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Resize Windows to Specific Dimensions Easily With Sizer

As a website owner I’m constantly checking different browsers at different resolutions to make sure that the site is going to look at least tolerable for everybody. This is especially important for me since I’m really not a very good web designer… so I have to triple check everything.

There’s a tiny utility called Sizer that helps me accomplish this task with ease, and hopefully can help somebody else.

After you download, install and run the application you’ll notice a tooltip anytime you resize a window that tells you the current dimensions.


If you right-click on the corner of the window, you can easily choose an option to resize a window to a pre-defined size.


If the window is currently maximized, you can right-click on the maximize/restore button to pop up the same menu:


If you find those sizes somewhat limiting as I did, you can open up the preferences through the system tray icon and then create any preset sizes you want.


If you’d like the window to be centered in the middle of the screen once you choose one of the predefined sizes, you can change the Move to drop-down to “Centre”. Note that the setting is unique for each preset.


You could also use this to move windows to set locations… for instance you could set up one preset to size a window a certain way and then move it all the way to the right of the screen, effectively docking it to the right.


The utility doesn’t take up much memory either, only 1204 KB on my system.


Quite a useful little utility… well worth checking out.

Download Sizer from

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  • Published 11/28/07

Comments (10)

  1. Stephen

    Awesome utility.
    Does anyone know if there is something like this that forces windows to open with certain dimensions?

    My Example – I always want to be able to see the windows sidebar but I don’t want it in front of anything. I want most programs to load leaving 150 pixels of screen on the right hand side.

  2. Jody King

    This may not qualify, but how, in email mainly, do you adjust the size of pics. I sometimes get one that is so large it will not fit the pane at all.

  3. Richard

    For all you FF heads out there, use the Developer toolbar extension for Firefox to do the same thing and an s-load of other handy tools for web developers. Once installed, you won’t be able to develop without it, is very good.

  4. Mark Guy

    Thanks for this tip as it is the only way I have been able to read your mail where it does not run off the page. Typically, when i open your daily newsletter, I have no horizontal scroll bar and therefore have to guess at the missing words. I find that, by using this tip and selecting 125%, I then have a scrool bar and can center / read yur mail. Cool.

  5. Alex

    I prefer using this:

    Just type it in your address bar, and voila

  6. Jake

    Also, you can get bookmarklets to resize the browser window, though it may not always be as practical.

  7. Nosegear

    Only one downside on this wonderful little app: it doesn’t do a good job on Vista.

  8. BaRoN!

    Nice tool :-).

  9. Daniel

    Because Chrome ignores my Taskbar-commanded resize orders, I used to feel like I was at its mercy if I wanted to have two equally sized browser windows next to one another on Windows 7. Turns out this little program from 2007 knows how to put Chrome in its place, and I am once again in charge of my screen space. Thanks for finding this!

  10. Jaco

    Another similar program, AutoResize, is bugged with WindowBlinds ON.

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