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Understanding Vista’s New Network Connection Icons

Windows Vista’s network connected icons that live in the system tray have a new feature: They let you know if you are connected to the internet, or just your local network. These new icons are especially useful when you are connected to a wireless network.

Connected to Internet

Notice the tiny globe, indicating connection to the internet. Mousing over the icon will also show the popup window, which will tell you exactly what you have access to.

Connected to Local network only

Notice that the globe icon is gone, indicating that you can’t connect to the internet, but you can connect to local computers.

Not Connected

Maybe you should plug that cable back in ?

Windows Vista is definitely more polished than XP.

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  • Published 01/9/07

Comments (111)

  1. Jeff

    I am brand new to Vista and your Geek website has been invaluable!! Thanks

  2. Bob

    For those of us still stuck with dialup Internet access, the Network Connection icon doesn’t show network activity thru the modem, even when animation is enabled.

    Also, under XP when you double clicked on this icon you would get the connection status window. Now what you get is a display of one of the network connection folders.

  3. Lynne

    Please email me with instructions on how to get my connectivity icon back in the task bar. I upgraded from XP last night and I saw the icon in the system tray (with the globe) and after I took it out of standby (when I close the notebook at night), it hasn’t come back up and I couldn’t figure out how to connect to the internet. I used to be able to just repair it by right clicking on one of the connectivity icons in XP. This time I couldn’t figure it out and just plugged it in from my modem with a USB to get an internet connection.

    I also right clicked on the system tray to customize the hide/show icons and it wasn’t in there. Please help me figure out how to get that computer/globe icon back. Also, is there a way to “Repair” like we could do with XP where it switches devices for you and switches back and shows that it’s now connected with that yellow seatbelt?

  4. kiwideb

    Hi, I’m new here, but I have the same problem as Lynne. My network icon has disappeared from the system tray. How do I get it back? I’m using Dialup. I can still connect & disconnect, by clicking on Start, Connect To, but I’d like to have it back. :-)

  5. David Diaz

    What is the only solution when your GLOBE ICON doesn’t show up on your computer. I only see two computer screen without the globe icon. In order for me to get connected to the internet I always have to reset my network adapter in order for me to get connected to the internet.

    When I turned on my computer the network automatically get connected to the internet.

    I have a built-in bluetooth wireless “Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915A plus a wireless N usb adapter which I am connected to a hotspot.

    I would really appreciate your help!

    Thank You!

  6. Lord Angel

    I don’t like vista and that icon , first thing it doesn’t show the network activity even if you have it enabled , second if you move the cursor on the icon all you get is the connection status *local and internet* ? well i can see that from the icon changing without moving the cursor over that icon , worse than that is when you click on the icon the same previous window extends and show you links ???? to connect or disconnect and even if you click on one of them it will send you to another window to just disconnect your connection ??? i think i am going back to windows xp or ubuntu

    – now for people that don’t see their connection icon anymore try this : right click on the toolbar > properties > notification area > under system icons check *network* then hit apply .

    Angel OT

  7. mcdeb

    Thanks Angel OT – my icon is back! Don’t know why that didn’t work before…..

  8. Gus

    I’ve also lost my network status icon, and went to the properties, but when I try to click on the “network” box, it’s greyed out (as is the “volume” box). Any ideas why I can’t get it to show? Would love to get it back!

    Since I upgraded to Vista I’ve also had a grey box appear in the systray with a red slashed circle (like you get in a “no smoking” sign) in the lower right corner. If I look at it under the list in the “customize” area in the “notification area” it simply says “”. Any idea what this is? I suspect it might have something to do with notifying that Aero is disabled.

  9. Gus

    In the bizareness that is MS, my icon, unbidden, is back! Weird!
    Go figure.

  10. Thomas Simms

    New to Vista,darn I looked throw all my programs and I could not find a word processor.
    My PC is a Acer Aspire E389 OS Vista home Premium operating system ADM 64X2 4200+
    32 bit Can someone Let Me know before I junk this PC Thanks

  11. Marcpodi

    me too, my network icon in vista has disappeared and it’s greyed out in taskbar properties!! How do i get it back?

  12. Jarrett

    Right-click the Notification Area, and goto Properties. Click the Notification Area tab, and then check “Network” in the system icons.

  13. ThomasG

    I love Windows Vista Sidebar, and 3-D Mode, but Network Connection Icon on taskbar leaves a lot
    to be disired. I did find a way to have familiar XP operation by creating a shortcut Internet Connection on my Desktop and then it gives familiar items like Enable/Disable and status. It just takes more effort in accomplishing this and you have to Minimize your browser to access Desktop.
    1. Is there a way to use Windows Vista with older Windows XP Internet Connection?
    2. Is there a way to eliminate Internet Connection logon at bootup?

  14. someonenm

    i am behind a proxy server.My network icon shows Network access:Local only….still i am able to connect to net… but my comp cant automatically upgrade windows or its components…. what is this so….???

  15. ardentbuzz

    I have also lost the network icon in my task bar
    When i go to properties /notification area the box for the tick is also greyed out.
    It happened once before and some how it decided to come back again but this time it is not that easy.
    I thing it may have been lost when i updated the drivers for my nvida video card.

  16. David

    I have also lost the network icon in my task bar,
    When i go to properties /notification area the check box is also greyed out.
    what can i do?

  17. WarHawk9700

    Same problem as everyone else: The check box is “greyed out,” meaning I cannot place a check in the box to activate the network icon or the volume icon. This has happened to me before, and after a while (days, weeks, sometimes just a few minutes), it will magically appear back after a restart but not all restarts will fix it. I’d like to know how to physically correct the problem. MS doesn’t help when contacted, they suggest the “right click, properties, notification area, check box” crap and that won’t work considering I can’t check the box! Any help will be appreciated.

  18. ardentbuzz

    I had the same problem for ages but it apears to have fixed itself permantly.
    What type of videocard do you run as I changed from ATI to Nivida and i used to have problems with this error when i used to update my videocard drivers (ATI)

  19. WarHawk9700

    I use Nvidia, but I didn’t change cards or anything. I think it may have something to do with what I installed. I’m going to try and do a system restore today and see if that will even help. I kinda don’t want to resort to that though. There has to be a way to get it back if it ever happens again.

  20. Wallydraigle

    As it turns out System Restore will fix it. Someone just had the same thing happen on a laptop. Lost icon, “Network” checkbox grayed out, etc. We used System Restore to go back to yesterday. It’s far from ideal, but it’s cheap and dirty, and it works.

  21. WarHawk9700

    I know, it worked for me too, but I wish I knew what caused the problem so I could figure out how to truly fix it.

  22. Patrick Cooke

    Found this solution on the web and it worked for me: (usual warning about backing up and taking care in the registry!)

    Search registry for every occurrence of the words “iconstreams� and “PastIconStreams�.
    (I found one of each). Delete each one and continue searching until you find no more. Reboot and the options to display the icons will no longer be greyed out.

  23. andyboy

    Hey guys, I foudn a fix on another website.

    For some reason if you clear this history of icons; the power, network, volume….icons will all reappear.

    – brilliant i hear you say.


    > run ‘regedit.exe’

    > goto key ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \TrayNotify’

    > delete keys ‘IconStreams’ & ‘PastIconsStream’

    > start task manager, go to processes and kill explorer.exe

    > go to applications in the task manager, hit new task and type ‘explorer.exe’

    > explorer will now reboot and woohey, your icons should return.

    Works a charm.


  24. Steve

    Thanks Andrew, worked perfectly.

  25. Mike

    Wow; thank you so much, Andrew!! This was driving me crazy!!

  26. Gel

    My son got me to download world of warcraft onto my computer but it didnt have enough ram so I went to pc world and bought a graphic updater for the game. Since it has been on the computer lots of errors have occured and the writting my screen has got very big. Could some fix this problem? Thanx

  27. Jim Y

    The “CLEARING THE TRAY ICON HISTORY” suggestion also worked for me to get the network status (wireless and wired) back in the system tray. Also, the Network checkbox in the Notification Area of the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” is no longer greyed out.

    Thank you very much. It is a real time saver.

    How people figure these things out I’ll never know. I was a bit hesitant to try it as I don’t understand what it is doing or why it works but I couldn’t take it anymore, finally made the leap and tried it, and it worked.

    Thanks again.

  28. Bry

    Yes! Thank you Andrew! How did you figure that out? Nice work. :D

  29. Ty

    WAY TO GO ANDREW!!! Worked perfectly

  30. Dana

    Brilliant move :) tnx Andrew

  31. GazAssassin

    Cheers Andrew, at last I got it sorted :D

  32. Nicole

    thanks andrew, it worked, but does that mess up the system? that warning popped up about possibly causing instability… will it harm the system?

  33. Nikkie

    I had one issue with this solution on my laptop (just in case anyone else has problems). If you can’t find HKEY_CURRENT_USER under the regedit.exe, then just try to run regedit. I was able to find everything then.

    PS: Thanks Andrew, it worked wonderfully!

  34. Jack

    Thats amazing stuff Andrew, but how does the icon history affect whether or not the icons are displayed? Any clue or is this another issue microsoft need to address?

  35. Patrick Cooke

    Never quite understood what the difference was between the solution I suggested which nobody seemed to take up and the solution posted by Andrew three days later which is essentially the same and seems to have got everybody leaping up and down.

  36. Jack

    well done Patrick :) i must admit i thought you’d posted first but didn’t think i needed to check. but still, why does Vista do this?

  37. Patrick Cooke

    Basic problem is that the icon cache fills up over time. The registry edit purges the cache. It’s a bug which could be sorted by creating a circular cache or by purging it when full – until then the problem will recur every now and again.

  38. Phillip P

    My main PC is connected to the internet via a wireless router hard wired into one of the 4 I/P ports, the 1 O/P port then goes to my cable modem. I also use my laptop into another I/P port. I also connect a PMP player using the wireless connection. All works well. As I write this, I’m obviosly connected to the internet but have no globe icon. I do sometimes see it but can’t work out why it appears. Diagnose and repair form right click reveals ‘no problems’.
    Can anyone advise?

  39. joe

    andy & pat your both AWSOME! and SMART! thank you

  40. Katalyst

    It`s nice that MS added extra useful information to an icon, but to have the activity lights in two very similar shades of blue is ridiculous imo, I have to squint to see if my connection is active. (I am amazed things like this got through beta testing).

    I decided to “immerse” myself in the “Vista Experience” and whilst I like the odd feature on the whole I am very unimpressed.

    You can polish a turd… but its still a turd…

  41. Nathan

    Thanks, Andrew, worked like a charm, you da man!!

  42. Dnice

    Yay Andrew! Thank you, that was driving me nuts.

  43. jenny k

    WOOAHHH…that worked really well…thanks andreww =]

  44. Mat

    Hello there! I’ve tried the trick but my Network box is still greyed out. Any ideas ?

    Thank you! ;)

  45. Mat

    Oh I just rebooted the laptop and it’s not greyed out anymore ;) Thanks a lot guys!

  46. sleamhain

    andrew, legend, man! great to have that sorted. really simple to understand instruction for philistines like myself-wouldnt have been happy messing in registry without the step by step instructions.

  47. aris

    thanx a lot pat and and
    worked like a charm Is it possible it happens again in the future?

  48. GirlTech

    Thanks Andy! YES. IT WAS BRILLIANT!!! I, too, was losing my female mind. Nice to know there are people like you in this world who not only have the knowledge, but share it.

    (Patrick, you’re smart too so don’t be a hater. You are loved as well. We need all of you brainiacs!!!)

  49. robrips

    Thnx Patrick and Andrew, fixed my friends PC for her and think it was your nice concise instructions that won the day for you Andrew :)


  50. aris

    hasnt anyone noticed that this solution as successful it may be it does not solve the problem permanently…at least not for me.
    Every now and then(1-2 weeks approximately) i have to repeat this procedure
    Its getting kinda boring.Isnt there a more permanent way to address the problem?

  51. oscar

    it happened to my computer after installing Vista SP1. Solution described here worked great. thank you so much.

  52. jack

    The same with me, i installed SP1 last night (note how half the updates it “installs” you already have!) and my icons dissapeared again. Following the steps above helped me.. again.

    aris – the fix for me was permanent till microsoft released the major update.

    Suggest screaming at microsoft down the phone till they come up with an answer =]

  53. Tjaart

    So i lost my power,volume and my connection icon what do i do?

  54. belle35

    my volume and network icons always disappears.i try to regain it back this time but i cn did for me once.pls help.what will i do?

  55. Gaz

    This happened to me once before SP1 (both network and volume icons disappeared and were greyed out in th options dialog). The steps here worked fine. Since I got SP1 installed just 3 days ago, I’m having to go through these steps practically every time I start up my PC. Usually it’s just network, sometimes both network and volume. The steps work for the initial reboot after deleting the registry entries, but then after another 2 or 3 reboots they’ve gone again.

    Something in SP1 has most definitely broken this I think!

  56. Nick

    just for the record the icon problem is just a problem with explorer… if you leave your computer on too long or run too many operations or the like odds are the application will degrade… if you usually shut down your computer every night there should be no problem… killing explorer and then running it again should work just as well (task manager > processes, then kill explorer.exe; then task manager > file > run: explorer.exe). I’m not sure the registry editing is necessary. Just my opinion.

  57. Aaron

    The runner of this website happens to have another page that addresses this issue. If restarting explorer or restarting your computer doesn’t work, try this one…

    The program download is about halfway down this page under ‘download registry hack.’ The program is called ‘restoremytrayiconsplease.’ In my experience, running this and restarting your computer, then going to the status bar properties menu and checking the volume/internet/power/clock boxes and pressing apply will fix any sort of problem like this.

  58. Roll2008

    My network icon globe is not appearing but i’m connected to the internet right now but the icon says connection status: unknown server execution failed. How do i fix this??

  59. Peter

    In the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” dialogue window and “Notification Area” tab, my Volume and Network selections were also greyed out.
    What I did was:
    1- go to control pane/ user management
    2- select “turn user accont control on or off”
    3- uncheck “use UAC to help protet your computer” then OK
    4- restarted machine (as required for this change)

    then, the volumn and network check boxes were no longer grey’d out and I was able to select them. I then reversed the procedure above and restarted again and all was the way I wanted. Good Luck.

  60. Gwan KK

    I have a situation here.

    Normally, my laptop will just auto-detect the network and hook onto the internet once I turn it on at home with the network connection icon ie(two computer screen with the mini GLOBE ICON)appearing on the bottom-right taskbar.

    However, when I am at the airport whereby there is free WIFI network available, there is no network connection icon appearing on the taskbar. Not even with the red cross on the two computer screen. Appreciate the experts here could advise me what actually happen. Thanks.

  61. adrian potts

    I am using windows vista and have lost the double screen and globe icon from the bottom of my screen and as such cant connect or disconect without going all round the houses can you please advise on how to restore this icon. Many thanks

  62. Paul

    Guys, I had the issue of my network icon disappearing too, and it being grayed out. I wanted to see if it is possible to resolve the problem without editing the registry, and voila, just ending and restarting the explorer.exe process did the job for me, so I would suggest trying that before using the regedit…

  63. kiran


    > run ‘regedit.exe’

    > goto key ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \TrayNotify’

    > delete keys ‘IconStreams’ & ‘PastIconsStream’

    > start task manager, go to processes and kill explorer.exe

    > go to applications in the task manager, hit new task and type ‘explorer.exe’

    > explorer will now reboot and woohey, your icons should return.

    Works a charm.


    thank you so much!

  64. Jimmy

    I have a problem with the mini globe not appearing near my network icon. Even in Network and Sharing Center says I’m not connected. I tried doing Andrew’s tip but it hasn’t reappeared. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you for your time

  65. Jimmy

    Sorry for the double post but I found a way to get the mini globe back on the network icon.

    Access the command prompt Start>Accessories>Command Promt and right click the icon and select the “Run As Administrator”

    Judging that your router is set up to give your computer an ip address automatically, first type in:

    ipconfig /release

    then after that has finished, type in:

    ipconfig /renew

    That should give you back your globe icon on your network icon and the “Access: Local and Internet” back. It worked for me. Hope this helps.

  66. don

    easiest way to get network icon back. end explorer.exe, then reboot computer. icon is back and boxes are not greyed out. explorer.exe is also restored.

  67. John

    Andrew’s tip of clearing out the registry worked as well for me with the problem of volume and network system icons disappearing as well as greyed out in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties panel.

    No Win updates occurred in the last week, however I DID install a new application that’s running in the background and has it’s own System Icon.


  68. Clemmey08

    Hi, im on a vista running Home premium and my sisters computer is the same as mine. We are both on wireless, the router is on a XP Home editition… My sisters wireless works fine, but mine does not all i get is Local Only. I have tried Andrews tip but does not work… Please help me! Im new to this stuff

    Many thanks, Clemmey08

  69. Nurlan

    Thank you guys, it wads helpful

  70. Tazol

    Nice … It works for me. Thanks guys.

  71. riah

    Thank you so much Jarrett for the info on the icon restore!! that has bothered me for months!!!

  72. Jhon

    i have seen the globe over the activity animation computers for sometime, then it goes away. But i can still use internet connection. IS it any kind of abnormality ? I think windows vista is the worlds best computer OS . IS it true ? CAN Just anybody answer me ?> Thank you.

  73. Cesna Sarajan

    Hi Good Day! I have reformatted my HP laptop window vista recently my problem afterwards was the first time I switch on and get connected to the wireless internet icon of network shows I’m connected but after sometime of sleep mode even I was connected to the net but the icon shows in taskbar says I’m not connected. Please help me resolve this. Hoping for your speed reply. Thanks!

  74. Cesna Sarajan

    Why my wireless network globe icon doesn’t show I’m connected even I was connected and able to browse the web?? This happens after sleep mode but the first time switch on my computer it will show the icon in my task bar. Hoping for your speed reply. Thanks!

  75. Anthony D

    Thanks alot Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Satya

    Thank you very much Andrew…

  77. Rani

    Thank-you Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Char

    Thanks Andrew!!! That really was bugging me

  79. jamei

    how can you make the internet connection icon appear on my taskbar there is not an icon

  80. Sharon

    Thanks Andrew! It worked wonderfully! I thought I was the only one facing this problem, really glad its not my computer behaving weirdly!

  81. Gavin

    i have a problem with my msn live messenger. my friends say that i am sending them broken links when i am offline. i think its a virus but i scanned my whole computer with mcafee and it found nothing. i have used online scanners too but they also found nothing. CAN SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!!!!!

  82. Will

    Andrew, worked for me as well! This has been buging me for at least 2 months since my network icon disappeared. Thank-you!!!!!!

  83. Glen

    Thanks Patrick! The registry / explorer.exe fix you posted is still relevant even now and fixed a related issue on my workstation where only the wireless connection was being reflected. Now with the fix, it reflects the *ACTIVE* connection as it should.


  84. nick

    I Need Your Help. Please.
    I use Vista, and now every time I go from one web page to another, or even click between different tabs, or even type into a form box (!) Network Connections starts a pop-up window asking me to connect with a dialup connection. This used to happen a lot; now its every time I do anything! What can I do to disable this very able feature?!

  85. Patricia

    Andrew, thank u so much! Worked perfectly. For everyone else trying this don’t be afraid of step here – it works immediately and I was SO happy to have my icons back. I had installed some tools to download music and that’s when I lost my icons and they were greyed out in properties. All happy again. The steps below that Andrew gave work as fast as you can click and type. I’m glad I now know about!

    > run ‘regedit.exe’

    > goto key ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \TrayNotify’

    > delete keys ‘IconStreams’ & ‘PastIconsStream’

    > start task manager, go to processes and kill explorer.exe

    > go to applications in the task manager, hit new task and type ‘explorer.exe’

    > explorer will now reboot and woohey, your icons should return.

  86. vance

    thanks hp tech india im up and running.

  87. MDPhD

    It worked fine, thanks.
    Iconst restored, at last!
    Had this problem for so long.

  88. Steve

    Cool solution. Thanks man.

  89. Moniko

    Thanks Patrick and Andrew.
    Your solution worked also with my problem which was a little bit different.
    My network icon was present but didn’t show the small globe when connected to the internet.
    After deleting keys‘IconStreams’ & ‘PastIconsStream’ in registry and restarting windows explorer, the icon showed up the globe again.
    Thanks again.

  90. JD

    Great solution, thanks a lot !

  91. matt

    There are a few other ways to regain icon if you do not want to mess with the regitery. Messing with the registery can be very hazardous to the pc. You could alter the wrong file without realizing. Resulting in a system crash or reinstallation. Here are 2 other steps I have used that proved to work when icon for network is missing on taskbar and greyed in taskbar properties.

    *First open control panel

    *Network and sharing

    *Click manage network and connection. (A new window opens with all *networks and connections.)

    *Right click on which you are using and click disable. (Your network or connection will go down for a moment but thats ok.)

    *Right click again and select Enable

    *Close all windows right click select properties

    *In task bar and start menu properties goto notification area and recheck network box. And you are all set!

    Option 2
    *From control panel goto device manager
    *Expand to see list of installed adapter
    *right click on your connetion type
    Here you have 2 choices disconnect or uninstall. first try the disconnect: Right click on connection type and enable Return to taskbar properties notification area and select network.
    If disabling doe not work REPEAT First 2 steps
    Select uninstall ( this will virtually remove the hardware from the system)
    *Shut pc completely for approx 10-15 seconds. the time is needed for unit to execute process properly.
    *Reboot pc. system will reinstall the network device and you should have icon back. If not just open taskbar properties ->notification area-> check box and all set.
    I don’t like messing around in the registery to many files are alike. Minor alter ration can do a lot of damage.

  92. Amrish

    Hey me too faced the same problem (local only) after trying all the stuffs in the internet to tweak and fix still no progress, but i fixed this problem by giving a manual IP address to my system and default gateway as my modem ip address and DNS configured as per my service provider( call the help line they will give you the primary and secondary dns server ip). after that the local only problem gone. also one more thing contributes this problem it occurs when our modems are auto dialling. so disable the auto dialling and try to create a poppe connection in computer and use the username and password addressed by your ISP.

  93. Tina

    thanks so much Jarrett u did gave me a good info i was so sad that i lost it , i love u <3

  94. Beth

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Andrew!!!! It worked perfectly, and it was so fast and easy. THANKS!!!

  95. Chris Smith

    Thanks Andrew, your fix worked. My wireless connectivity icon disappeared after running an HP update. The Microsoft Vista website acknowledges there is an issue, but it’s solution did not work for me as I did not have the registry keys it referred to.

    Andrew’s solution worked first time, easy, recommended.

  96. David

    Hi all, I installed Windows Vista Home Premium and i don`t know how create Local Area Connection in Network Connections. Please Help me.

  97. Paul

    You guys are very helpful. This is the second successful assistance…I wish life was this easy!

  98. azad

    Thanks alot both andrew and are the best of bests

  99. Ann

    I am not that computer savvy; so, I was a little scared of doing too much. I tried Nick’s fix (referenced below) first, and it worked perfectly and I didn’t have to do anything to the registry. I have saved that fix info as well for future reference. Thank you for this site and to everyone who listed fixes; you are a blessing to those of us less knowledgeable.

    just for the record the icon problem is just a problem with explorer… if you leave your computer on too long or run too many operations or the like odds are the application will degrade… if you usually shut down your computer every night there should be no problem… killing explorer and then running it again should work just as well (task manager > processes, then kill explorer.exe; then task manager > file > run: explorer.exe). I’m not sure the registry editing is necessary. Just my opinion.

  100. laura

    I tried Nick’s fix which Ann describes above and it worked beautifully, I am not very good with computer issues but that seemed really easy – cheers Nick I’m so glad to have my wee blue globe back :)

  101. suddu

    Thanks a lot Andew….you r a hero

  102. hamedjhon

    despite connection redx on two screen tv. icon does not disappear;on vista by the way.plz help.

  103. bktoy97

    awsome! worked perfectly

  104. carlos

    thank you andrew, that fixed the problem instantly. you rock andrew!!!!

  105. kunnu

    hey i tried but not able to click it d network option is shown but i m not able to click it man can anyone help me here plz send it to my email

  106. Mohit

    hey …

    i want this ICON for my WINDOWS 7 OS

    plss help me give me this ICON .. :(

  107. Mohit


    can u help me in this …

  108. Jessica

    I used to have the globe over the activity animation on my desktop but i recantly got connected back to hte internet and the globe went away and now it says Network 2, Access: Local Only. I’m not sure how to correct this either. Help please!!

  109. David

    You are a brilliant, charming, and most excellent young man. I was about to take a hammer to my laptop. Deleting the two keys and restarting explorer.exe worked like a charm. Thanks a million!!!

  110. CASTLE

    thanks for a great idea,,,,,,,

  111. lloyd

    fab worked a treat

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