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Make Vista Index Your Network Connections

One of the more irritating things about Windows Vista is that you can’t easily get to your Network Connections list – at least not without clicking through half a dozen links in the control panel. I’ve previously written about how to make a shortcut to the Network connections list, but how about just adding them to the built-in start menu search?

First open up your start menu, and create a new folder called Network Connections, or something similar. Hint: You can get there quickly by pasting this into the address bar: %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\


Now open up your Network Connections list through Control Panel, or you can take the keyboard ninja route and just type in ncpa.cpl into the start menu search.

You may want to rename some of your network connections… Wired Network is a lot more simple to remember than Local Area Connection 1.


Now just drag all of them over to the new start menu folder you created:


And there we are, you can easily get to your network connections through the start menu search box by just typing in the name.


note: thanks to Nathan in the comments for suggesting this.

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  • Published 07/6/07

Comments (5)

  1. andy

    How can i make a network between my desktop and my laptop with internet with switch

  2. mark

    i tried this but when i clicked on it, it didn’t work in either using the search menu nor the run command nor the shortcut. also trying to make the file menu disappear and that doesn’t work either.

  3. wan

    how to make a network connection with internet using windows vista and windows xp…
    plsss help…..

  4. Dan Lemke

    This is pretty helpful. I would love a shortcut or script to ‘reset network adapter’ as I have to go through a big annoying process daily to do this because the cisco vpn adapter sucks at Vista. Thanks though for the tips. good stuff.

  5. Aretha

    my dell laptop is not showing anything in the networks and sharing center and there for is not letting me get online on it, it also is saying there is no adaptor equiped on there what can i do to make it equiped or fix my computer to where i can get online? it shows beside the adaptor (the only one i can find) a yellow triangle with an exclmation point beside most of the things in the networks file in the computer management area, how can i fix all these problems?

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