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Registry Hack to Disable Writing to USB Drives

A common security concern at organizations is allowing users to plug in a usb flash drive, because they could so easily copy corporate data.

Since Windows XP SP2, you can disable writing to USB devices altogether using a simple registry hack. Here it is:


You can also just download one of the following registry tweaks to enable or disable writing to USB drives.

Enable USB Write

Disable USB Write

Once you use the registry hack, you will have to reboot for the changes to take effect. One should also note that if you are using this trick, you should make sure that the users are not administrators on the computer, because they could easily change this setting back.

This works on Windows Vista as well. Here’s the window you’ll get when you try and write to a USB drive:

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  • Published 03/9/07

Comments (82)

  1. Terinea Tech Tips

    Nice Tip!

    Great looking web site, I’ll be back soon!


  2. C.X.

    How do you prevent employees from copying corporate data to a remote website where they can download it at their leisure?

  3. The Geek


    Typically in an environment that is locked down, you’d have logging on the firewall of all traffic, and probably the majority of outgoing ports would be blocked.

    Firewall is the only way to prevent something like that.

  4. G Christie

    This is a great tip, but would this also prevent access to other usb devices like mice, keyboards and cameras?

  5. Ulldolf

    but what can i do, if the registry is write protected for me? I searched the web from east to west and from south to north ;o)
    but i can’t find a tip how to change the registry without rights.

  6. The Geek

    You have to be an administrator on the machine in order to make registry changes.

  7. Dave

    Elevation of privileges would be the only way for a (limited) user to make changes to the registry. Without using an exploit / malware, you’re pretty well done. Won’t post one here as my SysAdmin hat is on, but I’m sure if you were willing to lose your job, you could try it anyway…

  8. Loi

    i can’t find StoragDevicePolicies in the registry. How can I change the value?

  9. Dan

    Im the same as Loi, i dont have this item (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies) when i traverse regedit, therefore im not sure adding it in will make any difference… would i not expect to be seeing this item already?

  10. Nages

    Hi Guys,

    We want to disable write option in CDROM Drive. Which mean the users can copy data from CD to Harddsik and and prevent copy data from harddisk to CD. how to do this in GPO. (win2003 Server)


  11. JoeG

    To prevent users from copying data to another site, use a filtering proxy (like Dans Guardian), in concert with the firewall to keep unneeded ports closed (IPCOP is a good one).

    This solution has been working great for me for years.

    You can also prevent USB writing with GPO as noted here:

    Preventing CDROM write access can be done a couple ways, as noted here:

    And without privilege elevation, there is no way for a non administrative user to write to the registry. There are several methods to gain this ability from a standard user account, however I would strongly suggest that you not attempt it, as if you don’t already know how to do it, and your IT department is anything like mine, they WILL know, and you very likely WILL be fired. Even if you manage to get away with it initially, they WILL find out eventually.

  12. ramon

    how would you do the same thing in a windows 2000 enviroment.

  13. vishal

    i cant find the ‘StorageDevicePolicies’ ???????//

    what should i do????????

  14. Wakasyaka Emmanuel

    the registry disabling of the usb is the best thing that ever happened to me. i have a communial laptop and telling one not to pop in their flash is telling them to actually do so, i have a project to work on and they will see it but never copy the damn thing. thanks so much i will always be around.

  15. janedoe

    would this hack disable usb for all users even for the administrator?

  16. janedoe

    is there a hack to disable usb read-write for normal users only? i mean a hack that would require administrative rights to enable usb read-write?

    thanks in advance

  17. Ulldolf

    @DAVE: Of Course, we will all lose our jobs, if we try to write the registry without an admin account. Maybe we will be arrested, too. And then the lethal injection will come and we all have to die ;o)

  18. Nagendra

    OK it’s great tip. But I am a traveling from system to system only for using my Pen Drive data. It is not possible to change every system registry. Is there any software, which act as “Write Protect Notch” in floppy drive.

  19. Wakasyaka Emmanuel

    hi guyz.
    thought bout this already?
    with the many people having usb sticks for carrying all their data, i think its important for us to try protecting that data. this is how we do it. we creat a small program that locks the registry and hence the modification of the flash content when i insert the flash and will run in that mode so that i can invoke it while still running to enable writing of specified files then close again. its better than an anti virus coz then the viruses will remain in the host computer wishing they could do something. get your mind working we need to render this viruses jobless. or what is your thought is my approach good enough to handle what i imagine? if not feel free to give me a way to go bout it. Geeks for life

  20. Arviragus

    A pointless exercise. An organization can lock down a system as much as they want, but as soon as they provide a cell phone that can use a memory card (i.e. Blackberry), or provide’s an employee with a laptop, you can just wave as your data walks out your door. As the adage goes, “if you make ‘XYZ’ illigal, only criminals will do ‘XYZ’.”

  21. john

    jus out of curiosity i wus lke to know if a cell phone that can use a memory card like nokia n72 will do the same???

  22. barbara ann

    can someone tell me how to get my system sound and all sound back on my computer after installing MagicJack a usb device??

  23. Massive Attack

    Nice work

  24. Abhi

    How do I enable the disabled USB for pendrive in windows vista?

  25. Waqas bhatti

    i hv just downloaded the disable write protection file.lets see its works or not
    i’ll tell u soon whn i’ll reboot it once
    thnx 4 the help in advance coz i suppose it will work
    Take care

  26. justin

    Works like a charm even on vista, was wondering is it possible to only block write access on specific usb devices using device hardware ids ???

  27. CO

    Thank you! Suddenly, my usb camera drive wouldn’t let me make changes or delete photos. I’m the only one who uses the drive and the only one with access, so I had no idea what went wrong. It’s been annoying the heck out of me for weeks and using your information, it’s fixed!

  28. Bobby

    I tried this fix for the same problem I am having with my SD Card. It still says that it is write protected. Is there a different fix for an SD Card? I am running Vista with SP1.

  29. Harun Rasheed

    I tried and its working fine. but its block the usb data card access also. did u have any policy to work with USB datacard simultaneously by using usb port

  30. JCates

    First of all, I would like to say this is a great site and thank you for everything you do to help the IT community.

    Secondly, the information and registry script (as well as the user comment on CD R/W) has been very useful. Especially with HIPPA rules and regulations in the medical field..

    Thank You Again.

  31. shan killer

    tKKKzzz <3 (:

  32. chiqman

    i try so many more ,it dost work. from 1 unit my usb write protect . now become 4 of my usb become write protect … mati wo what should i do . the registry make my problemn become worst please help me ..

  33. ixion

    how is it possible to block IRC? (i know irrelevant to this post) i want to unblock it…

  34. Sunil

    How do I enable the disabled file copy in USB for pendrive in windows2000?

  35. sunny

    My USB actually became write protected accidently. I don’t know how but i suspect it was because i shut down the computer before safely removing the USB drive. I used the software given on this page but it doesnt appear to work. Is there a registry hack to enable writing on a USB for windows vista? the one on this page is for disabling


  36. sona

    I can’t find the storagedevicepolicies in the registry.what should i do?

  37. Nikunj

    Is it possible to block specific sites for users while they are using data cards ?

  38. farhan

    how can i enable my pendrive “automaticaly” by just plugging the device with no change in registry edit “manualy(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet \Services\UsbStor)”

  39. Indra

    how can I enable write protect on windows 2000
    I have try this [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies]
    “WriteProtect”=dword:00000001 on windows 2000
    But not response.
    Please help me.
    Thank You.

  40. Adnan

    how to write in USB pen drive or HDD

  41. Reshad Yari


    how to set password whene we plugin the usb to computer?

  42. fransisca ravendra

    it still can’t fix it…….
    what should i do now???

  43. vikrant


    I need some help above registry changes are very very helpfull, But if i want to if anyone try to copy from USB, that time they should unable to copy from USB But able to paste from System

  44. Godofredo Pisngot

    if you cant find storageDevicePolicies.. download add.bat

  45. harish

    Hey i cant change registry key s because my login is student my admin blocked all the registry key pleas help me,

  46. sumith

    how to disable write protected in vista using registry key.
    thank you

  47. Yan Naing

    That’s Great for me.
    Thanks You a million.

  48. K V Rao

    Cany any one help me to get rid of several viruses / trojans that are getting detected on my pendrive, but they are not being removed because the virus has modified some thing and now the disk has become write protected. I tried the registry editor option but it is not working. Please help

  49. pradip tanwar

    thank u sir buc. i have cyber cafe in khargone nd i m very tayed for this prociss so thank u………..for give ans to me

  50. Tim GJ

    It no work for me. Help!

  51. buntheng

    please help how can i block USB by regedit or other software in window xp sp1 and block Drive(HDD) don’t other to see drive .

  52. rajesh

    my usb device is write protected. how to solve this problem???????????

  53. kur

    Thank You so much. My USB basically locked out all write of all pendrive after I used the new memorex pendrive lock for that particular flash drive. Each time I insert other pen drives, it automatic reject write mode. After I use your enable hack, everything is back to normal. You guys rock.

  54. John

    how to disable write protected in XP SP3 using registry key.
    thank you

  55. Opey

    This one doesn’t work for me. Is there any other way how to fix my usb. Write Protection is still here ;D

  56. Samehere

    I am in the same boat as those ^^ guys.
    I have local admin rights. Xp sp3 (which is
    Missing the “writeprotect” dword. I’ve read that only sp2 or earlier allows that reg change to enable writes.

    Enable USB writes on a pc that it’s disabled on. Xp sp3

  57. Nazim

    Hello I can Access my USB but i am not able to format any thing from it i have used above Disabling Trick and restart the computer but STILL I AM NOT ABLE TO FORMAT MY USB PEN DRIVE it is still saying my USB is write protected and i am using VISTA Ultimate final Version and my USB dont have any kind of lock . plz reply me soon waiting 4 your response thanks

  58. Nazim

    Sorry ITS DONE for those who want to Remove USB Write protection just do this FOR VISTA
    2.regedit (Run it with Administrator)
    3.CTRL+F (enter)
    4.Search this .. StorageDevicePolicies Right side there is Writeprotect set it to 0
    6.if you see at left side you will notice step 5 is expand from the folder … ControlSet001>Control>StorageDevicePolicies

    7.Now Expand ControlSet002>Control>StorageDevicePolicies and SET .. Writeprotect to 0

    Thats it close the registry now your write protection is Removed
    (Miiiiiiight be you need restart)

  59. dante

    Very Thank Yooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  60. jeff c

    Does this work for windows 7? or is there anything like it out there?

  61. Persian Golf

    Tnx alot.
    it’s so benefid.

  62. JOHN M

    please assist….i’m having the same issue on SP3…..

  63. Abhishek Bula

    Thanks ….. really very helpful
    is this ragistry will work on windows 7 also ?

  64. Vagus

    An issue which TrueCtypt 7.0a can’t/won’t resolve. Nothing relevant in any forums either.

    TC Volume/container is write-protected on some equipment.

    My XP sp3 was previously using TC 6.1 sans issues but since a coupla days ago, after dl TC 7.oa, the problem manifested.

    My HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\CurrentControlSet\Control\ only goes as far as \Control – nothing ’bout storage etc.

    When I look at … Control\FileSystem I find
    which I don’t see as pertinent; but even if it is I wouldna know what to do with it anyway

    Can someone throw me a line please?

  65. Wizard

    Hey Vagus…….. you aint seein anythin less than what you expect to see … just download the files and it will install by itself walla!!! no problemo!!!! and re-start your engine after then check your registry and you’ll be seeing those folders you lookin…

  66. samrang

    not suitable for usb te

  67. vijay

    this is not working on windows 2003

  68. Will

    How would you stop someone from copying a file off of a USB drive? Is there any way other than drm?

  69. Vikas

    Symantec DLP (Data Loss Prevention) is very handy for protection of any sensitive data in the organization.

  70. king

    awesome sharing. thank you very much

  71. gigi

    Hey boys GIRLS too, ONE EXCELLENT SITE. Fine content rich.
    Right off the bat, oh no, I had to type that, and now I have to share my infamous favorite phrase …… “Holy nutjobs Batman”, “I know Robin, bat ‘_ _ _ _!’ crazy.” Just sharing a fav in the labs lately, anywayzzzzzz KICK bleep! you guys(ang gals) ROCK!

  72. Vijay Bisht

    It is not working in Win 2003 or 2008

  73. Rizwan

    my usb device is write protected. how to solve this problem?

  74. Suria

    After we disabled the USB port, can the mouse (which attached through the USB port) operates?

  75. FRANCY


  76. NAYYAR

    good that worked n THANKS

  77. Joe

    Thanks good works Prof.


    Hello to u all dears, Sir! yours attempts for the system as to disable the WRITE PROTECTION was efficient, but un fortunately by doing so I could not format my XD card, there might be an other problem. Well sir so nice of you, like your good experts and by resorting them, how we would be un able to conduct a task against any untoward incident. Well THANK YOU again sir n TAKE CARE bye.


    Sir would u like to tell about the HEX EDITOR program so as to format the storage devices? specially XD cards!

  80. shailesh

    khote sangato way

  81. Kaypraise

    Thank u very much. I have been looking for how to solve this kind of problem b4, but now I got it.

    The only problem that I am pacing now is my system is showing the following message:

    “Cannot import C:\Users\Kano\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DI00.310\ Error accessing the registry.”

    Please I shall be waiting to here from u.


  82. Nader

    Thanks alot

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