Customize Your Windows Vista Logon Screen

For those of us looking to customize the Windows Vista UI experience, there’s nothing more annoying than seeing the default logon screen every time you start up your computer, or when you lock your workstation. Thankfully the nice folks at Stardock have created a free utility to replace the logon screen with any wallpaper you choose.

All you have to do is download and install the utility, and click the apply button to immediately see the changes. (It will lock your computer to show you, so you’ll have to use your password to unlock it)


The utility is remarkably easy to use, just click on an entry in the list, and use the Apply button to select it. The download button will take you to the directory of logon screens on WinCustomize.


You can also click the Create button and choose any image you want. For instance, if you wanted to have the logon screen match your desktop wallpaper, just choose the wallpaper using the browse button.


You can then save the wallpaper as a logon screen file and even share it with other people on WinCustomize.

Download LogonStudio from Stardock (Free)

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