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Enable Additional Clocks in Windows 7 or Vista

Windows 7 and Vista include an enhancement to the system clock that lets you display 2 additional clocks when you hover your mouse over the system clock.

Here’s an example of the London clock in Vista:

And here’s the hover clock in Windows 7:

Adding these additional clocks is extremely easy. First right-click on the clock in the system tray, and choose Adjust Date/Time: 

Click the Additional Clocks tab, and select the options and time zone as shown:

You can enter a friendly display name. I entered “London”, but you could put something relevant to you, like the name of a family member living elsewhere. 

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  • Published 01/2/07

Comments (11)

  1. foomfoom

    Is there a way to have more than 3 timezones?

  2. Jared

    Yes, is there a way to have more than 3 timezones for Windows Vista?

  3. Americo Jimenez

    I’m very happy with your instructions. This is a magnificent way to learn step by step.
    Thank you

  4. anne

    I wish to do system restore back 3 weeks and Vista only gives a 5 day option as far as I can see. Is there some way to do a longer one???

  5. Ben

    Helpful more multiple timezones. However i was looking for info on how to put an analog clock onto the desktop, any help on this slant???

  6. Dessie

    i was wondering how to chane the clock display if i might be able to download different styles and if so where at?

  7. Moh

    Ok I get how to do this but is there a way we can have ananlog clocks on our desktop for windows vista? I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it for a couple of days now.

  8. balaji

    ^analog clock on desktop.

    i read in a post somewhere else in this forum that one can first enable the sidebar, add the desired clock, drag it on to the desktop if not already, then close the sidebar. after that one can drag the analog clock running on desktop anywhere on the desktop. if the z-order is enabled as “on top”, then one can even hide the systray digi clock and put the analog clock here.

  9. Bonjour

    # applauded # praise!!

  10. gaby

    does someone know if there is a bug on this ‘additional clocks’ thing?
    My issue is:
    I live in Caribbean, in which there is not a daylight saving time, so my local time will be (GMT-5:00)Bogota,lima,quito ..(i couldn’t find another that match with my time zone)
    then on the additional clocks, i set:
    Clock 1 as MTY Time zone: (GMT-6:00) Guadalajara,Mexico city, Monterrey
    Clock 2 as France Timezone: (GMT+1:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid,Paris

    The issue is..when i click on the bottom clock on task bar
    it shows
    Local time (for example) 9:00PM
    Clock1 (MTY) 9:00pm
    Clock2 (FRA) Wed 4:00AM

    so, on my clock 1 it appears my local time! even if i set a different time zone which it has a daylight saving time (so it should be 1 hour less than my local time)

    is there a patch that I should install?
    thanks in advance for the advise

  11. yuri

    I faced exaclty the same problem with multiple clocks and daylight saving time. It seems to be a bug in windows.

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