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Hotkey for Creating New Folder in Windows Explorer

Have you ever wondered if there is a hotkey to create a new folder in Windows Explorer? A conversation with MysticGeek last night prompted me to look into this, and so I’m posting the answer for everybody.

Update: We’ve added in the instructions for Windows 7, where it’s really easy to do.

There’s actually a couple of solutions to this problem: You can use the built-in accelerator keys, or download and install a small freeware app called bxNewFolder to assign the hotkey.

New Folder Hotkey in Windows 7

Windows 7 natively includes a shortcut key combination to create a new folder: Ctrl+Shift+N Simply use this shortcut key anywhere in Windows Explorer, and a new folder will be instantly created:

Using the Keyboard Accelerator Keys

You can use the keyboard accelerator keys: Alt+F to bring up the file menu, and then <W> for the New menu, and then <F> for new folder. So your shortcut key sequence ends up being F+W+F with the Alt key held down. (Try it out)


I’ve found that this works pretty well once you get used to it, and it doesn’t require any additional software.

Install bxNewFolder

This freeware plugin uses F12 as the new folder hotkey, which unfortunately isn’t changeable. If you are using this in Windows XP, you’ll get the benefit of the new toolbar button that it adds, though. There’s no visible UI in Windows Vista, but it works perfectly.

To install this properly, you need to close all Windows Explorer windows and then choose Run as administrator from the right-click menu.


Once installed, it should immediately start working… just hit F12 to open the new folder dialog. If you hold down the Shift key and hit enter after typing the folder name it will immediately navigate into the folder, which I find very useful.


In Windows XP, you’ll also get a New Folder button.


You’ll have to scroll nearly to the bottom of the page to find the installer download.

Download bxNewFolder from

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  • Published 09/13/07

Comments (35)

  1. charlesr

    In Vista you have to tap Alt (rather than hold it) then hit F-W-F to create a new folder. If you hold Alt it doesn’t work.

  2. slapout

    You might also want to check out a Windows Explorer plugin called StExBar. It’s shareware that gives you another toolbar with several buttons. One is a New Folder button.

  3. antony

    if you hold down ALT it still works on vista, well for me it does

  4. Z

    You don’t have to hold down the alt key in XP either and, in fact, it’s easier to just tap it once before FWF.

  5. Mojo

    Thanks slapout for the info, but StExBar IS NOT shareware, it’s open-source (and donationware if you want to support the author). Really great plugin for Windows Explorer

  6. Varun

    I would rather do an Alt-FWF then this. Anyways keep the discussions/hacks coming.

  7. Varun

    Oh By the way..

    While reading the post, I pressed ALT- FWF on the firefox and know what it did!! Took firefox to offline mode. :-)

    Well doing it again brings me right on..

  8. Debu

    Alt+ FWF isn’t working when I want to create a New Folder on the Desktop. Is there any other procedure or any other shortcut to do this one ?

  9. Halmad

    Debu, it’s preetie working on vista, Hold Down ALT, and follow the sequence F-W-F by pressing the key. Nice one Geek! you are the bomb!

  10. P_ro

    ALT-F then

    no W, no F, just

    its really fast!

  11. P_ro

    Crud, the enter enter disappeared. Here it is again…..


    no W, no F, just ENTER ENTER

    its really fast!

    Moderator: you delete the first message : )

  12. JRH

    When opening a new folder in Vista there seems to be a bug when creatinmg a new folder.that opens hundreds of new foldes and locks up the program. Is there an easy soloution to keep this from happening???

  13. January

    Please not that for non-English systems the key sequence will be different, e.g. on my German system it is ALT-d-n-o (datei-neu-ordner)

  14. jake

    For the desktop new folder option, make sure the desktop is selected then use the keyboard “rightclick” then press W then F.

  15. ilteriş mutlu

    it works on even windows 7 :) thank you


  16. Robmaister

    thanks, I will now bind this to a custom key on my keyboard.. :D

  17. hisham

    Configurable key bindings anyone? (=

  18. marcel_miller

    hey guys check this out you will need a program that recordes keystroke macro you may allso be able to do this if you have a mouse that has some aditional buttons and thats awesome cuz u can hit that button and creates a new folder fast and comfy if u dont have a mouse like that then ull need the program for example i use ComfortKeys 3.6 and its a very cool app u can allso find it cracked if you want (if u cant find it cracked email me -> ) now here is the trick ->for the mouses choose the button record keystroke macro for a button and press Context key (the key between win key and right ctrl like a small context menu with an upward pointing arrow )then W then F ; ones again -> Context key+W+F and there you go . If you have ComfortKeys program then open your cKeys keyboard shortcut settings ,pick a shortcut key then for that shortcut key select the action type ‘Play keystroke macro’ then Record -> OK-> then tap ONLY these keys ”Context key then W then F” enjoy :)

  19. Jayz

    baxbex newfolder (bxNewFolder) looks very ugly on Vista even XP. Seriously lol what the hell do you guys expect? Just look at the webview panel (common task pane) in XP Explorer, there’s already “Make a New Folder” button. Even it’s already placed on Windows 7 RTM’s toolbar by default.

  20. Amirz

    ^^ Yeah actually XP already has its own “Make a new folder” button too, to create a new folder in Windows Explorer, while it’s located in XP Webview Panel/Common Task Pane, see screenshot: (and just like Windows 7 RTM Explorer now), but yeah some people would love it’s on the explorer toolbar as well as Open/Save dialog box . Since Baxbex new folder offered only old Windows 98 style icon (not matching with new XP visual style), just download free add on new folder button in XP Explorer Toolbar (my created-skinned/reshacked bxnewfolder with Vista style icon etc) + hotkey and floating dialog box, fully functional and working as well: Screenshots: and


  21. Amirz

    (Updated) Get “New Folder” Button on Windows Explorer Toolbar in XP For Free and Better… :

    – Updated (Patch only):
    If you already have standard/original Baxbex New Folder application installed ( ), then you can also just download this smaller patch to get the same Vista style icon for Baxbex New Folder as i said before (to patch bxNewFolder.dll):

    Screenshots: and

    All credits to Baxbex for the nice free software…

    Hope that it would be useful, especially for XP users. Anyway good luck…

    PS: You can also visit my thread on Deviantart for more info, free tools & applications for Windows Explorer, etc here : cya… :)

  22. Michael

    I will also note that in Windows 7 you can use Ctrl+Shift+N to do it.

  23. Sylvia

    Personally, I do SHIFT+CTRL+N…

  24. Ralph

    On my new install of Windows 7 the folder is created Read-Only with no simple way to remove the attribute. This is really stupid!

  25. Josh

    On Windows XP –
    Context (Right-click) + W + Enter

    Context opens the right-click options
    W goes to Folder
    and Enter selects Folder

  26. shan

    hi im using windows 7
    im having a problem to create a new folder
    even with right keys
    or even with short cuts

  27. Dirol

    Thanks for the Key combination for creating a

  28. Dirol

    Shan. I don’t know ,if, you have a registry error :S.

  29. Guest

    With windows 7 just press Ctrl + Shift + N

  30. Vivek Patel

    Nice One!

  31. Ankur Sharma

    in windows 7 we can also create a new folder by pressing a ALT +F+N+F

  32. vineet

    i dont need that i am not a lazy

  33. vishnu

    I am using right click key (key between windows key and Ctrl key) + w + enter key …….

  34. vishnu

    but any icon is selected then it wont work…..

  35. aurbus

    man insteat of all of this u could just ctrl + alt + n it’s super hotkey my best….

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