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Resize Icons Quickly in Windows 7 or Vista Explorer

If you are in a folder and would like to quickly resize the icons, there’s a shortcut you can use with your mouse wheel to resize the icons. This is a great way to show off the beauty of the new vector icons in Vista to your friends.

Just hold down the Ctrl key, and scroll the mouse wheel in any folder. The icons will immediately resize bigger or smaller.

Check out the new Windows Media Player icon scaled really huge:


The same thing works wherever you are in Windows. You can cycle between the different views this way.

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  • Published 01/7/07

Comments (12)

  1. Sean

    Great hint , I often find myself switching Icon views in Vista , This way is so easy and so simple

  2. Paul

    Fantastic tip, it even works for the desktop icons where normally you cant make them very small using the appearance tab.

  3. Juney

    Thank for your icon re-sizing tip. I installed Vista a few days ago and have spent hours downloading monitor drivers, blah blah.. to fix this problem. In a heartbeat your tip fixed this desktop icon thing. Thanks so much.

  4. Dell

    gosh… that’s sweet… i spend 20 mins trying to figure out from the system how to resize the icons… Thanks….

  5. Spacegold

    On my system you have to depress the mouse wheel for this trick to work, but then it does. Thanks, Geek.

  6. Simon

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to do this with a laptop touch pad?


  7. Ben

    Yes Simon, I just did it. As long as you have the side scroller thing enabled on the touch pad, it works.

  8. John Hoff

    Whenever I resize the icons on my desktop and then reboot they revert back to their original size.

    Any ideas on how to save my settings in Windows Vista?

  9. kas

    nothing new it was on xp as well. It also makes the zoom in ms word increase and decrease as wwell as excel. Any tips on how to use it with a laptop? It didn’t work on my laptop

  10. Clint

    Great tip. Thanks

  11. Sherali Khan

    cant do on my toshiba laptop

  12. Nidhin

    I have some icons downloaded from the net… Some of them can scale and some cant… When I tried to enlarge some icons, the box around the icon resized instead of the icon… Both icons are 256×256 resolution… Icons in Desktoons package are resizable, but other dont… Please help…

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