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How to Disable Caps Lock Key in Windows 7, 8, 10, or Vista

The caps lock key is a remnant of typewriters dating from the nineteenth century. Unless you’re in the accounting department, it’s probably not very useful, so today we’ll learn how to disable it.

UPDATE: We’ve received some reports that some people are having problems with the registry keys on Windows 10 Home edition, at least. It’s a lot simpler to use Sharpkeys to remap your hotkeys though, so make sure to read our article on mapping any key to any key. That’s really the recommended technique – this is more for educational purposes anyway.

If you’re using Mac OS X instead, you can follow our guide on how to disable Caps Lock in OS X using a registry hack, or you can map any key to any key if you really want to.

Note: This article was originally published years ago, but we’ve updated it and are republishing for everybody that might not have seen it.
Image by Laurence Vagner

Understanding How Windows Key Re-Mapping Works

Windows doesn’t have a default setting to allow for disabling the key, so what we have to do is re-map the key to something non-existent so as to completely disable it. To do this manually, you’d open up regedit.exe and browse down to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout


Here’s the format of the binary data in the Scancode Map key, with the important parts in bold and various colors:

00000000 00000000 02000000 00003A00 00000000

Here’s how it works:

  • The first 16 zeros are just there to waste space.
  • The “02” in bold represents how many keys you are going to re-map plus 1. (It really represents the length of the data, but whatever)
  • The orange bolded “0000” is the key we actually want Windows to map TO, which in this case is nothing, or 0.
  • The blue bolded “3A00” is the key we are mapping from, in this case the caps lock key.
  • The next 8 zeros are there to waste space as the null terminator.

You can map between multiple keys by incrementing the “02” and then adding another of the colorful bold blocks in the middle. The 3A00 in the mix is the scan code.  For example, if you wanted to disable the caps lock key and then change scroll lock into a caps lock key:

00000000 00000000 03000000 00003A00 3A004600 00000000

It might seem complicated, but it’s really fairly simple once you start working with it.

Downloadable Registry Hack to Disable or Remap the Caps Lock Key

Now that you’ve learned how these things work internally, you can download and extract the zipfile which contains the following files:

ChangeCapsToControl.reg Changes Caps Lock to be a Control key
ChangeCapsToShift.reg Changes Caps Lock to be a Shift key
SwitchCapsToScrollLock.reg Disables Caps Lock and swaps Scroll lock to be Caps Lock
KillCapsLock.reg Disables Caps Lock
DisableKeyboardRemap Uninstalls the preference by deleting the key

Once you’ve applied one of these registry files, you’ll have to reboot your computer for it to work. To uninstall, you can use the uninstall registry tweak, or you can simply delete the Scancode Map key entirely.

Download Keyboard Mappings Registry Tweaks

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  • Published 12/23/10

Comments (138)

  1. Lisaweb

    Awesome tip, Geek. Great for my hubby, who has a Vista laptop. My laptop is still on XP and I have the key set so it sounds a beep upon caps lock. Only problem is, I usually have my sound turned off. So do you or perhaps anyone else know any way to disable caps lock key in Windows XP? I’d LOVE that.

  2. The Geek


    Doh! I completely forgot to add something saying that it should also work in any other version of Windows as well. Will update!

  3. Lisaweb


    I installed your “ChangeCapsToShift.reg” registry tweak on my XP Laptop, and it works perfectly! I couldn’t be happier! I live with a crooked pinkie, and Caps Lock has plagued me for years. You’ve earned a fan for life! I’m gonna save the file so I can install it on future machines as well. Thanks Geek!

  4. Alex

    I don’t recommend using this because, when you are talking with Kids you are going to press the SHIFT key so many times… :)

  5. will

    is there a way to map a key to be a combination of other keys? for example, changing my capslock to winkey+d or some other combination like that?

  6. end user

    combinations should be remapped by external utilities (that are launcher all day-long), such as autohotkey.

    the mine problem is that i cannot map “pause” to “home” on my laptop since “pause” is quite a queer key :-(

  7. Jim Beck

    I believe that there is on too may “00” after the “02” or the “03” in your example. There file may be correct, but I think the count or length has one too many “00” after it. Thanks!

  8. Brian

    I used the change caps to shift and it works great. Thanks.

  9. christos D

    I have a new lap-top but there is no caps lock key on the keyboard. Is there any combination of keys that turns letters to capital from small and the opposite?

  10. Marco Conti

    Just in case someone else may need this: If you don’t need to disable the Caps Lock key, but you want to have the Shift Key turn it off instead (which I much prefer because I actually use the Caps Lock key. Seldom, but I do), this is the procedure:

    Control Panels > text Services and Input Languages > Advanced Key Settings > To turn off Caps Lock: Press Shift Key – Radio Button.

    This way, there is much less of a chance, especially in the English language, to press Shift and turn off Caps Lock before long.

    Microsoft, keeps on hiding and changing the location of this switch, but it’s one of my first tweaks on a new computer.

  11. Jens

    I’m not sure if I do it right. I downloaded, extracted and run the killcapslock and it says that some of the keys are in use by the system and can’t be changed. nothing happened.

  12. ExitRitual

    Hi, thanks for the TIp.
    CapsLock has been irritating me for EVER.

    Sadly, the Reg file to Kill it, or remap it (to scroll lock) seemed to do nothing.
    Any advice?
    (running VistaHP x64+SP1)

  13. Zachary

    I was wondering if there was any way to remap the enter key. Recently I spilled water on my keyboard(I have a gateway running windows 2000xp) and the only button that was affected was the enter key. I think i shorted the circut to that key and am left without an enter key. Is there any codes like this one i can download to remap that key to say F1 or something like that?

  14. Zachary

    also not mentioned in the post above it is a laptop computer. So i dont have any other enter buttons because there is no num pad.

  15. The Geek
  16. Zachary

    Hmm, iv tried using that before. I just tried again, I will write out the steps, maybe im doing something wrong? opened the program and for MAP THIS KEY I chose Special: Enter[00_1C] and chose to map it to Arrow: Down[E0_50]. clicked Write to Registry and it said i should exit out or shutdown for changes to be made. I exited the program and restarted my computer but even now the down arrow key does nothing. Will it not work on the Enter button because it is a special key? Not really sure what to do, iv tried a couple different key remapping programs none have worked yet.

  17. Zachary

    Any suggestions after the above post?

  18. Azaiaa

    Hi Geek!
    Thanks for the tip.

    For those of us that are having troubles with this, or want an easier way try KaneBT Caps Lock Disabler.

    (Type KaneBT caps lock disabler into google)

  19. Dave

    What would be the best way to disable the f2 key in Windows? My key is stuck-on or faulty and I guess the keyboard needs replacing as it’s also not working at boot (fortunately there’s another way to enter bios setup). Once windows in booted any time an icon is selected it wants to rename it, other annoyances occur elsewhere, until I do an alt-click, but it comes back. For that I thought it would be useful to disable it entirely via software/registry until I replace the keyboard.

  20. Me

    I read on some other site that for laptops the key codes could be different …

  21. Dave

    Sharpkeys does the job – you can remap or disable any key

  22. Steffen

    On a lenovo thinkpad R61 the mapping from Fn to Strg does not seem to work. The Fn key is recognized correctly by the type key function

  23. rusty

    crap! i did the registry edit for the changing caps lock key to scroll lock. Didn’t work, but has messed with my arrow keys…?

    I have a vaio laptop. Is this likely the problem? How can i put it back to noraml or do the caps lock change on my laptop?

  24. Xavi Atlas (SL)

    In my case, the one that I need to disable is the Num Lock key. I still don’t find any useful purpose for it and, what’s worse, I always press it accidentally instead of 7. Do you have any piece of advice on this issue? Thanks a lot, I hope you find the time to solve this out.

  25. Dwight Stegall

    Instead of taking a chance that some newbies will try this and screw up their computer’s registry beyond all recognition, why not just make an application that will do it for them. Have a check box in there to disable it or uncheck to re-enable it? Millions would applaud your name throughout time. :)

  26. Dwight Stegall

    I guess someone did make some apps for this.

  27. Xavi Atlas (SL)

    Definitely like that Dwight! Let someone make a little application!. I’m exhausted of searching the web and don’t find solution for this problem. I’ve seen lots of guys who just want their Windows XP to start-up with the numeric pad enabled… but that’s not my case!. I just want that bloody key to stop existing since I don´t need it…. or please someone explain what use it has….. The numeric pad should be enabled always, always without exception, always forever, from the very beginning ’till the day of judgement :-).

  28. Gexea

    Is there a way to UNDO the KillCapsLock.reg???

  29. The Geek


    There’s an included file disablekeyboardremap.reg which should undo it.

  30. Gexea

    Ok… Thank you very much!!!!!!!

  31. Rodney


    Thanks, you’re a lifesaver!

    I got a new(used) laptop from someone, and the capslock has been driving me insane!

    Now that the problem is solved (mapped to shift) I can stop cursing myself for fatkeying the caplock!

    Thanks again,

    – Rodney

  32. Zak

    I am still plagued with a full size keyboard that some brain dead engineer thought needed a Fn key. Unfortunately it is set in a way my media keys are set to my Fn + F-keys. Is there any way to find out what the key codes are to the Fn+F# keys? I would like to map them to the row of keys above my numpad(easy getting those codes) like every other full size keyboard with media buttons. I just want to have my F-keys for foreign language input and my media keys without using the Fn key for either one.

  33. Kevin P. Rice

    Disable CAPS LOCK? Why? Okay, I’m all for customizing your machine the way you want, but did you never learn to touch-type, or just never have the use to TYPE A LONG STRING OF ALL CAPS TEXT? Labeling CAPS LOCK as a remnant from another age is ignorant–it is integral to typing and is useful even for ONE OR TWO words, unless you like getting your fingers all in a knot holding down SHIFT with your pinky and typing with the nine remaining fingers–or maybe you hunt and peck?

    Yeah, I know about the password annoyance; and I’m sometimes annoyed that my wireless keyboard has no CAPS LOCK indicator (there are programs for that). Honestly, though, I think that NUM LOCK on a full-size keyboard is far less useful than CAPS LOCK. Of course, my worst complaint is so-called “enhanced” multi-media keyboards that mix-up and move all the keys into non-standard positions!!!

    I especially like the options to “swap” keys–boy, have fun going back to a “standard” keyboard after you get used to that!

  34. Kevin P. Rice

    Zak– This utility will reveals the key codes for your Fn+F# keys: — the output is in decimal, so make sure to convert to hex.

  35. LoAnn

    The new Vista has me completely confused. It locks me out of secure sights.
    I don’t know how to turn it on.
    I don’t know how to get the cap locks and num locks from changing. Really hurts when I’m putting in a password. I’ve had this computer about a month, and don’t know how to use it. The new keyboard turned me (who used to type 100 words to minute…..back to hunting and picking. PLEASE HELP ME…BIGTIME.

  36. Hal

    Thank you! MS should have fixed this decades ago. What a pleasure not to have that key.

  37. Kevin P. Rice

    I still don’t get people that want to get rid of an important function on their keyboards. I suppose none of you ever learned to type correctly? Whatever–if it makes you happy, I’m for it, but calling this a “fix” is silly. More like a mod for people that can’t touch type or something… Still, it’s good knowledge, I suppose.

  38. Zak

    Kevin, be civil or leave. Condescending remarks like that are not needed. There is nothing “important” about caps lock unless you type in all caps daily. It only enables kids to shout in forums and games. I have to look at my keyboard and I have taken 2 years of typing not everyone can touch type and hitting the button by accident is easy.

  39. Brandon

    I have a question. My parents fairly new Dell computer (Vista) keeps typing in all caps and can’t be shut off. When they send me an email via outlook, it’s in all caps and when I type a reply, it makes all my letters all caps even though I don’t have the caps lock on. Any ideas?

  40. Zak

    In my experience Dells are pretty shotty more often than not often have something wrong with them out of the box. My parents went through 3 until 1 worked, a customer had theirs crash right away and XP had to be reinstalled, another got BSOD from a bad video card…you get the point.

    Try 2 things,
    hold the sift key and see if it goes lowercase on you current keyboard.
    Try and make a new account on the machine and see if that one has the same problem.

    If those don’t work, you might want to try another keyboard and see if you still have the problem. If not your keyboard may have a short in it call Dell or just go to a store and save yourself hours on the phone and buy one, you can usually get one for around $10 if you want a basic one.

  41. dunceling

    Thank you so much for making this so easy for people fearful of going into the registry. Changing my caps lock key to shift is even better than disabling it.

  42. Jason Bowen

    I have a HTPC that’s running Vista Ultimate and a have a media center keyboard and a media center remote. I downloaded an alternatice media center software called XBMC and would like that when I press the green button my remote or keyboard it starts up the XBMC software instead of the Windows media center one.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  43. joe Mammino

    Tried your suggestion on disabling the Cap Lock key and it works like a charm. Tried it on June 5th 2009.


  44. jeremy

    i’ve read all the comments here and it seems like someone might know the answer to what i’m trying to do. i would like to map a combination of keys e.g. Alt+Space or whatever to a string of text so that when i hit the key combination it will auto-type the text in whatever program/screen i am in. i have seen lots of freeware stuff like AutoHotKey etc but i don’t really want yet another TSR program running in the background if i can help it. i’m sure windows must have the ability to do this somehow – even if it meand editing the registry manually, i don’t mind that if someone tells me what to do. I’m using a Dell XPS laptop with Vista on it. thanks all

  45. bobby

    i have a new laptop and when i hit f2 or example it shuts my inter net off i have to hit fn f2 it does stuff like that for all my f#s i realy hate it

  46. Blooknight

    Can’t anyone just give a simple answer as to how to disable this dinosauric wast of keys called caplock………..please just show us how to do it……for instance, where do we go for the zip files we need and will it do it automatically or what……..simplify please…….simplify.

  47. Angelina

    Thank you so much for the “Shift Key” tip. Saved me from buying a new keyboard!

  48. Greg

    Was looking for something just like this! I hit the Caps Lock key by accident quite frequently, and don’t know if I’ve ever used it on purpose in the last 10 years. So, I used the script you provided that moved it to Scroll Lock. Works wonderfully!

    Thanks so much for putting his out there!

  49. Flamesoul5

    can you please make a turtorail to disable the hotkey: ctrl + left arrow + arrow up , which lowers your sound (you have to press it in this order). i hate that hotkey but i have to use that buttons for the game i play. i would like to keep all my other hotkeys but i only want to get rit of that.


    Ps: almost forgot to say: nice job! :D

  50. Sergio

    Too many Zeros !!! Must be 40 in total yo have 42, this:

    0200000000 should be this 02000000 (6 zeros after 02)

  51. Tom Hall

    I find it just a bit strange that you claim that this article was written on 08/04/07 for Windows 7 (I quote your words: This article was written on 08/4/07 and tagged with: Disabling Features and Annoyances, Vista Tips & Tweaks, Windows 7, Windows Vista)
    Was Windows 7 really available 2 1/2 years ago?
    anolalies like this make one very suspicious of its authenticity. Is there an explanation?

  52. Brian

    @Tom Hall
    Well this apparently work for the other systems so in my commonsense judgement tells me that this was added for those systems and then the maker just came back and added Win 7 to it.

    You are right there is 2 0’s after the 2 that need to be earased or it wont work.IDK bout XP/Vista but it doesn’t in 7

  53. Tyler Tork

    Tom, Tom. I expect it was initially a Vista hack that was updated to include 7. I’ve downloaded it from here, and it didn’t do anything to my computer other than advertised.

    My question is, where’s the donate button?

  54. The Geek


    Pity that I let your unfriendly and useless comment slip through – normally I would have deleted it on sight.

    We went back and verified all the old tips that still work in Windows 7, and updated them, which you would know if you took 5 seconds to think before leaving a comment.

  55. Zen00

    I’ve used this trick on my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, and it does not work.

    Could you give me the registry path for this trick?

  56. Catmusiu

    I agreed with Kevin Rice comments, capslock key should be in place where is at.If anybody doesn’t like it, pop it out, dissable it, glue it to the Kbd, or change it for another key. I’m not an IT Wiz but I know how to take care of my PC. I have a Vista Premium Compaq laptop and my capslock key light indicator went off forever, but the key still working.
    Is there any trick [reg., software]that will pop up a wording as “Caps On” or “Caps off” as Logitech Kbd’s do!! I admired Billy Mays, but I really don’t want his face poping out if I use his software.
    Thanks in advance,

  57. jim k

    Thank you so much for the solution to my problem of how to disable the CAPS LOCK KEY, i changed it to a shift key instead, since that is where it really bothers me the most.


  58. charlie

    Thank you so much!!! I was about to pry that stupid caps lock key off of my keyboard! So easy to use!

  59. Kenn

    I like the option of using the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK keys, and I like being notified (onscreen and audible beep) when I toggle between CAPS ON and caps off (ditto for num lock) as my keyboard does NOT have LEDs to indiate key status. HOWEVER, I do not like the *ANNOYING* 5 to 7 second DELAY that the software uses to show me a tiny, pop-up status window on the bottom-right of my screen. What is so annoying is that Windows 7 activates the tiny pop-up window as THE ACTIVE WINDOW for those 7 seconds, forcing me to wait until the window in which I was working becomes active again, or forcing me to click on my previously active window to make it active again. What a ROYAL PAIN!!! Is there a way to allow the tiny, pop-up window to remain active for ONLY 1 second, or to eliminate the tiny, pop-up window and indicate CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK status in the system tray / tray notifications area of the main task bar? I have tried turning Toggle Keys on and off, and have likewise done the same for Filter Keys.

    PLEASE hlep, this function is making me crazy!!!

    SYSTEM: Windows 7
    KEYBOARD: Gateway KB-0817
    KEYBOARD DRIVER: Standard PS2 – plug and play compatible (I’ve also updated the driver, to no avail)

  60. Randall

    I downloaded the registry file to disable CapsLock. What do I do now?
    Come to think of it, there are (were) more than a few tweaks such as this where no follow-up instructions
    were given to actually install a tweak file.
    I like to think that most people are as computer illeterate as I obviously am.
    Please further iterate this fix as I despise the CapsLock key almost as much as people that think you are
    slightly lower than a mold spore just because you can’t touch-type. Maybe next time they may think “arthritis.”

  61. katiee

    i’m desperate to undo this thing i downloaded from this website, i wanted to get rid of the annoying pop up icon of the caps lock which stopped me form typing, but now i cant get any capital letter :(
    as you can tell i’m not very bright when it comes to computers, but i really need your help, please.
    its a new laptop and windows 7 by the way
    thank you katie x

  62. Beefyh

    Will this disable it forever? like i dont want it popping up all the time, but i still want it as a mapped key for a game. Does this just get rid of functionality or the entire key?

  63. czevak

    Thanks man!

    Saves me a lot of hassle, since the combination Shift+Capslock+W opens up a lot of crap in Win7 which is definately bad if U are playing MW2 while it happens… ;)

  64. SDX2000

    Hey this is not working on windows 7 (Ultimate) any more!

  65. Andrew

    I can’t find in Windows 7 where you can toggle a radio button to turn off the caps-lock with the shift key as mentioned previously for Vista. The same control panel link doesn’t seem to apear in Windows 7. Anyone know how to do that, please?

  66. Alex

    Kevin, please learn to be sensitive to people with disabilities or who grew up in the day when men didn’t take typing in school and when only ubergeeks even knew what a computer was. Not everyone has perfect control of their fingers or are not so proficient as you at touch typing. Some people have to look at the keyboard for some letters, or numbers, and don’t realize they have hit capslock and have to go back and retype and waste time and possibly lose their thought before they are done.
    A little tolerance, man.
    And why bother to look at a page, and certainly comment on it, if you are not interested.

  67. larry

    This is a great idea, but it would be very powerful to have a complete hexidecimal representation list of every key. I need to map a left click to F12 and a few other remaps to make my daily CPU chores easier and I don’t want to use an external application. Great information if you can find it.

  68. Ali Zohair

    i was wondering is it possible to assign the functionality of ctrl + C on a single key like any of F5-F12

  69. Mike

    this is great! I only wish you had included a list of scan codes for other keys, but google did that for me…

    you can find a complete list of scan codes here

    they talk about different sets on this page but it seems windows uses set1. however, if set one doesn’t give you the functionality you hope for, try another.

  70. Dan R

    To the person whose parents type in all caps and can’t disable it: I am not sure of the keyboard shortcut sequence, but somehow I occasionally enable the “All caps” font effect inadvertently. It is easily disabled by de-selecting that attribute in the Font screen.

    P.S. I am looking forward to changing my Caps Lock to Shift through the registry change. It will probably double my typing speed. And if I ever meet the original programmer who decided that when the Caps Lock is on, the shift key should revert to lower case, well, I just won’t be responsible for my actions…

  71. shane patterson

    how do i turn off the capslock key??????

  72. Bazilio

    Changes in Scancode Map in Windows 7 (x64) appyes after restart user session or reboot

  73. Dustin

    anyone tell me how to do this with the dashkey instead

  74. Pete

    Thank you for saving me the trouble of figuring out if Vista uses the same registry key as XP. I no longer need to save my old .reg file, as you have the Caps Lock problem covered comprehensively here.

  75. Mike

    Well, this one (SwitchCapsToScrollLock.reg) disables the Caps Lock key completely. A better version would be, if Scroll Lock works as Caps Lock and Caps Lock works like Shift (combination of SwitchCapsToScrollLock.reg and ChangeCapsToShift.reg)

    This would be accomplished like this: “Scancode Map”=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,03,00,00,00,2a,00,3a,00,3a,00,46,00,00,00,00,00

  76. ianam

    “I agreed with Kevin Rice comments, capslock key should be in place where is at.If anybody doesn’t like it, pop it out, dissable it, glue it to the Kbd, or change it for another key.”

    If YOU don’t like moving it, YOU don’t have to, little Hitler.

  77. robcat2075

    When I look at that location in my regedit there is only the “(Default)”

    How do I edit “Scancode Map” if it’s not there?

  78. robcat2075

    “Once you’ve applied one of these registry files,”

    But you don’t tell how to “apply” them.

  79. chris w james

    WOW thank you! This new laptop has been driving me crazy. Everytime I type anywhere neAR the caps lock key I wind up turning it on. Nah Nah, hey hey goodbye cap lock.
    Now If I cAN JUST (THERE IT GOES AGAIN, WAIT UNTIL RESTART CRAPS LOCK, indeed, you will be gone) figure out how to find my numeric enter key. It’s required for a video game and my compaq CQ62 doesn’t have a num pad, and it’s not on the fn menu.

    Love this site, thaNKS!

  80. Don Hedman

    An Australian company, BrainSystems, has a free application ‘CapsLock’ that fixes this.

  81. Michelle

    Is there a way to disable the shift key? :( my keyboard is stuck on the shift key!!!! :( :(

  82. John

    my acer 7740G starts up everytime with default dutch keyboard, i have changes it on the normal way, but after each reboot, imy logon screen is default dutch.
    is there a way to change a reg file so the default with logon screen is English language

  83. EdBot

    You can, you realize, just pop the Caps Lock keytop off the keyboard!

  84. John

    i’ve just found it:
    Find the registry key ‘HKEY_USERS\ .DEFAULT\ Keyboard Layout\ Preload’

    The key-value ‘1’ specifies the keyboard layout used at login (strictly it is the LCID – that specifies the locale). Other key values (i.e. ‘2’, ‘3’ etc) specify other keyboard layouts that are loaded and should therefore be available. Possible values that I am aware of are:

    00000401 Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
    00000405 Chech
    00000406 Danish
    00000409 English (US)
    00000413 Dutch
    00000809 English (UK)
    00000813 Belgian
    00000C09 English (Australia)
    00003C01 Arabic (Bahrain)

  85. kma

    I have a Compaq CQ62-231NR laptop and for some reason there are NO numeric keys (numlock either for that matter), would be great to substitute these keys to my FN-F# keys. Also the normal f5 “refresh” shortcut is mapped as FN+_F5 which sucks and on this computer it isn’t a simultaneous FN+F5 it is first press FN (then release FN) then press F5. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired from Compaq. And the default command of F5 is a media “rewind” key which I have no use for and I can’t see anyone ever needing a hotkey for rewind. Anyway to remap the F5 to the default “refresh”? Thanks.

  86. Pete

    My OS is windows 7. When I run the registry editor, I don’t see “Scancode Map” when I click on “Keyboard Layout” (I do see “(Default)”). Is your utility going to fail in my case or worse, screw something up in the registery? I’m guessing it will appear after I run your utility, but I want to be cautious before I commit.


  87. rude

    thanks for the tip, i have a unique issue. on my laptop it does not have a 10-key pad (even with the FN button). i need to map the – (minus) key from the 10 key pad to another key, such as the F7. Any help would be appreciated.

  88. Mr T

    Awesome post,

    Although my key seems to be bugged.

    I remapped my Caps Lock to Left Ctrl. It works well, although, if I press Capslock + Q or Capslock + W, it will put the Ctrl key on hold (eventhough I am not pressing the capslock key).

    It is just, asif the remapped capslock key still has the same properties, exept the fact that it doesn’t use SHIFT now but it uses Ctrl.

    Anyone has any thoughts about this?



  89. Mr T

    Nevermind, found out that it was a program called: “Keyboard Remapper” that was causing the problems.

  90. steve

    Thanks so much for this. Fixed a continuing, though relatively minor nuisance. Now all my passwords will get entered correctly the first time.

    Good on you.

  91. TonyTwoTouch

    I have a HP laptop and I am interested in remapping my caps lock button to a function key that my wireless keyboard doesn’t have. What I am trying to do is use the play, pause, vol up & down, etc shortcut keys that are located throughout the standard keyboard that are only accessible with the function key.

    Can this be done?

  92. HamidKh


  93. ed

    Anyone doing a lot of wordprocessing (must be a few of us) likely wouldn’t want to see the end of the CAPS LOCK KEY on standard keyboards.

  94. bobo

    This was a bad idea then, and it’s a bad idea now

  95. Kae

    “Anyone doing a lot of wordprocessing (must be a few of us) likely wouldn’t want to see the end of the CAPS LOCK KEY on standard keyboards.” -ed

    Indeed, yes… while I do use my computer to engage in quite a bit of “geeky” stuff, I, like quite a large segment of the population, also use my computer’s word processors on a consistent basis, since it’s pretty much replaced the typewriter. Because I do quite a lot of word processing, I find it awfully handy to have the Caps Lock key enabled. To introduce this article with the assumption that it is a relic was at least as condescending as some of the responses that were typed in response to it. And to take offense and actually tell people to “leave” because they pointed that out, and only mildly rudely at that, considering what most people consider wit, is kind of unseemly.

  96. Jeffrey Howard

    I want to thank you and all the geeks @ How to Geek for the help you’ve provided me with, and hopefully will continue providing. Thank You! Jeff

  97. Anon


    Incredible,Now when/while I game, when I sprint “shift” caps will not lock if I hit it accidentally “royal pain if you chat in game not knowing caps is locked”.

    Two thumbs up & Two big toes up.

  98. Android

    ..suggestion for Zachary .. old school keyboard cleaning method: toss it in the dishwasher, only faded from use due to the key’s imprinted numbers and letters and symbols evenually wearing off… which means a regular everyday keyboard won’t suffer electical shorts from water..pull you keys off and clean any dirt or sticky oil dust the would cause your key not to depress fully and activate the contact..

  99. Snehal

    You are giving tip for Windows PC and showing a Mac Key Board. Now you know, why I love my Mac :)

  100. Jake Logan

    I want to report that the Killcapslock.reg file worked perfectly on my Compaq Presario cq61 Laptop with Windows 7 64 bit.
    Thank You!

    However for all the authors supposed geekness he is not very smart. He states:

    ” The caps lock key is one of those remnants of another age of computers, back when people used to shout at each other more often”

    I read that and thought, What kind of idiot would think that? It has nothing to do with shouting. There are many legit reasons when you have to type in all caps, when typing legal documents for example.

  101. Dwight Stegall

    I’ve always used Sharpkeys to remap it to a left shift key. It works great and is easy to use.

  102. zaiger


  103. Bill Seidel

    When I follow your directions for disabling the Caps Lock I do not get the Scancode Map…all I get is the Default Reg_SZ (value not set) What did I do wrong. I know I have Caps Lock as I keep hitting it!! My keyboard is the Microsoft wireless 3000 v2.0 if that helps. thanks

  104. Bob1001

    Hi How-to Geek. Man, I have learned such a lot (at 74) from your illustrative, instructive and well-presented newsletters, and this latest Cap Lock thing has been the bain of my old life for some years. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to delete all those horrible capitals and retype! Thank you for a marvelous tip. Your excellently presented tutorials, tips and how-to’s are of the highest calibre. Thank you from an appreciative old guy! You put so much love and thought into your newsletters! And the style of writing is always so good and positive.

  105. HF

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to disable the Tab key? Ive been looking for ages and i cant find how to do it.

  106. jason

    @ HF
    Here’s the scan code for remapping the Tab key to do nothing:
    “Scancode Map”=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,02,00,00,00,0F,00,00,00,00,00,00,00

  107. Computerguy

    Oh okay, I just gotta change the FREAKIN REGISTRY to disable Caps Lock? Wow what great options, thanks Microsoft. God forbid you just put a small piece of software in windows that shows a virtual keyboard where you can turn off or on any key simply.

  108. Joey

    Just here to say thank you =D


    well, I tried the KILL CAPS on my new Samsung Netbook N150 with windows 7 starter and it all though when I hit Cpas Lock a Samsung picture comes up. A picture of a laptop ejecting a CD and is says “ODD”- fXXXking starange!

  110. Jon

    Thank you, my fat fingers and the caps key just didnt get along, this is life saver.

  111. John

    Say I want to disable caps lock and numlock on W764HP??

  112. kamio
  113. Max

    2TUBOLUDO: same thing (“Eject ODD”) on a different Samsung laptop – R530. I’ve got it fixed by mapping CapsLock to LeftShift, instead of mapping it to nothing. I.e.
    instead of
    Try it and see it it helps on your laptop.

  114. Trollasauras rex


  115. Brian

    Thanks for the very useful tip!

    A related question: I write in a few different language. Instead of switching between input languages, I’d like to keep one keyboard layout that covers all of them. I figured out that if I set my keyboard to Swedish, everything’s covered except the inverted question marks and exclamation marks of Spanish. (“¡” and “¿”). How can I remap alt-right + question mark key to be the inverted question mark, and alt-right + exclamation mark key to be the inverted excl. point?

    (Note: I’m using a computer with a U.S. keyboard, and Windows 7.)

    Thanks in advance!

  116. Brian

    Sorry, I figured it out — Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 did the job. Note: one has to read the instructions in the help file of the program itself; the instructions at the MS download site don’t include the final step of actually installing the new keyboard layout.

  117. Joseph

    Instead of prying the Key off OR resorting to all of that Registry changing stuff, just roll up a piece of paper about the size of a fat toothpick and put it under the edge of the key.
    I could get it out with tweezers, but why?
    However, if you want it removable roll a piece of thread in the middle so you have a little tail to pull it out.

  118. Joseph

    Tomorrow I’m going to make a little FORK out of a paper clip that I can slide under there, with a little ‘handle’ for removal.

  119. Joseph

    aha! a small hair band works great for disabling the Caps Lock key! Just wedge under the lip like a nice little cushion. Now, I seriously WANT caps lock on, I can do a hard press, but regular typing does not trigger it.

  120. Criptic

    Guyz, i’m using win7 ultimate sp1 x64 ed… The problem is i cant make the caps lock off with caps button… It goes off with the left shift button. I changed keyboard but its same… Ny 1 knw how to fix it…?

  121. .:god:.

    Hi, can u say what is the number of the alt key pls. thx.

  122. Farden

    I’m running Win 7+Sp1 64-bit and when I checked in the registry, and couldn’t find the keyboard scancode registry key. However, running the KillCapsLock patch and then rebooting fixed that nasty caps lock key good. I am now really happy. :D

    AND FOR THOSE FOLKS WHO THING THAT CAPS LOCK IS INDISPENSABLE….. for the other 99% of the world, it’s not.

    And if you follow the instructions and use the tools given here, you can still have Caps Lock, but on another key that you’re less likely to bump by mistake. In other words you can have your cake and eat it.

  123. friend

    the links to the scancode map don´t work anymore.

    i also couldn´t find it when i searched for it. what i found was:
    which doesn´t work. the codes differ from the ones used in the tutorial.

    i´m looking for + on the numpad.

  124. jagbir

    hello friends my shift bootton is not working plz. help me …

  125. Travis

    Thak you so much! Now I can use Emacs on Windows without having to do anything clunky.

  126. Jon

    Yikes! What I need is to get my caps lock function back. Can you help?

    I accidentally hit some wrong keys while trying to juggle the phone and type, and now my machine won’t lock the caps function, which I need.

    Thanks in advance.

  127. Ron

    I found a program called Sharp Keys 3.0 to easily modify any key on my keyboard from
    and many of my friends have modified theirs the same way.
    We’re all right handed hunt and peck typers and we like the edge it gives us.

    1.—Caps Lock key is now Left Hand – Enter key
    We toggle Caps Lock function on/off using Ctrl + Shift + A

    2.—Tilde (~) key is now Left Hand – Delete key
    We make ~ by holding down Alt key and typing 0126 using numbers keypad
    if you don’t have numbers keypad it may be Alt+Func+0126

    3.—Left hand Ctrl key is now Left hand – Backspace key
    really speeds up going to previous pages on internet. I never use that green arrow anymore or right click and back
    Left hand Windows key is now Left hand Ctrl key
    It was the only place for Left hand Ctrl key.
    The BIG+ is now only one finger is needed for the Ctrl+Alt or Ctrl+Shift combinations.

    1.— Open and click Add
    2.— Click the key you want to change in the left pane
    3.— Click the new function of it in the right pane
    4.— Click OK
    5.— Click Write to registry
    6.— Close and logout (restart not necessary but logout is)

  128. galaxyAbstractor

    This doesn’t work in win7 x64 using a Swedish keyboard layout.

  129. Gerhard

    hello pardon the small caps. i have aproblem with my work computer whenever i press cappslock i have to wait 5 seconds before typing and when i want to switch to small caps i press it again and have to wait 5 seconds again. ok i have tried the control panel and everything from restarting. i even contemplated on using a magnet just to destroy the computer but with my hectic workload that i have accumelated with this capslock problem i dont dare. can you advise me please im using windows vista home edition and im realy falling behind with work.

  130. Rolf

    Wow, I’m so glad I found this. I used to hit the Caps almost every three sentences (yup, small laptop keyboard and big hands :). Thanks a million!

  131. neil

    Thanks a lot.
    This helped me bigtime.

    My end key on the keyboard was stuck so i just disabled it using your technique :) ..

  132. John B

    I have tried all as suggested but cannot see how to add the figures after the scancode map title. I have tried copy paste etc but to no avail. At 75 years old I need a little clearer instruction on regedit mode.
    Acer desktop pcz i3 core processorz Windows 7

  133. John B

    After deleting my attempts at kill capslock I am now left with a keyboard where the comma comes out as a “z” and “z” as a b. Help !!

  134. John Wilson

    I haven’t quite figured out how to do this yet but on an old typewriter (yeah, I’m a dinosaur but a very intelligent TRex I is!) to engage the caps lock key you had to go Shift-CapsLock or Shift-Lock. Ultimately that’s what I want to do but disabling it will work for now.

    I have no idea what bright light decided that CapsLock should function on a single keystroke but they don’t want to meet me in a very dark alley in the bad part of town! ;-)

    For keyboard makers (of course who makes real quality keyboards these days) the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys should have more resistance than the rest when you try to press them so we touch typist folks can FEEL it.

    Thanks for this write up Geek!

  135. Marthie

    Hi, I have a dell inspiron labtop and would actually like my Caps Indicator to work as when you have to put in passwords it seems to be a problem. Some one told me to go to programs and click on dell quick set, and my indicators will be back.

    Just one problem I don’t seem to have a dell quick set. Would you know how to do the opposite, if I don’t have a caps lock indicator how do I get one.


  136. Russell

    I have tried this but it simply does not work. I am running Windows 7 Pro on a Dell Laptop. I have even tried to do it manually but the registry location you stipulate is not there. Help!!!!!

  137. nova


  138. Alvin B.

    It didn’t work for me – using a pretty standard Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000…. If it doesn’t work on this, what *DOES* it work on???

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