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Share Your Windows Vista Experience Index Score

Note: This article is part of our archive and is likely out of date.
(Links may not work, downloads have not been recently tested for safety) is a site where you can upload your Windows Vista Experience Index assessment and share it with the world. You can also take a look at other people’s top scores, and even see average scores for a particular component. This site could be useful for troubleshooting, since you can see what other people with the same components scored. I’m hoping they expand the site’s functionality in the future, but it’s a good start.

If you are unfamiliar with the Windows Experience Index, just open Control Panel, and type in performance into the search box. You should already see your score, calculated when you installed Vista for the first time.

Once you’ve uploaded your score, they will even give you the html so that you can put the score as a badge on your own site:

Looks like my computer is really not too bad, I just need a faster processor. So how well did my video card stack up? Here’s my performance information from Windows Vista:

And here’s what ShareYourScore has to say for the average scores on my video card: 


Looks like I’m in the same range, good stuff.

Go to the site:

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  • Published 02/17/07

Comments (277)

  1. vicious

    lol I done mine and it is 4.6 :D Is that bad or good? If that is out of 10 than I would say it is crap :/

  2. Helao

    I mine scored 4.5…think thats ok.

  3. Josh

    I think it’s out of 5.9, 3 is about average for a recent low-end and over 5 being a high-end PC. Although as time and hardware spec progress your scores will decrease.

  4. Bobby

    Hehe Mines a 5.3 woot!

  5. moi

    I’ve got 5.3 aswell, wooop wooop! For those interested, I’m running on: AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 5600+ (2.8Ghz), 256mb nVidia Geforce 8600GT, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD.

  6. moi

    oh btw, its not out of 10, the max you can get is currently 5.9. But Microsoft have said so themselves that they will soon have to increase the maximum score as computers get better. Apparantly the transion of 1 whole number, like 6.0 – 7.0, will take place every 12-18 months. So assuming vista lasts for about 5-7 years, we’ll expect to see scores of anything from 10-12!

  7. Jim

    Hehe, out of the box, my 64bit HP scored a 3.2 on graphics.

  8. james

    mine is 3.0……its a 3.0 ghz pro. mirage 3 graphics is that n e good?????

  9. james

    i wnt to play halo 2 on it, is it possible

  10. Mirage

    Mine is 5.5
    5.5 for the X2 6000+ and the rest 5.9 and that is: 3GB RAM DDR2 667Mhz of Kingston, Sapphire HD3870 512MB GDDR4, Seagate 250GB SATA2 16MB Cache.

  11. puya

    my lowest was 2.8 – AMD 64 x2 1.9/1MB

  12. Perry Mason

    Windows Vista Ultimate x64: Mine is 5.5

    (determined by the lowest number) I have one 5.5; one 5.7; and all others, including graphics is 5.9. [C2D-E6750; Leadtek 8800GT 512 GDDR3; 2Gb Corsair 800Mhz XMS2 HDX; WD 500Gb]…. I will OC..

  13. karl

    I got a 5.5, my hdd and cpu read 5.5 the rest was 5.9, need to overclock my cpu i recon, its at standard clocks atm 2.4ghz c2d 6600, i had it to 3.2ghz before though and it was stable so then that just leads my hdd, you recon the sata tweak will increase that score?

  14. Bird O'Prey

    Mine is 5.9. I hope Microsoft ups the numbers past 6 soon so I can see how mine compares to other high end systems on this.

    System specs:
    Core2Quad Q6600 @ 3ghz
    4gb PC2 6400 (2X2gb) @ 830mhz w/ timmings @ 5-4-4-12
    EVGA 8800GTS 512MB (G92) @ 793mhz core & 1060mhz mem
    2X WD Raptor X 150gb HDDs (RAID 0)

  15. Sparekeys

    Mine is 3.9
    Does this mean my PC is considered OK?
    What is the min. and max range?
    Need a speedy reply if possible.

  16. Mirage

    Minimum is 1 and Maximum is 5.9
    You’re PC is OK but what do you do with it?
    I don’t think it’s a high end game PC

  17. Perry Mason

    I have to update my last score. 5,7 running a Core 2 Duo 6750. See above. Tuned CPU to 3,2 Ghz.

  18. joe

    WOW , mine scored a 6.3 !

  19. Mirage

    haha lol you really can have 6.3….. Just edit an file =D

  20. Dan-O

    From everything I’ve seen on performance indexing, anything above 3.0 is fair enough to run just about anything except the most graphic-intensive games. Mine has scored a 4.2, only because I’m running 2GB of RAM. After the upgrade to 4GB, I’m sure that will increase.

    I installed an EVGA GeForce8800GTS last night. The graphics scores are 5.9, and the memory operations jumped from 3.9 to 4.2 because it no-longer has to share RAM with the on-board graphics card.

    Anyone out there with higher than a 3.5 your computer is powerful enough for just about anything out there. JAMES! – Your’s should run Halo2, but it may not use the highest quality graphics settings.

  21. Hasan

    Yes, Windows Vista rocks for this & DX10.

  22. Mirage

    The score off you’re memory depends on the rest off you’re system.
    In the past I had a Pentium 4 524 with an score of 4.2.
    My memory had an score off 4.4 or something. Now I have the SAME memory in a new system and it has a score off 5.9 now.

  23. Bryan

    I scored 5.5 on my index Im guessing that pretty up there.
    By the way if anyone is wondering im running as follows:

    Intel Core2 Quad Q6600@2.5Ghz OC, 3GB DDR2 800Mhz, 500GB SATA HD, 8600GT OC 695core/750Ram

  24. John G7

    My score is 5.9. :-) All components are 5.9
    Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6
    Intel E6850@3.6GHz
    2 GB DDR2 Corsair Dominator CM2X1024-9136C5D 1143MHz ( Memory Timings 5-5-5-15 )
    XFX 8800GT 512MB GPU Clock 640 MHz – DDR3 1901 MHz
    2 x (Raid 0) 600GB 8MB Cache and 1TB 32MB Cache

  25. GriZlore

    Can someone please tell me why my “over kill” 4Gb RAM only scores a 4.8 ???

    My score is 3.0 :(

    Processor = 5.1
    Memory = 4.8
    Graphics = 3.6
    Gamng Graphics = 3.0
    Primary HD = 5.6

    E4500 2.2GHZ
    Motherboard MSI P35 Neo-F (aka MS-7360)
    Memory 4Gb (DDR2 -667)
    Graphics Card ASUS NX7200GS (256MB) ~Lets me down :( ~
    Hard Drive 160Gb (+ 2x 250Gb Lacie)
    Vista Home Premium
    Monitor Samsung 22″ SM2232BW

  26. Gabriel

    same with me i added 2 more gigs to my computer and nothing, the score never went up… its not how much ram you have, it is the relationship between the ram and the cpu… so i removed the 4 gigs and left 2 now…

    now i upgraded to q6600 and score 5.4

    7600gt holding me back…

  27. Rob

    I got 5.9 all round :-)

    Intel Q6600 @ 333 x 9 (3Ghz)
    Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus
    2GB OCZ SLI ready memory DDR2 @ 1066Mhz
    EVGA 8800GT SSC Edition
    Vista Business Edition

  28. R15K

    Ive got a base score of 4.8

    E4500 2.2ghz score =5.1
    4GB Ram pc6400 =4.8
    Graphics =5.9
    x2 7600GT’s =5.6
    HD 250GB sataII 16mb =5.9

    My RAM score of 4.8 has been bugging me too Grizlore….i think Gabriels maybe right on the cpu theory…ive been unable to increase my score ive tried different timings + voltages within BIOS with no effect on the score.
    I will try removing two sticks to see if it makes a difference.
    P.S my base score prior to SP1 release was 5.2…i used to get 5.4 for cpu and 5.2 for RAM.

  29. JzJake

    R15K, I got the same score as you on the RAM at 4.8. I just upgraded from 2 GIG of RAM to 4 GIG and my score did not incease. ERR. Im thinking it has to do with the CPU. CPU got a 4.8 also (Pentium Duo 1.8 4300 not exactly the fast dual core chip out now lol) I’ll be looking arounf the net for tips. Take care.

  30. R15K

    Thanks for the info JzJake.I tried removing 2 sticks like i mentioned,it had no effect on the score either,so the amount of ram you have no matter what the timings are etc has no effect,however if i had a top end cpu both scores would probably be a 5.9.

  31. Naved

    Hey, you don;t need to have such high scores unless you are graphic designer or other crap. Why do u need to have that. A score of 4 to 5 is enough, if you are a true gamer then just buy a X360 or a ps3, they are awesome. you don’t need to spend so much money unless you need to do some graphic designing or video editing that use a lot of system resources

    My computer has a rating of 3.2 (i know that sucks) thats beacause of the graphics card and the rest are above 5.
    for gaming i have got a PS3! so i don’t really care about the graphics card about my computer because it can give me AERO, run powerfull photo editing software etc.

  32. Consoles Suck

    [QUOTE=Naved]if you are a true gamer then just buy a X360 or a ps3[/QUOTE]

    lol, ya right..

  33. Chris

    5.9 on everything except CPU which got 5.7

    Guess I’ll have to overclock the E8400 from 3 ghz to 3.6 :(

  34. alex

    Amd 6000+ = 5,4
    Ram 2G KIT GEIL = 5,9
    Graphics GF 9600GT = 5,9
    Gaming graphics = 5,9
    Primary HDD 2x 250G = 5,4

  35. alex

    Finaly 5,4

  36. Mirage

    Lol mine X2 6000+ got a 5.5

  37. Rhys

    5.6 on my new PC

    Processor 5.9 – Q6700 @2.66 GHz
    Memory 5.6 – 2GB DDR II
    Graphics 5.9 – 8800 GT
    Gaming Graphics 5.9
    Primary HDD 5.6 – 320GB SATA

  38. Pat

    Ha ha. I got a 5.7, and that’s on a MAC! hahahahaha!
    Of course, I’ve got 10 gigs of 800Mhz DDR2 memory, 8 cores of CPU, plus a NVIDIA 8800GT gpu. Crysis64, here I come :)

  39. Phenom

    Processor (3 core 2.1 Ghz Pgenom) 5.3
    Memory operations per second (3 GB ram) 5.9
    Graphic card GeForce 7600 GS with 512 MB ram — 4.2
    Hard disk (360 GB) — 5.9
    total: 4.2

    I guess the total score is always the lowest factor, which in my case is graphic card which scores 4.2. The integerated graphic card I had before (geforce 6150) scored 3.0. Even though I am don’t play high end games on the computer, I see huge improvement in display quality in vista just by putting the cheap $50 geforce 7600 GS.

  40. graficas

    The Windows Experience Index measures the capability of your computer’s hardware and software configuration and expresses this measurement as a number called a base score. A higher base score generally means that your computer will perform better and faster than a computer with a lower base score, especially when performing more advanced and resource-intensive tasks.

    Each hardware component receives an individual subscore. Your computer’s base score is determined by the lowest subscore. For example, if the lowest subscore of an individual hardware component is 2.6, then the base score is 2.6. The base score is not an average of the combined subscores.

    You can use the base score to confidently buy programs and other software that are matched to your computer’s base score. For example, if your computer has a base score of 3.3, then you can confidently purchase any software designed for this version of Windows that requires a computer with a base score of 3 or lower.

    The base scores currently range from 1 to 5.9. The Windows Experience Index is designed to accommodate advances in computer technology. As hardware speed and performance improves, higher base scores will be introduced. However, the standards for each level of the index stay the same. For example, a computer scored as a 2.8 will remain a 2.8 unless you decide to upgrade the computer’s hardware.

  41. XeroGeez

    Mine is 3.1.


    I hate my graphics card.

    If it weren’t for that I would be atleast a 4.5.

  42. R15K

    @ graficas….nice article from microsoft:)

  43. sunny

    processor: 5.9
    Ram: 5.5 (i upgraded from 3 to 4 gigs, nothing changed)
    Graphics: 5.9
    Gaming Graphics: 5.5
    Hard Drive: 5.6

    TOTAL: 5.5
    Running Acer apire M5620,intel duo core quad Q6600, geforce 8600GT, 500GB hard drive

  44. brad

    my score is 5.0 i have a toshiba x200 windows vista ultimate intel core 2 duo 2.1ghz and 3 gb of ram and duel nvidia geforce 8600m gt at 1200 mb of ram and 350gb hard drive

  45. Symesy

    Processor = 5.2 (Athlon X2 5000+ @ 2.7Ghz)
    Memory = 5.9 (2GB DDR2 800 in Dual Channel)
    Desktop Graphics = 5.9 (Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 320MB O/C)
    Gaming Graphics = 5.9 (Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 320MB O/C)
    Hard Disk = 5.9 (250GB SATA2 = Main & 160GB SATA1 = Storage)

    Overal = 5.2 (Proud of my rig, only built it a fortnight ago, from Athlon XP 2000 and GeForce 5200)

  46. Sean

    Processor = 5.7 (Pentium Core 2 Duo 3.0ghz)
    Memory = 5.9 (8GB DDR2 8190MB)
    Desktop Graphics 5.9 (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT)
    Gaming Graphics = 5.9 (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT)
    Hard Disk = 5.7 (500GB SATA)

    Overall = 5.7 (Pretty Nice Setup, definitely will overclock and will get to about 5.8 or 5.9 well see in a few days)

  47. Gslick

    5.6 is my lowest and its the vid card that i haven’t replaced =D

  48. brad

    Processor = 5.1 (intel Core 2 Duo 2.1ghz)
    Memory = 5.0 (3GB DDR2)
    Desktop Graphics 5.9 (Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT)
    Gaming Graphics = 5.5 (Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics with NVIDIA SLI Up to 1279MB with TurboCache)
    Hard Disk = 5.1 (320GB SATA)

    and this is a laptop im talking about

  49. Vippar

    My score is 5.5 all 5.9 exept for cpu wich is 5.5
    E8400 3.0 ghz stock speed 8 gig reaper 1066 ram, 9800gtx ge force 512ddr 3, raptor 150 gig HD, vista ultimate 64. now the question is would i still be able to play COH on 64 bit ????

  50. NaYa

    AMD64 Phenom X4 9500 2.2ghz = 5.9
    4GB DDR2 @ 667mhz = 5.9
    Desktop GeForce 8600 GS 512MB = 5,8
    Gaming GeForce 8600 GS 512MB = 5,4
    500GB SATA2 HD = 5,7

    ACER Aspire M5100

  51. daemonite

    AMD64 Phenom X4 9550 2.3ghz = 5.9
    4GB DDR2 800mhz = 5.9
    Desktop 8800GTS = 5.9
    Gaming 8800GTS = 5.9
    2x 250gb SATA hdd = 5.6

    stupid hard drives… i want SDD’s damnit…

  52. Joey

    my asus striker extreme 680i sli using 32 bit windows vista 2gig memory intel q6600 quad core at 1066mhz msi nx8500gt graphic card scored a 5.0 will be geting the new 64 bit here soon with 8gb memory and i will post new scores as i just built up the computer yesterday so i take it not so bad with a seeing as i only have 2 gig memory

    processor score -5.9
    memory (ram)-5.7
    primary hard disk-5.8

    im kinda of a noob to all this computer stuff so help me out to maybe improve also i would like to know does asus have a bios upgrade for the quad core 45nm at 1333 Fsb from what i was told the update has not came out yet is this true ???or are they not even going to come out with a bios update ???

  53. sunny

    More details about my computer

    Component Details Subscore Base score
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 5.9 5.5
    Determined by lowest subscore

    Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 5.5
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 5.9
    Gaming graphics 1663 MB Total available graphics memory 5.5
    Primary hard disk 388GB Free (466GB Total) 5.8
    Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium


    Manufacturer ACER
    Model Aspire M5620
    Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM
    System type 32-bit operating system
    Number of processor cores 4
    64-bit capable Yes


    Total size of hard disk(s) 466 GB
    Disk partition (C:) 388 GB Free (466 GB Total)
    Media drive (D:) CD/DVD


    Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
    Total available graphics memory 1663 MB
    Dedicated graphics memory 256 MB
    Dedicated system memory 0 MB
    Shared system memory 1407 MB
    Display adapter driver version
    Primary monitor resolution 1680×1050
    DirectX version DirectX 10

  54. James

    Processor 5.4
    Memory 5.1
    Graphics 5.9
    Gaming 5.8
    Hard Disk 5.9

    Gateway P-6831FX Laptop
    512 meg Geforce 8800m GTS
    T9300 C2D 2.5Ghz
    4g generic ram (ordered 4g OCZ)
    2x 250g hard drive raid 1

  55. Silver

    “Desktop Graphics 5.9 (Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT)”

    how come people are getting such high desktop graphic scores.. my cards get me a 5.9 on gaming graphics, but only 5.0 on “desktop graphics”?

    processor is at a respectable 5.4, ram is 5.9 and harddrive is also 5.9..

    irritating to see one single score hold all of it back xD

    using a 2x 8800m GTX(512mb each) SLi setup, 4gb ram, 7200rpm HDD’s in RAID0 on 64 bit vista.

  56. Silver

    i know the benchmarks aren’t exactly 100% accurate ( though they are an ingenious tool for helping new consumers purchase the correct machine if used properly) i’m wondering whether the 5.0 score means somethings wrong with my system somewhere.. which worries me.

    there’s always the danger of people placing too much importance into these scores, which could result in people wasting money buying big expensive upgrades to improve their numbers in ways they’ll never actually need xD

  57. James

    I would download gpu-z and check if you card is running at the speed its rated for. i seen some run slower. and if it is running at x16 bus, on my laptop mine was running at x1 bus till i put it on performance mode.

  58. Smiley

    mine is 3.0 running on a 55 dollar ecs mobo combo 5200xp and 1 gig of adata 800mhz 40 gig hd not bad for a 100 dollar computer i built

  59. Joey

    i have a asus stricker 680i sli gaming board about 400 for the board when i bought it built it up about a month ago 8 gigs memory 1.5 terabytes with sata drive at 32L2 catch and a western digi at 16L2 catch 500 gig.. thermaltake box with quad fans and 750w power supply witch is see threw with dual 7600s and also quad core q6600 at 2.4 ghz runs great i have not ran vista ulit yet have friends that cant play certain games on it witch sucks so i figure when they fix the bugs i might go for it to bad vista only reads about 3.2 gigs of memory if u pass this rate u will get a lower score on your test i have found runing 2 gigs improves your score to either 5.7 or 5.9 depending on the memory why i do not know ….

  60. Sumer

    Hey i have a base score of 3.1……I recently bought this laptop… it had 1 gb ram and i upgraded it to 2gb.. it is an intel pentium dual core processor T2330@1.60 ghz and has 160 gb space……WHY DID I GET SUCH A LOW RATING??Plz help me on this..

  61. the man

    because a laptop with that processor is not rated teh same as the compared model in a desktop. a dual core 1.60ghz intel is not a high spec machine when compared to a 3.0ghz quad core @ 1333bus and 12mgs ch

    the rating is done by the ‘worst’ component. so if u have a £10,000 computer but stick a 16mg vga graphics card into it your score will still be 1.0

  62. Mikester

    “the rating is done by the ‘worst’ component. so if u have a £10,000 computer but stick a 16mg vga graphics card into it your score will still be 1.0”

    That’s true but you shouldn’t do that since it’ll cause a lag in your performance, 1.0 is true score. 16MB? Do they even exist? lol. Vista score basically tells people to upgrade to optimal performance where bottlenecking is eliminated.

    My Vista (5.9) rating system:
    MSI K9A2 CF-F (V1.0) -Motherboard
    AMD Phenom 9650 @2.3Ghz Quad -CPU
    A-DATA PC6400 4Gig @800Mhz 1.8V – RAM
    nVidia 8800 GTS 640MB/320Bit – Video Card
    WD1001FALS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

    FOR CPU score to get 5.9, all you need is at least a Quad-core.

    -I’m not a high end PC user, but this will get me by for few hard-core gaming & video editing with 3D animations.


  63. Bryan

    Just got my index up another point from 5.5 to 5.6 hoorah…Running as follows:

    Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz (can’t overclock on my stock ACER motherboard)
    3 Gigs DDR2 800Mhz
    500GB SATA HD 7200RPM
    XFX 8600GTS XXX 730mhz core, soon to be upgrading to XFX 8800GT XXX

    Processor: 5.9
    Memory(RAM): 5.6
    Graphics: 5.9
    Gaming Graphics: 5.7
    Primary Hard Disk: 5.7

  64. winderblue

    my score is 5.3 with:
    -athlon64 X2 dual core 4800+
    -2 Gb DDR2 dual chanel Corsair Cold 1000 Mhz
    -2×250 SATA II HD WD Baracuda 7200 16 Mb Buffer
    -ATi Radeon 3850 HD 512 Mb

  65. intheass

    Fuck all yo all i got 19.9 experience

    SPECS —-AMIGA 500—
    2MB RAM
    6800Hz Motorla
    1084s MONITOR (Philips)
    4 Floppys 1.44mb
    A590 SCSI HD
    Fully POPulated 6meg RAM

  66. paulo
  67. Shamsul Arefin

    5.8 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (45nm) E8400 @ 3.0Ghz FSB: 1333Mhz, Cache: 6MB, VT: Enabled.
    5.5 Ram: TwinMos (Single) DDR2, Bus: 800MHz, LT(5-5-5)
    5.0 For Aero Graphics, Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce NX 8500GT 512MB
    5.3 For Gaming Graphics.
    5.9 Hard Drive: Samsung 250GB SATA, 7200Rpm, (Cache 8MB)

    Overall 5.0.

  68. Wayne

    i get a 5.9 on everything
    Processor AMD Phenom 9850
    Ram Mushkin 996580 4GB Dual Channel Kit
    Graphics eVGA GeForce 9800 GTX+ x2
    Hard Drive Hitachi 500GB x2

  69. shantanu MVP

    i had Vista 32bit , so the rating was 5.9 for everything on my AMD9550, ATi 4850 4 gb @ 1066 transcend ! WD 10000 RPM HDD 500GB !

    but i installed Vista 64 today ! and the proccy rating gone down to 5.8 ? wondering why ?:(

    anyone knows the answer ?

  70. webterractive

    On my iMac 24inch Late 2006 I get 4.8, cause of the Nvidia 7600GT

    Windows Vista SP1 with GMA950+Latest Driver 2.1

    Windows Vista with GMA950+Stock Driver 2.0

  71. webterractive


    Intel C2D 2.16Ghz
    3GB DDRII 667Mhz
    250GB HDD
    Wifi w/N
    Gigabit LAN
    Apple Pro KB+Mouse
    Nvidia 7600GT 128MB
    Leopard Bootcamp Ver. 10.5.4

    Vista w/, w/o SP1

    ASrock Conroe945-DVI
    Intel C2D 1.86Ghz
    2GB DDRII 667Mhz
    128MB (BIOS Fixed Mode)GMA950
    Realtek HD Audio
    250GB SATA
    DVD+/-RW on ATA
    Shitty Black Case
    USB KB+Mouse
    Gigabit Lan

  72. webterractive

    I don’t think it matters what setup you have because there is no perfect score for Windows Vista. I think its full of bull and the scores really mean nothing just makes you buy more shit for you computer. That’s why I like OS X cause you can get some nice eye candy with current stuff. Though after installing Vista on my OSx86 machine it’s actually very very nice hooked onto my 42inch Regza.

  73. mikel1467

    For shantanu MVP,
    Your score may have gone down because you only have 4gb of physical memory. 64bit architecture can address up to some ridiculous number like 16TB of physical memory. Of course this is not practical, so Windows has limited physical memory to something like 256GB (these numbers may be a off but you get the idea). Look at the subscores. If the 5.8 is at the memory location, then this is definately the problem. If it is under hard drive, this may still be the problem becuse if windows saturates the physical memory, it will use the hard drive to act as virtual memory. Though your hard drives are very good, they are not as good as using pysical memory.
    Since this seems like a good place to brag about your system…
    score 5.6
    790i ultra
    2gb ddr3 ram 2000mhz
    2x64gb ssd hdd raid0
    vista ultimate 32bit
    inel E8400 3.0ghz
    and this is only the beginning…

  74. James

    The amount of ram doesnt affect the rating. it measures the speed of the ram. i chaged from 8g ddr2 800 to 6 and 4 and my rating didnt change.

  75. webterractive

    Here is my final test for this until I buy some new hardware to add-on:

    Processor: 4.8 (E6400 Core2Duo 1.86Ghz 2MB L2 Cache)
    Memory: 4.8 (2GB Generic @667Mhz, single Channel though)
    Graphics: 2.0 (Onboard GMA950 w/ 128MB Fixed, not that it means anything)
    Gaming: 2.5 (Onboard GMA950 w/128MB Fixed ” “)
    Hard Disk: 5.4 (WD 250GB SATAII Config)

    I hate Aero so I’m using the Classic look cause there really aren’t other options.

  76. Pitbull

    mine is 5.8 my hard drive’s holding me back Quad@3.2ghz,4gb ram,9800gtx on SLI@800mhz core all at 5.9 i ll get the velociraptor

  77. Mike

    Alright This is in response to someone asking about why 4gb of memory only received like a 4.2 or something like that… but this is for EVERYONE… it doesnt matter if you have 4 or 8 or whatever.. its about the speed of your memory im using 1066…which is sli at 1200 .. so its 4gb running faster than most peoples 8 (for vista 64 bit you really need 4gb to start but remember to buy fast memory) … i dont think i EVER go past 40% usage … oh and vista needs to release a new indexing score because my comp is all 5.9 and i want to be able to compare to others but they’re indexing sucks…

    running q9550 at 3300mhz
    4gb ram of 1066 with giant heat sinks (reapers)
    only a 7200 hd but im getting a 15k we’ll see how fast that is
    a 780i ftw mother board with amazing OC abilities and software (sooo easy to change settings)
    1000w ultra 3 power supply modular makes it so much cleaner!
    xfx 260 xxx video card (maybe two soon)

  78. willywonkaisrsh

    Scored 5.6 for CPU and everything else at 5.9

    Asus MB
    AMD x2 6000+ OC @ 3.2ghz CPU
    Corsair Dominator 2gb RAM
    PNY 9800 GTX OC 512mb GPU
    WesternDigital SATA 250 gb HD x’s 2 on raid 0
    Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate

    PS- Does anyone know if there is a crack or edit that can force the score to go beoynd 5.9?

  79. Exile

    Hi Guys,

    I just bought a new system today and installed vista on it.
    I am getting a rating of 5.9 for every section.
    i am running the following:

    core2 quad Q9550 2.83ghz
    4gb ram
    1X 250gb hdd, 2X 750 hdd
    ATI HD4850 graphics
    windows vista business

  80. jer

    Hi have any idea why it wont let me do my score it runs through the process and stays the same, and it still says i need to refresh my score, i did that a billion times. Nothing

    it would probably be high if i could get it to work.

  81. biddy79uk

    To Sean – you coul;dnt boost your computer score to either 5.8 OR 5.9 mate,
    cos like you said your Hard Disk = 5.7 (500GB SATA)unless you found a way to overclock that LMFAO ;)

    Ohh and by the way heres mine:

    Processor: 5.9 Q9300 Quad Core @ 2.50GHz,2498Mhz,4 Cores NOT O/C’d at ALL
    Memory: 5.9 4GB Kingston @ 800Mhz
    Graphics: 5.9 NVidea Geforce 8800GT 512MB
    Graphics: 5.9 NVidea GeForce 8800GT 512MB
    Hard Disk: 5.9 2x500GB SATAII 16MB DataBurst

  82. Adam

    I dont get it i am running this ram – OCZ 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-9200C5 1150MHz Reaper HPC Edition Dual Channel DDR2 which i am pretty sure is good :S but am only getting 5.3 score from it

    anyone got and ideas

    o comp specs are
    Intel core 2 quad 2.4 GHz
    4Gb of that ram
    64bit operating system
    n-vidia 9600 (512 mb)

  83. Adam

    scrub that i am running this ram OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Reaper HPC Edition Dual Channel DDR2

    lol wrong one

  84. kyul

    mine was…

    Processor = 5.2(amd athlon 64 -x2(dual core)~ 2.7 Ghz)
    Memory = 5.9 (2GB DDR2)
    Desktop Graphics 5.9 (ATI Radeon HD 3870)
    Gaming Graphics = 5.9(ATI Radeon HD 3870 with 512mb)
    Hard Disk = 5.7 (400GB SATA II-samsung)

  85. bill

    Intel Core2 Extreme QX9775 3.2GHz 12MB L2 Cache LGA 771 150W Quad-Core Processor
    OCZ Platinum 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 – x2 for a total of 4GB
    Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB 512-bit GDDR5
    Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB 512-bit GDDR5
    Western Digital VelociRaptor WD3000GLFS 300GB 10000 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

    5.9/5.9/5.9/5.9/5.9 processor/memory/desktop graphics/gaming graphics/hard disk
    till they update the score that is.

  86. Tom Glenn

    Motherboard (For interest) is Asus P5E3 Premium X48

    Processor: 5.9 – Intel Q6600 2.4GHz @ 3.2GHz Overclocked
    Memory: 5.9 – 4GB OCZ 1600MHz DDR3
    Graphics: 5.9 – ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB
    Gaming Graphics: 5.9 – ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB
    Primary Hard Disk: 5.9 – Samsung SpinPoint 1TB 32MB Cache
    Overall Base Score: 5.9

    I don’t think it’s possible to hit a score of 6, my pc plays Crysis on max resolution and max settings flawlessly and i still only have a 5.9 for graphics??

    My system cost 750 approx.

  87. Pieter De Rammelaere

    My Score is 5.1, on a HP compaq 8510w Notbook!

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9300 @ 2.50GHz 5.4
    Memory (RAM) 3.0GB 5.1
    Graphics ATI Mobility FireGL V5600 5.9
    Gaming graphics 1524MB Total available graphics memory 5.1
    Primary hard disk 149.1GB Total 5.3
    Windows Vista (TM) Business (build: 6.0.6001)

  88. Stevie Whittingham

    My score is baffling me.
    How is it that my lowest score is 4.4 for RAM and I have a massive 4 Gb of it?
    Plus my graphics for gaming is 5.2 yet only 4.6 for Aero?
    Looking at other systems with only 2 and 3 Gb of RAM, their score wups mine.
    I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 if it’s any help :-)

  89. Gordon

    I got a 5.9

    My processor scored a 5.5 and the funny thing is that it is an intell e2200 oc to 2.8 ghz. My Ram scored 5.3 which is Partiot Extreme 2gigs 800mhz memory. Graphics 5.9 Saphire Toxic hd3870 not oc and my hard drive scored a 5.4. Its a Maxor drive sata 1.0 and actually I have a seagate baracuda 500gig that just has files on it. I installed vista onto a partition today and have not even tweaked it. Its my first day from xp professional…and I didnt think Id like it as much as I do. All my games are on the other drive but it is an sata 2 so I am sure if I had that as my primary it would be higher…not as high as a raptor

    So yay I guess.

  90. Rob

    5.8 with everything scoring 5.9 but my RAM, which is standard Patriot, scored 5.8.

    Asus maximus formula, q6600, crossfire hd4870’s, antec 850 psu, sexy antec900 case, surprisingly my WD 320 gb hd scored 5.9 and I picked that thing up for a song. Anyway, I love my self built system anyway!

  91. Heine

    There will allways bee som deferents scales in proformance in index when you go fram vista 32bit to 64bit. Its because 64bit is a better program, and if you now got som lower numbers, its because you got som harware that dont work 100% whit vista 53bit system.

    It can bee like your soundcart. it downt shows on the test, but it can lower your score in the backgound.

    But dont wory. if it is the case. just bye a new one. he he

    Go to microsoft homepage to fiend the best bye. i did and it work like a chame.

    all around 5.9 here.

  92. Tilal Husain

    I got 5.6 Ya, hooooooo.

    Intel core2Duo E8500 3.1GHZ per core 6MB Cache
    4 GB DDR2
    512 MB nVidia Geforce 9600 GT
    160GB Hard Drive.

  93. Deepy

    I have 5.0.

    C2D e6300 1.86GHz
    4gb Kingston DDR2 Value ram
    Nvidia 8800 GTS 320mb
    WD 250 + 320gb Hard drives.

  94. CPY

    all 5.9 but is there way to get even more than 5.9?
    Q6600 8×400
    8GB ram

  95. jd2066

    @CPY: According to “The base scores currently range from 1 to 5.9” so you can’t get more as 5.9 is the highest score.

  96. Deepy

    @CPY : That’s a killer system u have. 4870×2 !!! A dream for me. Was thinking of getting one 4870 now & CF it later when prices come down. I currently have the 8800gts 320mb.

  97. Jackal

    I’ve got a base score of 5.9.


    Vista Ultimate 64
    Gigabyte GA-X48T Mobo
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 (2.83 Ghz 12 mb Cache)
    8GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 (1600)
    Radeon HD4870 X2
    WD VelociRaptor (Primary HDD)

    I think the current rating system is holding my score back ;o).

  98. George W Tree

    Well, mine is still OK with a 4.4, it works smooth in any configuration. I think this scoring is phony, at least, not very accurate.
    This is a 3 year old PC running on an MSI 945P Neo2-F motherboard.
    Determined by lowest subscore (graphics)
    Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz 4.8 Determined by lowest subscore
    Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 5.4
    Graphics NVIDIA Quadro FX 540 4.5
    Gaming graphics 527 MB Total available graphics memory 4.4
    Primary hard disk 22GB Free (60GB Total) 5.3

  99. Demonknight

    Processor Amd x2 6000+ 5.4
    Ram Ocz Reaper Hpc 1066 5.9
    Graphics 5.9
    Gaming Graphics Palit 8800Gtx 768mb Gddr3 ram
    Primary Hard disk 5.9

  100. Deepy

    Demonknight….does your 6000+ run hot? Wanted to suggest to a friend. He uses Photoshop mainly.

  101. gianco

    My comp scores a 5.8 all around
    e8400 @ 4.05ghz 5.8- should def be a 5.9????!!!
    Ram-Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600mhz 2x1gb 5.9
    Graphics- 9800gtx+ 5.9 on both graphics and gaming graphics
    and 500gb WD hd 5.9
    i dont get why my cpu cant hit 5.9 :P any suggestions?

  102. lost

    how did u get a 5.9 on a 7600, i got a 8600 GT and got 5.0 @ aero score

  103. brad

    Processor = 5.1 (intel Core 2 Duo 2.1ghz)
    Memory = 5.0 (3GB DDR2)
    Desktop Graphics 5.9 (Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT)
    Gaming Graphics = 5.5 (Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics with NVIDIA SLI Up to 1279MB with TurboCache)
    Hard Disk = 5.1 (320GB SATA)

    and this is a laptop im talking about

  104. william

    mines 5.9 all the way down
    specs amd 5000+ oc to 4.5ghz
    8 gigs of dua channel ocz 6400 ddr2 ram overclocked 1060mhz.
    2 8800gts overclocked with riva tuner
    3 1 terrabyte seagate barracudas 2 running raid one sata standard

  105. ThaMobKing90

    4.9=AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+
    5.9=3.00 GB
    3.3=ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
    3.5=1407 MB Tolta available graphics memory
    5.7=166GB Free (335GB Total)
    Windows Vista (TM) Ultimate
    Manufactuer=Gigabyte Technology Co,LtH
    Total amount of system memory=3.00 GB RAM
    System type=32-bit operating system
    Number of processor cores=2
    64-bit capble=Yes

  106. Nick

    My system currently scores 4.5 in Vista x86 but in Windows 7 x64 (where the maximum score is 7.9) it scores my CPU, HDD and memory as being faster by around .2

  107. gtchamp7

    Processor (1.8 GHz AMD Turion 64 Single Core) = 3.7
    Memory/RAM (2 GB 166 MHz DDR SDRAM [2x 1GB]) = 4.1
    Aero Graphics (ATi Radeon Xpress 200M @ 256 MB VideoRAM) = 2.3
    Gaming Graphics (See above) = 3.0
    Primary Hard Disk (80 GB Fugitsu Ultra-ATA) = 4.2

    The score displayed is a 2.3. Could be higher if they averaged the scores together.

    Not bad scores for an almost 4 year old laptop though.

  108. Maniac

    Processor = 5.9 (intel)
    Memory = 5.9 (8GB DDR2)
    Desktop Graphics 5.9 (ATI HD4870)
    Gaming Graphics = 5.9 (ATI HD4870)
    Hard Disk = 5.8 (250GB SATA)

  109. Maniac

    vista 64bit

    Processor = 5.9 (intel)
    Memory = 5.9 (8GB DDR2)
    Desktop Graphics 5.9 (ATI HD4870)
    Gaming Graphics = 5.9 (ATI HD4870)
    Hard Disk = 5.8 (250GB SATA)

  110. Maniac

    windows 7 64bit

    Processor = 7.5 (intel)
    Memory = 7.5 (8GB DDR2)
    Desktop Graphics 7.9 (ATI HD4870)
    Gaming Graphics = 7.3 (ATI HD4870)
    Hard Disk = 5.8 (250GB SATA)

  111. Rick

    I scored a 5.9

    Processor = AMD Phenom 9500 Quad core = 5.9
    Memory = 6GB Corsair PC6400 800Ghz DDR2 = 5.9
    Desktop Graphics = XFX GForce 8800 GS XXX Overclocked = 5.9
    Gaming Graphics = XFX GForce 8800 GS XXX Overclocked = 5.9
    Hard Disk = 500GB Seagate Barricuda 7200.00 HDD = 5.9

    For those people wondering why when you add 2GB of RAM to 2GB and your running on windows 32bit, your computer will not recognize more than 2GB on a 32bit operating system. FYI

  112. djokaizpotoka

    Laptop HP 6830s KU408EA

    Score: 3.9

    Processor: 5.3 (Intel P8600 2.4 GHz)
    Memory (RAM): 5.2 (2 Gb DDR2 800)
    Graphics: 3.9 (ATi HD3430 with 256 / 512 Mb)
    Gaming graphics: 3.9
    Primary Hdd: 5.3 (250 Gb Hitachi)

  113. ertugrul

    one more “all 5.9” from me:

    amd phenom 9850 BlackEdition
    ati radeon hd3850
    500 gb seagate barracuda 7200
    4gb kingston 800ghz ddr2

  114. fairul

    all 5.9..

    when i put together all these components to build my new pc, i swear to myself, if the score get any lower than 5.9, i will definitely turn linux for the rest of my life!. ha-ha (btw does linux supports my gcard?)

    phenom II
    2gb 1066mhz
    ati 4870×2
    1TB x 2 seagate

  115. Steve Baylor

    Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 940 Processor 5.9
    Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 5.9
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT 5.9
    Gaming graphics 2558 MB Total available graphics memory 5.7
    Primary hard disk 89GB Free (140GB Total) 5.9

    I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with a base score of 5.7. I figured two 9500GT’s in SLI would have done better. Maybe something is wrong with my SLI setup. This is my first SLI computer build, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I don’t really play that many games on this computer mostly AutoCAD and Invetentor use the rendering, and they work well.

    AMD Phenom II 940 X4 3.0Ghz
    8.0Gb DDR2 800Mhz
    Two Gigabyte 9500GT 512MB GDDR2’s Overclocked in SLI
    1.5TB Seagate SATA II HDD
    500Gb WD My Book USB 2.0
    Line 6 TonePort KB37 with Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 Pro Active Monitors

  116. JP

    John Paton:-

    Processor Intel Corei7 920 = 5.9
    Memory (RAM) 4.00gb ddr3 1333mhz =5.9
    Graphics palit 9800GT super 1gb ddr3 =5.9
    Gaming graphics & desktop both = 5.9
    Primary hard disk 500gb 7200rpm hitachi =5.9

    All on a brand spanking asus p6t mobo socket 1366, with Vista ultimate 64bit.

    I am so impressed with the i7 it’s an awesome upgrade from my core2quad Q6600 I would recomend it if you are a true tech lover just wish they had upped the scale as they said they would to see where it gets to.

  117. Thilina

    base scored a 3.6

    Processor = Intel E2140 1.60GHz @ 3.2GHz = 6.4
    Memory = 3GB Corsair PC6400 800Ghz @1000GHz DDR2 = 5.5
    Desktop Graphics = Intel GMA 3100 (G33) = 3.7
    Gaming Graphics = Intel GMA 3100 (G33) = 3.6
    Hard Disk = 250GB Samsung SATA 2 7200RPM HDD = 5.3

    Windows 7 Ultimate Beta (32bit)

  118. Tech0

    Core 2 Quad Q6600 – 5.9
    4gb Samsung Ram – 5.9
    ATi HD2400 :(:(:( – 4.0/5.4
    HDD – 5.4

    On Windows 7 my processer gets a 7.1. When I disable 2 cores, it still gets a 7.1. Those benchmarks are not optimized for quad-core systems.


    Core Duo t2520 – 5.x
    2gb 533mhz ram – 5.x
    GMA950 – 3.1

  119. Kristoffer

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 5.2
    Memory DDR2 667 4.5
    ATI Radeon HD 3450
    Graphics 3.7
    Gaming Graphics 4.1
    Maxtor IDE 80 gig 5.3

    This is a lousy specs..hope you wont buy..

  120. dJ.icykle

    All 5.9 Score

    Vista x64 Ultimate (dont know why its all 5.9) – is that the highest?

    Intel Core i7 920 2.6
    6g OCZ Tri-Channel DDR3
    640g WD Black Edition SATA 3 32mb Cache
    ATI 4870 1g GDDR5

    is there possibly a way to get higher than 5.9, i have Windows7 on my laptop, works fine but dont want a beta running on my primary system, but would 7 recognize a higher rating?

    My just have to install it and see, just built my computer on Sunday the 15h 2009 (after 9 years of p4 1.6) so yea dont mind reformatting again.

    But yea —————- get a core i7, god damn its flawless!

  121. Cheese

    by the way vista can’t run more than 3.5 gigs of ram and 4.5 on 64 bit

  122. Steve

    Cheese, 3.5GB is a decent estimate for 32-bit vista (it’s actually 3.12GB), but I’m pretty sure in 64-bit the limitations are, for Home Basic RAM is limited to 8GB, Home Premium is limited to 16GB and the other editions (Business, Enterprise and Ultimate) allow up to 128GB.

  123. Kristoffer

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 5.2
    Kingston DDR 2 1333 mhz 5.9
    ATI Radeon 4870 X2 5.9
    Maxtor 500GB 5.9

    OS Windows vista Ultimate 32 bit.

  124. Hensy

    My Pc is 5,9 :
    Corsair Dominator TWIN2X8500C5D 2048MB x4
    AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition 3.0 GHZ
    MSI GeForce 9600GT 1GB Zilent PhysX CUDA
    MSI GeForce 9600GT 1GB Zilent PhysX CUDA
    MSI K9A2 Platinum, AMD 790FX, DDR2, ATX,
    Corsair Powersupply 750W Black, ATX/EPS,
    Corsair QUAD2X 8500C5DF DDR2 4096MB CL5

    Windows Vista ultimate 64 – Bit

  125. wazza

    Mines 5.5
    CPU – AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.1GHz -> 5.5
    Memory – OCZ DDR2 1066MHz/PC2-8500 Gold -> 5.9
    GPU – Geforce 9800GTX+ 512mb PhysX and Cuda ready -> 5.9
    – Geforce 8200 onboard graphics at 512 mb in Hybrid SLI mode
    PSU – Hi-Power Black 1000W Modular
    HDD – WD 640GB 7200 Caviar Sata Ii 7200 Rpm -> 5.9

  126. Brent

    All my scores are 5.9

    CPU- intel core i7 920 2.66 @ 3.0 Ghz
    Memory- 6 Gigs tripple channel
    Video- 4870 X2
    HDD- 3 X 320Gigs, 1 X 1000 Gigs, 1 X 500 Gigs
    Motherboard- Asus P6T Delux

    How can i make my scores higher?

  127. Jammydl

    Basicly if you are doing quad core and with 4 gigs of ram a decent Sata Drive and a 8800 and up graphic card (amd higher end too) you will score a 5.9

    The scores were created when things were basicly all p4HT which was the cats meow at the time.

    Anyone who has windows 7 will see that rating system has jumped to 7.9 … so here is the deal.

    8 gigs ddr3 with quad running at around 3.0ghz per core, Solid state drives running raid0 with SLI/crossfire High end cards will get you towared that 7.9 mark. REMEMBER you need 64bit to go past the 4 gig mark. 32 bit sees only 4 gigs of memory including ram and video card. 4 gigs of ram and a 1 gig videocard. Windows reports 3 gigs!! 64bit you can giver. Not to mention really why bother with 32bit blocks when u can process at 64bit

    Nice part in windows 7 is if you have a higher end system you can see what windows of today thinks of systems of today.

    Reality is … If I can play games at top notch rez while downloading behind the scenes … you have to be pleased. If MS gives me a number that doesn’t even go to 10 … meh …. my GF is a 10 thats all that matters ;)

  128. reedm46

    you’r doing big vedio cards. you have to check the power supply and that may up your score. power to the card.

  129. reedm46

    gateway gt5674 amd9500phenom 2.2ghz 3gb memory 500gb hd 7200rpm antec550psu bfg8600gts oc score 5.7

  130. GySgtThomas

    I scored 5.9’s all around.
    My Rig
    Q9650 @ 3.6
    MSI GTX 260 216 Core
    4 Gb’s GSkill PI Black DDr2 800 @ 4-4-4-12
    WD 320 Gb SATA Blue
    Vista Ultimate 64

    Talk about a quick Rig!

  131. vivalaadam

    I got a 4.4 on a sony vaio vgn Aw11M pretty neat for a laptop =)
    Processer 5.2
    Memory (RAM) 5.9
    Graphics 4.4
    Gaming graphic 5.2
    Primary Hard disk 5.3

  132. Jag

    vivalaadam……..that’s a great score for a laptop. How many US$ did it cost you?

  133. kasunM

    Score: 5.7 on Vista Ultimate x64

    Processor C2Duo E8400 3Ghz stock: 5.7 (Whys this? May be overclocking a bit will help)
    M/B Asus P5Qpro (p45)
    Ram: Crosair Dominator DDR2 PC2 8500 (1068 Mhz) : 5.9
    Graphics/Gaming Graphics: Saphire Radeon HD4870 GDDR5 1GB: 5.9
    HDD: seagate Barucuda 7200.11 1TB: 5.9

  134. LittleBilly

    I’m not sure if my score is working. It says they
    are 5.9 but I thought they are all supposed to be
    different for each device. It runs fast !
    Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case with Antec 650watt pwr.
    Asus P5Q SE/R MB with a C2Q8200 under my OCZ Vendetta 2
    3Gigs Reaper ddr2 dualchannel & 3 Hd’s no Raid 5 yet.
    MSI 9600GT-OC 512mb DDR3 To Dual 19″ Trinitron’s
    with assortment of DVD/CD drives along with Logitech
    Z-2300 200watt 2.1 Speaker system

  135. PoIsoN

    My scores were 5.9. After windows Vista 64 ultimate was installed, my processor dropped to 5.8. I’m guessing that 64 bit requires more resources or has higher standards than 32 bit. **32 bit also known as x86. **

    Xbox 360’s and PS3’s suck. My girlfriends computer has a score of 5.1, and her’s runs most games faster than her PS3. Better Frame Rates, (Frames per seconds or FPS) Better resolutions, Better graphic settings, There are also many things you can do with a PC, that you can’t exactly do with a console. Such as upgrading, overclocking, BUILDING, * I built my own pc * and many other things for fun Geeks such as myself. Consoles have low end graphics cards in them. 256 custom cards if im not mistaken. SOme people claim 512, but after witnessing the performance difference, I think not.. Low end RAM. BUT. They posted that both the xbox 360 and PS3 have 3.2 GHZ Triple core processors in them. Thats pretty fast. But thats about it….

    MY SETUP: AMD PHENOM 2.2 GHZ quad core. 8 GBS DDR2 800MHZ RAM Duel Channel. 250 GB Sata HDD. ATI 4890 by ASUS. Antec 900 computer case. Saitek Eclipse II keyboard and Logitech G5 gaming mouse.

    Graphics card Specs: ATI 4890 ASUS over clocked edition. Stock settings: 900MHZ gpu core clock. 1,000 MHZ quad processed DDR5 memory clock. *1000×4= 4,000*(lol)
    Other specs: 956 million transistors on 55nm fabrication process
    PCI Express 2.0 x16 bus interface
    256-bit GDDR5 memory interface
    Microsoft DirectX 10.1 support
    Shader Model 4.1
    32-bit floating point texture filtering
    Indexed cube map arrays
    Independent blend modes per render target
    Pixel coverage sample masking
    Read/write multi-sample surfaces with shaders
    Gather4 texture fetching
    OpenGL 3.0 support

    CURRENT CLOCK SETTINGS: Core GPU clock: 1,000 MHZ. memory clock: 1115. Idle temps: 32-38. In game: from 40 to 52. No higher. Fan speed set to 35% at all times.

  136. T-Roy

    All mine are 5.9…Asus P5b-E Deluxe…Quad core Q6600 3GHZ…Asus EN8800GT w/ aftermarkert Scythe Musashi 1000 VGA cooler(34 degree celcius Idle…45 degree celcius full bore) 6gig pc6400 OCZ Reaper RAM…1-500 gig sata HD

  137. Jenn

    I got a 5.0 with my laptop. 5.0 for the CPU, 5.1 for the memory, 5.0 for the desktop graphics. 5.3 for gaming graphics and 5.8 for primary hard drive. Pretty good I guess for a laptop under $1000 including tax. World of Warcraft looks great on it. :D Well back to the game have fun.

  138. robmaister

    desktop is 5.7…

    processor: 5.9 (Q9550 @ 2.83GHz)
    RAM: 5.8 (OCZ DDR2 1066)
    Graphics: 5.9 (GTX 260 896MB GDDR3)
    Gaming Graphics: 5.9 (GTX 260 896 MB GDDR3)
    Primary Hard Disk: 5.7 (old boot drive that I never upgraded, too much stuff from on there that I don’t want to lose)

    so I would have a 5.9 if my motherboard supported faster than 1066MHz RAM and I upgraded my boot drive…

  139. callum

    Base Score 5.9

    processor 7.4 – phenom x4 955 @ 3.6GHz
    RAM 7.5 – XMS3 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz
    Graphics 6.9 – Saphire HD4890
    Graphics 6.9 – Saphire HD4890
    HD 5.9 – Samsung spinpoint F1 7200RPM 32MB cache

    Whats it take to get a higher hard disk score? if anyone scoring above 5.9 what kinda disk you got?

  140. Bodson

    i heard some 10 000 rpm hard drive are getting better scores as well as some of the new solide state HD

  141. Michael

    You can tell who’s running Windows 7 since our scores go above 5.9 :P lol.

    Processor 7.3 – Q6600 @ 3.20GHz
    RAM 7.3 – 8 GB DDR2 1066 MHZ
    Graphics 5.9 – 2x GeForce 8800 GTS in SLI
    Gaming graphics 5.9 – 2300 MB Total available graphics memory
    HD 5.9 – WD Raptor 10,000 RPM

  142. Chris

    Processor: 5.8 – E8500 @ 3.80GHz (no extra changes at all. air cooled.)
    RAM: 5.9 – 4GB(2x2GB) Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333MHz
    Graphics: 5.9 – Palit GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Sonic Edition
    Gaming Graphics: – 2257MB Total available graphics memory (it says approximate)
    HDD: 5.9 – Seagate Barracuda – 1TB (1000MB) – 7200.11 RPM

    My score is 5.8! need a better CPU!! lol

    and i’m running vista :) i can only go to 5.9. why have they made it that way??

  143. KamBam

    all i can say is Overclocked Intel® Core™ i7 975 Extreme 3.86GHz 8MB Cache
    1.8GB NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 295 Grapics Card
    10,000 RPM – up to 32MB cache and 600GB storage

    scored 5.9 in all Sections

  144. adrian

    ok first of guys a 8800gt will not scor 5.9 i have a 9800gtx2 that only just scores that so umm no first of and secondly a dual core amd scoring 5.5 no chance its a 5000+ witch is 2.2 fact not 2.8 ok and thirdy why are u even woried bout wis wis compleate crap mine score is 5.9 cpu=a q8200 2.66 quad core a 9800gtx2 and a sata 8000rpm 1tb hdd and top it off with a reaper series ocz 1333mhz ram 4gb with win vista hp sp2 so dnt beleave all that u read and as for a sub score of 3 that not bad mate so dnt worry about it alless u are a gamer like me peace out

  145. Matt

    My new laptop running Vista 64 gets a 5.6, good deal for $1500ish on ebay:

    CPU: Q9000, 6MB cache= 5.8
    Mem: 8GBDDR2 = 5.9
    Graphics:Radeon 4650 = 5.9 (has 1Gb dedicated, but not max)
    Gaming graphics:”” = 5.6
    Primary HD: 2x 500gb = 5.6

  146. bkm

    I have a high-end HP XW8600 workstation with a Quadro FX1700 graphics card. It scores 4.2 on desktop graphics and 5.3 on gaming graphics. For my personal purposes (email, web applications and server administration) it works fine. The alternative choice on the menu here is a Dell laptop, so…. Still, I find the low graphics score a good indicator that Window’s Experience Index is not the most telltale benchmark.

  147. Jay

    score 5.9
    Laptop gateway fx p-7805u
    T9600 mobile 2.8 ghz , ddr3 4gb of ram , 320 gb HD 7200. ddr3 nvidia 9800m gts 1gb

  148. James

    I got 5.6

    my system is:

    Intel DP43TF iP43 Socket 775 6 channel audio ATX Motherboard

    Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo Processor – 3.00 GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, 1333MHz FSB, Socket LGA775, 45 nm, 3 Year Warranty, Retail Boxed……… soon to be q9650

    X-Galaxy Bubble Light Gaming Case With 400 Watt Psu (not using that PSU)

    Corsair – TWIN2X4096-6400C5 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) PC2-6400 DDRII-SDRAM PC Memory

    Generic Hard Disk Drive 500GB SATA II

    Optiarc AD-7200S-0B 20x Internal DVDRWRAM Black Bare SATA

    XFX 9600GSO FATAL1TY 768MB PCI-Express Profess1onal Series Video graphics card SLI Ready 580MHZ Core GEForce 9600 GSO………… soon upgrade to a really current gen graphics card that will be when modern warfare 2 comes out.

    OCZ StealthXStream 600 Watt Gamers Power Supply Unit – OCZ600SXS-UK

    processor: 5.6……… will upgrade

    memory (ram): 5.9

    graphics: 5.9

    gaming graphics: 5.6……… will upgrade

    primary hard disk: 5.9

  149. scott

    i have 2x2gb of 1066 gskill ddr2 and it was rated 4.5
    it should at least be a 4.9

    hard disk is a 5.9 though 160gb sata

  150. cameron

    adrian yes an 8800gt will score a 5.9 im running one and it scores a 5.9. and my old 4000+ dual core amd ran a 5.2 when I had it in. Obviously you dont know what your talking about. Btw your hardware mix affects your score as well before I upgraded my processor from a intel dual core to the yorkfield 2.8 ghz quad core my ram score was 5.2 now its 5.9

  151. cesar

    Determined by lowest subscore
    Processor Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz 5,1

    Memory (RAM) 2,00 GB 5,9
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce G102M 4,8
    Gaming graphics 1279 MB Total available graphics memory 4,7
    Primary hard disk 125GB Free (173GB Total) 5,8
    Windows Vista (TM) Ultimate


    Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
    Model K40IN
    Total amount of system memory 2,00 GB RAM
    System type 32-bit operating system
    Number of processor cores 2
    64-bit capable Yes


    Total size of hard disk(s) 233 GB
    Disk partition (C:) 125 GB Free (173 GB Total)
    Disk partition (D:) 39 GB Free (60 GB Total)
    Media drive (E:) CD/DVD


    Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce G102M
    Total available graphics memory 1279 MB
    Dedicated graphics memory 512 MB
    Dedicated system memory 64 MB
    Shared system memory 703 MB
    Display adapter driver version
    Primary monitor resolution 1366×768
    DirectX version DirectX 10


    Network Adapter Realtek RTL8168B/8111B Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)
    Network Adapter Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter
    Network Adapter Eset Personal Firewall Miniport
    Network Adapter Eset Personal Firewall Miniport
    Network Adapter Eset Personal Firewall Miniport
    Network Adapter Eset Personal Firewall Miniport
    Network Adapter Eset Personal Firewall Miniport

  152. Hadriel

    Base Score —— 5.0
    Processor ——- 5.0
    Memory (RAM) —- 5.0
    Graphics ——– 5.9
    Gaming Graphics – 5.6
    Primary Hard Disk 5.7
    Average ——— 5.44

    Custom Built By Me

    Windows Vista Home Basic 64 Bit OEM
    AMD Athlon 64 x2 3600+ 2.0Ghz O.C. 2.4Ghz
    2 Gigs DDR2 533 Mhz RAM Dual Channel Single DIM
    80 Gig SATA HDD 7200.10 RPM Seagate
    ATI Radeon 3650 512MB O.C. GPU Clock 800Mhz / Memory Clock 900Mhz

    I don’t remember what specific motherboard I got but I do know it is ASUS

    Built this in 2007 for a little over $500
    Bought everything I got from

    I play Final Fantasy 11 – Starcraft – Diablo 2 – Warcraft 3

    ☼ Clan FaRe (Fallen Redemption) ☼

  153. RK

    Windows 7 score

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz 7.3
    Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB OCZ DDR3 7.4
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 1Gb 6.8
    Gaming graphics 2811 MB Total available graphics memory 6.8
    Primary hard disk 450GB Free (466GB Total) Seagate 7200rpm 5.9

  154. Cynthia

    All scores depend on motherboard chipset …lol

  155. Computer

    Base Score 3.0

    Processor 4.2
    Memory 4.5
    Graphics 4.6
    Gaming Graphics 3.0
    Hard Disk 5.6

    CPU 2.2 GHz

    RAM 1.0 GB
    Virtual RAM 20 GB

    Hard Drive 140 GB

    Video RAM 128 MB
    Video Card NVidia Standard

    Network Card 10/ 100 MBit Standard
    USB Port for music device

  156. HP

    Proc i7 920 (2.6) 7.4
    Ram 6 GB OCZ 1800 Triple CH 7.5
    Graphics 1x SAPPHIRE HD 4890 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E 7.6
    3 D gaming 7.6
    HDD 5.9 (no name)

    Base Score 5.9

  157. Edgar

    Hey guys, Ive got only 1.9 my base score:

    3GhZ Pentium 4 (2core) = 2.2 only ?
    Memory RAM 1,5Gb = 1.9 ?
    Aero = 2.9
    EAH4670 512Mb = 5.8
    HDD = 5.1

    very interesting.. what the hell… its 2Gb maximum allowed to use with my Momboard, but is 1,5Gb really 1.9 index… and why stone 3Ghz is only 2.2??

    Ive got an awful FPS in games like Stalker and Half Life 2… any ideas guys? Tried everything, nothing helps… all the video drivers under xp and vista.. is my system really so sucking baaad? :D

    plz reply

  158. thanh

    my windows 7 64-bit

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz 7.5
    Memory (RAM) 3.00 GB 5.9
    Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series 7.4
    Gaming graphics 2299 MB Total available graphics memory 7.4
    Primary hard disk 22GB Free (39GB Total) 7.1 Crucial SSD

    My Asus G1SA laptop had a 4.8 32-bit Vista and went up to 5.0 when I updated to 32-bit Windows 7

    Edgar -disable aero and all the vista visual effects in performance tab — you need at least 2gb to run Vista 3gb+ ideal. Less then 2gb, you should be running XP or windows 7. You won’t be able to play those games smoothly on Vista with less then 2gb of ram.

  159. geo

    Mine is a 2004 msi-6540 3.2 ghz pentium 4 2 gigs of kingston ram 80 and 250 gig wd hd ati 9800 pro agp card 256 mb and my scores was processor 4.3 ram 4.3 graphics 4.9 gaming graphics 4.3 and hds 5.7 built my self for less than 300 bucks gotta love amazon!! should be just fine for win seven.

  160. thatoneguy

    Base Score ———- 5.4
    Processor ————- 5.9
    Memory (RAM) —— 5.9
    Graphics ————-– 5.9
    Gaming Graphics –- 5.4
    Primary Hard Disk – 5.9
    Processor: 2.6 GHz AMD Phenom II X4-910
    RAM: 8GB DDR3
    Hard drives: 1 TB 3G 32 MB Cache @ 7200 rpm & 1 TB 16MB Cache @ 5400 rpm
    Video Graphics: 1GB BFG NVIDIA GeForce GT 220

  161. heather

    3.6 lowest. for graphics.. is that bad?
    How do i get it better?

  162. Frank


    Win7 Pro 64

    CPU : 7.0 (AMD X4 9750)
    RAM : 7.2 (6Gb DDR2-6400 Crucial 800Mhz)
    Graphics : 6.8 (EVGA 8800GT)
    Gaming : 6.8
    Disk : 5.9 (1Tb WD Caviar 32Mb)

    I’m pretty happy with these results – considering that I built this little dude for less than $400.
    Gotta love the “tiger”.

  163. DPN

    Base Score 5.5

    Processor: 5.5 – E8400
    Memory: 5.5 – 2G DDR2 6400
    Graphics: 7.3 – VTech HD 4850
    Gaming Graphic: 7.3 – VTech HD4850
    Primary Hard Disk: 5.9 – 1T Seagate 32MB

  164. Courtney

    Woot 5.9

    Intel Core2 Quad @ 2.5ghz 4gb ram Ded Graphics card

    i WIEN :3

  165. Harry

    This score are based on Windows Vista SP2

    Base score:5.6

    Processor: 5.6 – E8400
    Memory: 5.9 – 3G DDR2 6400
    Graphics: 5.9 – Asus 9600GT Silent
    Gaming Graphic: 5.9 – Asus 9600GT Silent
    Primary Hard Disk: 5.9 – 320GB Western Digital

  166. LH

    Windows 7 Pro 64bit

    Processor = 7.4 – Q6600 @ 3.60GHz
    RAM = 7.4 – 8 GB DDR2
    Graphics = 7.4 – 2x GeForce 8800 GTS 512 – in SLI
    Gaming graphics = 7.4 –
    HD = 5.9 – WD Raptor 10,000 RPM – 2x 150Gb in Raid 0

    Confused by the 5.9 for the raid … considering the read/write is awesome.

  167. Mon

    Window Vista 32 bit


    Motherboard = Gigabyte UD3L
    Processor = Core2Duo 8400 @ 3.6Ghz – 5.8
    RAM = 4G 6400 @ 800Mhz 5.9
    Graphics = XFX HD4850 1G DDR3 PCIE 2.0 =5.9
    Gaming graphics = 5.9
    HD = Seagate 512GB / no raid = 5.9

    The least I expected my lowest score is my proccessor. probably due to those quad core and corei7 CPU’s.

    actually I got a bit of regret missing .1 =D almost perfect!

    but not bad scoring 5.8 for a budget gaming PC =D

  168. Stef

    What is the maximum experience rating?

  169. Team Louish

    Lowest: 7.2
    Highest: 7.9

    Processor: 7.7
    Ram: 7.7
    Graphics: 7.2
    Gaming Graphics: 7.2
    Primary Hard Disk: 7.9

  170. craig

    @LH might be coz the raptors are only sata 150 even tho they fast read/write its measured on data transfer rate 2@ 150gb/s = 1@300gb/s which most other slower modern hdds are nowadayz maybe youd get an improvement with 2 veloci raptors the newer sata 2 version hence the test showing how floored it is as it concentrates on 1 perameter rather than overall performance hence why theres not much variation in scores as most are sata 2 i think the small differences where they exist will be down to buffer size or the ability of the motherboard to transfer it ie the bottle kneck on the raptor being the sata connection whereas on other drives will be the read/write speed hence you can get the same transfer rate filling/emptying the buffer but getting it on or off the disc is a different matter as anyone whose owned the raptors knows they kick ass i have 2 myself in my broken pc (ps tried 1 alone and 2 in raid0 and didnt find much difference in performance really) (my striker extreme mobo faulty i think keeps bsod as it overheated ;-( ) got a new lappy now a sony vgn-nw20ef/s scoring………..

    processor 5.4
    memory 5.4
    graphics 3.4
    gameing graphics 3.3
    primary hard disc 5.4
    which is a bit gutting that the only part that cant be changed is the bummer score but i dont use for gameing anywayz so not arsed ;-)

  171. AMFH

    Processor AMD phenom 955 2.4Ghz———- 5.9
    4gig Crucial mem——– 5.9
    Both graphics XFX 9800 GT 512 DDR3—- 5.9
    Western digital 320 gig——–5.6

    So my base score is a 5.6

    Not to bad. i guess

  172. Paul

    INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q6600 @2.4GHz
    ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
    4GB RAM

    Processor 7.1
    Memory (RAM) 7.1
    Graphics 7.3
    Gaming Graphics 7.3
    Primary hard disk 5.7

    base score of 5.7 (now for a new hard drive i think or a defrag)

  173. Mokhtar

    My system is an M15x Alienware

    Processor = Core i7 920m Extreme edition 7.4
    Ram = 4 GB 1066 MHz= 7.4
    Graphics Aero = GTX260M 6.8
    Graphics Gaming 6.8
    Primary hard disk= Intel SSD x25m 7.6

  174. Chris C

    I have just increased my Ram from 2GB to 3GB, this improved my score from 4.8 to 4.9 but at the same time my graphics (Aero and Gaming) score dropped from 4.7 to 4.6 ???

    On Windows 7 Ultimate (not Vista)
    Processor AMD 64 X2 4200+ = 4.9
    RAM 3GB = 4.9
    Graphics Aero NVIDIA GEFORCE 7600 GS (512 MB) = 4.6
    Gaming graphics = 4.6
    Primary hard disk Samsung Spinpoint 1TB = 5.9

  175. Lionheart

    His mine, I hope you guys like it!

    Windows 7 Ultimate (Build 7600)
    Processor – Intel core i7 920 OCed @ 4.2GHZ HT on – 7.9
    RAM – 6GB Corsair Dominator GT Ram @ 2000MHZ triple channel (best Ram Ever) – 7.9
    Graphics – XFX HD5970 Black Editon OCed (had to use AMD GPU Clock to increase 2D speeds to 3D speeds) – 7.9
    Gaming Graphics – As above – 7.9
    Primary Hard Disk – 2x 256GB Corsair SSD’s in RAID 0 (Crazy Expensive but Crazy Performance) – 7.9


  176. Data SK

    Mines is 5.9

  177. Krat

    Well my pc had a base score of 5.9

    Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
    Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2 GHz – 7.0
    RAM: Kingston 4 Gb – 7.0
    Graphics: XFX HD 5670 – 7.0
    Game graphics: same as above
    Primary Hard Disk: Seagate Barracuda 500 Gb – 5.9

    Well think I need to change my hdd and maybe the graphics card

  178. Towelie


    Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor 6.3
    Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 7.1
    Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 7.4
    Gaming graphics 2431 MB Total available graphics memory 7.4
    Primary hard disk 315GB Free (466GB Total) 5.9

  179. James

    Base Score: 5.0

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    MSI 790GX-G65 MOBO

    Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 945 ———– 7.3
    Ram: 8GB OCZ Platinum AMD Ed @ 1333-7.3 (was at 5.9 with 4GB)
    Graphics: MSI ATI Radeon 5450 512GB—— 5.0 (Was at 4.6 with only onboard graphics)
    Gaming Graphics: same as above ————- 6.2 (Was 4.8 until I enabled onboard graphics and clocked side port at 1600MHz but left PCI-e as the default) Maybe this can help some of you
    Primary Hard Disk: Hitachi 1TB ——————5.9

  180. Pete

    I just finish building my wife a machine

    6.1 ……………I couldn’t believe it either 6.1 for my wifes new machine.

    7.4 —- Processor: i7 920
    7.5 —- Memory: 6 GB OCZ
    7.0 —- Graphics GeForce9800 GTX+
    6.1 —- Primary Disk: RAID 10 (This is why her machine was able to go higher than 5.9)

    ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

  181. Carper

    Here are my scores

    processor 6.4
    memory 5.9
    graphics 5.9
    gaming graphics 5.9
    primary hard disk 5.4

    i am running a macbook pro 15″ with intel core 2 duo t9600 @ 2.80ghz 4gb ram and two nvidia 9600m gt’s wooop wooooooop

  182. Carper

    update :) i have just installed the latest drivers for my graphics cards and now have a 6.4 for the graphics :)

  183. Stephen

    Heck My Computer Is 6 Years Old And I Only Got A Amd Athlon 64 3200+ At 2.0 Ghz 1.5 Gb Ram At 400 mhz And A Geforce 8400 gs with 512 mb and my score is 4.0

    Gaming Graphics-4.9
    Hard Drive-5.3

  184. J

    Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit version

    Processor: Core i7 870 @ 2.93 ghz. OC to 3.6 ghz – 7.6

    Memory (RAM) 8 GB DDR3 Gskill 1600 mhz RAM – 7.6

    Graphics Desktop Performance; ATI Radeon 5850 – 7.7

    Gaming Graphics – 7.7

    Primary Hard disk 7200 RPM Hitachi 750 GB – 5.9

  185. rodmaster

    Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit version

    Board Intel DP35P on Cooler Master CM690

    Processor: Q6600 @ 2.4 ghz. – 7.2

    Memory (RAM) 8 GB DDR2 Kingdton 800 mhz RAM – 7.2

    Graphics Desktop Performance; Gigabyte Nvidia 250GTS 1GB – 6.9

    Gaming Graphics – 6.9

    Primary Hard disk 500GB 7200.12+360GB 7200.11+ Samusung 300GB 32M cache RAID 0 – 6.9

    Secondary drive 2x Seagate 1.5TB LP

  186. omegan

    7.0 Overall
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    Intel Core I7 930 @ 2.8 Ghz – 7.5
    6 GB DDR3 1600 – 7.5
    Sapphire Radeon 5850 1GB\Gaming Graphics – 7.7
    Corsair 64SSD OS Drive P Series – 7.0
    Secondary Drives 2x Seagate 1.5 TB Raid 1

  187. Mushu

    I just installed a new mobo + Vid Card si I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultamate 64bit
    and the mobo is Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR
    My scores only 5.9 :( its my hard drive thats letting me down need SSD

    Processor = 6.4 (intel E8400, should go up when I overclock I assume)
    Memory = 6.9 (only 4 gig RAM, another 4 on the way)
    Graphics = 6.8
    Gaminng Graphics = 6.8 (Nvidia 9800GT)
    Hard Disk = 5.9 (3 x 1TB I could RAID 5, but judging by Pete above it doesnt make much difference, he only got 6.1 using RAID 10, then again I think RAID 5 is better as long as I use more disks)

  188. Prototype

    i have a 5.3 kiking ass i just need a little better ram and im on 5.9 baby!

  189. Dr. Goodvibes

    Alienware M11x Win 7.0 Pro (64-bit)

    Processor = 4.6 (C2D U7300 1.73Ghz)
    Memory(RAM) = 5.4 (4GB)
    Graphics = 6.5 (NVIDIA GT335M)
    Gaming Graphics = 6.5
    Primary HD = 5.9 (SATA 7,200RPM)

    Not bad for an 11.6″ notebook.

  190. ChrisMelas0

    Processor: 7,0 (i7 QM720)
    Memory (RAM): 7,3 (8 GB DDR3)
    Graphics: 6,8 (ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5850 – 1 GB)
    Gaming Graphics: 6,8 (ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5850 – 1 GB)
    Primary HDD: 5,9 (2×500 GB)

    ***Acer Aspire 8942G – 18,4″ Full HD (1920x1080p)***

  191. mike

    mines good with 5.5 for like everything, apart fromt he graphics cards which for some reason dropped into the 2s when i updated the driver, but is now capable of running xbox360 end graphics

  192. John

    My scores are as follows….

    Windows 7 32bit,
    Gigabyte GA-M720-US3 AM2/AM2+/AM3 Motherboard
    2gb Kingston HyperX 1066mhz DDR2,
    320gb Hitachi PATA
    160gb Seagate PATA (using SATA via adaptor)
    120gb Maxtor PATA (using SATA via adaptor)
    AMD Phenom X3 8650 processor 2.3ghz (stock speeds)
    Zotac Eco Edition 9800GT 512mb Ram (stock speeds)

    Processor 6.7
    Ram 5.5
    Graphics Aero 6.8
    Graphics Gaming 6.8
    Primary Hard Disk 5.8

    It really doesn’t matter how much ram you put in, your ram score will always remain the same unless the clock speed on the ram changes, but even that is not by much.

    SATA 2 or SATA 3 drives will improve disk access scores, but it also depends on drive itself, I don’t get a bad score considering I am using lowly IDE drives and two of them are ATA-100 and they are on a SATA adaptor so they are on separate channels to help with performance.

    The only way to really improve my graphic score will be to go for a Geforce GT400, and at £300+ I won’t bother just yet!

    I am happy with the system I have manage to build, it boots in just over a minute, sleeps and wakes almost immediately, it plays pretty much all games I throw at it, most at maxed, the only one I cannot run hard is the new Aliens Vs Predator, but that is a DX11 game, and is really designed for the GT300/GT400 ranges of Nvidia cards, but even on medium it looks stunning!!

  193. benbaker

    processor 5.3
    memory 6.4
    graphics 6.9
    gaming graphics 6.9
    hard disk 5.8

    intel pentium d 925 (3ghz) @ 3.75 ghz (air cooled)
    cpu stock value =4.8- overclocked value=5.3
    buffalo Firestix 4 X 1GB DDR2 800 5-5-5-18 @ DDR2 666 3-3-3-8
    ram stock timed value= 6.0 tight timed value= 6.4
    EVGA 8800 GT Value remains at 6.9 regardless of overclocking/underclocking
    2X Western Digital 500 GB sata2 hdd not in raid = 5.8

  194. archy

    processor 7.0
    memory 5.9
    graphics 6.9
    gaming graphics 6.9
    hard disk 5.4

    amd 9600 quad core
    random junk i found around the house
    ati 3850
    hitachi hdd that i pulled off old computer

  195. Sami

    My new Acer TimelineX 4820TG (14 inch laptop, Windows 7 64bit):

    Processor (Intel Core i5 430M) – 6.7
    RAM (4GB DDR3 1066MHz) – 5.9
    Aero Desktop Graphics (Ati Radeon HD 5650 and switchable with Intel HD GMA) – 6.7
    Gaming Graphics – 6.7
    Hard disk – 5.9

    I’d say that this is quite good for a 2.1kg (4.6lb) laptop. At least it is much better than my almost 6-year old Dell Dimension 4700 desktop (Pentium 4 HT @3.00GHz, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, etc).

  196. Naeem

    I have

    i5 750 = 7.3
    ram corsair dominater ddr3 1600 mhz = 7.6
    grfix 1gb ati hd 4870 =7.4

    disk 1tb WD 5.9

  197. chris

    mine is pretty beastmo

    chipset is GA-880GM-UD2H

    processor is AMD PHENOM 2 x6 1055T

    graphics is nvidia 8800 gts alpha dog wich has 1 gig of video ram

    8 gigs of ddr3 ram

    and yes i built it myself

    my lowest score is 5.8
    and thats because i dont overclock my processor

    p.s. anyone who says there score is over 6 is full of s%&t the highest it goes is 6 k thnx

  198. Nitin

    I got a 7

  199. Travis

    I got a 5.9
    Processor: Core i7-720QM =7.0
    RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333MHz = 7.5
    Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon 5870 1GB DDR5 VRAM = 7.2
    Gaming Graphics: (same as Graphics) = 7.2
    Primary Hard Disk: 500GB 7200 RPM = 5.9
    Hard Drive bottleneck anyone? (This is my ASUS G73jh btw)

  200. wanhart

    My SONY VAIO VPCZ117GG indicated my Windows Experience Index is 6.4!!!!
    Intel Core i7 (2.66Ghz) with Turbo Bosst up to 3.33Ghz!
    Windows 7 Professional 64bit
    Memory RAM 8GB
    Solid State Drive 256GB.
    It ROCKS!!!

  201. Weston

    Dell Dimention E521
    Windows 7 64bit

    Processor: Athlon 64 x2 5600+ 2.9Ghz (6.0)
    Memory (RAM): 3.5 Gb 533 Mhz DDR2 (5.9)
    Graphics: Asus HD 5850 stock clock (7.7)
    Gaming Graphics: (7.7)
    Primary Hard disk: 750 GB Western Digital Black 7200 rpm 32Mb cache (5.9)

    Total Avg 6.64 Not bad for a P.O.S Dell E521

  202. tim

    got a 5.9 thats thet highest you can go with out a soild state hdd the 5.9 i got was my hdd it’s a 1tb so every thing els was from 7.1 to 7.9

  203. tyson

    7.4 is my score
    7.4 with 3.7ghz AMD phenom II 965
    7.5 with 4g dominator ram
    7.8 with 1 ati hd radeon 5870
    7.5 with a ozc vertex2 ssd

  204. tyson

    damn it lionheart! lol

  205. tyson

    bought a motorcycle instead of two huge ssd’s.

  206. michel

    5,0 is mind

    Vista Ultimate x86

    RAM = 5,0 (3 GB)
    Processor = 5,4 (Dual Core 2,5 Ghz E5200)
    Graphics = 5,9 (MSI Twincfrozr 1GB GTS 250)
    Gaming Graphics = 5,9 (MSI Twincfrozr 1GB GTS 250)
    Primary Harddisk = 5,9 (520 GB)

    in Windows 7 higher than Vista :(

  207. sonnay

    I got 5.9 everything straight out of the box. Hp dv7 2015tx on vista home premium

  208. xavier2670

    i have a 5.1 on my video card but everything else is 6.0 how can i get a better score

  209. Cjp653

    did my score on vista home and got 5.9 on all (but still hate vista)
    xps 630i 3.0 OC 4.03 & 5GB MEM

    PROCESSOR: 5.9
    MEMORY (RAM):5.9

  210. Chop

    Just finished customizing mine, cost just under $6000
    Intel Core i7 X 995
    8Gb Dual Channel III
    ATI Radeon HD5970 2GB
    120GB Vertex SSD (Main)
    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 LGA 1366 DDR3

    PROCESSOR: 7.9
    MEMORY (RAM):7.9

  211. PCGUY2010

    I did a score on my new pc and got a 5.1
    CPU=5.3 AMD 2.8
    RAM=5.1 8 gigs ddr2 800mhz
    Graphics=5.9 5770 1gig ddr5 ati
    Gaming Graphics= 5.9
    HDD=5.6 Good ol Western Digital :)
    I cant seem to figure out even with my hardware I am getting a low score…. well not low but compared to others with crappy hardware mine seems like a joke some are like my score is 5.9 with 3 gigs of ram. C-mon………

  212. fisi

    Mine is 5.8, and i’ve got an HP lap top, with Core i3 Processor, 4 gb Ram, 500 GB HD and 1 Gb graphic Card Nvidia

  213. Jonathan C

    Overall score: 6.8

    Processor: 7.8
    Memory: 7.8
    Graphics: 7.9
    Gaming Graphics: 7.9
    Primary Hard Disk: 6.8

    Intel i7 980x six-core
    12g 1866mhz ram
    2x 480gtx in sli
    primary hdd: 150gb WD Solid State
    secondary hdd: 2x WD Raptors in Raid


    End of my computer is 6.0 =10/10


  215. faisal

    Mine is HP-Pavilion DV6 with scores as;
    Intel Core i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz = 6.2
    Memory 4.00 GB = 5.9
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce G105M = 4.9
    Gaming graphics 2267 MB Total available graphics memory = 5.7
    Primary hard disk 320GB = 5.9
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

  216. anthony

    2.3 for me
    processor: .3.3
    memory: .4.4
    graphics: 2.3
    gaming graphics: 3.0
    primary hard disk: 4.4

  217. Dan Robinson

    Everything is 5.9 running windows vista home edition 64 bit built the computer myself it has 8gb ram thermaltake mid tower with 8 fans a geforce 8800 card the motherboard is an mzn32 sli deluxe not bad for gaming it covers everything i need. I even overclocked it by 10% its just amazing to see it and use it knowing i built it from scratch. I hope a 5.9 is good.


  218. Sergey

    Processor 6,2
    Ram 5,5
    Graphics 6,3
    HDD 5,7
    Overallllllllllllllllllllllllllll 5,5

  219. Tom Norton

    Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz (no overclocking) 7.5
    12GB DDR3 1066MHz RAM 7.5
    ATI 1GB HD4870 Graphics 7.5/7.5
    OCZ Vertex 2E 120GB SSD 7.8

  220. NotAlienWare

    59 on all, not bad for 2y/old laptop
    Q9550 quad, 4gb ram 2x9800m GTX 750gb 7200 hdd

  221. Thinh La

    I wonder why my Windows 7 WEI score for Intel Core i3 M330 is only 4.4
    My Laptop is Gateway NV59 series

    CPU Type DualCore Intel Core i3 330M, 2133 MHz (16 x 133): 4.4
    System Memory: 3956 MB (DDR3-1066 DDR3 SDRAM): ____5.6
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5600/5700 Series:_________________6.7
    Hardisk: 640G WD 5400RPM:___________________________5.8

  222. ShaunSforza

    Running Vista Business SP2 on my Lenovo Thinkpad T60 I get

    Processor: 4.6 (Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83GHz)
    Memory (RAM): 4.7 (2Gb Kingston DDR2 667)
    Desktop Graphics 3.2 (ATI Mobility Radeon X1300) (64Mb Dedicated + 448Mb Shared)
    Gaming Graphics 3.6 (ATI Mobility Radeon X1300)
    Primary Hard Disk: 4.9 (Hitachi 120Gb 7200RPM SATA HDD pulled from Thinkpad R61)

    Pretty happy with that, and thats my Work/School Laptop, my Gaming PC is running XP x86 and 7 x64, but its running on XP at the moment, so i cant get the scores without rebooting.

  223. Jarrod

    Running Vista Home Premium on a Acer Aspire, I get a 5.9 on Primary hard disks and Processor, and a close by 5.7 for RAM, but my graphics are only running at 3.1 for Desktop and 3.6 for Gaming, this is really annoying when i would like to play a intense graphic game.
    I would appreciate if someone could tell me what card i could get to have a base score of 5 or higher, but i need something that can display multiple monitors, for use with a TV through a PC or HDMI input. Is there anything that could fix this problem?

    A quick reply would be appreciated

  224. TK

    Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    AMD Athlon II x4 640 3.00 GHz Processor(no OC) = 7.3
    CORSAIR XMS3 4GB DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 = 7.3
    Ati Radeon HD 4670 = 6.8
    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB 7200 rpm = 5.9

  225. Florin

    I says to me is not Determined by Lowest score and name appears above anything. A picture or something nothing :(( what to do??

  226. thedude

    Windows 7 Pro 32Bit
    Windows 7 pro 32 bit
    Asus M4a785-M MB
    4 gig OCZ Dual Channel pc6400 ram
    Nvidia Gforce 8800gt
    Amd Phenom Quadcore 9550


  227. Matso

    Some people are fibbing in here for sure. (You know who you are 7.9 guy :) Yeah right. You need Xeons for those scores and at least Raid zero with 4 drives.

    Processor 7.6 I7 950 Overclocked to 4.01 GHZ
    Ram 7.6 8 Gigs DDR3 1333
    Desktop Graphics 7.6 GTX 295 (Dual GPU’s)
    Gaming Graphics 7.6 ” ”
    Primary Hard Disk 7.6 2 x OCZ Vertex Sata II SSD’s running in Raid 0

    This is one bad ass mofo, but man it throws alot of heat. I live in Canada and it litterally heats my office room.

  228. brandonwdugan

    intel quad core q9550 – 7.5
    ram- patriot16000 -7.5
    bfg xfx 285 = 7.4

  229. Bryan Bailey

    my toshiba statilite is rated at a 3.5. That was on my graphics card. what i want to know is could it run starcraft 2? its a stock computer that i have changed nothing in so far.

  230. Mudinho

    Have ATI HD 5800 Gaming Graphics 7.9 all

  231. Brandon S

    Intel i7-950 – 7.5
    8gb Corsair Dominator 1600 – 7.5
    EVGA GTX 470 – 7.8
    Crucial 6gb/s SSD – 7.9

    I’m pretty satisfied with this score considering it is my first custom build. Gotta love that celebratory beer after it actually works.

  232. Joe

    Win 7 Ultimate

    intel qaud core 8300 – 7.3
    4gb ddr2 memory – 7.3
    Nvidia 9600gt – 6.9
    Kingston 64gb SSD – 6.8

    How is my SSD the lowest score???

  233. db

    i5 760 quad core @ 2.88 ghz — 7.3
    8 gb 1600 mhz ddr3 —————- 7.5
    460 gtx 2 gb ddr5 ——————– 7.4
    40 gb intel ssd ———————— 7.3

    Overall 7.3

  234. Vincee

    i5 Dual Core @ 2.4 Ghz – 6.8
    4 Gb DDR3 – 5.9
    Nvidia GeForce GT 330M – 6.5
    500 Gb WD HDD – 5.8

    On a Macbook Pro 15”
    Windows Ultimate x64

  235. BG Niggga

    5.9 :D

    Processor: AMD Phenom II Hex-Core OC’d to 4.0 GHz
    Ram: 8gb
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 460
    etc. etc. :)

  236. G's UNIT

    Processor:7.2 Stock Q8200 Core 2 Quad 2.33GHz
    Ram:7.2 8GB DDR31/2 stock
    Graphics:6.4 HIS5750hd 1GB-slim/no fan
    Gaming:6.9 AS ABOVE
    Hard Drive:5.9 Stock/gateway crap!
    Ha that sucks, my HTPC score after I put cheap Ram upgrade and cheap GPU. Under $600.00 total, and it craps all over all these high cost queers!

  237. TampaJoey

    i5-2500k processor 7.6 (not overclocked)

  238. danielsepr33

    intel pentium d 3.4ghz 4mb cache 5.1
    4gb(ddr2 667mhz dual channel) 5.4
    graphics ati radeon 4350 3.9(after upgrade to radeon 5450 rise up to 4.9)
    graphic gamer ” ” 5.7(after upgrade to radeon 5450 rise up to 6.1)
    1tb hard drive primary(500gb secundary hd) 5.9

    with windows 7 ultimate(may be could be sighly higher if i put vista ultimate(i don’t know,may be yes,may be not)

    run cod black ops smooth in medium settings
    run almost 90% games in medium setting without fps issues
    can’t complain about this babe,but always gamer ambition lol want more n more lol
    and so am i want improve

    my recommendation if u want a pc gamer the perfect one works best without integrated graphic
    u can see the different(it doesnt mean would not work cause it does but as efficient as suppose to)
    i did the test in other mb with the same cpu ram n graphics and really can see the different.

  239. FrostyBawls

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz 7.6
    Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 7.6
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 7.9
    Gaming graphics 4095 MB Total available graphics memory 7.9
    Primary hard disk 839GB Free (931GB Total) 5.9

  240. Peter

    PROCCESOR INTEL i 7 950 7.6

    MEMORY 12 GB RAM 7.6

    HD 6870 CROSSFIRE 7.8 TOTAL 7.6

    SSD VERTEX 2 7.7


  241. J Henry

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Extreme CPU X9650 @ 3.00GHz (@3.75) 5.9
    Memory (RAM) 8.0GB 5.9
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra 5.9
    Gaming graphics 739MB Total available graphics memory 5.9
    Primary hard disk 931.5GB Total 5.9
    Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium (build: 6.0.6002)

    Guess it don’t go no higher :)

  242. danielsepr33

    hello everyone

    i did once again another test but with 4 pc’s 2 without integrated graphics and 2 with integrated graphics and this is my result and opinion:

    all 4 pc have 2 4350 ati video card and other 2 have 5450 ati card :

    no doubt on me in this conclusion the 2 pc without integrated graphics are the best in performance fasteness and hold much pressure than other 2 with I.g>( integrated graphics) to make balance in them, i put one 4350 in one with i.g. and other without i.g. the same with the 5450.

    on the pc’s with i.g. can see the different into fps no matter memories i put into it however works more than great in all but for gamers.looking the other pc’s without i.g. you can see the different in fps and force moreover it can works even with the minimum requiretment without lose fps , but you know what

    all depend on a balance between memories video card ,processor and hard drive
    in my opinion a hd with 32mb cahce and up would work perfect for gamer. in memories almost all gamer require at least 2gb ram but i prefered 4gb to make sure and would not dessapointed cpu
    depend what u have to spend…example i have 3.4ghz pentium d and it has 5,1 rate and now it’s not expensive also isn’t bad either around 45-60 bucks …now, about the motherboard i’m using intel board and for 25 month can’t complain the quality and strong as it is…..well , advances and disadvances about the i.g. …still i prefere without it, u can spend no more than 250 for a pc gamer but could spend more if u want more style in it ….style isn’t my fav but as long as i can play good games without sacrifice fps i dont care what kind of case,mb,hard drive or memory brands are.

    later on i want to spend sightly more to improve to high level graphics … a closer future.

    well hope this will works to you
    opinions, comments or something to share
    all are welcome

    have a great day

  243. gy

    i have a
    cpu: intel core i3 rating:6.9
    gpu:galaxy nvidia geforce gt 430 rating:6.5
    Ram:6gb rating:7.0

  244. CoffinDodger

    Processor Phenom x6 1055t: 7.4
    Memory 16 gb 2000mhz PC316000: 7.4
    Graphics GTX580:7.9
    Gaming Graphics GTX580: 7.9
    Primary HDD Raptor 600 gb 6gb/s: 5.9
    No tweaks, no oc fresh install of 7 Ultimate 64bit. Use mostly for 3d cad.
    Gotta get that 5.9 up to par.

  245. THC Butterz

    Processor- Phenom II X6 1090t @4.1ghz: 7.6
    ram-8gb ddr3 1333 @1124mhz 7.6
    graphics-Gtx 460 768mb Sli: 7.5
    Gaming Graphics:7.5
    HDD – zailman S 128gb ssd:7.1

  246. Derek

    Processor- AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+… 5.3
    Memory- 6gb DDR2… 6.0
    Graphics- PNY GeForce GT 430, 1GB… 5.9
    Gaming Graphics… 5.6
    HDD- 320gb Sata… 5.6

    Built for less than $500. not bad for the price

  247. Jordan

    3.5 for me
    p4 3.0ghz 800fsb hyperthreading = 4.1
    2gigs, 2 x 1, ddr400 dual channel = 4.9
    ati radeon agp 9550 = 3.6
    gaming graphics = 3.5
    Pinnacle 7200 16m sata2 2HD RE =5.9
    mobo is aopen mx4sgi-4dn2

  248. MOFO biachh

    4.6 for my lowest score but my other scored are very good rated out of 7.9 here they are
    Processor: 6.3 calculations per second
    Memory (RAM): 5.9 Memory operations per second
    Graphics: 4.6 (My lowest) Desktop performence for Windows Aero
    Gaming Graphics 5.2 3D business and gaming graphics performence
    Primary hard disk 5.9 Disk data transer rate

    overall the highest score you can is 39.5 added up for all 5 catergorys because each is rated on a scale of 1 – 7.9. Mine rated 27.9 not bad since i don’t play games on my laptop or watch movies the graphics don’t mean much to me i have a high calculations per second because my processor is (Intel Core I3) any intel is good starting from i3-15-i7. Ofcourse i7 being the fastest but they cost much more.

  249. MOFO biachh

    AMD sucks just letting you know i have 4 computers in my house all windows 7 and two of them are intel core i3/17 and the others are AMD and one of them recently stopped working completely i encountered problems with it 3 monthes after getting it and my other one is just waiting to screw me over so if you are planning to buy a new computer get intel core because pentium is old and AMD just plain sucks o and my intels are running perfectly smooth even though i use them double the time more than the AMD im not sure if AMD is the problem but it might as well be lol…

  250. Koba

    @ MOFO biachh

    “my other one is just waiting to screw me over” .. Your vague comment is completely pointless.

    You’ve added nothing to the debate, thank you.

  251. ashish


    graphics score. without graphics card. core i3, $699, Lenovo, G570 ideapad.

  252. TopHeavy

    i2500K OC’d @ 4.6Ghz – 7.7
    G.Skills 8GM – 7.9
    2xMSI GTX580’s – 7.9
    3D – 7.9
    Kingston 64GB SSD – 7.7

    Total 7.7 (could be higher but system heat is no fun)

  253. swubrata

    my score
    processor phenom 2 x6 1100t @ 4.5 ghz 7.8
    dominator gt 2300 mhz 16 gb 7.8
    gpu 6970×4 cf 7.9
    corsair force 3 240 gb x5 in raid 7.9
    corsair h70
    haf x case

  254. verticalhead

    my notebook’s score is only 3.0 :(

    what can i do to somehow increase its score?
    i have hp mini 110-3547tu
    intel atom N550(1.5ghz)
    1 gb ram
    intel GMA 3150 shared memory
    runs w/ windows 7 starter

  255. Xcarl

    Dell Precision 690 – Bought it used (no processor, no memory, no video) for $150
    2 X Xeon 5160 3.0 GHz @ 1333 MHz FBS.
    4 GB FBDIMM ECC @1333 MHz
    2 X SSD in raid 0
    1 X 9800 GT
    Windows 7 SP1
    6.9 Overall
    Processor: 7.2
    RAM: 7..2
    Graphics: 6.9
    Gaming: 6.9
    Prmary Hard Disk: 7.7 < This used to be 7.9 don't know why it fell.

  256. xana452

    Processor: 7.2
    RAM: 7.4
    Graphics: 4.1
    Gaming Graphics: 5.3
    Primary hard disk: 5.9

  257. zantis

    processor intel core(TM) i7 x980 @ 3.33ghz
    12 gb ram
    video card ge force gtx 580
    solid hard drive zcs 256gb

  258. Someone

    5.4 for me due to the ‘Gaming Graphics’ :( Everything else is 5.9.

    Windows Vista Home Premium SP2
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @2.33 GHz
    4GB RAM
    1024MB NVIDIA GT 120
    977 GB Hard drive

    I’ve had my pc for almost 2 years….I want a higher rating !!! Does this mean I have to upgrade the graphics card? :/ I play a few pc games i.e Blur and Sims 3 and everything is smooth until like 2 or 3 mintues later when it lags…and then runs smooth again…and then lags. I’ve noticed on task manager whilst a game is lagging, the physical memory goes up to around 75%, highest I’ve seen 80%. Would it be my graphics card?


  259. Ken

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Processor – AMD Phenom II X4 830 Deneb – 5.9 – 7.1 Win7
    RAM – 4GB Transcend and Unknown Brand (2GBX2) – 5.9 – I think 7.2 in Win7
    Graphics – MSI 9600GT – 5.9 – 6.8 Win7
    Gaming Graphics – MSI 9600GT – 5.9 – 6.8 in Windows 7
    Hard Drive – 500GB Seagate SATA – 5.9 also gets 5.9 in Windows 7

  260. Naufel

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    Processor – Core i5 2500k – 7.5
    RAM – 8GB Kingston DDR 3 1600MHZ (4GBX2) – 7.6
    Graphics – Nvidia 560TiOC – 7.9
    Gaming Graphics – Nvidia Gigabyte 560TiOC – 7.9
    Hard Drive –1TB WD Black@7200rpm SATA III – 5.9 running with a 64 GB Corsair SSD on Intel RST

    Pretty good but guess I need to add an SSD for my OS to up the score.

  261. johntherocker

    mine rates 5.5 phenom 9500e quad core processor >3gb ram >nvidia 9800 gtx+ graphics

  262. HitTheSwitch

    Processor – Core i52500k @4.5Ghz – 7.8
    RAM – 8GB GSkill Ripjaws DDR3 2200MHZ (2x4GB) – 7.8
    Graphics – Gainward Nvidia – GTX570 – 7.9
    Gaming Graphics – 7.9
    Primary hard disk – Crucial M4 SSD 128GB – 7.9

    I’m pretty happy.

  263. chris

    RAM G-SKILL 4 GB @1033MHz (OC)7.2



  264. woodrow34

    New HP dv6 notebook with SSD upgrade

    i7 2630
    6 GB ram
    Intel 510 series SSD

    Processor 7.4
    Ram 7.5
    Graphics 6.6
    Gaming graphics 6.6
    SSD 7.8

  265. TRANCE

    7.3 for me

    Huge tower unit using ANTEC P183 case
    Quad core i7 960 (64-BIT)
    12GB Ram (1600MHZ)
    HD 6750 1GB graphics (passive cooled)
    SSD (sata III) for boot drive

    I’m extremely happy with my score, working with HD video for fun is a breeze now on this system.

  266. TRANCE

    7.3 for me

    Processor – Quad core i7 960 (64-BIT) – score = 7.5
    RAM – 12GB Ram (1600MHZ) – score = 7.8
    Graphics – HD 6750 1GB graphics – score = 7.3
    Graphics (gaming) – HD 6750 1GB graphics – score = 7.3
    Primary hard disk – 64 GB SSD (sata III) – score = 7.9

    I’m extremely happy with my score, working with HD video for fun is a breeze now on this system.
    I have an ANTEC P183 case and CREATIVE SOUND BLASTER X-FI TITANIUM FATAL1TY sound and blown away with this system. Happy days ;)

  267. Michael

    Calc. per second: 6.9
    ram 8 gigs: 6.9
    Graphics: 6.4
    Gam. Graphics: 6.4
    Transfer rate: 5.9

    It’s a laptop btw

  268. Almaz

    w00t i got 5.1. win 7 ultimate 32-bit.

  269. Nozemi

    Processor: 7,5
    Memory (RAM): 7,5
    Graphics: 7,8
    Gaming graphics: 7,8
    Primary hard disk: 5,9

    I don’t think that is too bad! :P
    Except the Hard Disk, But that is the most common for Hard Disk’s :D

  270. john gianukos

    .score, {
    font-size: x-large;
    cursor: hand;
    background-image: url(;
    color: #ffffff;
    font-family: Verdana, Arial;
    width: 80px;
    height: 80px;
    background-position: center center;
    vertical-align: middle;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    text-align: center;

    i guess my computer is pretty good

  271. costasmiaris13

    Hello guys,i need some help.

    My setup is:

    cpu:AMD athlon ii x3 455 3,3 ghz and 3 cores
    gpu:gt 220 1gb ddr2
    ram:3 gb ddr2
    win:7 ultimate 32 bit

    Some days ago,this was my score:
    gaming graphics:6,2

    After going to nvidia and installing drivers,i went to check my windows experience index and the graphics was from 5,1 to 4,9.A couple of days ago my main score was 5,1.Now it is 4,9.Please help me,i dont now what to do :(

  272. Chris

    I got a 5.8 on my dell N5110 laptop, i7 8gb ram and 5.2 on my gigabyte laptop with g4b ram i5

  273. cool kid

    hey my rating is 6.7,5.9,5.8,5.9,59 overall 5.8 is this good??

  274. colors

    I find that hard to believe. My experience index rating for my video card (7950 gx2) is 5.6.

  275. messi

    My Rank Go To From 5.6 To 5.8 After Updating My Hardware Drivers.
    Just Update Your Drivers Softwares To Get Your Previous Performance And Score, GOOD LUCK,

  276. Charly

    My rank: 7,1 – 7,8
    Computer just new (€850,00)

  277. Kriss

    Processor: Calculations per second ~ 7,6
    Memory (RAM): Memory operations per second ~ 7,6 (I have 24 gb ram though)
    Graphics: Desktop performance for Windows Aero ~ 7,8
    Gaming graphics: 3D business and gaming graphics performance ~ 7,8
    Primary hard disk: Disk data transfer rate ~ 7,9

    So it’s 7,6, 7,6, 7,8, 7,8, 7,9.

    My base rating is obviously 7,6!

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