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Force Windows 7, 8, or 10 to Boot Into Safe Mode Without Using the F8 Key

So you are reading instructions on some article that tells you to reboot into Safe mode. You ask how you do that, and are told to use the F8 key when the computer boots up. But you just can’t seem to get the F8 key to work… so how do you boot into Safe mode?

There’s an option in the well-known System Configuration utility that will let you force Windows to always boot into Safe mode… until you turn the option off.

Force Windows to Boot into Safe Mode

Open up the start menu search or run box, and type in msconfig and hit the enter key. This should work in any version of Windows, including Windows 8 or 10. You can also use WIN + R to open the Run box and type it in there.


Select the Boot tab, and then check the box for “Safe boot” and make sure the radio button below is set to “Minimal”.


Once you hit the OK button you’ll be asked if you want to Restart now or wait until later. Either way, the next boot will take you into safe mode.


Once you restart, you’ll realize that you are in Safe Mode because it not only places that text in the four corners of the screen, but it even opens up the safe mode page from the help file in Windows 7 or Vista.


Now you can work on getting rid of that spyware…

Turn Safe Mode Back Off

Once you are done fixing whatever you were working on, you’ll probably want to turn safe mode off and go back to normal mode. Just open up msconfig the same way as above, and then on the Boot tab you’ll uncheck the “Safe boot” checkbox.


This method especially helps if you need to repeatedly boot into Safe mode.

Note: Check the comments below for instructions that work on XP. Thanks PeopleGeek!

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  • Published 03/21/15

Comments (100)

  1. kingkong

    amazing site!! great tips!

  2. Roman

    Is this work with WinXP? (Looks like screenshots was made in vista)

  3. PeopleGeek

    In Windows XP Click on “Start”
    Click “Run”
    Type in “msonfig”
    Select tab “boot.ini”
    Select bootoption “/safeboot”

    Thats it!!

  4. The Geek


    Thanks for the followup!

  5. peter

    Being picky I know, but just in case anyone cuts and pastes from PeopleGeek note the typo in msconfig:

    In Windows XP Click on “Start”
    Click “Run”
    Type in “msconfig”
    Select tab “boot.ini”
    Select bootoption “/safeboot”

    Thanks – this is really useful as F8 does not work for me either

  6. bruce

    The F8 key should work for everyone , for those it dont work for its just a matter of how you tap F8 while system boots, just slowly repeatdly tap and once you get it right you will know how next time, if you dont get it right the first time just perservere, it’ll work,


  7. Roba greene

    great artical…easy to understand…thanks

  8. John

    Some of the newer BIOS versions use the F8 key as a means to select “Boot Devices”, not Safe Mode or other “Boot Options”.

  9. The Geek


    You are absolutely right… makes it much more confusing for people, which is why I wrote this article =)

  10. PeopleGeek

    Another more desperate way to get Windows XP into “Safe Mode”.

    When XP is beginning to load, hold the computers “power” button in until the computer shuts down.

    When you power on the computer again it should start up with an option screen asking if you would like to start windows normally or in safe mode.

    Use the up and down arrows to select what mode you would like and then hit the “Enter” key.

    -This should only be done as a last resort. This method of shutting off a computer leaves behind temp files and various log files-

  11. Solomon

    thanks, this has helped a lot
    now my machine can be used by my friends with very little fear
    especially if they don’t know how to turn it off
    but i think its best to explain why it is so don’t you think?

  12. agincurt

    alright. all of those instruction seems to work fine. but how can you be able to return it into normal mode if the computer does not boot in safe mode? can anyone help me? thanks in advance

  13. DC

    After it attempts to start in safe mode it comes to a po & says “windows cannot start (or run) in safe mode; press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart.

    This is the second VISTA system I’ve built but the install of VISTA has not yet gone right. There must be a trick to it. I think it needs a startup disk. But, VISTA doesnt seem to help create one. Maybe a backup from a working VISTA machine?????????

  14. dubz

    hi, thanks for this f8 thing! i have a problem….dont we all! my daugter has forgotten her password for admin. i have tried the F8 thing before on another computer, and it worked well, however, on pressing F8 on daughters xp2 machine, i get to administrator and daughters account, i click on admin, and it starts to go into safe mode, it then shuts down within 20 secs, even i boot up in safe mode with cmd prompt, cmd opens up, then shuts down! any ideas, help??
    kind regards

  15. CD

    The F8 key does not work for me and also cannot access the Start Menu.
    My windows vista crashed as i was downloading windows update and now after turning on the notebook I get the following screen
    Press tab to switch to post or delete to run bios.
    followed by a blank screen. ‘
    Is there any other way of getting into safe mode?
    Would appreciate any one’s help

  16. HCL

    I tried on a WinXP, selcted /SAFEBOOT, checked MINIMUM. Now my computer doesn’t bootup anymore. How can I boot normally into windows again to uncheck the option?

    I even tried to press F8 and try to boot “Windows normally”, but the system screen is blank. Please help.

  17. Lee

    I needed to get Vista to start in safe mode and couldn’t use the F8 key so followed the instructions above. But now my pc won’t boot at all! I get no screens. The PC whirrs, meaning it is doing something but it isn’t starting up. I have tried reebooting with the VISTA installation disk but nothing. I am completely stuck.

    Can somebody help, please?

  18. TGOL

    Lee i have the same issue right now……i can select safe mode or safe mode with command prompt…ect. But when it goes to load i have a feeling its locking up…so i never actually see anything. Anyone with any suggestions…let me know.

  19. edge

    Woops! Now that I have checked the safe boot box – thanks but that didn’t help access safe mode – I can’t open again in anything ,safe mode, normal mode, -‘system restore’ was not reponding anyway – to uncheck it, It only opens in that F8 screen. Can anyone kindly tell me how I get back into devices with keystokes somehow to uncheck the safe mode?

    hand ringing and needy…

  20. edge

    Never mind, F11 got me back to a system restore format that worked. The other system restores – through the windows help etc. said it couldn’t restore, or something to that affect. anyway, No more Wringing of hands

    I did post something about this cycling F8 page, off on – off on, that didn’t get posted, prior to the one I see posted here, hence the whoops

  21. Vassil

    F8 doesn’t work for me (as I have dual boot XP/Ubuntu, which is apparently run by a different “loader”) and, unfortunately, neither do the instructions above using cmd/msconfig: the configuration menu pops up but there is no “boot.ini” tab or anything like it at all. Any other suggestions?

  22. Melissa

    The F8 button isn’t doing anything when I turn on my computer. I have no idea what to do now. Can anyone help?

  23. aimee

    I am working on a friends computer and I can get to the Advanced Options Menu, however I am unable to use the arrow keys to select “Last Known Good Configuration.” Why won’t the arrow keys work????? Please help.

  24. zepe

    There is a little freeware ap called Bootsafe that is available through several websites. Just double click on it and allows you to boot into safe mode with minimal drivers loaded, with or without network capability, with directory services repair or in to normal mode. I don’t think it’s compatible with Vista though.

  25. Barry

    This failed for me.

    It caused only a blank screen?

    It fails to enter Safe Mode and I’m unable to access task manager in anyway.

    Any solutions to exit out of this screen, or return it to normal?

  26. Stephanie

    My computer will not let me download itunes, neither will it let me uninstall programs. When I try to do this it says that I may be running in safe mode. How can I fix this problem? PLEASEE!!! HELP ME!! :)


  27. DON


  28. Armik

    If your computer wont boot up in a safe mode by pressing F8 – try Esc button – while is booting before Windows screen.

  29. Berns

    I recently had a disk containing Norton Goback, and I installed on a Laptop, and I am not able boot the computer, past the {Goback cannot Load due to a bad sector}, the computer will not load in Safe mode either..
    what can I do to bypass this issue.Currently using W.Xp2.

  30. larry

    I have a windows XP laptop where i downloaded a roxio program and rebooted the computer and came up with a black screen saying NTLDR is missing press ctlr+alt+del, of course nothing happens and safe mode doesn’t work either any suggestions on this one, my machine didn’t come with a reboot disk.

  31. Joe

    Tried to boot windows xp in safe mode with f8 key and it did not work.Then I tried using msconfig and I got a blue screen error and know can not get into windows to chance it back to normal.

  32. samson

    try performing a system restore on the system.

  33. SlyOne

    had no issues forcing Windows XP to boot in SAFE MODE with the instructions above. The only issue I have is that now instead of going into Safe Mode it continually reboots system trying to boot into XP normally. Do you have any idea how to stop this and get it to boot into Safe Mode?

  34. naomi

    I tried to boot from safe mode using the instructions above, but now my computer won’t even turn on. It tries to start, and then goes to the screen that you would get if you pressed f8, giving you the choices to boot from safe mode, or start normally, etc. I have tried selecting every option, and it just restarts and takes me to the same screen, without starting the computer. help!

  35. lucian

    me too, I have exactly the same problem as Naomi.

  36. studioCJF

    I have never had a problem using the F8 key but what annoys me is that safe mode always opens the “Windows Help and Support / What is safe mode?”
    window that I always have to close. I have searched for ways to keep this from happening but have had no luck… Does anyone know how to stop this window from opening?

  37. Jeff

    I changed the boot.ini to SAFEBOOT last week and it was an irritating mistake to say the least. If your safemode isn’t working and you do this boot switch you will have a hard time working through it. It will only want to boot into safemode,…and remember safemode isn’t working,…and when you put it in SAFEBOOT configuration it will not allow the system to boot into the full Windows application. For those of you that it worked for, great,…but I would never do it again. I got my PC back by doing some tricky reprogramming. This is terrible advice to be giving out to peple who may not know that much about computers.


  38. Jeff

    The problems you could possibly dredge up with this safeboot method is probably worse than the reason for wanting to get into safemode to begin with. I feel bad for those here who did this and now their mostly just stuck with a looping PC. Worse yet, they may not know where to turn.


  39. Faraldur

    I tried this, and it worked, but now I cant get out of safe mode!

    Ive tried using msconfig from safe mode, to turn off the safe boot option. But whenever I restart afterwards, win7 boots into safe mode again. And again. System restore does not work, it returns a bluescreen after system restore.

    So, Im stuck in win7 safe mode with no network. And its so wonderful. And so useful.

    Any suggestions on next move, exept sticking my head in the sand and pretend I never need the computer or the internet again? Is there a way to manually remove the safeboot option? I read something about BCDedit.exe, but I have no clue on how to use it…

    Please help, Im stuck.

  40. Alyssa

    I did this and am now in safe mode with command prompt – no start menu! Please help, how do I get back to normal mode???

  41. Vicenarian


    Try Windows 7 Startup Repair?

  42. Vicenarian


    Don’t try this if you don’t know what you are doing!

  43. kikay

    This article is very2 helpful, very easy to understand..Thanks!!..But I’m having second thoughts since I’m not that techy and afraid that I might experience the same problem in returning it to normal mode..the reason why Im doing this is because my computer shuts down by itself after an hour of use…I searched the internet and common answer is the processor but i just bought this computer 2months ago and im running win7..some of my friends say to reinstall my OS and one friend of mine told me not to reinstall so soon..he’s suggesting to do sysclean(TRENDMICRO) and part of the instruction is to be in safe mode….thats why…ANY ADVISE???!!!!THANKS

  44. Brian

    I tried this little trick but it won’t let me log on to the computer. Since I can’t log on to the computer I can’t change it back. Does anyone know who to get this fixed?

  45. Karol

    Great tips! I read so much crap in other sites, I knew there was nothing wrong with my laptop! You are the best! THANK YOU!

  46. polka

    when my windows xp crashed, i pressed f10 repeatedly to access the safe mode and it worked for me.

  47. safemodereboothater

    ive upgraded from vista x64 to windows 7 on a 4gb quad core acer system and tried all the bootoption into safemode but get the reboots.. then i tried the last known good config..which worked.but is there a way to get into safemode without using last known good config?

  48. HorseGod

    I have been having an issue with my windows booting after I upgraded my OS. It is a looping restart that ends up at a white screen then restarts. I have tried system restore, nothing works. I NEED to get just one folder off this thing, it will cost me my executive position at work… HELP.

  49. G4b1t

    Ok i selected safe mode/ minimal via msconfig restarted and now my pc hangs at CLASSPNP.sys and system restore didnt work. Anyone knows a way to restore msconfig options to default settings through command prompt?


    Since your job depends on that the most fast and effective way i can think of right now is to download a live cd of linux ( runs the whole OS from CD ), plug in a usb stick and copy that folder that you need.

  50. josinchu

    thank a lots

  51. pcgreen26

    I have an issue with Vista when I get into Safe Mode with network access, the Trojan “Spyware.IE Monster” denies me access to the www or any USB with the necessary malware file to get rid of the Trojan. Can you help me with this issue?

  52. scdjack

    I’m running windows 7, can’t boot into safe mode using f8 and msconfig won’t will boot up but most programs will not run when I execute them. I was installing the setup disc for a new wireless router when this started. F11 won’t do anything and I can’t run the recovery program from the control panel.please help me. Also I have no recovery disc.

  53. RptorJesus

    This is all very nice, however, what if you need to get to start-up repair, after some douche goes and grabs your netbook, and screws with system32 using ollydbr, so you get a BSOD unmountable_boot_volume, and you have already chkdsk’d it, but u need to get to that Admin CMD again, but you dont have the admin password? Plz help.

  54. jo

    hi i would like to put my pc back to factory settings.. my pc boots up in safe mode i cant get safe mode off when i go to untick the safe mode box it is already unticked so i ccant understand y im still in safe mode plz help… thank u

  55. Nicole

    Well I have a Sony vaio and when I try to do this I can’t because I don’t have a start menu on the place where you log on. It just says restart, hibernate, sleep, and shut down. I’ve tried all if those. And I don’t know if there’s any other way to do it besides getting help from the store that may cost up to 100$ because I think the warentee is expired. Would you know what to do? PLEASE help!

  56. VISTA & 7

    What about using this to get to (SAFE MODE) With (NETWORKING) Do U Just Click The (NETWORK) Radial Option…?

    How Can This Be Done…?

    Thanks In Advance… (“,

  57. brian

    I have the same problem as Lee and Tgol, what Jeff was describing. How do I finally break the safe mode cycle that is only a black screen of nothing? has anyone been successful in doing so? what do i need to do? i’ve tried recovery and boot disks, nothing works.


  58. sairam

    great job☺

  59. John

    great work thaNKS

  60. cat

    After a C: partition restore (Paragon Backup and Restore), the F8 key stopped working. This tip worked like a charm. Using Windows 7 Home Basic here.

  61. Pascal

    This tip helped me so much. Thanks to u guys!

  62. El Cholito

    Good day Guys, I really really need your help with new DELL laptop. The os, windows 7, does not kick in. It tells me to run a boot fixer but when I do it tells me that it cannot fix it and to contact Dell. Contacted DELL tech support and because they do not guarantee the software’s they want to charge 100$ so they can asst by phone on how to fix the os. Incredible, it’s been about 45 days I got this laptop. I believe they just want to make more money. I’m sure that there is someone here that will be able to help out. Please Guys, what should I do?????? Thanks in advance.

  63. Akawal

    First of all,i press the F8 key and it din’t work out.Fine.Then i tried the msconfig.exe follow the way as the text written above.
    Normally it will work out for everyone and later it will appear a text box for you to restart the computer into safe mode right?
    I followed everything but it didn’t appear the box for me to restart computer.
    Any help please?

  64. HAKEEM

    msconfig is also not woking what should i do?please reply me fast i am waiting for your reply pls. pls. .

  65. Dave

    What if a trojan has messed up safe mode. I finally got into msconfig (after it tried to kill it) and selected safe boot. well i just get the blue screen before windows loads. How can the boot be changed before windows loads?

  66. Robert

    I know this option has helped a lot of you, but for some with Vista/7, you may be stuck in a loop of restarts. To regain a ‘normal boot’ you will need to hit F8 (I know, that was the problem to begin with) and select ‘Repair’
    At the repair screen, choose ‘command line’ and then enter ‘bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot’
    reboot and it should now return you to your normal windows.

  67. Tim

    I’m using a windows xp laptop stuck on the safe mode loop after using msconfig. As many others have commented safe mode doesnt work and I can no longer load normal mode after checking safe mode in msconfig. As there is no repair option in boot up options I am left with a constant loop. Can anyone advise of any solutions. Thanks in advance.

  68. PC Noob

    OK! for anyone who have problems with booting in safe modes, there is one sure way to get you into safe mode without following any of the above step.

    Quite simple actually, just start your window normally, once window is loaded, start any program like words. Then you press and hold the power button till the computer shutdown ( or take out the battery or power cord) to cut the comp’s power unsuspectingly. Then turn your comp on again and it should take you to the boot selection program because window was shutdown unsuspectingly.

    There you have it!

    GL with removing that Spyware lol

  69. joe

    Hello I have a problem..
    I did a system restore recently and it was not successful
    I tried going into every safe mode but the screen freezes up automatically
    I cannot type anything to work, the only thing that does work is to manually shut off
    Any solutions please? All is appreciated
    OS: Vista x64

  70. Bossy

    Same here i did a system restore and now I cant get my computer to boot at all. I have looked up a lot of different things.
    I cant go onto the start menu because I cant get past the message that says….

    1. “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
    To fix the problem:

    1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
    2. Choose your language settings and click next.
    3. Click “repair your computer”

    Then it goes on to say something about insufficient memory at the bottom

    My computer also wont read the recovery disk or whatever its called when inserted.
    I tried to press F8 but that does absolutely nothing.
    I cant even get to the system recovery menu even though its an option when it first comes on. I have no clue what to do. I really need some help with this. If you have any clue please help me put I was up ALL NIGHT trying to figure it out with no luck. Thanks

  71. ken

    Bossy, why do you think that F8 is going to help you?….Why did you do a System Restore in the first place? a quick tip would be to use your ERD



  73. mabs

    thanx robert i was in the same shit n ua help did work

  74. kaykhanitta

    Same problem here, what to do when nothing works, safe mode also doesn’t work ?

    It happened after a windows 7 update.


  75. Jerrold

    I’m having the same problem as Kaykhanitta this morning. I woke up and suddenly my admin User Account won’t load, and pressing F8 doesn’t get me the Safe Mode option screen, but instead prompts me to select which source to load from (e.g., which device).


  76. kaykhanitta


    actually this is my problem, please guys help me !!!

    i cannot start my windows 7 in safe more or use recovery function, what can i do ?

    problem happened after windows 7 update, then after restart windows defender asked me to restart again, and then blue screen or auto restart forever.

    i would like to disable or uninstall windows defender as i can access the command prompt but i can’t find how to do ?

    And do you know how to uninstall windows latest update with command prompt ?

    Thanks for help.

  77. Luke James

    Hello guys! .
    ill just get straight into my problem . when i start my computer windows 7 ultimate it has compaq
    then has the option press esc to do the f8 thing but my problem is that none of the above nothing has helped me at after all that i get a white underscore ( _ ) just blinkes then unblinkes i have put it on for hours and still the same thing it is very frustrating for me for i have not had this computer for very long and i really need a solution i have no disc’s to restore all i have is my computer i cant not do the system restore and i cant go into the actual computer home because the white underscore keeps popping up and doesnt give the option to put it into safe mode please guys i really need your help .

  78. Yam

    I have problem when i start my computer then it will open the screen with windows vista premium then it went to blank screen? what will I do? Please help me thanks

  79. bob

    on hp dvg notebook turn pc and hold esc key then f10

  80. bob


  81. dpj

    I really wish I read all of these comments before trying this method to get into safe mode.

    Like three other posters (Lee, TGOL and Brian) I tried this little trick but it won’t let me log on to the computer.

    I needed to get Vista to start in safe mode and couldn’t use the F8 key so followed the instructions above. But now my pc won’t boot at all! I get no screens. The PC whirrs, meaning it is doing something but it isn’t starting up. I have tried reebooting with the VISTA installation disk but nothing.

    Since I can’t log on to the computer I can’t change it back. I am completely stuck.

    Does anyone know who to get this fixed? Can somebody help, please?

  82. AussieAnzac1

    {1st off> crew here are gettin their info mixed up from xp-win7,yes they sorta same but also NOT}

    Some pc’s BIOS/bios settings aren’t setup to have usb keyboard enabled, chek that and if so enable usbkeyboard enable (reboot) , Try ur normal F8 key now,it’ll work if bios set was disbaled, if not(win 7) RUN ur rescue disk/win 7 rescue Opt for a number of tools there…Once rescus is up,try the startup rep option, if no good Then try Sys restore 2 earlier time, if none of them u gotta get creative and start digging thru files wt Command prompt/small cd based linux os or other ram based installer…
    I aint gonna tell ya’s about what to do from there cus i gotta go, lol, and u can do some of the work from here (u can access services list from cmd=turn on/off z right ones?)….
    Anyway, chek >>>

  83. shawpermage

    Updated Adobe cs5 and computer restarted on its own. Tried to complete update and computer restared again but halted before splash screen and cannot boot to safe mode, screen is frozen. can anyone help to boot to safe mode.

  84. Amanda Michelle

    I have a virus called MS Removal Tool and I found a tutorial on how to get rid of it, it said to enter safe mode (on my windows 7) using F8 on startup, and it wouldn’t work (I tried relentlessly) so I found this and I’m certain it would work, but everytime I click the msconfig the virus pops up and says basically I can’t open it because I have too many virus’ (The way I understood this virus is it disables everything pretty much and makes it so you can only really open it, when it tells you, you have 38 virus’ and I need to buy this program to get rid of it. :(

    What do I do?!

    Someone please help

  85. Rach

    I have windows 7 and I have forgotten my password to log in to my computer so I was told to go in to safe mode when turning on the computer. An use the other administrator so I press f8 when it is turning on, the screen then looks like it has been zoomed in on but it still will only come up with my main account and still asking for a password (which I have forgotten) can any one help??
    Also before I was cleaver and changed the password and was using my computer it was telling me that that I wasn’t the main administrator any more, I think it was a dogy file I had downloaded so there for I didn’t have administrator right any more this all happened before I changed my password and forgot it so do I have to just reformat the computer or is there anyway I can get back in to my computer and make my main account the main administrator again? As I have all my photos and work on it :( if anyone can help any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated
    Thankx Rach

  86. Aug

    Thank you so much. So useful article. Now, I understand.

  87. Brian

    Ok, so my computer won’t boot into vista, it gives me an error code 17. And tries to boot again, and everytime it tries it just hangs and gives me the same error code. F8 does not work, so I can’t get into safe mode or chose last known working configuration or so
    Thing like that, I can’t do a system recovery because f11 won’t work, I can’t go to msconfig, cause I can’t get to the damn start screen. You see where I’m going with this? I have a very expensive it’s a compaq laptop. I need help oh and I tried the turning off trick so that it realizes that windows didn’t start, but it goes to that error 17 code.. Ugh

  88. O-P

    I just had to thank you Robert for your command line instructions! Once I got to the boot menu, the task of repairing my safe mode boot-looping system was a piece of cake. Once again Thank You!

  89. Tom

    I used this method to get into safemode, now everytime i turn my computer on it will boot into safemode. However after the computer tells me its booting in safemode my moniter displays Input device not suported. how do i get it out of safemode?

  90. Calico

    I agree, i am furious that this article exists and with no warning; ive had external/ laptop screen issues, so the startup screen does not show up, and wanted to test the settings by logging into safe mode, but pressing f8 just disabled it from starting up. thanks to stupidly and without thinking attempting this advice, the exact same thing happens – it gives me a blank/blueish screen, but now there is no way to disable it. completely rendered my computer useless, and without backing anything up or anything.

  91. Helpme

    My girlfriend was given a computer by her sugar daddy then thay had a falling out. It is a gateway e series with windows 7, the problem is without knowing his password we cant log onto the cpu. can anybody help?

  92. Morta

    Thanks for the useful tip !

  93. Dr. Leslie Brown

    I’ve got a problem with my netbook running windows 7.
    I was mucking around in the msconfig settings to remove some of the bloatware, and now it doesn’t load windows at all because some drivers were missing (or something like that).

    I do have a lot of windows experience, but this time it has me a little stumped. Normally I just enter safe mode or a restore point, but I think I tweaked it a bit too far this time…

    I do have access to the windows files via puppylinux installed on a usb, but it’s the first time I’ve ever really attempted to use any form of linux seriously, and it’s very frustrating (you can’t simply load an executable file, browser not even installed at default). I was planning on editing the boot.ini file (or whatever is needed to get the original settings back), but I can’t find the appropriate files.

    Is there anyway of overwriting the appropriate boot files with some defaults, or am I looking at formatting the HDD & re-installing another OS?

    Tried loading QEMU in a lame attempt at getting msconfig.exe to run under linux and that was an exercise in total frustration. I can’t believe (this version of) linux makes it so difficult to install applications, search for files and simply browse the ‘net. *sigh*

    As an aside, puppy linux looks like it was coded by a single, solitary nerd. And definitely not a perfectionist nerd, because there are so many graphical errors & shortcomings apparant even within the first 5-30 minutes of use. I realise now I have been taking windows a little for granted… yes, actually this is more of a linux complaint – why is everything not clearly named… why is it like “gnumeric-this” and “ROX-something-or-other” what the hell kind of labelling system is that?


  94. Danny

    Hmmm thanks useful thread – will try a few of the ideas suggested in the comments since I tweaked my windows and bow can’t get into safe mode. So i was hoping to use a command line prompt, which is supplied here. cheers! Incidentally, to the last person (Dr.Leslie) don’t knock linux too much, i’m surprised you would even be able to get into windows files via puppylinux. My windows vista copy is totally screwed and i’m really happy that in twenty mins i was able to use puppylinux to get online and fin dthis page. Windows is proprietary software making people rich. Puppylinux helps me get online when i’m in the shit and i got it for free. Hail linux! And good luck to all the peeps having problems! xx

  95. raul

    multumesc – thank you!

  96. nurul

    OMG Thank you! You really saved my life!!! :D

  97. M

    Try F9.

  98. MP

    Thanx a lot Robert! For those who somehow missed Robert’s comment:
    To remove boot in safe mode option:
    hit & press F8 at startup
    choose Repair, then login into your account (should have administrator rights)
    choose Command Line prompt
    type in
    bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot
    and hit enter.
    It should say: Operation completed successfully. Now simply reboot and this time do not hit any keys.

  99. danial

    thanks…. its works perfecly…

  100. Guest

    I tried it on my brother conputer n i think it worked THANKS

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