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How to Change the Registered PC Owner in Any Version of Windows

If you’ve ever wondered how to change the name of the person that Windows is registered to, this is the quick tip for you. It’s not all that useful, but it might come in handy if you got a computer from somebody else.

Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search box or by pressing WIN + R to open the Run box and typing it there, and then locate the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion


Now you can find the RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization keys in the right-hand pane. Change them to whatever values you want.

To show off the new changes, just type winver.exe into the start menu search box or WIN + R run box to see the About Windows box:

Kinda useless, but one of those things I have to write about if I want to cover everything :)

This should work in all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

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  • Published 09/25/12

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  1. Kyle

    Thank you for this!

    My new HP laptop automatically filled in their name in the organization box and every program I’d go to install later on would fill that in automatically. ugh.

  2. Dan

    Not a useless tip! I’ve been fighting for a way to do this for a couple months now.

  3. boring man

    It is only for Vista??
    How about others windows version??

  4. Coco Loco

    thanks…this is usefull, indeed.

  5. Rosy C.

    Definitely not useless! I had no idea how to change this. I inherited this office computer and never knew how to update with my name. Thank you!

  6. Rockin' Rich

    I’d like to know how to do something similar to that on OSX. I still have the original owner of my MacBook Pro’s name on the home folder.

  7. azawalli

    This works for Windows XP also. I just successfully did it.

  8. HBK

    well, it works with 2000 at least :) probly xp too.

  9. Trevor

    *saves to* Oh thank you for this WONDERFUL tip! I just used it and it works (I’m on WinXP). I’ll try to remember this the next time I run into this problem…as it happens frequently.

  10. Ciprian

    You can do this using a free application called Change Owner v1.0.
    It is small and free. Works both with Windows Vista and Windows XP.

  11. Smita

    it changed the registered owner name.
    but when i hybernate my laptop, and it try to relogin with the admin login, it shows the name of the previous owner. how do i change that?

  12. trukbob

    Cheers mate! For your info on how to change the registered windows user name. Been anoyin me for ages and I thought it couldnt be done. But thx to you my problem has been solved.

  13. Jeff Coleman

    That was great info, I was looking all over for that. I had changed every other “registered to” but couldn’t find that one. AWESOME Thanks,

  14. Tim Potter

    Your tip on how to change the owner name was not worthless. I have a situation where I bought a computer from a guy due to a cash flow problem, with the gentalmen’s agreement he could buy it back if he found the money. He did, but I had already put my name as the computer’s owner. Now I can sell it back with the computer saying he owns it.


  15. The Geek

    Well, I’m very glad that this tip came in handy for so many people… I had no idea it would be so popular!

  16. Debela Kumssa

    i change the rigister owner name but after i restart it i clicked my computer and properties to check if the changes activeted but it is still with the previous owner name how can i change it under my name thank you

  17. Paul

    re:Quick Tip: Change the Registered Owner in Windows

    Many thanks, this has given a new lease of life an old laptop we obtained.

  18. m

    I’ve the registered owner’s name successfully in my XP, but the old file extensions still show the old name. How do I change them as well?

  19. m

    I’ve successfully changed the registered owner’s name, but my file extenstions still contain the old name. Any way I can change that too? Thanks!

  20. Jose Gutierrez

    Thank you for the helpful info. on how to change register name on a pc. I now know where to come if I have any future problems.

  21. Jose Gutierrez

    Thank you for the helpful info. on how to change register name on a pc. I now know where to come for any future computer problemx.

  22. Dean Head

    I thought it was extremely helpful information! I was very troubled by the previous owners name on the screen since I like to have the whole thing just mine (Yeah, I know it’s a little off the wall, but I bought the thing). SO thanks a lot, it was truly appreciated!


  23. Balot

    Thanks! It works for my XP based PC.

  24. Dave

    Thanks a bunch. I was just about to blow the drive away and start anew. Not useless by any stretch of the imagination.

  25. Chris

    Thank you so much. I have been looking for a way to do this for over 6 months.

  26. Alan

    NOT too useless. I am selling a laptop to my girlfriend, and it has my previous girlfriends name on it!

  27. The Geek


    If I were you, I’d be reformatting just to make sure… nothing worse than getting caught with the ex’s name somewhere!

  28. Susan

    Geek, thank you for this tip. I’m setting up my old PC XP-Pro for my father and I do not now how to remove my name at the startup and in Documents & Settings? When I try to rename, system responds with “Susan is a Windows system folder….. It cannot be moved or renamed.”

    Thanks for any advice.

  29. Zilent Five

    Thank you very much it works…:)

  30. Joyce

    Thank you very much for the useful information. Everything looks good except for the file extensions. As I go save a document, the previous owner of my laptop (vista) still has her name following my name. How can I completely wipe her name out? Any tips? Thank you

  31. craigcu

    NOT useless!
    I actually found this myself by opening RegEdit and guessing for search entries. Tedious.
    I wish I hadda seen this first!

    Thank you.

  32. offdutyhero82

    This has been doing my head in for so long.
    You have made my day cheers mate.

  33. Sally

    this is great, many thanks

  34. Aussie

    Thanks mate!

  35. Alex

    THANKS!!! I was successfully able to change my computers name to my own from : Staples Store#1047 :) :) :) :)

  36. Claudia

    Hi, I did that on my to my computer but then under C:\Users it says Clarence not Claudia. I registered the computer under Clarence but after doing that and all sorts of other stuff, I still cannot change the Clarence under C:\Users to Claudia. Any Ideas?

  37. Shiva

    Thank you very much it works

  38. aSToViRuS

    AMAZING! Thanks a lot! Even a little better:
    create a text file, call it RegisterOwner.reg or whatever .reg you want. Open it, and paste this code:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]
    “RegisteredOrganization”=”My Organization”
    “RegisteredOwner”=”My Name”

    Change organization and registered name. Save. Run .reg file. DONE!

  39. Rath

    Hey, it is useful, trust me! In my case, when the staff at [major PC retail outlet] did some installs on my brand new laptop for me and… spelt my name wrong when setting it up. *sigh* That would’ve driven me batty for the rest of my machine’s natural life – so thank you so much for the painless how-to guide!

  40. theone

    WOW ABOUT TIME MAN lol i been searching for a way to get rid of this computers user name for so long even though i changed everything it would still say the old computer name and mine and this finally helped me change everything and i feel gratified.


    Many thanks from Israel!
    Finally there is no more any little nerve-racking issues in MY GOOD NAME laptop :)))

  42. lwl

    your truly a GOD send my friend, thanks for so much involved work you do for us poor folks with antique equipment. You see Ive never had a new pc or notebook, your advice has been paramount.

  43. Lizzy

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I had tried to do this for days and couldn’t figure it out. Thank you so much for this!

  44. Dano

    Did not work for me, I still previous owner’s name everywhere — comments in Excel, default folders, Outlook. Very frustrating> I would not recommend buying Vista until its debugged.

  45. Bob

    Several UNANSWERED questions here.

    How to change the Folder Name under “My Documents and Settings” to the new user?

  46. Tim

    I agree with Bob.

    – Comments in Excel or Word are still auto-filled with the previous owner’s name
    – “My Documents and Settings” still has the old owner’s name and everything defaults to this — saving files, music, etc.

    After reading that comment where Alan was going to sell his laptop to his new girlfriend with his old girlfriend’s name removed, I wonder if the former girl friend’s name might still pop up. Good luck to you on that :-)

    Still it a good start, I have my name on the Winver.exe so I am in there somewhere.

  47. Letty

    Actually, this was extremely useful and easy. I just started using Vista and it was frustrating to see the name of the previous user everywhere! Thanks. :)

  48. Natalie

    to change it in my documents, etc. go to control panel, users and change the name there.

  49. m

    I changed the user name before the computer name and it still shows the old one in all file names – new and old. Sometimes shows both new and old names. I’ve looked into it and found there’s commercial software available for changing file names, but knowing nothing about it I’m afraid to try. Any ideas?

  50. Tim

    Thank you Natalie :-) My bad totally, I have, in fact, added my account in the Control Panel and cannot delete the old one. I am new with Vista so any help is appreciated. The file organization appears different:

    c:\user\”various user names, and herein is the problem”\”various folders including ‘documents’ ‘my music’ and ‘desktop’.

    There are two users now, me and the previous user, let’s say Tim (that’s me) and let’s use the name Darth Vader (the previous user). My desktop, my ‘save’ defaults are all Darth’s. Darth even is credited with any new documents I develop. If I make a note in an Excel Spreadsheet, Darth’s name is auto-filled. If I install a new program, you guessed it, Darth owns it.

    On the flip side, since Darth previously used “save my password on this site” I found myself accidentally accessing one of his web accounts. Definitely not good.

    Our IT person is looking into it and is thinking that a new install is the only way to fix this. I am not liking that either.

    — Desperate in DC

  51. Natalie Nicole

    OMG thank you – I hated having the ‘owner’ beside the path file in the network discovery area.

  52. mytex

    Thanks for this advice. The change registered owner works great – (windows XP) but I still can track down how to get rid (actually rename) the original user in the documents & settings folder in windows explorer. It comes up with ” is a windows system folder and is required for windows to run properly. It cannot be removed or renamed”. Others on this thread seem to have the same problem – any ideas? Thanks.

  53. Peter

    This info is definitely not useless. If I were an expert with computers, I would not be looking for this sort of info. I have been trying for months to do this for an inherited pc without success. Thanks!!!

  54. Jane

    Thanks so much!

  55. JRock

    OMG!!!! Thank you!!! Not useless at all!!!

  56. Aaron

    I’ve changed my name everywhere possible: user, registration, etc, but when I save any file it still shows the old users name in the file extension. Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Her name\Desktop. Any advise?

  57. jd2066

    @Aaron: That is because you can’t change the profile folder location. You can create a new user account and move the old files to it to get a path with your name in it.
    If you have any other questions, post them in the forums.
    You may want to search it first though as that question has been asked before.

  58. Lars

    It worked great on XP SP2 Home Edition:D

  59. Brandon

    Not useless! This was very helpful to me as I needed it to correct a search indexing problem in Picasa 3. Thanks!

  60. Billy Lefebvre

    Thanx for this registered owners name change information. I changed girlfriends and well you can guess the trouble I was having. My new girlfriend is happy now, or at least will have to bitch about sommething else now!!!

  61. Afrim

    Thank you!!!

  62. Kathryn

    Thank you so much for this having the wrong owner name on everything has been driving me mad!

  63. Manny

    Question:on mine it just says Default on all of the options,and i don’t see any Registered owner option or any of the ones in the pic,it just has this in every folder Name:Default Type:REG_SZ Data:(value not set)

  64. Bill Miller

    Thanks, you rule! I despised seeing “Fry’s Electronics” everywhere!!

  65. microsoft404

    people seem to have problems when trying to disable UAC when they go through the steps windows acts like its disabling before a reboot but only for the user client login see after a restart the login screen still apears. and dident really shut off. Here is why Before you turn off UAC user account control its a must that you remove all passwords from all logins only then will windows actually turn off the UAC when you don the right setings. as long as a password is on anyone login the UAC remains active with no error messages because this is a programing structure not a error. sorry for the miss spelled words.

  66. Greg

    Thank you for posting this. My comptuer was used and the owner it to me. Yet all my word documents said the author was the registered name. (Which wasn’t even the name of a log in when I recieved the comptuer.) Thanks again, and to anyone that is still wondering this works in XP and possible older version. Also going to run and inserting regedit.exe works too.

  67. ARVIND

    thankx it did work well

  68. Fraser

    Works on Windows Server 2003 :D

  69. compgenius999

    Not useless, it changed the name of the old owner of my laptop, but after changing it, it suddenly caused my computer to crash and reboot twice for no reason, and some of my programs stll display the old name, or display nothing at all

  70. Debowrah

    This was a lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a trojan and had to wipe clean my computer, accidentally added an extra letter to my name, easy fix. I’m detailed like that- it would have irritated me so bad I would have wiped it again just to fix one letter.

  71. Matthew

    For those of you who are wanting to COMPLETELY wipe out older user names from your computer, here are the steps:

    1. Open “Run” in your start menu
    2. Type “control userpasswords2”
    3. Click on the old name and click “properties”
    4. Change the old name to your name
    5. Restart your computer
    6. Viola! Problem fixed!!

  72. Colm

    Been trying to change this for 5 years. I really should have done a Google search sooner! Great tip, thanks.

  73. Jessica

    I’m about to restart my computer and see if that worked!!! I’ve been working of trying to change this for a few months now.

  74. Tap3w0rm

    I wrote a program to change the registry entries so you don’t have to muck about in the registry. Works for Windows XP and VISTA. However with windows vista you must right click on the program and select ‘Run as Administrator’ or the program won’t have sufficient access to the registry.

  75. chastin

    I used this tip to change the values in XP and it worked.

  76. ss

    thankx a lot mathew, it helped me a lot. but i am encountering one more problem, my laptop still shows 2 owner names, one in capital letters and other in small letters….wat should i do?

  77. Mina

    Hi, I just put my PC up for sale and thanks I was hoping to wipe it clean before I sold it. I didn’t want my name on there. I just put “Owner” and a set of instructions on how to put on their name. Thank You so much. Also I just wanted to know since my new computer isn’t PC if I can do the same thing to my Macbook. I also bought it used and was wondering if I could change my name without taking it in the the Apple store?
    Thanks Again

  78. Travis

    Indeed, not useless at all! I bought a nice brand new laptop off a guy who’d just been laid off and needed rent money… so this helped me!!!

  79. Rick

    Helpful for anyone who “repurposes” computers to others in the family (my wife inherits mine, hers goes to the oldest, etc.).

  80. ray

    it wont work on my vista it says default value name please help

  81. YP

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

  82. TT

    I installed an a few applications with the permission of my previous employer (who provided me with the key to install) to install Excel, Word and PwrPoint onto my home computer. I’ve used all of the tips above and then some to find the Organization name and remove it from these applications. It’s hauting me. I can’t find it and I don’t want this name on any of my documents. It shows up in all of the headers and footers. (There is a basic header and footer that has “confidential” in the drop down as a format to use) The company name is being pulled from the software or registery somewhere. HELP I want it out! Deleting it doesn’t work. It’s something way bigger than the application. Searched the registry completely – nothing.

  83. TT

    P.S. Oh and the applications were installed well after the OS was installed.

  84. Tawana

    Thanks so much this worked fine you guys are great thanks again.

  85. Matthew

    If you are running a 64-bit version of windows you also need to change the same two entries in…
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]

    At least this is the case for me with Windoes 7 Ultimate 64-bit

  86. Gemini Girl

    Will the original name be gone forever or somewhere in the hardrive?

  87. Paul Hunstad

    Thanks for the tip.. I found it very useful.

  88. Marmie

    Thank you so much!!!! this was an excellent help… really… i am grateful..

    more power…

  89. Elsie

    THANKYOUUUUUU SOOOOOOO MUCH..!!!! this has beeeen soooo useful..!!! i really appreciate this.!! :)

  90. Joseph

    Thanks Matthew! No offense, but the other advice was useless to me, it didn’t work.

  91. satya

    Geek & Mathes -> perfect solution.
    Further for those having problem with MS office registration entries (-> TT )

    1. Just open Word application.
    2. open Options in Tools menu. User information and change details as required.
    4. job done
    verify, thanks

  92. robert

    I have another question related to windows registration on a laptop.
    My brother bought a laptop with vista on it, but did not receive any cd’s.
    at the moment the windows version is legaly registered on this pc, meaning genuine.
    Since the computer is slow and has lots of stuff installed he doesn’t need, he’d like to format the pc.

    Is it possible (and legal) to use another windows vista installation cd (exact same ersion), but use the original serial key installed on his laptop right now?
    How is a serial key of windows vista linked to a pc (by MAC address, or what)?

    Cheers, R.

  93. Earl

    Ok so I did a rent to own on my new Dell computer. everytime I send a file to someobody it comes up as c/user // aarons as the file sender or c drive owner. How do I change this??? I tried these steps and they didnt work. I even changed the name but it seems to stil come up as this

  94. Rajat

    KUDOS man!! Ur tip Saved my job…

  95. Hatsuka Yanasongu

    hey, thanks guys.

  96. BT

    Thanks. Easy to follow, and worked great!!

  97. Teddykhil

    Bloody rippa mate. Works in Windows 7 Ultimate no probs at all. thanks for the info.

  98. Graham

    To change all the registered names: follow the route at the top of this thread and also go to Winlogon key,also in Currentversion, where another four entries reside.

  99. Elisabeth

    I really appreciate the easy to follow instructions for changing the registered owner. I definitely couldn’t find it on my own. Works for Windows7. Thanks for your free help!

  100. Andrea

    Matthew /Geek

    Thank you for putting up simple instructions for things I’ve been seeking desperately to do for a while now. HOWEVER, I’ve done everything you mentioned Matthew (as I wish to COMPLETELY remove the previous user) and while doing the steps, I found everything as explained and it all appeared to be making the changes, but when I restart, that dang previous owner’s name in Docs & Setting is still there!!!!! I’m pulling my hair out and will explode this computer soon if I can’t figure this out! ;-) I have XP Home running on a Del lnspiron 5100 . . . I don’t see XP listed in the tags for this article so I’m wondering if that changes what I need to do? Ayuda, por favor!

  101. Andrea

    OH – and wondering if it matters which Regedit I open to work within? I see several – one that is in all caps in folder C:\I386 and another in lowercase in folder C:\Windows. Thanks so much!

  102. sus

    Most excellent. I officially changed my name 5 years ago and have been struggling to get my computer updated all that time. Thanks again. sus

  103. Hubert

    Thanks for the tips. Very useful.

  104. K

    it didnt work for me, my registry only listed default, and when trying to modify it had the value shaded in where the name is supposed to be. Can anyone help?

  105. Wayne

    Thanks very much for this tip, was always frustrated that my User/Owner names were different. I had the desktop built and the guy registered something different. I know it’s more aesthetical for me, but nice to see my name come up as Owner.

  106. Lakeya Ned

    OMG!!! Thank you so much… it worked you just have to take your time.. This is not useless cause it annoys me to see best buy as the owner. if i lost my computer i would want to be able to identify it.. thank you so much for taking time out to help

  107. Merryl Rosenthal

    You’re the only one who explained the process clearly. Thank you!!

    Cheers. :)

  108. Melissa

    Thank you so much I have been trying to figure this out for weeks now!!

  109. Nyks

    I wondering if I could ever do this on my own your. Thanks a lot for your help you are awesome

  110. Anaristos

    This works fine up to a point. Still, when I get a stack dump it says that the registered ownr is Microsoft / Microsoft. I certainly don’t remember them paying for my machine.

  111. Sacry

    Good tip. Thanks for this!

  112. Ginalash

    Hello Geek! Actually this is a great trick!! I just bought a used netbook and this help me out. Thank you, dear! I would hug you if I can, hehe.

  113. Rick

    This was very cool, I just completed the task in Windows XP

  114. JASON


  115. Robert

    yep still usefull gave a laptop to sombody and they changed the owner and company before handing it back ! spend ages looking for the setting to fix it cheers !

  116. hassankmalik

    If I change the name & organization in my Windows 7, I was wondering if my Anti Virus (Bitdefender Total Security 2010) still work cause when I installed it (Bitdefender), it used my Default name (exactly the way it shows under windows registration) and got itself registered with my same default name.

    A quick response will be really appreciated….

  117. someone

    OMG! Thank you! This has been bugging the living crap out of me! I normally don’t venture into RegEdit unless I feel like quite possibly having to re-do the whole OS. But thank you, thank you, thank you!

  118. Ghardner

    It’s perfect, I appreciate your insight. I sorted out this within a mere 1 minute. Koo doos

  119. Shadee

    Thanks Soooo Much for the tip!!! I really didn’t want to have someone elses name on here forever! =)

  120. nailpounder

    Well–again my vista home premium just said NOT! All I have in the registry window is hkey_local_machine. Thats it, none of the rest was there. No software, microsoft, nt nothing. Any suggestions?

  121. Karleen Mauldin

    Again, NOT a useless tip! Yes, it was wonderful to have been GIVEN another computer. After loading all my usual software & browsers, favorites, etc. to make the computer “mine” it was very frustrating seeing that other person’s name when Windows would request permission to do something!! Thank you!!

  122. Rami

    Thank you. Interestingly, winver.exe shows Windows 7 as version 6.1, which is an admission that it’s not much different from Vista.

  123. NVSS

    Works with windows 7 and Vista

  124. kristen

    I brougth a netbook and put in in my other halfs by accident and was looking for away to change it over and this was a great help thanks.

  125. DzhaA

    Thanks so much!

  126. Jerry

    This is a great tip. The store where I had Win 7 installed, spelled my name incorrectly. Played around (unsuccesfully) with user accounts etc. trying to change it. Very easy to follow your instructions. Thanks.

  127. Lisa

    Still a useful tip. I hated seeing “Gateway” as the owner and having to change it whenever it was automatically populated in some programs. Thanks so much!

  128. Pilgrim

    Thank you.

  129. Stefford

    That is great. Thanks!

  130. Melodie

    Bless your soul. I used a jokey name and had regrets more or less instantly.

  131. batsdude

    This is a heck of a lot faster way then the method whereby you have to make the current administrator acct. a guest, after making a new user acct & allowing the new “guest” acct to have admin. rights, and then going back and deleting the old admin. Confusing as the ‘old’ way i know how to do it is, I’m just wonderin, do you get to have same admin. rights this way? I don’t see how you could.

  132. Greg

    Worked well! Still useful information! I also changed my documents name from the original owner by going to start, right click, click on properties, change the name portion in the path that comes up on the screen, it says path does not exist do you want to open a new path?, click yes, it will ask if you want to transfer all of the documents from the old account to the new one, click yes. Done deal!!

  133. Sarah

    Not useless at all!!! I was so tired of looking at my ex-husband’s last name attached to my first after the divorce. Yea for my maiden name!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  134. LarryS

    Definitely not useless. I bought a Toshiba laptop for my business, and when I was sending faxes Windows Fax and Scan was plugging “Toshiba” in the business name field. Now I have changed it!

  135. Raznarukus

    Ok so I wanted to change my name but the right way so ALL the folders are changed is to go to

    1. Start menu and type in regedit.
    2.Open regedit and click on the file folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER
    3. Go to Volatile Environment and the names should pop up to change.

    I went and changed each name on each string. (easy if you type your name once than copy it so you can paste it in the other string changes)

    ps If you do not know how to change a string, double click on the name of the string. It will open and type the name you want…..

  136. Virginia Atkins

    I do not know how to change a string

  137. Tuhel

    I tried regedit.exe for finding registry editor,but i am not found like that so is there any other way to remove register name?

  138. James

    But what about the document and settings path? None of these has worked for that. If it is impossible, please just tell us!

  139. mechele

    raznarukus that exactly what worked!!! every other way gave me dupicates. Then I couldnt pull up regedit until i authorized it. and the “string ” was no biggie, i just right clicked and in the list i chose modify and then carefully inserted my name where old owner was and left the rest of the string alone. Its easy! i was chicken cuz I have caused serious errors in my wrong clicks in the past. THANK YOU for this help

  140. kevin

    Thanks this was a good guide to follow for windows 7

  141. K Ross

    Thanks for the tips. You’ve helped a lot folks.

  142. Javier

    I am so glad someone out there in the net provided this nugget of gold information.

  143. Not Rodger

    This is exactly what I was looking for, if anyone is looking to change the actual c:/users/ folder, just create another tempoary account, copy all the documents and other stuff you need from the incorrect user folder, delete that user and recreate the user you want, copy all the documents you wanted back.

  144. anony

    I’m so happy to have found this.

    My computer has been registered to “asshole” for a long time, and I’ve been embarrassed to send important files to someone who might see this…

  145. FresnoDick

    Doesn’t work for me; the listed keys were not found in the Windows NT folder. (Using XP)

  146. Melvin

    Works on a Windows 7 Netbook. Awesome quick tip! Thank you! xD

  147. Nasi

    thank u

  148. NormD

    If you are running Windows 7 X64 (and probably XP-64 or Vista 64) you will want to search your registry for additional locations where the RegisteredOrganization and RegisteredOwner values are assigned. You will find an additional entry under the hive
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

    When 32-bit applications are installed, their installation program will retrieve the user and organization from the Wow6432 section rather than the location originally described.


  149. Scott

    I have two old computers I want to donate to goodwill.
    P3/666Mhz/30gig and P2/300Mhz/6gig both with Windows 98
    I tried your idea of going to
    “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion”
    and could find nothing. I searched all over the HKEYs and still nothing.
    When I right click over “My Computer” I get a screen about the computer and I am listed as the registered owner. I would like to take my name off so I can donate them. How can I do that? THANKS Scott

  150. ton

    FINALLY.. The EASIEST to understand among others. I search and search how to change username.. and i tried all to the others. but unfortunately, i couldn’t understand a thing.. too complicated.. but with your way, its just simple as ABC.. Thanks.. another info added to my list.. it helps a lot.

  151. Ray

    Thanks !
    Bought laptop from a friend. Might not have bothered some having all the cookies come up with someone elses name but it got on my tits. Cheers !

  152. Tim

    You so rock! I got this computer from my brother and I’ve been trying to change the registered users name from his wife’s to my own. Thank you so much.

  153. Datto

    nice easy way,no program needed!
    works for xp too..

  154. Corks

    good job!!

  155. still rocks

    Thank you! Very helpful!!

  156. texas

    Thank u!!
    veru useful!!
    works for win 7!!

  157. Brandon

    Hi Geek,

    I changed the registered owner in Windows Vista and it actually impaired the functioning of Windows. I have no backup of my registry. How I can fix this?

  158. r2d6.51

    Hey, Gecko,

    It’s not a useless tip. When I bought a practically brand new LT from a fellow grad student I don’t want his name showing up on the login & pc designator icons.

    I bought it, so it’s now my machine & should be so identified. Especially, when it’s still under warranty & the OEM software that came with this machine that’s worth quite a bit. Like Ofc 2010 Pro+, Adobe CS5, NERO, & host of other Student version software that retail is a small fortune..

    I appreciate you showing us goobers how you do this.

    Kudo’s for this & everything else you take the time to help others out there.

    Ya gotta a good heart on ya man God Bless.

  159. mr_newbie

    Please be careful on how you use this very helpful tool. After a change and a restart, some software may not run properly because it is expecting to see the same registered info as it has on its own registry.

  160. required

    It wasn’t useless when I initially set up Win 7 with the machine owner’s old account name then changed that account name to Admin and set up a vanilla guest account for daily use. Within the Admin account that switch left the initial username on the user folder and other places with no obvious clicky way to change it. Thanks for the registry info.

  161. Sam

    Thank You soo much!!!! This worked perfectly! I have been wondering how to do this for months… thanks again!!!!

  162. DAVE

    thank you
    that has bothered me for some time, now my machine says its mine

  163. Brandon


  164. Becky

    Thank you so so much for this. My computer recently got a new hardrive and the people at BestBuy set it up with my fathers name as he was the one paying the bill and I was hopeless as to how to change the name!

  165. Alex

    Thank you!
    great! :)

  166. Jujhar

    Thanks a lot for the information. it was quite helpful :)


    Dear sir How To Change Registered Owner`s Name On Win Xp CD

  168. Lee

    Thanks to the geek and Matthew

    Great fix


  169. jana lastowski

    Thanks so much for this. I’ve been trying to work it out for ages and no-one I asked had any idea how to do it. Thanks again. X

  170. john alonto

    thanks! it worked for me.

  171. baldylocks

    So useful, I have deleted accounts made new accounts all trying to change the owners name, this method has worked a treat, its absolutely useful

  172. Pete

    I have my name in winversion thanks 2 u now!
    I did what Matthew suggested too.
    And as Raznarukus said i change everythin there

    But in th c:\users\oldname, the folder with the lock on it, the old name ramains the oldname.
    No Pete nothing just olname.

    Is there a way to change this?
    I have win7starter.


  173. bob price

    hi, thank you very much for the name change information it woked great. your the best. bob. lol

  174. Trev

    Thanks man, you saved me hours of frustration !!

  175. Divya

    Thanx a lottt..!!!
    It’s a very useful information…it worked for my system..again thanx a lott!.

  176. Mal Glass

    The regedit worked fine as far as winver is concerned.
    However, I have the same question as Pete …” in the c:\users\oldname (the folder with the lock on it), the “oldname” remains the “oldname”.I’ve tried 60 gazillion ways to change the “oldname” but so far absolutely NO success!!!
    Is there any way to change “c:\users\oldname” to “c:\users\the_new_name” ????
    I have Win7 Home Premium x64


  177. MikeS

    Yea this works well, however if you have saved any docs on the old user’s name , dont look now but hey presto they are gone

  178. Benny

    I knew there had to be a way . thanks a lot .

  179. dlgn

    Finally, my system is no longer registered to “User”!

  180. Roz

    Flipping brilliant. Thank you!

  181. Bernard

    This isn’t a useless tip. I remember struggling to do this a few years ago, I did mange it though, and I am sure that many others will appreciate it. I doubt that most of them will know about how to geek though so those that need it most won’t find it.

  182. jackie wacky

    brilliant thanks for your help

  183. B

    You’re the man! ^_^

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