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Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Windows

Taking ownership of system files or folders in Windows is not a simple task. Whether you use the GUI or the command line, it takes far too many steps. This method works in Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, and it maybe works in XP, though you won’t need it there.

Thankfully somebody created a registry hack that will give you a menu item for “Take Ownership” that will handle all the steps for you. We found this many years ago, and since then it’s been hosted here for everybody to use.

Update: after all these years we finally figured out who originally made the first version of the registry hack — it was a system tweaking guru by the name of Herby.

Here’s what the new right-click menu will look like after installing this registry hack. If you are in Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, the little shield won’t show up, but it’ll work just fine.

Note: you might need to hold down the Shift key to make the menu show up.


Installing the Take Ownership Menu

Download and unzip the files contained in the zipfile. Double-click the InstallTakeOwnership.reg file and click through the prompts. No reboot necessary.


Double-click the RemoveTakeOwnership.reg file and click through the prompts. No reboot necessary.


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  • Published 01/3/15

Comments (327)

  1. huh?

    All I get when I double-click the extracted InstallTakeOwnership.reg file is the window asking me what program do I want to open it with. What do I need to do?

  2. CypherBit

    Nice indeed. Any reason why it says how to do this in Vista only? Have there been any drastic changes from 2k/XP/2k3, can anyone verify if this works on all recent MS OS’s?

  3. jacobian

    what does it do exactly? i installed it and everything seems fine but what does “taking ownership” mean.
    is it just like hiding or encrypting a folder?

  4. Mr Linux (original source as far as I can tell)

    Taking ownership of a file/directory gives you direct read/write access to the file (without going through UAC) and forces other users to go through UAC to get such access. Now that Vista finally has a sane notion of file ownership (like Linux and Mac have had for years), this sort of thing comes in major handy (especially when you often change files like C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS).

  5. FireMaiden

    Oh my God, this Take Ownership feature is awesome. Many thanks to the creator.

  6. GoldenEagle \\ Pablo

    Thanks for this! We were having issues after the Belkin Easy Transfer Cable messed all the permissions up and after trying several times with Vista’s ownership nothing had worked. This worked first time!

  7. DT

    I spent way too many hours today trying to get our personal.xls with custom macros into the XLStart folder so we could do billing today (prior XP pc fried, new pc is Vista). Needless to say, Vista gives me no rights to XLStart folder and I’m just so glad I found this zip fix here tonite. Can’t wait to try tomorrow! Many thanks. And Microsoft — get a grip, I’m tired of having Mac folks tell me to buy a Mac! Don’t make our lives harder!!! Or you’ll find us all on MAC…

  8. mu12345

    I can’t take the ownership of the C drive. But I can take the ownership of the folders in C drive. Any comment?

  9. mike v

    Ok Guys…..I really screwed up.(that’s what usually happens when you don’t know what your doing) I was trying to gain access to my entire drive so I could delete temp files/temp internet files etc. So, after reading this post on how to delete system files I used this in the command prompt: [takeown / C:\ f ] afterwhich it said that my-acer had owership….Cool so far….I think. Then I used the cacls command: [cacls C:\ *.* /G my-acer:F] I was asked if I was sure & answered yes,hit return & it said the process was successful. Now I can’t get many things to run at all & if I attempt to use the command line as an admin I get this:”c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe the parameter is incorrect”. I get the same sort of message when I try & run other things. I have to also say that when I login to start windows my name is “ironhorse” & the name of the pc is “my-acer”. A friend told me I need to give full rights to both of these names if I want to delete certain files as their considered administrators(both me of course). I haven’t restarted the machine cause I know it will never restart so I’m trying to get this fixed through the command prompt. I tyred to roll back through system protection but can’t get there either. Am I screwed or is this fixable. Mike

  10. Geniusdog

    Mike to me it sounds like your screwed, I guess it just goes to show that you shouldnt mess around unless you know what your doin. I had a similar problem before and I had to do a reinstall, your best bet to keep your files would be to get a knoppix disk and a flash drive** to copy your files to. You will still have to reinstall windows but you will keep all your important data.

    **The flash drive is not necessary if you have more than one CD burner on your system.

  11. eliminat

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    You just made my job a lot easier. Migrating files from a customer’s old XP machine to a new Vista machine just got a lot simpler.

  12. asdf

    did i ever tell you i love you, you saved me 10 years of my life

  13. kraymah

    there was thsi file that i couldn’t delete, i hated to see that file . googled …..file don’t delete……and got this site. thanks man……wat else have you got for us?

  14. Peter K

    Beware: “Me too” follows

    The provider of these registry entries should get a medal.

    Here are virtual 2 medals – you deserve one for publishing this.

    !@#$%^& MacroCrap !

  15. clarke

    thank-you very much. why did Vista make file ownership change so difficult?

  16. Bob Cudmore

    This didnt work on my Vista Ultimate. I installed as instructed, but there is no option to ‘take ownership’ when I right click a file or folder.

  17. Lasse

    This was exactely wat I was looking for some days now ;)
    Thanks, very useful reg fix, now I can get rid of folder and files who I crated on a different PC (so you don`t have the admin rights anymore).


  18. Steve

    I have the same problem as reported by Bob Cudmore: This didnt work on my Vista Ultimate. I installed as instructed, but there is no option to ‘take ownership’ when I right click a file or folder.

    I installed, uninstalled and reinstalled with the same result

  19. MIA

    i have installed but.. still cant seem to delete a *MOV file i have on my Vista Pc. when i right click on ‘take ownership’ it opens up *cmd screen and i cant type anything inside it :(

  20. Emma

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever made this hack!!!! I wanted to copy data across from my old hard drive, and it required over 5 clicks for every single bloody file on the entire hard drive before this hack!

  21. Higham

    Hi Geek,

    Do you know this will work on Windows Vista Home Premium? If so, any help would be much appreciated.

    Yours sincerely,
    Michael Higham

  22. _Ralph_

    I’ve tried it on Vista Home Premium and can’t it to work

  23. Rick

    I already have something as the (Default) item here: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\runas (and in “command” beneath it), so I can’t use this mod. (In case anyone’s wondering, it’s an elevated command prompt.)

    Question: How do you add a second item to that section of the Registry and have them both show up on a right-click?

  24. Nat

    I also couldn’t get it to work, any ideas please?

  25. hireger

    Thanks for the posts. I do appreciate the take ownership help. is GREAT for files/folders. HOWEVER, I need to take ownership of A DRIVE, and neither vista nor this program works.

  26. Fred Stevens

    One of the computers I use is shared, and this feature is very useful; however, I do not want the other users (standard accounts) to see this option. I understand that they will not be able to run the command, since they’ll be prompted for an admin password and all, but seeing the option at all is unwanted for mostly aesthetic reasons. The following (if it does not get modified or filtered by this commenting system) is the contents of the .REG file I used:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @=”Take Ownership”

    @=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F”
    “IsolatedCommand”=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F”

    @=”Take Ownership”

    @=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” /r /d y && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F /t”
    “IsolatedCommand”=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” /r /d y && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F /t”

    and the uninstall has been similarly modified:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



  27. switch

    It would be nice to have this on the Shift+Right Click menu. Just like “Open command window here…” is.
    Anybody know how to do this?

  28. Jym

    5 gold stars for who ever designed this… it works like it was supposed to be there all along, thanks for solving one of the many million anoying things about vista…

  29. Oiler62

    Finally found the quick fix I needed! Thank you!! I’m a novice and learning mre and more each day.
    I upgraded from XP to Vista last week and had some probs loading it, had to re-install again after a glitch. Everything’s good but noticed my 120gb HD is almost filled up! I dug deep and saw that Vista created a backup for my entire C drive of my old XP stuff and had another backup with my glitched Vista install. Like 60 GB between them! I managed to delete the old XP crap, but the Vista one was hard. I got bits and pieces of it deleted, tried a shredder program and got a little more, but more times than not that Permission BS popped up. I still had 9gb left to dump. I searched all over the NET for help but was getting mixed results or too complicated. This worked great.
    Thanks again.

  30. iamwoturnot

    You guys would solve all your problems if you’d just join the Linux Revolution and force the evil corporate Microsoft right on out of here ;)

    Never have these kinds of problems in Linux, ever.

  31. Z32Lex

    You’ve just fixed my biggest Vista annoyance. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  32. PenjaraPecah

    this thing save my life and time … gazillion thanks…

  33. big-o

    thanks a lot. i dont remember having this issue with windows xp, it looks like the default in vista is to force you to take ownership before being able to do anything created on other pcs. this really sucks and this simple fix it a great cure for it.


  34. switch for a shift-right click version!

  35. Jeroen

    Thanks man!

    And for those who don’t know what this is.

    Lets say you put a HDD in your computer that holds an Windows XP installation. On that XP installation the user folders where protected, and you can’t just acces this on Vista. With this registerymod you just right click the folder you dont have acces too, and in 1 whipe you just gained yourself acces without much trouble!

    Thanks, for sharing this.

  36. whitenoiz

    HI guys,
    This sounds like exactly what I need. I have removed the hard drive from my old XP laptop and using it as an add-on HDD for my Vista Home Premium driven desktop. I am trying to take ownership of the folders and files therein which are all password protected and having to do it on a file by file basis. Unfortunnately this hack doesnt seem to work!
    I get the right indication when I right click the relevant folder or file but nothing happens…
    Suggestions please….

  37. IK

    Thanks a million to who ever created this wonderful tool. Saved me million clicks.

  38. Henry

    Thanks for all of you blowing off everyone here saying they cant get the program to install properly. We really appreciate the disrespect and lack of support.

  39. The Geek


    If you want a question to be answered more promptly, you need to leave it on the forum. The comments on this article aren’t checked on a regular basis, and with a thousand articles on the site it’s impossible to answer every article comment.

    You might notice that I have a note right above the comment box, asking people to leave computer help questions on the forum. I suppose I need to make it more obvious.

    Sorry for the trouble.

  40. Rich

    that is a wonderful piece of kit. thank you so much to whoever created it.

  41. ISawRed

    Thanks a lot this is awesome!!!! Works great!!!

  42. Mike Salkin

    Yes, it works on Home Premium, however while the files were accessed, right clicking on the folder that held those files did not bring up the Take Possession option.

  43. Stuart A

    I was pulling the last of my hair out trying to find a solution (Home Premium) then I found your website – brilliant!!!!
    It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many thanks

  44. Prince

    I tried this “take ownership” on a worng file,(tpcps.dll instead of “tabskd.dll”) for getting rid of this “on board screen” appearing on my desktop on every login.Can u please help me in fixing this error,as its still appearing in every startup and please advise is there any problem with for the “tpcps” file by doing the “Take ownership”?(I use HP dv6502au laptop)

    Thanks in advance

  45. jd2066

    @Prince: Here is how to turn off the automatic startup of the on-screen keyboard:
    1. Open Control Panel.
    2. Click Ease of Access.
    3. Click Ease of Access Center.
    4. Click Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard.
    5. Uncheck Use On-Screen Keyboard.
    6. Click Save.

  46. John

    Is it only me or did the open as administrator option disappear with this enabled?

  47. nocashgx

    I’m logged in as an administrator and I’ve installed the take ownership thingy but when I right click on my windows media player folder i can take ownership but it still tells me I need permission to delete the file. Am I doing something wrong can somebody help??? T_T

  48. nocashgx

    I need help because I want to delete my WMP folder because the program doesn’t work.

  49. Clue-Less

    Anyway of keeping the command prompt OPEN after the command has been issued? I would like to know what is being done and if any errors exist but cmd.exe quickly closes. Thanks

  50. HELP!!

    Ok I download the program and I’m still getting the message “you need permission to perform this act.” when im trying to delete this program that is not working and need to reuninstall it. Already tried from control panel and cant.

  51. jd2066

    @HELP!!: Just follow the steps listed under Uninstall at the end of this guide.

  52. Paul

    If your using vista you have to Start>Run>regedt32
    Then File>Import the install.reg file your done.

  53. LittleToucan

    I joined your forum just so I could say thank you. This is fantastic! I can now view system folders that were forbidden before. This saves a lot of time hunting around looking for alternate routes into these folders. Thank you so much.

  54. Brandon

    Thank you so much! This is sweet!

  55. Vinay

    That’s What I was looking for.
    it works great and it’s too simple!
    Thanks to the creator of these two files!

  56. Wes

    I installed it, and it is great, but i have an issue still.

    whenever I launch it, it says that the publisher could not be verified, and therefore, i have to hit run every time i open it.

    Any way to fix this?

    thank you,

  57. nasko

    Well, thanks it works like a charm…

    So I can bear the Window$ Vista now… barely!


  58. Peter

    You have to use shift left click on Vista ultimate 64 but works brilliantly otherwise.

  59. Meg

    Ok so I downloaded this last night, it worked great. Now it says I have to have Admin privileges for everything. I can’t even get into the control panel. it even says I have to have admin privileges to take control of take control. Any help?

  60. Meg

    I also can’t create a restore point. It says that either the file location has been lost or I don’t have proper permission. any help?

  61. Hassan

    Thanks , it works.

  62. Terry Lee Gonzalez

    Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the quality of information you put up here on this site. I do a lot of searching on the ‘Net when I have a problem, and I am amazed at the number of times I’ve arrived at your website with a problem, but left WITHOUT a problem.

    I love the visual aids and your communication style. Just an all around great site and a huge public service. It’s people like you who make the world a better place!

  63. Martin

    Great! It worked for the first few files, but then went back to normal with the you need permission box, even after taking ownership of the whole drive!

    What does seem to work, is to copy the folder you need to move, then paste it into the destination folder, go back to the original and delete the files inside, then you’ll be able to delete the folder that needs permission to move.

    This is ridiculous!!

  64. Hurrycane

    has someone tried it on Win Vista x64?
    Seems like it don’t works on Vista 64.

    I wanted to rename some systemfiles , but there comes a Pop-Up with “Bla bla you have no rights for this action” and i can press “Take Ownership” hundred times, it wont work.

    is this version only for 32Bit ?

  65. Colleen

    You are a beaut!!!! Thank you, what a pleasure!!!!

  66. ccl

    I downloaded this program a year ago. I just want you to know it continues to be the best download I have ever used. Don’t know if you ever found out who wrote this program – but I’d willingly contribute to that website!

  67. dave

    didn’t work at all… trying to uninstall a program, getting the 1321 error. i “took ownership” of the folder in question, and still could not uninstall, or even just delete the folder that the program is in. i wish this how-to actually had some information in it, instead of just saying how to install and uninstall the program. thanks for nothing.

  68. jan

    This Reg File only works on English Vista Installs… I have modified it for German Installs: -> Look here:

    Diese Reg File funzt nur auf englischen Vista Installationen. Fr deutsche installationen schaut hier:

  69. fox

    many thanks! this enabled me to gain access to my files from my old notebook that won’t reboot last week. it’s the best download I have ever used!

  70. mike

    semmed like the perfect fix but still have a problem. ran the hack and everything wizzed by but still no access. ***i did have the folder in the xp drive some sort of protected, all folder entries are green. its about 5,000 appraisal pictures*** been working two full days, secret admin login, gave full permission to everyone, nothing!!! I WILL PAY FOR A FIX AT THIS POINT, NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK ASAP AND EVERY APPRAISAL SEEKS THIS FOLDER OUT TO LINK PICTURES. THANKS

  71. Scott

    great help! been trying to access my laptops hdd for hours now, soon as i tried this it’s working straight away.


  72. Scott

    by the way, i installed this script on my Windows 7 machine, works great.

  73. Scott

    You are an absolute legend mate, absolute superstar,


  74. Shania

    As Scott said on Windows 7 x64 also..

  75. Al

    Thanks for this! I’m trying to convert Microsoft word 2007 trial to the full version and I need ownership first. When I get to the registry editor and click yes it says there’s an error accessing the registry. HELP!

  76. Ian Pride (Lateralus)

    This is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  77. J. Woolley

    Here is a command script version that is a little more versatile. Make a shortcut to TakeOwnership.cmd, then you can drag and drop files and/or folders on the shortcut to take ownership of them.

    The contents of TakeOwnership.cmd follows:
    @echo OFF

    if ‘%1’==’/?’ echo Usage: %0 [Names of one or more files and/or folders] && pause && exit
    if ‘%1’==” echo There are no more command line arguments. && pause && exit
    if not exist %1 echo %1 is not a file or folder. && pause && goto Next

    echo This script will take ownership of %1.

    pushd .
    pushd %1 2>NUL
    if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto File

    echo %1 is a folder.
    echo This script can take ownership of a folder with recursion;
    echo i.e., it can take ownership of all files and subfolders in a folder.
    choice /m “Do you wish to take ownership of this folder with recursion ”
    if not ERRORLEVEL 2 goto Recursion

    choice /m “Do you wish to take ownership of this folder without recursion ”
    if not ERRORLEVEL 2 goto NoRecursion

    goto Next

    takeown /f %1 /r /d Y
    icacls %1 /grant administrators:F /t
    goto Next

    echo %1 is a file (not a folder).
    choice /m “Do you wish to take ownership of this file ”
    if ERRORLEVEL 2 goto Next

    takeown /f %1
    icacls %1 /grant administrators:F

    goto Begin

  78. Ian Pride

    @J. Woolley: Thanx for that. It will be quite handy.

  79. Radhika

    After Installation, I checked by right-clicking. It wasn’t there. I’m going to try rebooting.

  80. john

    i’m using this on vista ultimate 64bit and it works fine. i do believe i had to reboot first before it showed up though.

  81. Frata

    This works perfectly on Win 7 beata Ultimate :)

  82. Radhika

    It worked after the Reboot!

  83. Imemine

    This didn’t work on my Vista laptop. I installed it and it did its thing but then it said operating systems stopped working. Any ideas? I can’t get access to files I created in word via my laptop. There is only me on this laptop, no one else uses it.


  84. Tom


    If you still can not edit/delete/rename/whatever your file, although you have edited it with “Take Ownership” just go to properties of this file and set down the user rights to full access manually!
    “Take Ownership” can just allow you to edit this access rights, so you have to edit them by yourself.

    File -> Properties -> Safety -> Advanced -> Edit -> Then set all right to “Full Access” -> OK

    (Sorry, I have the german windows version, so I do not know how the buttons are named in the englisch version)

  85. visit

    this is great for deleting fonts i hate, thanks

  86. Tim G

    Thank you! Damn I hate VISTA!

  87. dp

    a million thanks!!! omg
    saved me so much

  88. michelexcore

    IM IN LOVE thankyou soooo much for this program it was amazing just instal and then go into c and find the file that ur getting the error in right click the whole file and bam ur the owner hehe super awesomeness

  89. Truc

    oh thanks so much for this – it works perfectly on Vista Home thanks!!!

  90. Shooter902

    Careful with this..I installed it and now my handler is screwed up in Vista, Shortcuts in the start menu no longer work?? Can’t find a good fix either. If someone has one I would appreciate a link..Thanks :-)

  91. Hank

    Hi, my right click menu bombed after carrying out some registry fixes in Home Premium Sp1 on my notebook. Have tried rolling back but it has not helped. Suggestions to fix this please??

  92. Steve

    I was grateful to find this workaround (less so that such a workaround is necessary!)

    Back story – I transferred some pictures from my smartphone via Winows Mobile Command Center.
    Tried to rotate one of the pics, kept getting the “File is read-only, in use … ” error.

    Saw the “green box” read-only on the directory folder (but not the picture file itself!)

    Downloaded, installed and ran “TakeOwnership’ which all seemed to go fine.
    For good measure, took ownership of the entire document folder in my (adminstrator authorized) user account. Watched hundreds of files successfully “owned.”

    Still won’t let me rotate the image because it is “read only.”

    Tried the “full user rights” solution.
    Found that it had two separate rights entries for the adminstrator, one which did not list its orgin.
    I deleted that one.

    Tried exporting the images into new files via Windows Picture Manager.
    No go.

    I’m getting worried because now ALL my user subdirectories have the “read-only” green box.

    Any thoughts?

  93. Steve

    Not the the easiest way to fix things but I did resolve the matter of the suddenly read-only pictures.

    Apparently I violated some unwritten commandment that you cannot TRANSFER image files from a mobile device to your laptop using the Mobile Device Center.

    You must use the Picture/Video import function.

    Not a horrible process, but it seems to be an all-or-nothing proposition, meaning not only will recent phone/camera pictures be imported but every single icon/phone image stored on the device.

    Didn’t I hear once that these devices were supposed to make our lives easier?

  94. Curtis

    I downloaded this program so I could delete programs in Vista 64 that would not allow me to delete. This program did not fix that situation for me. I still cannot delete files after I right click and set Take Ownership. Im pissed that Vista will not let me delete files. What kind of operating system is this anyways.

  95. Erika C.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. You just solved the biggest Vista annoyance that was plaguing my existence. Works like a dream.

  96. StanDP

    MIKE, You need to take ownership of the full drive if need be, and not just the folder, so take ownership, try giving everyone access to the root of the drive where your hundreds of appraisal pics are, this should do it, btw (BIG ALSO, You M U S T do this on the system that the drive was setup with permissions on, else it will most definitely not work when trying on other systems. My big suggestion MIKE is that You buy a nie hefty USB drive for such personals… I know the above will help if You follow what I jive, Stay cool peace love and happiness to You and Yours!!!! -=8^0-=

  97. JLeigh

    Oh, wow. I had an employee on the verge of resignation because I couldn’t convince her I was NOT withholding passwords from her. And her hard disk was full and she couldn’t delete anything and it was ALL MY FAULT. Install this=end of soap opera. Thank you.

  98. Chris

    I love this program, however it’s having some unwanted side effects, and I am unable to uninstall it. I tried the uninstall, but it doesn’t completely remove it. I am no longer able to take ownership of most things, but I still have the option to take ownership of icons on my desktop. Any suggestions? I didn’t want to start messing with my registry. BTW, running Windows 7 64.

  99. Junaid Hussain

    Great. Just amazing. Now I am leaving a good comment as the only reason I downloaded a registry edit was because everybody who DID IT RIGHT gave good reviews :D

  100. roger

    Just tried this on my Vista Home Premium 32-bit machine. Worked perfectly. Is there room on Mt. Rushmore for the guy that wrote this? I love it.

  101. bluewave

    For everyone that has bee unable to install Take Ownership….What they did not tell you is you need to go to run, or search in Vista and type in regedit

    This will open the Registry Editor. Select File – Import and then point your mouse to the location where you have unzipped the take ownership file


  102. Coranne

    Who would think something so small would make someone’s life so simple!! This is an excellent tool that will sure come in handy in the future. Thanks so much for sharing you’re a genius!!


  103. BobCat

    I had the same problem on Vista 64 and now on Win 7 64. I was changing each one manually until i came upon this program. What a life saver. I did notice as someone mentioned above that “run as an administrator” is no longer a right click option. I’ll assume that the Take ownership option is a level above this resulting in it’s disappearance. Also, I have no troubles (in Win 7 64) with the control panel, making restore points, etc. My hat off the person who made this small but extremely significant registry hack.

  104. Donald Rull

    TakeOwnership woudl not install for me on Vista 64 Ultimate. The file simply kept opening up in notepad instead of making changes to the registry. To get around this I ran regedit from the start menu and then from within regedit there is an option to import. I imported the installtakeownership file and it worked great!

  105. dash

    You are my absolute hero!! Thanks so much. I was getting so frustrated that after years of withstanding an office load of people screaming at me to “Get a Mac” I was tempted to succumb.

    But now I can’t fight the good fight for longer!!

    Good one you.



  106. OscEk

    nice work and look s good

  107. seanny

    i cant use this file i need to get rid of this itune file but it keeps saying i dont have permission. i only have one account im running vistas as well any help

  108. Milos

    This is the best thing i ever used….. by a mistake i changed the ownership to many files on my HD, so i couldnt open it again…. but this is a perfect solution for that cind of mess…
    Many THANKS to man who created athis registry hack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. phil c

    Thank you very much for taking the time to make all of this info available to all the digitally challenged people out here!!
    Peace and Blessings! an old hippie seattle

  110. Stratman

    I don’t think I’ve said this to another man before (except for my Father, of course) but here goes. I love you.

  111. Zeb

    I would not recommended this for win7…. I used it all the time on XP and Vista, but I installed it in win7 RC and used it a few times, and my system is all messed up. Can’t update anything, and many apps arn’t running right…. I’m just waiting till the 22nd for my full copy of win7 to reformat.

  112. mojito

    This was a big help, but I’m guessing precations should be used with this too. It will recursively go through all children of the folder and change those permissions. Could that be very bad ?

  113. darkknight

    It a great feature but personally i wud like a revert ownership feature too. Since i have my doubts that if ownership were with my admin and if some malware was residing in the system, it cud use the ownership to corrupt windows files whereas earlier UAC wud not allow that. Is there some way to revert the ownership back to wat it was?

  114. makuna

    I cant replace these .dll files even though i already took ownership of the folder and got full rights to these? This wonderful vista says that i`ve no rights or its opened in another program. Please someone help me ! I`ve been fighting with this for hours.

  115. dafmat71

    We can see take ownership in contextualmenu, but when we execute it, nothing happen in advancy-security, normally all cases for administrator must be x ( full permission!!), i thing that it worked, but not since 2 month, since a update( or maybe since SP2!!)

  116. Deanna

    OMG! Life Saver. I was just about ready to get the old XP disc out and downgrade. I am soooooo sick of Vista!



  118. dafmat71

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    Im still having trouble but not asking for help. Im sick of vista and microsoft.

  122. Deby

    Thank you so much! This is an awesome little utility. Thanks for sharing!!!! …and thanks to whoever created it, wherever they are!!!!

  123. Enrico

    Bloody brilliant! Was getting so frustrated at not being able to edit albumart or other details in itunes, I was going to go back to XP64.

    Question: after I apply ownership to a folder, if I uninstall this registry entry, will I still have ownership of the folder?

  124. Greg

    I think a question that needs to be asked is …..
    how do you change ownership back to what it was, if needed ???

  125. Emmanuel

    Oh…you’re a life saver.
    I wanted to edit a windows file, and ive done done easily with this.

    Thanks a lot

  126. Glenn

    My friends old vista system fried / bought a new one over weekend trying to get old pics,spreadsheets and email addresses off old drive to new computer will this program work for that. Old drive is in external case plugged in by USB can see program files but no data files.?

  127. Jan Wright

    Beware of this I ran it on my temp folder in win 7. I could not then install any new software after weeks I found it removed system from the temp folder which stops msi files installing

  128. axovexTag

    My computer is running slow what steps can I do to fix it?

  129. stu

    dude, whoever came up with this is a living legend!!! I have tried all combinations of ownership and security but nothing worked. Ran this and straight away I could copy and paste my files. Awesome.


  130. Dave

    THANK YOU! that was the easiest and most technical freakin thing I’ve ever successfully accomplished!

  131. Cron

    Awesome! Those administrator right’s requests were getting really annoying.

  132. poplocanada

    Doesnt work in Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise. The option is missing from the menu.

  133. jordan

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  134. Trollark

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    Thank you for that fast fix!

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    this is absolutely awesome. i was arguing with my computer about permissions for the past hour before coming across this sweet tool!

  136. Hyatis

    Well, I like this hack, a lot. :) I have a USB tablet and the second I plug it in about 100MB of my RAM was gone because of all the input crap that I never use. (What’s the point of a computer if you’re just going to write on it?) So I got rid of the input stuff and now I just want to… well… remove Ownership from all the files in the System32 Folder. It kinda bugged me that you couldn’t just change ownership of a single file :(

  137. EThaiZone

    Thank you! It’s good work. It works on Win7. It’s easiest and bestest too!

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    does exactly what it says on the tin! Nice one buddy, thanks!

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    thanks very much….

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  142. Ben

    when I double click installtakeownership, i get the first prompt, but the second one says there were errors accessing the registry, how do I fix this?

  143. Ozarkite

    Wow. Thank you so much for this utility. My Windows 7- 64 bit machine now is at MY command. Works EXACTLY like you said. I guess I don’t have to go get a Mac after all….

  144. Wells

    I’ve installed TakeOwnership.reg file; it does a bunch of stuff at the command prompt, opens the explorer and thats it. I have recently migrated from XP and used an USB external hard drive, how do I take ownership of this baby?

  145. Icarus

    OS: Win 7 64bit

    Worked great! Thank you! Finally gotten rid of that annoying folder… :D

  146. krod

    please help!!! it work but only ones…n i hv problems trying to deleting this files from nero…>>>mfc71u.DLL >>>msvcr71.DLL>>NBShell.DLL

  147. Kendall

    Well I thought this was exactly what I needed. And it looked like it was working, but it appears to have done absolutely nothing. The files are still with the same ownership. Ughhh I don’t want to go through all these steps for each file.

  148. Kendall

    Huh. Well it kinda worked I guess. I was able to apply the permissions of the main folder to all the children and subdirectories, which I was getting access denied errors for before this tool. So it got my halfway. Thanks!

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  150. Theodore

    Whoever made this hack, I love you (not love,love). You saved me 50 years of my life amn (or girl). Also you deserve the CPU nobel prize (if there was one.) I had the same problem as Olier62, but with the BACKUP being like 180 GB’s. Man thanks so *%#@$ MUCH!!!!

  151. Jakol-Drakthul

    I swear this is the best hack I ever ran across thanks so much. The first time I tried it I had success
    Like you aid just follow the prompts and presto problem solved. You deserve the Nobel Prize :)

  152. Thomas

    Amazing, how even something as simple as the keys entered into registry, and you saved me a real bad headache, THANK YOU!!!

    I just recently reinstalled due to a bad crash and subsequent virii, and for some reason, I don’t remember how, I had made all my music shared, and through doing this, it gave my profile on that computer, along with WMP(windows Media Player) through it’s network sharing protocol, total ownership and full permissions, withdrawing the ability to take ownership through windows 7. This literally was two steps(three if you include the extraction) download extract, run. I right clicked the folder and it gave me ownership back, and was able to copy and move music once again… THANKS A TON!!!

  153. aCROX999

    Why I can’t Take Ownership of a file? I can only Take Ownership of folder(s).

    Anyone please help me.

  154. aCROX999

    Ok, so now, I can’t take ownership of an EXE file. But others can. What’s happening?

  155. asdf

    This file is awesome, enabled me to delete windows 7 off an older hdd i’ve made external. yay!

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    just wanted to leave a thanks, after reading a few guides and smashing my head against a wall when windows was still throwing confusing errors (need to optain permission from Phil when Im logged in as Phil??) at me… this works!!!

    Love your work, thanks!

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    this is wonderful
    can I make it so that only I could use this? that would help alot :)

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    The creater is a genius!

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    Just that really, to the guy who made this, thanks so much. Saved me a day of my life… :P

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    thank you so much for this, i was thinking i was goin to manually take ownership of everyfile in my old hard disk, who ever created this program is a legend

  166. nikolasvda

    i have downloaded takeownership but what can i do now?

  167. LM

    Thank you!
    For anyone who has migrated from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Ultimate and discovered that the Windows Easy Transfer application has a massive password bug, this is the quick fix! Transfer the old documents anyway and then use the Take Ownership tool on the root folder and BINGO!
    A massive thank you to the creator!

  168. AClockWorkLemon

    Working beautifully, but having a slight issue.
    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium x64. On install, it works perfectly, but on merging the uninstall .reg file, nothing happens.

    I’m having the same issues with the Copy/Move to… reg fix

  169. Propel692000

    Thank you very much. Vista has left me in anguish for soooo long. I nearly crapped my pants when i sall it. Thank you to whomever made this.

  170. Blotto

    God – Thank you for this. I have been trying to delete loads of rubbish files for months fiddling with security settings and getting told to contact my ADMINISTRATOR etc., permission denied your not smart enough. Damn Microsoft and their nanny software.

    This sorts it perfectly Thanks a million !!!!

  171. LB

    This is excellent!
    Very useful indeed

  172. Hako

    Thanks. It worked great for deleting all of the .tmp files in the Windows/temp folder for the exception of one that is called Pvm and has no extension but apparently an .exe file. When right clicked on it there is no “Take Ownership” selection to choose! And when you click “run as administrator” warning dialog displays it as an exe file yet doesn’t open it.

    Nevertheless, it helped a big time. Greatful to the creator and the distributor.

  173. Kevin

    THank you this was exactly what i needed!!

  174. michalos

    It’s all perfect unless one thing! THE TAKE OWNERSHIP ACTION IS NOT SHOWN WHEN I RIGHT CLICK IN C:/ or generally in a partition.

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    Amazing !! Thanks so much for your help !! Has saved soooo many hours of my life !! And a lot of mental pain . I have no idea why Microsoft inflicts such mental pain on it’s customers with ridiculous things like this , and all the problems I’m having with media player 12 . I want media player 11 back , and do not even have the option to do that .
    Just got Windows 7 64 bit “upgrade” from XP , and so far , with “trusted installer” rubbish and the way they only let us use the new media player , I am not very impressed .
    Thanks again .

  179. Tom

    This is what I’m looking for ! It solved my difficulty to read some files..
    i thank you so much !! and also for the programmer..

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    Worked a fucken treat !! Love it ;)

  183. Nugget

    DoubleCliked the .reg file as instructed but it just opens up in Notepad. Where go from there?
    It reads as follows:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @=”Take Ownership”

    @=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F”
    “IsolatedCommand”=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F”

    @=”Take Ownership”

    @=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” /r /d y && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F /t”
    “IsolatedCommand”=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” /r /d y && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F /t”

  184. Dawson


    Needed to fix a mates xp that had died couldnt back up any of his data before is started playing, found this and it worked took ownership and backed up all the data. managed to get the xp machine running again however now it appears that he cannot access any of his data, is there anyway to reverse this?

  185. Dawson

    Found a revert on Hirens boot disk :)

  186. Kleber

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    Tks !!!

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    this think is sooooooooooo useful , it came with a theme and i done adding that , it helped me alot even deleting a virus :D

  190. Michael Ramsey

    my god i love the creator thanxs for the share its a bitch to do this otherwise whenever i plug in my 2 TB external to share my movies with friends now i dont have to sit there and wait to go through security tab etc etc i love win7 but they should have integrated this

  191. LejonO

    Awesome, thanks! You saved med hours with this little reg hack!

  192. John Z

    This is a great program. Saved me alot of headaches and frustration. I could not get rid of an older installation of Windows 7 on another hard drive. I kept on getting a message that some program had to give permission for me to uninstall. This program allowed me to finally get rid of the whole windows folder. Thanks a million to whoever created this.

  193. Wolf Ram

    What more to say but thanks a 108 times (the lucky number is for you, whoever programmed it…). This little skript has helped in an instant of a second what before has taken me wasteful hours. After migrating from Win Vista to Win 7 this has been the solution for me. Keep up the good work.

  194. alphaprolix

    You are angel, (thank you very much) x 1212452+E. Now I can kick out Windows 7 from my old HDD, which I am now using as additional disk space.


  195. BIG-D :)

    Using win 7, i was unable to delete a desktop folder i created. kept sayin i needed permission to perform this action (or some bollox like that) no matter what permissions i gave to all users and trusted installer, the file would not fuck off my pc. i downloaded, opened it with winRAR, double clicked InstallTakeOwnership.reg, said ok & yes to the messages, right clicked my problem folder then clicked take ownership… then i was able to move the little shit to recycle bin… I use Ccleaner to empty my recycle bin, because it has the option of using more secure methods of deletion….. DOD(department of defence)5220.22-m {3 passes over file}. NSA-(7 passes). Gutmann-(35 passes).
    ByeBye unwanted stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. BIG-D :)

    A thousand thank you’s to you all, May your PC’s run true and smooth, let your advice and guidance be sound and freely available, Ye let us continue to thwart the errors of our mindless machines, for they do not realise we are the all powerful.

    Blessed art thou

  197. thank you


    Win7 x64

    worked perfectly in solving a permission error

    Thanks again

  198. innerwolf

    This was a GIFT from the GODS!!!!!!!!!! Worked perfectly and was sooooo simple!!! I bow down to the maker of this!!!! May you win the lottery!!!!

  199. GB452

    Ever since I’ve tried this, all exe files I attempt to run result in my getting the error “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”.

    Using Vista Home Premium SP2.

    If there is any way “reset” the permissions, it would be wonderful to be able to undo what this “wonderful” fix has done.

  200. Bemused

    I used it on win7 ultimate 32 bit (running on 64 bit athlon). It mostly worked, I can delete the Program Files (x86) folder from a previous install, but still cant delete windows.old :( …. Actually, its only \windows.old\windows\wow64 that it doesnt work for. Still handy

  201. Vic

    OMG this thing is awesome. I moved a drive from a different system to this one and it was a royal pain in the butt to delete stuff off of it. I was getting really frustrated trying to get ownership of stuff and getting permissions to be inherited. This saved me HOURS of frustration.

  202. Mystery

    I added this a half a year ago, and now I can’t remove it, even with the Remove TakeOwnership .reg file. Help?

  203. HDSTARK

    WOW!!! I just spent 1/2 a day trying to replace a broken SYS32 file. Thanks to you done in 2 mins!!

  204. matt donath

    this is extremely useful. the unknown person who wrote it is smarter than all of the ms programmers put together.

  205. sam

    can you pls… help me on how to make a system file.

  206. gas

    hollo friends
    after commit take ownership stoped ” secure soket tunneling protocol servise” and not run VPN sirvece to connect to internet . please help me ?

  207. Paul

    Anyone, anyone .. I added take ownership after trying many things with permission settings on a particular file. On right clicking any file, the ‘take ownership’ option appears – but NOT on the file I’m having troubles with.
    Pretty much every change I can make with properties->security etc I have tried; it still gives me ‘need permissions’ error when I try to move it.
    Intriguingly, it ALSO gives me that error with I go to properties->details->’Remove Properties ..’ and I try to change something.
    Help meee… please.

  208. gergless

    This works well. You need to take owner ship of each and every file individually for it to work(the apply to sub files and folders does not work), and that’s exactly what this script does.

  209. Aczino

    Wow!!!! works Great. Thank you very much. !!!!!

  210. Terry

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Hours saved by this enormously helpful widget!

    Excuse the text below – it’s for the benefit of Google and others who may have hit this irritating problem… a problem this AWESOME tool resolved…

    “Windows was Unable to Complete the Format” – As you’d expect from where this is posted, the issue boiled down to ownership! In my case I was unable to even take control through the file properties and grab it manually as outlined in other forums…

    Bit of background, previous Vista install on HDD, new HDD bought and Win 7 installed. Windows 7 then wouldn’t allow me to touch the Windows or Program Files directories on the Vista HDD… But no more!! Thank you creator! I guess I can cancel my Ubuntu install now (the Plan B!)

    Thanks you

  211. Tommy

    This saved my life. +1111111111111111111111

    Works great takes a little bit of time to grant access to a lot of files, but it is worth the wait.

  212. Athena

    Thanks so much for this…I hate Windows and I’m used to the ease in which I can actually ACCESS MY OWN FILES on Fedora… One day, Windows decided I wasn’t allowed to access my own digital art folder…
    Life saver, thank you. :)

  213. mephisto

    Saves life.Thanks a million.

  214. John

    When I double click on the file InstallTakeOwnership.reg it just shows me all the registry program language. What am I supposed to do with that?

  215. Thiam

    An amazing time saver! I was faced with having to reset permissions on thousands of system files manually through the cmd interface. This little shortcut saved me tons of time! Thanks!

  216. mikeG

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    Kick ass! Thanks.

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    Thanks so much, This saved me. I Can’t believe that windows seven is this bad with file ownership.

  219. Kalle Johansson

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    I guess i`ll have give hommage to the creator of this handy little fix, really helpful, thanks a lot !


  220. Parag

    absoulte thank you. this had been the utter nonsense!!!
    Thaks to you and thanks to the creator :)

  221. Brad

    hey i installed it and been using if for some time. i went to install some programes and it kept error-ing out so i took ownership or the folders it was trying to put what ever in and it worked fine. but later when i went to intall somthing else or certin updates it just errors out and wont tell me what to do or why, i am pretty sure its because of the tkaeownership thing,.. any way to fix it or undo it?

  222. Neill

    Thank you! Finally I have permission to use my own computer.

  223. bill kotys

    Wow. I’m so thankful to you and to the developer of this hack. I finally can clean up the hard drives and use them for storage!
    Thank you!

  224. Annoyed

    I had this annoying C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Resource\CMap folder full of files that could not be deleted from the system because it only had LocalSystem permissions. And it wasn’t removed when Reader 8 was uninstalled. :(

    Gone! Thank you so much!

  225. alfonz

    Awesome. I’m finally able to delete a stubborn folder/files!

  226. Sachin

    Muahhhh!!! Thank you…THank YOu…Wow I can’t thank you enough….genius how u got this to work…i’ve been unable to access my folder for 2 WHOLE YEARS!…Now I can continue to enjoy all the amazing music that I had saved and lost access to…Thank you!!!

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    It work. By the way whats the benefit of this feature.

  229. Ryan

    Oh my GOD! There’s nothing more annoying than a computer that doesn’t do what it’s told. One just imagine’s a geeky nerdy Bill Gates-ish character being a stubborn nerd for a completely RETARDED reason, giving me the thirteen steps necessary for each file. (I don’t even want to know about ‘file ownership auditing WTF IS THAT? I DONT CARE!) This program is just like punching that nerd in the face knocking him cold out onto the floor. Why can’t computing in general be like this. THANK YOU.

  230. Mike D

    Saved me the headache of reinstalling Vista on a clients computer.

  231. Stevic

    Great thanks – now I can remove all those old ‘XP’ accounts……………..

  232. Stevic

    More importantly it makes now possible to rmoving infected files from different accounts with out all that mind numming ‘You must remember the password…………………….”

  233. Ary

    How to take the ownership of:

  234. jesse

    thanks so much but why is ther all thees other users any way i mean its my coumputer i shouldnt need permition from softwere

  235. M4

    Thanks a lot it worked

  236. f & s

    excellent job

  237. Blue Dragon

    Thank you. For some reason, Divx Converter screws up the ownership on any file that it creates (in the process, making them invisible to other users on the network), and this fixes them!

  238. alex

    For those asking why we can’t use it with exe files anymore, the reason is simple. It seems that the name “runas” interfere with something built in.

    Rename it to takeownership and it should work.

    Something like that in the reg:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @=”Take Ownership”

    @=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F”
    “IsolatedCommand”=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F”

    @=”Take Ownership”

    @=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” /r /d y && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F /t”
    “IsolatedCommand”=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” /r /d y && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F /t”

  239. Jerry Berglund

    Didnt work. Still aint having user rights on my external drive. Worthless.

  240. Guilherme

    Very Very Very Very good! Thanks a lot!

  241. jan van eyck

    Genius, that man deserves a round of applause!!!!!

  242. sorkny

    Actually, it is easy to once and for all take full ownership of the whole computer.

    open windows explorer
    right click on c: (if that is your OS drive), chose properties and the “security” tab.
    Click “Advanced” button and chose “owner” tab
    click” edit” button
    click on the user of choice to give ownership and click apply.
    Close everything and your done.

    I have not yet checked how everything works after this change, but I, as being admin on my own computer, now appear to have special permissions of all folders that I’ve checked.

  243. yan

    THANK YOU! It really works!
    Actually, I thought that was not working, because I was just double clicking the both reg files without even read… So i was installing and after that uninstalling… LOL
    What a stupid I am.
    So, I read it and pum! It works.
    Thank you

  244. John Crumpton

    Brilliant! Thank you so much, the other methods were such a pain.

  245. Blargh

    Bleh, I still can’t remove Internet Explorer.

  246. airmie

    tq very much for the helps me a lot..

  247. GameslayerX2

    okay, the guy who programmed this should be a millionaire. It’s helped me get past the “get permission from TrustedInstaller” annoyance with ease. Thanks a million

  248. madwigthief

    Works a dream on win 7 – thanks guys this is a lifesaver.

  249. TheDudeThatCouldntFigureItOut


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    wow ! i was looking for this tool for almost 6 months .
    now i can do whatever i want in my pc .
    :-) i am using win 7 professional.
    works like a charm .

    Thanks alot , you ®ock.

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    im tryin it and something pops up i cant see what it is and then goes away in like less than a second

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    THANK YOU! you SAVED ME FROM Headaches! i was really furious in getting rid of these folders with random character for months!

  254. SoraKiba

    OMG Thank you SO much for this!!! I almost lost +20GB of music w/o this… I downgraded from windows 7 ultimate x64 to windows xp pro x64 where there is no sp3 and ownership control system… Thank you so very much!

  255. XP user

    is there an equivalent to this for my Windows XP? Tech support at blizzard said my SC2 game may work if i take ownership of the entire StarCraft II but the link for how to do this on XP didnt help

  256. John

    I’ve tried it a few times and it does nothing for me on Windows 7, so I’m back where I started… Wish I could’ve thanked you like most others here but I can’t.

  257. am

    Doesn’t work for me… I try to take ownership, some black window shows quickly and goes away. I try to delete a folder, but I still get the administrator needed message thing. FFFUUUUUUUUU—

  258. Prashant

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    works fine for me on Win7u-N @sp1. THANKS!

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    Works Excellently.
    By the way, how can I use this to take the ownership for the user ‘Everyone’?

  261. abbo

    Thank you, works perfect. Was a bit sceptical at first but I was so frustrated I was willing to risk frying my computer. Thankfully it didn’t!

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    god created man and then he created the man who wrote the registry hack. Awesome!!

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    This reg hack is AMAZING. Everyone involved in distributing and creating this has just earned a better next reincarnation…if I believed in such things. Well if you do: good luck as the next bill gates or as the Kami of reg hacks.

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    This is great. Works an absolute treat!! Great reg hack.

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    You are an absolute star – at last! I was going absolutely mad!!!

    Thanks again!

  267. Jim Crusan

    Excellent product. Deleted protected files off of old XP hard drive, though just a couple, no matter what I did still could not be deleted. Still cleaned up tons of room off old drive. Thanks !

  268. Supharuek

    Excellent product

  269. mike

    awesome!! thanks

  270. John 3

    For the most part this has worked great. Still, I had Adobe CS5 installed on the computer I was reclaiming the drive from and I can’t seem to get ownership of a Macromedia directory in the Windows Subdirectory. I have gone as deep inside the directories as possible and two files in the Flash subdirectory won’t allow me ownership. That is when I try to delete them it still says it needs my (John) authorization. What do I do now?

  271. Ronald Almeida

    Thanks works like a charm!

    I makes windows just a step more like unix…. :-/

  272. Karl

    I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 x64, clean installation and the secondary hard drive has all my music and videos (about 1TB). Thanks for this fix, so I don’t have to go through each folder and manually change the owner from my old account (which is now unknown) and I could literally do it with two clicks. Thank you for saving me HOURS of tedium.

  273. Awesome

    Thank you so much. I dunno what it is about Win 7 but it messed up my rights on my profile. I am going to upload this app via torrents. This app should be shared and used by all.

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    I would like to say “Thank you” to the creator and the one that posted the fix to the Take Ownership problem. You are the MAN!

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    thanks man!!!!!!!!! this helps me,,,…. a lot of praise for the creator!!!!!!!!!

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    I am using Windows 7 (Updated). I have done a lot of things to replace Eplorer.exe .. But Failed every time. I have tried to change the shell value from old explorer.exe to new explorer.exe (explorer2.exe) through Regedit.exe. But after restarting just a blank page is coming. Anyway, I have taken back to previous one. But still I am unable to replace the explorer.exe. I have tried “Take ownership” too. But haven’t seen that feature when we clicking right button of explorer.exe. But I can see, every other files, except, explorer.exe.

    And I have tried to change through Properties also. But got message like “Access Denied”

    I request you to Please help me urgently

  279. RB

    “Take Ownership” does just what it is supposed to do and does it in seconds. I have been plagued with ‘no permission’ problems after upgrading to Win 7 from Win XP. Surely the good folks at Windows R & D were aware of this. They should all kneel and bow to you for your efforts, – then reward you handsomely as they make your program part of all future great WindowsXXX software. I started on Windows 3.1 with three floppy disks for install. Awaiting the next user nightmare.

  280. Impressed

    This is awesome. Thanks so much for making this!

  281. gr8 work!!!

    gr8, simple, and the best achievement I’ve ever come across in 2011
    thanks mate

  282. Debbs

    Wow this is just brilliant
    I too have just moved up from XP to Win 7 (I started on Win 3.1 too) and was getting ‘oh so frustrated’ with this ****** permissions obstacle!!
    Not anymore – thanks for a quick and easy fix.

  283. i am in love with u

    thank u
    u just saved 5 years of my life
    i love u man

  284. Patrick

    Incredible Tool!

  285. Nick

    HI, had a big problem with an autorun.inf that my AV kept detecting but couldn’t delete – permissions (W7).
    This little patch did the trick – thanks.

  286. Vlad Scrofula

    Thank you big time. I’d gotten into a real pickle trying to share files created on my last Win7 Ultimate x64 PC. Eventually didn’t know who owned what – Simple File Sharing? Hah! This got me back to sanity. Why don’t bloody MicroShaft make things clearer? Oh, right, it’s THEIR computer.

  287. Chris Goodall

    Hey this didn’t work for me either on 7 Home Premium, no read-only changing, no taking ownership and no cmd lines worked either.


    Fantastic function on McAfee is the SHREDDER!!
    Done in minutes.

    Btw, im not trying to scam/ sell McAfee to you, just an observation that after all had failed, this worked.

  288. Kelly

    Bloody Brilliant! I am running Windows7 Home Premium and this hack made taking ownership of my dead laptops xp drive a breeze. Now if I could just remember where I stored that file I’m looking for….

  289. aegis

    thank you very much !!! thank you !!!

  290. Luke Foster

    Impressive, spent hours trying to edit permissions to copy data from another hdd, no joy. installed this and 30seconds later it was moving across. credit to the creator of this masterpeice

    windows 7 pro hdd from old laptop copied to new windows 7 hdd in new laptop

  291. Amit

    Thats great… now i’m able to take ownership of system files too.

    Thank u very much….!!!

  292. Donnell

    Holy hell. This little bit of reg sorcery just unlocked a ton of backed up folders from my old XP installation. They’ve been a total PITA to work with for almost a year now. I’m kicking myself for not searching for a solution right from the start.

    Thanks to whoever scripted this!

    I can only hope that everyone who needs this “take ownership” function has the Google-fu to find this page.

  293. Dick Brummel

    I have a really dumb question about this hack. I download it, unzip it, and double click on the InstallTakeOwnership.reg file. All I get is an open Notepad with the text of the hack in it. Be kind, but what am I not doing?

  294. Donnell


    That probably means your file association settings for .reg files have been changed from their default. It’s not a big deal. Try right-clicking on the .reg and selecting “Merge”.


  295. Dick Brummel

    Couldn’t see the merge command so I looked at file associations and saw that .reg was associated with notepad and not regedit. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. My files are now mine again!

  296. Ashgrove

    This worked! It was awesome. I kept getting error messages b/c the lastest version of Adobe (10.1.1) was messing up big time! I have Windows Vista Premium and it worked for me! So tired of hacking my brain with the command prompt….now hopefully i won’t have the same problem re-installing Adobe :) Wish me luck b/c i can’t open PDF files unless u have Adobe and it is a BIG problem when u r a college student and stuff!

  297. Kris

    Confirmed this method also works in Windows 7.


  298. Ahmad

    That was really useful. Some music files gave me an error when I tried to play them but now, after a right click, everything works as it did.
    Thanks for that quick solution

  299. JohnMiller

    Worked a treat! Highly satisfying, after trying all sort of other ways to get ownership. Many thanks for posting this fixit.

  300. HasH

    thnk you s-0o0o0o-0o0o mch :D

  301. Podgee

    it work great, Thanks

  302. Helper!

    *** I cant believe how retarded you all are needing a reg mod to do something that is so simple??? I guess if you need this then you shouldn’t complain about vista cos that should be telling you all something that your computer illiterate aka being a “TARD” ***

  303. Helper!

    I would also bet that many of you are taking ownership of files that you have no idea of what the file is about and removing them …. well done!!!

    you might as well go into folder options whilst your at it and select to show all hidden files so yous can mess with them also

  304. Mallack

    I’ve never written one of these before, but this saved a massive project I’ve been working on. I F’d up my windows ownership rights on my old harddrive, and when I tried to transfer things, it ended up breaking and not allowing ANYONE to change the files, this changed that. I now have my entire album, danke.

  305. Ed

    This program is incredible, if you have an XP drive the permissions are a PITA use this and through Win 7 you can start listening to your music again…

  306. TorgoCalgon

    Have a file that even after taking ownership on my own, then not being able to delete trusteduser, finding out a way to do that, so only i had full control, STILL cannot delete or move or rename or do anything with the corrupt file. What else is there?! Its the wsock32.dll and VERY important i delete it and replace, but have no way to do that. Thanks for any help.

  307. Omar

    Amazing! Was having some problems with explorer shell instability and couldnt fix due to corrupt files not letting me take ownership to repair/delete. Fired this thing up and my problems were sorted within a min =D

  308. Andrew, Manchester UK

    Mate, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Just done a clean install of 7 Ultimate but couldn’t get access to over 300GB of movie files! One click, all done! Thank you, GENIUS!

  309. Elbtee

    Thanks a lot.. just what i needed :-)

  310. Nico

    Thanks dude!
    worked from the first time! you saved my life.

  311. Rich

    Trying to get access to Temp files to change Read Only on Vista. Still no luck. Can someone help? Thanks!!!!

  312. Kubko

    PERFECT :) Works like charm :)

  313. Candra Gunawan

    4 years after last comment, and here i am just found out this great tool. makes my life much easier.

  314. Priyank

    this was really useful.. thanks :)

  315. soad

    thanks very much , work very very well with win 7 professional and now i can copy , open, edit my files very easy

  316. Reds

    Just ran this on Win 7 (customers hdd connected to my desktop) took control of their docs & settings folder and now my user files and settings are in where her files used to be! eeek! wtf??

  317. Angel

    thanks!! It is great

  318. Aidan

    THIS IS AMAZING! ive installed windows 7 a couple of times cause it kept screwing up, i kept getting these windows old files, i deleted all my user and custom installed stuff but was unable to delete “trusted installer” files, i kept getting an error message and despite manually changing ownership it still didnt work

    This script works 100%

    Many thanks to the script creator! and uploader

  319. Randy

    Trying to transfer files from old Hd to new computer but all were access denied and couldn’t.
    This changed permissions all at once, thanks. Simply genius!!

  320. quilkin

    Hi, a couple of peolel have asked about an ‘undo’ command for this but I can’t find any response.
    I have tried the script on a small set of system folders (on Win7) and it does what it says – ‘trustedinstaller’ permission has now gone and I have full control.
    But what about if/when these files need updating by a real ‘TrustedInstaller’ (i.e.. a Windows Installer app – won’t there be problems? I won’t risk running it on any other folders until I can undo it after I have fixed the files that need fixing.

  321. quilkin

    Me again.
    After a Windows Update and a reboot, all 3 files that I replaced using this method have been automatically replaced again with the corrupted ones. So not a long-lasting fix at all.

  322. M

    I have been searching forever to find something to help me delete these permission files. This is the best! i install it and now the files r gone. Thanks for this .

  323. Matthew SG

    I just HAD to leave a comment here.

    You, the script author saved me A WHOLE LOT of time. Years even, by this simple script of yours, and you even made another script to uninstall it. Perfection.

    I had to click 30 times (going in and out of tedious win7 permissions/ownership menus) just to delete A SINGLE FILE in windows 7 (some cockup of installing a dual boot XP OS and it creating some random folders in a root of one of my hard drives cos my processor has HT WTF, with permissions all tightly locked up).

    Fucked I was, as there were about 2 folders with 30 subdirectories each, and about 20 files in each directory. Imagine 30 clicks to delete each file to get rid of all of that… wait, let me calculate that for you – that’s 36,000 clicks.

    You just saved me 36,000 clicks, my mouse, and my sanity with your script. I thank you profusely.


  324. Mick Rogers

    Thanks for this Hal I appreciate it a lot.
    I often recommend you to friends all over the world.
    Good onyah mate

  325. Dr.Baron

    Cannot take ownership of any applications. Why not?

  326. Zac

    I tried 2 different programs to delete a folder on my hard drive and they didn’t work. Take Ownership got the job done in 5 seconds.

  327. patronanejo

    THIS LITTLE NUGGET is all kinds of awesome. If you can’t get it to work, just right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator”.

    On a related note, I couldn’t find it in my Installation Files library, so I came here to download it again. Asked to select a destination folder, lo-and-behold there’s the old folder with my original .reg file. … which I must have gotten from somewhere else. Comparing them in Notepad, the original adds a shield to its context menu entry:

    @=”Take Ownership”

    @=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F”
    “IsolatedCommand”=”cmd.exe /c takeown /f \”%1\” && icacls \”%1\” /grant administrators:F”

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