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Increase the Cached Logon Count for Windows Computers on a Domain

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[Update: The original article here wasn’t correct… Thanks to Marty for pointing it out]

There’s an updated version of this article here:

Disable Logon to Windows Computers When Not Connected to a Domain


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  • Published 01/1/08

Comments (3)

  1. Marty

    The cachedlogonscount value does not control how many times a user can logon. It controls how many different user accounts can have cached credentials on the local machine. So if a machine is shared by several people, the last 10 users will be able to logon with cached information. The default value is 10 accounts for Windows NT 4 through Windows Server 2003. The Longhorn Server beta release notes say the default value was changed to 25, so it may be 25 in the final version of Windows Server 2008.

  2. The Geek


    I really should have read the documentation better, you are absolutely right. (This just goes o show that I really need to research tips that are sent in)

    I’m going to change the article.

  3. Michael Barnett

    Can you limit how many times a user can log on when not connected to the domain??



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