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Hide the Windows Vista Welcome Screen

I know for most of you this is a very simple tip, but I’ve received a number of requests for understanding what will make this screen go away for good, because otherwise it loads up every time you start up your computer.

There’s a small checkbox at the bottom left hand corner of the Welcome window. Removing the checkbox from this will prevent it from reappearing at startup next time.

If you want to get back to the Welcome Center, just go to Control Panel, System and Maintenance. You could also just type welcome into the start menu search box.

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  • Published 12/31/69

Comments (39)

  1. PapaBear

    I uncheck that darn box every time i start up and the next time i start up it is right back.

  2. jjp735i

    I cannot remove the Welcome screen for Guest. There is no ckeck mark shown to allow this. Who wants to be a guest!

  3. Angela

    Hey! I took your advice (for disabling Vista Welcome Center). When I did try to uncheck the box at the bottom, it still would come back everytime with the box checked again. Also, I looked on another site that said to go to regedit and delete the welcome center files under Run. When I did that the welcome center still comes back after restarting my computer, and now the check box is not at the bottom.
    I feel like my computer has a glitch in it(or an evil spirit!) This PC came with Vista already loaded onto it. (Compaq Presario.) I already deleted it from the administrator account (that is required in order to change anything,) but it didn’t delete them from the user accounts. The welcome center files get deleted, but then magically reappear next time the computer restarts. I don’t get it. I tried to search for all the welcome center files so that I could eradicate them all, but it only brings up one, though I know others exist. What do you suggest I do. (Please really investigate, before answering, ’cause this isn’t as simple as it first appears.)

  4. DA

    Same here. It’s like a song that’s stuck in my head, it keeps coming back!

  5. Shaun

    Try this….

    user configuration
    admin templates
    click on windows explorer
    3rd option from the top in the right pane

  6. sarcasmo

    you should learn your left from your right (look again at your screenshot, dummy!)

  7. The Geek



    I guess writing articles at 3am is hazardous to the content =)

  8. hd

    Dear Geek:
    I tried start, then run
    then gpedit.msc, several times.
    I keep getting the message “windows cannot find gpedit.msc”
    welcome screen: ruins my whole day.
    Just another little vista absuridty that makes this the most obnozious o/s yet.
    Any other ideas?

  9. Csaba

    Hi all!

    That is Welcome Center, not Welcome Screen!

    But I’d like to turn off Welcome Screen. How can I turn it off?

    (At the start the Accounts is listed on Welcome Screen. Here can I choose the user.)

    Thanx. Csaba

  10. Daryl

    You can delete the welcome center program by finding the program C:\Windows\System32\oobefldr.dll ShowWelcomeCenter

  11. Daryl

    Just Delete oobefldr.dll and I promise it will work because thats the welcome center.

    your welcome!

  12. Burt

    I had the same problem and gpedit worked… Microsoft software is just plain pathetic. How would anybody figure this out without google!

  13. Charley

    hello. earlier i had windows vista on my computer, and then i downloaded office onto it. After this, at the logon screen, it just shows a big blank box where my icon used to be. I also have to enter in the name of my account, instead of just choosing it from the icons representing the different user accounts. is there a way i can change this so I can choose from a list of usernames, like I used to with windows xp?

  14. Shaun


    this alldepends on which version of Vista you happen ot be running, It works on my vista ultimate, it should also work on buisness and enterprise, As for the 2 home editions….I dont know what to say about those,

  15. Tony

    How can move the thumbnail above the user account name when log on to vista?

  16. tywunder


    I’ve tried deleting the file, but my computer say I don’t have permission to do so. Any advice you could provide on gaining permission to delete this program would be *greatly* appreciated.


  17. jcgriff2

    Try logging on as an administrator.


  18. tywunder


    It took a bit of doing, but I finally figured out how to give myself an administrator account. Now I have to enter a password every time I want to use the computer, and I STILL can’t delete the Welcome Center! Is there a special administrator account which I require, or is it just part of the evil of Vista that the Welcome Center cannot be done away with?


  19. eMJeF

    Hey, do you all know that there is a little check box at the bottom left hand corner of the welcome center that says “run at start up”? Check that box off and it should stop running up.

  20. me

    emJeF- that is what the original post is about. I think peopel are saying this doesn’t work.

    Anyway, even if you get it to stop running at start up, for some reason (for me at least) it will happen any time you type “c:” into the run menu. Why on earth would anybody want that to happen?? How can you just kill this thing completely and have it never show up?

  21. Ruby

    Hi, i was looking to get rid of the welcome center,i have it disabled from starting up but i want it gone completely, i tried Daryls suggestion, but when i try to delete it i get the usual “you need to confirm this action ” so choose continue and get the “windows needs your permission to continue ” which i agree to, then instead of it deleting,it comes up with a box saying i dont have permission to perform this action, how do i get round that? if i right click on the file and choose properties- security,under group or user names it has system first, then me ,then users(mypc\users) then trusted installer,do i need to chamge anything here do you think, this is new ground for me,lol

  22. Toshi

    Help people, I still cannot stop the welcome center from starting up. I check the box off every single time, go to regedit to delete it, and even try disabling it at msconfig from startup with no luck. I also tried deleting oobefldr.dll but I can’t, do I need to login in safe mode to do it?

  23. Matthew

    Hey, I have tried all following and the welcome center still pops up. But i found a way round it.

    go to run and type msconfig
    then click the startup tab
    scroll down until you see a command “rundll32.exe oobefldr.dll,show welcome center” and UNTICK this box
    click apply
    click ok
    click restart or exit without restart (does not matter which one)
    jobs done

  24. JJ

    I found another way to do it.

    I kept getting the problem on my 2nd account. I just deleted the account and then created it again. After I clicked the box this time it stopped starting up.

  25. greenforestcat

    How to delete oobefldr.dll (if you want to permanently remove this junk!) requires taking control of the file; otherwise, you’ll get that annoying “permission denied” screen.
    (1) Open an elevated command prompt: right click on “command prompt” and click on “run as administrator.”
    (2) Take ownership of the file: type takeown /f path_and_file_name (for example, takeown /f C:\windows\system32\oobefldr.dll) then press enter
    (3) Grant administrator privileges to the file: type icacls path_and_file_name /grant administrators:F (for example, icacls C:\windows\system32\oobefldr.dll /grant administrators:F) and press enter
    (4) Go back to the file oobefldr.dll. You should be able to delete it now. If not, make sure that the permissions are set properly by right clicking, opening “properties”, and going to the “security” tab.

    I dunno, it worked for me. I tried *everything* else – including the system configuration settings – and the Welcome Screen kept returning like the plague!

  26. finderman

    Ok, That’s good, but i checked that “neve show me” box and still back again, when reboot.

    i find the verry good reg key :)


    and remove “welcome center” key… Enjoy… :)))

  27. iain

    Hey, found what appears to be an easy way to turn off the welcome screen irritation. Start/Run/(type)msconfig/enter/startup/ (find) microsoft Rundll32.exe oobefldr.dll,ShowWelcomecentre/UNTICK THE BOX/restart job done!! (what’s the issue??)

  28. ALT

    when you uncheck the the box at the bottom you need to restart your computer before you do anything else i did that and it seem to work.

  29. ALT+F4 solves everything

    how do i disable the welcome screen not the welcome center but after the boot animation(the glowing windows logo) not the boot screen. and how do i disable the boot animation(glowing boot logo) if it can be disabled at all. if not where is the boot animation (location(file)) so i can change it.

  30. Flanker-B

    glowing boot logo is actually called vista orb. That is not welcome screen. After the orb comes logon screen. XP can be forced to use classic logon (without the logon screen), but i’m not sure this can be done for Vista.

  31. Flanker-B

    sorry, a minor correction: windows logo instead of boot logo

  32. CoS-C

    hi , I have a vista laptop and , it works perfectly until i get too the login screen , and when i “Try” too click my account since i have 2 of them. I Click it and the screen goes Black and my cursor is a loading cursor , and it brings me back too the login screen. This keeps happening no mater what i do . Im using my home-computer (xP windows) and am begging please too reply as soon as possible . thankyou

  33. Lezter

    gud eve…can you help me about my problem on my welcome screen…. i want to disable my welcome creen its because everytime a leave my pc turned on the welcome screen pop up thats why my prgram and internet will close,,,waht should i do,,,,pls help me for solution..thanks a lot

  34. cummings

    Hi, i would like to know how to permanently delete my facebook account.

  35. Jorules

    I have tried unchecking the box and setting the user password account to automatically login yet i still see the welcome screen when I log in. (same screen that you see when you shutdown). How do I skip it?

  36. Joanna De Los Santos

    My eMachines Welcome window has a smaller, blue window next to it, on the lower, right hand side, telling me to either click on Next Topic, or End Tour. My problem is that my mouse clicker isn’t allowed onto the welcome window, nor the small, blue one to click on End Tour. The welcome window won’t budge, no matter what I have tried to do to rid my screen of it. I also tried calling a computer tech and he tried telling me to click on this and that, and nothing worked. Please help me if you can. Thanks, Joanna

  37. MoonDPC

    42 years ago?! XD

  38. Amanda

    When might you not see the Welcome screen when you turn on your computer?

  39. Jack

    42 years ago?

    I always suspected the geek of being a time traveler.

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