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Disable Delete Confirmation Dialog in Windows 7 or Vista

Every time you delete a file, Windows asks you “Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?” This is typically a good thing, to prevent you from deleting files by accident, but if you are trying to do some cleanup and need to delete a lot of files, you might not want to be prompted every single time.

There’s a simple way to turn it off, thankfully, although I’d recommend you leave it on the majority of the time.


Just right-click on your Recycle Bin and choose Properties from the menu.


Now you’ll see the Trash Properties dialog, and notice the “Display delete confirmation dialog” at the bottom.


Just uncheck the box, and close the dialog. No more confirmations!  (I’d still recommend that you turn it back on when you are done cleaning up your computer)

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  • Published 07/24/07

Comments (12)

  1. Itanium

    Well, just press the Shift key while deleting (either with Delete key or mouse) and it will bypass the Recycle Bin all together. Of course, this is when you really know that you won’t need to recover the file from Recycle Bin :-)

  2. Wes

    No, Itanium that does something a bit different.

    Shift + Delete = permenant delete without prompt.
    Uncheckmarking the checkmark box = the item goes straight to the recycle bin without the prompt.

    This removes the prompt but doesn’t permanently delete the file. So its safer for your data and removes the annoyance of the prompt. If you find it annoying. I’ve just gotten used to it using windows for years.

  3. bskr


    Your website is very very good regarding OS..thanks a lot and keep up nice work..all the best. I learned a lot of things from your articles..i will be clicking on ads sure to generate revenue to maintain site.

  4. Dragoon

    Thank you SO much! I must have accidentaly unticked that a few days ago when I was snooping around on my new laptop.

    I was so worried I would delete things I wanted, or some such. Google was even a bit hesitant to direct me to your site, and it took many hours of searching. Thanks!

  5. Tyler

    I am plagued with a different problem. No matter what the delete confirmation dialog box status (ie checked or unchecked) I always get a confirmation dialog. I have deleted the bin, reinstalled it among many other “tips and tricks” but have not been able to remove that blasted confirmation. Has anyone heard of this issue?

  6. Tom Amitai

    Shift + Delete = permanent delete WITH prompt, even if display delete confirmation is disabled

  7. Andrew

    Your Site Looks Good. Please could I have some help, I have a vista pad on this machine but everytime I go to installing the macro key manager I get the mesage ( setup.exe has stopped working windows is checking problem ) this goes this far and no progress. I have installed this onto two other machines with Vista 32 and 64 Bit with succes and all worked using the same disc. So what needs to be done to this Machine running Vista Ultimate 64 Bit

  8. Bec

    is it possible to retrieve “permanently deleted” items from the computer after emptying the recycle bin??

  9. mukul saxena-jaipur

    I want to disable the delete command in windows, is it possible. It will also prevent the files from deletion by mistake or by intetion. Pl. help me.

  10. Sgt Matthew Tartaglia

    responding to is it possible. It will also prevent the files from deletion by mistake or by intetion. Pl. help me.
    You can undelete such items, there many free programs and there are some very expensive programs out there. But look around and be patient in an hour you should be able to do a bit of recovery on your own. You have to belive in yourself.

  11. b0rgm1nd

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


    everyone says thankyou, but it dosnt fukn work, allways needs to confirm power user statas and click confirm soooo many times…..

    regardless of any settings i can find, its the only reason that is enough to make me swap back to xp, such a bitch, not many reasons to keep it either.

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