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Hide Desktop Icon Text on Windows 7 or Vista

Some icons are just obvious enough that nobody should need text below them to tell them what the icon is for. A good example of this is the icon for Internet Explorer. We’re all really used to it by now, and the text just makes it ugly.

Just right-click on the shortcut, and choose Rename. Now hold down the Alt key and type in 255 on the keypad to the right of the keyboard. You can’t use the number keys right above the keyboard, they won’t work. If you have a laptop, you can turn on numlock and then use the little number keys next to the regular letters. (You know you always wondered what they were for)

For the first shortcut on the desktop, a simple Alt+255 will do. For the next shortcut, you’ll have to enter the combination twice (Alt+255, Alt+255). For the third, 3 times… you get the idea.

The way this works is that the Alt+255 character is blank, so the shortcut filename is actually just named with a character that is completely blank. Since you can’t have two shortcuts or files named the exact same thing, the second shortcut will have to be named with two blank characters.

Now we have a sweet looking icon on the desktop, with no bothersome text beneath it.

This tip should actually work on any version of Windows, but it works a lot better on Win7 or Vista, because they have beautiful icons.

If you use this tip to rename a folder, you will not be able to rename the folder back using the right-click rename. I’m not sure why this is. What you’ll have to do is open a command prompt and change directory into the containing folder (For instance, the desktop folder), and run this command:

ren “Alt+255” “NewFolderName”

You will need to actually type the Alt+255 characters where illustrated in the command. It will appear as a space.

Note that the Recycle Bin icon won’t work this way (It does work on Windows 7, at least), you’ll have to follow this guide.

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  • Published 02/17/07

Comments (128)

  1. Doug Nelson

    I tried this on a folder on my desktop, and it worked. But now it won’t let me rename it back. I can type in the new name, but it just reverts to blank again. And I can’t delete the folder, either. No error or anything, it just won’t delete. Dragging to the recycle bin doesn’t work, either.

  2. The Geek


    That’s very interesting.. I hadn’t considered using this on a folder. There’s an easy workaround, which I’ll add to the article.

  3. Doug Nelson

    That worked, thanks. You da Geek!

    There might be another tip in there somewhere, how to make an undeletable folder or something.

  4. Jay

    What about the Network icon? There doesn’t seem to be a rename option for that one. Thanks for your tweak list.

  5. The Geek


    Some of the icons require registry tweaks in order to rename them. I haven’t had a chance to find the right registry entries for all of them.

  6. Jay

    OK, I’ll wait. :) Also, I found that the now unnamed icons re-arange themselves whenever windows reboots. Is there any way to keep them where I put them? I have used a program called “icon restore” in the past, but, it seems to work only on the text of the icons, so now it does not work.

  7. John

    i also have the same problem, i’ve done this with a folder and now i cant do anything with it, its just stuck on my desktop, cant rename or remove whatsoever, even the command prompt doesnt work

  8. yco

    Why not just use [space] instead od Alt+255 combination?

  9. Ron

    Alt-0160 (You seem to need the first zero) works independently of 255. Use it when you loose count of how many Alt-255’s you have used.

    Ans I use Iconoid to keep my icons where i put them.

  10. zoxor

    Just like yco says… you could just use *space* instead of Alt + 255… Works fine for me.. :)

  11. Ron

    Space never worked for me?

  12. TM

    Space bar works fine for me as well, even on the recycle bin…

  13. Chaos

    if you cant Delete this file and have trouble with Command prompt then go here and Download Unlocker after you install it right click and select Unlocker and choose delete

  14. Chaos

    oh and here the Link

  15. Glenn

    On the Vista desktop, I now have blank icons for some of the shortcut sites… like eBay… How do you get the eBay icon to stick on the VIsta desktop?

  16. john geiger

    i have the same problem as glenn. my icon shortcuts on the desktop don’t pick up the color and logo like xp. what am i doing wrong?

  17. Kevin

    I have the same problem with some of my icons going blank. I can’t figure it out. Anyone?

  18. Kevin

    I just added this site to my desktop and it’s icon works great! haha! I should also add that in the taskbar some of those icons are blank too….

  19. ben

    LOL silly me didnt read all the article first now i stuck with the folder unamed and i cant delete it whatever way i try does not work i’m gonna reboot my machine and see if it works but i dont think it will. vista sukx at times !!! i tried cmd renaming and the unlocker program only for it to tell me i do not have debbugging privileges i change my debug settings like site told me and i still cant delete it!

    great site by the way!
    any help would be gratefully recieved thanks

  20. Ed

    I have the same icon problem…icons from website are blank when I send them to the desktop…HELP!

  21. Mastermind

    It actually works for recycle bin too.

  22. Jeff Broido


    I actually have the opposite problem, and it doesn’t involve the shortcut file name. Basically, I have four folders I display on my desktop, named Main, Accessories, Games and Internet (a la Windows 3.0’s Program Manager). You guessed it, they contain program shortcuts. For some reason, following a reboot, all of the shortcut names have disappeared if I choose any of the icon views. They are displayed properly in list- details- and tile views, but if I move the Views slider up to any of the icon positions (or anywhere inbetween), the names disappear. If I copy any of the folders, the names are displayed properly in any view. If I move all of the folders in Programs to a new folder, delete Programs, recreate Programs and move them back, the undesirable behavior returns. If I delete IconCache.db, a new one is created and the problem remains. None of the view customization advanced options address this. I’m really starting to pull my hair out! If anyone has any ideas, I’d really like to hear them, and thanks!

  23. Ed

    I figured out one way to solve one of the Vista icon problems. If you turn on the UAC (user account control -located in the console under Users) then you will be able to change your desktop icons…however, you will only be able to change them to icons that are in the windows system or icons that you created yourself if you have one of those icon create programs. This does not solve the problem of using an icon that is one a web site when you send a short cut from that website to your desktop, but at least now you can change that shortcut icon to an icon that’s in the system. Of course you now will have to put up with the User Account Control asking your permission everytime you want to wipe your nose! BE ADVISED…If you turn off the UAC then you loose all those icons that you changed….Vista is full of trade offs…lets hope sp1 isn’t far behind and microsoft fixes these problems! Hope this helps someone!

  24. vivek

    i created a folder on my desktop without name
    n now its not getting deleted or renamed
    plz help me have tried many times but it had sticked to my desktop n not getting deleted plz help

  25. Lande

    Dissappering icons? Right-click on your desktop and choose Veiw..classic icons. Somebody at MS left the default as ‘Medium’, which doesn’t show the icons.

  26. Joe

    Actually, the Recycle Bin icon does rename with this method. No other method needed.

  27. Matt

    No matter what method I do, I cannot get the type to disappear. This is what I am doing:
    1. Right click icon and select “rename”
    2. Press “Delete” to clear the text
    3. Hold down Alt and type 255 (Num lock is on since this is a laptop
    4. While holding down Alt, I push enter.

    For the space bar method
    1. Right click icon and select “rename”
    2. Press “Delete” to clear the text
    3. Press the space bar
    4. Press enter

    Nothing is happening. Any suggestions?

  28. mk

    its very easy to delete name less folder in windows vista.
    1. first make sure that u hv full control of nameless folder.
    2. open cmd handler (start+run+cmd)
    3. go to specified folder/drive where u hv nameless folder.
    4. type this : ren “old name? “new name?
    5. if u have names, double quote is optional, for nameless folder double quote is must.
    ex: ren “alt+0160″ new_name
    in the place of alt+0160/alt+255 appear as a blank
    ren require two arguments,if u havnt given doble quotes for alt+0160 it will find only find one argument new_name and gthrough u error.
    its working for me in windows vista…..

  29. Ed

    DESKTOP ICONS Websites VISTA…Ok…finally figured it out. With Vista if you want to save an icon to your desktop from a website…or if you even want to use an icon on your desktop that you have saved in a file, then you have to make sure that you have “classic” selected. Just right click on your desktop and you will see that the default icon setting is “medium”….change the setting to “classic” and you should be fine.

  30. kevin

    I started playing with Vista again. I had the same blank icon issue on both my desktop and in my task bar. After a recent WIndows update it seemed to fix itself. Well for a few days until It seems when I updated my Quick Time player. Now my desktop icons are ok but my some of my taskbar ones went blank again. I unistalled QuickTime and still the same thing. If I unlock my taskbar and drag any of the blank icons back to the desktop the icon shows again.I don’t get it…

  31. stimps

    matt (sep 13)

    on my laptop (inspiron 6400) num lock doesnt seem to access my num pad, so i used the alternative shift button to access the num pad, for me this is fn located to the right of my ctrl button.
    let me know if this worked…

  32. Ben

    I am unable to rename Alt+255 dir using command prompt. Any other way?

  33. fraazz

    Ok, I have not heard anything here about my weird issue in a long time. That is fine, I understand it’s not a normal one. Well today I just installed the latest SoundBlaster drivers for my sound card, rebooted and all of a sudden I can see all of my icons without a default pic!

  34. Alec

    I also can’t get spaces or alt+225 to work :( any other way would be much appreciated

  35. Jeff Jamison

    PLEASE! I tried exactly what this said, but it just says ” The system cannot find the file specified”.

    I type…. ren “Alt+1060” “retrieve” but nothing happens.

    (I typed 1060, because thats the number another web-site told me to use.)


  36. Az

    I’m trying to delete as well, and i just get ” The system cannot find the file specified”. I’m stuck…

  37. NavyAICS

    This tip is AWESOME! I always wanted those names to go away but could never figure out how to make it happen until now. Thanks for another great tip.

  38. michael atherton

    hi i have got a good glich for u guys when u in start menu rename ur my documents folder or ur my pictures folder or watever type for ur my docs folder type My Documents then it should come up with users documents ur user name replaced by user its pretty cool but when u close ur start menu and open it up again it dissepers i dont know whether it work on vista though

  39. B Longkumer

    I used the unlocker successfully to delete the hidden folder from my desktop but in the process my recycle bin icon has also disappeared. How do i have the recycle bin icon back on my desktop? Pl Help

  40. Chizz

    i’ve done that, But it just added this REALLY wierd Numiracal Icon to the Shortcut (firefox)..Any help?

  41. Chloe

    The Alt+255 thing works. So far so good. Now, how do I get rid of the ugly arrows that denote certain icons as shortcuts? TweakUI for XP used to be able to do that. So what about Vista?

  42. PS

    To change change the name of the Network icon do the following

    1) Launch Regedit and navigate to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\MuiCache

    2) Find and double-click the REG_SZ “@C:\Windows\system32\NetworkExplorer.dll,-1”

    3) Hit space for displaying nothing (leaving it empty won’t work) or enter whatever you want it to say under the icon

    4) Hit F5 on the desktop to update

  43. willard

    cool. credit to stimps. its the same for dell craptops. use fn + alt +255. looking good now :)

  44. tyger

    Does anyone else get “…” after about 6 icons. How do you get rid of that?

  45. Steve

    I did the alt+255 on the first icon and follwed to the secon icon and it will not work I have vista and it give me a message of the link already exists with the name and I did put a space in between the 255 and the other one is there anyways of doing this to hide the text with any prgram software or change something in the directory.

  46. Steve

    I posted a comment for help and hope someone can help me understand why it only worked on one icon and not any other icons plase someone get back to me as soon as poosible

  47. allen

    i have a new computer with vista. i was trying some trial versions of games then deleating them after playing. i have an icon for jeopardy on my desktop that wont go away. right click and delete gives me a message that it is not there anymore or it cant be found. dragging to trash gives same result (cant be done, cant be found) yet its there!

  48. ed

    First off, I’m going to assume that your Jeopardy trial version game is a program that you installed or downloaded or came on your computer. That being the case there is a simple rule you need to learn – You unistall programs, you do not delete them. Remember this: You Uninstall programs & You delete files – Now, just for an example…you can delete photos, word docs, and yes even desktop icons, but you can not delete a program….so, go to CONTROL PANEL then PROGRAMS & FEATURES and then find the Jeopardy game and unistall it. You might also find a link to unistall it in the program list at your ALL PROGRAMS under START, if they have provided it. After you unistall the program you should be able to DELETE the desktop icon, if it is still there, but I’d bet it goes when you UNINSTALL. ALSO: Right click on any unused part of your DESKTOP then select VIEW and make sure you have CLASSIC ICONS selected….that will prevent a lot of other icon problems in the future.

  49. Eddie

    I have a similar problem to Allen: I’ve uninstalled a program from windows vista (properly, via the control panel) but the shortcut to it is still on my desktop. When I try to delete the shortcut, windows says it cannot find the icon, even though it can be dragged round the desktop.

  50. ed

    What program is leaving this icon on your desktop? Have you tried re-installing this program, then deleting the icon from the desktop and then uninstalling the program? Also, you could try using the Windows Install Clean up tool. You can download this from….just go there and do a search for Windows Install Clean Up. It’s a quick download and install and very easy to use….just make sure that you read ALL of the instructions and do a Restore Point before using it. There are lots of hidden files still on Vista even AFTER you uninstall a program and Windows Install Cleanup will locate them and allow you to remove them. I’ve used this before and it works great.

    But first, please tell me what icon and program you are having a problem with…and second, try to re-install the program and then delete the desktop icon and then do the uninstall.

  51. nadhilah

    yea…i have the same problem as well…i think that all my icons can go to HELL….it’s all black in square…i’m using vista..i hope that microsoft must doing something about it…i’ve spend my money already for this license…but is this what i get?well…customer always right…anyway…good luck and i hope that u can help me to solve this problem..ASAP….

    p/s: 80% of my icons are black..including the drive c….

  52. ed

    Nadhilah…Did you upgrade to Vista? What version of Vista? From what operating system did you upgrade? Have you tried reinstalling your old operating system and then doing the Vista up again? Before doing the Vista upgrade did you run the microsoft program that checks to see if you can even upgrade? All these questions plus the basic specs on they computer you are using are important to help solve your problem.

  53. Mark

    I found your comments here very useful. I like to employ the ability de-select the “Show desktop icons” (right click on background, select “View” then un-check “Show desktop icons”
    This makes for a very clean display. I continue the set-up with a right click on the task bar, mouse over “Toolbars” and then place a check beside “Desktop.” One last step is to move the divider for the now displayed “Desktop” on the taskbar almost all the way over to the right so that I get a little double arrow that I can click on anytime to display a list of all desktop icons.

    I told you all of that so that I could tell you this…
    I have double icons for every installed program that I allowed to have an icon on my desktop! The default icons are still single, but exact doubles of everything else. Deleting one gets rid of both! Any ideas? I’m a neat freak that is struggling toward desktop Nirvana.


  54. ed

    A couple of questions:
    When you right click on your desktop background, which size Icon are you using under view? Small, Large or Classic? I ask because I’ve had lots of icon problems unless I select Classic.

    I take it when you say you have double icons, you mean you have double icons on the task bar since you have unselected Show Desktop Icons? If so, since, from what I understand, you don’t want any icons on the desktop, have your tried re-selecting Show Desktop Icons and then deleting those icons off the desktop one at a time?…plus going to the control panel and selecting personalize and then selecting “change desktop icons” in order to remove the default icons.

    Also, is your Vista an upgrade or did it come installed on your computer when you purchased?
    I ask this because upgrades have all kinds of issues, but I believe Microsoft offers you a couple of free support calls after the upgrade purchase.

  55. Mark

    I sent the following as a reply to your email, which, based on the “no reply” part of your email address may have been inappropriate. Sorry!

    Thanks for your prompt response!

    I was using medium sized icons, but when I changed to classic, there was no effect.
    The double icons occur whether I’m displaying desktop icons or not. That is – they are on the desktop if I’m in the display mode or they are on the fly-up when I select Desktop>> on the taskbar. If I delete one (regardless of method), they both disappear. And when I go back to get them again, they show up as two icons. For example, two identical icons for Google Earth, two for Nero, etc. I can live with this, but it seems odd, and I’d like to know that I haven’t done something wrong to cause this.

    The Vista (Ultimate) came installed, and I have only within the past few days installed SP1 – no issues apparent subsequent to that – but no change to this icon issue.

    Thanks for your attention.

  56. ed

    Mark: This is a strange problem indeed. First, stick with the Classic Icons….this will avoid other problems. I have a few other questions: Have you had this double icon problem from day one? If not, do you then remember when this first started and if you did anything right before it started? Also, I will assume this is a new computer since Vista came installed, so have you tried contacting the maker? And also, who is the maker? Hp/Dell/Gateway? As you check these things out, I will ask and look around and see what I can find to help you.

  57. Mark

    I got the computer about 10 months ago, and it happened from the get-go. Remember – the default icons (IE, Recycle Bin, Computer, etc) are single icons. It’s only the ones for the programs that I install. Now that I think about it, it might be only for the programs that I allowed to install a desktop icon, which I try to limit.

    Just to experiment, I took a break just now to try to “Send to / Create Desktop shortcut” for a few programs. I got a weird message – “Windows could not create the shortcut. Check to see if the disk is full.” This happened for every app that I tried. Finally, I went to Windows Explorer and created a new empty folder in the desktop directory, and it took. But…you guessed it – two identical folder icons.

    It’s an HPm7790y that I loaded up with 4gb ram and dual tv tuners, etc. It has been a good performer for the most part, but not flawless. I am not one to complain about OS, etc. I try to go with the program, but am sometimes annoyed by the way Windows Explorer just gives up and closes on its own (although even Firefox does this in Vista).

    I digress. I have not contacted HP about this – it seemed an especially geeky problem. I will give them a jingle and let you know what they say.


  58. ed

    Mark….Just one last question: Did you set up the desktop to Share? (goto my computer,then C drive, then users,then the whatever you named your computer folder, then desktop folder…left click on desktop folder and then click on Share and see if it’s set up for sharing….if it is then click to not share.) I read somewhere that someone had this double icon problem from Share….but I can not be certain that this will solve your problem. I do strongly suggest that you contact HP…if you leave an email address I can send you the number for the upper level support at HP…it’s at my office and I am home and won’t be in the office until tomorrow.

  59. Mark

    Thanks again, Ed.

    My user account is not shared.

    As for the offer for the phone number for HP – my email is



  60. Niko

    thx a lot
    but i just can rename one icon with [Alt][Fn]255
    when I try to do it the same way on an other icon, it is automatically named as “(2)”
    now the iccons have names like . or ^ but that isn’t beautiful aether
    hope anyone can help me
    nerdy greets from Austra

  61. Rosemarie

    Has anyone else experienced the ‘black icon’ syndrome? In the middle of working, all of my icons have gone black (classic icons); they show if you select large – if you select ‘medium’ then you get the icon with the black square in the bottom left. I did have this once before, and found a fix for it, which obviously doesn’t work now that I’ve installed the Service Pack – and can’t find where I found the fix. I’ve got Windows Vista Home Premium, pre-installed. About 80 per cent of the icons show black, in desktop and using explorer to find folders. In the start menu, most of them show OK. Hateful thing… Last time it happened, a bit at a time most of the started to come back as pictures, then it all went wrong again today….

  62. scott

    hi i did something late last night and now every time i create a shortcut on my desktop it appears twice and if you delete one it will not work anymore can you help me

    thanks, scott levine

  63. scott

    mark & ed,

    i have the same problem with the desktop i unshared my desktop icon in the users folder it did not work do you know of anything else i saw that you have a phone number for hp would you mind giving it to me

    thanks, scott

  64. Ed

    Scott….did you try using System Restore to bring it back to a point before you did whatever you did? If you have not done that, you should do it. I assume you know how to use System Restore?

  65. scott


    thanks it worked everytime i have used that system restore it never worked this time it worked thanks again


  66. Ed

    You’re welcome Scott. System Restore is always a crap shoot, but its always worth a try if you can pinpoint when the problem started. Glad to be able to help you!

  67. Tom

    I started unnaming all the icons on my laptop with the Alt+255 etc. when I got to the 8th one, my fingers slipped and did god knows what, but it turned the icon into a white sheet of paper with the corner turned down icon and it brings up the “open with” box. I cannot delete it or move it to another folder (even if I go into windows explorer to try it).

    Any idea on how to reverse this problem or just delete the icon?



  68. ed

    Tom, just use system restore to take your computer back in time a day or two and that should put you back to where you were before you started renaming the icons…then start over.

  69. Tom


    thanks… i tried two restores and they failed. should i keep going back further or is there something else i can try?



  70. ed

    dumb question, but I’ll ask it: Did you do the restore to a date that was before you goofed up the icon? (sorry for the question, but just want to make sure…also, I assume you are using vista, right?)

  71. Mel Goetia

    Thanks for the info on hiding icon text. I just spent a bundle on Adobe products and they look henious with text. So, thank you.

    I also found that I could copy the blank space from a previos icon, paste it into the next icon, and then only have to enter Alt+255 once or a couple of times rather than repeating it ad infinitum. With the time I saved I had time to write you a note.

    Thanks again.


  72. Tom


    Yes, I tried restores back as far as I had on the machine… none of them changed the desktop at all.


  73. ed

    What program is this messed up icon for?

  74. Tom

    The program isn’t really screwed up.. it was an executable FREEWATCH.EXE and I just made a new icon for it. What is screwed up is that I have this white icon that does nothing sitting there tempting me to fuss with it (I do get compulsive like a dog sometimes ).



  75. Ed

    On your desktop properties do you have “classic icons” selected? (just right click on the desktop to see). A lot of vista icon problems stem from “classic” as not being the default. Also, did you try simply draging the icon to the trash? Finally, have you tried Unlocker? Link below.

  76. dave

    i found this tip very useful. however, there is an easier way. you can copy and paste this blank character instead of typing Alt255 all day. hope this saves you some time

  77. Tom

    Hi Ed-

    I somehow missed your last suggestion until this last post came in.

    I downloaded unlocker and it worked… thanks so much.


  78. ed

    I’m glad to hear that unlocker did the trick. You sound a lot like me, I don’t like any left-over mess on my computer either, otherwise I will also fuss with it. Again, glad to hear this worked!

  79. Michael

    Anyone know how to remove the name from the control panel icon on Vista desktop? Was able to do all the others but that one.

  80. ed

    I don’t think you can remove the name from the control panel icon. You can delete that icon from your desktop if you want since you don’t really need it on the desktop.

  81. Adam

    When I Do It The Seccond I Type alt 225 alt 225 And It Comes Up As ( ) Can You Help

  82. Omid

    the recycle bin worked fine. I didn;t have to use the registry tweak, the computer icon worked too.

  83. Naomi

    I renamed a generic desktop folder using alt+255 and could no longer delete the folder no matter what I tried. Finally I installed Unlocker 1.8.7 by Cedrick Collomb and I could FINALLY delete the darn thing!

    Thank you Cedrick!!!

  84. shaun

    im running windows vista home and i am unable to get the text to dissapear. i right click and press “rename” then hold down “alt” while i type “225” but a little symble that looks like a b shows up… whats going wrong?

  85. Eric

    I too tried the Alt+255 trick. But now I want to delete it and it won’t let me. Just a normal windows desktop folder.

    Tried using unlocker, but I couldn’t get the program to run (vista ultimate x64)

    when I go through command line and do it that way, its in use by another program

    suggestions please?

  86. EdKnows

    ERIC – I just got a Vista x64 too….and I’m not surprised Unlocker didn’t work. Check their website and see if there is a x64 Unlocker. It not, turn off the UAC and try to delete again…also try Unlocker with the UAC off. Let us know if any of this works. I couldn’t unistall a Vista Sidebar gadget the other day without first turning UAC off, so maybe that will work with your problem. If there is no x64 Unlocker now, just hang in there, sooner or later they will catch up, just like everyone else is doing.

  87. Ashley

    I’ve tried this but i just get this letter instead ‘’ instead of a blank icon name. What shall i do?

  88. EdKnows

    ASHLEY…what exactly did you try?

  89. LNA-Big_D

    Hey, If anyone is still having the renaming problem, the program Better File Rename seems to be able to rename the icon/folder at anytime without any problems. Only one problem though, you may need to spend some money to get it.

  90. Carl

    I tried this on a folder on my desktop, and it worked. But now it won’t let me rename it back. I can type in the new name, but it just reverts to blank again. And I can’t delete the folder, either. No error or anything, it just won’t delete. Dragging to the recycle bin doesn’t work, either

    Is there a reg tweak for this folder?

    Please, please help i’ve tried everything!


  91. EdKnows

    Carl…what exactly did you try? Please explain step by step. Also, did you try a simple system restore back to a date before you did this?

  92. Carl

    Hi Edknows,

    Thanks for getting back to me so soon. About an hour after posting my last message i worked out the right combination in the command prompt and was able to rename the file that was on my desktop. After renaming the file i was then able to delete it.

    I will use this site again as i think its really useful. The users on here who help have so much knowledge to share with us all, and for the cost of nothing.

    Once again many thanks all,


  93. EdKnows

    Glad to hear it Carl!

  94. Ari

    Put cursor on the Icon press F2 and type the required text? I like this easy way.

  95. bharat

    hey is there any alternative way for removing the text?
    because in my laptop i don’t have the numpad

  96. EdKnows

    You do have a numberpad on your laptop, you just don’t see it. Look at the keys closer…do you see several of them with small numbers below the letters? Now do you see the FN key off to the lower left of the keyboard? Keep the FN key pressed to use the number pad.

  97. bharat

    Thank u very much friend

  98. Will Morledge

    Seems to work differently for Vista SP-2. When holding down ALT and pressing 255, a single dot appears, instead of ‘blank’. Not quite the same thing, but it CAN be renamed.

  99. Johnny

    It work for first four icon but it start renaming the rest 7, 5 9 etc.
    I don’t noe why? but may be because I missed this long calcuation alt+255, alt+255, alt+255.

  100. ander

    That’s interesting… But is there also a way to make desktop shortcuts show ALL their text, too? I realize this is the other end of the spectrum from what you’re discussing—but being a writer, I’d really like to see all the text, rather than the first word or two. Thanks!

  101. Dirk

    With Vista Ultimate I had the same “can’t delete the renamed ALT + 0160 Folder” issue. I do have a dual boot system though. So, I just gave “everyone” all rights to this folder. Rebooted into my XP OS and was able to delete it with no problem. Rebooted to Vista and it was gone!

  102. niles

    to delte.. USE UNLOCKER!

  103. zack

    i hid the text using alt+255 but now i cant get the text back….could anyone explain what should be typed in the command promt step by step thanks

  104. Luffen

    thx. .. couldnt remember which code id use for my icons so command prompt didnt work to rename folder. But Unlocker worked just fine. :) Thx ALOT!

    Btw. Great HowTo .

  105. alex

    I have a Dell Studio 1555. I tried using both the alt + 255 and alt + 0160. I also tried using both of those with the fn key as my laptop does not seem to have a numlock. Are there any other ways to do this? am I doing it wrong?

  106. alex

    Also I have windows 7…

  107. Jørgen Hagen Bendiksen

    Eh… Sometimes, when I type in Alt+255, my icons just disappears…

  108. Swarnendra Singh

    Hey can u plz mail me the details of the procedure to get free text message alerts on my mobile phone when a new mail arrives in my Gmail account ?
    ..I know it is only u, who can do this !!
    I will be very grateful to u :))

  109. Darron

    I tried this on the recycle bin in vista and it worked fine, no problems with using the recycle bin either.

  110. ianc4ecer

    Unlocker has got 32bit or 64bit versions,
    easy to use, but u need to choose its DELETE option, not choose the RENAME function

    ps-if u changed a folders icon and r using Unlocker, it’ll delete the folders contents too, so copy the contents before u delete.
    Works fine on Winvista 64.

  111. Matt

    This Alt+225 does not work on W7 Home Premium x64. When I tried it I got this: ß

  112. aj

    Matt its Alt + 255 not 225

  113. libin

    it worked on win7,it’s awesome…thankx…:]

  114. will

    for some reason my computer puts up a symbol that looks like a B instead of going blank… any help?

  115. Bill

    How do you delete the folder once you have done “Alt + 255”?

  116. will

    BTW I did just as the directions told. Is there something i need to check or uncheck in the folder options window? the alt 0160 worked but only for one icon.

  117. GM

    I might forget that I have Internet Exploder.

  118. D

    Worked fine for me on Windows 7. Just saying because I got kinda scared after reading all the comments, lol.

    For anyone having trouble with their numpad, this might help:
    Alt + 255 → ” “

  119. D

    Never mind, copying and pasting from my post above doesn’t work. Sorry, lol.

  120. Marty

    Icons on desktop don’t work. I get message not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I use Alt+255 – says not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file. The funny thing is, that some of icons work. Go figure.

    I’m a little less smarter then all of you. Can someone please tell me what this means.

  121. Aubry

    It’s not completely blank. It just shows “-” after I did it. I use Vista

  122. Richard

    thanks! it works! :D

  123. james

    Whenever I try to do ren ” ” “bleh” I get “access is denied”

    There is no different accounts to login to the computer with, I am the administrator, so I have no clue why access would be denied. I had this problem a long time ago, I wound up needed to boot up linux and delete the folder from the linux OS. was very fast and easy once I learned how to navigate the linux os, but the friend that let me borrow his linux cd, I no longer see since graduating high school in ’10. And I tried to burn my own linux cd back then and more recently like 6-12 months ago, but I could never manage to do it right. Can someone please help me, I prefer not needing linux, but if you can help me with or without linux it’d be appreciated. if with linux, please help me with burning a linux live cd, and then also how to delete a basic file/folder with linux, since I forgot how to navigate it since it’s been so long.

    thanks in advanced

  124. JK

    For system shortcuts like network just right click > create shortcut and you can just delete the original

  125. Cassidy

    On my desktop, I have 2 icons that I don’t want anymore. I went to drag them to the recycle bin and they didn’t go anywhere. I then tries to press the delete button but it said that the file was unable to be located and it couldn’t be removed from the desktop. How do I get the icons to go away?

  126. Gerhardt Biehl

    i cant do it on my laptop because i dont have the additional keys, is there another command.

  127. mk

    I haven’t tried this, but I wonder: If you uninstall a program does it look for the name on the desktop to delete or the icon?
    Also, is there a way to make the name show when you hover your pointer over the icon?

  128. Cindy

    Great site!

    I’m hoping you can help me solve my problem.

    I just purchased a new computer with Windows 7. The technician transferred my files to my new computer. For some reason, there are many files that look like a blank white piece of paper with the top right corner turned down. I’ve tried all kinds of programs to open these files but have not been successful. I thought for sure when I searched and came to this post with the following words “but it turned the icon into a white sheet of paper with the corner turned down icon and it …” that I might find a solution.

    Can you help me? Thanks so much!

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