Restore That Missing "Up" Button in Windows Vista Explorer

One of the most frustrating changes in Windows Vista is the lack of the “Up” button when browsing the file system. Sure, there’s been a slightly buggy add-on that you can use, but how about a really solid Up button that just works and doesn’t bloat your system?

If that’s what you are looking for, and you don’t mind paying $5, there is an add-on called Mavis Up Button that does exactly that, and nothing more.

The Up button works in Explorer:


Or in Control Panel:


There’s only one bug… the button stays “active” even if you are “up” as far as you can go (the Desktop). It’s not a big deal, but perfectionists might be annoyed by it.


If you are using a custom visual style, you’ll also notice that it doesn’t change with those themes.

Download Mavis Up Button Trial Version

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