Built-in Quick Launch Hotkeys in Windows Vista

Windows Vista lets you use hotkeys for the first 10 items in the Quick Launch menu. These hotkeys are assigned automatically, so there’s no need to do anything other than understand how they work.

For each icon in the Quick launch bar, the hotkey Win + number is assigned. These are assigned from left to right, 1-9 (and 0 for 10).

For instance, in the following screenshot, you’ll see that the first 4 icons are:

  1. Show Desktop
  2. Flip3D
  3. Windows Media Player
  4. Internet Explorer

That would mean the automatic hotkeys are assigned like this:

  1. Win + 1   – Show Desktop: 
  2. Win + 2   – Flip3D: 
  3. Win + 3   – Windows Media Player
  4. Win + 4   – Internet Explorer

Seems kinda a waste to use Show Desktop and Flip3D when you can use Win+Tab and Win + D for those anyway. Maybe I’ll move them…

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