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Change Your Computer Name in Windows 7, 8, or 10

If you’ve ever bought a new computer with the operating system already installed, you might be annoyed by the default name of the computer when you start trying to connect different computers together. I like to use more descriptive names than HP382811UX… for example, I called my new desktop SUPERFAST and my old computer SOSLOW.

Changing this in XP was extremely simple, but in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Vista it’s buried behind a few more menus. Here are three routes you can take to open up System Properties:

  • Type sysdm.cpl into the start menu search box (quickest)
  • Right-click on the Computer option on the start menu or in My Computer.
  • Open Control Panel, and go to System and Maintenance, and then System.

The simplest thing to do is open up the Windows Run menu using the WIN + R shortcut key and then type in sysdm.cpl into the window and hit enter.


If you chose one of the last two options, then you’ll need to click on Advanced System Settings on the left menu. If you use the Run box, you can skip this one.

Once you have either clicked on Advanced system settings or used the Run box method, you’ll see a dialog like the one below, which should say System Properties. Make sure you are on the Computer Name tab.

Click on the “Change” button to rename the computer, which will pop up this dialog:

Now you can finally change the name of the computer. You could also change the name of the workgroup to something more descriptive as well. You’ll have to reboot after you make this change.

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  • Published 01/7/15

Comments (126)

  1. CBS

    This may sound ignorant but I can change the computer name in Vista but all my programs call me by another name for example:

    Computer Name: CBS
    But if I go to Configure Advanced User Profile Properties I see CBS\OWNeR

    OWNeR is the name my programs use. How can I change this?

  2. The Geek

    In your example, OWNeR is the username, not the computer name.

  3. jonnaveh

    i changed the computer name, but upon startup it goes back to the prompt screen (for UAC) to change computer settings again.. how do i get that to stop!! i dont want the change settings prompt coming up everytime i start my computer.

  4. JB

    I just had the same problem, but my daughter setup the computer and put HER name from the startup on the new Vista, so now EVERYTHING shows HER name, HER documents, HER network, and she will never use this again as she has gone to school

    i don’t use a password or click on a username, it just starts up every day, but her name is everywhere. Is there ONE place I can change Susan to Sharon and it will use Sharon in docs and stuff. i was told I could do this in the registry, but I was told I could also loose all my link connections?


  5. leon

    to JB

    all you need to do is to change the name of the username

    go to settings>user accounts> pick the adminstrator account(the first account)> change its name

    and its finish

  6. WildSignals

    Note: You can’t change the actual computer name on a domain unless you are a domain admin. The description you can change though.

  7. Jerry

    I have purchased a ASUS laptop and have changed all the names that I know how to to my name.
    The problem I have is that windows vista is still calling this computer by the old owners name and also his location. (CANADA) LOL. Any idea how to fix this problem anyone? Current Name ( ASUS/Jabramo)

  8. Bryce

    in vista, i just reformatted my PC… and my friends played a prank on me while it was reformatting making the Computer Name and User Name = RETARD , i thought it was funny and easily fixable. i changed the computer name and my user name to what i wanted it to, but it won’t change the name of the User folder so it’ll show “MyName-PC/RETARD”
    I went to the folder itself, and doesn’t allow me to change the name of it. This is not a user account problem. plz help me.

  9. F. Russ Trated

    HELP ME!!! It’s not terribly urgent.. but… I managed to change my computer and user accounts all to my own name.. BUT the problem is there is still a folder which holds ‘contacts’ ‘links’ among other things that is still the wrong name… the folder goes as follows

    local disk(C:)> Users> SexyOneGirl

    SexyOneGirl is what im trying to change.. im neither sexy, nor am i a girl. (last time i checked) It’s not a huge problem but it drives me CRAZY everytime i see it there. How can i change this, Keeping in mind that i’ve already used the method listed above and no results..ANY HELP you can offer would be most appreciated.. please rid me of this ‘SexyGirl’ curse.. Thanks fellow Vista’s

  10. ridzuan

    is this a bug of vista? though i change the ‘computer name’ and ‘user name’ of the administrator account, vista still won’t change the 1st name that u use in the initial setup of windows vista…

  11. johnnymo

    I have the exact same problem guys. Vista 32, started setting up new laptop with one admin’s name for computer and account, then changed that admin account to 2nd name AND changed the computer name, but Vista programs all still say computer is owned by 1st admin etc.
    Has anyone figured out this Vista bug yet at Microsoft sheesh?

  12. Nielo

    I have a similar problem. The laptop I bought was the last one in the store, so it was the one they used to show to customers. That means that even though I’ve changed the name of my computer, it still says ‘dynabyte’ pretty much in every file name. (Even in the game ‘Hearts’ the name of the first player is dynabyte, and I’m unable to change that.)
    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  13. Success

    Thanks, it worked for me. Microsoft should have made it easier to do this.

  14. Nouman

    Am having the same problem with windows vista. I bought a laptop that had been returned by the previous owner. I managed to change the user name and the computer name but I cannot change the profile name. This therefore means that the old owners name keeps showing up everywhere….just like the problems above. Please did any one have a solution that worked?

  15. bronson

    i have done what you said.this hasn’t fixed the issue.when i install new programs the old user name still comes up.short of a complete clean and reinstall what can i do? THANK YOU!!!

  16. Toni

    Has anyone found a solution to the problem listed in the comments? I have the same thing — I had to send my computer to HP for repairs, and they did a clean install, named test. I’ve renamed the user account and computer, but everything still comes up test. I even tried just deleting all the accounts (I backed up my data first) since it actually created a second account at one point, but I still can’t get rid of that stupid test name, and it’s now officially driving me crazy that I can’t find a way to change it.

  17. Tim

    hey guys. so is the problem your having is that you cannot change the administrator account name? toni, the same thing happened to my hp laptop as well. so what i did was:
    1. control panel
    2. search “users” at top right
    3. click “make changes to accounts”
    4. double click administrator account icon
    5. click “change account name”

  18. Ron

    Just as many of the users have listed, who have bought a pre “set up” machine, I too can not change the UserProfile name. This is the name that you see when you follow the instructions listed above but add the following steps.
    1. When in the system properties window, instead of clicking the “Computer Name Tab”, click the “Advanced” tab.
    2. Under the Advanced Tab, click on settings under User Profiles.

    This is where the original name of the PC is located. How do you change it there? I too would LOVE to know how.

    Thanks to any and all who can reply.

  19. Niendertal

    Hello everyone,
    I think that the only way to solve this userprofile problem is:
    1 – Backup all data in My Docs, Email, Favorites, Desktop…
    2 – Create a “new user” on vista.
    Control Panel, User accounts, Create new user.
    3 – Restart vista and logon as “new user”
    4 – Copy all data to the new account
    5 – if you want. After you confirm that all data is restored, Delete the old account.

  20. Yaho

    If you change the computer name you may also encounter a “task reminder” error in “Task Scheduler” saying “The specified account name is not valid”.

    This, I believe, is also related to the “Windows Calendar” reminders not working after a name change.

  21. Scooch

    All sounds v familiar. I’m just securing my Dad’s new laptop (as he’s more pc illiterate than me!) which he’s just bought secondhand from a friend. I stupidly ‘renamed’ rather than ‘deleted’ the old account for me to be the administrator and now in random places the original owner’s name shows up, but also his documents are still on here. Any ideas how to get rid? I thought of reformatting but am unsure of this new Windows restore thing. The pc came with no discs for re-installation. Should I be sceptical or risk it and give it a whirl? It has WinTV and radio pre-installed. Would I lose this upon re-installation? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :)

  22. Jennifer

    I had the same problem as most of you and the pre-set registered name. I got the solution from my father.

    Run regedit

    Then go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

    When you click on current version you will see RegisteredOwner in the list at the right. Right Click and click modify (or double click) and change the value data to your new registered name. Done!

  23. Paul

    Thanks Jennifer! Running regedit then:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

    really works!!

    Thank you.

  24. Kelly

    Thank you so much Jennifer. Your solution worked perfectly

  25. Edrick McKnight

    This still did not work for me. In fact I have double folders such as documents, music, videos, etc… Any ideas?

  26. Jennifer

    Hello, me again!
    I had another laptop with the same issue and unfortunately the previous method didn’t work on that one. But as with someone else’s solution, I fixed this one. Since it had no files, I didn’t need to back up.

    – Back up all your data (if necessary)
    – Create a new user (Control panel, User Accounts, Create New User)
    – Set that new user to be an administrator.
    – Restart your pc and log in as the new user
    – Transfer all your files to new account (if necessary)
    – Switch users, log into old account, double check that you have copied over all your files.
    – Log off old account and delete when it is no longer needed.

    I have had no problems with this solution, everything is running beautifully! Hope this helps the rest of you!

  27. McrRed

    Thanks Jennifer, your solution worked for me too…

  28. vali

    i have a big problem, i changed the computer name and the domain of a windows vista account (not admin account) then i had to restart
    but now the old passwort wont work for the same account, and i didnt change anythink on the account, just the computer name and the domain
    also there is still and administrator account but i dont have the passwort for this,
    is there anythink i can do, like recover the system.

  29. Khiz

    For those who still cannot sort out the computer name problem after using Jennifers root use this:
    Run Regedit:
    If you click on it you will see a list on your right, such as username, where you can see the name that you are getting in the value column, change this to your desired username. Hope this helps

  30. Joe Befumo

    I recently upgraded my system and the new one come with Vista (64-bit) Home Premium. I already have a home network consisting of 2 XP machines, with an existing name (other than “WORKGROUP”). When I try to change the workgroup name, I get the following error:

    “Computer Name/Domain Changes”

    “The following error occurrred when validating the name “MYNAME”

    “A general network error occurred.”

    The thin is, I didn’t change the computer name (“MYNAME”) at all, just the Workgroup name.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


  31. mjschmidt

    While Jennifer’s tip does change the _owner_ name (I tried it on my computer) it does NOT change the name of the root user folder, which is what I think we all really want to change.

    If you used a bad name when first setting up your computer, or if you bought a floor model, or used machine, changing the owner name in the registry does not change the name of the default user folder. If you go to C:\Users you will still see the folder with the original name.

    It is not a good idea to change the name of this folder, because various registry keys, and programs installed, will be looking for it.

    It looks like the only way so far to change the name of your root/default user folder is to create a new user, move all your files, and get rid of the old one.

  32. Jennifer


    I have posted another solution, which I mentioned does in fact change the root folder. I had the same issue on another laptop and it worked. You have to create another profile, make it an administrator and delete the old “owner”. Be sure to transfer all your files to the new profile first. More detailed information is posted in my last comment. Hope it helps!

  33. Mike

    Very interested in the comments and solutions to re-name user folders. I am having the same problem after having bought second hand pc running vista. When you mention transfering files, how is this accomplished; manually or a one-click on a menu?

  34. lisa

    HELP! I successfully put my name as the owner, however in addition to me my computer is still showing the store that i purchased the computer; floor model.

    Can the store access my documents? I am really concerned cause i have a lot of photos and personal info stored on my puter.

    Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

  35. lisa

    oh sorry my question is how do i delete the store as an owner on my computer?

  36. jd2066

    @lisa: No, the store cannot access your computer. The store is just listed for information purposes.

  37. zawan

    thanks a lot for the help!

  38. viral

    Hey khiz it worked for me
    Run Regedit:

    thanks coz i was searching this as last and i was going to format my pc. but thanks a lot

  39. Dee

    Okay, I know I happened on this thread late, but I just want to clarify –

    I bought a brand new laptop w/ Vista a couple of months ago. As soon as I got it, I set up User accounts with myself as Administrator. No one else uses this computer but me, yet Vista reads does not read me (admin) as the default user. Instead there is a folder for user ‘Vista’ which is the default user profile that comes up when I log in. It has saved all my documents etc under ‘Vista’. Also, when I try to access certain elements it tells me that I don’t have clearance as I’m not an admin, even though there’s only one user profile on the system – me as admin. What can I do to get rid of ‘Vista’ and get full administrative access?

    Will the registry editor fixes above solve this? Or do I need to create a new user profile as above?

  40. Will

    Ok, so I was able to change my computer name in Vista…sorta. When I followed the steps above, then restarted it changed the name. Well, instead of replacing the original pc name with my new one it added mine to it ex users/newnamehere/ognamehere. Do I need to create a new account and move everything over to get rid of this? It’s kinda annoying on an ocd level. I just want my name in there because it’s my computer now and it just bothers me to see the old owner on here as well.

  41. Mason

    Thanks for this! I just got a new computer and Best Buy did everything for me but they had put the computer under my mother’s name and I had no idea how to change it. Cheers :]!

  42. Mary E.

    I’ve tried to change the name on my laptop ( operating system is Vista ). I did exactly what you told JB to do and my sister’s name still shows up on the files of my computer. Like toni’s music, video, etc. How can I change that so it says Mary. I even have a password under my name and I show up as the only adminisator but the files still show her name.

  43. Ionoone

    This is a ridiculous Vista Problem if you ask me…. I have tons of stuff and no way will be able to move everything to a new account, I’m going to try though because my friends daughters name is aggravating to me showing up everywhere as user, WISH i would have found this before i installed everything and a few months back. Thanks to everyone who submitted something that worked

  44. hemant


    my query is, can i change the settings of my comp that i use at the local cafe. thing is i use it to DL stuff and in case someone else accidentally/intentionally restarts the system the entire downloaded files get deleted without a trace. The cafe people have made such settings and wont bother altering them for me. do you have any idea?

    thank you for your time !

  45. mrwokk

    khiz and viral, what dyou mean Run Regedit? can you please give a step by step solution? thanks

  46. mrwokk

    SOLUTION TO THE USER NAME/VALUE NAME. there are three problems which people mentioned in this forum. changing the account name is easy, go to control panel, then user accounts, then just figure it out. changing the name of the computer is in system and maintenance, then system, then change. and the MAIN PROBLEM people are having, the easiest way to fix it is by opening run which is in the start menu. some people dont have it there by default. if so, right click the start button, click properties, customize, and scroll almost to the bottom of that list. once you’ve added it, open it, type in REGEDIT. then follow:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
    after pressing current version, it will say Registeredowner on the RIGHT. take it from there. the other war is by following HKEY_CURRENT_USER\VOLATILE ENVIRONMENT.

  47. Jess

    I’ve changed my name on the whole hkey_current thing and now it just made a folder with my name but the original is still there!! and now everything is my name/original name WTF!

  48. Rach

    I bought a floor model from Office Depot. Great deal-I hope. I am unable to login as an administrator as they have themselves set up as the admin with a password-that unfortunately I do not have. Any suggestions??

  49. anonymous coward

    thank you for this topic, big help to me

  50. Ss

    hi i have tried al the above mentioned ways to change the computer name bt now it shows ny name and the other name too. it is really irritating for mr, plz plz plz help me, how to make my comp name to ONLY MY NAME>>>>>

  51. S....

    i tried regedit wd both the solutns, i have tried control panel optn, i have tried that control passwords2 option….still my laptop shows C:/Users/OLDNAME/……
    someone has the ans to this????
    in c folder under users folder my laptop has 3 files one with the old name, 1 wd the new name and 1 named public….i think changing the old name here will hwlp solve my problem. any one knows how to do tat????

    badly waiting for solutions!!!!!

  52. Tina

    Wow jennifer it really worked for me thanks!!! i wanted this solution so much

  53. angie

    ive deleted something and now i cant log onto my account as administrator……….everytime i click my account it says bad something and wont log me on……..can u help

  54. tas

    I made a limited user account on my laptop then signed into it. But when I tried to sign into my administrator account I couldn’t remember its name. Is there anyway I can recover that name from the limited account?

  55. Box293

    Fix Reminders – error

    I came across this error after syspreping a Windows 2008 server (basically changing the computer name), Fix will also apply to Vista

    • Open windows explorer
    • Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\WindowsCalendar\
    • Select Reminders –
    • Right click Reminders – and select Delete
    • Click Yes to delete the task
    • Close windows Explorer
    • Open Task Scheduler
    • Error should not appear

    NOTE: There might be more than one Reminders – task that needs deleting

  56. Johny
    About this image above, my PC, Vista doesn’t allow change WORKGROUP name (disabled/grayed). Can u provide some suggestions, thanks~ And about images below:
    I can’t pick which I want in “Member of” section (both those options display grayed, too). Tell me some tips, thks.

  57. SMwright

    To change the name of the user default folder: I created a new account with hen you do this administrator privileges, logged into the new account, and I was able t that little o change thle file nlame of the original account. However, when you do still at little lock on the user file is removed

  58. SMwright

    To change the name of the user default folder: I created a new account with administrator privileges, logged into the new account, and I was able to change the file name of the original account’s user file folder. However, when you do this that little lock on the user file folder is removed.

  59. Maria

    Great article! I’m a new mom and this helped me a bunch! Thanks!

  60. Dave Wiebe

    Nice article, an easy answer to a common question.

  61. Lost


  62. Rob

    I have not got the \Registered owner file but do have the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment. On the right is the old users name I wish to change. I changed this using the Jennifer method and it seems to work, but, when I startup the next time I find the old user name back in the C:\USER\OLD NAME.

  63. amanda

    thanks. finally i was able to get rid of the ex’s name. one less thing to bring back sad memories.

  64. Cricket

    This is the problem with my computer I brought a display Toshiba laptop and it had user accounts already on their so one of the user accounts I could only log onto just one user account and I wanna know how to change that. The other thing is the user account that is always logged onto is a standard user and the other user account is an administrator account and I can’t change anything on the computer and I want to know what to do

  65. Jujubee

    mrwokk’s post was the only solution to the problem I had, so thanks! You’re my hero… Hated seeing my ex boyfriend’s name as the Registered Owner of MY computer.

  66. Andrew

    Require assistance. After changing my computer name and rebooting my machine. It’s suck on this black screen displaying the following:

    “Intel (R) Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v8.0.00.1039 ICH9M-E
    Copyright(C) 2003-08 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved.”

    It’s been like that for at least 20 minutes.

  67. Kal

    I have also had this problem, the solution I found was;
    1. Log into a separate Administrator Account, (You may have to enable the default Admin account) open Computer, Navigate to the Users folder, right-click the profile folder to change, and rename it.
    2. Next, open regedit, and navigate to the registry key @
    3. When you expand that, you will see folders with numbers after them. These are the Security Identifiers. Click on each of the SIDs and look @ the string that says
    until you see the one that matches the profile you want to change.
    4. Double-click on “ProfileImagePath” and set the value to the new name you just changed in the Users folder.
    5. Restart the computer. Don’t forget to disable/delete the additional admin account once you are finished.
    Hopefully this works for all of you with this problem, I have not yet found any problems as a result of these actions. Feel free to comment on this solution, and of course, make a backup before altering anything in the registry.

  68. Dominic

    Thank you for this! :)

  69. celien

    local disk(C:)> Users> SexyOneGirl

    hmm thats sounds alot like my old computer that got stolen

  70. Xyo

    thanks dude

  71. EE

    To Ss:

    All you have to do is to restore your computer, once you’re done, you’ll be asked to provide your own information as the owner of the computer. Hope it helps.

  72. Nate

    I have a urgent problem, my ex girlfriend has a friend who’s a computer programmer and she recommended him to repair and update our computer (our meaning, me and my new girlfriend, who cant stand the ex), anyway my ex gave the computer to the guy, he fixed it, updated it with Win 7, but he put her name as the Computer name, in which I changed by reading this board, but it still has her name in the Network/ MEDIA DEVICES ex: Nate-PC:Jasmine: and the Properties ex: :\Users\Jasmine\Documents, I really need to know how to changed this ASAP PLEASE….. (my ex’s name is Jasmine)

  73. Tea

    Very helpful and concise, thanks much!

  74. Sean

    Jennifer’s suggestion of just creating a new Admin user, transferring over important docs, and then deleting the old admin user, worked for me.

    ALSO – my computer gave me an option that said “would you like to transfer over all documents related to “old user”?” BUT – don’t be fooled – you don’t get any email settings from Outlook, and I didn’t get any photos, etc. You really do need to backup everything under the old profile, first.

    I also re-named my Computer using the instructions at the top of the page, no problem.

    I did go back in and check the HKEY registry like some had mentioned – mine showed up just fine after having deleted the old admin user.

    Also, if anyone is having problems getting to the “run” program, in order to access regedit, you can normally find it under Windows Start Button > All Programs > Accessories > Run. Then, just type in “regedit” into that.

  75. Antons

    Thanks a lot, Kal! Your solution became also mine :) Thumbs up ;) (System: Windows 7)
    Kal wrote:
    I have also had this problem, the solution I found was;
    1. Log into a separate Administrator Account, (You may have to enable the default Admin account) open Computer, Navigate to the Users folder, right-click the profile folder to change, and rename it.
    2. Next, open regedit, and navigate to the registry key @
    3. When you expand that, you will see folders with numbers after them. These are the Security Identifiers. Click on each of the SIDs and look @ the string that says
    until you see the one that matches the profile you want to change.
    4. Double-click on “ProfileImagePath” and set the value to the new name you just changed in the Users folder.
    5. Restart the computer. Don’t forget to disable/delete the additional admin account once you are finished.
    Hopefully this works for all of you with this problem, I have not yet found any problems as a result of these actions. Feel free to comment on this solution, and of course, make a backup before altering anything in the registry.

  76. Misty

    Thanks for the info. My computer was a hand-me-down, and it had my grandparent’s settings for the name on there, and I really didn’t like it. (it pretty much printed their whole name (which is really stupid, because if you log onto like an unsecure network, they now know your name)) And now it’s changed to the name I want. Thanks again!

    PS: And just an FYI, after changing your computer’s name, you do have to restart it.

  77. Anais

    Jennifer’s post about HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion was spot on and so easy to do. Now my problem is solved.

    Brilliant. No more PC/my real name showing.

    Thank you Jen!

  78. Kaelyn

    Hi! I am trying to email a resume from Word 2007. When I click send, it prompts me to enter the email address and I do, then I send it and this pops up:

    “The host ‘’ could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly.”

    Then it says “Subject ‘yadayada’, Account: ‘yadayada’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: ‘yada’, Port: ‘yada’, Secure (SSL): yada, Socket Error: yadayada, Error number: yada.”

    Obviously it doesnt actually say ‘yadayada’ at all but Im not sure what info I can safely put out there or not. I hope someone understands this and can tell me how to change the host name or what exactly I need to do in layman terms. Thank you!

  79. Dude

    So glad to be a Linux user.

  80. Xadus


  81. Lee

    Thank u Jennifer!! U Rock!!

  82. Manny

    Hi was recently trying to change the C:\Users\ (name) and i did the regedit then I went to the top bar and did edit find, them typed the old user name, once it found it right clicked an manually changed it now when restarted my computer i get an error message and it puts me in a temporary profile, all of my files from are still accessible but it’s still in a temp profile, can anyone tell me how to change it back?

  83. Non Windows User

    Good Lord!!

    I just happened upon this article and comments thread looking to point a Windows user I know to some advice on how to change their computer name. The instructions in the article looked simple enough … and then I read the comments.

    Seriously now, you have to make a whole new account and then migrate all your files and data over to it just to rename your computer??? Is this for real? What a joke.

    Reading stuff like this makes me so glad I use a Mac. Changing the computer name, the network name, the user account names, whatever, takes seconds and reflects right through the system and to all your settings. I imagine it’s the same in Linux too.

    No wonder all these PCs on our network have names like Acer-803021 and the users have no idea how to make the change and are generally afraid to even look at how to change things, while all the Macs on our network have the names of the actual users on them. How do you PC users live with these things?

  84. Amelia

    I changed my user account name to Amelia but my stuff still shows under C:\Users\Amy\Pictures.
    How come? Please answer back. Thanks.

  85. Isla Breeze

    Jennifer is the winner still! I was able to change the name of the registered owner with ease, the person who set up my computer couldn’t spell my name! Yikes, Thank you so much for this information.

  86. Fizzle

    Jennifer…you are a GOD!!

  87. tcheuchter

    if you read and follow the instructions this dude leaves at top of thread … it works well … if not maybe leaving the puter named RETARD- PC is a good move …. lol

  88. tcheuchter


  89. non mac user

    Thank you Jennifer, Sean and all others that made an interesting situation a lot easier to deal with. As fof the comments of ‘Non PC User’, well I’m sure we all wish that we could be a good as you with your Apple computer. However, as PC users, we at least do not look down our noses at non PC users who have had to have all the regular use programs that the rest of the world uses adapted to mac in order to include them in the ‘group’.
    Great information – everything worked as it should.

  90. dino juan

    Thanks, I’m a single dad and this helped a lot!

  91. Mariely

    ive been checking sites to possibly find a solution to my problem. i have a boyfriend, we’ve been dating for about 8 months. he has a windows vista and when he first got his computer he was with his ex. i HATE seeing her name when i am going through some documents or simply printing a document. so when i try to print a document, on the printing window, it says the name of the file, and under user it says her name. how can i change this? this is extremely frustrating!!! helpppp meee outt pleeasseee

  92. Josie Scott

    Followed Jennifers directions… obviously did not follow them correctly. All my pictures are gone and I have no music folder, which means my music is gone too. Please be careful in transferring files, know what the heck you are doing. I still have original user name and now mine. I wish I had just brought my computer to a professional. I cannot replace half of the pictures I lost. System Restore is a joke, thanks Microsoft.

  93. TStewart

    Thanks for all the help.. It all worked like a charm.

    The 1st thing i did was to type sysdm.cpl into the start menu search box, and change the name there.

    The 2nd was to go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion” and change the name in the “RegisteredOwner” document.

    the 3rd and last change was to make a new account as admin, back-up my stuff, and delete the account with the wrong name.

    After a restart I deleted the “Wrong-name’s” folder in C:\Users.

    No trace of other users now :D

  94. jaylee

    I recently got a laptop i bought it at staples the guy turned it on for me and told me the computer needed a name ,, i gave him my name but he spelt it wrong how do i change it . could some one please help ?

  95. I'm awesome

    Jaylee. Please read the top of this message, as you will find the answer to your question.

    Reading threads before you ask a question often provides the answer so that you don’t have to add meaningless information at the bottom, thus cluttering up the entire thread with useless words.

  96. Wolf Strong Child

    How do I turn on my computer during a power outage?

  97. shirazi ali reza

    windows wista 7

  98. zac

    Jennifer thankyou sooo much. life saver

  99. sam giessel

    i have problem quite often. i type with one finger,cause i have ms and can’t use my rigt side.thankyou for the help

  100. Paul Warner

    My parents put restrictions on my computer and I can’t even look at the computer name because I’m not admin, how can I get around this?

  101. Gus

    I changed the admin info to add a new work group. Now when I start my computer it wont accept my username or password? WTH?

  102. Cathy

    I was just wondering, if I change the name of my computer, my files will still be there right? just under a different name?
    Ok. Thanks!!!!!

  103. Joshua

    Usually when I go to my local public library to use the computer to go on the internet, I click on the clock to access the calendar and a message pulls up that says that I am not authorized by the admin to change the time or the date on the computer. How do I do that to my computer so that when anyone goes on my computer, only I can change the clock and the date on the computer.

    I also want to do the same thing so that when someone who is on my computer to go on the internet, they cannot change the network of the internet connection.

    If anyone know how to do it and can replay, I would really appreciate it.


    P.S. My computer uses Windows Vista.

  104. Marc

    Just create a new standard user account for everyone else, or better still, just enable the ‘Guest’ account.
    To do this, just go to Control Panel > User Accounts …. > Add or Remove user accounts. Click on the guest account, then click ‘Turn On’ if you want the guest account on… or, in ‘Add or Remove user accounts’, click ‘Create a new user account’, if you want to do that. Make sure you select ‘Standad User’ though, instead of creating another admin account.
    These options will limit the editing of your computer to certain degrees, and leave your persionalized account the way it is.

    Hope this is what you meant.

  105. naveen patel

    I bought a new laptop of sony make wid model # VPCEA46G, with win 7 os preinstalled, I changed the admin name & I had prob with MS off 2010, pre installed, i removed off 2010 form control panel, & installed off 2007 but it is not working properly, i installed off 2003 also, both off 2007 & 2003 are unable to open saved excel & word files.

  106. naveen patel

    win 7 os is 64bit pre installed on the system,

  107. Jay

    Hi guys, I’ve just purchased a ‘brand new’ Samsung netbook (oredered online and delivered today). I have turned it on for the first time and it just started straight up – didn’t ask me to create a user account or name the machine or anything – or register windows like the quick start guide said i’d have to. Also on further investigation I have discovered there is already a user account set up called ‘Currys’ (the netbook was ordered from pcworld but currys is the same thing nowadays). So my fear is that this machine has already been used and set up! Do this sound like the case? If so it’s getting returned! Thanks in advance.

  108. Remidas

    Type in “regedit”
    Press “enter”
    After program boots go to Edit-> Find
    Type “(whatever it is the name is)”
    Press “enter”
    On the right, click on whatever it is you desire to modify and type in desired name.

  109. Vincent

    I bought a new laptop and i try to access the internet but i am have some issue but is telling me that the laguage has change…….i will like to know thet right solution that will be enough to resolve this problem.

    i am using acer and i just bought it

  110. Joshua

    I Have A Gaming Computer And When I Brought It The Company Asked If i wanted them to install Windows 7 to it so when i got it it was plug in and play, and they asked for a temporary name for the computer and then i could change it, So it was original new-PC And i changed it to Joshua’s-PC and when i go into my documents it will come up still as New-PC. How do i change it so that it will take Joshua’s-PC As the main Name to use for everything???

  111. Lawrence

    Right here is something which changes the name already to something else
    Start > Control panel > manage your credentials > then change the name
    but what is the main problem we all have is changing the internet/network address once that is changed it should all work but the question is how to change it =[
    If you just brought it off someone your best just putting it back to facotry settings
    Formatting your computer deletes everything
    Its basically deleting all your memory
    once you format you have to do everything put the drivers in

  112. Reza

    Thanks a lot…

  113. Johnson

    Hi there, I have an extreme annoying thing happening to me, my computer carried soneone else name and not mine. when i bought this computer the guy who set up for mistake with someone else name and now it stick there for along time. I follow these step to change the computer name with ‘computer properties’ but useless. and now when I plug in my ipad, it appear with “someone’s ipad” and I am mad…. trying to put this thing off by changing the name but couldn’t.

    Would you please leave me some tips how to fix this?

    I really appreciate.

  114. Eleanora

    My laptop got lost but i suspect someone to be using it. I dont recall the serial number and they have changed the operating system and deleted everything that was on it.How else can i track and prove that it is my lost laptop. Please help.

  115. Dude

    1) Make a new folder
    2) Name it like this : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    3) Enjoy the panel with all possible configuration

  116. pardeep

    i have changed ma laptop name and i got an option of restarting but when i restated it,it is causing problem,press ctrl alt and delete to restart is appearing on d screen and when i do so it again shows this thing please help me regarding this….

  117. SRIHARI

    i am running 7 enterprise 32-bit
    i want to add the registered mark (®) at the end of my computer name and workgroup name
    is it possible, if so wats the process….

  118. Nac

    Thanks Jennifer! This has been bugging me for 3 years now! Finally renamed my computer :))

  119. Kewlcat11

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

    worked like a stroll to the candy store..thanks!!

  120. Hayzee

    Hi, I have done this many times. It sounds like everyone is familiar with regedit, so just go to find and change every single entry that has the old name in (F3 to go to Find Next). Then restart the computer….easy!

  121. MamaRamos

    Jennifer is correct. It must be changed in the registry.

  122. sumit

    how to change windows edition name?
    ie. windows edition: windows 7 ultimate
    i want to change it to
    windows edition: ubuntu…..can anyone tell me hw to chnage that?

  123. Muffy

    Thanks man best website!

  124. christina

    Really this is a amazing information, I had googled alot about this issue, i didnt get the proper information else where, but this websites clears everything.. thanks aton…..

  125. Smalltowncanada

    Jennifer… thank you thank you thank you so very much!!!!!

  126. Aaron

    Thanks Jennifer!!!! You rock!!! Been looking for a solution for a while now and that one worked!


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