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Fix For Outlook 2007 Constantly Asking for Password on Vista

If you are encountering an infuriating problem where Outlook constantly asks you for your password even though you check the “Remember my password” box every single time, then you are in luck because reader Malcolm wrote in with this tip on how to fix the problem.

This fix should theoretically help with Windows Mail as well, but I haven’t been able to verify that yet.


Before you do anything else, close Outlook. You should also note that we’ll be modifying system generated files here, so proceed with caution or not at all.

Open up windows explorer window and then paste the following text into the address bar, which should bring you to a folder with a single folder inside with a really long name.



What you’ll need to do is just rename that folder to something else (I suggest appending -old onto the end of it so that you could easily rename it back if things go wrong)


Now re-open Outlook, and then type in your password hopefully for the last time, making sure to check the box to remember it. You should now see that the original folder was re-created again.


At this point Outlook should remember your passwords, but you can close Outlook and reopen it to make sure. If you encounter problems with this, you can remove the new folder and then rename the -old folder back to the original name to put everything back the way it was.

Note: I’m hearing from some readers that this doesn’t always solve the problem for them, so your mileage may vary.

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  • Published 11/25/07

Comments (158)

  1. AL

    Is there a similar fix for Gmail Notifier?

  2. Robert

    I have been looking for a solution for this issue in XP for some time now. I tried this one to see if it would work but it did not. The folder location is a bit different in XP:

    C:\Documents and Settings\robert\Application Data\Microsoft\Protect

    The file recreates, but I still have to enter my password everytime :(

    Any ideas?

  3. trent clark

    in XP, windows explorer, how do you set the views to be the same. You have the options of seeing thumbnails, icons, tiles, lists and detail. I always want to see the detail and it defaults to tiles which are quite useless. Any advice?

  4. bigminisachin1231

    i agree with AL. Is there a way to rig Gmail Notifier so that it automatically logs in instead of asking you to hit the “OK” button every time?

  5. ramy

    i had the same problem with outlook 2003. the way i fixed it was to add the credentials to the network passwords of the user. use the “control panel” -> “user accounts” and then click on “manage your network passwords” on the left pane. enter your mail server’s name, username and password. this should solve the problem

  6. Chuck

    You are a life saver!

    I have no idead how you figured this fix out but Thank you! If you are ever in Maine let me know I owe you a lobster dinner.


  7. The Geek


    Glad to hear that it worked for you. I spent a lot of time in maine when I was a kid… enjoyed it up there.

  8. Kevin Harlow

    HI, did not work for me :-( does anyone have any further ideas ?

    I have Vista with Office 2007, tried deleting user accounts and removing outlook and re-installing. Used MS KB artical but reg edit section does not cover Vista do not happy attempting

  9. Kris Sundberg

    I do not have the option to remember my password using office 2007 and vista…. is there an option to turn it on?

  10. formulaben

    THANK YOU!!! Super quick and easy fix for a problem that just came out from nowhere!

  11. Herb

    I have the same problem, except in XP. I’m in a workgroup, so there is no domain to use the trick mentioned by ramy.

    I have looked high and low for a fix, but nothing seems to work. I really don’t want to scrap this install and reinstall everything from scratch, but somehow I have a feeling that will be the only fix. I’ll keep looking for a few more days, but entering the password by hand is getting real old…

  12. Herb

    Just for the heck of it I just tried this again. It didn’t work and I also noticed that it doesn’t recreate the folder in the Protect folder…

  13. Herb

    Might have just finally found a way to fix it, although cumbersome:

    Create a new User Account. Re-enter your POP settings etc, copy your Outlook PST files and it will be fixed. Now you only have to move all your data, documents and what not to your new user account, then you can delete the old one.

    I’m just gonna have to figure out now how to copy all my settings, etc.

  14. formulaben

    Herb, mine didn’t recreate one either, so I tried again with a full reboot and then it worked. Good luck.

  15. Herb

    I had tried a full reboot, too. Still didn’t work nor recreate the folder.

    Creating a new User account worked for me, though, so now I’m happy!

  16. Viper

    nothing is working for me its not recreating the folder, and if i make a new account it still points the same PST?

  17. Viper

    wait reboot 2 times!!!! fixed so far

    this happened after M$ push those update yesterday :(

  18. Marianne51

    Thanks for the reminder. I had the same problem in outlook 2003, but forgot how to fix it. Now it is done and the popping up stopt. Marianne

  19. Jennifer

    Nice one! Thank you! IT WORKED

  20. Jeff

    THANK YOU!!! I have Vista and this was driving me nucking futs forever now! I couldn’t ever keep my email open and now I can. This is great!

  21. Alex

    I had this same problem, and while the fix allowed the folders to recreate, the passwords were not stored. I went one step further and deleted the parent “Protect” folder and all its contents. Next time I opened Outlook, it was recreated, and my passwords were stored correctly. So if this doesn’t work for you, try going up one level and wiping the Protect folder. Hope this helps someone.

  22. Richard

    After trying a few other tech sites, this one worked nicely for me, thanks!

  23. Ron

    Excellent and effective problem resolution. Just cannot understand how the problem was created.

  24. Daniel

    This worked for me! Thanks a bunch for posting it!

  25. Zorny

    YES, this did the trick. Thanks a million!
    Note: It did NOT work without a reboot… I’m running Vista Ultimate SP1 and Outlook 2007 SP1.
    I had to:
    a) Rename the folder as described
    b) Reboot the machine
    c) Open Outlook 2007 an re-enter the passwords one more time
    Again, thanks for posting this!!
    Greetings from Germany,

  26. Nishchaiy

    it is proved that Outlook does not ask password at that time but when i restart my computer it again ask for the password now what to do??

  27. Len

    Have to agree with Zorny wouldn’t work untill rebooting Vista. Issue started after applying MS updates.

  28. Marius

    My outlook just recently started doing this and I don’t know why. The solution worked perfectly. Thanks

  29. Laura

    Alex–great tip to remove the “parent” protect folder. That’s the way I got it to work. Simply renaming wasn’t enough. Very helpful, thank you!!!

  30. Joe

    I use Outlook over https.

    Deleting the folder didn’t work for me so I went to the user account=> manage network passwords section of the control panel and deleted all of the references to the exchange server. I then deleted the C:\Documents and Settings\(user)\Application Data\Microsoft\Protect folder and all is now working.


  31. sreekanth

    its still bugging me :(

  32. Izak

    Followed Alex’s advice. It worked perfectly!.


  33. Robin Wicks

    absolutely brilliant – seems to have done the trick in the simplest way imagineable., Thanks a million.

  34. Aldo

    Thanks Geek, worked like a charm…. ;)

  35. Felipe

    Finally a solution that works!!! THANKS!!!!

  36. Dave

    It worked!!! I have gone a whole 10 minutes without the pop up!!! Even if it comes back, at least I’ll have my memories…

  37. Brad

    Thank you worked for me too! Been bugging me for ages. Im running Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 Build 7057, on a SBS 2008/Exchange 2007 system.

    Thanks again :)

  38. Jerry

    When it askes your for your username , enter your email address in this box, put your password in the password box, should fix problem.

  39. canonrt

    Thank You Alex! Deleted the Protect Folder & it worked with Vista Ultimate & Outlook 2007!

  40. Thom

    Hello, I have read all the posts, and i didn’t see anyone with my exact problem. I hope someone can help. I have Vista home premium with outlook 2007. I WANT to be asked my password to log in to outlook 2007, and i am asked. The problem i am having is, when i send out an e-mail, it asks me for my password AGAIN before it sends it out. A very annoying issue. I don’t want to “save” my password, i still want to log in to outlook 2007, but i don’t want to be asked it again EVERYTIME i send out an e-mail. I hope someone had this exact issue and resolved it. Thanks.

  41. Rune

    Thanks. Worked like a charm for me, running:

    Outlook 2007
    Windows 7 RC Build 7100 x64

  42. Hoegie

    Thanks mate, this solved my problem!
    Hoegie ;-)

  43. Chris

    Wow. What a lifesaver…this was driving me nuts.

    I had the same experience as Alex – fix wasn’t effective until I removed the ‘Protect’ parent folder and rebooted.

    Vista wouldn’t allow me to rename the Protect folder and I was a little worried about deleting it. Copy/Pasted it and i could rename the copy. Deleted the original and it worked great.

    Thanks GEEK (and Alex)!!!

  44. Phil

    This actually worked perfectly on my system. I have Windows 7 RC with Outlook 2007 and it worked perfectly. Thank you for the valuable information.

  45. Yogesh

    I have tried each & every step which every body has shared but till now nothing has worked for me. I m using Outlook 2007 on Vista in a Exchange Server, can somebody please help me out from this problem.

  46. Andy

    Did not work for me. Outlook 2007 on Vista SP2 connecting to work Exchange server over http. Vista recreated the SID folder in microsoft\protect but Outlook still asks for password every few mins

  47. Bala

    Only way to solve this problem is by changing your password and use minimum 7 characters in password.

  48. Computins

    I’m having the same problem with Outlook 2007 on XP. My IT people tried all of the fixes suggested by Microsoft but none worked. I tried Ramy’s fix and it’s still not working. When I go back into Control Panel, the password is gone. I read the comments about creating new accounts, but that stuff is over my head. If anyone out there can give me detailed instructions for fixing this problem, I’d be very grateful.

  49. Herb Oakes

    I have outlook 2007 with XP. None of the fixes worked for me. I tried deleting mail profiles. Deleting the registry keys under the Protected Storage System provider didn’t work either. I finally applied XP SP3, then re-entered my outlook passwords. Now everything is working. If you don’t want to upgrade to SP3, you may want to try reapplying SP2.

  50. Jennifer

    It worked! Thanks so much! :-)

  51. Ajay

    Thanks Man. That behavior of Outlook was really annoying and you solution worked like a charm.

    Thanks again.

  52. Adrian

    ok so my grandpa has this issue with this office outlook 2007, and everytime he goes to use it, shawmail asks him for his username and password that he knows of, he needs a quick fix or do I have to remove office outlook and re-install it

  53. Koen

    Thanks, problem solved! =)

  54. Dan

    Thanks Alex, The idea about deleting the protect folder was what it took for mine to be fixed… hopefully that wont create a problem down the road.

  55. Gilad

    Here’s a solution that worked for me:

    I’ve been struggling with this problem (not being able to download mail to Outlook via POP) for quite some time
    now with my Gmail accounts, and have tried all the proposed solutions out there (registry changes, mail profiles etc.),
    but to no avail.

    Then I noticed something interesting – when I tried accessing these accounts via Webmail, GMail wouldn’t let
    me log in without entering the security picture characters. This made me realize that my POP could not access
    the account because it is locked (I have no idea why, but it was). Once I unlocked the account, Outlook could access
    the mail again via POP.

    I ran a search for “gmail account unlock”, and found the following URL for unlocking Gmail accounts:

    If you are experiencing the annoying “Enter Network Password” prompt, all you need to do is to follow the above
    link, enter your Gmail login details (and the security characters), after which your account will become unlocked
    and Outlook will be able to access it again.

    Hope this helps.


  56. kmv

    Worked like a Charm! Thanks

  57. srt

    holy cow, it worked. thnx bro XD

  58. srt

    i got the same problem, with shared-maps on my network, maybe you got a solution to that problem also? (wishful thinking) :)

  59. Frank

    This, nor any M$ article worked for me.. even tried this one repeatedly:

    We have XP machine running 2007 after upgrading from 2003.

    Tried: Edited registry (protected storage keys), new profiles, the works.

    What fixed it finally was ditching the old XP user account, creating a new one and setting everything back up from scratch.

    From: computer geeks

  60. Derek Stocker

    Thank you so much for the fix for office 2007 and the dreaded password request, all running well now.

  61. Seth

    I don’t believe this will work if you use Outlook Anywhere a.k.a. RPC over HTTP.

  62. Marge

    I just upgraded to Windows 7 and am now having this problem. I didn’t have the problem with Vista. When I searched for %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect, it doesn’t find it. Has anyone found a solution for this problem with Windows 7?

  63. Andrew

    This sounded like it was going to work, but, alas, it didn’t. :(
    It did recreate the folder, but I’m still getting prompted.
    I’ve read everything on the MS website that I can.
    I’m so exasperated at this annoyance now, I’m almost ready to shell out the $$ to call MS Tech support.

  64. Stan

    Your solution worked like a charm. I’m using Windows 7 and Outlook 2007. Previously, I tried removing the Protected Storage System Provider subkeys per Microsoft Support’s article 290684, but that didn’t work. Thank you again very much for this solution!

  65. Pratap

    Alex and Ramy thank you so very much. Renaming didn’t work, but deleting the Protect folder did work. Thanks a lot.

  66. Martin

    Great, worked for me (Win 7 + Outlook 7)!! Thanks for your splendid solution!

  67. MATA

    Dear All,

    I also have same problem,
    I tried all your sugguest even delete “protect” folder but my machine still not resolution,
    I am using Windows 7 and MS outlook 2007
    Anyone help?

  68. Patrick

    THANK YOU!!! Worked like a charm with Vista and Outlook 2007. All three pop user accounts I receive through here! Did NOT work, however, without renaming file, restarting Vista, re-entering passwords, allowing it to send/receive properly, closing outlook and then re-opening outlook twice. In that order.

    Blessings for the info.


  69. Amie

    This worked perfectly for me! Thank you!

  70. Bobby

    You can also remove saved passwords in XP by going to the control panel and opening User Accounts (even if they are on a domain with no local account). Click the link for “Manager your passwords”. If they have saved passwords for exchange they will show up here and you can remove them.

  71. John


  72. Dolores

    I renamed the folder and then reopened Outlook, which just asked for PW once (haven’t yet rebooted computer)–but all my email messages are gone. It’s accepting new ones. Now I have to figure out how to get the messages back.

  73. Jess

    Thanks a lot. That definitely worked for me.

  74. Ants

    Thank you! It worked for me too :)!

  75. bryan

    This was a life saver, not only did it fix my vista problem with email password prompts, but an uderlining problem with windows explorer, where it would for me to reset my web brower search engine every time i went into internet explorer, I dont know what you did but you did it. Thank you

  76. Darren Moore

    It works great on Windows7 with Outlook 2007. Files are just in a different location but it works GREAT. This is what’ve been looking for.

    Thank you.

  77. Eric

    Wow. I’m running Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 (32-bit) machine and this totally worked. The only question I have now is…why? I like easy solutions, but now I want to understand the reasoning behind it.

  78. Walt

    Thanks for the disclaimer:
    “Note: I’m hearing from some readers that this doesn’t always solve the problem for them, so your mileage may vary.”

    The method did NOT work with Vista P2, and it doesn’t happen with my laptop running XP SP3.

  79. Nilesh

    Hey, thanks for this tip.. it solved my problem… :)

  80. Brent

    This method did not work (at least, not entirely). I followed the steps, went back into Outlook (the folder was recreated as expected), however it continued to ask for a password.

    I then deleted the CREDHIST file (located in the same folder). This DID fix the problem (this file was automatically recreated as well).

    So based on this, I’d say do the above, but also delete the CREDHIST file if it exists AND the above didn’t work.

    I’m using Windows 7 with Outlook 2007, btw.

  81. JR

    Thank you, moving the folder(s) did the trick for me on XP with Outlook 2007.

  82. Ivan

    million thanks. You solved my problem. I am freeeeeeeeeee from password annoying.
    I will assist my colleges but will definitely refer the good job to you.
    Thanks again
    I am running Win 7- 64 bit + ofiiice 2007

  83. Greg

    Thanks, thanks. Fixed too on Win7-64 Office 2010(32). I have been putting up with this for years!!!

  84. Ed

    Great! Works really well. Thank you!

  85. Kevin

    I was actually having this password problem with Office Communicator 2007 which installs a plug-in in Outlook 2007. Sometimes the prompt would show up in Outlook and then Outlook would disconnect and sometimes directly from Office Communicator. Removing the “Protect” folder from the profile (rename is what I like to do as well) seems to have resolved this. Must have been a corrupted protection file. Microsoft’s help (here was very convoluted – rebuilding the Outlook profile, playing with /safemode and disabling plug-ins (that’s how I deduced Office Communicator was causing the problem) changing registry entries, etc – but your solution was much more straightforward and quick. Thanks!

  86. sz

    worked for me temporarily.
    but after logoff/logon of windows 7, outlook just would not open.
    reverted things back to what they were and everything is fixed.

  87. shoggoth

    For me, this problem occurred when trying to use two Exchange accounts in Outlook 2010. I eventually got around it by first clearing out all of the credentials in Control Panel. Then, when Outlook prompted for the passwords, I prefaced each user name with the NetBIOS name of the Exchange server (i.e. “EXCHANGE\user”) instead of the default computer name. This seems to have solved the problem for me. Hopefully this will be useful to someone else.

  88. Robert

    After trying numerous fixes for this problem I have now resolved it on my computer.

    After lots of trial and error and investigating I found that the Incoming and Outgoing server that I had loaded for my mail account was actually outdated. My ISP changes these from time to time and the ones I had been using (for as long as i can remember) although they still work fine became somehow incompatible with Outlook.

    My fix is therefore to check and update all the current settings with your ISP and make sure you are not using old ones.

    I don’t know technically how this is possible. The main clue came for me when I installed Office 2007 on a new computer and manually re-established my e-mail account with the same settings on my old PC and the problem still occured.

    One of the fixes suggested is to set up a new Outlook profile and another is to simply delete the e-mail account and then set it up again. This will work for many because Outlook sometimes finds the current ISP details on-line automatically. If those try first to simply update what they have would be much easier.

  89. Walter

    This worked. Thanks!!!

  90. Chris

    This worked, very happy this problem was bloody annoying

  91. Paul Higgins

    Didn’t work for me. This is a problem I have had with every version of Outlook. Haven’t used it for a while, so I can’t remember the solution. If I find one, I’ll let you know for anybody else this suggestion fails!

  92. Paul Higgins

    HAHA! And YIPPEEEE!. I noticed in the ‘protect’ folder a file called ‘CREDHIST’ which presumably is a backup of credentials, which replaces any changes you make to the Outlook passwords with the original credentials and asks for your password. So I deleted the whole protect folder (at your own risk if you follow my solution!) and it worked (for me).

  93. Paul Higgins

    Just read somebody already suggested this- sorry, folks- I was so pleased it worked! At least now you have a possible explanation.

  94. Mark Oklaga

    Doesn’t work with Windows 7 or Vista Business.
    Deleted it registry and folder Protected and it still popping up.

  95. rdooba

    OK, I’ve read all of these and tried everything- still nothing. I have XP OS and just installed Outlook 2007, then my pw issue began. It simply won’t keep the pw in the pw entry box- not in Outlook, not when I go to my user account and add the server in with my profile. Nothing works.

    Arrrgggh (…. and Help, if you can. Thanks!)

  96. david

    FIX!!! – If this didn’t work for you this might help.

    After messing with this problem for days! I finally figured it out.

    Under Mail Folders on the left panel, you should only have “Mailbox” if you have anything else like a SharePoint server or archive messages, delete those.

    Problem solved! You are welcome!

  97. Mike

    Thanks for the effort, david, but I deleted my Archive folder, leaving only the Mailbox at the root, and I signed in again with ‘Remember’ checked… no dice. :(

  98. daniel

    It worked! thank you very much.

  99. Kevin

    Tried most of these solutions…but Patrick’s most closely.

    Fully deleted “Protect” folder. Then created “Protect” folder. Rebooted a few times to be safe! Then started Outlook 2010 (64) with Windows 7. Re-entered the passwords in the POP accounts. Did a couple of send and recieves (re-entering passwords and checking save password). Then exited Outlook and restarted. Exited Outlook and restarted.

    Fixed! My two POP accounts no longer ask for passwords. And, Thanks….hugely annoying issue.

    It also solved my IE8 problems.

  100. UK

    This worked for me. Thank you very much. You made my day :)

  101. Simon

    Unfortunately this has not worked for me. This problem occurs intermittently. I have 8 different pop email accounts with different providers (Gmail and non-Gmail accounts) on Outlook 2010. When I connect it either does NOT prompt me for ANY passwords and downloads emails or prompts me for a password for each and every account.

    I have tried just about everything including deleting the Protected Storage System Provider via Run > regedit . I also tried creating a new profile via Control panel > Mail > Profiles

    I am using Windows XP home with Outlook express 2010.

  102. AKT

    This worked great! Thanks!

  103. Anupam

    Thanks a lot man!!

  104. jami

    Dear all,

    I am using Vista and outlook 2010 or 2007 , while am disconnect the network and reconnect it again back it prompting to enter the password. how can i solve this issue.starting time i was given the remember password…………

    please help me some one.


  105. luci

    I had a cert file with for both internal and external, and the proxy resolved to external ip, after excluding from internet explorer it worked so be advised if you tried everything (exchange 2010 and outlook 2010)

  106. Ben

    Thanks, Worked on Windows 7 also!

  107. Bryan Haddon

    It wasn’t my first time dealing with this problem, in this specific case it’s Vista/2007.

    this time, none of the “normal” solutions worked:

    -Setting it in Network Passwords
    -Deleting registry Key
    -Deleting protect folder
    -Creating new user account.

    This was with a google account, and props to @Gilad above for figuring out the CAPTCHA unlock for google. I think performing this on the account may have worked. For google apps users, the link is:

    Good luck all!

  108. WazzaOz

    Windows 7 64bit, with Outlook 97

    Didn’t work for me and lost all my data in Outlook. Never mind..

  109. Cormac

    The solution listed worked for me with Outlook 2007/Windows 7. Many thanks, Cormac ( Support).

  110. zM@K

    Thank you for working.
    Greetings from Russia

  111. Zahid



    CICKED ON: TOOLS –> EMAIL ACCOUNTS… –> View or change existing e-mail account –> Change
    Now I typed the password and clicked on both tick boxes labelled: Remember password and Login in using secure password. I clicked next and ok. I also clicked on send\receive and put the password in the dialog and clicked on save tick box then pressed ok.

  112. Cathy in Portland Oregon

    This solution worked for me!! (Windows 7, Outlook 2007, Exchange2010) Thanks for the post!

  113. from a windows forum

    Here is what we did to get passwords to stick:
    This method will not require ANY registry modifications.
    When hosting a client our server name never matches the domain we are hosting thus you get a login prompt every time you connect to outlook.
    –For example our Proxy host is and the server name is So in order to get the passwords to stick you have to save the passwords for both domains, the proxy and the server, so you will need to go under credential management (Windows 7) or user settings (XP) and set the two entries. You can use the * to specify all servers on that domain like the following:

    Fill in the proper user names and passwords and next time they open outlook it will just let them in. The reason this works is when the PC looks to use a stored UserID and password it looks at the domain. So if the domains don’t match it will fail on one of the authentication attempts.

  114. Tom

    This worked for me on a Windows Vista Home Premium with Outlook 2007 and multiple User Accounts with the same Problem:

    I simply uninstalled the KB 2412171 Update as stated in

  115. mike

    Outlook keeps asking for network password – most annoying. (Giland comments above of 18 august 2009 were helpful)
    She noted that outlook was ‘locked’ and kept asking for network password etc She said is opened her mail in Gmail first and then it unlocked outlook. I tried this with my bt yahoo account, found my emails then went back to outlook – it opened and worked asked for the password which I then told it to remember and it did. Hours of messing around before I found this. Hope this helps you.

  116. Fletch

    If in an Exchange environment;

    1. Do as above with the Protect folder (A restart is not necessary)
    2. With Outlook closed, Delete the associated OST file.
    3. Open Outlook and enter the credentials ticking remember password.
    4. Close Outlook and open and the credential box shouldn’t reappear.

    Hope this helps.

  117. Daniel

    Worked for me, thanks!

  118. Shawnette

    Thanks a mil! Client had an issue this sorted him straight away!

  119. Stephanie

    I change the folder as listed above adding old to the folder in the listing. Reopening Outlook and it did not work. I shut down the computer, repoened outlook, reentered the passwords and it worked!!

  120. Dave

    I have been looking for a solution for this issue in XP for some time now. I tried this one to see if it would work but it did not. The folder location is a bit different in XP:

    C:\Documents and Settings\robert\Application Data\Microsoft\Protect

    Thanks, Robert!
    This worked for my client – Windows XP Home Service Pack 3 and Outlook 2010.
    While logged in as Administrator with Outlook closed I removed the files from the Protected folder.
    Had the client log in with his own credentials and launch Outlook.
    Had him tick the checkbox to remember him.
    He then quit Outlook and relaunched it and was not prompted to enter his credentials again! :-)

  121. John

    I have a simple solution that worked for me with Windows 7 / Office 2010.
    Go to Control Panel / Programs and Features / Microsoft Office. Right click on Microsoft Office, then clink on the “repair” button and let it do it’s thing. Give it a reboot, and you’re all set.
    Than’s it!
    I found this after spending hours online, trying things, talking to ATT, and talking to “expert” friends, none of whom helped.
    Good luck. I hope it works for you!

  122. Ambrose

    I had the same problem and did everything I found on the web without success. I even contacted microsoft and had to install a hot fix which did nothing.

    If you have this problem, and trying to connect to yahoo, try what I did and yours could be sorted as well.

    Log into yahoo and click on options, and select more options. Look for POP and Forwarding, click on it and tick the button that says Allow your yahoo mail to be Poped. click ok and exit. You’ll never get the password window again. Hope this helps

  123. Vimalrajsinh

    Thanks…Thanks…Thanks.! it’s working fine.

  124. Ab

    Just incase someone has the same as me – had a laptop connecting to hosted Exchange server constantly asking for the password.

    In the end it was because the date was out (by months) – no other symptoms, just couldnt connect to Exchange and they didnt notice the date!

  125. Mike

    Tried you outlook password fix on windows 7 & it worked a treat. Many thanks from UK

  126. KRISTA

    Thank you soo much i tried for days with multiple possible solutions and nothing else worked and then you came along and solved my problem, thank you again!!!!

  127. Rino

    hey glad that the solution worked for most.

    for me, what worked was changing the authentication method of OWA in Exchange 2007.

  128. Henr0

    AWESOME!!! THIS WORKS! Outlook 2010 was prompting me for my exchange password repeatedly when I started Outlook – it was not working. Renaming the folder fixed it! Also, the tip about editing the user account in control panel to add the domain password (I do not have my machine on the domain) is awesome, too!


  129. kannank

    nice solution.



  130. Diffus

    Not working for me. I’m using Outlook to check on seven different accounts, and having to click that dialogue box twice is driving me nuts.

  131. Ian

    Thank you John – April 11 – 2011

    Used your method of Repair Tool. Has worked a dream after all else had failed.


  132. Ian


    Using Win7 and Outlook 2007. Password popup every 10/15 secs during send and receive. Tried creating new pofile and .pst file – No better. Tried editing the registery – No better. Followed Johns advice – Control Panel etc and Repaired the Microsoft Office 2007 file. Fault gone!!! Thanks to all that take the time to post there experiences, Esp John 11/04/11.

  133. Colin Johnson

    I tried this fix twice and it did not work. Running windows mail on Vista with AVG free

  134. lailai

    I want to know outlook 2007,
    my e-mail account use in outlook, but this account use in outlook, ever repeated the password, why,
    pls good answer, thanks

  135. Ian

    Laiai – You must try the fixes given above. There is no One answer. Try each given method and see if it helps.

  136. pat

    I’m running Windows 7 and Outlook 2010; my Outlook does this same problem, but your fix does not work. any ideas?

  137. tony

    cool ,it works for me , windows7+outlook2007


  138. Theresa

    Worked for me but only when I also removed the CREDHIST file also! Good luck.

  139. mjm

    Worked great- thank you

  140. AR

    I’m going to retire and work for the next 64 years (I’m 64) to find a way out of this. When I do, I’ll probably sell it to BGates.
    Outlook 2007
    Windows 7

    What the he.. is the matter with Microsoft?

  141. AR

    Oh, I forgot to mention. for me, this is strictly a windows 7 problem.
    I’m also running a wireless laptop ( vista) and another desktop(XP) on othe same serve without any problem.
    My luck!


  142. phil

    This fix did not work for me exactly. However it led me to my own fix. (outlook 2007). What you have to do is open outlook; when you get prompted for the password (keep outlook open), navigate to the above mentioned folder and rename it(or delete it). Then go back to outlook, retype your password and check the save password box, and press okay.

    Outlook will now re-create the folder and save your password for good. Hope this helps :D

    Thank you for this fix, helped me fix my problem.

  143. AR

    Oh my God!
    I have no idea what happened but my outlook finally sopped loading.
    I re-installed it and the password problem is gone.
    I’m staying another 64 years.


  144. AD

    I tried all the other “snake oil” remedies, without an ounce of success. This one works instantly……….

    I don’t know what took them so long.

  145. AD

    Scratch that remark, Microsoft can’t seem to fix it either.

  146. OJ


    thanks for the tip but it did not work for me ( Win 7 + Outlook 2007 )

    Anymore ideas i can try ? i really need to get this fixed.

  147. OJ

    Didn’t work for me ( Win 7 + Outlook 2007 )

    am open to more ideas, really need to fix this problem


  148. Jeremy

    Just deleted the account and created new one. Pain to go back and delete all the old emails but now it works flawlessly.

  149. James

    Try this. By default, 2007 and 2010 time out with the server in 1 minute. If the server is at all slow or busy or if you have multiple accts., you will time out and get that pesky dialogue box you have to check.

    Open your email acct. as if you were going to edit it, click on “more settings” and then click the “advanced” tab. You will see a slider to increase your server timeout time. Increase it to at least 3 minutes.

    The pesky and frequent dialogue box which wants you to check it is coming from a server timeout.

    Now set your send/receive times to at least 4 minutes and you’ll never see that pest again.

    James, MCSE/MCSA

  150. James

    I forgot to mention that you need to do that to every email acct. you have. James.

  151. Gincairn

    1000 times thank you to the original post.

    This issue just popped up today and I had an absolute nightmare with it (Running 2007 on Windows 7) Last time I encountered it was on an XP machine with 2003 and back then it was a registry issue caused by Google Chrome of all things.

    This time, thankfully it was a much easier fix.

    Thanks again

  152. Felicia SG

    Wow! Quick fix!! It worked for me! crossing my fingers to let it stay this way~~~

    The pop-up was occasional initially and today it was stuck~! then i couldn’t send or receive anything at all~~~thank Buddha! hehe

    Thanks alot!

  153. Dooby

    You need to end up with the password reminder prompt being presented to you empty. If it is displaying with ******* in the password box you need to find a way of clearing it down. I had to re-add the troublesome email account manually (dont let it coax you into an auto version). Then close outlook, reopen and wait for it to check mail or run send/receive, then add your password in (but only if the password box is empty…if it is not…you need to find a way of clearing it…..simply deleting the ***** won’t work. Had a whole morning of trying the above…but did not work until I did this.

  154. Ian

    I have been having the popup message on and off for sometime now. I have posted on this page before and tried all the fixes that have been posted. The fault seemed to go away periodically but always came back eventually. In desperation I joined a company called on 0800 014 8233. They charged me but what a job they did. 24hrs of work and they proved to me it was an ISP issue. They contacted Talk Talk for me and resolved the issue. I am at the moment trouble free and hope it will last. My advice to anyone is don’t necessarily condemn your computer it may just be the ISP that’s causing the problem. I am running Win 7 with Outlook 7. I hope this will help someone else with this PopUp issue.

  155. Tek Support User

    Worked like a charm!! Thanks dude!!

  156. Shazad

    Did it and seems to have worked for me. I am using 2010 however and this would always pop up and annoy me. Thanks geek!!!!

  157. Maul

    Thanks, I did worked.

  158. Mark

    Great! and thank you, i works well on Outlook 2010 Pro + Win 7 Ent also ! Thank you!

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