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Great Expose Clone for Windows Vista

The market seems to be full of OS X Expose clones, but this is the first one that I’ve found that not only works really well, but has a ton of customization options. It’s called Switcher, and you might already be familiar since it’s been out for a while.

You can switch between the default tiled view that we’re all used to:


Or you can go with the Dock view, which shows the current window in a larger tile, and hitting the tab key will switch between the tiles.


The standard customization screen gives you most of the common options, but you can use the advanced screen to let you change just about anything you want.


The default shortcut key is Win+Tab, which replaces the Flip3D key, but you can customize it if you’d like to use something else.

Hint: If you turn off the animation it’ll even work really well on older computers.

Download Switcher from

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  • Published 07/20/07

Comments (11)

  1. m@ik

    IMHO the best expose clone available! Works fantastic for me, i’m using it for a while now.

  2. ph15h

    I’ll try this. that other one i saw on lifehacker doesn’t work so well on my laptop.

  3. Heislyc

    This is super useful and smooth.

  4. Ramu

    The best Expose clone I have tried. Very stable and looks better. I think it is almost better than Expose since it seems to be more customizable.

  5. Spacegold

    Looks pretty handy to me, except that I would much prefer to bring forward the window I want with a mouse click.

  6. Nocash350

    For some reason when i try to run the program it gives me an error saying
    “Switcher has stopped working” i’m running vista home premium so what’s going on?

  7. Nehalem

    works smoothly in Windows 7 build 7057 running on E4500 / 3GB DDR2 / GeForce 8500GT 1GB

  8. silentcon

    How much ram does it use?

  9. wbkang

    I’m surprised nobody tried typing titles of programs. It’s like better than expose.

  10. CJ

    mmm…. just shows a black screen for me

  11. Wayne

    I tried this but the program I had active when activating switcher was closed; other than that it worked great. Does anyone know how to use this without killing the active program the first time it is activated?

    For example, if I have Outlook open and press my middle mouse button which is bound to Switcher, Outlook will be closed and I will see tiles of the remaining open applications.

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