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Make the Mouse Pointer Stay Away from What You’re Typing

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If your mouse pointer seems to constantly get in the way while you are typing, you aren’t alone… you click in the middle of some text and start typing to insert more, but the cursor stays in the way. There’s a tiny utility called MouseAway that will solve this problem for you… it’s not new, but it still works on Vista.

An animated picture would be better here, but you click in the middle of some text…


And then when you start typing, MouseAway moves the mouse a short distance away from the cursor:


Quite a useful little utility, and since it barely takes any resident memory it’s not too bad to keep it running all the time.

Short rant: With all of the zillions of small utilities to customize this and that, installing them all at the same time might be a little silly. We just try and find software that can help your particular pet peeves about Windows, so pick and choose wisely for the best experience.

Download MouseAway from

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  • Published 11/16/07

Comments (7)

  1. Lisaweb

    Wow, this is really, really useful. That little cursor makes me wanna curse more! *cheesy grin*

    Seriously, it is always in the way of my typing, even now, while typing this! I’m gonna try it and report back!

    Thanks Geek!

  2. Doug Nelson

    A clever solution to a real problem. However, I frequently type and hit return, and on testing the mouse pointer would be relocated over a button and when I hit return it activated the button. I uninstalled before anything disastrous happened.

  3. Candace

    I want this. Does it work with XP?

  4. CompuWorld

    as usual you are bang on target!

    “We just try and find software that can help your particular pet peeves about Windows, so pick and choose wisely for the best experience.”

    very true..users mostly go on to install softwares without knowing what effect they might have on there RAM. One should be very careful while installing little this and little that! Although as time passes you tend to learn that very easily. As the case with me. Since now I have installed windows zillions of times I know how to manage my computers memory and speed :)

    but I am sure this utility will use just one grain of silicon that is in your processor!!

  5. Michelle

    I love this. Every time I type I hate that I had to move the cursor out of the way. Thanks soo much!!!

  6. Josh Chichon

    I use notepad :)

  7. Cathy

    The link above is broken. As of 5/2010 you can get it here:

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