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Fix When Sound Doesn’t Work After Hibernate or Sleep in Vista

If you’ve started noticing that your sound is disabled in Windows Vista after you wake your computer from Sleep mode or hibernate, then you are in luck, because Microsoft has a hotfix for this issue.

If you are experiencing this problem, you’ll probably notice a red X on the volume icon in the system tray, and a message when you hover over it that says “No Audio Output Device is installed”.


The fix for this issue is to install a hotfix from Microsoft, available at the following link:

937077 – A high definition audio device may no longer work after you resume Windows Vista from hibernation or from sleep

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  • Published 09/10/07

Comments (17)

  1. Nick Burns

    Does this hotfix also work for XP? I’ve noticed that the sound sometimes becomes disabled after my HTPC returns from sleep mode.

  2. neonix

    Thanks for the link, been having this problem for a while!

  3. Pepe

    This have not worked for me. I have a new Asus laptop with Vista Premium preinstalled.
    I can restore the sound with a little trick I’ve found:
    Rigth click on the speaker icon on the tray and choose “Recording devices” or something like that (my Windows is in spanish). A window will then open and the sound is restored. That’s it!

  4. Johannes


    the fix doesnt work with my vista system. it says software does not apply to your system. what the hell? any ideas?



  5. Darren

    Cheers Pepe,

    I’ve got an asus running vista too same problem, good trick to get it working again. Just sucks with wmCenter when it comes back from standby no sound. You would think that would be a big thing and that either Asus or microsoft would fix it straight away.


  6. stu

    What is going on , this doesnt wok on mine either. This problem is posted all over the internet, u’d think someone would have some sort of solution for it!!!!!

  7. _r00t_

    I have new Asus G1S-B2 laptop and this solution not working for me. I can restore the sound with a little trick I’ve found: left click on the speaker icon in the tray and chenge sound volume to 0 and then to previous level. This problem is posted on a vast number of forums over the internet for many vendors, not only for Asus.

  8. Matty

    I have a Vaio laptop running Vista and this solution didn’t work for me either. I get “software does not apply to your system…”. I have tried the work-arounds as well and they were all fruitless……….fruitless!

  9. ngoc341

    Thank you but it doesn’t work with my PC,
    It say:
    The update does not apply to your system

  10. oli

    hey matt yh i have exactly the same problem, currently looking for a fix , do you have 1??? OMG it so applies to my system lol, its driving me mad!!!

  11. Ezikaj

    I installed the fix on my Toshiba A215… it solved the issue for 3 days…

    problem is back… but now, my toolbars disappear after computer wakes up from sleep… my start menu is blank.

    it all works fine after i restart.

  12. keacha

    what?…just when I thought someone had an answer for me this,did not work!!!someone,anyone help me get my sound back!!!!!

  13. Matty

    Eureka! I updated the BIOS on my Vaio laptop and it fixed the problem. Take note that while my computer downloads updates automatically, it did not download this one and I had to seek it out on my own (I found it on the Sony esupport website).

    Good luck you guys! :)

  14. Vegetarian

    I have the exact same problem on Vista x64 with a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card.

    My “workaround” is to open device management after the computer is up, then DISABLE the sound card and ENABLE it again.

    Works for me 100% of the time – annoying, yes – but it works

  15. I'm a PC

    Vegetarian- I have been dealing with this issue for 2 years. Your workaround does in fact work. Right click on sound, open up “playback devices”. Select your internal speaker system. Click “Properties”. Disable and Apply. Enable and Apply. And it works again.

  16. Gtrain

    Thanks Vegetarian,

    I have a dell Latitude E6500 running XP, sounds occaionly stops working after hibernating. To fix i went to
    adjust audio properties (right click speaker in tray)> click hardware tab> click IDT high defintion audio CODEC> Click Properties> then under device usage change the drop down box to disable> click ok ( this will close this properties box> then go back into the properties and enable> click ok> ok> then check your volume/sounds



  17. Steve

    shove some earphone into the phones jack and pull out again. This is a common glitch on XP

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