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Disable Windows Vista’s Built-in CD/DVD Burning Features

The vast majority of people I know use a software like Nero to handle all their CD/DVD burning even though Windows Vista has built-in support for burning. So how do you get rid of the built-in Windows Vista burning features since you don’t need them?

There’s a simple registry tweak that can disable the built-in burning features in Explorer, most notably the Burn button on the toolbar that you never ever use.


Notice the button is gone after applying the registry hack:


Manual Registry Hack

Open regedit.exe through the start menu search or run box and navigate to the following key:



On the right-hand pane create a new 32-bit DWORD value with these properties:

  • Name: NoCDBurning
  • Value: 1

You’ll have to logout and back in to see the changes. To remove, just delete the key or change the value to 0.

Download Registry Hack

Extract the file and double-click on DisableCDBurning.reg to enter the information into the registry. The EnableCDBurning.reg file will re-enable the burning features.

Download DisableCDBurning Registry Hack

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  • Published 02/8/08

Comments (22)

  1. Americo Jimenez

    I’m very glad to have a tip to improve my knowledge of windows in general and of Vista in particular.
    I learn every day.
    Than you

  2. Chris

    hey, i hav vista home basic & ths reg hack dint work for me! :(

  3. Gary

    Didn’t work for me on Ultimate x32.

  4. Cleggy

    were is the reg fix to re enable the cd burning.i cant find it anywhere

  5. The Geek

    You have to make sure to log off and back on for the fix to take effect.

    @Cleggy: the EnableCDBurning.reg file is in the zipfile.

  6. Chris

    I did exactly as your article sed; applied registry key, restarted my laptop and still had the burn button available. I fink sum1 has made a mistake! :)

  7. jachymko

    Looks like a Vista bug. The setting is listed in the group policy editor (\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\WindowsExplorer.admx), but has no effect whatsoever. Will try on SP1 once I manage to install it.

  8. ledav


    same issue for me. Does not work after the reboot. (Vista Home Premium)

  9. Rick

    I too used Group Policy Editor for this to see what it would do, and it makes the very same Registry entry. While it doesn’t remove the button, the button no longer works, and this mod does seem to disable all other aspects of burning (e.g. properties of a drive no longer shows any burning configuration).

    Tested in SP1 Ultimate.

  10. cain

    OK I think we can all agree this one does not remove the burn button. However it does remove the cd/dvd burner from the sendto command which a bonus.

  11. I was able to get the reg fix to remove the button once, but then I did the enable hack to see if I could get the burn function to work again. After reboot the button was back but does not work. So I tried to remove it again and it will not go away.

  12. Willylump

    Does anyone have any suggestions on getting it to work? I have only had my PC out of the box for 3 weeks and the idea that this function does not work already annoys me.

  13. JohnDrake

    I ran the reg fix on Vista Ultimate SP1 and rebooted. It removes CD burning functionality but the “Burn” button is still there in Windows Explorer…

  14. Sweetrock

    thanks for this.. i had made a dvd by ashampoo and when i tried to read it windows was showing option for disk formatting..
    by using this it not doing that anymore and i am able to read my dvd again


  15. alvinkhorfire

    Is it also possible to remove E-mail button in Windows Explorer, just like for Burn button? Thanks.

  16. Ben

    This doesn’t work for me on Windows Vista home basic.

  17. tony

    yea i dont see it either all i see is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion…then policies has no expander arrow and when clicked on has no visible propertys this is really pissing me off i had BLACK XP one this toshiba till i was hijacked for my steam account then i figured i would put my OEM OS back on it now i cant use my paid for BurnAware profesinol and am forced to burn all my projects on my GF’s laptop that fµcking bill gates i wanna punch him in the face!!!

  18. 002

    To remove the burn button try this:

    1. open regedit
    2. Delete “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CD Burning”
    3. Create a key “CD Burning” (in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\”)
    4. Right click CD Burning, select permissions
    4.1 Advanced button -> Add button -> Enter object name = Everyone -> Oke button -> Check Deny column for: Set Value, Create Subkeys, Delete & Write Owner. Apply.
    5. Restart.

    I hope that work for u guys. It work for me.

  19. Michael

    Thank you 002 that worked!

  20. peter

    002’s way worked for me too. Thanks – didn’t even have to restart computer.

  21. DDrabbit

    I used the remove hack on Win7 x64 and it worked, if you would be so kind as to create the same for the “Share with” Explorer button! Thanks.

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