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Place Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Menu Bar Back On Top

Do you wish the IE7 Menu bar was located where it was in IE6?  Here is how to quickly create a registry fix to move it back to the top.

After you install IE7 you have to make the menu bar appear.  Right click an empty spot on the tool bar and place a checkmark next to Menu Bar. It will also show up temporarily if you hold down the Alt key.

You will see that IE 7 puts the Menu Bar underneath the Address Bar which we don’t want. 

Open up notepad by clicking Start \ Run, type in notepad and click OK.

Copy and paste the following script into notepad.  You do not need to modify the code at all.  Just copy and paste it into notepad.


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser\]

Here is how we turn it into a reg key fix. Click on File \ Save As, but don’t click on Save until you read the next step.

Change your notepad Save as type to “All Files” and name the file something like IE7_Toolbar_fix.reg.  Naming the file with the .reg extension is the key for this to work.  Now you can click on Save. 

You have just created a registry fix!  Now double click the file you just created.

You will get the following confirmation screen.  Click Yes.


The next screen will be confirming the registry key was added.

Close out of Internet Explorer if it is open and relaunch it.  The Menu Bar is now on top!


To change the Menu bar back to the original position, use this registry script instead:


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser\]

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  • Published 05/19/07

Comments (41)

  1. Bob

    This is also one of several tweaks for IE7 provided by the free add-on utility IE7PRO,
    downloadable from .

  2. TeamTutorials

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Tom
  4. Mike

    This is also a group policy object.

    Run -> gpedit.msc
    For all users on the computer go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer and open the “Turn on menu bar by default” option. Enable it and you now have the menu bar.

    For the current user, go to the same location but under the “User Configuration” section.

    There are also a lot of other options available here for IE and other Windows components.


  5. Zoolook

    Who’s using IE anyway ?

  6. The Geek

    You’d be surprised…. 45% of HowToGeek readers are using IE…. It was only 20% before Vista was released.

  7. steven walker

    does this work in xp for ie7????

  8. mysticgeek


    Yes this works specifically for IE7. It does work with XP

  9. P.S.

    Would really like to do this too for the main explorer windows in Vista (running classic mode). Have tried looking for a registry value to make the menu bar in like “My computer” move back above the arrows/search thing it is currently under. Know it’s only a really small thing but it’s beginning to drive me nuts! (yes I need to get a life I know! :) ).

    Grateful for any help if anyone knows.


  10. Deborah

    Thank you so much for this help. I hid the menu bar then couldn’t figure out how to get it back. LOL I use IE7 on XP. Thank you again.

  11. mysticgeek


    You are quite welcome!

  12. zalude

    I have a problem that is ruining my surfing big deal. The IE7 now doesn’t have a tool bar for the File, Edit, View..etc and doesn’t show the one for the loading and etc (at the bottom). As if it weren’t enough, it also freezes when I launch it and doesn’t show anything (blank). So everytime, I have to open a new tab and try my best to ignore the inconveniences. I’ve converted to FireFox, but I still like my good old IE. Here is a picture of what it looks like (

    Aloso I can’t type anything on the url space.


  13. Sam

    I just did the regedit to bring the menu bar back to the top of my internet explorer, and it didn’t work! Any other suggestions? BTW, I didn’t do any updates to make it go away in the first place. Also, isn’t there an F-key that brings it back too??? HELP!!!

  14. Abhilash

    Wow! dts a nice piece of info.
    Im impressed…!!!

  15. Maggie

    wow… this is amazing… thank u so so so much!! now i dont need to worry about cant get use to IE7 because the menu bar any more… u r good!!

  16. Cindy

    Thank you for this information. I’ve tried getting used to the address bar on top, but I just couldn’t. Sanity saved.

  17. Alex

    thanks for ie8 i name the file

    and works perfect thanks a lot

  18. m

    hi just tryed your solution thanks for that.

  19. John

    Thank you so much. I have no idea why Microsoft wants to force the order of the address bar to the top. This should be a user preference. Microsoft seems intent on getting rid of menus and I don’t understand why. I’ve now been using the “ribbon” based word and excel tools for many months and I don’t like them. I want the old menus back.

    There are some trends that I just don’t understand and this is one: Toyota seems bent on moving instruments to the center of the dashboard. Why? I like my instruments right in front of me when I’m driving.

    Where do these companies get their ergonomic information?

  20. Mary

    Thanks for the tip re: tool bar on top menu. Your tip worked perfectly and I’m very thankful to you.

  21. Chronia

    Will this work in the newest release of Internet explorer, IE8? I’ve been debating whether to get the new IE and there are few things holding me up, this being one of the many.

  22. Cely

    I have IE8 but it didn’t work. I named it as Alex did but it didn’t work.

  23. Noah

    I was playing with my VIEW icon on the top and I accidentlly deleted all my file,view,etc. icons. How can I get it back on? Thanks

  24. atonaldenim

    Two things to note:

    The file name of the registry patch does not matter in the slightest, apart from the .reg extension at the end. You could call it ilovebacon.reg and it would be fine.

    The above code using ITBar7Position did work for my IE8, although some people have reported that changing that string to ITBar8Position helped them. That did not work for me.

    If the above code doesn’t work for you, make sure that the line “ITBar7Position”=dword:00000000 uses STRAIGHT “quotation” marks and not CURLY or “smart” quotation marks. The blog software used to create this post may have converted the author’s original quotes into curly quotes, but curly quotes are not understood by Regedit, so if you copy and paste the code directly from this page and Notepad preserves the curly quotes, it won’t work. Look at your registry patch text file – if the quotation marks look curly, delete them and retype a normal double quote character, which should then appear as straight quotes if done in Notepad. Save and double-click it again to install the patch, this time should work fine.

  25. atonaldenim

    My straight quotes in the above comment were converted into curly quotes, FYI.

    Another thing to note is that Regedit will only accept the .reg patch if it is saved in ANSI format as illustrated in the screenshot – out of habit I chose UTF-8 the first time which failed, and may also have been the reason why the curly quotes were preserved by Notepad.

  26. shari

    I have IE7 and cannot make comments on Vampire Wars, and other websites. I can write in the comments bar, but when I click on it, it lights up and does nothing else. Help me, please!!!

  27. shari

    Oh, wow, this comment bar worked for me…what’s going on???

  28. Even

    This doesn’t work for Windows 7…any suggestions?

  29. Sandra

    Thanks so much…for your help…with the menu bar…i lost it!

  30. victoria

    THANK U SO MUCH!..i’ve done this before and had to search all over to find someone who could remember how to fix it for me..ur a life saver ;-))

  31. Malcolm Dew-Jones

    I now have Windows 7 and IE 8, the following registry setting works for me. The following has not been tested as a registry file, it is just cut/paste from an export file.

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser]

    It seems logical to me that IE 8 would need the number 8 in the name so I copied the old setting to the new name and then it worked. I don’t see how the name of a .reg file would make a difference, but there are lots of things windows does to make old things work so perhaps windows checks the file name of reg files and changes the settings being installed to force “well known” old registry files to work.

    Editing regedit by hand is pretty easy, open regedit, type the first letter of the key until you get to the key you want, press right-arrow to open it, then type the first letter of the next level key until you get to the key you want, repeat as necessary. It’s really quite fast to find any key and then you can carefully control exactly what changes you make at that place in the registry. Once you find the section you want then use export to save the old settings as a backup, or do a print screen to save a picture of it. (Press Prnt-Scrn, then open mspaint do edit-paste, then save into a file). That’s my opinion, some people seem to disagree.

  32. nobody

    Why do you people always ask people to mess with windows registries? It’s very very dangerous for the OS if anything goes wrong during the operation. Sometimes even windows can crash. So stop playing with people’s PC’s (remotely) & give them some good advice

  33. Matt

    Greetings and salutations, most esteemed How-to Geek personnel;

    I have tried creating the registry fix for IE8, however one thing unspecified in the article which I imagine is the catalyst throwing the virtual monkeywrench into my goings-on, is where I am to save the reg key to! It is but a grey area and toying with the key has not worked thus far. Any advice?

    Many thanks in advance for your time.

  34. almare2

    Many thanks! :o)

  35. Nate

    You saved me, thanks!

  36. neomyasterisk

    mileage may vary: in xp i noticed ie7 installer made a windows folder called ie7. in the “c:\\program files” branch there’s the active “internet explorer” folder. if you rename iexplore.exe there – and then copy the iexplore.exe from that C:\\Windows\ie7 folder into the active branch, …you just might get ie6 that successfully masquerades as ie7 at the websites! (but) “tabbed” browsing is no longer an option. so …if you made it this far – you will have no trouble reversing this procedure.

  37. neomyasterisk

    ps. …and a few other enhancements to the ‘newer ie display’ are also traded off above, …but i considered ie6 leanest & meanest – just not quite secure anymore. so as odd as it is …i offer that solution above to other old-fashioned-to-a-fault foks.

  38. neomyasterisk


  39. neomyasterisk

    sorry for taking up your time. further long-term use shows this slows things down, opens a random blank page, and ‘restoring’ isn’t all that quick and easy. please pardon my hack-foibles. thought i had a solution. at least most all of this is now obsolete.

  40. jumpinjeff

    Can anybody help? Haven’t got the same registry as what is stated above, mine is as follows:
    Name Type Data
    Default REG_SZ (value not set)
    {01E04581-4EEE-11D0-BFE9-00AA005B4383} REG_BINARY lot and lots and lots of numbers
    {0E5CBF21-D15F-11D0-8301-00AA005B4383} REG_BINARY lot and lots and lots of numbers
    ITBar7Height REG_DWORD 0x00000019(25)
    ITBar7Layout REG_BINARY lot and lots and lots of numbers
    ITBarLayout REG_BINARY lot and lots and lots of numbers

    The above is in ‘tabbed format’ in Notepad as taken off the regedit pane – minus the icons to the left!
    As can be seen I’m missing the ” ITBar7Position”=dword:00000001 ” I’ve tried the above install and it hasn’t worked. Any suggestions?


  41. Bill

    All I did to get my top Toolbar back was to push the ‘Alt’ key. :)

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