drop it in your Startup folder to launch with Windows. Won’t work right on XP without modification.

    The script itself is quite simple:

    #IfWinActive ahk_class CabinetWClass
    MButton:: SendInput !{Up}
    +MButton:: SendInput {Alt down}fwf{Alt up}

    If you don’t trust random .exes posted in blog comments, download and install AutoHotKey, save the above script to somefile.ahk, and double click it to start it.


  56. Brett

    Dude i love it but how the hell do i get the cursor to appear in the “Search” box using a hotkey??

    I really like the fact that when in Vista Explorer we have the search option available always. But as a programmer i don’t want to have to reach for my mouse to start searching. I know i can tab about 4 or 5 times to get the mouse cursor into that box but i really need a hotekey.

    The search is really handy for quickly filtering results.

  57. ciclistadan

    thanks for the ALT+UP pointer…I had always used backspace in XP and can’t think why Vista is soooo insistent on using their breadcrumbs method, just give me back my button!

  58. VistaUser

    “Backspace” still works to go back to the previous set of folders..!!

  59. Nick

    All those people complaining about the new Windows Explorer can either improve their filing system, like I have, or download an explorer replacement, such as XYExplorer.

    Full screen has been a feature in most Windows programs for a LONG time. It is a rarely used feature that is useful for basic little presentations and when you have a document, such as a webpage or PDF open and don’t want distractions.

  60. Tony

    I never got why they removed this option either. I used it constantly.

  61. Johan

    ALT+D doesn’t work in French version. To have something similar, you have to hit F4, then ESC to
    have the adress bar selected and the text replacable by typing.
    Something strange: if you go to search box in Explorer, and then hit ALT+A, it will go to adress bar (undocumented).
    But if you are inside the folder and hit ALT+A, it won’t work as the “A” stands for the View menu in French. So differents behavior in the same folder depending of the zone.
    Daniel: Keyboards shortcuts are totally strange in the file copy screen, as the up and down will go to only 2 options. To cycle to the third, you will have to hit TAB. Strange, as it is the same list. Maybe there is a frame, but so it is an error of design concept.
    For Brett: if ALT+D works in your version, make ALT+D then Tab, it will go in search in the current folder, or F3 will open a new search in the same folder.

    I am very annoyed too, because dev teams changes at MS and so goes keyboard shortcuts…
    In Internet Explorer, I have always been using the combination CTRL+TAB to go to adress bar and it has always worked, till IE7 removed it. So I had to found that ALT+D would work (and had always been working, I didn’t choose the good shortcut, event if CTRL+TAB worked also in Explorer and removed also in Vista). But now that I see that ALD+D doesn’t work in Vista (in IE yes, not in Explorer…) I am confused and even in Win2008 I always get a beeep saying that the command doesn’t exist!
    So F4/ESC my friend !
    Learn something, but learn what ?
    When they will remove WIN+R (for run), I will die ! This is the most used for me.
    Totally disagree with adding a program. I use many differents computers all day, and I have to use it the real normal Windows way, not the tuned way…

  62. Dima

    So pressing “Backspace” as a shortcut for “up” will not work in Vista? Sad, that’s one of the few shortcuts I really often misuse…

  63. Lisa

    Thanks for the tip! This was driving me absolutely nuts too!

  64. Peter

    Thanks for this tip. I’m used to hitting Backspace to go to the parent folder in Windows XP.

  65. Josh

    @ Borkbork: Tthe create new folder in win 7 is ctrl-shift-n not sure about vista though

  66. yourfriendlyneighbourhoodspeeddemon

    Since i couldn’t get chrid’s code to work, i changed it to this; and don’t ask me why this does work for me.
    AutoHotKey ‘windows7 explorer backspace fix’ script:

    #IfWinActive ahk_class CabinetWClass
    ControlGetFocus, controlWithFocus, ahk_class CabinetWClass
    ;MsgBox, %controlWithFocus%
    if (controlWithFocus == “Edit1” || controlWithFocus == “Edit2” || controlWithFocus == “Edit3” || controlWithFocus == “Edit4” || controlWithFocus == “DirectUIHWND1”)
    send {BS}
    ;MsgBox, BS sent
    send !{UP}
    ;MsgBox, alt-up sent

  67. larry

    Thanks, I used to be able to hit backspace or at least hit the “up folder” icon. I look at the new interface and I’m just like: “What the hell am I supposed to do now O.o”

  68. Taki

    You save my life! thanks from Persia

  69. Lars

    Thank you! I have long been frustrated by the “breaking” of the functionality of the backspace key, that I can come to rely heavily on. No reason for it… Alt+Left has always worked fine; why change Backspace to duplicate it? Anyway, now that I know where “up” was moved to, hopefully I can remember that and retrain.

    @VistaUser – yes, backspace *now* goes to the *previous* folder. (Not “still”.) In some cases that’s the same as the parent folder. Very often it’s not.

  70. Pesche

    One more:

    Alt + Alt Gr + UP
    Opens the parent folder in a new window

  71. none

    Alt-Up is disabled in Windows 7, which otherwise also makes directory navigation rather difficult. Thankfully, the DOS prompt remains for easy navigation.

  72. Marcus

    That full screen explorer mode is not as pointless as you suggest it is in your article. With over five hundred gigs worth of data on my hard drive, it makes for a much easier magical mystery tour in the realms of the contents of my laptop, making more use of the screen without the taskbar having to be set to auto-hide. Not as daft now is it?

  73. PizzaMan

    Actually Alt-Up doesn’t always go to the parent folder. If you enter a folder through libraries or search, you just go BACK to the labrary/search. Problem not solved…

  74. pb

    Actually, there is a way. For example, if you are in the directory e:\movies\movie1\part1, and want to go up one, simply click on “movie1”, if you want to go up two, click on “movies” .. its that simple!

  75. asd

    What kind of braindead morons think up these shortcuts which cannot be pressed with one hand…

    Ok it was one button (backspace) now two buttons – i could almost live with that – but why don’t they make it A+numpad9+mousemiddle


  76. Eric

    Why did it take me so long to find this shortcut!!!??

    I’ve been using command+up on my mac for months. When I’m on my work PC I’m constantly tempted to use it. Now I can, especially since alt on a PC and command on a mac are in the same place!!

    Thanks for the other shortcuts too. those will come in handy (esp. alt+D and alt+enter). I appreciate the commenter who said IE and WE share the same engine which means those shortcuts will be double handy.

  77. Javier

    This is fantastic. I spent years clicking backspace in windows vista and 7 because I used it to go to the parent folder as in Windows XP.

    ALT+UP … easy..

    Thank you.

  78. Jerry Garciuh

    You just made my day!

  79. Nemu

    if that’s all you wanted, it’s easier just to hit the ‘breadcrumb’. (or drop down/hierachy sideview to quick desktop/libs etc)
    have tried it out and know for certain though, neither shortcut, nor crumb works in either searching or in libraries. =..= almost jumped with glee at finding this but then..ah well, back to searching ^^;;

  80. DORFER

    that is great that alt+up works…… until you have shortcuts setup. once you put a shortcut on your desktop, it does not do any good. the old up button would stay in the folder structure, but now, you use the shortcut, and alt+up goes back to the desktop or wherever your shortcut is placed

  81. LeStomper

    finally found a way other than pressing alt+d then ‘..’ like in the command line you use ‘cd ..’

  82. Jalal

    To create a New Folder in Windows 7 just press Ctrl + Shift + N

  83. Jalal

    @borkbork: To create a New Folder in Windows 7 just press Ctrl + Shift + N

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