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Make Explorer Show Window Titles in Windows Vista

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Nobody is really sure why Microsoft decided that explorer windows shouldn’t have a title anymore, but that’s the way things are. You can still look in the address bar to see what folder you are looking at, but there’s another option.

This option comes in the form of a small utility called AeroBar which does nothing else other than add titles to your Explorer windows based on the current folder.

You can see the utility in action here:


All you need to do is download and run the executable, and if you like the effect then add the utility to your startup group.

If you want to stop this application from running you will need to use Task Manager, find the Aerobar.exe process in the list, and then click on End Process.

Note: There’s no reason to install every single utility we write about, just install the ones that fix your pet peeves.

Download AeroBar.exe from [direct download]

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  • Published 11/25/07

Comments (9)

  1. Harvey Justmann

    I downloaded todays:

    “Make Explorer Show Window Titles in Windows Vista”

    to my desktop and decided I don’t want it. There is a file: WRL2746.tmp that I can’t delete and the Aerobar.exe that I can’t delete. I can do a system restore but wold prefer not to.

    Please help

  2. The Geek


    You need to open up Task manager and kill the running Aerobar process first, and then you should be able to delete it just fine.

  3. HJ

    Thanks, that’s done. NOW how do I get rid of the temp file ‘WRL2746.tmp’ from my desktop?

  4. Jean - JMST


    I’m the author of AeroBar.exe.
    First thank you for your interrest in this app.

    The .tmp file you refer has nothing to do with Aerobar.exe.
    If you search the filename on Google it _seems_ WRL*.tmp files are created by Microsoft Word.

    Now, no need to kill AeroBar task since version 1.1 available on my site.
    AeroBar.exe acts like a switch : double click to activate, double click again to deactivate.

    So , if you have placed AeroBar.exe in you Startup folder you can deactivate it for the session just by accessing your Startup folder and click AeroBar.exe (and delete it if you want to remove it).

    Regards and thank you again for this nice article,

    Jean – JMST

  5. Sue

    Awesome! :D

    With this and a few other Geek tweaks, Vista’s Explorer is actually becoming useable. Who’d’ve thunk that? ;)

  6. to6ko

    Why not use the “Alt” key instead ?

  7. james

    i got the aerobar and at first it worked fine the names of the windows showed up but i wanted to show the icons. how do i do that bc now its crashing my computer?

  8. Muhammad Nazim

    kindly some one tell me there is a horizontal preview bar in my computer now its gone i dont know how to it will appear again kindly any tip

  9. CharlieL

    Is AeroBar.exe still available for download anywhere? The original site seems to have disappeared. Does anyone here know why? I’d like to find out whether it works in Windows 7.

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