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How To Share a Folder the XP Way in Windows Vista

I’ve received a number of requests for an article on how to share a folder. I know for many of you this is a very simple operation, but I finally realized there’s a reason for the confusion users are having.

Windows Vista includes a “Share” button on the explorer toolbar, but it doesn’t work the way people used to XP/Win2k expect it to. Instead it pops up a wizard to make things “easier”.

By default, this share button will not let you choose the name of the shared folder. Even more annoying, sharing a folder within your user directory will have a weird share name like \\computer\Users\geek\Contacts, which is much more difficult to remember.

If you want to share folders the way you used to on Windows XP, simply right-click the folder, and choose the Properties option.

Now choose the Advanced Sharing button.


Now you should be able to check the box “Share this folder”, and choose a share name, which will be accessible from \\computer\myshare, for example.

You can also click the Permissions button if you want to allow write access to this share, or allow access to only a particular user.

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  • Published 03/30/07

Comments (80)

  1. Beej


    I applied this to a folder of mine, However, I still can’t access or map to this network drive. Any more clues are appreciated. The Firewall is on, but allows file and printer sharing.

    kind regards

  2. Jack

    Oh my god!! Thank you so much!!! I have been fiddling trying to make Vista share without that stupid wizard which I can’t work out. Finally a bit of normality in vista!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tri

    is it possible to access the share folder of Vista from XP ??
    cause I can’t access share folder in vista, from XP OS. But it’s possible if I access share folder in XP from vista OS.

  4. herguy

    same story here got to connect vista to read xp but the reverse or better still xp to xp wireless network folder sharing has been a nightmare for me. any help

  5. Kim

    Ditto for me. The ‘Share’ Button is always greyed out for any folder no matter how I set the network options. I use advanced sharing and I can then see the folder in XP but when I try to open it is not available.

  6. omegaforts

    ya i have the same problem with windows xp it says i cant get to the file and i dont know why anybody can help?

  7. anil bishnoi

    yaa it was bugging me too .. but yestrday i found a solution … it wrked for me … windows vists allows the users to get connected on foldersharing after loggin in with username and password of an account in the vista machine ,,,,,, just go the windows xp .. and hit the view all wrkgrp computers .. if you see you vista machine in the list just hit it and enter a user name and passwrd that already exists there in the remote vista machine ….. in case u dont see your vista computer over there u need to configure the firewall and IP address properly first of all check the workgroup name for both the systems … it should be same.. sometimes turning off the firewall works ..or u may hit some adjecnt ip adresses say ” ” for one machine and “” for another … make sure the ipaddresses used are not same for any two devices …

  8. Chris

    On vista… how do you see other shared folders?

  9. zz1980

    I have a desk top XP and laptop Vista basic. After 2 days and pulling out alots of my hairs I am able share files but in one way only, I can see files in XP machine from Vista machine, but problem is I have to turn off firewall on vista eveytime I want to see the shared-files. Can anyone show me the way without turn off firewall

  10. John

    What you guys should try is when you are in properties, there is a tab called “Security” there is a list of users, add “Everyone” to it, and check the read, write etc…

    That should do the trick!

  11. callum

    im having problems sharing files between my vista laptop and xp PC.
    i can access the files on vista from my XP PC but i cant acess the files on the XP PC from my vista laptop. something is deeply wrong….:-(
    ive tried all the solutions listed above ^^^
    im getting rather annoyed with this as ive been trying for hours, ive turned off firewalls and have the same MSHOME workgroup on both machines but its not wroking. any help?

  12. Eric Layman

    OMG!!!!! John. . . THANK YOU!!! You have solved my problem. I was about to throw my computer out the window because of it telling me that I didn’t have access to the shared drives on my network. Thank you, again.


  13. Alex

    I have no problem seeing xp files from my vista laptop and no problems seeing vista files from my desktop. My concern is that I have password protection enabled so i entered a username and password to access the shared files on my laptop and now it doesnt ask me for the name or password anymore. I assume it still needs a password, but my desktop has saved it somewhere. My question is for how long? Restart? 10 mins? And then my other question would be how can I make it so everytime I access the folder it asks for a password?

  14. jim

    I need help confirguring a small office here. I have four computers in this network through the router, Three pc all running windows xp and are enable for file sharing.
    I have a laptop with vista that belongs to the boss that needs to be enabled for file sharing.
    Is there any way i can get vista to enable file sharing

  15. Razzor

    Hi – I am having the exact same problem as callum below:

    im having problems sharing files between my vista laptop and xp PC.
    i can access the files on vista from my XP PC but i cant acess the files on the XP PC from my vista laptop. something is deeply wrong….:-(
    ive tried all the solutions listed above ^^^
    im getting rather annoyed with this as ive been trying for hours, ive turned off firewalls and have the same MSHOME workgroup on both machines but its not wroking. any help?

    callum on November 3, 2007 9:10 am

    Did not find a response and/or solution. Can anyone help

  16. Lindsay Maynard

    I have the same problem. I have a workgroup of 6 machines. The XP machines can read & write to the shared folders on ALL the machines BUT while the VISTA computers can see all the machines on the workgroup they cant actually access any of the shared folders on the XP machines ???

    I believe I have all the normal stuff set correctly – workgroup name, permissions, file saing etc ???

  17. Harpreet

    Thanx…It’s working…

  18. Lindsay

    i have done all the things above including addinfg EVERYBODY but while my XP machines all network ok the VISTA machines cant access the XP files (but they can see the computer)?????


  19. Luna

    Thanks John~~ It works!

  20. Raihan


    I have both Windows XP and Vista installed in my laptop. From windows xp, I can open the files in my vista( c: ) drive but the vice versa doesn’t work. I can only open txt files but I cant open pdf documents, rar files etc.

    Any idea’s?

  21. Evan


    I was having trouble trying to get simple file sharing working between an XP Pro machine and Vista Home Premium. I didn’t want to have to use a password to log on to windows, so after searching google a bit, I found that all you need to do is disable Password Protected Sharing. Works fine now sharing folders, however I can’t get it to share my root directory D: for some reason.

  22. John

    Did you give the security tab a try? and add “everyone” to the users list?

  23. Ryan

    I’m having the exact problem on my home network.
    Each computer can see each other but with Password Protection Sharing enabled in Vista I can’t access my Vista laptop shared folders from my XP Pro PC. When I try to access the Vista machine the username and password window doesn’t come up instead a box with a red circle/X comes up saying “can’t access, contact server admin etc”…. I believe I have enabled “everyone” on the security tab. Just to double check, what are the steps to enable everyone???? Because it seems like there are a few different security tabs that may do different things and maybe I’m implementing the wrong one.
    If Password Protection Sharing is Disabled I can access the Vista files but will this give access to computers outside the network or access to ONLY computers on the network???

  24. jhon

    I just instauled window vista in my computer after removing window xp. now I can’t open my old folders saved in my flash disk. what should I do.

  25. John


    you should try your USB stick in another computer and retrieve the data that way. There is a possibility that the data is currupted or damaged (it does happend to USB sticks, hence possibly not vistas fault)

  26. reinhard pilzcker

    How do I make Vista default to enable the YES button when sending a shortcut to desktop by selecting File > Send > Send Shortcut to desktop OR even better hwo do I get rid of this panel and enable shortucts be sent to desktop?

  27. Margy Sneeden

    How to Share folder in Vista the XP Way – this was so great. I have been hunting the web for a simple step by step guide to this – I had nearly given up. I don’t have time to read a 500 page manual. Thanks so much.

  28. Trevor Lykourgos

    I set up a share in Vista using that method, however I still cannot access the share on any other computer. I’m not quite sure if any other vista computers can access the share, as this is the only computer running vista. All the other comps are running XP Pro and XP Home. I have allowed printer and file sharing through my firewall, but it still doesnt work…any ideas?


  29. Deep

    I’m having trouble file sharing between my XP computer and Vista computer. I’d appreciate anyone’s help. The Public sharing folder works…I just want to share my other folders like I used to on XP!!!
    I’ve completed all the file sharing steps on my vista computer. Both computers have the same workgroup name. I’ve disabled the firewall on my vista.

    The problem I’m having is accessing any of my shared files on my vista computer through the XP computer. I keep getting an ‘Access Denied…’ message.

    I’m able to see all files shared on my XP through Vista though.

    This is pretty ridiculous. If this keeps up I’m just going to uninstall vista…PLEASE spread the word that vista is CRAP.

    Anyways I’d appreciate anyone’s help who has achieved the abaility to share files between XP and vista.

  30. Deep

    Ok, please disregard my last post.

    Because Vista made things so easy I finally figured out how to share folders after countless hours.

    If anybody has a similar problem I’ll be glad to help.

  31. marko

    plz tell me then, cuz my public folder work nice, but rest folders with full premision controll wont work… ty

    write me on


  32. Deep

    Here are the steps to sharing folders in Vista. Same should work for an individual fie, although I haven’t tried it yet for files.

    1. Right-click the folder you want to share, select ‘Properties’, and select the ‘Sharing’ tab.

    2. Click the ‘Advanced Sharing’ button.

    3. Select the ‘Share’ check box.

    4. Click permissions to adjust the permissions.

    5. Select OK. This brings you back to Sharing Properties.

    6. Next, click the share button. you’ll get this screen

    In the drop down menu, select ‘Everyone’, and then click ‘Add’. In the box, select the level of access for other users.
    Then click ‘Share’

    7. You’re done!!! If you did things right you should be able to share the folder on the network, and other users.

    “SIMPLE STEPS” created by the Microsoft Vista team to make it “EASIER” to share folders on Vista.

  33. Rossy5503

    about sharing a folder in vista, in addition to setting the share properties to share folder and the permissions to everyone, you need to set the security to everyone here is how:
    open properties and select Secutiry tab: if you don’t see “everyone” in the group or users names then click edit then add then advanced then find now, scroll until you see “everyone” then click ok, set the allow controls as you prefer, this should let you share this file of home network.

  34. Keny

    I’m having some troubles with my vista ultimate sp1. The problem is I cant share anything on vista, networks is working ok ( I can ping from winxp, also can view xp share’s from vista). I’ve search on internet for some advices..but they all say the same , e.g: go to properties, share tab, etc ,etc. Well I DONT have that share tab/button :).

  35. Brandon

    Cool. I’m going to go try this tight now!

  36. Andrew H

    You have to set permissions for a folder first.
    Otherwise, you won’t be able to share it with “Everyone”!

    Right click on the folder name.
    Select Properties/Sharing/Advanced Sharing.
    Click the checkbox “Share this folder”.
    Click on Permissions.
    Click on Allow Full Control, Change or Read.
    Click on Apply, then OK.
    You will be returned to the Advanced Sharing panel.
    Click on Apply, OK.
    You will be returned to the Sharing panel.

    Now, click on Share…
    Click on Change sharing permissions.
    The list of users will now include “Everyone”.
    In the drop down list at the top of the dialogue box, choose Everyone (All users in this list)
    Click on Share.
    Once the setting has been made, click on Done.

    That’s it!

  37. Bruno Loeffler

    HELL YEAH! TANK YOU ANDREW. I was told to do all that you told… except the last part (the “change sharing permissions” one).

    It is AWESOME. I can now see my vista shared folders from xp users, vista users, and from my Xbox (from the Xbox Media Center)

  38. Andrew H

    Hey Bruno, It’s my pleasure! All the best! Andrew H

  39. L8ian

    Hello there,

    Provide the permissions for the folder were set to “everyone” you also have to go to the security tab, click edit, click add, type everyone in the box, click apply and that should fix the problem everyone seems to be having hopefully.


  40. Scootergrisen

    Deep Thanks you saved my night.
    I have i computer with xp and a computer with vista
    I was able to share a folder in vista so i could use it from my xp computer.
    Then i tryed to share a folder on the vista computer and i was able to seen it but not enter it on the xp.

    The last steps helped me…
    6. Next, click the share button. you’ll get this screen…..020ni4.jpg

    In the drop down menu, select ‘Everyone’, and then click ‘Add’. In the box, select the level of access for other users.
    Then click ‘Share’.

    It seems like you just have to share the folder, THEN share it again and set permissions a few times…
    Then click F1 can try to get some help which you cant and then click here and there and hurra for vista for fucking it all up again.

    I dont see the point in changing things that worked fine just to confuse people..

    But thats typical microsoft to make it that way.

    Anyway thanks for the help.

  41. Scootergrisen

    When i copyed files i got “This page has an unspecified potential security risk” When Using Files on a Network Share


    Here how you disable it :

  42. MVi

    Listen Guys its really simple:
    In “Network And Sharing Center” you have in thr middle of the page “Sharing and Discovery”,
    from here on then its a childplay – Just Turn on and off option you like – I recommend turning OFF the
    “password protected sharing” and turning ON the “public folder sharing”,

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Candiri

    Migrating hoard (read: dozens of gig) of data to new laptop, using crossover between wired NICs on the 169.254 net. Firewall turned off on both machines, can see and copy files served XP while on the Vista machine, but could not see the Vista shares from XP, could not even ping. Just a heads up to those banging their heads like me: McAfee on the new Vista laptop was the culprit. Call me old-fashioned, I didn’t think to check the Antivirus software for an active firewall.

    Also, I usually use CopyHandler for batch copying on XP, but tried TeraCopy on Vista and it worked for most files, but near the end it skipped about 45 files, all ZIPs, EXE, and RAR from my installation dir. Got an Error: Access is denied. Once I figured out the McAfee problem, I could connect from my XP and push them to Vista share no problem. Mystery why Vista skipped these when other files in that directory had no problem.

  44. Jane

    I am having a problem sharing folders with Windows live messenger. When clicking on the sharing folder icon i am only able to share by Direct File Transfer method by choosing the File menu followed bytransfer the file through a direct file transfer method. Can anyone help??

  45. Rob

    Vista does not have read rights to these ‘mysterry’ files which are not copied…
    I had the same problem and fixed their ACL (Access Controll Lists) and could copy them :)
    You have to add at least read rights to “Everybody”…

  46. Victor

    John, October 21, 2007 12:42 am, had the solution I was looking for.
    Thanks John, you rock! :)

  47. Captain Barbosa

    In your network settings there is a Password protected sharing that you must disable.
    Start > Network > (Right Click) Properties > Password protected Sharing = OFF

    Also other settings to check is to see if your Network type is Public or Private (mine is Private)
    Network Discovery = ON
    File Sharing = ON

  48. Joe

    HERE IS THE SOLUTION Rossy5503 explained it but it seems like people do not read it properly. I had the same problem, my xp PC could not access the shared folder on Vista PC. All sharing was done properly except for the “Security” tab. Once I did it I was able to access the shared folder and map it. READ BELOW CAREFULLY, it is THE solution.

    about sharing a folder in vista, in addition to setting the share properties to share folder and the permissions to everyone, you need to set the security to everyone here is how:
    open properties and select Secutiry tab: if you don’t see “everyone” in the group or users names then click edit then add then advanced then find now, scroll until you see “everyone” then click ok, set the allow controls as you prefer, this should let you share this file of home network.

  49. Bill

    I have 2 Xp and 1 Vista on my home network, the only way I can access folders or drives from my Vista Computer on my XP Computer is to use the same User Password on both computers when I start them up. If there is no password or the passwords are different I cannot access Vista from XP (but I can access XP from Vista).

    In the Vista Network and Sharing Center, the Password Protection Sharing button is off and the Public folder sharing button is on.

    My preference is not to have a user account password to start the computers, but then I can’t access Vista drives. Is this the way it is supposed to work or have I missed something?

  50. Bill

    I forgot to add that I did follow all the suggestions above and that “everyone” shows full control in the “share permissions” box in Vista. It appears though that Vista is only letting drives and folders sharing to the registered user and not to “everyone”.

  51. kc

    All, I tried few hours and now I managed to get it solved. Know what I found? From your vista machine, go to “Manage network connections”, then “Local Area Connection”, ensure “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks” is checked. The funny thing is, you see the “File Sharing” is “On” from “Network and Sharing Center” and when you checked on the Windows Firewall, the “File and Printer Sharing” also checked. But not sure when my “File and Printer Sharing” from “Local Area Connection” is turn off. But now I’m happy. How silly I’m, working in Windows Client for more than 10 years and still stuck with this simple problem for hours….

  52. Ed

    I sincerely appreciate people who took time to express their commnets to this thread.
    I too, had a great degree of difficulty getting Vista 64 to share folders & drives with XP computers.

    As already stated, the key to successfull sharing in Vista is:
    First-set the permissions on the folder to be shared and be sure to add “Everyone” to the share group.
    Second- Then share the folder and it seems to be working for me.

    Thanks again everyone, your help has proven invaluable.


  53. Will

    Wow!! This is totally insane!

    Thanks to Rossy (above) as it was only finally by going 5 layers or so deep into the security settings as he described I was able to do it. How is it possible that it is so more difficult than networking in XP???!!!

  54. Ivan

    Captain Barbosa = genius! solved my problem!

  55. Paul

    I have a desktop XP & Laptop that is Vista. I just purchased a wireless router. I was able to see share files before now after installing wireless I can’t see my XP shared folder anymore. Any Ideas? both machines are on the same workgroup.


  56. Husameddin

    The way MVi shown is working 100%
    1-right click on the folder and choose “share”
    2- select “everyone in the list” from the drop menu and click add, choose co-owner or what ever..
    3- go to control panel then “Network and Sharing Center” and turn off the “Password Protection Sharing”..

    that’s all..
    Thanks for every one in this page..


  57. danny.e

    I’ve actually had my (3) XP-pro + (2) VI-homebasic + (1) Mac OsX home network running nicely for a while now. (I ran across this thread because the Vista machines for some reason will NOT recognize the shared folder permissions, -granting EVERYONE access is just not acceptable in my situation. The XPpro and the Mac machines can connect as \guest or as a particular user and receive appropriate permissions, but stupid Vista home basic will only connect as guest.) No help for me here, but here’s how I got simple file + printer sharing up and running in the first place:

    The XP machines needed a patch (WindowsXP-KB922120-v6-x86-ENU.exe) before the Vista machines would register them on the network.

  58. Michael

    Adding “Everyone” under security works, however, in previous menus “Everyone” is already there so you wouldn’t know to ADD it since it is already there. Hoo boy.

  59. Tim

    I put folders from m PC (with Windows Vista) on a flash drive and tried to open the folders on a Mac. The prompt said that it can’t recognize the file format. Is this the same issue of changing how folders are shared?

  60. javierpinom

    thank you veeeery much, this is the best solution i found on the web, i was trying to solve this hours ago, but i can’t believe it was something this simple thanx again

  61. Lindsay

    I seem to have the opposite problem of anyone here. My XP machines can see & access the shares on the VISTA machines but while my VISTA machines can see the shares on my XP machines when i try to access them i get the stupid message “……is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the admin …. etc”. This is ridiculous because Im talking about shares where I have granted full access to EVERYONE. ???

  62. HateVista

    None of this works for me XP still can’t open folders on vista this sucks. I think I will wipe this Vista crap off my PC and use XP.

  63. Gunawan

    Thank You, Andrew H…….
    It works… Now, i can shared form Vista to XP… :)

  64. visitakindasucks

    u know wut?? i figured one thing, only reason why the people that are able to share the files are successful, or the ones that are unable to share the files are unsuccessful, is one, THE FIREWALL!! my kaspersky firewall was up and for months i was always hitting the wall till i found this forum, so where i just read the word firewall and i jumped out of my skin, yeeaaaa the issue is the firewall, just turn it off every time u want to share stuff between an XP desktop and a vista laptop, and there, ur set to go, thank to the builders of such forums,they always make us know that we r not alone, so now get to work, I need to look for another forum on how to make great movies with windows movie maker, our my girl friend and I are about to celebrate one year, I want to surprise her with a movie bout her :) lol see y’all..
    im out

  65. Nick

    I know I’m a couple years late, but THANK YOU JOHN! (
    I can FINALLY share Vista -> XP! :)

  66. John

    You’re welcome Nick. SP2 update for Vista improves network performance too,

  67. Grenadeh

    While I’m not sure why it wasn’t self-explanatory to any person using Windows how to do this, I will admit people like me are probably part of the problem at Microsoft, because we don’t conceive of this requiring any explanation or technical support. Unfortunately at a random time about once a year my Vista decides to pull this horse crap and refuse access to my XP desktop, despite everything having been set up properly on repeated occasions, over and over again. Everything is shared right, my XP computer can access every drive on my network from all three Vista machines, and two Xboxes, and my Vista machines can access everything on my XP computer. I just put in another hard drive on my main Vista computer though and set up everything properly and now lo and behold, my XP machine can’t access it, but can access everything else on the machine. Frankly I’m a big supporter of Vista and Seven and this really isn’t a Vista problem, it’s a Microsoft not doing their job and catering to the fact that XP is terrible problem. Any advice? Pertinent to the problem, not “stop using vista”.

  68. zen

    i have pc with the xp-os and laptop with the vista. The problem is, i want to share my file or picture into my laptop but i couldnt see at all. Thats suck… So, anyone can help… I do everything with the same workgroup, turn off the password and turn on the public folder… dont know what to do… Im tired of this…

  69. redux



    Password protected sharing means you’re REQUIRED to use a password to get into shared folders. If you didn’t create a password, you can’t provide a password, and vista won’t let you authenticate with a blank password.

    There’s also a way to change 1 value in the REGISTRY that completely disables all VISTA sharing features & makes the computer share exactly like XP, but I can’t remember how.

  70. Theo

    Okay I have been trying to resolve a share on my home network for some time and was totally frustrated, but following your guide was so simple and all is well. I can access my Vista share directories without going through the public folders.

    Thank you so much, I use your site for most of my answers and find it very explainatory and simple to follow. i am no geek but your a bomb.


  71. fred

    i have been trying to share a folder using vista business edition and it not same as the vista we all know.i need help on how to share a folder on vista business edition

  72. Nato

    It’s not just that, two different antiviruses and no antivirus have been in my computer and with neither of the 3 options have i been able to access the XP files it’s not about sharing in vista but in XP that vista just can’t access the XP folders that is what we need to fix but still haven’t found the way.

  73. טכנאי מחשבים

    Why why why does Microsoft hates us? Sharing a vista folder IS rocket sicence but this method works. Thanks.

  74. techron

    Thanks John, that solved my XP to Vista share problem
    // John
    //What you guys should try is when you are in properties, there is a tab called “Security” there is a list of //users, add “Everyone” to it, and check the read, write etc…

    //That should do the trick!

  75. Flocke

    Like this…if u want some files from xp on vista,u need to do next thing :)
    Change folders on both pcs so they can be shared. Than control panel/network and sharing…/view computers and devices and than find your xp pc. from vista open files on xp and then select them and copy to select folder. That way u wont need admin permission or password… Just did it that way.

  76. vijay

    Reduced so much time ……………. with the help of this article……………..thnks

  77. foolthrottle

    This was a little twist for this subject, but thought I’d throw it out there:
    I was downward-directed a DoD Federal Desktop Core Compliant (FDCC) laptop running Vista Business 64-bit to run a specific suite of applications. It’s a decent machine running some of the toughest security overall. I was trying to hang it on a standalone workgroup with several hand-built XP Pro 64-bit machines for these apps in different room locations. At first, the XP machines could not see the Vista laptop. I had to turn off the hidden attributes (net config workstation) for the XP boxes just to see the laptop. However, the shares I need to make available on the Vista machine was not available with the standard workgrouping and networking configuration (above) attempted. I ended up going line for line in the gpeditor and matched up the network NTLM sections with the XP machines. All works as advertised now.

  78. Leishalynn

    We solved this problem by searching on the XP machine for the Vista machine in the Network window by IP address. Created a shortcut on the XP’s desktop. Done.

  79. skris88


    I had the same problem as most of the questions here, but my solution was slightly different.

    I have a Windows Vista PC (\\vista) on which I have 3 shared folders. The folder names are Level-A(dvanced) and Level-B(asic). I have 3 Windows XP PCs which I wish to give to 3 users B(asic)1, B2 and A(dvanced)1. UserA1 will need full access to folder Level-A as well as folder Level-B on the Vista PC. Users B1 and B2 can only access folder Level-B.

    I first created 2 main folders on the Vista PC. This were c:\shared-folder\level-a and c:\shared-folder\level-b. (There are also multiple sub-folders and files below these folders.)

    I next created new user accounts on the Vista PC. My own account on \\vista is called X1 (expert) and has full Administrator level access. User accounts B1, B2 and A1 are Standard level access only. This is important as I don’t want B1 and B2 accessing the folders that A1 can – which they could if they were Administrator level access.

    Next I created the shares and gave specific access to the users. For folder level-b I gave full access to A1, B1 and B2 and also removed access to the default Everyone account. For folder level-a I gave full access to user A1 and removed access to the default Everyone account.

    On the Windows XP machine when I tried to access the Vista PC (\\server) Windows Explorer showed an error. The shared folder AND the shared machine did NOT show up properly!

    I then went back to the Vista machine and did this: I added a password to each of the users A1, B1 and B2. On the XP PCs I can now see the shared folders! No other hoops to jump through.

    Hope this helps others.

    Sydney, Australia
    10:00 PM

    PS – Next test, to confirm that users/PCs B1 and B2 cannot see the shared folder that user/PC A1 can…. Will post here if (and with Microsoft Windows anything is possible – they LOVE to make it difficult!) I have a problem and find a solution.

  80. wap-tek

    every time you use the word “simply” you are INSULTING evereyone who reads it ,, STOP IT!

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