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Reopen Closed Tabs in Internet Explorer

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If there’s one thing that annoys me in Internet Explorer more than anything else, it’s that there is no way to re-open a tab once you’ve closed it. It’s especially annoying when you’ve done a lot of browsing so you have to sift through your history to find the link for the page you closed.

Thankfully there’s an add-on for IE7 called “IE7 Open Last Closed Tab” which will remember what tabs you’ve recently closed so that you can quickly re-open them.

After installation, you’ll notice that there’s nothing different in the UI whatsoever… but there are two new shortcut keys.

  • Alt+X will restore the last closed tab.
  • Alt+Q will bring up a screen to let you visually choose from the recently closed tabs:


You’ll notice there’s an Amazon ad at the bottom… you can turn that off by clicking the “Disable Product Bar” button on the toolbar, and then you’ll get this message:


I’m not entirely sure why they chose Amazon ads to integrate… but either way you can get rid of them. If you really like the software you can always donate some money their way.

Download IE7 Open Last Closed Tab from

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  • Published 01/21/08

Comments (11)

  1. Marty

    Good tip, I miss this feature when using IE7. PS: Avant Browser has this feature built-in.

  2. Peter

    Thanks for this tip. IE7 Pro also provides this and many other features. :)

  3. Chris

    I installed the add-on; however the shortcut Alt+X conflicts with the RoboForm Toolbar which uses the same shortcut to display the list of logins.

  4. Planet Lowyat

    Probably can try IE7PRO –

  5. Bobby

    what a dumb people in Redmond !
    Just add in internet options checkbox not to display ‘x’ close button on the tab so user will not close it accidentally.
    That is it, no need for plugin with ads !

  6. Zonker

    why cant you make it a right click option so I dont have to fumble between the mouse and keyboard?

  7. Jazili

    Cool…, I use the toolbar on firefox, it not only reopen the tab it can reopen closed window too…

    Great toolbar

  8. RUSS

    How do I get rid of the tabs bar in IE after I hit the expansion arrow in the favorites list. I would like to see the sub sites when I click on a folder without a tab bar.

  9. Michael

    The link is now dead and searching for “Recently Closed tabs” doesn’t give me anything immediately useful. Seriously, I don’t know WHY microsoft moves stuff around so much. MSDN links are notorious for this.

  10. crystal

    How do I remove the bab off of my internet 7 menu bar completely it wasnt there a few days ago i done system restore to get rid of it but its back up there again i dont like it. When i click on to try and close it all it says is new tab. I want it gone.

  11. Bob

    IE8 has this feature on it now, so no need for third-party software any longer!

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