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Roll Back Troublesome Device Drivers in Windows Vista

If you’ve installed a new driver that is causing problems on your computer, you can easily roll back to the prior version of the driver with a few simple steps.

First you’ll need to open Device Manager. The easiest way is to just type device manager into the start menu search box, but you could also go through the control panel if you choose.

Once you have it open, browse down to the problem device, right-click and choose Properties.


Now click on the Driver tab, and then click the Roll Back Driver button.


You’ll get a prompt telling you that you don’t want to do it, but go ahead anyway. You can always click the Update Driver button to get the latest version again.

As you can see from my choice of device, the latest touchpad driver was causing problems for me, so I rolled it back.

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  • Published 06/24/07

Comments (8)

  1. shendo23

    wondering if ny1 can help me? My dvd drive wont work or register on my hardware. When i go on to device manager it says that this driver is not working properly because windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (code 39). I also have same message for network adapter but with code 31. Ma drive is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-S082H ATA and the network adapter is isatap.{1D883977-9648-4acf-89D8-9F650519765b}. I have downloaded several reg cleaners which comes up with different amount of errors but when i fix them nothings changed. Ive also tried finding other drivers for it with no luck. I’m currently on vista basic would upgrading make a difference? Please help before i loose my head lol

  2. Tim

    I have a MS Vista laptop and I am trying to install my Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra player and it will not accept the driver software from the formatting disc that came with the player and I was able to originally install on an old PC desktop I no longer have. Any suggestions?

  3. eva

    i have code 10 on my microsoft isatap adaptor and i canot connect wireless or wired. i tried everything a noob would try. all the automatic solutions etc. in network adapters there is the following list of adapters: isatap with a load of numbers behind that (does not work),
    microsoft isatap adapter #2 ( does not work code 10)
    microsoft isatap adapter 2 ( does not work code 10)
    microsoft isatap adapter 3 ( does not work code 10)
    microsoft isatap adapter 4 ( does not work code 10)
    microsoft isatap adapter 5 ( does not work code 10)
    microsoft isatap adapter 6 ( does not work code 10)
    realtek (numbers) wireless adapter adapter
    if i click check for solutions it states: could not load driver software.
    seriously i have been internetting for 2 weeks now from a public place trying to find solutions here. none yet. I have a stick to copy things to the laptop and that is the only way i can communicate to the outside with this laptop.

  4. eva

    ps there is no roll back option available with these drivers, only the other 4 options

  5. eva

    the drivers seem to have conflikted so i erased them and kept only the realteck one
    can anyone pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase halp before i make matters worse?

  6. bigk101

    Hello ! I have a HP Dv6000 Laptop that refuses to use the wireless Broadcom 4123 card I always have isatap installed . I have started wireless many times by loading the Broadcom wireless drivers The wireless works very well although I sometimes need to reload the drivers as they sometimes do not survive a reboot . I would like to create a script to automagicaly :-} load the drivers I hope this helps someone with Vista Drivers problem ! I wonder why I don’t see a smbus device loaded in Device
    manager ?

  7. Sanjeev

    Hi , I have lenovo y510 and vista 32 bits home basic. my bluetooth stopped detecting my NOKIA mobile which was very well synchronized before.

  8. Aaron

    when i go to rollback my graphic device driver the rollback option is not clickable.Is there a reason why that is or does my computer just suck?

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