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Disable Aero on Windows 7 or Vista (or Windows 8.x, Sorta)

The Windows Aero Glass interface for Windows 7 or Vista requires a decent video card, you won’t be able to use it on an old clunker computer. For those worried about performance, sometimes squeezing every last drop requires disabling Aero.

Disabling Aero in Windows 8

If you’re trying to disable Aero in Windows 8, you’ll be interested to know that there’s no reason to, because they’ve disabled the Aero transparency theme by default anyway.

So there’s no point in bothering for Windows 8 or 8.1.

Disabling Aero for Windows 7

First, you’ll want to right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize from the menu.

Then you can simply scroll the themes down until you see the Basic themes.

Disabling Aero on Windows Vista

You might also have some performance reasons for disabling it… to do so, just right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize. Click the “Window Color and Appearance” link:

Then in the next screen, click the link near the bottom for “Open classic appearance properties for more color options”

Now you should be able to disable Aero altogether by choosing Windows Vista Basic in this screen:

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  • Published 01/7/13

Comments (104)

  1. anonymous


  2. Wascaras

    Will this improve gaming performance?

  3. The Geek

    It could help gaming performance, although I’m not sure how by how much.

  4. BrightBoy

    this will be put to use in my class.

  5. Aaron

    hi, iv right clicked clicked personalise and i have no Aero anyware? Please Help LOOKS AMAZING and i want it! haha cheers Aaron

  6. VeNoM

    Hi,after I doing that tips I Can’t Find my Aero Anywhere

  7. rovex

    Aero is accelerated and on just about any proper DX9 level card (or higher) its faster and uses less CPU time than the old GDI type interface on XP. Disabling it doesnt improve performance at all, it anything it makes it worse. Gaming is unaffected by Aero.
    There really is NO reason to remove it other than the simple fact that you might think its unattractive, which few do.

  8. Ali

    Hi, I am using a Windows Vista Compaq Notebook and have somehow managed to anable a feature that means when I have multiple windows open and I hover over the window behind the one I am viewing my Notebook automatically brings the window behind to the front which is very irritating. Please help me fix it!

  9. sat

    Is their any registry edit to disable AERO in windows vista …… if it’s there pls post here…thanx for this tip…

  10. ThomasG

    I was browsing your list, there is no explanation what Windows Vista Aero provides or eliminates
    when dis-abling it.
    I like to know what features you lose in dis-abling it?

  11. Jill Smith

    Will disabling it help my vista pc from crashing on every start up, am now just putting it to sleep to avoid the long wait for start up to go through and the crashing, its longer than dial up was. Have been told even after l have downloaded every vista update but it still does it to download from the manafactures site but haven’t a clur which one l need.

  12. SSJTrunks

    yea i was reading about aero and it needs 1gb ram where xp could run off 512mb perfectly! So, i would only assume if ur a gamer that disabling aero effects and going to a xp style would improve games if not leave more room in your ram for higher end games without needing ram cleaners

  13. Dota aka

    If you run a game in Windowed mode, turning off aero WILL help.

  14. Khiem

    thank you for tweak!

  15. rovex lover

    rovex, is this your first PC? you think that a complex graphics routine that uses shaders and complex shadowing is going to run faster with it ON than off? truly sir, you have no idea what you are talking about, I recomend going out and selling your PC and buying a nice console where you’re much less likely to get confused.

  16. fibbyts

    I dont know about Desktops but on Laptops that Share Memory from their Ram on Video Cards Aero does make a lot of difference.

    I dont know about you guys but since the moment i disable Aero from my laptops Vista my games run faster with MORE i repeat with MORE GRAPHICS enable… i even play Crysis now on Medium graphics faster than before… and the reason is because the main ram is shared for the 3d card to run better… by disabling Aero gives more free ram for the system to run better.

    Intel Core2Duo T7300 at 2Gh
    2Gb Ram , 250Gb Sata HDD , Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT 256mb + 734mb shared from ram
    Vista Premium

    (With Aero enabled i cannot play games with 4x Antialising enabled… disabling aero seems to fixed the problem) i hope that this will help …

  17. WinAeroEnabler

    You can rate your computer by going to the control panel, then system and then click rate this computer. My average rating is 3.0.

  18. bvel

    Thanks! I’m glad that I got that turned off. But now everything is light blue. >

  19. Applee

    CS Source and Half life 2 ran faster when i disabled this

  20. jean paul

    I got to say it sirieusly works if you play World of warcraft in windowmode i got a compaq notebook , 945GM 256 mbshared (not altough greath) anyway it improves the gameplay . thx greetz jean paul

  21. Howard Pearce

    I disabled Aero because the ALT-TAB sucks !… It’s harder to read than the old with useless previews that don’t really show or say anything …. It had me relying on the TEXT display at the top. The small highlighting around the thumbnails sucked too

  22. PansyAttack

    So, I had been having issues with my computer during gameplay, WoW and CoH primarily. I’ve got a slightly older machine; about a year and a half old now, but it was loaded with Vista when I bought it (pity me the fool, I should have back-ordered a notebook with XP.) I have a Toshiba Satellite, don’t ask me all the stats, I don’t know, but I have the Intel 945 Express Chipset, and I was having continual errors while playing full-screen games to the order of, “Toshiba Flash Cards (Not Responding.)” Anyway, I asked some friends and read this forum thread, and disabled Aero as well as my Superfetch RAM predicting program (useless!) and everything runs smoothly now. And since I’m not absurdly vain like those Mac users, I don’t mind a less-smooth and sparkly desktop and menus. :P

    Thanks for the help!

  23. Eman

    Hi, when im using my computer in like 30 min and then it freeze. but i can still move the mouse around, but it got like 1 min delay for the movement. do you think it will help to do that for my case?

  24. fibbyts

    if this occured only lately i think you are infected with something … if this ws happening from the begining i should say you give it a go and see what happens… you will not lose anything by trying.. you can always restore it to your previous settings if you see that its not helpful at all :) good luck my friend…

  25. Paul

    the socalled previews are to know whether there is anything there (ie; loaded webpage, etc)…not to really use them litterly.

    In my case, I wouldnt even consider vista on anything but a high end pc..
    I recently bought 3 new pc’s only one will be vista .

  26. Tim

    Hello i wil ask anything..
    how did i have Windows Aero? I dont have ,
    My computer have Windows Vista Ultimate but help me!

  27. David

    Anyone know how to enable windows vista?

  28. Mikw

    This is for those who claim using the more graphically intense Aero will slow your PC down, IF you have a high end video card with at leat 256M of VRAM, when you run Aero it does not use CPU to draw your windows and desktop, instead it will use the GPU on your video card (if you have 8800 or better, you GPU is faster than your CPU) so you actually get MORE free CPU cycles than you would with Aero turned off. When you start a fullscreen DirectX application, windows unloads the desktop and frees up the GPU for your application. So if you want your PC to run FASTER with Vista, and you have a good video card, you want to leave Aero running… if you have an older video card, or just a lower end one, you want to turn it off… hope that helps a little… To Rovex Lover: this comment is actually more pointed at your need to insult people when you have no idea what your actually talking about. I have a G280 video card and I have 0% cpu usage sitting at desktop and about 2% when I’m using flip 3d with aero enabled, turn it off and I use about 10% just to open a window.

  29. Gerkuman

    While it has never messed up my CPU, it has been eating up my RAM. I was getting up to 90% RAM usage using it. I terminated the biggest process, and that turned out to be Aero. It’s dropped to 60% now.

    This might be because I’m using it on a laptop. Either way, I’m disabling it now.

  30. tyler

    my comp shows in the task manager that dissabling the aero ives it like 100mb free or more of ram. i have a compaq presario with intel pentium dual core processor and 3gb of ddr2 graphics card has 1300 or more mb of video memory. yeah it seems to run little better but i dont see what it did.can someone please tell me or show me what it did?

  31. Harry

    Replying to the question above. Yes, it DOES Improve gaming performance. It also seems to have made my computer run much quicker.:]

  32. SSJTrunks

    ya it will help your gaming performance to disable it. i’ve done benchmarks on some newer pc games with it on and with it off. Games like FEAR, Kane & Lynch, and some newer games like fallout3 and farcry2. I found i got about an extra 32-64mb cleared on my graphics card ram and about 100-175mb off actual ram when its disabled and getting alittle better fps by 5 or so. some think it doesnt matter to diable it but it does! even with my en8800gt the dam aero eats alot up! needed room for the higher end games we all are playing nowadays!!

  33. Mike

    This is for those that say that it uses less memory with it turned off, yes it does, and when you launch a game, IT TURNS OFF! lol you can’t alt tab out and check mem usage, because you just loaded your desktop again. I run benchmarks FOR A LIVING! I have a G280 in the gaming rig, and when I run Aero it uses up as much Vram as it can to speed up the desktop, and when I go into a fullscreen directx game, it unloads Aero from memory and gives it back to the game. This is why there is a pause going to desktop when you have aero on and come out of a game.

  34. rooter

    Turning off Aero gave a HUGE performance boost for me playing WoW in windowed mode. The FPS only went up by 5-10, but the actual performance increase was much more than that.

  35. Tay

    When i try playing games it says windows aero is not working, i changed to windows classic to stop it interfering but now it come sup even when aero is turned off… any ideas?

  36. Thomas

    The guy that came up with disabling Aero, bru, I’m gonna buy you a beer!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Kyrus

    Disabling Aero improved my gaming performance dramatically on my laptop. If a gamer runs in windowed mode, then the aero scheme is still running in the background hogging precious resources. Thanks for the guide!

  38. Sandy

    If you suffer from migraines from visual triggers (lights, flashes etc.) you should definitely disable Aero. It includes the zooming visual effects. Your brain starts reading the words before the window has finished moving which is a serious migraine trigger for many people.

  39. india

    bla!! never got the hype over it.. how to get rid of it completely? it never interested me. i have all my visuuals adn themes turned off anyway. dont even pay attention to that stuff ..*shurgs*

  40. Relapse

    I turned aero off and went to vista basic theme and noticed a huge speed improvement on my laptop

  41. LIKe ubr

    LOL, people getting 3.0 on there average computer score in windows. THATS WHY, disabling aero on that will help. But with me, my average is 5.9, and i have dual gtx 280 and a quad core and 6gb of DDR3 ram so it really wont do anything for me.

  42. Neo

    Aero is such a hog on lower end gfx cards, but shouldn’t pose a problem if the video card is GTX275-ish / ATI HD4870x2-ish. I have HD 4350 in my system, which is woefully inadequate to suffice a full-fledged Aero theme with flip3D, let alone running Quake Wars in windowed mode. I personally feel that I don’t miss Aero when I’m using Windows Classic in Vista; it’s stylish enough for me. I toggle off Aero when I intend to run games or other gfx intensive apps.

  43. madmanjohn

    ive never been a dedicated follower of fashion- yeah it looks slick, for a minute, and then i get sick of trying to figure out what im trying to see behind the window im in. There are significant improvements to be gained in ANY AGE COMPUTER by disabling aero. I work with computers 12 hours a day, and the only thing i see aero being any good for is your optometrist will think its wonderful in about 3 years of higher than normal useage.

    ms should spend more time wiser on less frills and more performance, each one of those areo themes carries its own sounds, its own graphics, not to mention all the stuff it takes to run it. frankly id rather have the crap off my hard drive- just that much less crap to index and run thats unneccesary.

    truth be known, about 60% of what comes in windows is unneccesary- if i want something, ill choose my own app.

  44. wtf

    @ Like ubr, whats the matter with you?

  45. Reginald Perrin

    WARNING: IF you select High Contrast Black (in Vista), it also changes your print settings. There is still no fix for this. Try printing some simple text in wordpad. It is a nightmare. Win95, Win 98 and XP do not have this conflict.

  46. DXS101

    for the people that think turnin off aero don’t do anything your a retard ha,
    also no one really cares about your pc specs like really?
    And windows rating sucks dick u can have a quad core 1tb HDD with highest transer rate and a quad core video card. With 1 gig of ram and get a ratin of 3.0 cause it just goes off the lowest rating doesn’t average out.

  47. James

    Running games with Aero on in the background actually slows down the performance. If you run fullscreen games you can actually see Windows switching off Aero before going full screen. You can try alt-tab’ing and see it get turned back on :)

    For people that for example play WoW in a Window you can see for yourself that it slows performance. in the WoW directory, right mouse click on wow.exe, turn off desktop composition in compatibility and try wow in windowed mode. See the performance, now turn it back on and run it in a window. Notice the performance decrease?

    Running a Windowed game with Aero on slows down perfomance. Full-screen games should/will auto turn off Aero theme when going full screen and turning it back on when exiting it.

  48. Audun

    I only disabled it because it’s really annoying.

  49. Grzeus

    I have an ATI 4850 card and was suffering from screen flashes in an absolutely random way or even crashes. It could happen now for the next 10 minutes every 10 seconds, then stop for… 10 days and so on… Checked hardware and software in any possible way and disabling aero SAVED me…

  50. Mikael

    When I play games, it wont turn it off automatically. Why? It did so on my old PC. I want to have Aero on my PC when not playing games, but when I launch a game, I want it to turn Aero off everytime I turn a game on, and when I quit a game, I want it to launch Aero again. Besides my PC:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.5 GHz
    Nvidia GeForce GT230 1.5GB
    6GB DDR3
    Windows 7 Home Premium

  51. foo lye

    My PC has Vista Home Premium. It said the program had an error, and needed to close. Aero was disabled per the steps on the website. It did absolutely nothing of any significance.

  52. xwrisonoma

    The steps described in this article are no longer accurate with the RTM version of windows 7 (7600)

  53. xwrisonoma

    My apologies, please disregard above comment, it was intended for a differnet message board but posted here by mistake. If admins have no objection, it can be -be all means- deleted. Thanks.

  54. Cees

    My GT220’s nvlddmkm driver kept crashing when i resized an Aero window. Maybe due to Firefox hogging resources, but it also crashed when i resized rapidly. NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 186.27.

    Now with the Vista theme, resizing works fine but Firefox can’t seem to size new windows…

  55. Specialhugs

    Has anyone had problems with a white pixel showing up on a black background? I have changed monitors so it is not that.
    Didn’t start until I installed Vista , then it was still there when I upgraded to Windows 7. I changed my video card and it is still there. Sometimes will go off for awhile if I turn off Aero but comes back later. Any help or thoughts would be great.

  56. Brian

    Just wanted to add on to this list.

    I recently built a gaming rig with AMD II X2 2.8GHz CPU, 2 GB DDR3 ram(currently waiting for a new set to come in) and a 1GB Nvidia PCIe 2.0 graphics card. I dont run many games yet on this, but I ran the WEI and got a score of 4.2 which was being brought down by the graphics for windows aero. I disabled aero by choosing the basic theme, reran the WEI and it only improved by .2. So whether it shuts off or not when running full screen games, it’s not really that much of an improvement when running better equipment.

    I would suggest, instead of worrying about disabling Aero, try buying some better parts for your computer. My build was on a budget, I spent less than $500 on the entire build when using various drives and such from my older computer. If you are worried about getting better graphics, invest in a better graphics card and maybe install some more ram. If you keep updating your software but never your hardware, of course you are going to have problems.

  57. Troy

    For the morons that said there is no reason to disable Aero cause gaming is unaffected by it, your wrong. Many games have crashing problems directly caused by Aero and in many cases changing compatibility modes for those games doesn’t fix it alone. If your having lockups and crashes try disabling Aero and see if that helps, if not then I guess that wasn’t the direct cause.

  58. Eric

    When running an application and the system comes into quite heavy load it’ll ask if you want to change to Basic. How can you disable it from ever popping up a window dialog asking if you want to turn off Aero?

  59. Andy

    btw how do u undo this? just woundering as i want to compare the differences between them

  60. Jhn

    i am using indows 7 but i couldnt disable Aero by the way u instructed,can u help me

  61. Steve

    Windows SUCKS. Apple is EXPENSIVE.


  62. wayne

    my problem is the same but when i click on personalise it does not go there also if i go to control panel there is nothing there so i cant get into it to change it thanks for help

  63. vinay

    hi m using window 7my aero effect is not working it is not competible with me video card help me please

  64. steren

    hi.. im using window vista but my aero effect is not working help me please…

  65. viri

    Hi, i cant disable aero glass, on my computer didnt appier “persolanize”, what can I do?

  66. Another Jim

    A shared computer has 2 profiles, each with admin rights. If Aero is turned off does it effect both profiles or only the profile that was logged on?


  67. Deejay

    Thanks for the tweek. I’ve just “upgraded” from XP to W7 on my work machine and the Aero animations were driving me nuts!

  68. Chathuranga

    Are there any way to add this option shortcut to context menu?

  69. John_doe

    thanks for the helpful article

  70. Brandon Pennington

    well ive got like a 4 or 5 year old dell it has 128 mb graphics card when i try to play games that require 70 mb of graphics memory it will crash but it still doesnt let me use aero i dont get it why does it do this it makes a 1.9 in graphics and 1.0 in gaming graphics i have windows 7 home premium i had home basic and it let me play why wont 7 it makes a 4.1 or above on theother three subjects that dont deal with the video card plz help

  71. Hoss

    Hei guys i have a problem, when i try to rate this computer my comp just shuts down.
    I did buy a new graphics card, the old card didn have the problem…. grate if you help out

  72. wap-tek

    the idea with aero is it uses the video cards hardware
    advanced accelerated gaming functions
    do all the hard work for desktop render ,
    but then it throws on the eye candy
    and sows it right back down
    classic microsoft brain trust

  73. wap-tek

    so in a paragraph

    for Vista; Right click (0) a blank space on the Desktop;
    click (1) ‘Personalize’ ,
    click (2) “Window Color and Appearance” ,
    click (3) “Open classic appearance properties for more color options” ,
    click (4) ‘Windows classic’

    for win7; Right click (0) a blank space on the Desktop;
    click (1) ‘Personalize’ ,
    view (2) “Basic and High Contrast Themes”, and
    click (3) ‘Windows classic’

  74. Hoss

    when i try to rate this computer it shuts down in “Direct 3D Aero Assessment” same in new games when i play in high preformance. rly donno what it is maybe i need a new PSU? got 500w

  75. Memes

    Is there a way to do it through command line?

  76. tukker

    ive had many problems with aero in the past but i wanted to play games with so
    first i thought it was my power suply so i bought a 500w one, wasnt it
    then i pulled more mb ram in it(4gig), wasnt it also.
    then i changed my motherbord and went from a 3gig processor to a quad core Q8400 2.8
    and still problems!
    so last thing i had left to change in my pc was my old 8500gt card and after i changed that no problems anymore and a wanted to know for sure if it was the grafic card after all so i rebuild my old pc(i saved the old hardware) but with the new grafic card in it it workt way bether then bevore even with aero on
    but new i have bought all the new stuff i can play anything in high and with max anylyzing and stuff

    so check iff ur grafic card at least suport physx
    its easyer to play games with old processor then with old grafic card and with aero on the color’s in games are just a bit bether even in low grafic stand

  77. Hoss

    Here is My Comp: Motherboard P6T DELUXE V2
    CPU Intel Core i7 CPU 930 @ 2,80 GHz
    6 GB ram DDR
    AMD Radeon HD 6950
    500w Powersuply

  78. mary margaret b. monteroso

    unsaon pa duwa

  79. chrys

    Hi. I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium. I have disable the aero feature on my computer. But how do enable it again?

  80. ted_h

    I had repeated crashes on a Dell 131L until I disabled Aero, then no further problems. The ATI Radeon Xpress just wouldn’t handle it cleanly – driver version is 8.561.0.0, the most recent I could find.

  81. Scotty

    I hope it works as of now the vedio card will not run. So if it works FGANTASTIC

  82. Scotty

    I hope it works the vedio card is not working. But in any case thanks a Bunch!!Scotty

  83. Corsair

    I think the story here needs to be separated two parts:

    (A) It appears that for notebooks/laptops and desktops without a dedicated graphics card (i.e. shares computer ram for video): Disabing Aero WILL give you a performance increase.

    (B) For notebooks/laptops and desktops with GOOD dedicated graphics card (i.e. thinking one with about 1-2 GB of RAM): You might as well keep Aero on.

    The majority of computer users will fall into Category (A) purely based on the cost (or experience required if building your own machine to reduce costs) involved with getting something in Category (B).

  84. schneider

    I have Windows Vista and I disabled Aero to see if it would increase my Flight Simulator X performance (it wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t great either): I enabled WIndows Classic and the performance of the game increased a lot, it is extremely realistic now. So, yes, disabling Aero does increase gaming performance.

  85. Martin Buss

    I am disabling Aero, for two reasons, One the primary, my laptop is overheating and crashing, and a large source of the heat is the Nvidia graphics chip, im hoping by disabling areo, it will stop using the nvidia card as much and generate less heat!

    secondly if this works it should also reduce the power draw and extend the battery life of the laptop

  86. Flin

    Thanks a lot, easy to do but I was lazy to figure it out by myself.

  87. john

    Thanks a lot, easy to do but I was to lasyyyy.

  88. Nate

    I disabled aero but later on discovered that it also disabled vsync in silverlight, resulting in tons of tearing in Netflix watch it now. Re-enabling aero fixed it. Finding the connection was difficult, just something to keep in mind.

  89. monique

    how do you disable aero

  90. jack

    My ATI card crashes several times a day when using Windows Aero (but not in games). I disabled Aero…I can live with it, but what a shame….

    Don’t know if this is a fault with Windows 7 or ATI. nVidia cards don’t seem to experience the same issue.

  91. jack

    Btw my crashing ATI card is an HD6870 with 1GB ram…i’m not entirely happy to have invested so much in a card and not even able to use Aero. Again I don’t know if it;s totally an ATI problem but i know my next card will be an nVidia, for sure.

  92. drew

    im tryin to disable it on neighbor’s computer and they not using the aero themes or baisic and they dont wanna change it,help?

  93. tbssic

    just got sketchup on my laptop and couldn’t get the select tool to do the ole click an drag…..
    i could only select using the drop down menu……
    i found this areo fix by accident……
    just disabled aero,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SWEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…………………
    the click,,,, drag,,,, select,,,,,, works just like the tutorials………
    YER DA BEST BRUDDER……………………..

  94. levi 371

    I am tring to download Pro Tools M-Powered 8.0.4.-PC and I need to know how to disable windows. I am running Windows 7 32bit SP1

  95. Wallace

    for win7; Right click (0) a blank space on the Desktop;
    click (1) ‘Personalize’ ,
    view (2) “Basic and High Contrast Themes”, and
    click (3) ‘Windows classic’

    I did that. Then the BSPlayer said: The playback is not compatible with Windows Aero. So, actually, Aero is not switched off by these steps, just hidden.

  96. abhi

    doesn’t work for mee :(

  97. BRYAN

    thank you so much for this ‘disable aero’ stuff. I found some thread on the net that it speeds up VB6… and it works perfectly!

    2 thumbs up for you ! :)

  98. Alex

    How on earth could they cause a slightly transparent task bar to require a decent graphics card?

    Good one microsoft

  99. NVLAUR

    Aero it’s better for general purpose applications and computer browsing, it’s faster, the latency time is shorter. But if you disable it when running games you may get better performance (on good computers it doesn’t matter that much – graphic cards over 100$ or so)

  100. 4greaper

    All this complaining about what looks pretty vs which is faster, and yet no Ubuntu comments, seriously, why not have both?

  101. Lytle

    i have windows 7 with a AMD athlon(tm) 7750 dual-core processor 2.70 GHz.
    With 4 GB of ram and with Aero enabled it gives me a 4.1 base score.
    And just changing my setting to WIndows 7 Basic does not turn it off.
    is there a way to turn it off please.

  102. Gail

    I disabled aero and I wish I had known about it a long time ago,
    Pc is a lot faster
    I have windows 7 home edition

  103. Gerald

    I’m in the same boat at Lytle, I chose the Windows Basic and it turned off the view, but didn’t disable it. There is a program my Employer uses and when Aero was enabled, I couldn’t do anything in the program. It would load and I could see the options, but could not click on anything. If I went into the File Properties and checked Run in 256 Colors, it runs just fine.

    I have updated video drivers as well.

  104. muddy

    The Alt-Tab Aero Peek drove me nuts. I found this easy solution on another site to kick the bastard to the curb:

    1. Go to System Properties (right click “Computer” in an explorer window and go to Properties)
    2.Click Advanced System Settings
    3.You should be on the Advanced Tab, in the Performance section, click “Settings…”
    4.Uncheck “Enable Aero Peek”
    5.Click OK

    Like magic. Bye-bye annoying alt-tab Aero Peek seizure-inducing flashes.

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