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Create a Shortcut to Search Your IE Favorites With Windows 7 or Vista Search

One of our great forum members asked yesterday how to search through your Internet Explorer Favorites, which got me thinking… if you are using Windows 7 or Vista, it’s as simple as creating a saved search folder.

Open up your User folder and you should see your Favorites folder inside it. Double-click to open the Favorites folder.


Now enter in the following into the search box to find all bookmarks in the last hundred years or so:



Click the Save Search button on the toolbar, and then give it a friendly name like Search Favorites. You’ll see that the default save location is User Folder \ Searches.


Now when you browse to that folder you’ll see a search folder called Search Favorites. Note that you can create a shortcut to this anywhere you’d like… the Quick Launch bar, for instance.


Once you open up the Search Folder, you can simply type in your search into the search box to find whatever you are looking for.


You can change the view to show details via the Views menu.

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  • Published 07/16/08

Comments (8)

  1. Steve Kalman

    Do you have any idea how I could extend this to Google bookmarks or

  2. Max

    THANK YOU! This tweak on searching in IE Favorites in Vista is excellent. My old computer (Win98SE) had a utility to search in Favs, and I was unable to find a replacement. This is SO COOL.


  3. Nadeem

    I’ve got over 3000 favorites saved in folder hierarchies… its messy, i’ll get around to social bookmarking and tagging one day, but for now I’m looking for a specific link i’ve saved. The filename doesn’t have the domain name in it, how can I search for link by the domain name?

    For example, “News Page” has property link of I want to search for this by looking for whatever. Tried the above method, with a search in contents and still nothing comes up. Anyone?

  4. Nail

    I did exactly as it is suggested, however it doesn’t work.

  5. Rolando

    Nadeem: You can use a plugin called DzSoft Favorites Search to do what you want to do, which is to search url’s / domain names. It can be downloaded here:

    As a matter of fact, I later found out that this very site made mention of it and provided a review of the program, for which a link is providen on the Favorites Search website, which is why I don’t understand why this article doesn’t provide a link to their other article. (Well, I guess it’s worth pointing out that the other article is mentioned under the Related Articles section entitled: Search Your Internet Explorer Favorites From Within IE in Vista or XP.) The link for the article on this website is this:

    It explains in detail how to get the button to appear in your toolbar, which is the most convenient / fastest way to be able to open up the plugin to perform your search. It also mentions other things the plugin can do.

  6. Jodi

    I saw the plugin first, but decided to keep looking, hoping I wouldn’t have to download yet another utility that (IMHO) should be something already built in!

    I think I like this method, for now anyway. For those who couldn’t get it to work … try performing an advanced search (hit F3 in Windows Explorer) and click “Include non-indexed, hidden and system files,” then perform the rest of the steps.

    That’s how I got it to work.

  7. Ding Berry

    Just search for *.

  8. pachame13

    Very interesting tweak! I wonder if we can search content within all our favorites/bookmarks as if we were using Google just for our favorite sites and not the entire web. You see, I have dozens of specific library sites already bookmarked that I would like to search for content.

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