Disable or Hide Optional Updates on Windows Vista

One of the things that drives me crazy on Windows Vista is all of the optional updates that show up in the Windows Update list. I want to look at Windows Update and see that there are no updates, not see that there’s a list of 14 language packs that I don’t really need

Just open up Windows Update, and you might see something like this:

But when you click on View available updates, you see this:

I have this sneaky suspicion that I will never ever need the Finnish Language Pack, being in the US and all.

All you have to do to hide these updates, is to right-click on an item in the list, and choose “Hide update” from the menu.

Now when I look at Windows Update, I see what I’m expecting to see in the first place:

If you ever decide to move to Finland, and that you want to install the updates, there’s a “Restore hidden updates” link on the left-hand side of the screen that will let you put them back in the list.

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