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Quick Tip: Change Monitor Timeout From Command Line

It drives me crazy when my monitors turn off while I’m watching a movie. If you want to quickly change the monitor timeout using the command line, it’s actually pretty simple.

The powercfg utility can be used on the command line to change power configuration settings, including the monitor timeout, which is what we’ll use here.

The command syntax:

powercfg -Change -monitor-timeout-ac 120

This will change the monitor setting to stay on for 120 minutes while on AC power. You can use -dc at the end to change the setting for when you are on battery power.

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  • Published 01/25/07

Comments (4)

  1. jean

    i can not check my check stubs or bank account for time out keeps appearing and will close the site can u tell me how to fix can not print or close site it keeps coming back with 20 second timeout

  2. Todd S.

    Note that the example is not correct. The name of the power scheme must also be specified; e.g.:

    powercfg /change “home/office desk” /monitor-timeout-ac 5

  3. Jack

    Actually, the example is very correct! You do not have to specify the power scheme. It will just change the active scheme.

  4. MB.

    Todd is right, your example doesn’t work! the right syntax is his

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