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Print Pages in Internet Explorer 7 Without Headers or Footers

The headers and footers that always print along with the page when printing a page can be irritating. I know very well what page it was I printed, so it’s not useful to me to show the URL at the bottom of the page.

If you want to turn the headers off just for a one-time print, you can use the Print Preview window, and then click the button to “Turn headers and footers on or off”, shown below.

If you want to permanently turn these options off, you can use the Page Setup option instead.

Just click on Page Setup, and then you should see this dialog.

You can just remove the text in the textboxes completely in order to get rid of the headers and footers, or you can change the options to display page numbers at the bottom, or really any combination you want.

Here’s a full list of the options that you can use (You could also find these in the Vista help files, or possibly the IE7 ones)

&w – Window Title

&u – Page URL

&d – Date in short format

&D – Date in long format

&t – Time in regular format as shown on the clock

&T – Time in 24-hour format

&p – Current page number

&P – Total number of pages

&b – right align the next text. (You can see it in the default header, where &b is placed before the Page text)

&b[TEXT]&b – If you surround the text in &b on either side, it will center the text.

&& – A single ampersand (&)

You can combine these in any format you want. For instance you could do this:

I printed these &P pages on &d at &t

Which would give you something like this:

I printed these 23 pages on 10/1/2007 at 2:05AM

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  • Published 04/10/07

Comments (10)

  1. Anthony Walker

    Was wondering if anyone knows how to change the page setup in Internet Explorer 7 to have A4 page size as the default instead of Letter. I change it and sve the settings but it keeps returning to letter when I re-open the browser. This is frustrating me as my new printer from HP wont print it without changing the media type back to A4 everytime I print something. The defaults for the printer are set correctly, also the Office programs are printing properly also as I can change the default page settings in the templates. I am using Windows XP SP2. I have had help from HP’s online chat and they think everything is fine with the printer and suggest that I just have to change the page settings everytime I enter IE7 and need to print something. Any ideas or more the point, solutions to changing the default page setting in IE7 and making it stick would be very much appreciated.


  2. Sónia Gonçalves

    Hello! I have Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7. I’m trying to print articles from the internet and I need the whole title and the whole URL to appear in the headers and footers, in stead of with ellipsis. Can any one help me?

    Thank you very very much!

  3. Chuck M

    Can you please tell me how to add page numbers in ‘IE 7’ to every page I print out?
    Thank you very much,
    Chuck M

  4. Vasanth

    How to do this programatically through code or javascript? Is that possible?

  5. Gordy

    When I removed the ‘code’ from the “headers” and “footers” lines, and maxed out the printed size, I lost the “Page Setup” functionality from IE 7 (Pro?). Maybe, we have to leave something there?

  6. lee haskell

    WOw, that’s the easiest time I had of finding the exact info I was looking for! Whoever created this page is a genius and really thought about content & execution. Also love the example you gave.

    Thanks, I learned alot today!

  7. KM

    How do you print the entire page so that it is on one page?

  8. hems

    how to add page no dynemically like for page no 1 to 3 i have to set as From Page – 11 to 13 ?

  9. Kanishka Subasinghe

    How can I change the print text in Internet Explorer 8. And also I’m Using HP P1005 printer. Earlier it print ok. But now there is a problem.. The Normal print out are ok. But If i gave a print through the Internet explorer the printed document cannot reed, because it is too smaller.


    Thanks a lot for providing the information which has solved my problem of header & footer.Thanks again

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