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Fixing "BOOTMGR is missing" Error While Trying to Boot Windows 7 or Vista

If your Windows 7 or Vista computer has encountered the dreaded “BOOTMGR is missing” error, you aren’t alone. If the problem isn’t hardware related you can fix it with relative ease as long as you have a Windows DVD handy.

If you don’t have one, you can create a Windows Vista repair disk using our guide.


Boot off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt:


You should see a link in the lower left-hand side for “Repair your computer”


The installation process will attempt to find your Vista installation directory. If there’s more than one in the list, select the correct one and then use the Next button again.


Click the first link for “Startup Repair”


The installation process will repair the system, and then prompt for you to reboot.


Alternatively you could have chosen the Command Prompt option instead, and use the following command to fix the boot options only:

bootrec /fixboot


At this point you should be able to reboot your computer, remove the DVD and everything should be working. If not, then head over to our forums and ask your question there. We’ve got some top-notch geeks over there!

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  • Published 02/6/08

Comments (436)

  1. Marty

    I don’t know why, but both times I’ve used the Startup Repair I had to run it twice. So if the first time doesn’t fix it, boot from the Vista DVD again and run it a second time.

  2. nvaeen

    u can use the “bcdedit” in command prompt ??

  3. FreeWheelin' Franklin

    After I made a Windows Vista Repair Disc “using our guide”, I am happy to say this procedure worked.

  4. rich

    i had the same problem the other day in the office with wind vista home premium but all i had was a windows xp pro disk i used that to load up windows filespopped out the disk and was able to start up in safe mode then go to system restore but first i tried dell’s restore drive to format and reinstall but that had a error after system restore i rebooted and bootmgr was gone and all was good

  5. thahir

    I don’t know how prevalent the problem is of Vista displaying the error message β€œBOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restartβ€?,
    i am getting the above problems but i have system recovery dvd i am able to recover, but the problem i have many necessary data and documents to save .as i am afraid to do that so could you kindly advice me the right solutiion to maintain the saving and recover it ?

  6. Segun Adekeye

    After Booting off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt.
    Then I click on the link in the lower left-hand side for “Repair your computer”
    but at the System Recovery Options, the microsoft windows vista OS is not showing to continue by clicking on next.
    Expect your reply.
    Thank you

  7. theleep

    When I recover the vista a error mgg displayed in progress, that is “Error 0 x 400100 130000 1002.If the issue continues, plz contact HP support”. so what is the reason & help me….My notebook is Hp pavillion dv6560.

  8. boingboing

    I’ve had this problem three times, twice I’ve used the vista repair option and they only worked for that boot-up, Its not a permanent fix. I have noticed however that my pc boots straight into windows with no probs if I leave the vista disk in my pc, very strange.
    Maybe I should copy the bloody file off the cd and paste it somewhere, but where ?.

  9. rich

    have you used the command prompt choice there you can use the bootrec /fixboot

    good luck

  10. bald006

    hey the disc couldnt find any operating system what can i do???
    i also try to find it by load, and opening each folder, but theres no operating system

  11. Colin

    bald006, I’m actually having the same problem as we speak. I think somehow windows got entirely dumped. Maybe it was a virus or something? I’m not very computer savvy so I really have no idea but I think we need to reinstall vista completely. If anyone can answer bald006’s question you’ll also be answering mine, so please do. Thanks.

    If I/we do need to completely reinstall windows how can we go about it if we don’t have the disk, without buying it again or downloading a torrent.

  12. April

    have this Vista Home Basic COmpaq laptop, when I system recover because it, it says “BOOTMGR is missing”.. I already tried the iso, it worked; BUT I cannot complete the process because my laptop cannot locate the Windows Vista set up in its partition. I just bought this laptop yesterday. Please answer me… Thanks.

  13. FreeWheelin' Franklin

    April, try a System Restore. (To an earlier date.)

  14. Lolliana

    hey colin and bald006, i wish i could help but too badi have the same problem. I click the repair button and there is no operating system listed and i load the thing and all the folders are empty! so anyone who can help or knows PLEASE do help!!thank!! sorry im doing this for the thrid time i just keep forgeting to check the “notify me of followup comments via e-mail”

  15. Vishal

    hi there i have a sony vaio which i tried installing vista ultimate but when i stated installation it only displys the above error (Bootmgr is missing) can any one helps me please………..

  16. Emily

    so i tried doing what this said, but it did not work, it just goes back to that same old annoying circle of repairs, what could i do???? this is a new laptop, and i dont want it to be broken already…..

  17. Emily

    also, after following those directions, it just pops up that “startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically”

  18. Jakob

    THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS i dont know much computer stuff.

  19. RBurris11

    Hey when I boot up off the disc i follow the steps and when i get to the screen where you select what operating system i want to repair, theres nothing there!

  20. sgtseenoaction

    Will this work while doing a fresh install

  21. Kevin23

    if you get the “BOOTMGR” is missing error upon startup and your tried to do a system repair, but no drive was located with an OS, try this –

    1. try to hit the ‘DEL’ button upon startup and then try going into safe mode (so the necessary drivers are loaded)
    2. disconnect SATA cables (if any)
    3. disconnect IDE cables
    4. re-connect everything

    when i re-connected everything back up, i was able to re-boot without any problems, and actually didn’t have to do a system repair with the DVD. however, it took me hours to figure out what to do and was ready to lose my files just to do a fresh install. glad it didn’t go that way.

  22. Woodenhorse

    An old thread but feel like posting as this site come up as top ranked when googled, so heres my 2 cents for those who stumble accross this thread while searching for a solution.
    Had same issue today as many, atempted repair using vista disk but OS was detected, but clicked next anyway and the process started, and to my suprise it made a succesfull repair, while it rebooted a few times, from doing some research i found out that it doesn’t allways work but there is a way around that also, select install instead of repair and it will detect your drive, select cancel and go back to the repair section, your OS will show up now.
    Cause of the BootMGR missing, most times virus or failing hdd, so if your system is behaving a little bit strange and slow get yourself a new hdd and clone the old one.
    In my case it was a virus which gave my system a BSD, unaware as I was out, traced back to an ebay competitors email lol, and thought kaspersky was good.

  23. Nova

    I’m having the same problem however, when use the Vista disk, it hangs at that message and doesn’t go into the 1st Install page to enable me to follow the procedure above. Any suggestions?

  24. Kaz10001

    i turned my laptop on today and it said “BOOTMGR” is missing error upon startup. i have tried to do a system repair, but no drive was located. please please please can someone help me.

  25. khankl

    if it fails to boot due to this message (bootmgr missing) unplug all external drive and ipods. it might boot right up

  26. Kashif

    i made recovery CD, and it starts through recovery CD now and don’t give me any more the BOOTmgr missing MSG any more,

    But when it starts and i want to repair it, it doesn’t show me any Drive there,..i can see there C d and E: etcetra but all drives are empty..

    what shall i do, .. will be happy with quick responce..

    thanx bye

  27. mehrdad

    i had this problem and finaly i solve it
    goto :
    command prompt
    if your h.d.d has 3 drive like c:,d,e you most type :

    cd boot
    bootsect /nt60 c:

    “f:” is a drive after your last drive
    “c:” is your drive that vista installed


  28. Istiaque

    I installed Vista Ultimate but when I am trying to install windows XP, it doesn’t let me do that. The error message is bootmgr missing. Can anybody help me to fix this problem so that i could install windows xp again.

  29. Samuel

    everytime i turn on my laptop computer it says bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart. it will not boot up in safe mode. I have a recovery disk in the DVD rom drive and it will not boot up. please help me.

  30. Kumar

    Thankx a lot man.. I successfully solved the problem..

    You must first remove all usb attached to the system and follow the above steps to solve the problem successfully….

  31. Super

    Hey! I have the same problem, when I start my computer it says, bootmgr is missing, press ctrl+alt+del, but my problem is I cannot boot from anything to be able to do anything you guys suggested. I cannot boot from my vista DVD nor from my hard disk. PLEASE HELP! ANY HELP IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED!


  32. jd2066

    @Super: You should post your question on the forums. More people with see it there and be able to help you.

  33. Superwuppy

    You can even press the f12 button in 1st bios screen
    with vista cd in disc-drive and startup will be fixed

  34. Shizam

    Thanks. That worked. But I had to follow the steps twice.

  35. James

    I have to say i been looking up on how to fix this and i could not fine out how to do until i look on this site and i reaaly have to say great job and all i need to do was go into the command prompt and it worked great job thanks thanks thanks

  36. Gary

    I’m not sure who wrote the main article here, but there’s something he completely left out. I experienced the same problem with the “BOOTMGR is missing”. I got this message when a blank, unformatted and unpartioned hard drive is installed. I attempted to repair or reinstall the OS, but the system will not boot the optical drive. Now don’t insult my intelligence by telling me I needed to set the BIOS up to boot to the optical drive – I did that. I’ve been working on computers for 9 years now. I tried different optical drives, different hard drive, different jumper settings on the hard drives, IDE, SATA, and nothing worked. I tried ASUS tech support, researched online, and no one has the correct answer. It just keeps stating “BOOTMGR is missing”. I had no choice but to temporarily install a floppy drive and install the OS that way booting from floppies. Then it worked. When I was finished and WinXP was installed, just for the hell of it, I set the BIOS to boot to the optical drive again. Although I did not get the “BOOTMGR is missing” message, I did get a new message stating “Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device”. Again, the system will not boot to the optical drive. I should be getting the “No OS found” message (optical drive) or it should skip the optical drive since it can’t boot and go to the installed OS on the hard drive. My only guess after hours of messing around with this problem is there is something wrong with the motherboard or it’s BIOS. It’s an older ASUS A8S-X socket 939 board.

  37. Sam

    Gary- I am having the same problem. Brand new FoxConn motherboard, socket AM2+ running a Phenom 9850 Black Edition. I booted with a windows XP disk in the drive, and started that install, but it couldn’t complete(there was a scratch on the disk). I restarted with a different XP disk, and it wouldn’t let me install it. I took the drive out, did a quick format, and now I can’t get it to boot from a CD, I just get the bootmgr message. So I took the drive out again, and did a complete format, and I’m still just getting bootmgr is missing. Kind of stumped here.

  38. Gary


    I’ll be the first to admit if I don’t know the answer FOR SURE and I don’t know for sure how to fix this problem – and I’ve been working on computers for 9 years!!

    Anyway, I have two suggestions:

    1. Don’t install a partitioned and formatted drive. If you can put your drive into a USB enclosure and connect it to another computer with XP or Vista, just delete the partition so the drive is NOT partitioned and not formatted. (Right click “My Computer” > Manage > choose “Disk Management” in the left pane.) Then re-install it into your system and see if you can boot to the WinXP disc and do the install. Let the installation program do the partitioning and formatting.

    2. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to use your floppy drive or temporarily install a floppy drive to do this. Create the six WinXP boot discs from your WinXP CD or download them from here:

    After you have created the six boot discs, set-up your MB BIOS to boot from the floppy drive first and do the install that way. That’s what I was forced to do – but it worked! My computer is now back up and running with WinXP in it.

    Get this, just for the hell of it, after WinXP was reinstalled with SP3, I set-up the BIOS to boot to the optical drive again. I put my WinXP disc in the drive and rebooted. Guess what? It said the BOOKMGR was missing – AGAIN!! Makes no sense to me. So I set the BIOS to boot to the hard drive first and left it alone. I got sick of working on it…….

  39. jay

    ok help would be nice, i did a system recovery on my desk top to restore original factory settings and the “BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” came up on start up and i dont have a back up disk. can any one explain the process, step by step would be great. thanx in advance

  40. Joe5

    Thank you except once i get up to choosing your driver it lists none, but because it says Load Drivers on the bottom, can you tell me where to look for my driver?

  41. Kalmin

    is it possible to solve this error using an XP instead of a vista disk?

  42. jd2066

    @Kalmin: No, you can’t use a Windows XP disc. You can however download and burn a Windows Vista repair disc if you are missing a Windows Vista disc to do this.
    See for how to do so.

  43. Gary

    Interesting response jd2066. However, my problem started with WinXP, not Vista. Once I received the “BOOT MGR is missing” message the computer would not boot to any OS CD. I tried them all. I tried a brand new drive that had never been formatted and partitioned. I tried a used drive that had been formatted and partitioned. I also tried both IDE and SATA hard drives. Nothing worked.

    What you’re not understanding is how can the Boot Manager be missing on a fresh installation – a blank hard drive? Makes no sense. The Boot Mgr is missing message cannot be coming from the Windows installation because my hard drives have no OS on them. So you’re little repair trick with the Vista DVD does not work. The only thing that worked was booting from floppies, and installing WinXP that way.

    If you read my message above you will see that even after I installed WinXP using the boot floppies, I rebooted to the CD drive with the WinXP disc in the tray and I got the Boot Mgr message again! So it has to be something with the motherboard BIOS, not the OS. Something is preventing the computer from booting to the CD-drive. Think about it. I can boot to the floppies to install WinXP. I can boot to WinXP on the hard drive after it’s installed. But no matter what I do, the computer will not boot to the optical drive. Therefore, the problem is the motherboard/optical drive communication.

    Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated.

  44. jd2066

    @Gary: My response was to Kalmin only, not to you so there was no misunderstanding on my part. If I knew the answer to your problem to would have answered you too but I do not.
    My answer still applies to anyone though.
    bootmgr is the Windows Vista boot loader that is started by the Windows Vista MBR boot code. It’s quite possible that the MBR boot code is also used by the Windows Vista disc so you get that error when you can’t load the Windows Vista disc.
    If you get this error without the Windows Vista disc being in the drive then I would say either Windows Vista installed the MBR boot code without asking or the hard drive came with the Windows Vista MBR boot code preinstalled.
    Now, I have no idea why either of those two things would happen but I’ve seen far stranger things happen with computers.

  45. natasha

    i have done this many times. i made the CD and i followed the instructions EXACTLY as it says on the top of the page but it keeps saying that my bootmgr is missing.

    i hate stupid bootmgr.

  46. natasha

    i did both the CD, and then “repair your computer….” and also the “command prompt” a bunch of times but it keeps telling me that my bootmgr is missing. and i need my laptop to work by tomorow!!!!

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Gary


    The only way I know to get around this problem is to create the boot floppies for WinXP (6 of them) and boot to a floppy drive to begin the installation of WinXP that way. It will install then. I’ve done it. I don’t know what’s causing this Boot Mgr error as I’ve tried to install WinXP with a new hard drive both un-partitioned and un-formatted and also partitioned and formatted. I tried a used hard drive too. Doesn’t matter. Once this happens, you computer will not load WinXP from the CD drive until you first boot from the floppy drive. If your laptop does not have a floppy drive, try a USB attached floppy drive and tell the motherboard BIOS to boot to external USB as the first boot device.

  48. helder

    its simple ,you have 2 drives that are both measured as the master drives for the system and one has to be changed to work as the master.once you turn on the pc, press contantly on delete bottom until bios comes up with the hard drives configrations,disable all of them except the c drive and press enter,then you have a pc working again.

  49. jd2066

    > “i hate stupid bootmgr.”
    That is misdirected hate.
    bootmgr is not the problem.
    It’s the Master Boot Record (MBR) code loaded by Windows Vista that shows this error message. bootmgr is there in almost all cases, the MBR code just cannot find it for various reasons.

    The MBR is only 512 bytes long, so it can’t be smart enough to handle all cases of failure.
    The same thing can happen with any Operating System loaded on an IBM compatible PC.

    The 512 bytes limitation is one of the many problems with the legacy BIOS firmware interface used by all older IBM compatible PCs.
    Apple hardware uses UEFI which handles things like this better.
    Some newer IBM compatible PCs do support UEFI but not all do. The 64-bit version of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 adds support for UEFI to Windows.

    Now could the Windows Vista repair function fix more cases of problems that prevent bootmgr from being found?
    Yes it could. I have no idea why the Windows repair functions are so limited in comparison to Linux.

  50. Laz

    when it goes to the drivers part it doesnt show anything for example in the picture above it says “Microsoft Windows Vista 45050mb free” mine doesnt show anything there can someone help me please?

  51. Mark

    i formatted my computer which was running windows vista home premium. Wen i formatted my computer i relised that i did not have the vista required to install windows just the upgrade of home premium, i have a xp disc but wen i try to boot it its says “boot mgr missing” any tips on how i might fix this? remembering my computer has no OS at the moment.

  52. Anodized

    Thanks for such a thorough and well-done walkthrough. It helped me immensely and saved me hours of frustration.

  53. Griss

    hi i been having this problem since last nite i had tried to follow the steps above but when i insert the disk the click where it says repair the disc couldnt find any operating system what can i do? Oh and i also try to find it by load, and opening each folder, but all folders are empy..plz any one help me..what should u do???

  54. Dave

    Thank you.

    Lenovo Blue Button does not hhelp but this sure did!

  55. BILL

    I just borght a new Lenovo notebook, and the MGR problem shown up… I tried to install XP and blue screen came out, I uesd the Recover Key and hoped to make the computer back to its frist like, and I did it, But MGR still came out… I really need to use computer.. MGR kills me..

  56. doigy

    After Booting off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt.
    Then I click on the link in the lower left-hand side for “Repair your computer”
    but at the System Recovery Options, the microsoft windows vista OS is not showing to continue by clicking on next

  57. sulex

    hey all
    this is my first experience of BOOTMGR is missing of a thing!
    just forgot my password then backup the my datas to a new hard drive and format the one on my system. after formating, i try to install xp on it again. the message i got was BOOTMGR is missing. dont know what to do.any body with an idear should help me pls

  58. Caleb

    great work.
    I ow you one :D

  59. Flying Dutchman

    I had this issue and vista boot repair couldn’t fix it so here is what i ended up doing but it should be as a last resort. Assuming that the primary drive can be removed, hook it up to a another computer and back up all your data, then format it. I would recommend using gparted which is freely available on any ubuntu live cd. This is the crucial part, make sure that the first partition of the drive has enough space for installing windows. My problem was that there was a small 1mb partition at the beginning of my drive which had been created by a failed suse installation. After that install vista and ur problem is gone.

  60. helder

    i know what to do ,i did explained before,it has to do with net frame or the booting from your driver.
    i cannot remenber what i did,but i think that i restarted my pc pressing the delete bottom contantly and then when the bios came in i changed the driver master from hard drive to dvd driver to become my priority rebbot master,then i placed i shuted the pc off,then started again placing the original windows disc in the driver or for who doesnt have one,the service pack 2 or 3,it can reboot from there as well,once it starts running from the dvd driver and the disc that you placed inside you will open the windows normally or in safe mode and delete the net frame from windows and hadd a new net frame update download from the internet.once you did that,you have to shut pc again and retart using the delete bottom,f8,f2,or f8 for some other computers to go to bios again,once you there you take off the primary rebbot from your cd and had your c driver as master priority reboot driver,then turn the pc off and on again and it should open it normally after pc tries to find the clusters and normalize it.if this helps then a thanks will be fine,if it doesnt,then buy a new pc or start going to internet cafes.

  61. daniel

    i have same problem like Segun Adekeye’s as the below.

    After Booting off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt.
    Then I click on the link in the lower left-hand side for “Repair your computer”
    but at the System Recovery Options, the microsoft windows vista OS is not showing to continue by clicking on next.
    Expect your reply.
    Thank you

  62. helder

    i know ,you need to change the driver master and start from your cd instead

  63. Richie

    I have the same bootmgr missing, press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart, i have downloaded the recovery cd and trying all the options people are saying here, but when its get to the system Recovery Options the computer doesn’t reconigned any operating system, what can i do now, i have tried to click next and it would tell me it can not repair automatically, as am not suprised because i did not find any operating system so i shouldn’t have press the next, please can you help me, with any idea?

  64. Richie

    i have same problem, bootmgr missing press Alt+Ctrl+Del to reatrt, i have downloaded the recovery cd and tried what the ever the direction is and when its get to the system recovery options the computer doesn’t reconigsed any operating system so what do i do?can you help me please, the computer was pre install vista so the company never add any windows vista to the pack when i bought it, can you help me please?

  65. Paul Wilders

    99%-proof solutions: using either EasyBCD (XP and Vista) and freeware, and/or using VistaBootPro (Vista) and payware. Google for both names. I’d recommend starting with EasyBCD: works fairly all of the time. If not, spend a few bucks on VistaBootPro.

    Best of luck (you’ll manage, I’m sure).

  66. Stanley Bay

    Thank you How-to -geek
    I have downloaded the file, made it into a dvd and Run the process.
    The problem is while i can see there is windows on My computer, I can not get past the recovery page.
    It seems like i am half way there.
    How can i get past the start-up message

  67. helder

    shite,i have to tell everything dont get past the recovery options because there is non,yes is true,the boot is missing because your computer is not starting from your operating system,there is non because your pc is getting started from nowwhere but the operative system,there is why you have to go to bios and change the way your pc will start once in on again,that is why that you should plcae a cd recovery,or the operative system or a simple service pack 1,2 or 3 might do the job.for that you need to change the bios into your drive cd for your pc to start picking up information from your cd.that si why you need to change your primary master to drive,for that you need to press f8 or control and delete but it varies from pc to pc.once you see that your pc is strting from somewhere but not you c drive,then you change into dvd drive or cd drive and place your cd,once it start ups with that cd,you turn off the pc and start again and once it opens again youi press control and delete to go to bios and chance from dvd drive into master cd primary drive.
    any further assistance ,ask god to help you

  68. helder

    dont forget top leave at c drive at the end

  69. applegend

    Thanks for the help! I tried another site but it didn’t work. Sure enough I just started the utility and done! I subscribed because I need help like this sometimes and I now know I can trust this site. =)

  70. JOSH


  71. manish

    its great ,

    thanks team

  72. dikay

    When I click repair my computer, there is nothing in the system recovery options. What do I do?

  73. Evros

    Thank You Bro

  74. Magdy

    mmmm Guys ! , bootrec /fix boot Seems to Work for me, but when i get access to my Windows i get activate windows Now, but any ways i by pass it , i use an Activator , when i restart my pc i get the Error again………….. Bootmgr is missing, i don’t want the Cd inside my dvd every time i startup !!!, is there any way i UN compress this Boomgr file ? or copy it ? i have tried to search for it in the system files, looks like there are alot of files … Help please , thanks in Advance

  75. Magdy

    Guys it fixes my BOOTMGR but just till i restart my pc and i get the error again

  76. helder

    the reason that it starts again might be because when the pc starts,it actually go into another driver again,the one that doesnt have an operating system,there for you need to change to the driver that holds your operating system,usualy its the c driver that needs to be changed into primary master drive.sometimes the registry programs like fix it or reg cleaner are to be blamed because they program your pc so start into a diferent driver

  77. Magdy

    how can i do that ?? Thanks in Advance , and will it effect my Pc Performance ?

  78. helder

    the only issue that is making your pc not to work ,is because it goes into blank mode since it doesnt have any operating system from where it starts,of course it doesnt affect anything on your pc because you want your pc to recognize where the actually operating system is.if your pc goes contantly to the Messed up blank driver,tthen you have to somehow stick a cd after you press f8 to go into bios system,once you there you need to change into c drive as a primary master drive,and if it doesnt start,is because it did not recognize the operating system over there,then you place a original,copy or fake windows cd,or service pack 1,2 or 3,if you dont have the windows one,inti the cd drive,for that you need to tell your pc that your master drive will be for that time only the cd drive to recognine the windows operating sytem in the bios mode.once you start the pc and he recognizes the operating system from the cd drive and you see all the programs and a desk top finally,then it means that your c drive did regonize the program as well,all you have to do is to change the bios again but this time to your c drive as a primary master,shut the pc and retart and automatically it will recogize the operating sytem.i would like to know if anyone followed my intructions and if it did work on their pc,or i am the only one?

  79. bill

    I tried to set my computer up for dual boot and now have an error message “bootmgr missing”
    I’ve changed the boot sequence to cd/dvd and get other error messages but it won’t boot.

    Can anyone help me


  80. John

    My computer shows BOOTMGR image is corrupt, Will this still work for it?

  81. helder

    first of all,since i changed from vista to xp,oi stopped having problems,if you changed your bios into a dvd/cd/driver that holds your operating system and you placed the info on your bios to open them as primary master driver and it still says the same thing that the boot is missing,that means that your operating system doesnt get started because something is sending the wrong information to your pc to start your pc whwre it shouldnt because there is no operating system on it or it flew away for ever and there for you need another operating system.i i am amezed that microsoft cannot even respond to their costumers in termos of their problems and that 80 per cent of their problemas are somehow fixed by private people that doesnt have anything to do with microsoft.

  82. daniel

    hi i have bootmrg on my windows vista computer yer load disk in to computer reinstill windows and it cant find my hard drive iv been trying for so long to make it work but it will not its 400 tbs i think the hard drive is more then brokeing dont know never worked with hard drives thaxs for reeding

  83. helder

    read my other sujestions,change the bios

  84. Roland

    I used the Startup Repair and had to run it twice. So if the first time doesn’t fix it, boot from the Vista DVD again and run it a second time. No problems now.

  85. Damian

    Hello , Whoever wrote this I just want to say thank you so much for your time in making this , Without you I wouldn’t have been able to get onto my computer anymore , anyways I really apreciate your help! have a nice day you made mine!

  86. cotts73

    ok. i had the same problem. missing bootmgr…….
    the symptoms included:
    missing bootmgr
    press ctrl + alt + del to reboot

    i tried to do the F11 (HP system recovery) – this started the recovery process (shows the HP system revoery window) but this finished in less than 45 seconds (so i know that this had not worked)

    i then popped in a vista installation disk (this can be any vista disk – for example… this disk was for my main computer… its an OME copy). popped in the language – pressed next – then selected repair my computer (i think that what it was – on the same page that gives you the optoin to install)…. i then noticed that there was no opperating system listed to repair???? strange i thought. so i tried to repair the computer using the optoins within the windows repair applicaiotn but non of the optoins worked.

    i then booted from the installation DVD again… this time i used the command prompt option.
    i then took a look at what was on the disk… used a program called “diskpart” (look it up in google). this showed 4 volumes…..
    D HP_recovery
    E OS_tools

    the C volume was not listed….. i then changed the drive letter…to C….. then i dir the drive…. this listed all the files that i would have expected to see if the vista installation was installed onto that drive….. i then decided to used diskpart to format the c volume… did this then started the HP recovery again by pressing F11. this started up the HP recovery program and then i picked the optoin to recover the computer to its original condition…. this then took 30-40 mins (WOOT – its working). restarted the computer at the end of the recovery and now i have a working HP opperating system on my computer!!!! woot woot!

    so… to sumarise on what you need to do and if you nee to follow these instructions….

    only try this if you have tried to repair the bootmgr using a windows installation disk, you have the two partitions intact (OS_TOOLS and HP_RECOVERY) and finally if you have the c drive partion and this has data on it.

    what i did. simple…. i just formatted my c volume/partition using diskpart(again…look on google). and restarted the F11 recovery.

    warning: you need to understand diskpart. putting in the wrong command could result in you deleting the wrong partition/volume.

    i hope that this helps.



  87. chan405

    when iam formatting the system
    iam getting bootmgr missing problem
    i tried all u r suggested solutions still iam unable to fix it
    it is not identifing installed windows
    can any one help me asap

  88. David

    my laptop toshiba L300 show the bootmgr is missing after i reformat the hard disk. when i enter the window disc and boot it from cd-rom but the error still comr out. How to fix it?

  89. cotts73

    hi guys.

    i need some more info from both of you…..

    David first….
    when you say that “when i enter the window disc and boot it from cd-rom”… does the recovery start or does it do the same if the disk is in or out? have you set your computer to boot from CD-ROM first?

    next chan405…… you say “it is not identifing installed windows”… how do you know this? have you entered in the vista repair disk and this is where you say that nothing is there? if so then you need load the disk again and then goto “command prompt” in the system recovery optoins window. once you get command prompt open, you then need to use diskpart. to do this just type in the following…
    diskpart (this will start diskpart) you should then see the diskpart prompt as below
    you then need to type in the folllowing…..
    DISKPART> list disk (this should give you a list of disks that you have in your system) you need to selcet the disk that has the opperating system on…(if you have one disk then its that one ;) if not then go through the disks… disk by disk) to select a disk to the following…..
    DISKPART> select disk 0 (the disk will be number from 0 onwards)
    you should now get a message that disk 0 has been selected. now that you have selected the disk… you can list the volumes/partitions. to do this use the following commands
    DISKPART> list volumes
    if the disk has been broken up into partions/volumes then you will see a list… for example i saw the following…..
    D HP_recovery
    E OS_tools

    i know that D is tyhe recovery image, E is the Opperating System Tools, F…. i dunno and C is the windows partition…. to confirm that a partition/volume is the operating system you will need to select itand list the directory.
    to do this you need to select the volume…. again as below..
    DISKPART> select volume 0 (you will see that each volume is listed from 0… upwards)
    you should get a message saying that volume 0 has been selected… you now need to dir the volume to see if this has windows files in it… if it has then you should see a directory called Windows.

    if you are unsure then please post here and i will try to answer as soon as posible.

    if you see the windows folder then you know that this is the volume that you need to format. if not then you need to look for it. the volume should have a volume label and drive letter…. when you find the right volume you need to remember the volume drive letter… mine would be “C”

    you then need to type the following command
    DISKPART> select volume 0 (the volume that you need will be listed from 0 upwards – you need to choose the correct one for your volume list)
    you should get a confimation that the volume has been selected
    once you have selected the volume you then need to format the volume by doing the following….

    DISKPART> format

    this should then format the volume. once this is done then you can try the recovery again.

    if you need help then please post as much info as posible. would be nice if you could lisk the disks and volumes from diskpart.

    conclusion: when “BOOTMGR is missing” error occures then this suggests that the opperating system is still present on the hard drive and that the boot manager is missing. if you restore/reboot/recover the computer and this message is still showing then this means that the recovery did not take/work. that the computer could not wipe the old installation off and when ever you boot the computer the error appairs because the recovery progam was unable to remove the previous installation. to fix this problem you need to firstly try the tips given at the top of this artical. if this does not work then follow these instructions. if you are unsure then please post here and i.we will try to help.


    Paul (diskpart info)

  90. David

    there is no recovery system, when the disc is in and out also the same. one thing is my local C is empty.

  91. Callum

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! You fixed my problem!

  92. GibMo

    Txz for saving my life!

  93. cotts73

    hi david,

    need more info if you want help. the reason why your getting BOOTMGR is missing is because windows is still installed on your hard drive somewhere. BOOTMGR is a windows app/exe so its looking for that file. only windows will load/look for this file. the computer would just complete the POST (Power On Seft Test) if you did not have any opperating system on your hard drive and display an error message like “MISSING OPPERATING SYSTEM” or “NO OPPERATING SYSTEM”.

    i/we need you to post what is displayed when you use the DISKPART utility by following my last post.

    also if you dont have a recovery disk then you will not be able to install windows.

    you said…. “there is no recovery system, when the disc is in and out also the same.” what does this mean?
    1, do you have the recovery CD disk for the computer?
    2, is it a home built pc with a windows installaton CD or is it a manufactured recovery CD….like COMPAQ, HP and so on?
    3, “there is no recovery system”? does this mean that when you use diskpart that you cannot see the recovery system (would be better if you listed everything that diskpart outputs)?

    you also said “one thing is my local C is empty.
    1, again is this from diskpart?
    2, please show us all commands that you enter and the output from diskpart.

    if you dont display all commands and ouputs from diskpart then i cannot see this problem being resolved until 2199… thats if your lucky….



  94. David

    thanks from your help. my laptop already worked, it because of my cd-rom caused problem.

  95. helder

    in future i would love who ever comes into this site in search of help to at least be greatfull in naming the persons name that you want to thank least would help people to pinpoint which advise was the right one.

  96. Jaspal

    Ok I will admit that I am at my wits end. Cotts73, after going through your directions I felt that my problem of bootmgr is missing was closest to yours.The only difference was that your pc was starting the recovery process whereas mine was not even doing that. However I did use and diskpart and formatted c which was the partition for vista. The Presario recovery partition D seemed intact and shows healthy in diskpart. But like you said that the recovery will start with F11, it is not happening. So now I have a hp lappy with c formatted, one cd with vista recovery which is not able to do much, and no OEM recovery cds. I have a sinking feeling, hope you get back and do let me know how to resolve this without burning my pockets. thanx

  97. cotts73

    Hi jaspal, aslong as you have your recovery partition (with information in it i.e.3423MB or some kind of size) all should be ok….i think.

    i think we need to use my old friend…. DISKPART. we need to make the recovery partition “active”!

    so go into command prompt and type:
    from there you should now be in diskpart.. type:

    DISKPART> list disk

    ##note: you should then see the following (i only have one disk (Disk 0))….

    Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
    ——– ———- ——- ——- — —
    * Disk 0 Online 75 GB 1081 KB

    DISKPART> select disk 0

    Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

    ## once you have selected the disk that contains the recovery partition you need to find it by doing the following command…

    DISKPART> list partition

    Partition ### Type Size Offset
    ————- —————- ——- ——-
    Partition 1 Primary 37 GB 1024 KB
    Partition 2 Primary 37 GB 37 GB

    ## i have a duel booting opperating system (vista/xp) and nolonger have a recovery partition but still have two partitions… only one partition can be active at any one time and i know that partition 1 is currently active…. so i need to make the 2nd partition active by doing the following.

    DISKPART> select partition 2

    Partition 2 is now the selected partition.

    ##have a look to see if the disk is inactive

    DISKPART> detail partition

    Partition 2
    Type : 07
    Hidden: No
    Active: No

    Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
    ———- — ———– —– ———- ——- ——— ——–
    * Volume 2 D NTFS Partition 37 GB Healthy

    ##as you can see above the partition is not marked as active… since we already have the partition selected we just need to type “active”.

    DISKPART> active

    DiskPart marked the current partition as active.

    ## have a look at the partition again and we can see that the partition is now active…..

    DISKPART> detail partition

    Partition 2
    Type : 07
    Hidden: No
    Active: Yes

    Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
    ———- — ———– —– ———- ——- ——— ——–
    * Volume 2 D NTFS Partition 37 GB Healthy

    DISKPART> exit

    one other thing needs to be brought up…. if you look at the details in the last command you will see “hidden”. if i can remember correctly this is used to hide the partition from the operating system…. this attribute may need to be changed aswell….

    but just try rebooting the system now and see if the computer starts recovering and let us know.

    other commands that may been needed are “attribute volume clear hidden” or somehting like that?




  98. Jaspal

    Wow you are good cotts73/John!! Ok done everything to the letter T and the system recovery is back but the low side is that in the initial stage itself the system says error 1002. Any solution for that ? Thanx a lot.

  99. cotts73

    hi jaspal, couple of questions…..

    1, when restarting the computer…. do you need to press F11/F10 to start the recovery or does this start by its self?

    2, what happens…. does the computer go into the recovery screen. do you have any optoins to choose from? is there an advanced option to choose from?

    3, can you choose the partition to install the opperating system onto?

    4,what is the exact error…. “error 1002. contact hp support”?

    5, can you please show me/us the output for the diskpart output “list partitions”?

    6, finally…. i take it that you dont have a recovery CD or the computer is out of warranty?

    speak to ya soon….


  100. Jaspal

    hi Paul,
    sorry for posting this. am out of Bangalore and right now in Houston. will be in San Francisco by day after. so in case i am little late in posting in future do excuse in advance. Ok back to your questions —-
    1. when restarting it goes into recovery console by itself, i don’t have to press F10/F11.
    2. yes it does have advanced option to choose from.
    3. i can choose the c: thru diskpart
    4. yes error shown is — error 1002 contact hp support
    5. the laptop is in bangalore and i am in houston so cant really tell u what is the output of list partitions. what i remember is that it showed partion c: which has been formatted with no name and partition d: with something like Presario_RP
    6. absolutely right, don’t have recovery cd and compu is out of warranty.
    thanx Jaspal

  101. cotts73

    hi jaspal,

    okay…. if my memory is correct…. then i think that it will be one of two things.

    1, maybe the recovery program dont recognise the type of partition that is on c drive…. its the wrong File system… e.g. FAT32 or NTFS and that is why you are getting the error message. this one is quite easy to resolve…. you need to change what ever the partition is at the moment…. if its NTFS then change it to FAT32…. if its FAT32 then change it to NTFS. i cant remember which one it should be but i think that it should be FAT32….. but i could be wrong. ; )

    2, most manufacturers must protect the opperating system from copy right infringment. to do this they do something called a “tattoo” (this is what Packard Bell call the process protect the backup image). the process is quite simple to explain but only the manufactures can fix this kind of problem. the process involves 2 pieces of hardware… the motherboad and the harddrive and the recovery image/recovery CD/recovery partition.
    all of the above have a number/code entered into them somewhere. the motherboard has a chip that stores this information called the DMI. the harddrive has the number TATTOOed on the MBR (masterboot recold) and finally the recovery image has the same number somewhere. all the numbers must match or be on the system for the recovery to work. if anyone of these are missing then you could have the error that you stated above. if the DMI or MBR has been wipped/reset or hdd/motherboard been replaced then this could be a problem that i could not help you with but the good news is that you should know if any of the above has been effected.

    (this is for referance only – to explain the tattoo process – this should only be used if you have a PB computer – and you dont)

    im sure that it will be the problem with the wrong partition. if it is then to change the file format over to a differnet type you need to use diskpart again.

    so you need to start diskpart…. select the c partition… then type…
    FORMAT FS=NTFS quick
    FORMAT FS=FAT32 quick

    try both of them…. then if one of them works then once this goes through you need to make the C partition “ACTIVE”.

    if it dont work then you need to let me know what you have in the advanced options…

    let us know how you get on.


  102. tiemen

    thx, this really helped

  103. leanna

    Thank you so much!!!

  104. paul

    Hi I have been trying to reboot my computor and I keep getting the bootmgr is missing ctrl alt del to restart.
    I have done this several times and it still isnt working. What can be wrong it isnt even reading my 2nd reboot disk.

    Thank You

  105. cotts73

    Hi Paul,

    all the information needed should be here on this page.

    The reason for getting this error is because of the following process…

    you turn your computer on. it performs a POST (Power On Self Test) that tests the hardware on your computer. then your computer reads the master boot record (MBR). The (MBR) is like a database that contains the content of your harddrive. it would contain a list of files need to be read to start the opperating system. one of the files is the BOOTMGR. This means that either the file is missing or corrupt.

    if you have a vista disk then follow the start of this page. if you dont have a disk then look at this page and it will have a link for a program that you can download and use. if that dont work then follow my steps that i have wrote.

    if they dont work then list what you have done and what computer you have also the diskpart information is good to have.



  106. Sean

    PEOPLE!!!! i had the same problem as most of you just, unplug all your extra crap like usb and external hd my comp booted up on the first try after that

  107. cotts73

    “PEOPLE!!!! i had the same problem as most of you just, unplug all your extra crap like usb and external hd my comp booted up on the first try after that”

    i think that that error message would be “missing opperating system” and not “bootmgr is missing or corrupt” but hey why not try it ; )

  108. jack99

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. For fricken sakes

    If you cannot boot your CD. Somehow, you must go to BIOS Menu and find the Boot Menu. Boot the CD and it should load.
    If that doesn’t work, I suppose you should purchase Windows Vista Installation Disc (Use for Recovery Disc!). It will boot automatically. Then read the on-screen instructions.

    If Startup Repair does not work, retry about 5 times. If that doesn’t work, I would say to reformat.
    With Sony VAIOS, you can use VAIO Recovery Center. (Press F11 When VAIO Logo appears)

  110. Phill Hardstaff

    Friend of mine had this problem, turns out the 100Mb system partition that all this stuff is on was on his second HD which he took out and formatted :) so he was left with an unbootable hard disk with just a Windows 7 partition on it, no amount of command line thingys or recover processes is ever going to work in that case because the 100Mb partition Windows Vista and 7 create is MIA. But anyways we got it back by doing the following, with Paragon partition manager we reduced the size of the Windows 7 partition and moved it so we had 200Mb free at the start of the disk (just in case we need a bit more than 100Mb, probably does need to be at the start but I like things to be neat) we then got another hard disk with Windows 7 installed on it (out of my system) and copied the 100Mb system partition to the other hard disk, booted into the CD, did the repair option and he was then able to start up his O/S. A lot of stufing around but we got it back, I had the same problem when I was dual booting Vista and 7 and removed Vista. Hope this helps someone.

  111. Phill Hardstaff

    To correct my previous post, I believe Vista does not have this 100mb hidden system partition, only Windows 7.

  112. TomP

    “BOOTMGR is missing” I was watching movie on my PC then suddenly my computer restarts then I got this first message “Floppy Disk Fail(40)” after that when I press “F1 to continue” the second message was “BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” then my pc will hang up.
    So what I did was I check the CMOS settings I saw that the Boot Up Floopy Drive was enabled that I think it must be disable(correct me if I’m wrong). Then after I restart my computer the “Floppy Disk Fail(40)” error gone. The only problem was “BOOTMGR is missing” see what I tried below.


    OS: Windows XP.

    What I tried:

    – I changed the boot sequence to the BIOS changing “Boot Up Floppy Drive” [Enabled] to [Disabled] *I think Problem Solved*(correct me if I’m wrong)
    – I already changed the boot sequence to the BIOS changing the “First Boot Device [Hard Disk]” to “First Boot Device [CDROM]”.
    – I removed my other hard disk on my computer.
    – I disconnect IDE cables then reconnect it
    – I disconnect the wires on the Hard Disk and reconnect it.

    – I can’t boot from the Windows XP CD even if my First Boot Device was CD-ROM im getting the same error the message was –> “Press any key to boot from CD…..” then if I click any button nothing happens then after that the message “BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” then my pc will hang.

    I read the forums but doesn’t solve my problem that to fix the “BOOTMGR is missing” error is you need enter “Enter Recovery Mode” or to the console type (caps on) bootcfg hit enter

    3/ type (caps on) bootcfg /default etc etc….

    Any help will be much apperciated.

  113. robert

    hey guyz i hav a toshiba satelite l305-s5894 laptop and i too hav boot mgr missing problem but the thing is i boot up the recovery cd and click repair computer but i dont c any operating system and it says unknown wat to do plz help

  114. imhere4xxx

    I would like to thank every one in this web site for helping me and bring back the life to my notebook.
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

  115. Ande

    I have the same bootmgr missing, press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart, i have downloaded the recovery cd and trying all the options people are saying here, but when its get to the system Recovery Options the computer doesn’t reconigned any operating system, what can i do now, i have tried to click next and it would tell me it can not repair automatically, as am not suprised because i did not find any operating system so i shouldn’t have press the next, please can you help me, with any idea?

  116. flipp

    Thanks this worked for me. Only thing I had to do it in the command prompt screen after tryin 3x. Thanks a million. Saved me $$$$ since I depend on my laptop to function

  117. Abdulaziz

    Thank u man you are the best :D

  118. Megan

    I love u!!!! This worked in w minute, well as soon as I found the recovery disk. Panic averted. Thank you soooo much. Very helpful, I will check ur site out! Thx again meg

  119. jyoti.s

    i had da same problem…just try 2 restart da computer at instant press f11 very fast,,it will automatically go to recovery…

  120. Karthik

    i got the error “bootmgr is missing, press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart” my lenovo N500 laptop (vista OS).In lenovo they have lenovo care key, using that i tried and made restored..but all my personal data’s are not found..more over directory memory size has been interchanged…(Actual C:120gb,D:20gb but now C:20gb,D:120gb)….and furture more whenever restarting or power on my laptop..its coming back to same error “bootmgr is missing, press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart”..Now i got my lost recovery cd which was given by lenovo…
    Now all i need to know is, if i use recovery i will get back my data’s..or before doing that i need to remove my hard disk and recovery my personal data..but using some software or by giving that to some professional to recovery my personal data’s….
    Hope i could get some useful information….

  121. joey

    i am also getting the BOOTMGR is missing error, my big problem is, i am in the hospital and do not have access to another computer to get a boot disk, Is there anyway i can fix this issue without it and if yes, please advise.


  122. abdullah

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  123. bee

    I got the error β€œbootmgr is missing, press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart”..

    Thank you so much this works for me.

  124. Erik_cam

    Hello cotts73

    So I’ve been getting the same message as all the other folks on this site. At this point I’ve tried
    everything, ie everything you have suggested so far for everyone else. The bootmrg message only started appearing after I added a new hardrive to my computer. I also had installed some new larger RAM, but that worked with everythin else just fine.

    I’ll explaine my process so far.I booted off the windows vista CD the first time under the assumtion that I’d move all of my windows system files to that hard drive and format the current on that they were on. But when booting off the windows cd the new hardrive could not even be found. When entering the BIOS I can see the new HD. After checking in the BIOS, I could no longer even get to the point (when booting off the windows cd) of even entering my Windows Key. I thought maybe I screwed something up during the original install, and check out your recomendation for formating using the comand prompt. After that completed I restarted the computer, yet I’m still getting the same BOOTMRG missing message.

    If you need the specs of my computer let my know, I should be able to get most of that info.

    Thank you


  125. Raffi

    ok i did all that but when i click repair computer and its searching for the OS, it cant find it. where can i find the Windows Vista OS file directly?

  126. msmacdaddy

    please help me i dont know what to do i have a emachine oo god god forgive me i need to check my everything everybody keep on saying we miss you is stuff

  127. David

    Thank you for this article. Some notes about my success:

    If your OS does not show up, you may need to load drivers for your drive. Check your motherboard or computer manufacturers website for drivers that match the OS version, load them on a USB drive and load them via that screen where you select the OS to repair (on Win7 RC, there was a load drivers button on the bottom left corner). It’s a folder of driver files that contains a .inf file. Load the .inf file and take it form there. I had to do this since I have a Gigabyte SATA RAID.

    First time I ran this, the Win7 RC disk said it had to fix something on my drive and then would reboot. I said ok, but I still had the same error when I rebooted.

    Second time I ran this, I didn’t receive a popup about fixing my disk, so I tried the bootrec /fixboot method and rebooted, but it did not work for me.

    The third time, I used the automatic repair option. That fixed it.

  128. SREE

    my laptop windows vista home premium ,bootmgr is missing error came ,iam not having a disc

  129. Dave

    Thanks so much!!!

  130. el cos

    my computer got bootmgr missing i dont know how to fix it need help

  131. el cos

    send me a email how to fix it


    BOOTMGT MISSING ISSUE….THE QUESTION IS, ” After Booting off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt.
    Then I click on the link in the lower left-hand side for β€œRepair your computer”
    but at the System Recovery Options, the microsoft windows vista OS is not showing”, WHAT CAN BE DONE TO MAKE IT SHOW??? OR SHOULD WE JUST GO AHEAD AND CLICK NEXT AND TRY REPAIR-WINDOWS???????????????? WILL IT WORK THAT WAY???

  133. Joe

    I got the missing BOOTMGR message under window 2008 R2.
    I tried most of the above but to no avail.
    Here was my solution in the end.

    * Shutdown PC and add a new hard drive
    * Install Vista or Win 7 or Win 2008 on this new hard drive (no need to activate OS)
    * After installation you should have a dual boot system
    * Boot into your problem OS
    * Run BcdEdit from the command prompt and remove the newly installed OS’s boot option
    * Use EcdEdit to set the boot timeout to zero
    * Shutdown PC and detach the hard drive added in step 1
    * Switch on, you should now be automatically booting into the problem OS

    I know its a bit of a long workaround but i had no success with any of the other suggestions

  134. himanshu

    Before i used to get message “BOOTMGR IS CORRUPTED.PRESS Ctrl+Alt+Del TO RESTART”.
    But now I’m not able to start my laptop. Screen is blank.I have HP dv9000 vista home premium.

  135. Jay

    Had the bootmgr missing error couldnt fix it reinstalled vista home prem and all was ok then after installing SP1 the next day get BOOTMGR missing yet again. Startup repair does nothing except waste 10 min of my time in fact it claims there is nothing wrong with my computer?

    I even thought maybe my HDD is on its way out but swapped it with another one of same size etc when reinstalled vista and unless both drives have had it its not that! Please could someone help withfore i go out of my mind.


  136. Himanshu

    Thnx it worked.i have restored back my laptop

  137. chad

    For me it was as simple as turning off an eternal USB disk I had set up to backup Windows 7. I think I have USB in front of HDD in the boot order so I have to remember to leave that off when starting my system.

  138. Aleksandar

    Help pls . On my lap top was windows xp pro but I formatted the hard disk end I try to install vista home premium but after that Eroor code 0x80070017 now I have that 2 problems BootMGR ! what i have to do ?

  139. Camham26

    i have this problem on my alienware and when i put in vista cd it doesnt start i just bought windows too. Could i restart it with that?

  140. Spike

    If you have a computer with two Hard Drives, then you will need to go into your Bios. Go to your boot menu and select hard drives and swap them by using the (-) or (+) on your Number Pad. This fixed my problem when I formatted my C drive and reinstalled vista and started getting this error.

    Typically people do not set the jumper on hard drives to set primary and primary slave configurations so Bios will presume the hard drive in highest boot priority to have an OS and will not search the second “Primary” Hard Drive because there should only be one primary hard drive.

    I know different people suggested the Bios as a solution to this problem, but I don’t know if anyone went into detail concerning the priority order of Hard Drives. So if you have two hard drives in your computer this is most likely your solution.


  141. jim

    i diddd itttt…. wwwoooooo hooooooooo…. fkin missing mgr … you js have to have a boot up cd… if you dont have it.. download off net.. which ever one you need… stick it in your “DVD” drive… n start your comp.. make sure youve set the boot process from hard drive to cd rom drive.. pressing f8 will give you options to repair computer.. n follow instructions.. im not a computer man but this problem pissd me off.. if you need further info js write.. ill try answer.. good luck..

  142. Akmal Siddiqui

    Thank you very much your solution worked!!

  143. zah

    hi, I have a problem in Activating my Windows vista ultimate 32-bit. After formating my system i installed a fresh copy of Windows Vista ult 32-bit and after installing the same i tried to activate the same and found that error that my key is already in use and asked me to enter another key or activate using the phone system. so please kindly help me. iam given 30 days to activate the same.

  144. Dean

    I downloaded and tried installing Windows Vista 32-bit – 64-bit recovery cd and still the only message that I am getting is BOOTMGR is missing.

    I don’t think that there actually is a proper download to fix this problem…

  145. Cristobal Miguelo

    If you have more than one hard drive in your system during a custom install, the cause may be that Windows installed the BOOTMGR on the drive that appeared higher on the list of drives in the installation program. You may notice that if you select your other drive as your boot device, your computer will boot up. If this is the case, do the following:

    Solution: Disconnect the other disk and run the various fix commands (bootrec /fixboot, bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /RebuildBcd), as necessary until the thing boots without that other disk present.

    Failing that, reinstall and disconnect all other drives except for the one you want to install to.


  146. P Speering

    The command “bootrec /fixboot” worked for me!!!

    My PC is back to a normal restart.

    Thank You Very much HT Geek Masters!

  147. PERVEZ

    after partioning of hdd ,on opening of my VAIO,message BOOTMGR missing,alt+ctrl+del does not restarts,again and again same message,i have no vista recovery disk,can some one how to solve the problem step by step without theoritical explanation,shall be obliged much.have gone through all the solutions but none simple to under stand

  148. stupid error

    david i think iΒ΄ll have to follow what u said , but what kind of drivers shall i download from Hp ? hope someone see this and give me some tips


  149. abdulaziz

    Note: I am not an expert, so if you have data that you care much about do not attempts the steps until you consulate a technician.
    The solution to this problem is too simple. However, you do need to reinstall your operating system. I have tried all the possible solution after digging many websites, but the only way I get this work is by reinstall my OS. If you have more than one internal hard drive this problem is more likely to occur, especially if you have OS installed to different drive previously.
    What you need to do is:
    1- Unplug all the internal hard drives.
    2- Plug only the primary drive that we want to install the OS in
    3- After install the OS turn off your PC (Laptop), and plug back all other hard drives and you good to go.
    Win7 and Vista I believe they tend to install small partition or punch of files to the first hard drive, which usually labeled as (0), when you have more than one internal hard drive. This small partition is having the booting and some other system files. Later if you change your mind and want to install the OS to different hard drive you will not be able to boot from it. Windows will not install the small partition again if you already have it in one of the plugged drives. The problem is you will not be able to boot from the new drive. However if you still have the OS in the (0) the problem might not occur, but I am not sure. It is possible the problem is because the small partition, which will not be able to move it or transfer to different hard drive.
    The other possibility but I did not try it is:
    1- Unplug all the internal hard drives.
    2- Try to repair the startup of your OS via the DVD.


  150. stupid error

    i already tried to startup from CD that is recomended in this site for the ones who dont have the original recovery disc but the OS dont appear on the drive…
    idk what to do more…i think iΒ΄ve tried all of suggestions but maybe iΒ΄ll have to format the laptop :( if anyone have a gd sugestion pls tell me

    thx all

  151. harikrishnan k k

    i formatted my dell studio 15 laptop vista premium version.then by mistake i cancelled the re while trying to instal,it shows bootmngr is missing,press cntrl+alt+del button…..

    plz suggest me an appropriate solution for this…

  152. Jacques

    Just got the same ‘missing bootmgr message’ and tried everything mentioned here and elswere on the web but to no avail. As the message said it was missing bootmgr so I opened the Dos prompt and just copied the file from the Windows CD to the C:\. To my suprise it worked.

  153. RYAN

    my laptop is having an installation problem any time i on it after booting and i enter my password and user name it tells me that an installation problem dictated KDE has no right to home/classmate please tell me what i should do

  154. Kivy


    Problems with Vista Bootmgr
    have tried all what is written on this page without any lock
    The “System recover options ” doesn’t shows any driver informations
    Have tried the X:\Sources/bootrec/bootfix get the message but still no contact
    Have tried to download a copy of the recovery cd from this side but no lock!
    What now??

  155. bigyin

    ten outta ten mate

  156. Prashanth

    Hi all,
    Not sure if i’m keying my problem in the right forum. I am not an expert though have little knowledge

    I have Acer Aspire 4710Z Series.I was using Windows Vista Ultimate and not very used to it ( For me ), and asked one of my friend to re-install Windows XP SP3. I followed these steps:
    1. Booted the system with Vista Ultimate DVD Support
    2. Selected – Repair my computer
    3. Choose command Promt
    4. Entered ” Format C:”
    5. Hard Disk was formatted
    6. Exit Command prompt and
    7. Restated the system with Windows XP SP3

    but unfortunately i am getting error “bootmgr missing”.

    I am able to boot from Vista ulitmate and even can install it.

    Please help!! I am stuck.

  157. mr pino

    thanks everyone for the help, all these information contribute to my sucess of building my pc.
    i had similar problem. “bootmgr missing”.
    i followed all the instructions above but nothing changed.
    finaly when i format my hard drive and create new partition.
    then that is when everything start to go smoothly.
    1- install boot cd
    2- install now
    3- installation code
    4- select operation system “window vista ultimate”
    5- advance option
    6- create new partition (delate – format- new)
    7- my hard drive was 160GB, i divide it into 2 partition
    8- i install window on primary then press start.
    et voila all running smoothly till the end


  158. Kelvarian

    I have been trying to burn the Windows Vista Recovery Disk iso file to a CD. I have already tried many CDs but the ImgBurn Program keeps saying that there is a write error. The write error is the same no matter which new CD I use to burn the image.

    Could it be that the Windows Recovery Disk iso is for a DVD and not a CD?

    I am trying to recover my New Computer which can read and burn DVDs. Although my old computer can read DVDs, it can only burn CDs. So, if the Recovery Disk is for a DVD, how can I burn a DVD?

  159. Allan

    I activated my recovery partition and restarted my computer on accident then I got this problem. Is there a way to switch the drive over to the C drive from the control bootMSG is missng screen?

  160. Amit

    BOOTMGT MISSING ISSUE….THE QUESTION IS, ” After Booting off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt.
    Then I click on the link in the lower left-hand side for β€œRepair your computer”
    but at the System Recovery Options, the microsoft windows vista OS is not showing”, system canbe turned of again and again…..WHAT CAN BE DONE TO MAKE IT SHOW??? OR SHOULD WE JUST GO AHEAD AND CLICK NEXT AND TRY REPAIR-WINDOWS? plz send some good ideas to solve this problem..

  161. San

    ***Need input about Command prompt***
    I am facing this same pblm using vista and have tried quite a bit.Can anyone tell me this – when u access the command prompt option thru system repair
    and when u navigate to C:windows/system32 – do u see a winload.exe here??

  162. kolins

    i need urgent help please.
    my system wont boot and when i try repairing with a windows cd, it says cant find my harddisk drive or to check that any had disk configuration is correct.
    and any bootmenu will not come up apart from f12 or f2 with the bootmgr message showing up.
    please help cos am confused right now.
    thanks alot.

  163. boabster

    I’ve tried most of the suggestions above to no avail. I also have an extra problem, I cannot access the bios (I feel it must be related to the bootmgr thing) I have tried the del key, f12, f8 and other combinations but nothing gets me in. My pc is a quadcore Philips freevents. Thanks in anticipation for any help.

  164. just Mike

    three importand command (Win 7)
    read help to this command before use. (ex. “bootrec /?”)
    Last one is the most usefull ;-)
    Use at own risk.
    Good luck.

  165. rijas

    hi frnd
    pls help me
    my laptop windows 7 showing som problem thats why am restore computer
    when its restore start suddenly showing som error then clik ok
    aftr showing restrt & shut down computer i restart computer aftr showing bootmgr file missing alt+crtl+delte restart wat can ido for recovery i dnt hav windows 7 dvd please help me ASAP


  166. muhammed tarek

    thanx alot this really helped :]]

  167. Emrah

    I have the same ptoblem. bootmgr is missing .. I tried to format my hp with windows 7. than I delete C and I tried to install but it didn’t. I also try bootrec /bootfix. but it s still same problem.
    Also on the repair system there is no operatiob system. nothing there. So its not working. please somebody help me! how can I fix it?

    also I tried to install xp, vista, 7 .. but I did not succeed..

  168. anthony monaghan

    the problem with boot manager compressed was worse for me because using a notebook i had no cd drive to install windows again. I think whoever programmed the windows compression to save hard disk space should have made sure it didn’t compress the boot files. i had to fork out 80 dollars for active@boot disk. and even then when i first tried it windows did not just start up normally, i had nearly given up when i ran explorer from the active boot menu and looked through the programs. to my delight i saw boot ini file and a few other files nearby which sounded like they might be needed. I right clicked them and hit decompress. windows started up normally and i unclicked the compress disk box which had screwed it up

  169. James

    This was a crazy issue for me, nothing here would work. I had the insane idea to unplug the SATA cord on boot up to force it from the CD since my keyboard would lose power while the “press any key to boot from CD” options comes up. Once it booted from the CD I put in the SATA cord again and Windows 7 picked it up on loading. Very very weird problem.

  170. Viktor

    Thank you so much, this really saved me!

  171. Vito

    Thank you this helped me but i had to do it twice the first time it didnt work

  172. Trevor

    Im trying to install Windows 7 from a flash drive and when I get halfway through “unloading files” it gives me an error: 0x80070570. And it means that the Boot Manager is corrupt or missing. I dont have a Windows 7 DVD because I downloaded the ISO and put it on a flash drive instead. When I try and go to Repair Your Computer, my OS does not show up under the list, like it does in 4th picture above, and I dont know what drivers to get for my hard disks. My WD didn’t come with a driver CD.

    Im completely lost and Ive tried everything

  173. srinivas

    I was unable to boot my laptop becoz of bootmgrmissing problem,I even dont have vista disc as my laptop was preloaded with vista by manufaturer,but after seeing ur solution in ur website,I followed the exact method and was able to solve the problem of my laptop.

    U guys ROCK.



  174. Aida

    I have a BOOTMRG is missing problem. i have burned recovery CD, but it doesn’t want to read it at the start. When I put the CD in, it just stays like that. I can’t start DVD disc either, only restart by pressing ecs+ctrl+delete.
    ‘what to do next?

  175. Jackie

    Hello, i need help.
    I have windows vista ultimate. And i accidently checked “compress this drive to save disk space” in the local disk properties. So now at startup it says Bootmgr is compressed. And also when i put the vista ultimate cd in my computer it doesn’t show up at all. I even tried the XP disk, also no show. At startup, pressing f8 also doesn’t work. Nor does command prompt and such. And i can’t burn a cd to download the recovery cd. Either way i doubt it’d show up either. Please help!


    Thank you so much!

  177. gogo791

    Thank you very, and when i say very, i mean very very much!! :-)

  178. jim

    Had to use a ps2 keyboard even with usb enabeld in the bios but worked a teat.
    Tank you :)

  179. Mohamed

    1-remove all the drivers then connect only the HDD which contains the windows and the CD
    2- do these steps
    Boot off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt:

    You should see a link in the lower left-hand side for β€œRepair your computer”

    The installation process will attempt to find your Vista installation directory. If there’s more than one in the list, select the correct one and then use the Next button again.

    Click the first link for β€œStartup Repair”

    The installation process will repair the system, and then prompt for you to reboot.

    Alternatively you could have chosen the Command Prompt option instead, and use the following command to fix the boot options only:

    bootrec /fixboot

  180. Gates

    alright folks!! When I got the same message, I thought I should just do a clean installation of Windows 7, but after starting the installtion of 7, I got a BLUE SCREEN with an error of 7A “BAD_FILE_CONFIG”, I thought it needs a Full Format, as 7 and Vista do quick, so i put he XP disk and did a Full format, BOOM It was successfull.
    Then I thought the disk is fine now, so lets start WIndows 7 installation again, but it gave me the same blue screen again!! 7a… I tried VISTA, same thing BLUE SCREEN, now I tried XP again, and it works fine… I dont understant what is going on with this..

    If anyone gets it! please let me know, highly appreciated..

  181. Gates

    also I cant do RECOVERY becasuse I already formated the disk and there is no OS on it, so that will not help!!

  182. Ian K

    I have had this problem now TWICE both after M$ security updates both this month February 2010 this happens after the compulsary reboot requested after updating,thankfully the computer eventually restarts after the CTRL ALT & DELETE are pressed but it then takes a good 10 minutes to get onto the desktop..
    Not happy at all am considering Linux as I don’t play any games on this machine..

  183. Wilson

    thank you so much cotts

  184. joseph lynch

    i ad to use ctrl alt delete then press f12 go down to cd rom then hit enter and it worked

  185. Mat

    I can’t thank you enough for this page! It was a miraculous save of my friends computer!


  186. niranjan sharma

    After Booting off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt.
    Then I click on the link in the lower left-hand side for β€œRepair your computer”
    but at the System Recovery Options, the microsoft windows vista OS is not showing to continue by clicking on next.
    Expect your reply.
    Thank you

  187. Deepak

    Hi i have been experiencing the same problem:
    i had this win 7 professional installed on my laptop.since i got the blue screen error i tried to re install windows.then i come across this problem of boot mgr missing.when i try to system repair there is no is being detected.tried changing my boot options but to no avail. i tried using bcdedit commands in the command prompt.its still not working.ANY IDEAS left to try???

  188. sladep

    I fixed it! via a different way

    I’m using Windows 7 Final Release 7600, and was experiencing this “bootmgr missing” problem and had tried the tutorial a few times but didn’t work. Operating System didn’t pop up in the repair process.

    Turns out, the problem was a result of me playing around and disabling different hard drives in the BIOS, which in turn, put my system hard drive low in my harddrive boot priority among my 6 hard drives. As soon as I put my Windows 7 system drive back up as number one in the BIOS boot priority settings, it worked!

    So, make sure your windows drive has the highest boot priority!

  189. mat

    Ace it worked on windows 7 saved me a fresh install



  190. Kevin

    I have this error and I have my vista DVD however my problem is that my pc wont boot from cd. it gives me the option in my boot seq but all it does is spin the disk then freeze.

  191. akai

    before install fedora 12, and process install success, but problem for vista basic, “BOOTMGR is missing press CTRL+ALT+DE”..please help me,,thank u..

  192. gopinath

    Thanks a lot …

    It works with the second time…. i took this risk 2 nd day of using my brand new laptop….


  193. Jack

    I put in my boot disc then go onto repair my computer, for some reason i dont have a Operating system, what should i do ???

  194. kelle

    I created a windows vista repari disk, but i put it in my laptop (the one with the bootmgr missing) and it doesnt run. What am i doing wrong? what can i do to fix it?

  195. Ankan

    I compressed C drive in windows 7 and computer isn’t starting. whenever I m trying to turn on my pc its showing BOOTMGR is compressed & press alt+ctrl+delete to restart. what should I do?

  196. jhony

    ok, now iΒ΄m trying to repair this problem but i have another…first when i reinstall my windovs vista, i had problem with NTLDR, what is windovs error message…now, i reinstalled my windovs again, and after it i have same problem but with BOOTMGR. can somebody tell me when is problem? please? and iΒ΄m sorry for my english, i come from slovakia

  197. rasbro

    steps that usually work:
    * Make sure you have a bootable recovery or install disk for your OS
    * set your BIOS to boot from CD first and your primary HD next (the one you have Vista or Win7 on)
    * make sure your disk is set to “active” in the disk manager (use diskpart etc)
    * shut down the PC, wait 5 min
    * remove connectors to all drives you are not going to use
    * boot the PC from the CD you have
    * follow steps above for getting to repair, if you don’t find an OS this time try the install and then back method mentioned above. if it finds the OS try the repair. once it has done, look at the diagnostics by pressing the link.
    * remove the cd and boot again
    if it works great, if not, try again, sometimes this take a couple of tries depending on what has happened to your MBR.
    there are also some more command line tools you can use like bootrec.exe /fixmbr and bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

  198. BBD

    On my Laptop ASUS K50AB has been installed Vista Home Premium (which was coming with the recovery disc). I’ve had some issues with Windows, so had to reinstall it. I have formated partition C: and was going to set up Vista with Recovery Disc.
    After reboot it doesn’t work out, on the screen appeared
    CDBOOT: Couldn’t find NTLDR
    BOOTMNG is missing
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart
    Funny things is, I’ve never installed on Laptop Windows XP or earlier (as I know Vista apriori doesn’t have any NTLDR).
    So I don’t have any clue what to do to get my Vista back.

  199. Xand'r Suineg

    This forum is incredibly helpful, I got a lot of what I needed here. Thanks so much. But there is still somethings I am not sure about. So I’m going to keep searching. Would a Registry Cleaner be helpful here? Are there any perticular titles that can be reccomended??

  200. JOE

    CCLEANER – best registry cleaner and file cleaner ive used.
    used it for years on hundreds of pcs, never a problem.
    Watch out for malicious software pretending to be a registry cleaner, or a new antivirus
    , they will infect you.

  201. Rita Baumann Photography LLC

    I have a discovery about this issue, but it may only effect some users.

    I have a desktop PC with 3 HD’s and a Blu-Ray Drive.

    Windows 7 can not find bootmgr if the hard disk it is on is not plugged into SATA 0.

    The best way to see if this is your problem is the fact that your hard disk will boot only if your windows 7 DVD is in your DVD (or in my case Blu-Ray) drive.

    Open your case and make sure your hard Disk is plugged in to Port 0 of your FIRST SATA bank.

  202. dan

    I need serious help. I have been trying to fix this issue for hours but no luck. I have looked up multiple times for different ways. Currently I am on a friends computer trying to get info to fix my computer. I got the right disk and I followed all of the instructions above. Also when I go to the system recovery options I have 3 choices to chose from. After I restart, trying both ways, and removing the disk, this pops up: “Install Windows. The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click OK to restarted the computer, and then restart the installation.” If anyone can hep me let me know.

  203. Curtis

    BEST SOLUTION EVER!, no one else knows what their talking about, i read over this information for like a year and a half and still never figured it out!

    If its windows 7, try installing Windows Vista, and then upgrading back to 7,

    If its Vista try doing xp and latter…that should help!

  204. keshav37a

    you have to do a startup repair 2 times to completely solve the error

  205. Nadz

    When i get to the part where im supposed to select my windows installation nothing shows up? what should i do??

  206. unLucky

    Same problem as Nadz, nothing in installation directory. I did notice that one of hard drive is half missing. I halve has is for movie storage the second halve is for operating systems. So how could only one half not be reading?

  207. Sasa

    Go to your Bios (f10)

    Go to Change the Boot Order

    Go to USB and change it in off (i think f5)

    Then save and exit your bios

    Your pc will startup correct

    Works for me !!! i hope it works for you too………

  208. WAYNE

    I have a computer where the Windows vista came already installed whan I purchased it , it is a DELL INSPIRON 1525.
    So what do I do now that I do not have a disc to put in?
    What can I do

  209. Chris

    You guys ROCK! Followed your instructions and apart from my ‘learning’ experience, it went just how you said it would. Thanks….and did I mention, you guys ROCK!

  210. Randy

    FYI to fix this problem you do NOT need to use a vista repair disk, i just used my g/fs windows 7 disk to repair my vista, as long as it is a windows operating system disk it should work

  211. agostino

    i formatted my second hard disk but for some reason i can’t access the my os

  212. Luna

    bought the recovery cd from Acer, put it cd in side nothing work. Still seening BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+ALT+Del to restart.
    when to the BIOS, change it to go to cd. not going there.
    Does any one knows what is
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

  213. ankit

    hi thanks for this

  214. Pom


    I have a EEE 900 notebook, no operating software, no CD drive only USB.

    I have tried every suggestion I can on the web to install software, I tried win 7, win xp
    even ubuntu, all gave me bootmgr missing.

    really appreciate any help.


  215. LMSdub

    Ok – so I got a virus on my computer – vista – and I got the BOOTMGR ctrl+alt+del error as well…but I don’t have the DVD and for some reason, when I run rescue and recovery, it just kind of sits there and doesn’t work…like I try to do a system restore and the bar stays at 0% for hours…I have NO idea what to do…please help if you can!!!

  216. Nikko

    I just thought I’d chime in here since I just fixed my own “BOOTMGR is missing” error…

    I’m not sure if this has been said already, but it can be related to having multiple partitions and multiple physical hard disk drives. In my case, for some reason or another, Vista threw the BOOTMGR info onto a completely different HDD that was in my system, and I had to disconnect the power to that HDD, reboot, then do startup repair. It then fixed BOOTMGR not being placed properly. As long as that other totally unrelated HDD was connected (powered), the “Windows Startup Repair” operation would see the BOOTMGR was in place (even though it was not on the correct HDD). How did I know it was installed on a different HDD you ask? Well, oddly enough, as I was tinkering around with things, I decided to go to my bootmenu one of the times and I chose to boot off of the HDD that does NOT have the OS on it and BAM… I’m booting into Windows. VERY odd, but it is the only logical explanation. I got that storage HDD out of the equation by cutting its power, and windows startup repair could then SEE that the BOOTMGR was in fact missing and it fixed the issue. Probably the strangest thing about my problem is that Windows was only installed on ONE HDD. I did not ever install an OS to that other storage drive.

    I understand that this will not apply to most people, as most people do not have multiple HDDs and partitions, but it might help someone out there.

  217. Andrew

    Just thought I’d add my experience

    I installed Windows 7 x64 and I was screwing around with the disk management tool and messed up my BOOTMGR settings…

    I put in the Windows disc, did the repair, the first time it reported being successful, but was not. I did it again – the second time I got an additional screen with a “startup repair” option… I clicked it and now everything is perfect.

  218. prEp

    thx bro…u r my savior…

  219. Sani

    Hiiiii there, I cold really use some help.
    When I get to the point where I press system recovery, and the system recovery option pop up, there is nothing there for me to choose, and I can’t neither press “Load Driver” or “Next” anyone knows what yhe problem is ????

  220. lou

    how do u start it up off the disc

  221. Puma

    Thank you very much for the info…I did it step by step and thanks God my computer is working fine now

  222. Rahul

    Thanx for such a help dude.. This worked with Windows 7 Ultimate too….. I’m happy…

  223. rajat

    guys i hv acer laptop yesterday went to sleep at 2pm and kept my lptop in sleep mode after waking up i installed norton`s antivirus and it recommended tht to restart i hv done so after shutting down it was interrupted saying that “BOOT MGR is missing” what to do
    please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. Valera

    The volume does not contain a recognized file system.
    Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not currupted.

    this text appears when i run command: bootrec /fixboot

    OS: windows 7 x64

    please help

  225. Shannon

    Hi – I have a BOOTMNGR problem. I can go as far as repair your computer it just restarts my computer. It does not take me to System recovery options. Can you help? What can I do to get to system recovery options.

  226. k969jason

    Hello, my comp fell from 4 feet. when I fixed the shelf and plugged it all in, i got stuck at 1st screen and comp wouldnt recognize my key boards wired/wireless so i couldnt press f anything. I was thinking it was mobo. for some strange reason after changing the psu and taking out and reinstalling ram it recognized key board. now i pressed f somwthing and tryied system recovery and there was an error and i hit enter, then i got BOOTMSGR MISSING . After reading the post here, i came to the conclusion my hdd is damaged, and not a soft ware but hard ware problem.

  227. k969jason

    Hello, my comp fell from 4 feet. when I fixed the shelf and plugged it all in, i got stuck at 1st screen and comp wouldnt recognize my key boards wired/wireless so i couldnt press f anything. I was thinking it was mobo. for some strange reason after changing the psu and taking out and reinstalling ram it recognized key board. now i pressed f somwthing and tryied system recovery and there was an error and i hit enter, then i got BOOTMSGR MISSING . After reading the post here, i came to the conclusion my hdd is damaged, and not a soft ware but hard ware problem.
    Can i buy new hdd and os and get stuff from the wrecked hdd on a new a new hdd/os?

  228. Ken

    Had the BOOTMGR missing after a fresh install of Server 2008. It was because DELL had a 40mb partition as partition no1. Windows was trying to load into partition no1. So I had to remove ALL partitions via the ‘repair computer’ OS prompt. I used ‘diskpart’ to remove all partitions. Oddly Windows did not see this 40mb but diskpart did, so I deleted it and created a new partition no1 and installed windows in the new partition… that worked! Excellent!

  229. Loek

    Thank you so much. The process is almost the same in Windows 7 (it’s a bit better, even)

  230. sree`

    thank u that really works ..

  231. Hendz

    Hey dude! Really thanks a lot~ Because of you, I dont need to re-do my projects anymore! A MILLION THANKS to you guys! :)

  232. Kyle

    I am also having a problem with this can anyone help me?

  233. Kyle

    Just recently I had shrunk one of my hard drives to create a new partition using the windows vista built in partitioner feature and Somehow I created a EISA file type partition containing 9.76 Gb. Because windows detect the EISA file as a blank I download the EASEUS partition software to get rid of it but couldn’t. I think I might have mis clicked something within the software and my second hard drive icon went missing, keep in mind I’m running on a vista and not an xp (only have one operating system, its legit). I checked my hidden files and nothing… Every time now I boot up windows vista I get a message telling me that bootmgr is missing. So then I downloaded a copy vista and I tried everything from recovery to repair but my hard drive is missing, its not the computer is not detecting it.

  234. Sony


    i have the same bootmgr missing problem and i have already done everything that needed to be done, in other words followed the instructions right above. However, once i restart, my hp presario laptop just goes blank with blinking (-). What does this mean, just when i thought it was rebooted, doesn’t look like at all. Please help me, what do i have to do now?

  235. Sony

    Oh btw, when i tried start up repair, it says the operating system not compatible with start up repair. However with command prompt, it says the operation completed successfully. I have no idea….

  236. Mitch

    Due to BOOTMGR corrupt image I am attempting to admin Windows Vista Recovery Disc in order to repair my 64-bit machine. However, I receive this same error when attempting to administer the 64-bit recovery disc for my 64-bit machine. Oddly, the 32-bit recovery disc does launch and allow for me to select β€œRepair your computer” but advises that the operating system is not compatible with my machine. It is unclear to me why I get this far with the 32-bit recovery disc but do not even get as far as necessary with the 64-bit recovery disc in order to admin repair.

    Any ideas? PLEASE help ! Cake and ice cream is on me :-)

  237. jerryx

    After i have burn guide DVD and boot my pc this is what is written fd ………………type(00)
    help me now

  238. leo

    my new dell studio keep showing boot mgr is missing i dont have aos disc

  239. Eric

    On my Toshiba, i was trying to format the system but didnt have any backup cd because my startup screen is not booting up quickly as expected so i decided to format then i came across this error message hindering the system to continue the process says: BOOTMGR is missing, press CLT+ALT+DEL to restart. so whenever i did that it keeps on requesting the same thing. Pls i need your help asap. i will be grateful if my request is granted. thanks

  240. Ricardo

    Thanks very much I found this web sites to fix my laptop having problems BOOTMGR missing, so that time I turn off my computer and then turn on and pressing F8 key repeatedly until windows start on screen show REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER then press NEXT the computer start attempting repair and I press finish and restart my laptop and then start cleaning with ccleaner then defrag my laptop computer now …..back to normal condition

  241. Panchali

    I tried all the processes mentioned above- system restore, start up repair, command prompt, I have another windows seven on another hard disk, I logged in from there and tried recovering the other drive. Also checked all the bootmgr files are present, the same number of bootmgr files on both the drives, yet one is working perfectly fine, the other is still giving “bootmgr is missing”, I am at my wits end. I do not know what to do. My computer was absolutely fine, I just made the drive with the OS on it the active drive from Computer Management, and in BIOS I loaded Optimal Defaults, all this began from there. Please help me.

  242. James

    I’ve tried all this to no success, it just redirects me back to the startup options menu, and no-matter what I choose it takes me back here, it will not boot into safe mode, last known good configurations or normally.
    When I run the repair, where it says partion size it says vista is Installed to D drive – I only have C
    it also says the partion size is 0mb

  243. longcat

    I recently had this problem but it had a whole lot of jargon at the end &#%#$()&%:) at the end. I booted off Vista, went to system recovery, and made a few discoveries.

    1. If your BIOS is unsafe to boot (won’t allow Windows to restart without some tard error message,) then type in BOOTREC /BOOTMGR, hit enter, then type in BOOTREC /BOOTMBR, followed by ENTER. This will kill 2 birds with one stone.
    2. If you don’t see any hard drives or partitions, try to get the latest driver software, save on a flash drive, extract, and install it. This solved my problems, and I hope yours.

  244. manjunath

    I have uninstalled windows vista now i want to reinstall vista but now i cannot install vista the error message is coming like boot manager is missing press ctrl + alt + del to restart

  245. shamil

    Thanks for the help guys. I first tried the start up repair in the recovery tools but it did not fix the problem. I then tried the command prompt and it worked like a bomb.
    Very useful thread, much appreciated!

  246. A.Ramkumar

    I am having the problem in my lenovo laptop,when power on the laptop the LED’s are lighting and the LCD screen also works, but the screen stand by starting windows . i can’t enter in to the main window

  247. Simran

    My laptop didn’t repair it, the command prompt was in limited diagnostics and said that that wasn’t a command… i reinstalled vista and is now missing the Recovery Manager partition….. :/

  248. OMG-DAVID

    Try this.This works for vista ultimate:

    1.Put the Windows Vista installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.
    2. Press a key when you are prompted.
    3. Select a language, a time, a currency, and a keyboard or another input method, and then click Next.
    4. Click Repair your computer.
    5. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.
    6. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt.
    7. Type Bootrec /RebuildBcd , and then press ENTER. β€’ If the Bootrec.exe tool runs successfully, it presents you with an installation path of a Windows directory. To add the entry to the BCD store, type Yes . A confirmation message appears that indicates the entry was added successfully.

    β€’ If the Bootrec.exe tool cannot locate any missing Windows installations, you must remove the BCD store, and then you must re-create it. To do this, type the following commands in the order in which they are presented. Press ENTER after each command.
    Bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup
    ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old
    Bootrec /rebuildbcd

    8. Restart the computer.

  249. Maunesh...


    I Bought A New Dell Inspiron 5010 Laptop.

    I Did Partition Of My Drives. I Worked On It For Few Hours & Then Shut It Down. I Started It After Around 2 Hours & I Get The Message “BOOTMGR Is Missing. Press Ctrl+Altr+Del To Restart”.

    Nothing Happens. Please Help Me Out People….

  250. SayperOne

    thank you its work………………………

  251. Michael A. Purwoadi

    Hallo, I’m falling into a similar problem that you’re discussing above. I have a brand new Probook 5310m
    notebook with Windows 7 installed in it. I would like to install Ubuntu also in it, so I manage to have only 3 primary partitions for Windows and let 1 extended partition for Ubuntu. The instalation of Ubuntu gone well, but I stopped it before installing GRUB boot loader from Linux. I wonder if MS Boot Manager can recognize (or if we can make it recognize) Ubuntu partition so load it in its menu so we can boot ubuntu using window bootmanager. I don’t want to loss Window Boot Manager (could be over-written by grub) after seeing the trouble it can cause. Any suggestion ?

  252. Ankit moradiya

    what i can use sfc /scannow command … in any os

  253. kati

    hi i have a dell laptop and the c.d. player is all screwed up and i cant put a c.d. in it, so what do i do now hhhheeelllpppp, because it just goes to bootmgr is out so now what? thanks for any help i may get

  254. suthep

    Yes, it really worked, sometimes you just have to do it more than once.

  255. JOse

    hello i have this problem too but in a new hard drive … i buy it and i try to install a new windows but i cant because apear this error.. how can i format a clean hard drive disk… please help meeee

  256. pablo

    thanks guys!!! youΒ΄re the best!!! problem solved with bootrec /fixboot

  257. EL-NES

    Thanks! yes gone!, bootrec /fixboot work! good!

  258. Balu

    i formatted my computer which was running windows vista home premium. Wen i formatted my computer i relised that i did not have the vista required to install windows just the upgrade of home premium, i have a xp disc but wen i try to boot it its says β€œboot mgr missing” any tips on how i might fix this? remembering my computer has no OS at the moment.
    Similar to one of the posts submitted above
    Please help in solving this problem

  259. tappa taps

    got something that might help. i tried to install windows 7 ultimate on a new hard drive. got the message “boot mgr missing, hit ctrl, alt, delete to restart”
    i simply took out hard drive and formatted it in NTFS on a different computer from the usb. then i put back the hard drive into the machine, popped in my installation disc and installed ok

  260. mike22

    I’m having the same problem(bootmgr is compressed) when I put my recovery disk in it never loads up…..I tried going to the boot option and putting cd drive first but same results. Can somebody help me

  261. user

    bcdboot c:\windows
    did it for me! :)

  262. JadMock

    If people are unable to see their windows OS they need to use the command prompt via the recovery

    For VISTA bootloader use this guide .

    Put the Vista Installation Disc into your DVD drive and restart to boot from it. Click Repair System, press next and then select Command Prompt Type DISKPART and press Enter.



    DISKPART> list disk

    ” This will show you a list of selectable disks. ”

    DISKPART> select disk n

    [where n = the disk number]

    Select the disk which Windows Vista is installed to

    DISKPART> list partition

    This will show you the partitions on your selected disk

    DISKPART> select partition n

    [where n = the Windows Vista partition]

    This will specify the partition

    DISKPART> active

    Will make your Windows Vista partition the first-boot active partition

    DISKPART> Exit

    Exit from DiskPart………..

  263. Umesh

    thank for the help…

  264. Umesh

    thanks for the help

  265. courtney

    hey gouys im having this promblem now and i dont know why what i done was i started up the laptop and it said loading files in grey and it say i had to restart the laptop so i clicks start and then i had to wait a few minutes and it said as i didnt understand it, it said delete files and etc i clicked it and started and started saying deleting windows live, windows vista and etc and now my laptop keeps saying click here to restart and told me to hold ctrl + alt + del and i done that a few times noting worked but now im trying to get someone to fix it this is now thee second time but the same laptop only it broke the screen and now this this is hard work and very very annoying

  266. courtney

    thx for helping out me i got some clues up there but i dont have a windows vista but i can still use others
    thank you and plzz help me out the next time!


  267. Dean

    If the operating system isn’t in the list, just click continue and then click startup repair. Eventually, it will still fix the bootmgr problem.

    Microsoft will probably apply this issue when they find out.

  268. Cesar

    So I downloaded the image and burned it on a disk loaded it on my laptop and it ran well, until I got to the System Recovery Options “Vista installation directory” in this window it did no load any files I could choose from anyone know what I could do would appreciate it.

  269. Kevin

    thank you

  270. JAA

    my windows 7 in laptop show a error bootmgr is missing how to fix

  271. Castalono

    How do i get this to work on a hp mini without a disc drive

  272. Denisse

    I need HELPPP PLEASEE!!! I’m such a noob:( ok I’ve got 2 HDs installed (on a dell xps 730x)..the one i mainly use is a ST3320613AS and is almost full (it says i have 23.3GB free of 283GB)…at the same time i installed my old HD from my old pc (xps 720) and is a Hitachi HDT725032VLA360…since i don’t use that one and my main one is running out of space… i decided i wanted to use one for games and multimedia and the other for everything else…so i googled how to go about it and it said that i needed to “format” my HD (the one I’m not using) to clear up space and set it up for games and that…the problem now is that i did that but it wiped out EVERYTHING! so what i wanted to do was first of all know if i can use the same “operating system” reinstallation DVD, and after “the drivers and utilities” DVD i got with my newer pc to install windows back on my old HD…And second how do i do this? Because i read that on start up i had to press F12 then reboot from the old HD..but when i tried that, the β€œBOOTMGR is missing” error come up and if i just boot off the Windows Vista DVD I’m scared it will try to install it on my main HD…Oh I’m so lost please anyone help!

  273. Greg

    “The installation process will attempt to find your Vista installation directory. If there’s more than one in the list, select the correct one and then use the Next button again.” there is no directory to select plz help my moms going to kill me if i cant get the computer to work!!!!! i have downloaded the disk and it works and i get to were it saids what to know b4 installing windows and repair computer what to do help!! there is no operating system to chose what should i do from here?????????? HELP SOS MAN DOWN

  274. Dima

    It didn’t help me with Windows 7, i tried both, automatic and command. Command says that it’s successful, but it’s not. Prompt says that the windows I am trying to fix is not compatible with windows DVD, but it is, because I am using the same DVD that I used to install that windows. Crazy.

  275. Hatryst

    β–ˆ **************************************
    β–ˆ :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    β–ˆ PLEASE… Head over to the forums
    β–ˆβ–‘β• β•β•β–‘β–‘β•šβ•β–‘β•‘β–‘β–‘β•šβ•β–‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β–‘β•šβ•—β–‘
    β–ˆ A S K – Y O U R – Q U E S T I O N – A T – T H E – F O R U M S
    β–ˆ **************************************
    β–ˆ **************************************
    β–ˆ Ask the question there
    β–ˆ:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  276. mohit

    Hi All,
    I have a dell inspiron 1545 with vista-home basic os. today it is showing “bootmgr missing”, when i tried to run the os cd , the system is still showing boootmgr missing …..and it’s not working . Please Help me….

    waiting for a solution.

  277. Hatryst

    Please, don’t post your problems here. Post at the forums…

  278. John

    This what worked on my toshiba satilite.
    [quote]Larry2488 Oct 17, 2009 2:32pm BST
    Toshiba laptops from mid 2007 onwards dont have a recovery disc supplied with a purchase of a laptop. Instead, Toshiba has added a hidden partion on the hard drive which contains the same files on a recovery cd / dvd.

    To reinstall your laptop to the factory settings / “out of the box” settings, please follow these steps. It worked for me, and should work for you.


    1) Hold down the power button for 10 (ten) seconds to switch off your machine.

    Please note: Holding down the power button on the machine forces it to switch off. Any unsaved data will be lost.

    2) Press and hold the 0 (zero) key and at the same time, tap the power button once to switch on your notebook.

    3) When the machine Starts beeping; release the 0 key.

    4) When prompted by the warning screen; select Yes to continue with the system recovery.

    5) Select Recovery of Factory Default Software; click Next.

    6) Select Recover to out-of-box state. Click Next again.

    7) Click Next to Start recovery.

    I hope you find this step by step solution helpful for you. If so, rate it up.


    Permalink (#94)

  279. yagya oli

    heyy man….. i do this but the repair coudn’t works….or system repair cannot complete what can i do for this problm???????

  280. rahul sorout

    is this a hard disk problem or not ???????

  281. Karan

    This article really helped me a lot.I am very thankful to this website.nice and good site.thanks a lot again.

  282. Denis Carbonneau

    Worked perfectly. I had Win7 (Drive C:) and WinXP (Drive D).
    Drive C was set as: Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition.
    Drive D was set as: System, Active, Primary Partition
    I set Drive C to Active, deleted Drive D and rebooted: “BOOTMGR is missing”.
    After repair, Drive C was also set to System.

  283. Abhay

    i have same problem , wherein winloader is missing .. but on CD repair your computer is missing
    pls advice

  284. jerry

    I m having a toshiba laptop(satellite L303-S5933),Model No:PSLB8U-027025,
    My internet explorer was not working,I tried to use my recovery disc but my disc was damaged and some of the files did not copy,it showed an error message(ERROR: 10-FC06-0002),I tried the disc about 4 times. I ordered new recovery discs which i tried on the laptop,but the new ones does not load and there is a message (bootmgr is missing)

  285. gerrit

    for anyone not getting to the screen containing the “startup recovery” and other options:

    – start from dvd
    – choose language, click next
    – choose “repair your computer”
    – click “restore your computer using a system image blablabla…” (the other option gave me compatibility issues…), click next
    – click cancel, and cancel again.

    weird way of getting there, but for me it worked…

  286. Jamal

    I have a problem whenever I want to install windows XP after windows 7
    the boot of windows 7 gets corrupted ,
    when I try to repair win7 via the DVD , the windows XP boot get corrupted

    I’ll be thankful for anyone inform me if possible how to install win XP after I already install 7 and avoid win 7 boot corruption to be able to boot from both systems..????

    Thank you

  287. jahan

    thanku very much for this information
    solved perfect
    god bles u all

  288. Roy Hubers

    Well well! It was working for me! Thanks a lot … geeks ;)


  289. morten

    i have win 7 ultimate, but no cd, but can repair it from burned win7 enterprise?

  290. Prasana

    Here is my prblm “BOOTMGR IS MISSING” PRESS ALT+CTRL+DEL TO restart the computer.

    I upgrade the OS from win XP to win VISTA during the installation i got a error message like “some files are missing ” and then i stopped the installation then i reboot the computer i got message like
    “BOOTMGR IS MISSING” PRESS ALT+CTRL+DEL TO restart the computer.

    >>then i put the vista recovery cd and try to start repair – failed.
    >>I tried to restore the computer – failed.
    >>I tried to all the option in the cd its all – failed.

    now i cant boot into any operating system ….when i tried to check the drive its shows nothing..
    I cant see the drivers in my hard disk.

    Now i dono OS is installed or not in my computer.

    Now what i have to do PLZ help me……….

  291. Jarek

    I have installed two windows, vista and 7, and I have BOOTMRG problem.
    I tried with recovery disks but nothing.
    When i put os 7or vista it writes that os wasnt found, what shall i do ?

    Plz help…

  292. Andre

    Kevin23 is a Saint! Fortunately I have 2 systems and I could google this thread (last hit!!!! And the BEST!!!). I strongly suggest testing Kevin23’s method (enter boot setup pressing DEL -Β» Disconecting all drive cables -Β» Reconnecting all drive cables ). Took me aprox. 20 minutes from problem to Google, to all GOOD! Saved my day.

  293. razvan

    I had this error for the first time and i didn’t use the repair. I just restarted my computer and it seemed to be enough. Perhaprs it was a hardware failure at the time. Anyway thanks for the guide it should prove useful in the future.

  294. Ceri

    i had this exact same problem but i found tht a simple reinstallation of your operating system seems to work good enough good luck to the rest of u

  295. Matt

    I just went throught the “BOOTMGR MISSING” problem with Windows 7. We have an upgrade version ov 7, which did’nt work. Apparently upgrade versions (of 7 at least) aren’t bootable. We also have the full version of Vista. Thought about tossing it – glad I didn’t. It solved the problem. I expected to need to reinstall 7 all over again, but alas, that wasn’t necessary. I guess Vista and 7 must use the same BOOTMGR. Anyway, success! Thanks.

  296. Dmitry Tsoy

    thank you, mate, it let me fix this boot manager compressed issue in Windows 7 at a time due to your magic prompt command bootrec/fixboot :)

    It stoped me think to format my HD!

    Great workable idea!

  297. Travis

    Just my two cents.

    I had this error pop up. I proceeded to figure out why. First I shutoff the computer, made sure all the cables were connected to where they should be.

    This is a number 1 newbie error. After you have confirmed everything, find out if windows 7/vista can say it finds your HDD with windows on it. If it cannot, most likely what ended up happening was when you were hooking up cables, you mixed them up. When this happens, apparantly windows 7/vista is not that smart. Unable to find the drive even though it is right there.

    I ended up finding the cable that the bootup hdd went with, and putting it with the bootup hdd. This solved my issue. I then ran the startup repair and it worked like a charm!

  298. Morvens

    when i go to repair computer no drivers load up and i check in every file theres no drivers help please :(

  299. CheGuevara

    a easy way to get rid of this annoying message in windows 7 or vista, is simply remove the bios baterry…keep it out 10 sec and then put it back.then you can do everything you like with the pc or os.cheers

  300. magnaellie

    I bought (HD-PXT500U2) last 3days and I installed it into my SonyVAIO E-series (Wins7HomePremium, IntelCore i3-330M Processor 2.13GHz, Hard Disk Drive 320GB/Memory 4GB, ATI Radeon Premium Graphics).
    It was all in OK condition after restarting once the installation completed & then I shut it down last night after used.
    But this morning when I tried to turn it on, the screen appeared “BootMGR is missing. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.”
    I tried the key but the restart wont turn my Wins7 to start. It was still appear the same warn.
    I’ve search on the website about the “bootmgr missing” but all I found is about Windows Vista,XP,2000. Nothing about Windows7.
    How to solve this? Note! I’m using Windows7, NOT Vista!
    Sorry a lot cause I’m not a computer + IT pro. Hope someone out there can help me get through this problem.

    Easy to say…… The thing wasnt turn to be that lucky! Everybody knew about your ‘advice’, but it wont work for this problem!

  301. Walter

    I deleted the system partition and the solution worked for me. Thanks

  302. jnellson

    can i load the repair disk from flash disk?

  303. FAROOQ

    i having same problem BOOTMGR is missing press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart in my Dell Inspiron laptop. i m trying to boot from cd but it is not happing.. again sowing same msg. plz help me.

  304. chris

    Worked perfect! Thank you so much!

  305. Arun Prasad M


    Thanks for what U Have done totmy comp. I thought that my data Will be lost if i do my setup again i was able to fix my ishu with U R Help Happy New YEAR 2011.

  306. HaQer

    you need a new harddrive samething happened to me and i had to get a hew HD.. when you try to restore or recover data in a block which has damaged wont write to it so you need a new HD nothing else you can do.. luckly mine is under warranty so i got a new one free

  307. HaQer

    you need a new harddrive samething happened to me and i had to get a hew HD.. when you try to restore or recover data in a block which has damaged wont write to it so you need a new HD nothing else you can do.. luckly mine is under warranty so i got a new one free… so if yalls pc is still under warranty just go get a new HD and if its a compaq or hp get on and go to there chatline and tell them you ran the primary hard disk check and it said error (303) they will say you need a new HD :)

  308. GURKAN

    hi I did repair the computer but the problem continues

    please solution

  309. nab

    I had the issue that many people posting on here have about getting ‘bootmgr not found’ (obv), and i tried booting into my Win7 disk going into repair and it wouldnt find my OS and trying both the command line and system repair options a few times and it telling me each time that this problem can not be automatically fixed and to contact someone bla bla.
    How i got mine working:

    After reading sooo many of these replies, i came across one that suggested pulling out the bios battery. so i unplugged my second HD and went to do that but my battery was directly under my graphics card, so it was a pain.. anyway i ended up pushing a clr cmos button on my mobo. next thing i knew, my computer rebooted, and i had to just re-set up the bios clock and stuff, and then it boot to my HD! yess. so try resetting your bios.

  310. Derek Beatty

    Was getting bootmgr is missing. Typed bootrec/rebuiildbcd into Command prompt of my laptop but get the message that it could not fix the error. Also tried start up repair but did not work.

    What happened was that I was having problems with Vista on my laptop so I overwrit my vista with Linux “ubuntu” . When I tried to reinstall Vista (did not like “ubuntu”) could not get the original system back. Kept getting this scalled down version of Vista (could not connect to Internet etc etc etc) I deleted the partitions and tried a clean install but was getting bootmgr is missing. So it Didn’t help in fact made it worse. I then bought Windows 7. This will solve problem I thought! BUT NO. Still getting bootmgr is missing. Typed bootrec/rebuiildbcd into Command prompt of my dell laptop but get the message that it could not fix the error. What can I do?

  311. bhaskar

    hello friends i installed windows server 2008 and then windows i am able to boot to both win 7 n win 2008 os but i installed linux and after that i am unable to boot win 7 and win 2008.its saying BOOTMGR is can any one tell me what is the solution for this ?

  312. da

    Hello all friends i have some problem about my computer, i can’t loge in my window because when i start up my computer it doesn’t work and it show only BOOTMGR is missing, please help me also. My computer is mini labtope, no CD room, window 7 stater 32 bit. Thank you for your advise to me.

  313. Junex

    ` maybe try another OS.. (Operating System)

  314. Shoot3r

    hi all :)
    i have a problem with my windows to ” BOOTMGR IS MISSING ” the windows i have its windows 7 gamer editzion x64 . i install the windows 7 from the pen drive but after the installation finished it says BOOTMGR IS MISSING :(( pls someone help me i miss my pc THANK YOU !!!

  315. Zoeb

    Help! After downloading the recovery disk and followed it instructions exactly. No joy. I then did the alternive route of the command prompt and still not working :( help soon please !

  316. manish purbia

    thank you

    I’st i think It’s so difficult but i am follow this hint my problem Is solved so thank this article

  317. massine

    I have the same problem, I performed bootrec / fixboot and I have the following message “ElΓ©ment introvable “!!!!
    suggestions please, this is really urgent

  318. Ujjaval Ritesh

    Thanks Dude.. it’s Working ………..
    Thanks Again………………

  319. Dingoe

    EasyBCD saved my life!

  320. Junior Tech

    Im 8 I just told my mom to press Ctrl Alt Del and it fixed the problem and havnt got another notice since.

  321. mick

    Your explanation has saved my life. I just managed to repair Windows 7 bootmanager problem on a Samsung notebook with my old Vista install DVD. Thank you so much.

  322. BALRAJ


    I have sony vaio E series with window 7.
    PRESS CTRL + ALT + DLT TO RESTART is apearing on my screen.
    i dont have any kind of disc.
    i just have window 7 in a pen drive and a bootable CD of drivers of some other computer.
    Please tell me what should i do ?

  323. illiterate

    i m also going wid same problem..and getting no result from above suggestion…most importantly how this problem starts suddenly..?? reply ASAP..

  324. Namdel

    I have Sony Vaio P39, it has no CD/DVD, only USB ports. Therefore I can not use advise on boot from CD. Message I have is “bootmgr is compressed, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”. Connecting external CD does not help. Any suggestions?

  325. sahil

    My problem is bit different.I was running windows(windows 7) suddenly a blue screen came and i was not able to boot the windows from then.Then i tried to reinstall the windows.But it also didnt worked…so i am struck..i have installed a windows over my previous windows but i am not able to boot from any of is showing winmgr missing..i am currently trying to reistall windows but even it is not working ….so help!!!

  326. sahil

    @Namdel:: use unitbootin software .It will make ur USB bootable and then boot from ur USB…it will work

  327. Kestutis

    thanks you guys, sorted by loading repair

  328. Daniel

    It works for me. Thank you very much for your help :)

  329. roumi

    After Booting off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt.
    Then I click on the link in the lower left-hand side for β€œRepair your computer”
    but at the System Recovery Options, the microsoft windows vista OS is not showing to continue by clicking on next.
    Thank you

  330. Mikey

    Ok, try and fix this for me… I have the “bootmgr is missing” problem, but can around that by using my asus recovery disk. However, I have another problem. When trying to install the recovery disk, I get the dreaded big red ERROR screen that tells me “cannot load wim file” I know I have a major virus on my hard drive, so can anyone tell me if there is an external virus program that can boot and kill the virus. I have an asus k501j notebook. Any help would be appreciated.

  331. Martin


    I can’t get into (C:), does that mean it’s something wrong with my harddrive?

  332. MikeJ

    I made a clone of my current hard drive so I could upgrade my hard drive to 1.5T. When I did that, I also get the BOOT.MGR error message. I also bought the Spotmau software to try to clone the disk that way.No luck. Tried the Seagate software to reformat the new drive. Worked for a few minutes, then the error message again. Tried the Windows Recovery disc, but it apparently does not have the boot software to at least get it to the C:/ prompt. Any sage advice???

  333. coolynch78

    thank you so much! you saved me a lot of money at time. i never thought it would be that easy!

  334. Martin


    The company I bought my computer from installed my OS. Anyone who know how I can find it? I have Windows 7, if that’s important to know.

    A reply is much appreciated.

  335. Chad

    @Martin: All manufactured laptops come with a restore partition built right into the hard drive. If you can still access your hard drive, that is…. Look on your manufacturer’s website for the hotkey to press while booting up in order to get into the system restore.

    @ Everyone:

    I agree with the first comment that I had to do the startup repair twice. The first time made no change, the second time worked right away. This was with a Windows 7 computer.

  336. gospel

    thanks, is workin very well

  337. jro

    I got this error but, My issue had nothing to do with this. I had cloned my drive,shrunk the reservered partition,and made the windows partition active. That is were I screwed it up. I had to use disk part the make the reserved 100MB part active again.


  338. sahil

    my notebook showed this error of BootMgr is missing.. I have Win7 CD. The question i have is- One of my drive is protected with bit locker turned on and password protected… this drive doesnt carriy any program files.. I have some important documents in this drive.. i wanted to know.. If i start the repair procedure through CD, will it affect my this drive..?

  339. boboro

    Good evning everybody. I have a problem with boothmgr that i have no idea how do deal with it all the day. the problem is that i can’t restart my laptop as it says ctrl+alt+del. i tried with ”f” buttons but there is any result. any advice?

  340. Joseph Watson

    Every time I try to restart to get it passed the BOOT MGR message it just goes back to the message so I can’t get it to the desktop to boot the DVD help anyone?

  341. john d

    windows-update reboot
    caused my ‘bootmgr’ bug
    your advice saved my system
    from re-set…i am back to work!

    thank you very much!

  342. cody

    Joseph, i went into bios and made sure my dvd drive was one of the boot sequences. still toying with it as we speak though

  343. jacob

    Cant get my laptop to get to vista installation screen.
    Please yekp


    help me.. i already run the external dvd and got the win7 dvd in it.. but every time i try to restart… the error message still there.. bootmgr is missing.. how could i solve this problem?

  345. Mike

    Well this is such a misfortune. I thought this would help me but it didn’t. The problem is, is that even though I have the bootmgr is missing and such, the startup repair says that there’s no problem which is weird, did system restore but nothing happens as I still have the same bootmgr is missing message, tried the command prompt but still won’t do anything. Can anyone HELP PLEASE? This is so frustrating

  346. paddy

    Not working for me ? very helpfull information but as soon as i get to the start up repair it just dosent work it says it cannot fix the problem iv done the best to my ability and just cant seem to fix it i need help ASAP plese reply

  347. Anand

    I have a lenovo g560 and I have this error BOOTMGR is missing and I have the lenovo recovery disk but I can’t enter into my BIOS. My booting is done through harddisk. Plz do help me

  348. Anand

    And I am usin windows 7 home premium

  349. kallesh

    nw m purchasing new laptop i try to install the softwre ms office 2007 OS due to some reason …………i am getting the above problems.i dont taken original recovery data from laptop…………..nw i install windows 7 to again …………………so m nt getting system repaired option …………what ic an do .please infor me e as possible urgent……..

  350. bj

    Had the same message, and went into BIOS to boot from DVD. I found taht somehow my hard drives were out of order (I have 3, 2 acting as slaves) so it was trying to boot from the wrong hard drive which obviously caused the error. changed the settings and off it went, without a problem. didn’t need to use Vista disk.

    So even though i didn;t use the steps above it put me onto the right path, thanks

    Now I MUST remember to back up all my photos etc to a DVD rom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  351. L

    well i have an error it is that i need the dvd to redownload windows but it i dun have it and the error is unknown to the computer 1033 is the problem uh i have flashdrive but it has an different type of windows so what do i do because the computure will not allow me to use what is on the flash drive

  352. Ken_oh

    for people that are getting errors.. the trick is to “leave the recovery disk in until the restore is over” that should do it

  353. Rees Pradeep

    The command prompt option did the magic..thanks

  354. krunal

    It worked for me

  355. Abhishek

    @ mehrdad

    Thanks a lot..

    Wasn’t sure how to use the bootsect /nt60 command.. wasn’t sure of the syntax..

    Your post guided me.. Thanks a lot.. :)

  356. badru

    thanks , i just used cmd promt , it worked , i was in tenstion

  357. evan

    every time boot process via the cd/dvd drive always appears notif ‘bootmgr is corupt, please restart your computer’
    however, the bios is set up correctly, the state of cd/dvd drive is in good condition and no problems with the drive connector.
    what to do? please give me solution. . thanks…

  358. AKKAASH

    thank you thank you!!! this was the best ever tutroial ever!!!!! thank How To Geek

  359. ravi

    Hi guys, I was wondering if I could get some help with this issue.

    I was doing a reinstall of Windows 7 on my friend’s laptop for him, and after it installed, all the screen will display after booting up is “BOOTMGR is missing. Press any key to restart.” Pressing any key will bring up the flashing “_” for a few seconds before the message reappears.

    I googled up BOOTMGR, and most of the solutions don’t really work for me because they involve either logging in or booting from a recovery CD. I don’t think the laptop has boot from CD selected since I burned a Windows recovery disc and it wasn’t detected and I can’t get into the BIOS because right after the laptop restarts, it goes straight to the BOOTMGR is missing message.

  360. Santosh

    thank you guys so much,i got a bit of a fright when that message came up, all fixed now though

  361. DBM

    Hey all, had this issue and i resolved it, I don’t know if this has been said before.

    My MOBO has 6 SATA ports, and my HDD that has my OS was 3rd on the list when i pressed F12 to select HDDs.

    The problem is i had my main OS HDD in the THIRD SATA plug, i put it in the first and that changed the order:)

  362. Vu Nguyen

    youn can make a recovery disk for window 7 all you need to do is go to control panel press backup restore and click make a system repair disc and and btw it works thnx geek :D

  363. Jett

    Bought a new HP laptop,came with 2 year warranty. Tried installing the Microsoft office 2010, says an error. I called HP tech support they said there was a fault in my software that I needed to do a system restore. Did this wed, called them back and they said let us do a complete a remote help file. So they went in to the laptop and found that i needed to just reformat my laptop. Okay fine got the dang cd’s on thursday by the time i got home to call them to get help oriental people were now assisting me.First off i can not understand that damn woman. all i heard was reboot,reboot. Second on the screen was a message Bootmngr is missing hit ctrl+alt +delete to restart. WTF now my brand new computer is dead. NOthing shows up on it but that damn BOOTMNGR IS MISSING. Can anyone help? please don’t let me suffer with calling the oriental rug lady back. I beg of you..Why can’t I ever get enlish speaking people at night on the tech support line??? sincerely lost in chinese food,with her bootmngr missing.

  364. Fixit

    I flashed my BIOS to v1.9 for bulldozer support on my MSI 890FXA-GD70 and got a black screen. Nothing would work. Powered off then I pressed a pen tip to the “RESET CMOS” button on the back of the mainboard, restarted only to be greeted with BOOTMGR MISSING”.

    Had to go back into BIOS and change boot order to the correct drive (my ssd was booted first). Problem fixed after two more restarts, everything working good and now I have am3+ support!

  365. bbb

    hi everyone,

    since i have activated one of the partition of the hardisk that resulted to this “bootmgr is missing” error. what i did was put the affected hardisk to be secondary hardisk on another PC with windows XP installed.

    i installed it and load to boot menu to select my primary disk where XP is installed. after loading and configuring a restart is needed to able to access secondary.. and after restart, selected primary again, and now i can access the secondary hardisk and its files and data’s in its partition..

    though this is a temporary solution.. i still have to fix the previous error on the other PC..

    regards :)

  366. Sebastian

    Please help me out, I did all the steps using Windows 7 pro and every time I restart my pc it says the same thing. Evn wen I cnge the windows

  367. james

    im about ready to reformat my whole laptop and the instructions iv found are really useful. However im trying to update bootmgr on my external hard drive as this is what im using to boot and it just wont. Im running the command prompt to do so and if anyone knows a command prompt code to do so will be much appreciated :)

  368. Baghdode

    bootrec /fixboot
    workd for me thhaanx alot !

  369. Becca

    I have not read through every post so, I am not sure if someone else has mentioned this. I just spent an hour messing with my computer after getting this message, there was nothing actually wrong. If your HDD is connected via SATA check them! SATA’s are nicer looking, less bulky, but do not attach nearly as tight as PATA (IDE). A simple bump to the computer and you can knock the SATA connection loose enough to get the Boot manager missing error.

  370. LappyNovice

    Thanks guys….Clearly illustrated…:)

  371. Imran

    Hey my pc says the windows repair could not fix it and bootrec /fixboot in cmd did nothing why?

  372. i also had this problem

    Windows setup couldn’t find my windows installation.
    I unplugged all the sata cables and put them back again.
    It worked..

    What I also noticed was, when i was in the windows setup command prompt, the windows partition was D instead of C.

  373. David Lobato

    This did not fix it. You know what seems to be the only real cure?
    Don’t update!!!!

    I learned this from somebody. I wondered if the hard drive was bad, but after three
    replacements I realized they did not have a bad batch. Then I asked if this could be
    the problem, and the tech said that updates were sometimes bad so MS posts updates
    to fix the updates.

    I thought that made sense since I could always do a restore at the last ceitical update.
    Then my computer would always start. Prior, I had to turn off my surge protector and wait
    about 30 seconds and then start.

    Now, no more problems. I will just update certain files. Then, when there are numbers I can try to match, I will update the Windows patches so that I can restore if I have to. Also, another friend said to update only certain things like, I think he said security. DO not update Office and other junk like media player or messenger.

  374. adriana

    what if there isn’t anything in the system recovery options?

  375. jesper

    what buttons should i click to get up the first menu? You know the menu you choose what language to install.

  376. Susanl122

    I need serious help! I am NOT computer savvy at all! I have a Gateway Laptop with Vista. I was doing system backup and the power went out. When I tried to start my computer, I get the “BOOTMGR is missing” message. I have read all of the posts above. I downloaded a Vista Recovery Disk and I can get my computer to the “Install Windows” screen, but when I click on “repair” there are not Operating Systems listed.

    I would be so grateful for some help.

  377. Les

    I got the error today and it was a very easy fix. I had evidently switched two of the sata cables by mistake. Once I rearranged two of them (both hard drives: [C:]: prefers to be the first sata connection) then windows 7 rebooted just fine.

  378. Karl

    I got this error on windows 7.
    I saw this page and i’m trying to fix this problem.
    If this helps then i don’t know how to thank you.

  379. Karl

    i fu*ked upp my computer, now it says : can read disk, or disk error, press Ctrl+alt+delete to restart, i can’t install windows again, it says then /boot error and something, plzz help me , i did wrong , i can’t fix anymore, i can’t get to computer, plz help, i’m in another computer

  380. shannon

    That was a much easier fix than I thought it would be ty. I used this to fix error message after using recovery drive comung from windows 7 back to factory default which happened ti be vista.

  381. Nettykk

    And how am I supposed to get this disk when my computer won’t start up hmmm?

  382. Osang

    Thanks for the illustration…=D

  383. Nick

    thank you so much!! huge help!!

  384. Attila The Hun

    Doesnt work for me.

    I fix in a different way.

    Becouse in the past I had installed Xp and after I try to install W7 the error was strong.

    Put the W7 boot CD in the drive
    Delete all the partition you had created whit Xp
    Creat nem partition whit W7 boot CD
    And install Windows 7

    …works for me :)

  385. Squareheader

    Tried all Cmd method, tried start up repair, all unable to solve this error message I got. Diagnostic and repair details :
    Root cause found: the partition table does not have a valid system partition.

    Please advise. Thanks

  386. John Ralph

    Just had this same bootmgr problem, and C: disk appears to be corrupted. Second time in a month — last time the D: drive was also trashed. By the look of this post, this thing seems pretty common. What is the REAL solution (other than the obvious one of moving to a more stable OS!)? — we can’t operate with this occurring and trashing our drives every month. Actually, the complexity of this and the solutions really makes me wonder why anyone bothers with Windoze! — OK, sorry, didn’t mean to start flame wars, but last time it took us 3 days to get back going again, and that was only because we had a good Acronis BU offsite, on a networked drive (on a Mac) — everything local was toast. If this is NOT common, then great — if it is, we need a far more permanent solution.

  387. Drew

    Typing in the dos command worked perfect. Thx.

  388. sisil

    how if I press ctrl+alt+del??

    is it fine to my macbook?

  389. GreggB

    Thanks for this. It worked!

  390. paaras

    BOOTMGR is missing
    press ctrl+alt+del to restart
    i dont have the windows7 recovery CD with my acer laptop
    wat do i do now???

  391. xizzat

    thanx khankl,

    i got bootmgr is missing error because i install windows using usb drive. and i forget to change priority boot back to cd or hardisk back. so if i plugin usb it will find bootmgr in usb to boot (appear to be missing). if you not understand, just remove all removable disk and start ur pc.

  392. TJ

    Boot to the OS dvd and go to repair, next go to command prompt and type chkdsk /r. It scans the OS files and repairs or replaces them with new ones from the DVD. It has worked for me many times, it is what I do first when reparing bootup problems.

  393. Asif

    thnx…it work

  394. super cool

    Windows vista is the worst ever (compared to its predecessor winxp)

  395. Rknight

    If none of the above work like it did with me. a more advance option is use a DOS program called SmartFDisk and create a new Boot MRB. this work just fine but it will give u a virus warning every time you start the computer. if you dont want it giving you virus warnings every time you boot you deselect the virus warnings. This will cause your computer not to start, because it cant find the disk. Run the repair option after completing this and it will boot like it should. I work as a computer tech and it has worked every time i’ve tried it. Smart FDisk can allso be used to change active boot disk in situations of upgrading from vista to win7 using USB. Be carefull tho, FDisk is a partition tool with no restrictions and can royally screw up your computer if you mess arround too much.

  396. Wackc

    Help me.. Thiis is not working for me. When i click next in ” System Recovery Options” dialog box, nothing happens, and it immediately returns to the previous” install windows ” dialog box which has the option to “install now” and ” repair your computer”
    So am not avle to select any mode or option. What should i do. And when i select install windows, then it doesnt load my hard drive. But first i need to sace my important data and files from C drive.. Guys please tell me what to do? Am ready to install new windows but first i want to save data from c drive ,? How? Or else give me help to fix this boot issue :(

  397. Syafiq

    thx!!you are my hero!!!

  398. abhilash

    Ya its working tanx a lot

  399. hasse can acces by pressing alt and f 10 to recovery

  400. Nimantha

    you rock ! men
    two thumbs up

  401. karthikn

    ya its working thk u…..

  402. amir

    heeyyyy can someone pleaseeeeee help me with this, i have been at it for hours!!!! i have a toshiba satellite a205-s5825 and at first the keyboard wasnt working and had some sort virus so i used the disc i had toshiba recovery and application drivers satellite a200 to reboot my system, but unlike how it is listed above in the directions to pick repair i foolishly picked completly restore pc, so all my files got deleted and by mistake i took out the disc after it was done deleting everything, but now that i put the disc back in to install windows and get my laptop running again the annoyiing sign comes up BOOTMGR MISSING! and it keeps restarting even though the disc is inside already! i tried the f2 button, dosent work and the f12 button it just takes me to a boot menu but nothing works from there someoneeee pleaaseeeeee helpppp!!! thanks

  403. tenshi

    Hi i have the same problem but everytime i choose repair, the dialog box doesnt have any OS in the list. please help me im using windows 7 professional. :( i have MSI U230. i just want to reformat it same OS win 7 professional.

  404. noname

    thks much

  405. Just wanna input

    I know this probably is more specific to me. However, just wanna say how my situation got fixed.

    At first, reading these responses, I thought, oh crap I just blew 2 TB of my main workspace without backup.
    I was in panic.

    After 2 hrs of trying to see if I can fix this in panic, I recognized in the BIOS boot sequence (or whatever it is called), external HDDs that I just plugged in were placed higher up in the priority list before my actual HDD. I had just plugged those external HDDs in to move some data, then happened to just decide to run an update (not windows update), so I just restarted the computer, only to be greeted with that “Bootmgr is missing” message.

    I’m really glad it was something silly like that, but at the same time, I gotta wonder why in the heck that happened.

  406. Llano IT

    For those that don’t like to read! This issue is partly solved in the begining stages of this post. Kevin23 in an earlier post simply said disconnect all cables. This is partly true and is the place you must begin. The only thing is to disconnecet one cable at a time. When the “BOOTMGR” is not found it is simply telling you that it cannot locate the booting hard drive that retains the OS. In my case I was working on this system that had IDE and SATA drives. You have to realize that it is meant to work but the system can get confused as the cables for the IDE and in the BIOS is listed as “Master Primary”, which leads to problem number one. On this particular system the builder installed the cable to the CD/DVD as “Master Primary” and the IDE HD as Secondary or “Slave”. Since the “BIOS” had recognized the CD/DVD as “Master Primary” and it did list it in the “BIOS (F2)” simply unplug the CD/DVD and make sure that the IDE cable is in the “Master Primary” position. “DO NOT PLUG the CD/DVD in and reboot the system up with out the CD/DVD (hint: it may take 2 reboots). During the first it may tell you that the “BOOTMGR” is still missing, but it may also prompt you a list of available SATA drives in which you can select the “PRIMARY SATA/IDE HD” that has the OS or the “BOOTMGR” (usually the first one on the list). There was no need to redo or rebuild the “BOOTMGR” after this. Once it is done check in the “MSCONFIG” for the “BOOT RECORD” list and update it and get ride of anything that is not a valid “BOOT RECORD”. Then after you have rebooted again and double check that the system is booting properly go back and plug the CD/DVD back in. It should work properly.

    Now for unsolved part of the problem, problem number 2: Yes, if all of this fails then there may be a bad HD, Cable, Memory, Corrupt OS, or a Virus. Last a simple peice of hardware or driver may have caused the issue.

    I normally do not post on issues, but this one caught my attention as the same questions had been asked over and over and over! I repair PC’s and rarely have to go out to the forums for assistance, but I do like to just read a few here and there. I hope this helps and resolves many issues!

  407. Llano IT

    Want to add one more coment: The previous poster “Just Wanna Input” has it part right as well. You have to be careful as to the type of external drives that are plugged in to use the USB ports. I see it all the time and it happens on a regular basis. Nobody ever takes the time to use the “Safely Remove Tool” that comes with windows. That simple little tool is there for a reason and that is to simply remove the external device so that it is not recognized during the next reboot or logged in as a boot device name in the “BOOT RECORD”. Understand what I say here, those little flash drives and external drives install a small file that some windows systems will recognize as a boot device. If you have ever reboot and your system just hangs on a black screen, that usually means that an external device is attached and is being recognized as a bootable item. It must be removed in order to reboot the system. In doing so we do not see what has been logged in the back ground and into the “BOOTMGR” until it is too late.

    Good Luck!

  408. Adam

    Thanks so much

  409. Thanks for help

    Just change the boot sequence and it all went well

  410. help please?

    Okay, can someone PLEASE help? So i get the message, saying that BOOTMGR is missing.. and i’ve downloaded the recovery disk and stuff. but when i insert the disk.. nothing happens? Help would be greatly apperciated..

  411. Misty

    Thanks so much for the information in the 1st post. Was able to retrieve all the information off the computer that was needed; now, time to run a few programs to fix what keeps corrupting the boot manager.

    /hearts for technology and community :)

  412. Misty

    I also wanted to post that you can use a windows 7 recovery disk as well. This was how I had to do it.

  413. Victor

    Please, I don’t have a CD drive. Can I use USB and how?

  414. Llano IT

    Unplug all USB devices except the keyboard and mouse, also unplug all HD’s except the primary that has the OS in it, then restart and go into “F2”. Once in go to boot menu and change the first boot to the HD that is the primary drive.

  415. Benjamin

    Thanks it worked!

  416. cristina puntanar

    Thanks so much for this information..bootrec/fixboot. cause of this info my loptop working again

  417. mjjpacumio


    I am having the “BOOTMGR is missing” error. I don’t know what happened but when I restarted my laptop, the screen prompted the message. I tried inserting Windows 7 disc to try startup repair (as shown in most forums) but the disc won’t boot even if I tried pressing the necessary function key (F9 for my laptop).

    Can someone please help me? I don’t know what to do… and i need to make my laptop up and running soon. Please help. Thank you!

  418. george


    PRESS CTRL + ALT + DLT TO RESTART is apearing on my screen.
    i dont have any kind of disc.
    just have window 7
    Please tell me what should i do ?

  419. Monil

    I tried to do this with windows 7 and evn xp ka cd but stil its giving the same error.bootmngr missing alt+ctrl+del and restart..
    I cant boot with ny windows cd.wat to do nw?
    Cd is perfect

  420. Matthew (From Phil.)

    your right cd is perfect..try to installed in safe works for me. @ first i was really disappointed receiving that prompt. well, this solution, i just accidentally found..well this the step as you noticed when you cancelled the installation and automatically restarted then you will receive a prompt like to options. but there is note that if you do not know what to choose( or something like that) you press F8….after pressing you will also see list of options one of the list is SAFEMODE then choose it so it will boot from safemode then after that it automatically install the windows 7 installation…try it..

  421. selva

    Thank you for step by step repair method i am very happy with those information “THANK YOU VERY MUCH “

  422. asylum

    Took two goes with the windows OS dvd but its working now. Just restarted without a problem, fingers crossed it stays that way!

  423. veer

    hi frnd
    i hav hp pavillion dv2000 laptop during format system is off nd after that is shows
    BOOTMGR missing
    press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart
    my CD drive not working….
    previous OS is xp
    what can i do…????

  424. Vinod

    Guys I too having the problem ,…
    Bootmgr is missing
    Press any key to restart
    Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter ….
    So please anybody help
    I was installing os w7

  425. mustafa

    Thanx Bro

  426. shae jones

    dont have a repair disc. how can i get one without spending a bazzillion bucks

  427. Scot

    Thanks tons for explaining the cmd line route. This was a life saver for me b/c I had Ubuntu installed and handling the boot. But then I messed up the partitions and was left with Ubuntu trying to boot up a system it couldn’t find. The cmd line stuff was exactly what I needed.

  428. Puja

    m having this Bootmanager (BOOTMGR) problem…but i m using a net-book….dont have a CD-ROM….so how should i install the windows 7 cd??? will i get it in my hard disk and connect it via USB?? plz help… and when should i connect the USB…after the error message come or before starting the laptop??

  429. Ahmed

    i have done that, but still got the same problem! :S

  430. jlmdroid

    I have tried startup repair, I have tried cmd repairing using every code. And I still can’t fix the bootmgr. I can boot into the operating system using f8 and bringing up a boot menu. But other than that, im screwed. I used /scanos and it tells me I don’t have any installed versions of windows. But the recovery can pick up that I have one.
    what the hell is going on?

  431. Novdeth

    Hi wrote this for u guys to solve a prob for me
    i used vista to boot my pc , i formatted a partison but when vista was copying win files it showed an unexpected error n the boot was canceld then i again tried to boot it showed boot mgr missin with out showing press any key to boot from dvd\cd
    idont have a operating sys cause of the format
    how can i get rid of this problem please help me fast

  432. gayzz

    im gayy

  433. liam wheelhouse

    i like boys bums <3 text me on 07761781754 <333

  434. Joe timmes

    sometimes i like going to the gym and looking at boys bums.OMG

  435. avinash

    sir, i had done ctrl alt delete
    but nothing is cmng
    i have no windows 7 cd or other cds
    what to do?

  436. John Paul

    I have by mistake formatted the partitions, and now i cannot install vista, system repair does not do anything.

    How can i reinstall these drivers

    I need urgent help here

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