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Mount Multiple ISO Images Using Virtual CloneDrive

I’ve previously written about mounting an ISO image in Windows Vista using Virtual CloneDrive, but I thought I’d go a step further and explain how you can mount more than one ISO at a time.

The thing I love about this application is how simple it is to mount an ISO… you just double-click it, and it’s mounted.

To add an extra virtual drive, go to your start menu, and launch Virtual CloneDrive from there. Change the dropdown for the number of drives to the number that you want.

When you double-click on an ISO image, it will always mount it in the first drive. If you want to mount a particular ISO in one of the other virtual drives, you need to open My Computer and right-click on the drive.

Choose Virtual CloneDrive from the menu, and then Mount. You’ll be prompted to pick the path to the ISO image.

If you want to unmount a drive, you can do the same thing but choose the Unmount option.

Note: This software does not work in Vista 64 bit edition.

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  • Published 04/28/07

Comments (14)

  1. Gustavo Martinez

    I need a step by step guide to mount an ISO image within Vista sent to mi e-mail. PLEASE, i’m stuck and now i can’t play my videogames… this is an emergency

  2. ShArPpiNo

    And what about .nrg image (Nero Image), is It possible to mount it within Vista by using Virtual CloneDrive?
    I already tried, but … no result !

    I’m waiting for your Tips :)

  3. BuKWiLd

    right click on the virtual drive, go to virtual clone drive, then go to mount. on the bottom right, instead of cloneCD/dvd images select ‘all files’. then you should be able to select your .nrg file. Thats it.

  4. burhan


    i tried in the way you told but it says that the NRG imagefile may be corrupted. i give up this software. nero image drive is best but can’t find it for vista :(

  5. ShArPpiNo

    You can use “nrg2iso” software to convert your nrg to be compatible with VCD.

  6. Hrishikes

    nrg file can be converted to bin format using IsoBuster and then mounted by Virtual Clone Drive or played by VLC player. IsoBuster can also extract it directly. For conversion to bin, open IsoBuster — Open image — Right click on Left panel — Choose “Extract From-To” — Choose “Start Extraction”. If the nrg file contains video, it can be played directly by Nero Showtime 4, available with Nero 8.

  7. Somya

    It works with Vista-63 bit. I tried it and was successful..



  8. Sarah

    Thank you so much for the tips, I was finally able to get the ISO files mounted and working

  9. rajakahn

    thank you for tips

  10. BOBq

    Well i have tried to mount a game and it still is asking for me to insert cd rom drive. I am using virtual 5.0. what am i missing that it keeps asking for me to put in cd in drive.

  11. hawk

    thank u very much for the instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lyra Pan

    Thank you!

  13. Jordan

    Does anyone know how to use a clone drive to install windows 7?

  14. Shiva

    I need to Mount an iso file of Need For Speed HP 2010 but the virtual clone drive is not working with it

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