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How to Mount an ISO image in Windows 7, 8, and 10

On Windows 8 and 10, Windows finally offers a built-in way to mount ISO disc image files. If you’re using Windows 7, you’ll need a third-party tool.

Mounting an ISO Image in Windows 8, 8.1 or 10

On Windows 8 and 10, Windows has the built-in ability to mount both ISO disc image and VHD virtual hard drive image files. You have three options. You can:

  • Double-click an ISO file to mount it. This won’t work if you have ISO files associated with another program on your system.
  • Right-click an ISO file and select the “Mount” option.
  • Select the file in File Explorer and and click the “Mount” button under the “Disk Image Tools” tab on the ribbon.

Once you’ve mounted the disc image, you’ll see it appear as a new drive under This PC. Right-click the drive and select “Eject” to unmount the ISO file when you’re done.

Mounting an ISO Image in Windows 7 or Vista

On older versions of Windows, you’ll need a third-party application to mount ISO image files. We like WinCDEmu, a simple and open-source disc mounting program. It supports ISO files and other disc image formats.

WinCDEmu is even useful on Windows 8 and 10, where it will allow you to mount the BIN/CUE, NRG, MDS/MDF, CCD, and IMG image files that Windows still doesn’t offer built-in support for.

Install WinCDEmu and give it permission to install the hardware driver it requires. After you do, just double-click a disc image file to mount it. You can also right-click a disc image file and click “Select drive letter & mount” in the context menu.

You’ll see a simple interface for choosing the drive letter and other basic options. Click “OK” and the mounted image will appear under Computer. To unmount the disc image when you’re done, right-click the virtual disc drive and select “Eject”.

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  • Published 01/7/15

Comments (295)

  1. Addurobi

    Daemon Tools works on Vista aswell.

  2. Bloatman Defender

    Daemon Tools also now introduced a phone home spyware component – to be fair they do notify you about it and you are prompted for permission to install it

    IMHO this is just unacceptable – would rather they just ask for $5

  3. The Geek

    The warning about Daemon Tools is absolutely true. I actually have a very old version of it, from before they added the spyware, but it doesn’t work all that well.

    After having used Virtual Clone Drive for a while, it’s really a great application. I’ve had no problems at all with it, and it’s so much easier to use. Not to mention being fully free.

  4. -f.

    Deamon Tools v3 is not compatible, maybe v4, but there is a spyware in it.

    Virtual Clone Drive, is free, easy to use, and do exactly the same job as Deamon Tools.

    … and work well on Vista. Unacceptable is the right word for it.

  5. The Geek

    Unacceptable is the perfect word for it.

    I have no idea why people love Daemon tools so much. Everybody I talk to uses it. I guess everybody I talk to also has spyware on their machine.

    Myself, I’m a happy user of Virtual Clone Drive.

  6. Dan

    No one is workin whit VISTA-64 bit. :( :( :( :(

  7. Eric

    There are Blue Screen of Death issues with virtual clone drive and Vista. It’s a great program and all, but it’s not quite ready for Vista. There’s a post on the slysoft forums about them planning to update the software after they release the HD version of AnyDVD.

  8. SanMan

    Sorry to be a lesser geek here, but i installed VCD and i can’t get it to load any ISO images. I have a full version of Nero 7 recently released for Vista, but it’s Imagedrive doesn’t work for Vista, so i thought i would try this.

    Any ideas?

  9. The Geek

    I’ve not had any problems with Virtual Clone Drive. I’m using it on a bunch of different machines with no issues…. as long as you don’t try and reinstall it over itself. =)

  10. maklife

    Tried to run Virtual Clone on VISTA ULTIMATE 64… error msg. can not run program on this version of Vista! … please give me an allternative! thank you

  11. Jimbob

    Use alcohol 120, works in Vista and has a right click mount option on the drive icon.

  12. The Geek

    Alcohol 120 is a great utility, but it’s not free, so it’s not necessarily a solution for everybody.

  13. PatO

    Any other ideas for Vista 64? I have been perfectly happy with MagicDisc from MagicISO for this task, but driver won’t load properly in Vista 64 :(

    It is also freeware, spyware-free.

  14. The Geek

    According to their website, MagicISO now supports Vista 64… I don’t have 64bit version installed on my machine at the moment, so I can’t test it out.

    Anybody want to try it out and let me know if it works?

    Note that I still prefer VirtualCloneDrive for normal users, since it’s a lot easier to use.

  15. cozkok

    Alcohol 120% may not be free, but there is indeed a free version of the same program named alchol 52% which allows upto 6 virtual drives which is more than enough for me. Another limitation is that it does not burn images into optical media like 120%. I don’t mind that either. But I gotta warn you. After a recent update of my beloved AVG Free Antivirus, blue screen of death started to appear whenever I try to mount an image. So I uninstalled AVG Free and installed Avira’s Antivir Personal Edition Classic: Another recommended freebie antivirus.

  16. The Geek

    The question is, does Alcohol 52% work on Vista 64?

  17. The Geek

    Now that I look at it, Alcohol 52% is NOT free unless you want to install some toolbar that seems like spyware crap to me.

    I recommend not installing it.

  18. klay

    This program sounds great, but I will warn all who download: although mounting discs is a great way to save dvd’s/cd’s, it can also cause many BSOD’s, so please create a system restore point before installing this sort of software. Also, take note of any system files it uses, trust me, this will save you hours of grief.

  19. The Geek

    I keep hearing people talk about BSODs with ISO mounting software… I’ve been using these for a long time, without ever having a single error.

  20. Ben

    I aatest that Virtual Clone is a very nice, clean product. Works great. Only wish I could change the icon of the disc…its some goofy looking sheep!

  21. The Geek


    If you open the Virtual CloneDrive from the start menu, there’s an option to turn off the “Virtual Sheep”, which will remove the icon.

  22. HmND

    Errr… About Daemon Tools. You can actually choose not to install the spyware part (Search Bar) in the setup process. I have it installed on my XP machine and it works perfectly well, without any so-called “spyware”. If you ask me, only a moron would blindly click next in any software installation nowadays (reminds me of MsgPlus! adware thing until they changed the setup process).

  23. The Geek

    Daemon Tools should have simply made the product commercial and charged a few dollars for it. It’s unacceptable for them to bundle spyware in any form, even if they let you remove it.

    Spam and Spyware should NEVER be tolerated.

  24. HmND

    DT is still considered the leader of protection emulation, so I don’t really care for something that they don’t force you to install in the first place.

  25. Bill Condie

    MagicDisk crashed my 32-bit Vista.

    This is perfect after losing Nero’s ImageDrive in Vista. I’ve been using NRG2ISO to convert my old stuff

  26. The Geek

    I’ve heard varying levels of success with MagicDisk… that’s why I’m sticking with the VCD recommendation.

  27. AfCC

    daemon tools works on vista x64 ->>>> daemon408-139-x64.exe

  28. Robby

    OMG It works! Thanks alot, alcohol 120% didnt really work! But this works perfect! Thanks!!!!

  29. sal

    VCD doesn’t work flawlessly. While trying to xcopy from an image mounted with VCD, it was impossible to do so. Daemon Tools however accomplishes this fine, and has all the cp emulation to boot. I also found the “icons” folder to solve my main gripe with the program, that being the ugly tray icons it comes with.

  30. Ronald

    MagicDisc does not work on Vista 64, it has a yellow bang next to MagicDisc SCSI in device manager. I’m hoping someone could figure out how to get it installed.

  31. Ronald

    Ok, here’s a fix to allow MagicDisc to run in Vista x64
    Press Windows Logo Key+R to bring up Run command
    Type “CMD” without quotes and press Enter to bring up command prompt
    In command prompt, execute each of the following commands:

    Bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ON
    Bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON
    Bcdedit.exe /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    Reboot the computer, and then reinstall MagicDisc

  32. Chuck Gregory


    Found you with a search (ASK today, I think, although I usually use Google). Loaded VirtualCloneDrive and installed it immediately. Wasn’t quite sure how to respond to the ‘select your hardware’ question during setup but selected the only available option and let it go ahead. Figured if I didn’t select anything, which was offered as an option, it would search everything on the system… Anyway, it proceeded to completion without problem, at which point I wasn’t sure what to do. Looking back at the article (I generally don’t close all my open programs when installations tell me to) I realized I should find the ISO file and double-click on it. I expected to get a mounting dialog (what drive letter, etc.) but instead it immediately wanted to autoplay the DVD image I’d recorded. I sleected Media Center as the option and up it came. GREAT ADVICE! THANK YOU.

  33. Bob

    I can confirm that DAEMON Tools 4.09 X64 works in Vista 64 … make sure u get the second version X64 not X86.

    Also important to untick the Search Bar when installing or it will place adware on you computer. If you forget you can uninstall the search bar later from Control Panel->Programs and Features….. which is the new add/remove thingy.

  34. Silver

    7Zip will mount ISOs too, its free and it spanks WinZip and WinRar whuile it is at it.

  35. Chuck Gregory

    I agree that 7-Zip is the best archiving program out there. It does well at file manipulations on ISOs, but after looking at the help files and the forum on their web site I found no way of mounting an ISO with it. I’ve installed VirtualCloneDrive on my Vista Home Premium system and have not had problems that I’m sure came from it. I have had system freezes when I use Media Center to play DVD images that I’ve mounted as an ISO, but I’ve had the same thing happen with the actual DVD in the drive, so I think it’s a problem with Media Center.

  36. Me

    I’ve read that MagicISO and MagicDisk work fine with Vista. So I installed and crashed Vista Home Premium. Had to completely restore.

  37. ybeaupre

    well for all the ppl who say clone DVD work on vista …try it on a 64b version of home premium and u’ll be surprised I have yet to see how i can mount images of dvds and cds on my vista 64 home premium computer

    so this is an opened question to the floor…HOw can i do that if daemon and clone wont even install on my OS?

  38. Bob

    ybeaupre I already said above a month a go QUOTE:

    “I can confirm that DAEMON Tools 4.09 X64 works in Vista 64 … make sure u get the second version X64 not X86.

    Also important to untick the Search Bar when installing or it will place adware on you computer. If you forget you can uninstall the search bar later from Control Panel->Programs and Features….. which is the new add/remove thingy.”

  39. Faroo

    Trying to install MagicDisk on Vista x86 throws the error “this program has known compatibility issues”
    – MagicIso Maker is incompatible with this version of Windows”…

    what gives?

    I’d like a command line based tool that I can script the mounting and unmounting of virtual CD’s, that way my kid can double-click an icon (which is actually a cmd file that unmounts the current game and mounts the selected one)

  40. Chuck Gregory

    What do you have against VirtualCloneDrive? It’s not command-line based, but it already is easy enough for the kid to use. Just double-click on the new ISO image, and it replaces the old one. Standard auto-start options apply too.


  41. xcapepr

    I use UltraIso to make, burn my ISO files. It includes a Virtual disk application with good shell integration.

    It still works after the trial ends. Its only $29 for the Pro version and it includes lifetime updating!

  42. Shivi

    Just downloaded and tried to install Virtual Clone Drive 5, my PC BSOD’d on the install (my first BSOD with Vista Home Premium)
    Was able to recover with no long term ill effects by loading from last known good configuration.
    Thank God for that!

  43. Chuck Gregory

    I’ve been using Virtual Clone Drive for some months now under Vista Home Premium. My version is I don’t know why you’d get a BSOD.

  44. forkart

    Latest News, MagicDisc can work properly on Windows Vista x64. Now I can mount iso file on windows vista x64.

  45. uvbogden

    Can these programs be used to copy system files (.img) from the Vista install DVD to your C drive?

  46. Larry Treachler

    I got MagicDisc for Vista-64 (Intel Dual Core 64 w\200G raid on Intel D945NT MB) directly from the link posted above (forkart on August 16, 2007 8:11 am) and it installed perfectly and put up a tray icon. I test mounted and accessed folders and files from several iso files. Works great!

  47. apex2000

    I am using PowerISO on Vista X86 Ultimate with no problems. Can mount ISOs, read and modify ISOs, create ISOs…

    Take a look

  48. Mei

    WHOOAAA thank you very much dude, I realle needed to mount images on my computer

  49. John_X

    I just want to say that Magicdisc by MagicISO works with Windows Vista 64.

    No spyware, and ts Free!

  50. Andie

    You should check out FantomDVD. It will allow you to run as many virtual devices as you want and it works great in Vista. Also it comes with an easy to use management system.


  51. Timothy

    PowerISO works on Vista Ultimate x64 just fine. It has alot of features to it as well that some of the others don’t have (with the exception of Alcohol120 maybe). You can mount all the image formats, and at the same time “explore” either the same images that are mounted or other images. I’ve used MagicISO, DaemonTools, and several others when I ran XP Pro… I have to say that PowerISO is my favorite (and it actually works on x64 systems). While I don’t down the other options seeing as how at some point I ran each of them I do recommend you try PowerISO over the others.

    And by the way…. to “The Geek” … your comment is a bit ignorant ( I mean this in the most non-offensive way possible) about “64 bit Vista is pointless at this point in history, since half the software doesn’t work on it”. That is so far from the truth. I am not big on Microsoft, and I’ve ran several distros of Linux and other OS as well… BUT I believe in giving credit where it is due. Vista x64 Ultimate will run almost anything. Anything it won’t run usually has a more superior alternative that Vista x64 WILL run due to the fact that you can make better programs for x64 architecture. The blame doesn’t fall on x64 Vista (or x64 XP for that matter) it falls on the creators of the software. x64 architecture is far better than 32bit and the authors of the software need to get off their asses and step up to the plate and make the software run on either architecture (for now) and eventually they should go to x64 only and get rid of 32bit altogether. I am broke as hell most of the time and I have 3 kids to support and a woman with expensive tastes on a broke budget… yet I STILL have a PC running x64 Vista Ultimate and all the software I need to do anything I could possibly want on my PC. There is no excuse for the PC world to not step up to x64 and phase out 32bit except for pure LAZINESS and being cheap. I have all of Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office 2007, all the “top-rated video games” are installed on my PC, WinRAR, lots of programming software, ftp clients, and i even have classic games like “The 7th Guest” and “System Shock 1 and 2 installed… and they ALL RUN. Now if I can run a game from 16 years ago on my PC that was supposed to install from DOS prompt with a CD on a 32bit machine, I have trouble believing that x64 Vista “won’t run half the software out there” as you put it.

    What would of been truthful to say is this:
    1) x64 Vista is for serious PC users only. Those that aren’t skilled at using a PC and using Windows should stick to x86.
    2) Some software needs to be set to the right “Compatibility” settings under its properties to run correctly because the creator of the software won’t get off their ass and make it x64 compatible. (yet Vista is still able to run it if you know what you are doing).

    As I said earlier, I’m not a fan of Microsoft.. I could list a 1000 flaws of MS to complain about (like how they are forming monopolies on the markets using Vista to force you to buy Xbox 360 controllers, also owned by Microsoft, for Vista if you want to use a game controller with alot of popular games) but don’t blame x64 architecture or Vista or XP x64 Pro for what is the software creator’s fault.

  52. The Geek


    No offense taken… I wrote this article in the very beginning of january, when there actually were serious driver problems… most manufacturers have since added drivers, although not all.

    I think that people don’t switch to 64-bit because of the volume of software written for 32-bit, especially in office environments. It’s all about backwards compatibility and risk.

  53. Thanateros

    By the way, your statement about “freeware utility from Microsoft to mount ISO Images doesn’t work in Windows Vista” is not correct. It may not run on 64 bit systems but it runs fine on my 32 bit Vista systems. Been using it since December ’06.

  54. Ronald

    Virtual clone drive works with some of computers with Vista at the company very well but some computers really totaly crash and then we have to use te repair utility to get them back to life again.
    So for us it is not a reliable tool for using with Vista. A pitty because the tool is simple and -when non of these problems occure- a very fine tool.

    Where the problem is? Really don’t know, we all use Vista with the latest updates and also the latest version of Virtual clone drive.

  55. Dave

    MagicDisc from MagicISO works great on my Vista 64-bit installation.

  56. may the force b with you

    Virtual Cd works fine in Vista. Just remember to right click and run as administrator

  57. Debabrata Hazra

    Deamon tool works fine. But there is a big problem in VISTA. Deamon tool create virtual drive as a 0: 1: 2: etc. which is not display in Computer. Then how to open the CD/DVD image after mount the virtual drive? I install Alcohol 120% in my Laptop which is VISTA OS. During installation, Blue Screen in open with “Physical Memory Dumb……”. Each time I open my OS either Safe mode or normal mode, this screen is open……… and there is no hope to back up my previous state……

  58. Chuck Gregory

    I’m still happily using Virtual CloneDrive, on the if-if-works-don’t-fix-it theory. It creates as many drives as you request, starting with the letter you specify. I find that I actually only use one; I keep my iso images on one directory, and doubleclicking one automatically mounts it on my first virtual drive. The change immediately shows up in Computer.

    Comment 1 to Debabrata Hazra: You say Deamon[sic] tool works fine, then describe problems with it, i.e. you can’t open the virtual drive. Sounds to me as though Daemon Tools is not actually working very well at all! Possibly you could type the address in, e.g. 1:\VIDEO_TS and see it that way. But why would you want to? Why not just pick a different solution, like Virtual CloneDrive?

    Comment 1 to Debabrata Hazra: try to find another option instead of Safe mode; hopefully you can get to a command line and restore the system from a restore point.

    I’m pretty happy with Vista, although I hope MS really does come out with some fixes soon. Nearly half of the programs I install will not run, usually producing the “xxxx has stopped working” error. Sometimes, if it turns out to be a Data Execution Protection error, I can add it to the list of programs I’ve excluded from checking for that. Sometimes, as in the case of a Microsoft product called Internet Explorer, it just will not run no matter what. Good thing I have the capability to switch rendering engines for a tab in Firefox; that takes care of those few offensive sites that only run using IE.

    Sorry to blather on. Good luck.

  59. Jach

    Great advice Team-“How to” =)
    Nice and easy… Been having a big problem with these iso files in vista – but now its resolved!

    Thanks again!

  60. Dave

    Debabrata Hazra – I had the exact same problem. Here is the solution:

    When it’s booting, select F8 and choose “last known good configuration”.

    Then once in windows, immediately open control panel and uninstall it. Note that if you select any other option at the boot menu, it will try to load the driver on boot and do the usual blue screen.

  61. Tuna Jones

    I was looking for am ISO mounter for Vista, googled and found your site. VCD is something I have used on an older machine but forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

    P.S. Elby and Slysoft products rock. I have been using CloneDVD and AnyDVD for 4 years or so and they are very nice. Product updates come out on a regular basis.

  62. kraymah

    alcohol 120 has never failed me in xp or vista 32 bit

  63. Abhishek Bagaria

    PowerISO works best for me on Vista Home Premium 32 bit. Its a simple utility with no added frills and toolbars, addware etc.

  64. Ryan

    VirtualCloneDrive is hands-down the best ISO utility I have found. I have used it for several years and have yet to find one feature I do not like. Easy-to-use and basically idiot proof.

  65. Austin

    I was just going to let everyone know that PowerISO works well for mounting .isos and even though there is a pro version, the trial will mount .isos with no problems, just will not let you open an iso over a certain size or create an iso over a certain size. Works great for me on XP and Vista. Set the options how you want, but you can add it to the context menus in windows explorer and everything.

  66. Planet Lowyat

    I’m running DaemonTools in Vista x64 without any problem.

  67. John L. Galt

    Daemon tools is loved by so many because it does exactly what it is supposed to and nothing more.

    There are now 3 flavors – Lite, Personal (fee-based) and Pro (fee based). The lite version comes with spyware / adware whatever you want, but ***YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO NOT INSTALL IT AND STILL USE DAEMON TOOLS***

    It works, and it works well.

  68. Dale

    Thanks alot for the tip, mounting iso’s has never been easier unless you happen to be using linux :o))

  69. Zebra

    Can Vista Basic 32bit or any Vista OS be cloned and what software or methods must be taken in order to make this happen….I have looked and tried many ways to do this but MicroSoft Vista has changed its B disk structure and moved some files so that you cannot perform an exact clone that is boot ready…now I know what your all thinking…why would this person want to clone his OS and not just bkup restore…well I would have to say that if the law permits us to clone One exact copy of a movie DVD for backup then why not an OS lets face it the price tag for the Vista Hog is large not like that of a $30 DVD… I know of one way but its to much of a pain in the ass can someone point out a simple solution with software and I mean software that says its Vista Ready and really is not and I think you all know what I mean without mentioning those software names here….so please feel free to let me know and or direct me to a site or software or forum that can show me the way to clone this $#%#$ Hog over rated over$$$ wanna be OSX with all the bells and HoHaaaa love Linux Mac but we are stuck to work with Windows you get what I mean right?…..and please I don;t want to run Vista in an XP VM Shell window thats not for me it works but I want the real deal CLONE VISTA no friggin around with copy protection athentication (Paradox)-(Clony) great work from those guys….but just One simple process to clone a perfect no hair pulling exp…..sit and click and Clone clone clone ok thanks alot for reading and if I had my way Vista would be next to my desk……….in the 32 bit 64 bit trash can where it belongs….long live free the Clone Masters of yesteryear hahahaha….later and don’t be offended by my not loving this new OS…bye from Zebra it’s not what you think…..if they can build it we can rebuild it better and our way.Free is good yes? unless your a programmer who works for BGates $$$$ don’t think he got where he is today without cracking some thumbs of his own peers along the way later all.

  70. Bill Condie

    Acronis True Image will do what you want. Probably later version of Ghost too, but I haven’t used Ghost for years

  71. Bill Condie

    I suggested Acronis TrueImage, but don’t see my post

  72. Zebra

    Thank-you Bill Condie … Thanks for the info on ghost and TI but i have tried them both with shall I say….ahem? no luck so far.
    But ghost 2002-3 seems to get abit done if your willing to tweak it abit….but still I have no simple one click option software for cloning Vista like I did with earlier Windows OS.
    I know there will soon be a work around as I have seen in some forums such as the well put together Tutorial by Mudcrab on a site to which I cannot remember right now but it still takes alot of time…I don’t think the average person would understand it that well either.. I used a program that cost no more then $39 called Dvd DriveClone it works easy cheap and anyone can use it with little comp exp…this program works great but the new Vista ready version will not clone back it makes a perfect clone to the eye but when you look deeper it has some missing and moved files…too bad this program blows ghost out the door and TImage I mean $$$ wise anyways…..and its easy to work with,,,in my oppinion it gives you all the same that more $$$ programs do….but still this Vista Clone problem is in my face….I have 8 computers all to which I run XPpro except for one Mac and One running Fedora and one with a dual boot 98se and 2000 combo for my own reasons….but 2 notebooks I have ontop of these mentioned are Vista bundled with basic and there complete slow running hogs with no place to go…but my working with them is needed so I reached deep into my wallet for my daughters sake and bought yes paid for the damm Vista Os not some ISO off the web torrent version to which I now wished I had done since I would have saved myself some time and big bucks for an OS that sucks I know I got a bundled ver but when I tried to clone it wipe over no more os and no restore its at the factory and they told me its your problem your software is nolonger under warranty because you tried to make a copie of it…..go figure that one out eh?…..its my problem my time my computer my paid clone software and my right to make a back up under the laws of *********** but they screwed me over and made me feel like a criminal well if I really wanted my OS to be a hack ISO version I could do it within 30 minutes but no I went the right way and bought the damm OS and now I can’t clone it I can’t get rid of it no money back,,,,and heres the kicker….the notebook is a Toshiba Sat and you can forget about putting XP on it the $%%%$% drivers are nolonger currently supported by the Toshiba manufacter….so here I am stuck with a comp and Os and clone software that all combinded together add up to one hell of a mess and alot of lost $$$$ and productivity….so Vista and the new computer companys can all go kiss my new hacking ass they make people go towards that end with there bloody greed and laws that work in there favor not the consumer…..I love hackers I hate the corps that make us pay for there mistakes in progress its the greed that bytes them in the ass I am waiting out my time for the Vista Clone one click hack its comming trust me its already in the works….later all from the rising Hackworth Team if you buy it someone will just take it from you in a flick click out you go……zebra was here. NowUCme NowUDon’t. oh ya thanks again for any comments made *.*

  73. Yoshi

    Hello, just wanted to add that I installed MagicDisk on my Windows Vista Ultimate x64 flawlessly. You just have to press “install anyway” at the install prompt as the driver is unsigned. Besides that everything works by mounting as many ISO files as you want for free and without spyware, yay!

  74. francis

    ive got a prob how can i mount images ive got this game clue:murder at the bla bla bla… i wanted to install it into my notebook without using cds can someone help me im just a newbie in mounting(>_

  75. Yoshi

    Hi Francis,

    After installing the application, I used the free MagicDisc ( The program resides in your taskbar notification area where you can mount your .bin or .iso files. The program will basically create a virtual DVD drive with a designated letter (usually E:, F:, G: and so on) you can select one of those virtual drives and mount an image. After this the files are accessible through Windows Explorer as you would normally do so with a physical Cd or DVD. Hope it helps.



  76. Blacktiger

    I have tried almost every ISO loading program I can find that says it works with windows vista 64 bit. None have worked so far. I keep geting the error ” Windows can not access the Disc, the disc may be corrupt etc etc” Every ISO I have tried are working just fine in Windows Xp. I have tried several work arounds I have read on the net and have yet to find anything that works. I am running Windows Vist 64 Ultimate final release. If anyone has a working solution please let me know. Very frustrated!

  77. Blacktiger

    Ok, looks like I may have got it working. Seems some of my iso files had gotten corrupted some how. After going back on Xp they were not loading. Loaded up some backups I burnt to cd and so far all is working even in Vista 64. :)

  78. Chondro

    Hi all, I just install latest WinRar trial v3.71 and it works fine for handling most compressed files and can even open ISO file in a snap. I copied the iso file to HD first though (because I hate it when it has some errors in the middle of reading from CD/DVD directly). And no, I’m not from WinRar company or it’s salesperson lol :p, I have to pay when the trial perioed expire, darn you WinRar!!

  79. Chuck Gregory

    Chondro, try 7-zip. I like it better than WinRar and it’s free. But both of these provide only a way to access the files from the ISO image, not a way of executing software as if it came from the CD or DVD. For that you need something like VirtualCloneDrive, also free. That way if you have an ISO image of something, e.g. a game or movie, you just mount it on the virtual disk and your computer thinks the actual disk has been inserted into a drive.

  80. gazza

    when i mount a image into VCD i go into my computer to open up the game and it says,

    windows can not access this disc
    the disc may be corrupt, make sure the disc uses a
    format that windows recognizes. if the disc is unformater
    you need to format it before using it.

    and i have no clue what to do.. any help?

  81. Forensics Guy

    Running Vista Home Premium, had Daemon Tools working for a while (always shakily), then suddenly it stopped. Rather than be arsed to figure out why, I downloaded MagicISO and it worked seemlessly. Thank you How-To-Geek for your list of suggestions. It’s nice that you list a variety to choose from on your site.

    Keep up the good work!

  82. Danny

    I recommend MagicIso as Daemontools has gone spyware.

  83. Chuck Gregory

    I still like VirtualCloneDrive. Been using it forever, now. Works great. I don’t even have to think about it.

  84. Dale

    Magic Disk have now launched an x64 edition, for all you out there who got the 64 bit Vista platform.

  85. phucBAG

    thanx works grreat:]

  86. Sylar

    I had daemon tools on my laptop (which is new and came with vista basic) and it didnt work.
    it kept prompting me to acctivate it from the administrator account when i am the administrator

  87. Chuck Gregory

    New users to Vista often don’t realize that almost everything is run as a regular user. You can right click on the program icon or start menu entry to get additional options. One of these is Run As Administrator. Sometimes if you run the installer for a program as an Administrator you can avoid having to authenticate every time you run. Experiment.

    Good Luck.

  88. fishy

    I didn’t notice from other replies but Alcohol 52% offers a free version now. You can choose not to install the toolbar if you want. No spywares, at least not that I know of.

  89. Solomon

    URL for virtual clone drive, doesn’t look like anyone else posted it. (The link in the article is dead.)

  90. The Geek


    Thanks for that comment, updated the article.

    I simply cannot understand why people break their links… it just baffles me. Seems like they would want people using their software.

  91. mustu316

    Guys, when i mount the iso image and try to run it , Vista keeps telling me you need be an Admin to instal the software. Pls help

    Right Click > Run as Admin option is not show when i right click on the virtual drive.

    Pls help…

  92. Chuck Gregory

    If the message comes when you try to run the image, it’s not because of the virtual drive software but the image itself. Perhaps the image you mounted is a new operating system or something like that? Perhaps you read about installing Ubuntu from within windows and are trying it out?

    Anyway, the problem is coming from the software on the disk image. If you right click on the virtual drive, there should be an option to explore the drive. Try that, and see what’s on the image. Autorun.inf will tell you what program runs when it is started (just like when you insert a cd into the real drive). If you really want to try the software on the image, right click on the program listed in the autorun file, and run that as administrator. Just be careful. Sometimes there’s a good reason it requires an Admin. Don’t do it unless you know what you are doing.

  93. YouToep

    I love “Virtual CloneDrive” it works fine and I have no SpyWare found in it.
    It work with vista and is easy to install and set ..

    Thanks for the post,

  94. xenomex

    Hi, i have never used virtual clone drive before, but i am a regular user of Daemon Tool, also i do not LOVE Daemon Tools, i only downloaded it because everyone uses it and it works on my Vista Perfectly.

    The version of daemon tools that i have has no window! it’s just an icon on the taskbar that you right click! You should try it “Geek”

    I am really impressed with your replies! you reply to Nearly everyone in most of your posts…
    man thanks for all your help.

  95. USRF

    I tried Virtual Clone Drive for a while now. But if I let the pc run 24/7 almost every day it had recovered from a blue screen. I searched what caused it, and never found it. Until today where the blue screen was still showing on my screen. It was causes by vclone.sys. You can guess where this sys belongs to.

    I Uninstalled Virtual Clone Drive

    I was running Vista business 32bit (all latest updates) and VCD

  96. Plasmafox

    Daemontools V 4.0 and later include mandatory, unseperatable adware/spyware, however versions before that instead were sponsored by being bundled with adware/spyware applications in the installer that can be easily prevented from being installed, and these versions work great on XP. However, I do not know if these versions work on Vista.

  97. Bill Condie

    I’ve been a fan since I first discovered it.

    Suddenly it has stopped working.

    Vista’s SP1?

    How the heck do I uninstalled that to check!

  98. plasmafox

    In XP, all you’d have to do is go into add/remove prgrams.

    Vista is crippled Mac-style, so I doubt you’ll be able to do it very easily without using system restore. However, I have limited experience with Vista. For starters check the “programs and updates” applet in the Vista control panel, check the “show updates” box and look for SP1 in the list. If it’s there, uninstall it.

  99. Bobiwan

    Hmm.. u guys checked out the poweriso thing?.. i guess it works on vista.. but it has some issues now i guess like windows explorer restarting wen u try to mount an .mdf file.. has anyone else tried this poweriso thing?

  100. John L. Galt

    @Plasmafox – wrong. It is separable – you just have to make sure you don’t choose to install it, 8and* don’t allow it to set your home page *and* don’t allow the toolbar.

    @Bill Condie – fan of Daemon Tools? Have you updated your SPTD recently? It works for me in all my Vista install (Vista Home Premium 32 bit, Vista Ultimate 32 bit, Vista Ultimate 64 bit) – all with SP1….but do you want to uninstall SP1 or uninstall DT, that is the question I need to know from you

  101. Bill Condie

    I don’t have DT, but something else must have been going on.

    I just did a clean update to Ultimate — and it’s working like a charm again.

  102. Bindas

    I have installed DT and is working fine. I do generally dont hit “next” button during installation but I forgot what I did during the installation of DT. How do I know if the spyware is installed? Please suggest me if there is any.

  103. Lewis

    Virtual CloneDrive keeps saying installation failed on my machine, im running windows vista but not 64 bit…

    any help???

  104. Lewis

    oh and the new daemon tools hasnt installed spyware on my system, i have scanned my computer with 3 anti spyware and malware programs and it found nothing

  105. Lewis

    what does:

    Error: ‘Cant open VCCD’


  106. Tom

    thanks geek’

    very nice post with a lot of information

  107. John

    I use Phantom CD to mount ISO. It works well in Vista 32-bit. I don’t know if it works in 64-bit Vista.

  108. Sugarplum

    “Sure, it is possible to run the Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel in Windows Vista. The problem is that you always have to run as Administrator and you can only see the mounted drive under the Administrator context, which means via a Run as Administrator command prompt—but not within your user’s Windows Explorer context. As a result of this, not only does the tool not work as I need it to work, but it also requires me to run the app in a less secure environment.” … by Greg Steen

  109. Mone

    Much like USRF’s experience, I have Vista 32-bit and Virtual CloneDrive, and I run my comp non-stop, but whenever I come back to it (overnight or back from work), there’s a nice BSOD waiting for me saying the problem is in VClone.sys, and interestingly, its also comboed with a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL code. Its still not that big of an issue for me as this works better than others I’ve found for Vista. Hope this helps someone.

  110. goldi

    Just wait i am making Nero image drive working under vista….. just wait some days i am working on it…………….

  111. Sniper77

    I recently purchased a new computer running windows vista 32 bit. The first thing I wanted to test on vista was alcohol 120%. I finished installation and suddenly….. Blue Screen Of Death. My new computer was stuffed. I tried everything to fix the problem but deemed it too difficult with only 20 secs on the desktop before the BSOD appeared again. I ended up having to wipe the computer(system recovery) and start over.

  112. goldi

    Hi SNIPER77 i understand u r problem. open system properties with right click on my computer icon. then open advance system setting. in it open startup & recovery setting. now just uncheck following clicks,
    Overwrite any exiciting file
    Automatic restart
    Write an event to the system log file
    Now apply it & ok.
    Now just open start, all programs, acceseries, command prompt. with administrative rights ( just right click on it & select run as administrator) now paste following command
    bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
    now press enter . & now just restart pc. & u have done it but dont forget to tell me thanks as i needed it much

  113. Jimmy

    Just installed Virtual Clone Drive on 4 brand new e-machines runnings Vista. Works great.

  114. matt

    great tutorial, couldnt have done it without your help,

  115. Shankar

    i just installed PowerISO42.exe on my windows vista basic .. it asked 4 reboot and i obliged .. but now system cant boot … i tries every option in my boot option (safe mode, last known good configuration ) .. but nothing helps …. plz help and quickly tooo

  116. goldi7515

    Boot with vista dvd then select repair then choose system restore. then select a restore point before installation of poweriso

  117. andrew

    VCD now supports vista 64 bit

  118. saivert

    Daemon Tools is the only 100% complete virtual optical drive software. Yes the freeware version bundles some software which you can chose not to install. Just uncheck the appropriate checkboxes.

    If you like to support Daemon Tools the proper way you can purchase Daemon Tools PRO which does not come with any spyware or ads.

    I think you should update this article to reflect this. I’m not a representative from Daemon Tools. I just want to help out by informing people about better software. I too was a bit vary when I saw the bundled software but most successful software today comes with extra software because they get paid top dollar to do so.

  119. The Geek

    I dislike any software that attempts to force some spyware nonsense on me.

    I also find VirtualCloneDrive to be nice and easy to use, and totally free. I’ve also used MagicDisc for 64-bit, which isn’t as friendly but works alright.

  120. Karim

    Your article can be updated – Virtual Clone drive has supported Vista 64 since August.

  121. Xiba


    The newest version of Virtual CloneDrive has added support for Vista 64 bits.

    Checkout the changelog…

    Virtual CloneDrive Revision History

    Virtual CloneDrive 2008 07 31
    – New: Added support for 64-bit OS, e.g. Windows Vista 64
    – Many internal changes and improvements, new driver
    – Updated languages

    — xiba

  122. The Geek


    Thanks for that, updated the post.

  123. Xiba

    @The Geek
    Thanks for the post and the update.

    @Vista 64 users
    Tested version Virtual CloneDrive on my notebook running Vista Home Premium 64 today, and it worked without need of a reboot.

    — xiba

  124. Josh

    Thanks for mentioning this brilliant piece of software. Free, simple, and well-maintained. Awesome!

  125. rob

    i have a few images and they all mount but a few of them still say they require a cd while the others work fine. the dont work on clone drive at all. im currently using daemon tools. any solutions for a noob?

  126. Tony

    I can confirm that the Microsoft freeware utility to mount ISO images ( does indeed work with Vista Business SP1.

  127. Dan

    Virtual CloneDrive worked beautiful on Vista Home Basic for me. Installed in a matter of minutes. Mounted my installation disk no probs, and enabled me to install all my disk images from my external hard disk in seconds!

    Much faster than messing around with CDs/DVDs!

    Yay for SlySoft!

    Dan F

  128. Fuzzi

    I find it kind of dumb that they include spyware in their program. I mean it’s not just a wrong and invasive move, but it’s rude, and on top of that, arguably the least efficient way to go about things; I mean, spyware is considered malicious and so will probably ward off a majority of downloaders.

    You think Daemon will end themselves with that spyware stunt?

  129. John L. Galt

    Now that I am running Windows 7 more predominantly than Vista, I have to say that VCD does the job – it does not have some of the more savvy options such as emulation for games so I don’t have to use the original CD

  130. BCK

    Excellent suggestion. VCD works exactly as stated. Real breeze. Great mounting option for the inexperienced as well. Thanks for the recommendation.

  131. sal

    Since it hasn’t been mentioned yet, WinCDEmu is a great piece of software for mounting CD/DVD images and works in both XP and Vista.

  132. KDB

    Today is the last day to get VCD for free.

  133. John L. Galt

    Umm, according to VCD is still freeware.

    That message in red applies to their paid software.

  134. tfg

    So i have .ISO files on my harddrive that i want to play but with VCD i only have audio when played with WMP… am i doing something wrong?

  135. ultimate

    does this work for windows ultimate 7? cant seem to get it to work for me atleast …

  136. Will

    Haven’t read all the comments so I can’t say if this has been covered but, it works with Vista 64-bit. (v5.4.1.1)

  137. Allyn

    Does this work with SecureROM? I have a few games that have SecureROM on them (curse you EA for buying out BioWare!) and I’ve heard some pretty bad things about SecureROM and ISO mounters. I cant wait until they realize that it’s rubbish and find a new DRM :P

  138. Joe

    Has any one used Deamon Tools with Windows 7 and had it work. I have tried 4 different versions now and have yet to be able to get it to work. It just wants me to reboot over and over again. getting no where fast.

  139. John L. Galt

    @Joe – Currently, the SPTD driver is not compatible with Windows 7, hence DT will not work on W7.

    See for an official take from the DT forums.

    As for anyone else who says that other products work – yes, they do, and I am currently using VCD – *but* they don’t have the emulation such as SecureROM so I can make ISOs of y games and play them without having to get a stupid crack or no CD / DVD fix for the game.

    I have dual 500 GB 32MB Cache HDs and they are infinitely (well, nearly) faster than a DVD drive, and DT allows me to play games like Mass Effect, GTR Evolution, and The Witcher Enhanced edition without having to use anything else. VCD and all these other products simply don’t support that sort of emulation.

    Finally, the DT free version does come bundled with questionable software – but that is easily disabled from installing.

  140. tartooob

    loved the article, great program, thanks ! worked great on vista 64-bit

  141. Joe

    @ John Galt – Thanks, I had not read that article. VCD worked great for mounting the ISO’s. It is not quite the same as DT but it will do.

    I am currently running Win 7 x64 on my Rampage II mother board with the Core i7 processor running as the 2.9 Ghz (overclocked) and 6 Gig of triple channel ram (1600 mhz). Video card is the MSI 4870 1G of DDR5 ram. Things like Grid will run maxed out even with just the one 1TB SATA 2 HHD.

    Does any know when Dt is projecting having a fix for this. Or is this a problem for MS to fix in 7.

  142. cwg

    I d been very happy with VirtualCloneDrive for a long time, but I’m running the Windows 7 x64 Beta. Ultimiate. And VCD froze things.

    So, I just opened the iso files using another computer that’s networked to this one, and remained silent. Then, looking through the comments here, I decided to try MagicISO. Wow. What a cool program. It installed with no problem, and I’ve opened and accessed an ISO file as a disk drive. I’ll try something more complicated later, but I won’t post again unless I run into a problem.

    Thanks for the advice. It was a nice surprise to see something that actually was ready for Windows 7.

  143. John L. Galt

    @ Joe – as for a W7 version, the main problem that I see is the compatibility of the SPTD driver for Windows – and that comes from DuplexSecure. AFAICT, the DT app *as is* should have no issues working with W7 as it works perfectly fine with Vista, even the 64bit version (as I ran it on Vista 64bit for months).

    @cwg – I am running Windows 7 ‘Ultimate’ 64bit on my system, and have had absolutely no issues with VCD in builds 6801, 7000, and 7048. A lot of people are saying they have encountered problems but thus far I have not had a single one – so it might be system specific / OEM specific issues. I am guessing the latter, as OEMs tend to include stupid things like Roxio and its DirectCD component which is not pretty at all on a Vista class machine or higher.

  144. daemon tools has no spyware

    well I want an authorised alternative source(site) which can tell Daemon Tools has spyware. I can’t believe that, you are the first one to say it has spyware.

  145. Joe

    I really don’t think the problem is with VCD or Deamon Tools. It is always underlieing issue. Nomatter the version, it is still Windows…..

  146. dan

    Vista 32 here, i tried Virtual clone , i tried daemon and another too but i get the same problem. The drive gets created but the Virtual clone graphic is not on the drive letter. And with all these programs same thing. When i mount my iso it just opens up files and wont perform a true mount

  147. ye-gulelew

    I have used the software and it works flawlessly. thank you very much for posting it.

  148. BhanuPrakash

    Hi.I downloaded “Windows XP PRO SP3 VistaVG black+blue ultimate Style+SATA-Raid”,it is in the format of DAA file.actually it said that to mount or burn in iso or something,with this file ,a software came along with the above file,that can mount or burn yhe file.i deleted it and only had the DAA file i.e., Windows XP pro sp3.This file is OS.i need it in bootable or execuitable please help me how to convert it into bootable cd ,so that i can install the OS in to the system.sorry for my english.
    I hope u will help me.

  149. goldi

    Hi BhanuPrakash . To burn daa file u need gburner.

  150. mac

    well i did all these things the right way and when i click on it after its mounted i get an error saying that its needs to be formatted in order to be used properly

  151. mac

    so thats my predicament

  152. Chuck Gregory

    Mac, did you try several different iso files and have this result with all of them? It seems to me the most likely reason you would get a ‘need to format’ error would be that the image you mounted was not good. Try an iso image that you downloaded, rather than one you created on your machine, too. Just in case. Also, if you haven’t rebooted already, do that.

    Good luck.

  153. Chuck Gregory

    One more thought to those having problems after installing VirtualCloneDrive:

    Windows and some third-party software likes to keep ISO files associated with archiving utility software, so that you can browse files, or cd burning software, so that you can burn an image to a cd/dvd. If you want to mount an ISO to Virtual Clone Drive you may need to find the iso file in Windows Explorer and RIGHT-CLICK on it. There should be an option to ‘Mount with Virtual Clone Drive’ or something similar. Pick that option, and you should have the image mounted on the appropriate letter.

    Also, if you need to burn the image to CD/DVD, and your machine doesn’t seem to have software for that, try InfraRecorder, an open source free program to do just that.

  154. Orca

    I downloaded Virtual Clone Drive, but it’s not working. I’ve spent the past three hours trying to figure out how to get Sims 2 Life Stories to work, and this is where I’m at.

    Here’s an image:

  155. Painkiller

    Every time I try to mount an iso file it gives me the autorun window for a split second, then it disappears. Trying to get the Killing Floor .iso to work, and it’s irritating -_-. Any thoughts?

  156. Drahreg13

    Thanx 4 tha Tips!!! :D I hope it works on W7 ;D

  157. markusoj

    so i have spent the last few hours trying to install Civ4 on my vista 32 bit by mounting the iso file with virtual clone drive and alcohol 120% but it still asks for the cd and wont run! any ideas?

  158. Lolmaow

    DaemonTools v4 has no spyware, and is much better than this.

  159. The-Dork-Side

    This is really cool. All the other ones I’ve tried either caused viruses or messed up the boot files. Does it work with 32 bit Vista too?

  160. JH

    DAEMON Tools is good, and I would rather it was free and one had to pay attention during installation than that one had to pay money for it. It may be argued that many of these programs exhibit rootkit like behaviour, as in order to do the job they do, especially with games, they have to some extent hide themselves from the OS.

  161. jackal_2419

    Guys i have a huge problem.I recently installed Vista black edition(SP!-32 bits)….one of my games requires only daemon for playing, but when i install daemon, vista just restarts without giving any error. same thing happens when i install alcohol alcohol too.I’m currently using Power ISO, but that game would only work with daemon so i require to get it installed badly.Please help…!!!

  162. Intel 3.06 Litre Extreme

    My Laptop is triple Boot (seperate primary partitions). Running Xp Pro SP3 32 Bit Retail, Vista Ultimate SP2 32 Bit Retail & Vista Ultimate SP2 64 Bit Retail.
    Was running Win 7 RC Build 7100 in the Ultimate 64 Bit slot but dumped it (personal gripes ‘Classic’ style menus & Win 3.11 Control Panel with miniature or microscopic icons etc.)

    User Annoyance Control does it bit on the Vista’s but

    Alcohol 120 runs fine on all.
    Ultra ISO runs fine on all & supports just about every image type imaginable & virtual drives.
    Daemon Tools runs fine on all. I dumped it for reasons of personal dislike but it ran OK.

    Vista 64 Bit Rocks. Just about everything runs on it 32 Bit or 64 Bit software. I have a complete suite of some 95 various programs running on XP and with only 2 exceptions, all have gone on Vista 64. It has the beauty of Vista & harnesses all the hardware you can chuck at it & you can actually use all the RAM you can afford. The difference between 3GB & 4GB is immediately noticable when booting Vista 32 or Vista 64 with the same software setup.

  163. Caution

    Alcohol and Daemon Tools use rootkit techniques, which is not really acceptable practice (and is not really well enough advertised – do most people here recommending them know that they are rootkits?). Also, if you are a software developer, DT will break your debugging tools.

    Not sure if other tools mentioned here have this problem, but other tools do not seem to emphasise tricking game manufacturers copy protection mechanisms, so hopefully not.

  164. Yunis

    Amazing ! Clone virtualdrive works perfect on my Windows 7 deskstop computer and i would suggest all uses to go for it since its a freeware and not that buggy Power ISO or daemon tools…


    A must for all windows 7 users !

  165. Robert

    Loaded the Windows 7 RTM from Tech net. Installed VCD but saw there was no place to shut it down, no right click to exit on the icon.

    Laptop would not shutdown on its’ own either. Had to re-install Win7.

    (HP Pavilion DV2-1030US)

  166. joe

    i dont get an option for mounting when i right click the drive, did i not install it correctly or something?

  167. Slim0123

    There is no way you can mount .mdf files with clone, and thus either you’ll need to convert all files to iso or you can switch to magic disc or alcohol…..
    alcohol is good one but as it says, it installs a spyware, I would perform a sniffer test on it to know whether its true or not….
    till now the only best piece is the alcohol, just waiting for 120% release for windows 7

  168. akash

    I used Daemon Tools on my laptop when I had Vista Business and as a result my abilities to put the laptop to hibernate and sleep went – resuming from hibernate gave a BSOD and resuming from sleep gave just a black screen. I knew DT caused these faults as I updated all drivers and BIOS in an attempt to fix it. I even emailed the MS tech support and gave them an nfo file of my system and they concluded that DT was the problem… anyway, long story short, reinstalled Vista for some reason (I forget why) and all other software minus DT and hibernate and sleep worked perfectly.

    I have a friend who also had similar problems with hibernate and sleep – but not sure if this was due to DT as we had differnet (but similar) software and hardware.

    Now I’ve got Windows 7 Professional RTM installed and CloneDrive (after reading this blog post) and it works perfectly.

    Recommend CloneDrive 100%.

  169. Freak

    I’ve been searching for weeks for a “discussion” more or less like this.

    See I got a new computer finally and it has Vista (64) Home. I had Alcohol and Daemon before. Obviously I use games that tend to be ISO files and what not. Well out of all those games about 5% will install now. I always have to go into safe mode to install get Daemon to or Alcohol to even work! And even then it usually never does. If I do get to setup the games always have the same error that blame windows installer. I upgraded to service pack 2 which cames with Windows Installer 4.5 and yet I still get these errors which shows theres something something far more sneaky going on!

    Any ideas on what to use then? I read about MagicISO, VCD and Magic Disk. Will those actually work or do I have some lame anti-piracy crap on my computer now from one of these programs like Alcohol?

  170. SSC73

    Macrium Reflect is a great utility for creating entire disk images for Vista and 7 x64. The compression can be set to your liking and the program has a self extracting tool so you can restore all or part of your system. Anyone tried this? I use it as a much faster back-up utility than any other freeware I have seen so far including magic disc/iso. Haven’t tried vcd, macrium works fine for me.

  171. Mihai

    Installed and didnt see any spyware.. worked great for my ISO thanks.

  172. dnelson

    +1 For windows 7, defaults to *.iso, works when the iso is on a shared drive.

    This is exactly what Windows should have built in years ago.

  173. Chriz

    yeah well im new to this mounting thing and i just downloaded a iso for a new game i wanted to play and i mounted it but it aint letting me open it help please?

  174. Daniel Kelly

    Nice article. I got tired of using Alcohol 120 in XP, even though it is a great program. This isn’t functionality anyone should have to pay for these days though… in linux you can copy a cd/dvd with “dd if=/dev/cdrom of=~/Desktop/mycd.iso” and mount it with the mount command! I think the only way Windows can keep up in the future is to start adding a lot of value. In the past the OS has been so bare bones that you have to spend more money just to get the basics. Those days are over obviously now with the cloud, google’s free SAAS, and all the FOSS apps.

    Whoever said Vista x64 is for advanced users does not know what he’s talking about. x64 is worth it if you have tons of ram, and your system is fast. Otherwise, x86 standard is perfectly fine – actually faster since there’s no layer of emulation.

  175. Thomas Korn

    I downloaded the ISO of Pirates, and cannot seem to get the virutal clone to open and mount the ISO. Is there another program that can mount downloaded ISOs? or do I need the disk for any mounting program I use?

  176. thomas

    Thank you for the article.It worked perfectly for mounting an iso image in win 7.

  177. vashnir

    Running windows 7 ultimate x64, vcd works fine.

  178. Chris

    It works fantastically on my 32bit windows 7 home premium. Thanks a lot guys :)

  179. Steve in TX

    Man I been wracking my brain trying to figure out which one of these works and reading forums blah blah. I have windows 7 x64 home premium. Installed the win 7 version of magicdisc and it installed ok as one would think then I could see the virtual cd drive but when I clicked the shortcut to access the app and mount it…i kept getting the file path not accessible need admin privilages bs. Of course thats bs becuase I did have rights. Anyways… loaded pismotech audit and its a LIGHT app and small install. No resources used up… no frills .. but good for iso’s CONFIRMED it works on win 7 64 HP version

  180. David

    Nobody mentioned this, so here to offer another alternative. I came across the following tool and have been using it ever since for disk mounting. Should work on Vista and above and on 64-bit too and it’s also FREE w/o spyware, and open source. I’ve installed it on my Vista PC (don’t recall if I’ve used it as I don’t work with that PC often).

    Should really check it out. Simple to use as well.

  181. Jon

    Thanks for the post. Nice and light, worked like a charm on 7 x64. Didn’t even have to reboot!

  182. Franklin danel

    Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.0.1.1 works on Windows 7 just “run as” administrator

  183. Eric

    Great post, this is exactly what I needed to backup my installation discs. Thanks!
    PS, I’m on w7 x64.

  184. Geo

    Excellent tool, works fine with win7-64 thanks!

  185. marco

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! I don’t know how many days or weeks I’ve been trying to wrap my apparently feeble mind around all this torrent, archive, iso, bin jargin, but enlightenment has arrived. This is in no small part do to this site as well as others. I think I’m crying. Peace

  186. colorzone

    WinMount is an image tool, supports mounting ISO ISZ BIN MDS/MDF NRG IMG CCD CUE to virtual DVD-ROM (, supports mounting FLAC, APE, WV, WAVE to virtual CD-ROM, supports mounting VHD, VDI, VMDK, WMT, Microsoft WIM, and folder as a HDD virtual disk.
    WinMount can be used in xp, win7, vista, 2003

  187. Icarius

    mounted an iso image i had made with img burn for a game, just to see what this program does…virtual clone..and it loads to a certain point in game which is great, then get a :could not verify that your disk is authentic eror, at which point it shut down…i take it this is NOT normal ? how to fix ?

  188. blondie

    Aaaaaah, I dont get it!
    Whenever I try to mount with VCD I get a box that asks me whether I want to play the dvd or open and look at the files. Why, why, why? Its a movie, I just wanna be able to watch it on the computer, or burn it as a dvd.

  189. yan

    Searching for such iso mount tool… I found this page: Really, microsoft sucks for not providing this when it’s in alternative OS (every unices) since the beginning…

    I’ll try the microsoft tool, still on XP and not willing to try alternatives as this should IMO be an OS function. Hope SP3 will not be a problem…

  190. Castle_Rock

    Virtual Clone is an awesome program, i use it all the time and absolutely love it.

  191. brian

    i was on a computer in australia and sent a compresed zip file(photos) to my own e mail address in scotland from the computer i was on i went in to my e mail to chek if it was sent correctlay.i was given a number of options on how to open the file i chose adobie 9 this did not work,”file format not supported” ,i then closed my email down onlay to find that the computer i was on was reading the same message for all desk top icons,i can now no longer acses the files from the desk top.can you please addvise

  192. LOGIC

    Easy….just instal XP mode and instal a NERO . After that just share the virtual drive(image drive) and go back and look for it in W 7 ….and voilà.

  193. Chris,

    Thanks alot :D This really helped, i woul not use Daemon tools much harder to understand, use the thing it says in the guide!

  194. linc

    how do you play or run an iso file after you mount it

  195. JSiN

    To run an iso after you mount it, navigate to where you can view all your drives (usually ‘My Computer’ or ‘Computer’. Here you should see a new CD/DVD-ROM drive (after you installed an application that mounts ISOs and have mounted the image). This drive is virtual and doesn’t physically exist on your computer.
    To run the ISO, simply right click on the new drive, and click ‘Open’ or ‘Explore’ or whatever other action you wish to take.

  196. eric

    I’ve downloaded games and installed Virtual clone to open it. Encounter error code “wrong disk inserted . insert the original disk” when doble click the game application.

  197. Dennis

    Thanks for of the Deamon Tool warning… my threatfire caugt the sneaky little bastard.. and now i’m useing Virtual Clone Drive on my new copy of Win7 Ultimate 64-bit.. and It works PERFECT! thanks a bundle for the tip :)

  198. Glenn

    Tried VCD just now with a .bin on W7-64, no go. drive letter reports no file system found. All the success reports here seem to be with .iso — VCD has an option for .bin, but doesn’t get selected by default on W7-64, and selecting it doesn’t seem to make it work.

    Any help?

  199. rao

    works great for me.
    Kudos for the tool

  200. Eric

    I use Pismo File Mount on Windows 7 64-bit, works like a charm!
    Also it’s spyware free and easy to use ;)

  201. Samantha

    I have a problem. I downloaded Virtual Clone and installed it. When I click on the icon on the desktop, a page pops up and says Virtual Clone Drive. It has the tabs Setting,Language, and Info. I have the choice of choosing “Virtual Sheep” “Keep History of recently mounted images” “Automount last image” “Buffered 1/0” “Show Tray Icon” and “Eject unmounts image file”. It also has you choose your Number of Drives. After I finished this I clicked okay, and nothing happens. I click on the icon again and the same thing pops up. I decided that maybe I should restart my computer so I did. After that, I tried again but the same thing popped up again! I don’t know what I have to do or what I have done wrong.
    Btw, I have Windows Vista, if that helps.

  202. Samantha

    Nevermind, I found out what I need to do to mount the image. Unfortunately, it couldn’t find the image that I needed to mount. -_-“.

  203. Stoffer

    I think that you should mention winCDemu. It it open source, so it is guaranteed that it does not contain any spyware. Plus, if you have time, you can code in some additional functionality.

  204. Richard

    i think that the main problem is compatability with Microsoft Vista, all the above mentioned software works without any flaws on all of my machines except the one using Vista. If you are in a desperate need to be able to mount images to your hard drive and are unable to I advise either upgrading to Windows 7 or downgrading to Windows XP

  205. Fraghat

    Hey – Works well on Windows 7 32bit.

  206. JOSE LUIS

    thankyou very much from Argentina, this program run in my notebook with Windows 7 very well, thanks again.

  207. Fakemessiah

    After being a former daemon tools user, I stumbled across this. Glad to have tried out virtual clone drive, working great so far.

  208. Fake

    Can anyone help me,
    i tried to mount a bin and a cue file
    the setup is suppose to appear on desktop but it doesnt
    any suggestion?

  209. Charlie

    Hi, I just downloaded Virtual Clone Drive and need help with an issue. My operating system is Vista 32-bit. I have something I want to install and have no trouble getting the .bin file mounted in normal mode. However, the instructions for installing the application say it must be done in safe mode with networking activated. My problem is that I can’t get Virtual Clone Drive to work in safe mode, what do I need to do differently?

    (I have tried installing it without starting my pc in safe mode and it does not work. Almost immediatly I get an “Administration has stopped working” error message and can’t go any further).

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  210. Danny

    hey i download virtual clone drive but every time i try to use it, it say error: cant open VCD.. what does this mean?

  211. dadadaddyo

    I just installed VCD on a Lenovo ideacenter running Windows 7 home premium without any problems. It makes using virtual disk just as easy as using physical ones. It is NOT well documented, however, and what info there is seems to be for a different version. So here are a few things I figured out.
    When you click on the desktop icon it takes you to a settings window that does not have a link to any help. For the help file you must go to the start menu, open the Elaborate Bytes folder and click on Manual. The manual says there is “online help” you can access while running the program, but I couldn’t find any.
    On the settings page:
    1. Virtual Sheep – Check this and when you go to Windows Explorer there will be a sheep head icon next to the virtual drives you’ve created so you can easily tell them apart from physical ones. If you find the sheep heads just too creepy to look at, uncheck this.
    2. Automount Last Image – Check this if you want to automatically load the same disk image(s) you are using now the next time you start your computer.
    3. Eject Unmounts – If checked, this will allow you to unmount an image file from a virtual drive with an Eject command (see below).
    4. Buffered I/O – Check this if video played from your image file isn’t smooth.
    Despite what the manual says, I found that all I had to do to mount an image file was to double click it in Windows Explorer. When I was finished I clicked Computer in Windows Explorer then right clicked the virtual drive and picked Eject from the menu (this only works if you have Eject Unmounts checked in the Settings Window). If you want to remount an image file you have used recently: right click the virtual drive, click Virtual Clone Drive in the menu, then chose from the list.

  212. mj

    thanx man…u solved my7 problem

  213. gab

    Thanks, works perfectly! I’ve been a Daemon Tools user for so long that I can’t remember, but it became a disgusting, useless spyware. Thanks for this program!

  214. d3vlabs

    thank you much. works fine windows 7 ultimate x64

  215. ebu

    Thank you! I have searched for something like this for a long time ! It works excellent on win7-64 home premium.

  216. Kamal

    This is no longer free?

    Web site says: “You may download and evaluate our products for free for a period of 21 days. After this time you must register the products to continue using them. Purchase a license key now “

  217. robert

    Vista SP2
    I have installed latest version of MagicDisk and it runs, but problem is that it has taken over my second physical DVD drive letter and that drive no longer appears in Device Manager or Explorer so won’t open. I have uninstalled MagicDisk but second physical DVD drive remains disappeared. How to solve?

  218. A. Y.

    Correction, the latest version of Daemon Tools for Windows 7 etc does not contain Spyware though it may appear as false-positive under some virus scanning software.

  219. Matt

    Thanks for the info. Glad I looked before leaping and avoided the spyware :-)

  220. shubham

    heey i installed vcd on my windows 7
    n by mistake i deleted it..den i reinstalled it again..n nw it doesnt work properly wenever i try to mount any image…my computer stops responding..
    pls help me,..wat shud i do..?/

  221. Shawn

    WinCDemu 3.3 is an excellent free and open source iso mounting utility for Windows XP and above (both 32bit and 64bit). Easy to install (no rebooting required). Once installed, simply right click one the iso file, choose a drive letter, and you are done. There is no icon / shortcut / quick launch

    I’ve tested it on Windows XP 32bit, 7 64bit, 2003 32/64bit, 2008 64bit, and 2008r2 64bit editions

  222. Matty

    Thanx a lot bro ur suggestion really worked for me as i was having trouble with every other softawre like alcohal and demon tools

    this is cool

  223. fhh

    no it is not

  224. dan

    i have windows 7 ultimate (64-bit system for those who might be unaware) and this program works perferct, it is GREAT!

  225. Genex

    As a PC user since 1986 and since Dos 3.1,I can’t thank you enough. I know I want to mount a .iso file and I can google for that,but I get a list of utilities,paid and free,not knowing which might be like tossing my PC into a brier patch. I’m glad you are here. You really do have the Users’ backs.

  226. Josh

    WinCDEmu – – is the way to go. Completely free (and open source!), signed, 64-bit support, silent, no restart required.

  227. Roy

    Thank you sooooo much,
    I’ve bought the new dell inspiron 17r and daemon tools won’t work on it,
    first I was afraid, then I thought lets google it, and then this site!’
    Keep this site alive!!


  228. julian

    The best program for mounting and opening ISO files is “7-Zip File menager” it works on all versions of Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

  229. julian

    7-Zip File Menager can open all ISO files. Deamon tools, Alcohol 120, PowerISO, WinISO, MagicISO, MagicDisc, VirtualCloneDrive, WinRar, Nero and lot of similar programs cant open and mount some of iso Extension files.

  230. johira

    does it work on win 7 32 bit?

  231. fsdfsdf

    is ant soft is avaliable to make virtual cd drive in win 7 safe mode?

  232. ken

    Thanks guys

  233. Darkestofdays



  234. Jen Hendrix

    This worked perfectly! Thank you.

  235. Joao Silva

    worked as a charm.
    Sunny regards from Portugal.

  236. Jessica

    Thanks! I was trying WinCDEmu because it’s open-source, but for some reason, it wouldn’t do anything after I clicked on the ISO. VCD did the trick.

  237. Muhamad

    I really dont know how to thank you

  238. Ernesto

    Thank you VERY much! This will be most helpful. I never liked Daemon, but didn’t know of any other programs. I never really did any research…just used the most popular program. I have been taught a lesson.

  239. dianna

    Thanks for posting this, I was using Magicdisk for awhile but I think it was slowing down my computer plus it was hard to use, this one works much better.

  240. Barbara

    Okay so I have no knowledge into how to mount iso and i am downloading sims 3 right now i checked the files i was downloading and in the instructions they wrote on notepad says i have to mount an iso

    any help would be great, i dont want to download something i have no idea about and end up getting a virus on my computer

  241. SaltyDogsrfr

    I tried using VirtualClone Drive and its not working. Im aiming at turing a bunch of files into an executable form via virtual drive through mounting, but I keep hitting a dead end. Could anyone please shed some light on my plight.

  242. dum

    my icon is strange the nearly invisible

  243. AK

    @Salty and @Barbara::
    1. Download and install Virtual Clone DVD Drive.
    2. Go to the downloaded image (the ISO file).
    3. Right click on the file. You should see an option to “MOUNT ………”. Click that. You will see a folder created with the file name from the ISO.
    4. Go to My Computer. You should see a drive being replaced by the ISO image you downloaded.
    5. Install the software and enjoy.


  244. dom

    So I downloaded RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. It asked me to insert the CD to play. Nonetheless, I don’t have the CD; I downloaded and managed with the crack successfully.
    I tried to mount the file through Virtual Clone Drive. But the RCT 2 file doesn’t contain any ISO, CCD, DVD, IMG or UDF files. It did however have a BIN file but whenever I right click on it, there’s no indication of Virtual Clone Drive. I made sure that the program is installed into my computer. I don’t know what to do :S Can someone please help me?

  245. h2so4

    well, I have a prob. Have win7 home premium.installed daemon ool x64. I made .ISO image and when I mount it ,program cant use the drive. It says either my disc is corrupt or I have to format that can I do that? i know disc isnt corrupted as it does install in other PCs.any solutions?

  246. Tom

    I downloaded this game called ” Medieval II – Total War & Kingdoms ” via torrent . The read me file supplied with it required me to mount one of the iso files to begin the installation process (They recommended Daemon tools or Alcohol 120) I tried both. The problem I am facing is that an autoplay window was supposed to pop up after mounting the iso image , which didn’t. I am using windows 7 ultimate 64x. Can you please guide me ?

  247. DVSACT

    Here is my issue. I have the game “Far Cry”, I have mounted it but every time i open it, it wants to read open from the original CD/DVD drive which is E: but the mount image is on G: how do i make it read the game from the image?

  248. DVSACT

    oops….. BTW i am using Windows 7 ultimate 32bit

  249. Angad

    c’mon! just use WinCDEmu and live in a world of simplicity
    1) it uses the default win 7 icon for images

  250. typic

    Well, I did try WinCDEmu. I uninstalled it last night. Why? Total Media Theater would not see the bluray iso when it was mounted. Installed Virtual Clone Drive, TMT see and plays the iso fine. I was disappointed WinCDEmu didn’t work. I hope he will fix it.

  251. cassidy;)

    hey guys :) wen i tried to instal this norton blocked me.. is it really virus ridden? my computers new and i really dont want to risk it… so if sum1 could tell me the truth about it that would b nice :) found this off of google ;)

  252. Jackson

    +1 for WinCDEmu – it’s open source, it works in Windows 7, it works in 64bit, and most of all – it just works :)

  253. InTech

    Virtual Clone Drive works great on my Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x86)
    … simple
    … easy
    … truly freeware, not a trial

    When you open VCD’s control panel to configure number of virtual drives … uncheck the Virtual Sheep checkbox if the goofy sheep icon bothers you.

  254. InTech

    Also on my Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x86) machine …

    Minutes later I installed WinCDEmu just for giggles. It also works great. Just double click the icon on the iso file in question and it mounts the virtual drive automatically.
    … simple
    … easy
    … no need to specify how many virtual drives to pre-configure. WinCDEmu does it automatically.
    … no goofy icons
    … names the mounted drive “CD Drive …” not “BD-Drive …” like Virtual Clone Drive does.

    I’m keeping WinCDEmu and uninstalling Virtual Clone Drive. Hope this was helpful.

  255. Bron

    Totally recommend WinCDEmu


  256. Brad

    this worked SOOOO NICE!! Thank You!!

    I was trying to install this iso onto a cd as it was 650mb or so; used the microsoft dos command cdburn, usually i used isoburn from dos but now have a new pc and dont have all that stuff setup.

    so burning took OVER 30 minutes. it finished writing in just over a minute but then said updating cache and it was stuck, cd light blinking, and the motor was going fast, hard disk activity light busy. logged out and kept pushing the cd button, logged in and it finally ejected the cd. put it in and nothing was on the cd. ok try again. another new cd. let it go for over an hour then left the pc overnight. today the cd tray was NOT open as expected when its done burning; and again the disk shows nothing on it but it takes a while to do anything.

    isobuster seems to work but whatever i needed it would say “sorry” you cant do that in the free version.

    somehow i ended up here and had registered before because i found another helpful article, and this cow thing iso disk mount works perfectly and in seconds i had the iso mounted and its running setup

  257. Dave


    Is it the position of HowToGeek that any freeware that includes an optional toolbar (even if it has to be UNchecked at installation) is unacceptable? That would rule some very good free things that I use.

    Are you saying that even if I uncheck the toolbar installation option, spyware is installed and running? No antivirus or spyware checker I’ve run (including Symantec Antivirus, MSE, Malwarebytes, Spybot & AdAware) have ever found any spyware associated with Alcohol, to my knowledge.

    I’ve used Alcohol 52% for some time on several machines without problems. It seems to be more powerful than Virtual Clone Drive, the .iso creation wizard being one thing I do use. Perhaps it is one of those things (Photoshop being the classic example) that are so complex that they’re quite confusing if one wants to do only basic tasks, but I’ve been happy with it.

  258. angelo

    It’s not working for me. It mounts with virtual clone drive but then tries to play in wmp on default which fails. I have KMPlayer but it wont play to that either. I’m on win7x64.

  259. angelo

    I went and installed vlc for x32 and it seems to work. No problems at first. Still like the KMPlayer better now for esthetics and features.

  260. Sharon

    Ok I did a search for opening IMG files and this is one thing I found. I don’t understnad the “mount” though.

    I have a very old game that only works on windows 7 via something called dosbox.
    when I played it many many years ago (and still had windows 95) there was an editor that could be used to edit the IMAGE (like body10.img) files. Well it doesn’t work on windows 7.

    I thought Sure that these files could just be opened in a photo editor.
    So I’m looking for something to open these files as a GRAPHIC – or convert them to a GRAPHIC file I CAN open in a picture editor – edit the picture and then save it back into an “.img” file for the program to read.

    CAN THIS BE DONE with this program?

    Thanks much.

  261. Viktor

    Thx a lot dude.

  262. Sam

    I’m having a problem with using Virtual Clone Drive.
    After successfully downloading the software, I attempted to mount my first image. I mounted “Age of Empires 2” onto one of the drives, and when it finished mounting the game’s start up menu popped up. Everything seemed normal so I just clicked “play” to start the game.
    However, right when it looks like the game is going to launch, an error comes up asking for the Correct CD-rom to insert.
    I have tried mounting different things but all seem to fail!
    Any help here?!

    Additional info: My computer is Windows 7 and 64 bit.
    Yes, I mounted the ISO image of the game, but it still does not work.

  263. Andre

    happy with PowerISO….

  264. Net

    Keep getting an error message when I try to mount something:

    Error: Can’t Open VCD!

    I’ll try to find something else then.

  265. GregoryPeck

    McAfee reports that this VirtualCloneDrive is a trojan.

  266. jim

    It doesn’t appear to be free from what I read on the site. It is a 21 day trail then you need to register.

  267. Bobby Black

    Make sure your downloading Virtual Clone Drive and Not Clone DVD.

  268. computer idiot

    After mounting an image and click the icon on the ‘my computer’ the application asks for a cd! Any ideas on how to get around this problem!

  269. Dynasty Warrior

    Hey! Im trying to mount an game i downloaded ( Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper ) but it seems that i need to insert the right CD :S Anybody knows this problem and fixed it? Please help me i cant play :(

  270. Byron Injeeli

    do u need a CD for this or is this just a “virtual” drive?

  271. Dan

    virtual clone drive does not appear to work with windows 7.. it installs ok, but does nothing at all. Can someone recommend a good tutorial for opening iso files with windows 7?

  272. Koko Bill

    well, the best, and free software, for mounting anything you want is Win Mount3 and there are both versions x86 and x64 as well….it works fine on Windows 7 x64 for me…and there is a portable version if one don`t want to install it…OK…

  273. Riyaz

    Thanks dude,
    because if this i was able to install the call of duty black ops ISO in my comp
    Thanks a lot!!

  274. Jared

    Thanks “The Geek” This is the best program for mounting ISO files ever works fast, and its free thanks alot you really helped me out.

  275. Paul

    WinRAR can help. when you already made the image. when have the iso image or you can rename it with winrar. then you open the image with winrar.

  276. Liam

    You guys are idiots

  277. Grant

    Woah, crazy long page of comments!

    Virtual CloneDrive works great, much better than MagicDisc. The ability to simply right-click on an ISO and mount it is a huge plus. Thanks for the tip!

  278. Hope To Help

    Okay for those of you who are running Vista 64 then i can advise that 7-Zip extracts ISO files to a folder location that you nominate once the ISO has been extracted from the nominated location you can then start extracting the files you need by either running the program from the said location or directly running from within 7-Zip itself.

    7-Zip also has a neat feature of prior to extracting down to any individual file you specify of checking its contents for malware meaning the virus you might have un knowingly downloaded from a torrent packaged within your ISO.

    It also has a feature of bookmarking favourites for quick access i am running Vista Home Premium 64 on my Alienware M17x with this program for some time now with no conficts or issues to date, thanks i hope this helps

  279. Daniel

    VCD works well on 64-Bit of Win7

    P.S./ You do not have 64-Bit to test…. uhm ! Upgrade dude, it’s much better in many ways.


  280. James

    Author is an idiot. Virtual Clone Drive did not come from Microsoft and is not a Microsoft product at all. It is made by SlySoft…

  281. Curt

    Great! Awesome-Thank you. Downloaded and it was so easy to use. Virtual Clone Drive 2 Thumbs Up!

  282. BJ

    Stumbled across this…. Totally solved my issue. Thanks Geek!

  283. yo

    the article was written virtually 4 years ago idiots!

  284. Ryan S Markel

    What im having promblems with.. Is how do i use virtual clone drive to play a game that i downloaded onto my computer from a friend that wont let you burn it.. I dont get the option when I right click on the icon of the disk in my computer section to create ISO… and than all the other games I have downloaded and installed as the directions say.. always come back and say insert disk and I can not mount them…


  285. Satish KC

    #James: I don’t think it’s the author who’s the idiot. If you re-read the 1st line carefully, you’ll realize that he says that the one MS had for WinXP doesn’t work in Vista or Win7 & hence he’s recommending the slysoft tool.
    I’ll leave it to you imagination to figure out who’s the real idiot here. Sheesh!

  286. TFK

    Why not just use PowerrISO ? It supports up to 6 virtual drivers and works perfectly on WindowsXP/Windows7…

  287. HappyProgrammer

    Why not use PowerISO? That is easy to answer. It is not free.

    Another option For people who just need to extract the contents of an ISO, instead of mounting it, is 7-zip. I just used it to extract files out of an .ISO without an issue. It is surprising to see how many different formats this one completely free and opensource tool can handle.

  288. Awis

    Hey, Virtual Clone Drive is good. I Mounted my Lexmark x1200 software on Drive F. It’s good.

  289. Anonymous

    The only thing I don’t like here is that Virtual Clone Drive comes from SlySoft. I’ve tried some of SlySoft’s other products and have occasionally been bitten by some nasty malware! Needless to say, I’m not a fan.

    About the only thing worse would be a Koyotesoft product where you can’t even directly download an installation file. (With Koyotesoft, you have to install any of their Windows products directly from a website. You can get around this if you use a VM to act as a whipping boy of sorts, but what a major PITA!)

  290. Madmax.

    .thanx a lot bro it worked !!!!

  291. David

    I have mounted FIFA 2011 ISO file.I run setup.when i click on install button,it is asking to insert an CD/DVD.Why? i ahve already mounted it.Why it is not installing.I am using Power ISO software.I have tried the same with the Virtual clone and daemon tools.but negative result.Can somebody help me?

  292. TechGeek01

    It’s funny how that in order to access Windows 8’s built in ISO burners, I have to download this one to install Windows 8.

  293. Prem

    HI! I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate…Virtual Clone Drive works pretty good on Windows 7 thank u :)

  294. Martin

    You can use 7zip to mount the image, then you can extract the contents out to a folder if you like.

  295. coolboy@734832hd

    WTF!!!! Mine says that the format is unreadable!!!

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