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Disable Hybrid Sleep Mode in Windows Vista

Windows Vista has a neat new feature for laptops called “hybrid sleep”.  Actually, Windows Vista has a neat new feature for laptops called sleep too, so I’m getting ahead of myself a bit.

Windows used to have a fairly simple hardware suspend command called “standby”.  However, this operation took a while to execute (both entering and exiting standby) and it was somewhat unreliable when performed repeatedly, on certain hardware or with certain applications running.  Sleep is meant to alleviate these problems by just serializing the current state into memory and then shutting down all devices other than the RAM.  With the OS state simmering in memory like that, entering and exiting sleep is nearly instantaneous.  However, the dark side to all this is if there is a power outage while the computer is in sleep, all of the unsaved data is lost (since it just existed in memory).  That’s where hybrid sleep comes in.

Hybrid sleep saves the OS state into RAM, but it also writes it all to the hard drive as well (sort of like hibernate does).  This ensures that even if power is lost, the data will remain.  This all sounds like a good idea, but in practice it’s just as slow as standby was.

Now, laptops have batteries and most of them are configured to enter hibernate when the battery dips below a certain level.  This means that unless the battery is physically removed, power to the RAM is never unexpectedly cut.  Thus, we don’t really need the hybrid sleep feature.  Unfortunately, giving hybrid sleep the pink slip is a little harder than it could be.

Step one, open up the power options setting from the control panel and select the “Change plan settings” link below the selected power plan.

Once in the resulting dialog, choose “Change advanced power settings”.  Now you need to scroll through the miles and miles of options to find the “Sleep” node.  Expand this, and then the “Allow hybrid sleep” node below it.  You should see two options, “On battery” and “Plugged in”.  Set both of these to “Off”.

Once this is done, click “OK” and you should be all set!  From now on, whenever your laptop would normally go into “Sleep” – usually when the lid is closed or when inactive for a certain time – it will enter full sleep mode, rather than hybrid sleep.  And when you go to awaken it from its slumbers, it should be fully responsive within a second or two of reactivation – as opposed to the 10-15 seconds after hybrid sleep.

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  • Published 04/22/07

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  1. melissa stegall

    That’s all well and good for laptops but I have a hp pavillion slimline, desktop pc. My problem is…I can’t get it to stay “asleep”. It sleeps for 1 minute then comes back on by itself. I’ve tried changing the settings in power options, but it behaves like i haven’t changed a thing. I don’t necessarily want to turn the power completely off. How can I change this. So it will come out of sleep mode when I move the mouse?

  2. anonymous

    You’re confusing sleep modes. If you’re going to suspend to disk anyway, then you’re right. But what if you’re suspending to ram? In that case the hybrid sleep mode is still a nice option.

    Also, if you’re suspending to disk, then it may not matter whether you remove the battery, because the data is stored on the disk, right? The only reason this may not be the case is if information is stored on the disk controller and erased when the battery is removed, which I don’t believe to be the case.

    After all, if you were right about losing data when removing the battery, then what purpose would ANYONE have for the hybrid mode?

  3. anonymous

    @melissa stegall:

    It sounds like you have resume_on_lan, or whatever it’s called, set in your BIOS and for your network card or modem in Windows. One way to confirm this is to unplug your network connection before putting your machine into sleep mode and see if the problem continues.

    There’s also the possibility that you have an alarm in your BIOS and it’s responsible for resuming your machine at some specific interval.

    To resume on mouse, you need to configure it in your BIOS, if it supports it. There may be a setting in your WIndows power settings also, but I don’t have Vista, so I’m not sure.

  4. Tom

    Surely, by circumventing Microsoft’s intention to save your work to disk, in the event of a powercut (obviously for a desktop here, laptop being more predictable battery-wise) you will lose your work?

    I have become a little confused. Can someone clarify this: is the only difference between hibernate and hybrid sleep the ability to start windows by pressing a key or moving a mouse, like with standby? And why can’t I have both hybrid sleep and hibernate as options on the start menu? Windows only allows hibernate when hybrid sleep is deactivated as I understand it.

  5. Mr Linux

    The difference between Hybrid Sleep and just normal Sleep is that Sleep doesn’t serialize the RAM to disk. Thus, Sleep is much, much faster to engage, as well as to come out of. It doesn’t really have anything to do with mouse moving or LAN activity.

    I wouldn’t disable hybrid sleep for a desktop, but for a laptop things are stable enough that it really isn’t a problem (I’ve been using it for over a month now without any data loss).

  6. Sean

    I have a new HP Slimline that is having the exact same issue that Melissa stated above…and just like anonymous mentioned, I went looking for wake on lan in the bios and can’t find it anywhere. If anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to know…sleep isn’t working well on this model presently. Other than that, what a great little pc!


  7. Sean

    may have found a solution. go to hardware device manager, select the network card, go to properties, and in one of the tabs you have the option to uncheck “allow this device to wake the computer.”

    That seems to keep my slimline sleeping so far…
    I found this doc on HP’s site for people that were having problems getting their computer to sleep and got me thinking…


  8. The Geek


    That helped me as well… I was having an issue with my laptop where I put it into sleep mode and then pulled out the network cable… which would turn the computer back on. Very irritating.

    Thanks for the followup… feedback from the readers is very much appreciated.

  9. Fluffman

    Thanks Sean. Your solution works a charm on my system.
    It was very frustrating putting my machine to sleep and as soon as I did, it woke straight back up after 1 or 2 seconds, most likely because of network signals from my ethernet modem.

    Thanks again.

  10. Saad

    Hey Sean…I have an Acer Aspire 5050 and Vista is working fine for me except recently whenever I shut the lid or put it to ‘hybrid sleep’ it still remains on and doesn’t go to that mode, but only the screen turns black and it locks my computer. When I open it again, it’s on the ‘enter the password’ screen.

    I tried to switch hybrid sleep off and followed your directions but at this part: “choose “Change advanced power settings”. Now you need to scroll through the miles and miles of options to find the “Sleep” node. Expand this, and then the “Allow hybrid sleep” node below it. You should see two options, “On battery” and “Plugged in”. Set both of these to “Off”.”

    I don’t see the “Allow hybrid sleep” and I only see Sleep – which opens up to Sleep After:

    What should I do?


  11. Dave

    i. I’m sorry but, following your steps to remove the hybrid sleep function, I discovered it was already disabled but my laptop use to go to hybrid sleep anyway (or at least this is what I suppose to happen).

    My problem is that, when I shut down my laptop it automatically re-boots by itself… and the same happens when I put it in hybernation.

    Can you halp me?
    I know this is a problem of WinVista Home Premium of the italian, french and norwegian version.

  12. Pkjmesra

    I have toshiba tecra a4 laptop and Vista business edition installed on it. the problem is it never shuts down unless I keep the power button pressed for at least 5 seconds. Even if the OS is shutdown, the laptop is never turned off on its own.Any idea?

  13. Gene

    Hi everyone, I have an Acer Travelmate 4230 and I love the new “Sleep” function apart from the fact that I cannot get it out of Sleep mode and need to reboot in order to get my machine up and running. Can anyone help and/or am I being a “Dummy”?

  14. Linda

    I have a new inspiron 531 with vista. When I leave the computer on and it goes into sleep mode the mouse or keyboard will not wake it – I have to turn the computer off and then turn it back on. I called Dell and they said it was a software problem not with the computer. Is there a fix for this?

  15. Kevin

    Linda, by chance do you have a 2nd monitor attached to your laptop? I can not wake from mode either when both monitors are used (2nd monitor extends my workspace). My laptop is an HP, BTW.

    Also, when I only use my laptop monitor, I can only get the computer to wake up by pressing the power button.

  16. Nyck

    I’m having a SNOW WHITE problem: exactly the opposite problem of some of those above. When my computer enters sleep, it stays asleep no matter what I do. (I even tried kissing it to wake it up, but I guess I’m not such a prince.) I’ve tried pressing Enter, Esc, Start, etc. on my keyboard, either for just a second or holding it down for awhile. I’ve tried jiggling or clicking the mouse. I’ve tried tapping the power button briefly. The computer just stays asleep. I can tell it’s still in sleep mode and not off because the power light is still on. If I press and hold the power button for several seconds, the computer does a hard reset and reboots.

  17. arun

    for any help[ for the Windows Vista operating system….please visit this site

  18. Kevin

    I fixed my problem with not being able to wake from sleep mode with the latest bios update for my HP laptop.

  19. John

    I have a white-box PC, and the small but reputable manufacturer has told me fairly authoritatively that the Vista sleep problems, going to sleep-not waking up and going into and out of sleep unbidden, are both software bugs in Vista that are supposed to be fixed in SP1. I have tried many and all of the above suggestions, without consistent cure for the no-wake-up situation. Any thoughts on this report?

  20. Joe

    Hybrid sleep was required for my new Dell XPS 1330 so that Vista would redetect USB devices when coming out of sleep (standby).

    My situation was this: working at home in the evenings with laptop attached to a KVM. Go to “sleep”, packup laptop in AM, go to work, attach external keyboard/mouse/monitor, come out of sleep mode, USB keyboard/mouse not recognized. Enabling hybrid sleep mode fixed this issue.

  21. Rowe

    Just recently, I’ve noticed that I don’t have the Hibernate function at all. I used to have it enabled when I would close my lid of the HP Pavillion 5000, but just over the last few weeks the only options available are sleep and shut down. Can anyone advise me how to re-enable this feature? Thank you!

  22. Larry

    My “allow hybrid sleep” and “hybernate” options are completely missing now on my Sony VAIO. When I go to the “Power Options” menu as you show in this article, the menu only shows “Sleep After” and does not show “Hybernate After” nor “allow hybrid sleep”. I went to the Multimedia section and changed the setting as you recommended, but no change. When I originally bought this PC a few month ago, I am SURE all 3 choices were there.

  23. AJ Sell

    It didn’t help my sleep problem–won’t go into sleep after no activity.

  24. R Scott

    Nice directions but my Vista Home Premium doesn’t have anything like Allow Hybrid Sleep in your step 2. All mine shows is Sleep > Sleep after and then catagories On Battery and Plugged in with drop downs to select Never or amounts of time.

  25. Larry

    Frankly, Vista is just a poor, beta-level OS.

    OK, if there is only SLEEP as an option, then please see below. “Disk Clean-up” kills the other options.

    The hybrid sleep feature and the hibernation feature in Windows Vista may become unavailable after you use the Disk Cleanup Tool (or fix hibernation not working)
    [updated 12th March 2007 21:03]

    This particular problem went round the internal discussions groups – having told people how to turn on hibernation and suggested a KB article on it, Armelle O’Neal told me that is has already been written up in KB Article (928897).


    After you use the Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows Vista, you may experience the following symptoms:

    You cannot see the Hibernate option in Power Options.

    When you use the sleep feature, the computer does not recover its settings if power is lost.


    This problem occurs when the Disk Cleanup Tool disables the hibernation file. The hibernation file must be enabled to access the hybrid sleep feature and the hibernation feature in Windows Vista.
    When the hibernation file is disabled, and the hybrid sleep feature is enabled, a backup of open programs and open files will not be saved to the disk when you use the sleep feature in Windows Vista. Additionally, if the computer loses power while the Windows is in sleep mode, open programs and open files will not be recovered, and any unsaved work will be lost.


    To resolve this problem in Windows Vista, run the powercfg -h on command at an Administrative command prompt to enable the hibernate feature and the hybrid sleep feature. To run this command, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.

    2. Right-click Command Prompt, click Run as administrator, type powercfg -h on, and then press ENTER.

    If this fails, it is normally because the command prompt is not actually running at an admin level – click here for my “how to tell”

  26. anonymous

    I have an Acer Aspire Desktop computer with vista and when i press the power button in the start menu the computer goes into ”sleep” mode there is absolutely nothing i can do to ”wake it up” i even do a hard reset and retart the machine but it wont exit sleep mode, this is really frustrating and i have even sent my computer in to get it fixed when i didn’t realize this was the problem. How am i supposed to get it out of this mode.

  27. Daniel Spiewak

    Sounds like a hardware problem actually. I’d proceed along that avenue in my diagnosis, but frankly if it is the hardware’s fault, there’s not much you can do.

    On the flip side, it is a desktop, so the sleep mode doesn’t serve that much of a purpose to begin with. I would either shut the desktop down completely, or just lock the screen. Sleep mode is really only *necessary* for mobile devices.

  28. Keri

    I am having the same problem with regards to getting the computer to “wake up” from sleep mode. With my old computer I would just let the screen saver come on and I much prefer that as it was easy to start using the computer again. As of now rebooting doesn’t even work all the time to get it out of sleep mode. I have to completely disconnect the power supply.

    Mine is a desktop as well and if sleep mode is not necessary I would love to disable it. How do I lock the screen? Sorry if that’s a super dumb question.

  29. David Mathews

    I too have the problem with vista walking up after a few minutes. I have turned off the Hybrid sleep and that helped alot but I do NOT have the network check where it wants to wake my computer while sleeping. Any other ideas?

  30. AJ Sell

    My problem was solved when I got a new keyboard.

  31. alastair

    i accidently entered the sleep button. and when i tried turning on my PC again, the screen doesn’t detect anything.

  32. abraham

    Hi all, I have a compaq presario C714NR with vista home premium 32 bit. On upgrading the RAM from 1GB to new RAM 2 GB. Doesn’t REVIVE FROM SLEEP…and sometimes does an awkward improper shut down. If i switch back to the original RAM i had in the laptop the problem is gone. But it detects the 2 GB RAM perfectly if i put it back in and performs much faster…the only problem being with the sleep mode.. CAN ANYONE HELP?

    Hp customer support is saying that i should buy the most expensive RAM out there ($ 299.00) if i want it to work correctly…and somehow i don’t believe that…

  33. Peter Lazos

    I’ve got a desktop with Vista premium.The ather day I pressed the sleep batton on the kb and when I decided to revive the machine, nothing!I talked to the computer store where I bought the computer and they told me “It’s a well known problem.Just open the box,remove the internal battery and reinstall it.”It
    fixed the problem.Hello m$,are you listening?What a shame

  34. Nancy C.

    I have a new Dell laptop with Vista, on which I manage my non-profit web site through Microsoft Front Page. It is totally messed up now that I’m using a Vista operating system. Although the published site looks fine, the MFP design page is a mess with bars overlapping type and disappearning type that is actually there. Now a warning box appears every time I go to the preview page that says an error has occured, do you still want to run scrips on this page. Yes or No?
    I don’t even know what scrips are…yet it still works. BUT WHAT A PAIN. Is there any way around these problems. I wouldn’t have purchased a Vista machine if I had known.

  35. terry mann

    have a aspire 5610 with vista os, when booting up, turns on but no desk top, screen is black, laptop did not have a boot disk or oem disk for reboot etc. how do i resolve this, please help? where or how do i make a boot with files from internet, cannot even get to bios to try, really a dummy? Thanks in advance

  36. Jim

    I have a vaio running vista and out of nowhere my sleep function no longer works. It certainly used to but now all that happens is the screen locks, nothing more. I have tried everything above including the network wake option. Is there anything else like the network wake that could prevent sleep? Ta

  37. Sushant


    I have a 3 month old HP dv6516tx notebook running vista home premium. in the advanced power options i can not see the “Hybrid sleep” option at all and this has got me worried. Can you help me please?


  38. raghavendra

    hi sushant
    check in bios the power state. make it to s1 and s3 state and go to advanced power settings and make the adjustments.

  39. Bhargava

    Hi i am unable to disable the Hybernet option after doing all the above procedure can any one please help me out in this issue because i will be working on it for some time and i will leave it when i get the other work and i will be connecting from the other pc’s remotely to this pc also then i am facing the problem like the remote desktop could not be established because of the pc is going in to the sleep or the Hybernet state after enabling the the remote desktop..
    Thanks in Advance..

  40. Phil

    I too have the dell inspiron 531 and if it goes to sleep it won’t wake up. Called dell several times about this – one even had the nerve to tell me, well don’t put it to sleep and you won’t have a problem.

    there must be a solution.

  41. scott

    Why am I unable to “wake-up” my system from power saving mode when I move my USB mouse or press a key on my USB keyboard?

  42. phil

    i turned the hybrid sleep off and guess what, nada, zilch, ain’t doing it, get outta here, you said what. get the picture. and i’ve tried tons of other combinations to get my vista to sleep and still, it’s got a mind of it’s own. somebody, somewhere in this good ol’ u.s-of a has an answer. again, my email is i’m sleeping near my computer in anticipation. hurry! i ain’t gettin no younger. plan b. is it possible to download xp over vista without a cd. be gentle. i’m a layman. thanks!

  43. Nick

    Uhm for some reason i cant see the Allow Hybrid sleep in the sleep options and i have vista..? Can you help?

  44. Hanz

    Get Vista SP1 through Windows Update!

  45. Ryan

    those of you who are experiancing the same problem described by mellisa(i.e your PC keeps waking up after 1 minute) this is what you have to do:

    1. Go to device manager
    2. click on network adaptors
    3. find your network card ( mines is NIVIDIA n force)
    4. Click on the POWER MANAGEMENT tab at the top
    5. UNCHEK “allow the device to wake up the computer” and OK
    6. come back on this forum and thank me lol.

  46. problem

    Funny, i have opposite problem, there is no setting for disabling entire sleep function, my computer should be always on, and it keeps goin onto sleep once per day, found that theres time setting for it, that was default as 1080 minutes, but you can only change time, cant disable it??? why is that… xp had profile for alwayson, but vista is forcing sleep…

  47. fini

    i know theres a way to make my laptop go out of hybernate and/or sleep mode by pressing any key from the keyboard or moving/pressing the mouse; i know its there cause i remember seeing the option recetly. heres my problem, i cant remember where i want to be able to.
    is anyone knows how, it’d graetly app.
    by the way, i have vista on a toshiba.

  48. kristoh


    There should be an option to ‘allow this device to wake the computer’ under control panel | keyboard | hardware | properties | power management

  49. tonebone

    Have a very similar prob. acer aspire 5315 laptop that used to sleep fine now will not stay asleep for all the gold in china. Recently added trend micro and system mechanic but cannot think of anyting else tried what was listed here still nothing. HELP!!! P.S. Good ideas though, I had the network prob. with my desktop before.

  50. Chris

    Larry…your comment was fantastic regarding re-enabling the hibernation file. Worked like a charm.

  51. amit

    THANKS for this tip. It is VERY useful

  52. Boris

    This is a great article! It solved my Lenovo x61 sleep problem like charm. I have 4GB of RAM on this laptop and closing the lid caused the laptop to be non-operatable for at least one minute. This coupled with Lenovo’s ability to block hard disk writes when shock is detected made my laptop unusable for few minutes when I walk around. You could imagine going to a presentation, opening your laptop and making the audience wait for few minutes because your laptop is still trying to GO TO SLEEP :(. Resuming from sleep was relatively fast.

    After disabling hybrid sleep mode the laptop goes to sleep within 5 seconds. It resumes in 3 seconds (the delay is due to Wi-Fi connection). Again, great article!

  53. Karla

    I’m looking for help in refreshing the computer back OUT of sleep mode. When I walk away for as little as 20 minutes and return, I have a black screen…not a screen saver as I used to have…just a black screen. Moving the mouse does nothing. Tapping the “enter” key does nothing. The only way to get things back is to power off the computer…but upon turning it back on I get a screen that says “Resuming Windows” but Windows never does “resume.” So I have to power it off again…and when I come back on this second time, I am in a DOS screen with the header “Windows Resume Loader”. “Delete Restoration data and proceed to system boot menu” is highlighted, and this does take me into the windows load and to my desktop where everything works as normal. HP sent me some troubleshooting things to try, none of which solved the problem.

    Any ideas???

  54. Me

    Good job =)
    I hated my laptop going to sleep every hour I’m away.

  55. Kim

    Help me please,

    Just bought a Dell Inspiron less than a week ago with Windows Vista running on it, presses the sleep mode by accident and it wouldnt wake up so i used the power button to turn it off and re start (thinking it would resume to previous settings) but i still had a black screen but this time the power light was amber but with a blue light flashing and two beeps. What does this mean? and how do i get my new pc back?? Please please help??

  56. philip

    It seems that with the recent update that windows just gave has finally solved this problem, my computer will now wake up from sleep using vista.

  57. Scott

    I have a dimension c521 with Vista. Whenever my computer goes into sleep mode i can’t seem to wake it up.Is this just me or is this an ongoing issue for others with the (latest and greatest Vista; MY ASS!!!!)
    If someone could please help me with this It would be mostly appreciated. I pretty much just turned off sleep mode and I don’t seem to think this a good thing.

  58. Karla

    Scott, apparently there is a Windows update that will run at some point. Mine must have, without my even knowing what I was downloading because if you read back a couple posts, to mine from August 23 you will see that I was about ready to throw my new computer right out the door. I was literally eiher chained to it until I had completed everything I might possibly have had in mind when I booted up, or I had to turn it off and start over TWICE to get past the black screen that came up if I stepped away for even as little as five minutes. I dealt with it by shutting down every time I needed to leave the computer…that way I only had to start up ONCE when I came back to it. Talk about P.I.T.A!!! But just for S&G’s I left it on the other day after reading “Phillip’s” post stating that there was a recent update that seemed to have cleared it up. It does seem to have, in my case anyway. Hopefully it will for you as well.

    Anybody got an XP disc kicking around anywhere? LOL

  59. Vee

    I’ve also been having problems with Sleep in Vista SP1. When I first had my Dell laptop there was no problem but now whenever I wake it up it refuses to recognise my wireless connection. The only way I can retrieve emails or refresh my home page is by restarting. I’ve tried most of the remedies above but nothing has worked.
    Anyone help with this please?

  60. Karla

    Vee, I’m wondering if you’re going to run a Windows update at some point that will clean up the problem. I was extremely annoyed with my new computer later this summer and really regretted having bought it…but found through this forum that I was not alone. Although it does seem that the issue presents itself in a slightly different way on each user’s computer…very strange…anyway, mine just stopped doing what was annoying me, as suddenly as it had begun doing it. All I could think of was that I had a Windows update that ran at one time and a fix was in it, because nothing else I had tried had done any good before that.
    Maybe as yours updates over the next few weeks something good will come of it. I hope so. This really is an aggravating problem to deal with.

  61. Vee

    Well, Karla, it looks as if you were right. I had changed my settings so that closing the lid meant Shut Down instead of Sleep. I left it that way for a day or two, then after I’d read your post I changed it back again. Now, after weeks of aggravation, Sleep seems to be working properly so either a new update worked on it or it’s simply temperamental. Must have been created by a bloke! (Sorry boys – no offence intended!)

    Thanks for your input.

  62. Vee

    Ha ha. After my last post, Sleep has gone haywire again. I was clearly too optimistic! ‘m at a loss as to what to try next so I shall just revert to Shutting Down when the lid closes. At least that way I’ll know everything works when I log on.
    If anyone else has a better idea then I’d love to hear it please.

  63. Hennie

    Please help,what must I do to activate my laptop`s Sleep?My laptop`s Sleep is unactive.(I hope you`ll not charge me for any help)Thanks for your help.

    Kind regards,

  64. William Chatto

    This solved the problem with my HP computer running on Vista. The problem I was having is that after the computer went to sleep it would go into a state where the power button was neither blue (on) or orange (sleeping) and the fan was running on high. There was no way to wake the computer up from this state other than pulling the plug and rebooting. My computer was also sporadically waking up from a sleep without anyone doing anything. After changing this setting, as recommended, the problem has disappeared. Thanks.

  65. Daniel

    I have had some of the same problems with not being able to wake my HP from sleep. My moniter, mouse and keyboard would not respond to anything, so I did a hard restart (disconect all cables including the power cable from the back of the computer and then holding the power button down for ten seconds, reconnect everything, power cable last and then power on.) This got my monitor keyboard and mouse working again , but im not sure what the initial problem was. Anyone know the problem?

  66. smilinangel

    Here’s my problem, hopefully someone somewhere can help me. My computer sleeps/hibernates on it’s own. It’s a desktop. It doesn’t wake up, no matter what I try. I’ve changed all the hibernate/sleep settings to never or disabled. No luck. I’ve had it looked at by an IT guy and the Geek Squad at Best Buy (where I bought it). They both thought they’d fixed it…NOPE!! I even contacted Microsoft chat and they attempted to help me to no avail. I’m not even sure he understood what I was telling him. HELP!!!!!!!

  67. Kishore

    Hi there. I have a similar problem with Lenovo Ideapad Y530 with 2GB RAM. If i don’t use the keypad or the mouse for 3 minutes the display turns off. I have checked all my power settings and changed them to 20 minutes. Hybernate settings are off. It’s frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.

  68. ITTi

    Thanks alot, this was really a pain, i used to close the lid and my laptop went to sleep everytime, glad thats over now :)

  69. ProJee


    hybrid sleep really sucks with 8GB RAM :)

  70. Bob Eisenberg

    When I turned off hybrid sleep, on my HP laptop, I got strange inconsistent results.
    I will report later what happens when I turn hybrid sleep back on.

  71. Richard

    I have been having much the same problem as everyone else. My problem was that I would sudenly loose my internet connection for no apparent reason. Some times while I was in the middle of something, or when I restart my computer I can’t connect to the internet. I was pulling my hair out in frustration. I started to think that perhaps my modem or router was faulty. So today I contacted my service pervider and asked them to send me a new gateway, as the modem I have is old, and I thought this is the likely problem. Than my internet wouldn’t start at all until I unpluged the modem for about half an hour. At this point I checked help and support under trouble shooting and they recomended that I go to my network properties and disable the sleep mode. I did this and so far it’s working ok. (Cross all my fingers and toes!)

  72. SamC

    Does anyone know how to call hybrid sleep mode from command line? I want to schedule hybrid sleep for my work PC daily (just in case I forget!)

  73. Samantha

    How do the turn of the flashing Blue Light on my Dell Laptop? It has to do with sleep mode. I just don’t want the light to flash.


    Samantha Umbaugh

  74. Samantha

    There is are three lights on the front of my Dell Laptop (O/S is Vista), and it flashes at night after the PC goes to sleep. How can I get the light to stop flashing

    Samantha Umbaugh

  75. Vincent

    Just bought a Dell Inspiron less than a week ago with Windows Vista running on it, presses the sleep mode by accident and it wouldnt wake up so i used the power button to turn it off and re start (thinking it would resume to previous settings) but i still had a black screen but this time the power light was amber but with a blue light flashing and two beeps. What does this mean? and how do i get my new pc back?? Please please help??

  76. Amber

    I have an issue very close to the same issue Vincent is having.
    I have a desktop hp pavilion with vista and when i try to turn on my pc or restart it, it goes into to sleep mode and hafe the time i can’t get it out of sleep mode to get the pc going i have to restart it manually.
    Some times it will start up with no problem.

    Any suggestions ?


  77. Jean

    Hi everyone, I am sending this message from my laptop because my desktop PC is having problems!!
    I THOUGHT it was a monitor problem because after a power outage, the PC came back on but the screen was black. I re-booted and nothing happened with the screen. Then I unplugged the power and plugged it back in – the ACER came up on the screen, then a dos message with two options, click to repair or click to open windows as usual… I tried BOTH to no avail. I can not get anything on the monitor except when cutting the power. I also should mention, there is something going on because I can hear the windows opening chimes, but immediately hear a sound telling me something is bad, but because I can’t get an image on the screen, I don’t know what the problem is.

    Please help!!

  78. John

    Like others….I have a new dell inspiron 530 with vista sp1 home premium. Putting the computer to sleep (clicking the ‘power’ like button near the restart,shutdown, etc…causes the computer sleep but not wake up.

  79. Shawn

    Hi I have been having some trouble lately on turning my screen off for my desktop in sleep mode running Vista Ultimate. Its a CRT Slyvania and I havn’t had any problems with pressing the power button in the start menu before. However lately when i press the power button it just seems like i log off because the screen, the fan is still running, pretty much everything is still on and i am at the password screen. Because before when I pressed the power button on the start menu it actually shut everything off and I could just wiggle the mouse a bit and up came the fan in the computer and a sec later the screen came on and i was at the log on screen to enter my password. So now I can’t REALLY go into sleep mode, i am stuck in log off mode, and its really annoying. ANYONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Rudi

    Hopefully this helps some of you.

    Recently purchased a HP desktop PC (Vista Home Basic). Whenever it went to sleep mode, I could not wake it back up.

    Solved this problem by disabling Hybrid Sleep mode.

  81. Buz

    Hi. I have Vista home premium running on a Dell WPS420 and also have a sleep roblem, when I move the mouse the computer come back to life after sleep but with only 1/2 the destop showing on screen. I cannot see any commands so my only solution is to swith the poswer off and then start again. On booting everthing runs slow and I have a message above the double cylinder icon ( bottom right corner ) saying “the data in a volume is being verified and repaired” the icon keeps showing red / green / clear with the same message for the next 4 – 6 hours then disappears, presumably having been repaired. I have no real need to go into sleep mode so is there a way to disable the sleep mode and avoid the problem.

  82. Ryan

    OK this is to all of you experiencing problems similar to Karla with sleep mode.

    1) Firstly go in to DEVICE MANAGER.
    2)Find your networking controller in (network adaptors) ( mines is NVIDEA Nforce)
    3)Click on power management tab
    4) check all boxes ( then uncheck both top ones, leave bottom one checked)then click OK
    5)Expand “mice And other pointing device” , then find your mouse>Right click> Properties > check only box “allow this device to wake the computer” then OK

  83. Jeff

    Hi, I have started having problems with my laptop turning itself on while in hybernate mode. The other strange thing is that it doesn’t turn on normally, some of the lights go on, I hear the fan but nothing else happens. When I try to get it to turn on fully (crl alt delete, tapping power button etc) nothing works. The only thing I can ever do is hold in the power button and shut which is really annoying as I have to re-open all of my programs and sometimes lose work. Does anyone know what could be causing these mysterious half start-ups?

  84. bai

    very niche, work for me

  85. Sarah

    I had the same problem getting my computer to get “out of sleep”. I went to control panel-hardware and sound-power saving options-change settings-selected “put in sleep mode” never….hopefully that works!

  86. Arjun

    my desktop is an acer xp-1300 windows vista home premium,when i press the sleep button my com will go to sleep but when i press it when its sleeping it wont wake up on occasions it does but 95% of the time it doesnt

  87. Jeff


    I am using Vista 64bit Home Premium desktop PC. Sleep mode has worked fine for 1 1/2 yrs. All of a sudden, it will not resume from sleep mode properly.
    Basically, if the PC is in sleep mode and I press the spacebar to resume it, the blue windows screen will come up with all of my icons. However, no programs will load. I can use the mouse pointer for about 5 seconds and then it locks up. Ctrl-Shfit, Escape also does not work.
    I must press the power button on the PC until it shuts off. Upon reboot, the PC works fine until I attempt to resume it from sleep mode.

    Does anyone what has happened and how to fix this?
    I have not installed any new software on my PC.

    Thank you,

  88. Allie

    I am having the same problem as Kishore
    I have a lenovo y430 ideapad and I have gone into all the settings I could find that I thought might possibly keep the screen from going black Every 3 Minutes if i didn’t touch the mouse pad but I have had no luck at a!! It is Extremely annoying!!!
    Please Help


  89. jancla

    put my sony vaio all in one pc int sleep mode, turned it off instead of moving mouse, I can’t now turn the computer on it makes a noise no lights come on only the mouse light come on

  90. Atlanta Web Design

    Is there a way to disable the sleep mode altogether? I am having an issue when trying to connect using VNC and the computer is asleep. It won’t wake it up from sleep so I need it disabled completely.

  91. help

    I have a netbook and it won’t turn on at all… usually when I press the on button it goes from sleep mode (when the screen is blank but the lights are still on) to “on” and then the screen ceases to be blank. Now when I press the “on” button the screen continues to be blank and I’m freaking out- I know nothing whatsoever about fixing computers is there a quick, easy fix that doesn’t cost any money so my dad doesn’t have to find out? I would deeply appreciate any help/responses.

  92. Rebecca Salman

    I am a having a problem with my hp laptop where I will step away from it for a minute or stop moving the mouse and it will automatically lock itself up. I have tried to disable sleep mode and completely turned off hybrid mode, but nothing seems to work. Please help me!

  93. Affy

    I was having the same issue – laptop couldn’t wake up from the sleep mode. I could hear it getting back to life, but the monitor was all blank.
    I did many things – changed power setting, refreshed the BIOS, powercfg commands in CMD, but nothing worked. It was very frustrating. I even did a system recovery by reimaging the laptop to the original factory condition. But a simple video driver update from HP did the trick. YaaaY !!!

  94. Tony Fiorillo

    I have an inexpensive Laptop (Aspire 5251-1513 running Windows 7). When I shut the cover, the Laptop will go into Hibernation mode and nothing seems to work to wake it up. The power On/Off button light is on; however, the Laptop won’t turn off even if I hold this button down. The only way around this condition is to unplug the power source to the Laptop and turn the Laptop back on again. Windows will tell me that I had an abnormal end and I select restart in normal mode to get back online again.
    The circumvention that I have been using is to use Shutdown and then close the cover. I will use normal procedure to boot my laptop (power ON) and boot-up. The only good news I have is that this Acer boots up real fast. Perhaps, after I do my 2010 taxes, I will experiment with some of the solutions that I read about by others.

  95. michael smith

    Hi there this tutorial works for me but it can`t cover every pc model and every situation and if like me you just want your pc to stay on and not sleep when you are away for a few minutes then you can simply download an autoclicker and set it to click your mouse once every 60 seconds. Your pc will think you are using it and not shut down lol simple but effective just google autoclicker there are free ones available hope this helps.

  96. Ronny

    I am having a HP Elitebook 8530p running Vista. Whenever I would leave my pc overnight or couple of hours, it goes into sleep/hibernate mode. Normally by touching the touchpad or mouse, it would come back. It doesnt happen. I then have to restart the pc by the power button.
    Could someone help.

  97. ddlaurie01

    doesn’t make sense if his comp is in sleep mode that means his screen is black he can’t see anything to fix the issue so hmmmmm…..none of the answers make sense if you can’t see what is going on how can you fix the issue???

  98. Chiketa perry

    How do you disable hybrid sleep when the computer is in sleep mode?

  99. kisses01

    I realy need help. I have three hp pavilion slim line.
    2007 desk top. I forgot my password to get in to it the only name I can go under with is guest. How do I change the password so ican get it to it

  100. Maddy

    Hey, whenever i close my Sony Vaio it stays on the green light or the orange. I know about the orange light, but the green light is the problem. If i open my computer on the green light, it won’t turn back on. Then, I either have to restart the whole thing OR wait a long period of time. This happened this morning/yesterday:
    I was working on a drawing that took me a long time and I accidently shut my computer. So, I left it on over night. Then I get up in the morning and it’s STILL ON GREEN! So, I opened my computer and it wouldn’t turn on… And I had to restart it. AND NOW I HAVE TO REDRAW THE PICTURE! I am soooooo mad about that! I didn’t have a chance to save it because I accidently closed it.

    I have struggled with this problem ever since I got this computer

    So, If anyone could help me fix that problem, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!

  101. Xu

    Very strange problem with my laptop ……
    So, i need help in this regard to solve this issue …………

    Here is the problem:

    When ever i attach power cable with my laptop, it goes in sleep mode sometimes suddenly( as i attach power cable) and sometimes after 5 to 10 minutes. I tried alot to solve this issue but couldn’t found any solution of it …
    I’m using Compaq laptop with Window Vista Home Premium

    out thr anyone who knows what kind of this problem is and what’s its solution :

    plz help me … i got sick of this issue ….

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