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Power Up and Manage Your Windows Send To Menu with Send To Toys

One of our readers wrote in a while back asking why we hadn’t featured the Send To Toys utility, a great addition to your Send To menu that lets you pick any folder to send a file to, send the file name to the clipboard, or a number of other useful features. Today we’ll show you how it works.

Many of you might remember the old Send to X Powertoy that was included way back in the Windows 95 days. The Send To Toys utility is a similar add-on that offers the same functionality, plus a lot more.

Installing Send To Toys

The installation process is very simple, and even gives you a quick configuration screen so you can turn on or off some of the features during install.


You can easily configure these items later, so don’t worry about doing it now.

Configuring Send To Toys

The installation process will open up the configuration dialog at the end, but if you want to get to it later, you can find it under Control Panel’s Additional Options section.


If you are running 64-bit Windows, you’ll have to look under the 32-bit section as well…


And you should see Send To Toys in the list.


The first tab on the configuration dialog is extremely helpful… it lets you add or remove folders and items from the Send To menu. Of course without the utility you could do this manually by opening the shell:sendto folder and dragging and dropping, but this is a lot simpler.


The Add button will pop up a dialog letting you quickly choose what to add to the menu.


The Folder tab allows you to configure which folder is the default in the “Folder…” send-to item added by this utility (screenshots below). The two really interesting options here are the “Open destination on completion”, which will open up the folder you just sent the file to… and “Default to move”, which is pretty self-explanatory.


The Clipboard tab shows you some of the great options for the “Send to Clipboard (as name)” item… you can choose whether or not you want quotes, and whether you want files to be separated on different lines, if you send multiple files to the clipboard.


The Default Mail Recipient tab was very promising, but that feature didn’t work for me. The idea is that you can specify a single mail recipient to send a file to…


But whenever I tried to use the feature I got this message… your mileage may vary.


If that feature doesn’t work for you either, you can easily just remove the item from the menu using the Send To configuration tab.

Using Send To Toys

Now that you’ve run through the configuration dialogs, it’s time to right-click a file and look at your Send To menu (mine is kinda messy)


One of the most useful items is the Folder… item, which pops up a dialog allowing you to copy, move, or just create a shortcut to the file.


Here’s where this feature gets really helpful… if you click that little blue Folder link in the bottom left, you’ll get a history drop-down of your recent folder choices.


If you sent the file to the Run… item instead, you’d get the Run dialog with the filename pre-populated… very helpful if you want to run the application with command line arguments easily.


Send to Command Prompt works similarly, but pre-populates a command prompt with the name of the file.


You’ll also notice new items when you right-click on an executable file, allowing you to quickly Add or Remove that application from the Send To menu.


Overall, it’s a very useful utility, well worth checking out if you use the Send To menu a lot. Note that it works fine in any version of Windows.

Download Send To Toys from

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  • Published 11/7/08

Comments (8)

  1. Scott

    Cool one, Geek. Using it already.

  2. Roger

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just Customize the Toolbar by adding CopyTo and MoveTo?
    Right click on the toolbar (Menu bar?) in Win Explorer and Click Customize.(XP32 and XP64, maybe others?)
    Move the buttons you want by clicking on Add.
    No third party app required!
    Makes sense to me?

  3. venkat

    we can add send do by adding shortcut to folder which we want to send data placing it in the sendto menu in documents and settings> user name >send to menu we can place all shortcuts we want to add to send to menu this is manual ,send to toys makes it easy though.

  4. Gabriele Ponti

    Thank you for taking the time to write a review of Send To Toys.

    The problem you’re having with “Default Mail Recipient” is probably due to the fact that you don’t have a MAPI compliant e-mail client (like Microsoft Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird) installed on your machine and enabled as the default e-mail program.

  5. The Geek


    Thank you for creating the very useful tool =)

  6. TK

    Regarding Roger’s comment, it would seem that the customize option is not available in Explorer for Vista Home Premium. I’m just a few days into it for the first time, so still learning what got taken away from my XP Pro experience.

  7. John

    Nice one – I’ve been missing those send toys since upgrading to Vista.
    I use send to clipboard as name an awful lot.

  8. me

    Just fyi for SendTo users new to Vista, MS has once again, in their continued effort to drive every PC user away from Windows, has mucked up SendTo on Vista Explorer (amongst the other billion things they did wrong elsewhere on Vista.)

    1) A SendTo subdirectory of shortcuts used to show up as a submenu of the main SendTo menu. No more. Now it shows up as only a SendTo menu item.

    2) I just found that selecting more than 4 files at a time will cause Vista Explorer to not execute the SendTo target app at all. Or maybe it’s the total length of the command line that’s the problem. I gave up trying to investigate further.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m just sick and tired of wasting hours and hours finding work arounds for these “fixes” and “enhancements” that also take away previously useful functionality.

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