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Keyboard Ninja: Pop Up the Vista Calendar

Everybody knows that you can pop up the system clock in Vista by just hovering the mouse over the clock. What you might not know is that you can also do the same thing with the keyboard.

Show the Date: Win+B, Left Arrow

Show the Calendar: Win+B, Left Arrow, Enter


First, hit Win+B and notice that the cursor is focused on the first icon.


Now hit the Left Arrow key and the cursor will be focused on the clock, which will cause it to pop up.


You can go one step further by hitting the Enter key to pop up the calendar.


Ahh, I love the keyboard.

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  • Published 06/22/07

Comments (6)

  1. Alex Leonard

    Nice one! I’ll add that to my memory ;)


  2. whs

    I have a keyboard with a scrollball. Much easier to click than lift my hand to use the keyboard. Scrollball is the only way to go. Mices should be outlawed – give you cramps in your hands.

  3. Dave

    Using your mouse and clicking on the clock in the taskbar will bring up windows calendar, too. Much easier than clicking several buttons to do the same thing.

  4. Amish

    Great Tip!!! Now I access all sections of the desktop just with the keyboard. By the way 1 tip for using quick launch icons is Win Key+ 1 [for opening 1st application on the quicklaunch].

  5. Ricardo

    I agree with Dave …. All that keyboard work makes no sense when you only have to make one mouse click to have the calender show up enlarged on your desktop. I always use the self hiding taskbar which you can make as large as you like. I than only have to slide the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen to not only see the calender but also all the icons of the programs I use daily. This keeps the desktop clean of icons except for the recycle bin.

  6. Biaca

    I need help with downloading desktop clock.

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