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Quick Help: Restore Flip3D Icon in Windows Vista

After writing the article yesterday about how to restore the show desktop icon, I received a number of emails asking if I could post the shortcut for Flip3D as well, so I’ve zipped up a copy of that shortcut as well.

To put it back into the Quick Launch folder, open up explorer and then type in the following into the address bar:

shell:Quick Launch


Now just unzip the file and copy it into the folder, and you’ll have the Flip3D shortcut back (the one with the real icon)


It seems like many people delete the icons and then don’t know how to get them back, which is an interesting problem, since there’s not necessarily a good way to restore them otherwise.

Download Flip3D Icon

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  • Published 08/15/07

Comments (18)

  1. Wayne Roderick

    my icons are missing how do i get them back

  2. Johnny Coyle

    Thanks! I just needed the ZIP and no one else has it!

  3. Valy

    Please if you can tell me how to restore the icon of the Pictures and Music folders. After a restart they disapeared and were replaced (the icons not the folder) with normal folder icons.

  4. Oscar

    i only have a .ink file. Can you upload the zip file?

  5. Mick

    I have vista ultimate. By mstake I un-installed Windows Media Center. How can I restore it? Tried system restore, but no luck. Thanking you in advance, Mick

  6. Simon Marshall

    Thank you so much for this I have been hunting around to correct this problem. I notice alot of people are suffering this, I never deleted my shortcut, but it did suprisingly disapear right after a windows update??????????????

  7. Melba

    Thanks for the advice, I did not have a switch icon, I downloaded it and it works great. Being a Windows update it is odd that this is even happening….

  8. Tony

    Hey thanks for posting this just saved me so much work :)

  9. Leanne

    I have the flip 3D icon but it doesnt seem to work. It just shows a flat box. Also, my preview/thumb nail icons have gone from the bottom toolbar. When i hovered over open tabs they used to show a little preview, now all they do is show wording like “windows explorer” rather than actually showing a mini pic – how do i get the preview images back and get the 3D flip actually showing a 3D image?

  10. Donna Wilkinson

    This is an amazing site. I have spent two days trying to get my desktop icon and the window switcher button back in my quicklauch tray on the task bar. After trying so many different solutions from other sites that had me turning Vista Aero on and off and enabling and disabling transparency in display, I came accorss this site and in 10 seconds after reading instructions managed to get them back. This is a fab site. Will def be back and will definately be bookmarking it thanks so much!!! Donna x

  11. Steve

    I want to thank you very, very much.

    My vid card gave up the ghost (ATI X800), so I used an old nVidia standby card, which did not support Vista Aero. Then I bought a Visonteck H2600Pro AGP (not a gamer here), and installed it. Got back Aero, but lost the switch and desktop icons. Spent about two hours online with Msft, and they did not have the solution.

    BUT YOU DID!! In two minutes I got the icons back, and I am very, very beholden to you. Many thanks.

  12. Greg Warner

    I was just able to restore my Quick Launch 3D and Desktop icons due to your help. I am not very computer saavy but you made it SOOO easy. Quite frankly, I cannot thank you enough!!

  13. josh

    hey man thx alot, haha i accedently removed it from my pc

  14. dinesh

    Great job ! ! ! Geek

  15. Charity

    Can anyone help me? Please…?
    How do I activate the 3d windows?
    thanks in advance,

  16. Jooza

    I’m sure there must me some registry tweak or something to get it back.

    Lets hope someone finds a way anyhow.

  17. Charles

    I see a LOT of Questions in here and NO answers ,I having a problem with my “Windows update ” icon .I seem to have losted it.

  18. Simon Marshall

    Hi Charles, when you say you have lost your windows Update Icon, is this in the control pannel? Has it totally gone or just the picture icon has gone?? If you let me know I will try and help. Alternativly post the question on the main forum (not just this thread) and there will be loads of people there to help as well.



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