Have you ever wondered why you can pin applications to the start menu, but you can’t pin folders? There’s a number of articles around that tell you how to pin them using complicated registry hacks, but there’s actually a very simple way to do it.

This technique comes to us from How-To Geek Forums member whs, who is not only a prolific poster on our forum, but on other forums as well.

Pinning Folders to the Start Menu

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a shortcut to the folder you want to pin to the start menu, because we’re just pinning the shortcut instead of the folder itself. Then simply drag that shortcut down to the Start orb, but don’t release the mouse button yet…

Note that for the example I created the shortcut on the desktop, but you’ll want to create the shortcut somewhere else since you can’t delete it once you’ve pinned it.

Windows Vista Pin to Start Drag

The start menu will pop up, and you’ll want to then use the mouse (with the button still held down) to move the shortcut up where the pinned shortcuts usually are (above the gray line)… then you can release the button.

Windows Vista Pin Folder to Start Menu

At this point you should have a pinned shortcut to that folder on your start menu.

Windows Vista Pinned Start Menu Folder

This is a very convenient technique to use for pinning the Downloads and Videos folder to the start menu, since for some odd reason Microsoft gives you Pictures, Music, and even Games… but not the rest.

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