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Disable Windows Mobility Center in Windows 7 or Vista

Windows Mobility Center is a fairly useful tool for those of us using Windows 7 or Vista on a laptop computer, but might not be for everybody, especially since it takes over the Win+X keyboard shortcut.

If you would rather disable Windows Mobility Center, all it takes is a single registry tweak.

Manual Registry Tweak

Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search box and then navigate to the following key, creating it if it doesn’t exist:



Now create a new 32-bit DWORD entry in the right-hand pane called NoMobilityCenter and give it a value of 1.

Download Registry Tweak

The zip file contains both DisableMobility.reg and EnableMobility.reg files that will allow you to enable or disable the Mobility Center easily.

Download Registry Hack

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  • Published 08/23/07

Comments (18)

  1. Tim

    Yo, how would you get rid of this registry hack? Im guessing you would back track and just delete the registry value

  2. The Geek

    All you have to do is use the EnableMobility.reg file that is included in the zipfile… it deletes the registry entries for you.

  3. supermansghost

    This is a good tip.. that mobility center keeps popping up by accident.

  4. darn

    I disabled Windows Mobility Center using the reg values listed. I then decided to revert to the status quo by deleting the registry key. A couple weeks later, I’ve decided that I want to disable it again. Only now when I add the same registry values as before, Windows Mobility Center doesn’t disable anymore.

    Any ideas?

  5. Jasper

    Can I just delete the mobility center or will it jack up my computer? I’m trying to get as much free space so I can play Fable without it lagging.

  6. claudio

    I can’t believe it! I folow your instructions, but my “policies” is empty!!!!!!!!! There’s no explorer, mobility or system folder! How is it possible?

  7. crimson

    i got the same problem claudio! how can we fix it! this time iwant to run my WCM!

  8. Will

    whenever I plug in a monitor to the laptop via HDMI it starts off with my previous settings, ie 2 seperate screens, as it is supposed to but a couple of seconds later decides to display a mirrored image… how can I stop this from happening?

  9. HHook

    Hi there.

    I need to turn the win + e (the explorer keyboard shortcut) Can you help me on how to do this?

    My class mates think it’s very funny to open peoples PCs and hold down this shortcut… – freaking annoying :P


  10. calebstein

    @HHook: Just follow the directions in this other How To Geek article to disable all Win shortcuts including Win+e.

  11. Dan

    what is the simpliest way to turn windows mobility center off and on, in windows 7

  12. xtian

    whenever i launch windows mobility center, i would get an error message saying “The program can’t start because MSVCR80.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” but when i close the error message window, windows mobility center lauches and work normally. i recently upgraded from windows vista home basic 32-bit to windows 7 ultiimate 32-bit.i tried downloading and the dll file and pasted it to system32, nut when i lauched the mobility center it gave me another error message saying MSVCR80.dll may not work on windows….so i just deleted the dll again. please help me resolve this.thanks!:)

  13. Dean

    I’m having the exact problem as xtian above, how can we fix this. I upgraded from VISTA professional to Windows 7 Enterprise. The error message pops up twice and then opens up the windows mobility center which actually works. So why the errors coming up if the program is working? I have run a registry clean and tried copying MSVCR80.dll into SYSTEM32 and doing the following CMD entries:
    CD C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (if not already there)

    any ideas would be appreciated

  14. ve1bti

    Hello All

    I get the same message saying msvcr80.dll error
    can anyone Help

  15. johdoe

    best way to disable it is to use windows built in policy editor…open “run” and type gpedit.msc, then browse to user config/admin templates/windows components/windows mobility center doubleclick, choose “enable” and you’re done.

  16. Patrick

    great advice! much safer (IMO) than registry tweaks and it worked great.
    Anyone know how you can then map another program to the Win+X shortcut key that was once used by the Mobility Center? My computer has it’s own “smart manager” that takes the place of the windows mobility center on factory installs. There’s a special button mapped to Win+x that opens this smart manager on factory installs, but on a clean Win 7 install Win+x (and thus this key) is obviously set to the mobility center. I much prefer the smart manager to the mobility center because it gives more options to turn on/off the wireless, 3G, bluetooth, IR and calibrates the touch screen, things mobility center mostly does not do.
    So, i figure if the factory instal can have win+x mapped to this smart manager, there must be a way for me to do it! Any suggestions?
    (and to answer the question of why I don’t just restore to the factory install, 1) I wanted Windows 7 ultimate when the computer came with Home standard, and 2) somehow I can’t boot from the OEM partition into recovery whcih would allow a restore. So instead of upgrading, I had a gift copy of Win 7 Ultimate that I installed, for free obviously, and saved $100+ on purchasing the upgrade for the liscense that came with my laptop. And, predictably, the ability to hotkey the smart manager is not worth $100+ when that’s my only gripe right now)

    Again, thanks for any help

  17. workingstiff

    Hi Im on Win 7 64bit. I am very accustom to working with my windows phone and laptops, Outlook.
    I just had to rebuild my laptop from scratch, new hard drive and i decided on a clean install rather than restore. Its much cleaner, though some unexpected cost in used up keys from programs over the years excetera.
    My problem is Mobility center. I plug my HDX Imagio in and Mobility center does not recognize it. It opened at first to the green home screen but with a large red error on the lower left. If i plug in my phone and open the center i get only the settings screen, which says i do not habe permission to chqange. I should mention right now in the install stage i have not adopted a user yet.
    Is there away to clean uninstal (not disable) or to reinstall or repair Mobility Center. It seems to have a specific glitch in it. The phone syncs on my other laptop and i have rebooted. I do not have too many sync partners, even if it were to get to the screen, which it wont..

  18. y


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