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Remove Winamp Context Menu Items from Vista

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I get very tired of every application adding items to my Windows Explorer right-click menu and making it difficult to remove them. Winamp has an easy preferences panel to let you configure which items show up, but sadly it doesn’t seem to work in Windows Vista.

The problem is caused because the Winamp installer runs in administrator mode, which has access to add global menu items, but running Winamp as a regular user prevents you from modifying the items that are added by the installer.


Find Winamp in the start menu, and then right-click the entry and choose Run as administrator. This is the most important step!


Open the Winamp preferences from the system tray icon or otherwise, and then browse down to General Preferences \ Jump To File \ Shell Options.


Here’s where it gets interesting… if nothing is selected in this dialog, you should select all of the items and then de-select the ones you don’t want. This will “reset” the context menu items.


Now when you right-click on a folder you won’t see the items anymore. Just remember, the only way to add or remove the items is by launching the application in Administrator mode. (At least until they fix this problem).

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  • Published 09/18/07

Comments (11)

  1. Jon

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Now I thought this shell option was slowing down the right-click process, but it turns out that it’s still slow, even without the shell option. Even though it didn’t fix my biggest problem, it got rid of the annoying option! And if it did speed things up, that would have been fantastic, and this article would have done the trick! So, if my idea was correct (it wasn’t), you would have fixed my whole problem! I’m not quite sure if I expressed my feelings in the right words to get my point across, but Kudos!!!!!

  2. The Whiz

    Thanks, you nailed it on the head, three cheers for uncluttered context menus!

  3. seba

    My problem is the opposit, I want to add it to my context menu, if I do it like you said.(reverzed way) it’s doesn’t add it to my context meny, it resets the settings right away if I click away…

    can you help me?

  4. Dee


    i was searching online trying to find the solution to my problem and i got directed to this article

    i hope you can help me and here is my problem:

    I have a windows vista home edition with the winamp 5.531 version installed in it.

    I’ll be giving my pc to my grandma and I want to remove as many programs as possible since she is not that savvy with computer so that she doesn’t get confused.

    My problem now is that, I have already un-installed winamp properly but everytime I right-click a video or mp3 file it shows the Enqueue and Play options. I need to have them removed.

    HELP please

  5. Grant

    Thanks for this article! Exactly what I needed… I hadn’t even guessed about the administrator privileges causing this.

    To the poster above (Dee), I’m guessing you’ll need to reinstall Winamp, then follow the instructions on this page, then uninstall it.

  6. neonix

    I actually have the opposite problem here. I want Enqueue in Winamp to show up, but I can’t get it to. Not by running as Adminstrator or otherwise. Running 32bit Vista.

  7. elephant

    I was looking to see how to disable the shell menu when you right click on, for example, an MP3 file, this doesn’t remove the PLAY IN WINAMP or ENQUEUE, I did discover on my own how to accomplish this task. Simply go to this path in the registry
    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Winamp.File.MP3] and delete the entire key. That will delete the shell for MP3s only, if you want to do it to other files like Ogg Vorbis, just delete the associated extensions. Remember to back up your registry before deleting anything from it, even if you’re experienced.

  8. jd2066

    @elephant: For that case you could also just disable the options in the Winamp File Types preferences.

  9. elehant

    i did that and it did not change the menu on an mp3 file, if I did a right click on the mp3 file it still listed play in winamp and enqueue. trust me I went the simple route first.

  10. Gary

    I also have the opposite problem. I’ve been playing with settings and I was able to get it to show “enqueue in winamp” if I right click on a folder, but if I right click on an mp3, I can’t get it to show enqueue in winamp.” What should I do?

    I’m using 64bit Vista.

  11. Howard Rock

    How do i know which toolbar to use on vista Home Premium

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