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Turn Off the Obnoxious HP Driver UAC Popup Update Check in Vista

If you are using Vista and have an HP printer, especially of the All-In-One variety, you’ve probably noticed that once a week or so you get this obnoxious User Account Control popup dialog out of the blue asking for permission to run some Hewlett Packard update process called hprbupdate.exe.

The problem is that by default the HP drivers include a couple of different updates, but those updates also require Administrator privileges to run, so you get prompted to run the updates. To make this even worse… the updates are for the help and support, not even for the drivers.

In case you are wondering what I mean, here’s the ridiculously annoying and unnecessarily obnoxious dialog I’m talking about:


Disabling This Obnoxious Popup 

In order to disable this utility, we’ll have to run the configuration tool from within the directory. After doing a little research, I found the directory the app is actually running from, which is this one:

C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Product Assistant\bin

Once you get into this directory, launch hprbui.exe, which is the Hewlett-Packard Product Assistant UI.


Once you open this up, click on the Preferences link on the left-hand pane.


Now under the Basic Settings section you’ll want to click on “Disable Solution Updates”, and then click on the Save button.


You should get the dialog saying that your preferences have been saved.


This should disable one of the updates, but we’ll still need to get the second one.

Disable Help Content Update

I’m not really sure that this update has to be disabled, but better safe than annoyed with popups, and there’s really very little reason to update the help content all the time if you don’t use it.

Open up HP Solution Center, and then at the bottom of the window click on the Settings button.


Now in the Other Settings box, hover your mouse over Other and then choose Update Preferences from the menu.


Now you can uncheck the box for “Enable help Contents updates automatically”.


This should hopefully get rid of these completely ridiculous update prompts once and for all. When will these vendors learn to use the built-in Task Scheduler in Windows for this type of thing? That’s what it’s there for!

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  • Published 10/2/08

Comments (35)

  1. DiAnne

    Oh, you totally rock my world!

    Not only is this thing so annoying by coming up all the time, on the few occasions that I’ve told it to go ahead and update (thinking that would make it go away in the future), it always says “update failed!”

  2. whiplash55

    I rocked my HP printer.
    I may have set the world record on the upcoming Olympic event “The Printer Chuck” I hate with a passion all HP printers!
    Thanks for the advice next time I’ll search your posts before violently reacting to frustrating technology “features”.

  3. dot45

    I am running as the “hidden” administrator accout that has vista UAC turned off by default. But these updates had been driving me nuts since they always failed. Thanks.

  4. cynthia

    Thanks so much for the info. I lived it with for a year now. I did a search for “Removing annoying HP Updates from Vista” a few minutes ago and found this useful info. TQ TQ again. No more annoying prompts that go nowhere.

  5. ALMEX

    Thanks a lot for this great tip!

  6. GB

    Wow! Your solution to this nusance is more accurately and thouroughly explained than the response I got from HP Total Care. Thank goodness for tech geeks!

  7. Christeen Lewis

    Thank you very much! I was worried I might have a virus so this made me feel better AND now I won’t get that annoying pop up. Thanks!

  8. John

    You do not have to go to C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Product Assistant\bin to open the HP Product Assistant.

    Try Start – Programs – HP – HP Product Assistant. Then Set Preferences as described in the article.

    I’ve turned off updates and no longer get the UAC every week. Thanks :o)

  9. Bob

    HP’s chat support simply asked me to remove “HP Update” from the program list in the control panel. Is there any reason to worry about the settings and steps you suggest? Why not just remove the darn thing? Is it good for anything else than updates?

  10. Ed

    Thanks for this info. I just did it so wish me luck. I like one of the other people let the thing run once hoping it would stop and it caused errors with my system resulting in a 3 hour call with HP customer support in India, UGH……

  11. Michele

    Great tip!!!!
    Thank you. the (*&(*&%#$@ popup has been driving me crazy!!!

  12. Sherwood Page

    Thanks so much! What a great tip!

  13. Harry B.

    I’ve tried to follow this to get the same wonderful relief that you other folks have found, but the HP stuff on my machine doesn’t open to the same things. Somewhere between Other Settings – Other – Update Preferences the stuff that those SOBs have given *me* is different from what they’ve given *you*. Anybody…?

  14. Richard

    Um, surely the best solution is to find the file in Windows Explorer (as you show), then right-click, go to Properties, then the Compatibility tab, then tick “Run this program as an Administrator”?? Then it will still check for solutions and updates, but not hassle you when it tries to run…

  15. Dominique

    Thank you !

  16. Lambaling

    Thank you, thank you, thank you – between this and the auto java updater I was being driven nuts!

  17. Aaron

    Thanks. Nice to know there are people out there to help and not to hurt.

  18. Dr Jim

    Folks, Where do I go to open the link below?

    C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\Product Assistant\bin

  19. Guy

    Thanks for your help! This maeesage has been so annoying!!!

  20. Bea

    Thank you sooooooo much! This may be my last HP printer. I’ve always thought they were great, but HP seems to be slipping.

  21. Flyman

    Thanks! I was so annoyed with HP on this one that I through my printer out the window… the worst part is that the messages still kept coming!

    I’ve been a loyal HP owner in the past but will never buy another HP product.

    Thank you so much!

  22. Annette

    THANK YOU so much for this!!! We were one phone call away from calling the Geek Squad to have them come and wipe out our hard drive to get rid of these ! They were SO annoying !

  23. Mike


  24. B Roodnick

    That worked but how do you turn off the printer connection pop-up

    Mine pops up every 30 seconds and says

    Your HP officejet pro L7500 series is connected

    I cant cancel or turn it off!!!!!

    Considering doing violence to the printer – lol

  25. Mike


  26. Stephanie

    Thanks so much! I wonder how many customers HP has lost because of this annoying message? I’ll never take the chance again.

  27. ckollm

    Thank You! Glad to know what it is and how to get rid of the PopUp.

  28. Donna

    Thanks very much!!!

  29. Squirrel

    Awesome. I’ve been annoyed by this thing for months. Problem solved!!

  30. Khalid Salahie

    hi man

  31. Paul

    Thank you! I tried following the instructions on the HP site and of course they didn’t work. You wouldn’t expect the software writers to understand their own code, would you?

  32. Keira

    I don’t mean to critique your awesome advice, but in it’s WAY EASIER to just go to Programs, HP, HP Product Assistant, and then change your settings there instead of going thru all of the steps above! Just saying :-)

  33. Broozm

    I found the Update program in a slightly different place:
    C:\Program Files\hp\HP Software Update
    and ran the program hpwucli.exe which allowed me to turn off the updates.

    Windows Vista Business SP2

    (Do they not realise over at HP Printers software department that we have more important things to do than this!?!?)

  34. Graeme Syms

    Thank you for being here! I am a pensioner with limited knowledge of these matters but I can take instruction well.
    I run Vista 32 and HP C3100 all in one series.
    I (may have) ‘not allowed’ a hpqddsvc, but now I cannot scan – without a message appearing stating that ActiveX is not connecting? or that producer has been denied permission – or something like that.
    Can you possiblr help an old man please?
    I would be most grateful if you could.
    Kindest regards

  35. Laura

    Thank you Thank you . .. . “I’m not worthy” LOL

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