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Enable Military Time in Windows 7 or Vista

It’s really very simple to enable the system clock to show military time in Windows 7 or Vista, but the setting is not in an obvious place, so you might not have found it.

To change this setting, we’ll need to get to the Regional and Language Options screen. The easiest way to do so is just enter intl.cpl into the Start menu search box and hit enter. Otherwise, type region into the Control Panel.

From the Regional and Language Options dialog, click the “Customize this format” button, and then select the Time tab.

Change the time format dropdown as shown:

You’ll notice from the key that the capital letter H means 24 hour time, and a single letter means that it won’t display the leading zero.

Windows 7 Military Time

It’s even easier in Windows 7 – just change the drop-down as shown:

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  • Published 03/8/07

Comments (20)

  1. darshan

    You can do the same on Windows 2000 + :)

  2. Benjamin H.


  3. NikeRJ

    You can do the same on Windows 3.1 and above!
    It´s not only a military time, but also the defaut time in the majority countries like Brazil and ´cause of that windows have support for this kind of time.

  4. Eek

    Thanks The Geek!
    I was wondering how to fix that problem. Being from Norway (while studying in the US), it’s always confusing when people don’t use military time for me. But at least the computer will be on my side:D

  5. Nick

    Good stuff.
    Didn’t know about it :P

  6. Jan

    Thanks for the hint!

    Seems like here (in Holland) we always use military time. LOL, we just call it the 24-hrs format :)

  7. James Duffield

    Quick Help! Gotta love it!

  8. Tara

    Awesome!! thank you so much that was really driving me crazy. thanks t

  9. thanks

    nice!! done

  10. Eric

    We always use that format here (Belgium).
    I can use the AM/PM time too, but I prefer 24-hour format. :)

  11. TK


  12. Mario

    Savee me from adding an additional side gadget from unkown 3rd Party… Thanks!!!

  13. Rex

    thanks for the info very helpful

  14. Monica


  15. Gloorian

    It’s the time format by default in France and we call this the 24-hour format.

  16. Clint

    How amazingly funny that you call it “military time” when in fact almost all countries in the world EXCEPT the United States use 24h as default time format. AM and PM is old and obsolete just like Fahrenheit and Inches. It is about time the US snap out of it and start using the Metric system, Celcius and 24h format (ie. “military time”) like the rest of the world!

  17. Khaos

    ..You seriously didn’t know of this? This all you know? (No pun intended) This has been around for probably, let’s say, thirty years? I suspect such settings came as default with BIOSes back in the time of the IBMPC even. That feature is nowhere closer to new.

  18. SirGouki

    In order to get a proper 24hour format, you’ll HAVE to click advanced, and go to the time tab. In this one, you can remove the colons (:) from the clock. If you would like Military style dating, click on the Date tab, and change the format to “ddMMMyyyy” without the quotes. HHmm for short time would make it 0947, and ddMMMyyyy would make it 08Jul2011. Now if only there was a way to capitalize the letters for the month.

  19. Fred

    worked perfectly.

  20. jarl_fenrir

    In my entire life i’ve seen only two computers NOT using that kind of time :P both was imported from UK. I’m from poland and we rarely here use 12 hourds format (am-pm or however you call it) – mainly in informal speech.

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