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Make Windows Vista Stop Asking for Password When Resuming from Sleep

If you’ve got a home computer that you put into sleep mode, you might be irritated that you have to enter your password every time it wakes up. In most cases you could just remove or not use a password, but if you are doing file sharing a password is required. So how to resolve this?

It’s very simple, in fact. Open the Power Options through the control panel or start menu search.


On the left-hand side you’ll see a link for “Require a password on wakeup”.


If you still have UAC enabled, you’ll see a link that says “Change settings that are currently unavailable”, which will unlock the options below.


Now you can click the “Don’t require a password” radio button, and then use the Save changes button.


I wouldn’t recommend using this setting if you have a laptop computer that you put into sleep mode while you travel, because if your computer was stolen the thief wouldn’t even have to get through a password to get into your computer.

Not that passwords are all that secure either without encryption.

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  • Published 10/3/07

Comments (7)

  1. lloyd stephens

    Hi, I have three questions (greedy, but this site is so good!)

    1. When I ask ie or firefox to remember a password, I get a box asking ‘do I wish to do this?’ how do I stop this box?

    2. I wish to sync with windows contacts and windows calender (instead of outlook 2007, trial version) to my mobile (xda orbit) how do I do that. I normally sync with outlook 2007 but thought that I prefer the new windows contacts and calender (there are faster and much simpler and FREE)

    3 Are skype offering a sidebar gadget?

    I am running vista home premium on a laptop

  2. tracy

    woo hoo! this was the first search result from google and it answered my question immediately! thx.

  3. Planet Lowyat

    Lazy guy like me will use this option…

  4. Nick

    That’s all very well but it’s really just a HowTo about something that is pretty obvious in the user interface. What I am struggling with is how to get Windows 7 to stop asking for my password when just the screen has gone to sleep. There doesn’t appear to be a setting for this that I can find…

  5. Matthew

    If you try the above solution and it doesn’t work, try right clicking desktop, go to personalize, go to screen saver (bottom right) then uncheck the “display logon screen on resume.” this may help also.

  6. sindy

    Gracias mateo fue muy util tu aporte

  7. sindi

    gracias mateo por tu aporte

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